Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Wreck the Halls

1 (OPENING BARS OF "JINGLE BELL ROCK" PLAY) Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing And jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing - Up bushels of fun - (SIREN CHIRPS) Now the jingle hop has begun Jingle bell, jingle bell POLICE DISPATCH (OVER RADIO): Lincoln 12, did you copy (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) POLICEMAN: Dispatch, this is Lincoln 12.
That's affirmative.
(POLICEMAN CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Know why we pulled you over, sir? End of year quota? Broken taillight.
But why don't you give us a tour just for fun? (INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Couldn't find anything your size? What the hell? Call this in.
POLICEMAN 2: Damn it.
Come on.
We got to move! It's burning too fast.
(EXPLOSION) Oh, the weather outside is frightful That one.
But the fire is so delightful And since we've no place I mean, what's the fun in this? They're already cut down.
I mean, we passed some respectable trees on the way here.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, that was a park.
I'm pretty sure they send people like you to arrest people who chop those down.
- Oh, yeah.
- (LAUGHS) Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow Let it snow Is he okay? The holidays are always tough on him.
And this year, with the move and Jake's parole, I think he was hoping things might be different, but But if you really hold me tight I-I don't, I don't know if you're aware of this.
A-Are you familiar with the Christmas rule? All right, so apparently, the size of the tree determines the amount of gifts that go under it.
Look, uh, Santa made this up, not me.
I'm just trying to, you know, follow the rules.
- That one right there.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah.
That was a quick turnaround.
(LAUGHS) I think I just got hustled? MOLLY: A hundred percent you did.
Beautiful family.
Want a picture? Oh, we're okay, thanks.
MOLLY: We'd love one.
Get in here, boys.
Squeeze on in, Dad.
Say "gingerbread" on three.
One, two, three.
MOLLY AND BEN: Gingerbread.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - What's wrong with it? - TRISH: Baby.
I love you, but your vacation shirt isn't a substitute for a vacation mindset.
And it's hard to look at.
Hey, at least we're actually going to Hawaii this time.
Hey, less yapping, better packing.
I am not paying for two checked bags.
Riana, one bag.
- And, honey, what did we just say? - (DOORBELL RINGING) We're letting the little stuff go.
McNeile airport shuttle service.
Next stop, Hawaii.
- Hey.
- (LAUGHS) MCNEILE: Are you guys ready to head out? Hey, Riana, your boyfriend's here.
He brought his dad.
- Mom! - TRISH: RJ, stop.
Trish, Big Rog, I just want to say again how nice it was of you - to invite Robbie.
- Yes, it is.
And I also want to talk sunscreen.
(PHONE RINGS) Oh, okay.
Robbie, he's, uh, kind of a burner.
He's got this flaky spot - on his back to reach.
- TRISH: Okay.
- It's kind of the shape of Rhode Island.
- Where's the phone? - No, Dad.
- And so, if you or Riana could actually apply - SPF 45 - TRISH: Okay.
No, they will not be rubbing sunscreen - on your son's flaky bits.
- (PHONE RINGING) Where's the phone? Oh, here it is.
Yeah, he's right here.
Who's Diego? Oh, a kid my dad busted dealing drugs.
- MURTAUGH: Hey, Diego.
How's it going? - DIEGO: I'm good.
Pretty good.
Still got that job.
At the Howard Club, right? The Harold Club.
I knew there was an "H" in there.
Anyway, I was hoping to get together.
I need some advice.
You all right? You in trouble? No, nothing like that, but I could use someone to talk to.
All right.
Well, my family's about to catch a flight.
I'm on a later one.
- If you want, I'm around all day.
- (CAR APPROACHING) (ENGINE REVVING) Diego? You know what? It's the holidays and I'm overreacting.
How about we just talk when you're back? Are you sure? I'm sure.
You have a good trip.
MCNEILE: I'm charging by the hour, guys.
Let's hustle.
- (LAUGHS) - How's Diego? Good.
We're gonna catch up in the new year.
That's very good, honey.
I wish you were flying with us.
Yeah, me, too.
But you guys go get Hawaii ready for me.
I will be there in the morning.
Vacation mindset.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
Starts now.
- It starts now.
- Mmm.
I got that phone number you asked for, and a Are you doing paperwork? Mm-hmm.
I'm trying to help Rog get to Hawaii.
"We bashed in the door.
"The bad guy was a dick.
I shot him.
" Yeah, it's pretty good, right? Evocative.
Feel like I was there.
Morning, Murtaugh.
You, uh, you might want to check your partner's paperwork, here.
Zip it.
I have vacation mindset.
I'm on a beach in Hawaii.
He's calling the bad guy On a beach in Hawaii, holding a drink with a little purple umbrella in it.
Sipping can't find the straw.
Happy holidays, gentlemen.
But not quite yet; you got a case.
What's another word for dick? It's okay.
I can use "dick" again.
You're on a homicide in Inglewood.
That's on the way to the airport.
You know what? I can save on an Uber.
Come on.
We're on it.
Let's go.
All right, got it.
(CLEARS THROAT) (WHOOPS) I think it's their professionalism that I love the most.
That's a Chevy Chase movie, right? No, it's a state of being.
See, while my body is flying off to Maui tonight, my mind is already (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) RIGGS (RUBBING HANDS TOGETHER): All right, what have we got? POLICEMAN: Uh, looks like the kid was another idiot selling on the wrong corner.
Go get me somebody who knows what they're talking about.
Hey, the kid had enough coke on him to give us all a white Christmas.
Hey, hey.
The kid had a name.
A name.
(SIGHS) What's with him? He just got back from vacation.
No drug residue found in system despite the presence of cocaine.
MURTAUGH: He was clean.
Why can't you just say he was clean? I-I did.
That's what I said.
You said "drug residue.
" You said "presence of cocaine.
" Scorsese, can you give us a minute? Look, I know you were close with him.
He was on the right track.
- The kid was clean.
- He had a kilo of cocaine in his backpack.
Which makes no sense.
If they killed him over drugs, - why leave them? - Your family's in Hawaii, and I have a department full of detectives who can handle this.
Put them on other cases, because this one is mine.
I got something.
There were two sets of prints on the drugs, Diego's and this guy, Jasper Evans.
Busted for dealing three years ago, and works downtown at the Harold Club.
That's where Diego worked.
Is Riggs upstairs? You know about the Harold Club, right? It's all old money and heavy hitters.
- Future governors.
Tread lightly.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Do you think he'll, uh - (DOOR CLOSES) Tread lightly? - It's the season for miracles.
- Mm.
("O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL" PLAYS ON PIANO) (WHISTLES) The sign said "take one.
" Oh, well, that's for members.
This is for Molly's kid, you know? Look, these guys love helping kids, right? Do you think Ben wants your stolen candy canes and borrowed cookies? Thanks for ruining it.
Can I help you, gentlemen? Or are you too busy helping yourselves? Oh, yes.
We were just wondering when you were gonna refill the little table full of candy over there.
This is a private club.
LAPD Robbery Homicide.
We're investigating the murder of a Diego MAN: Diego Cabrera.
Arthur, it's fine.
We'll call them my guests.
No, why don't you just call us the cops.
Unless guests get free candy.
Grant Davenport, board chairman.
I was, uh, so sorry to hear about Diego.
It really hit us hard.
He was a great kid.
- One of a kind.
- Yeah, he was.
Did you know him well? Diego was a bar-back upstairs.
Yeah, we talked a lot.
He wanted to go into some kind of business.
Sporting goods.
He wanted his own store.
Can you tell us where we can find Jasper Evans? Dress codes.
Do people really do that? I don't know why you're complaining.
I'm gonna get buried in this one day.
Jasper's shift starts about now.
Well, he's occasionally late.
Oh, drug dealers.
They're so unreliable, aren't they? That's his locker over there.
Uh, we have a master key upstairs.
We'd prefer you don't manhandle the locker.
Oh, was I manhandling? You know, why don't you go grab the key and, uh, we'll wait here patiently.
(WHISTLING) (CONTINUES WHISTLING) (WHISTLES) I don't know what it is about this place, but I hate it.
Hey, what caliber killed Diego? .
38, why? (SIGHS) Bingo.
Hey, what the hell are you doing in my stuff? Hey, you must be Jasper.
- Is this your stuff, Jasper? - Okay, that's not mine.
Hold on, hold on.
But is is this yours? The cocaine? - All right.
(SIGHS) Let's go.
- (SIGHS) (YELLS, GRUNTS) MURTAUGH: What are you doing?! Go! Go after him! (GRUNTING) Why didn't you jump?! Why didn't I? Why don't you jump? Because I don't jump! You're the jumper.
Sometimes I jump, sometimes I don't jump, but that's my choice.
The one time I needed you to Why didn't you jump?! 'Cause I didn't want to die today.
Okay? I'd like to see Ben have a nice Christmas.
- You happy? - Ugh! No one's dying! The guy's fine.
AVERY: This came early.
I like that you solved this case so neat and tidy.
- Too neat.
- You had weapon.
You had motive.
What-what did he say? Roger's not convinced.
Jasper said it wasn't his gun.
Yeah, but they always say that.
Am I right? They always say, "This is not my gun.
" - It's not my gun.
- It's not my gun.
It just doesn't feel right that this is how Diego died.
Diego was a good kid.
Any problems he may have had recently, his choices they don't they don't erase that.
Go be with your family.
Yeah, right? Come on.
Come on.
He's gone.
Let's go.
- Aloha-oe.
- What is that? That's, uh, Diego's personal effects.
There's no family in the system, so we're looking for next of kin.
I'm gonna go pick up Ben, do a little holiday shopping.
You good? My flight's in 90 minutes.
Just packing up.
Hey, sorry about your friend.
Thank you.
And I'm serious.
Look, I want pictures, all right? Coconut bra, grass skirt.
All right? The whole thing.
I'm right behind you.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (PHONE RINGING) (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO) Hey, if you don't like that, we can turn around and go get whatever you want.
Here it is Christmas day I'd have gone for the bike.
(LAUGHS) You made that pretty clear when you tried to - ride that out of there.
- (LAUGHS) That security guard was faster than he looked, wasn't he? If you feel the way I do You know, me and your dad we tried to save up for bikes one year.
We was cutting grass and collecting cans, looking for loose change.
I'm surprised he didn't steal one.
For all I want Look, Ben your dad isn't perfect, all right? But he's a good man.
He's done some really good stuff.
You don't have to say that.
Have no arms - For me to hold - I know who he is.
No lips to whisper softly Look, Ben, just know that your daddy he did something for me that I can never repay him for.
What did he do for you? To find you underneath my tree Your daddy saved my life.
How did he do it? For Christmas, dear, is you You're just gonna have to believe me, all right? Right, and if I don't? (CROWD CHATTER) MAN (OVER P.
): Let hear it once more for Candy on the pole! I still won't tell you my name You looking for Krystal with a "K" or Crystal with a "C"? "C.
" I'm here on business.
Police business, not this business.
- Have a seat.
I'll find you.
- (PHONE RINGING) 'Cause tonight I'm living in a fantasy My own little nasty world Tonight, don't you wanna come with me? Do you think I'm a nasty girl? - (SIGHS) - I'm livin' in a fantasy My own little nasty world Hey, baby.
Well, um, Hawaii! Look, you made it! Baby, you did good.
RIANA: Oh, dibs on the walk-in closet! Hey, listen, can I? I can't - really talk right now - ROGER JR.
: Yo! This fridge is loaded! Baby, this place is - It's amazing! - (MURTAUGH LAUGHS) Wow! Well, you deserve amazing.
And, um, I can't wait to get there.
): Tis the season, folks.
And, um Don't forget to give Uh, I have this work thing, though, that I have to handle.
A work thing? You're supposed to be at the airport.
Yeah, well, this place is on the way.
What place is that exactly? Um it, uh It, uh A all-you-can-eat buffet.
Gentlemen of The South Pole, open your hearts and wallets for Trixy! Roger, are you at a strip club?! - Um, it's - RIANA: Ew! Dad! Gross! - Ooh, let me see! - No.
Step step back.
It-It's it's a work thing.
I'm Crystal.
You asked for me? Roger? Did you ask for Crystal?! Um yes and no.
But this is It's a it's a case that I'm on.
Tell her that I'm work on It's-it's-it's She's not gonna work.
She's just We're just gonna talk.
I'm on a case.
Uh, I'll call you later.
I love you.
- Ro Roger! - (BEEP) (SIGHS) - Hey.
- Hi.
Detective Murtaugh.
Please have a seat.
I need to ask you about Diego Cabrera.
Why? What happened to him? He was killed last night.
No, no, no, no.
- Don't say that.
- I'm sorry.
I knew it.
I knew it.
They killed him.
Who? (SNIFFLES) Look, I can't talk to you right now.
- Wait.
Who killed - I can't talk to you.
You have to go.
Crystal? You got to leave.
You're upsetting the employees.
And you're upsetting me.
I'm a police officer, and I need to talk You got a warrant? Murtaugh? (PHONE RINGING) Hey, Trish.
What's up? Are you and Roger working on a case? What? No.
Roger's at the airport.
Roger is at a strip club called The South Pole.
Oh, right, that case.
Uh, yes, um And-And Trish, just for the record, The South Pole is a very tame, you know, mild, uh, I think topless only.
No cabaret.
Get him out of that strip club and on an airplane.
Yes, ma'am.
What was that all about? How do you feel about a buffet? (DISTANT HORN BLARING) You know, it's a lot more fun if you go inside.
MURTAUGH: I got kicked out.
I'm waiting on a dancer, Crystal, to get off from work.
All right.
So, uh this is a lot worse than I thought.
- Listen, Rog - She's Diego's girlfriend.
She knows something about why he was killed.
Oh, got ya.
All right, look, um Here, hold this.
Watch the kid.
Hey, uh, buddy, you come here often? Yeah, yeah, we have that.
Mm-hmm, sure.
MAN: Guess what, players.
And Marion's coming on stage in 15 minutes.
- Hey, can you tell me where Crystal is? - In the back.
MAN: What the hell were you doing talking to that guy? - He just wanted a dance.
- He's a cop! CRYSTAL: I didn't say anything to him, I swear! Hi! Uh, are you guys almost done with this pretty lady in here? Because, look, I've been wanting to dance with her all night - (GUN COCKS) - She doesn't want to dance.
What does that mean? Do you want to dance? You want to dance with me there, big? (GUNSHOTS, GRUNTING) - Ben, looks, we got a situation here.
- What's going on? Here.
You put this on.
And you're gonna get down there.
Here's a little hat.
And you're gonna stay there.
Okay? Until I come back.
- Don't move! - (GASPS) Nobody moves! Well, nobody move? That's a terrible motto, buddy, especially for a strip club.
Told you all the fun was inside.
Is it safe? (SIRENS WAILING) McNeile?! I'm just here for the ribs.
Mm, mm, mm.
Anyone who says this happened because Diego was involved in drugs is a liar.
He didn't touch them, he refused to be around 'em.
But it's hard to avoid when you're spending a lot of time in a strip club, no offense.
He wasn't a customer.
He he only came in to make deliveries for his boss.
His boss at the Harold Club? Yeah, one of those rich white dudes.
Um, like, Grant something? Davenport.
Grant Davenport.
Yup, that's him.
He's, um, in business with one of the owners of The South Pole.
Diego ran documents and cash and whatever else back and forth until something blew up a couple days ago.
They had a falling out? No, one of his trucks it blew up.
And you know, Diego wouldn't tell me anything.
But, um he was scared.
Rumor had it, those guys were Aryan Fraternity.
You think he had him killed to shut him up? Mm-hmm.
Diego was just, um he was just a good soul.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) RIGGS: Oh, here she comes.
Hey, Mom! (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, am I in the right place? I'm looking for the "adult" who took an eight-year-old to a strip club while he was supposed to be babysitting.
Uh, it was more of a performance space, you know? Right? Yeah, good job.
Hey, uh, Nelson.
Hey, would you, uh, take Ben to grab a snack? Sugar-free.
So you gave him a bunch of junk food, kept him up all night, and you brought him to a gunfight at Uh, The South Pole.
- Mmm.
- It's a play on words.
Right, right.
Is that everything? Uh, yeah, that's everything.
Oh, and I told him about Jake.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Jake came up.
- Mm-hmm.
In-in what context? Um you know, like, my dad.
That whole context.
You told my son about how his dad shot your father? Listen I know what you're thinking.
That an eight-year my eight-year-old, is too young to hear that? That I have thought long and hard about how and when I would ever tell him? What gives you the right to do that? Molly, I just wanted him to know.
What, what that his dad's a hero? He was a hero to me.
I like being with you, Riggs.
It makes me happy.
But that kid in the other room is my whole world.
So if you can't get past this, I We're doing Christmas Eve dinner.
I want you there.
But if you're gonna bring Jake, don't come.
Hey, bud, let's go.
We're dealing with it.
They got the stripper, but we ID'd the cops.
A Detective Murtaugh.
Get this a Detective Martin Riggs.
What a treat.
Help yourself to some eggnog.
I thought this was a made-up drink.
Like, I'd seen it on TV, but I didn't know it was, like, a real thing.
It's delicious.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, these gentlemen were, uh they were just We were just expressing our condolences for the truck that blew up.
You know, the one you were smuggling the meth in, - with the Aryan Fraternity? - (LAUGHS) A little holiday joke from the mayor, folks.
(CHUCKLES) Would you excuse us for a moment? Can I have a word with you? So, uh (CLEARS THROAT) I don't, uh, want any trouble, and I'm sure you don't either.
How do we get you to go away? Let's come to terms.
Uh Are Is-is he offering us a bribe? Hmm, I think so.
Uh $12 should do it.
And here's how we want it: a five, four singles, and quarters for parking.
You've got your foot in a hornet's nest.
If you were smart Oh, we're not.
Just ask anyone.
We already have you for meth trafficking, murder, and we're just getting started.
No, you have the word of a stripper and her deadbeat boyfriend.
A good kid you killed and pinned on someone else.
- Diego trusted you.
- Hey, you know what, Rog? He's right.
We really don't have it all.
I think that we should hang out here, walk around the club, and talk to everyone, individually, - about Grant.
- (CHUCKLES) Right? I might even apply for membership.
- (LAUGHS) - Not not likely to go your way.
- Mmm.
- Tough vetting process.
Any skeletons in your closet, we'll find them.
Friends, family.
Ah, sweet, I-I don't have much of either.
Well, now, you know that's not true.
Your family.
You write 'em off, move away they're still yours.
Everybody comes from somewhere right? MURTAUGH: Hey, you know what, Riggs, it's okay.
I'll get in, and then you will be my guest.
Ow, awesome! Slam dunk.
My, you do like the charity cases, don't you? Excuse me? Let's hope your partner fares better than Diego.
You know, uh, I changed my mind.
I think I will try the eggnog.
(GRUNTING) (CROWD EXCLAIMS) Ho-Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Right need right There you go.
(WHISTLES "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS") RIGGS: Uh, safe to say we're not ever gonna get invited back in there.
It's possible I may have overreacted.
I strongly disagree, sir.
- Hey.
- Hmm? What did he mean back there? Davenport, when he went after you like he knew something about your family.
I told you about my dad, right? Yeah, you told me he was a son of a bitch.
Well, he was a son of a bitch that may have had one or two friends in the AFT.
That whole circus of meth heads.
The Aryan Fraternity? He had a friend or two, or he was actually - Wow.
- Yeah.
That's messed up.
Uh, it's really a sliding scale of "messed up," you know? Tall in the saddle My old man would beat me up when he drank.
And he drank all the time.
And, uh, one night, he had tied on a good one.
And, uh I think he was dead-set on killing me.
All of the good gifts Given today But my boy Jake slid in and shot him in the back of the head.
Nearly blew his face off.
Jake, your best friend? Molly's Jake? Yup.
That's complicated.
All I know is my family is on Maui and I'm not.
So I'm an idiot.
But if being with Molly makes you happy and she wants you there, then Riggs, don't you think you deserve to be happy? Have been opened today Ours is the sky And the wide-open range It's Christmas for cowboys And the wide-open (PHONE DINGS) Plains.
(BEEPS) Aah! Oh.
Did you break in here? What? No.
(STAMMERS) I used the key you gave me when you first moved here.
What a lapse in judgment.
Okay, yeah, fine.
Next time you go on vacation, don't ask me to collect your mail.
I didn't.
Why are you here? We need to talk about the strip club, Rog.
No, McNeile, we do not need to talk about the strip club.
I wasn't there for the ribs.
Lois left me.
The wheels have come off.
I I need a friend.
I-I got a Salisbury steak, man.
I-I I wasn't attentive enough.
She was angry.
She reconnected with her old surfing instructor on the Facebook.
I Well, maybe she's back, you know? A car just pulled into your driveway.
Lois? - (RAPID GUNFIRE) - (YELPING) Damn, McNeile.
How mad is she? Okay, it's one guy with a gun.
We got him outnumbered, right? (GRUNTS) (GUNSHOTS) (PHONE RINGS) Hey, Rog.
Interesting timing.
Hey, Riggs, I got a situation.
Let me guess Santa's helpers on Harleys.
(GUNSHOT) Damn, you, too? You think this is what Grant meant by a hornet's nest? I bet you wish you was in Hawaii right now, right, bud? No, I'm thinking I'm lucky I didn't go.
You know, that sun it'll kill you.
Hey, look tell me you're gonna see me soon.
See you soon, Rog.
Copy that.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUING) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) That door's not gonna hold.
- (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) - I don't want to die here with you.
Well, you're not my first choice, either.
MCNEILE: What are you doing? You'll blow up the whole block.
It's called a Hail Mary.
I'm not covered for Hail Marys.
(BEEPING) Upstairs.
Any chance you guys got the wrong truck? (CHUCKLES) Is this a panic room? It's a closet.
Get in here.
Is it is it flame-resistant? We're gonna find out.
If I die, tell Lois that my wallet was stolen.
I used my credit card at the strip club Roger! (RAPID GUNSHOTS) (GRUNTS) (GUNFIRE STOPS) BARTENDER: I know you're running low, Detective! Might as well give up! (DIALING) (LOUD CRASH, GLASS SHATTERS) (PHONE RINGING) I was just about to give up on you.
I'm glad you didn't.
- (CRASH, CLATTERING) - I'm sorry, uh I'm gonna be late.
(GUNSHOT) Riggs, is everything okay? Oh, yeah, it's all good.
Just got held up at work.
MOLLY: Uh, we'll wait for you.
No, don't.
- (GUNSHOT) - (YELLS) You guys go ahead and eat - without me, okay? - (GUNFIRE OVER PHONE) Riggs, what's going on? Look, I just want you to know that I I want to be there with you and Ben.
Tell Ben Merry Christmas for me, okay? (BEEP) (DIALING) (LINE RINGING) (PHONE RINGING) What, no video this time? - You calling from jail? - Hey, I, um I'm sorry about the strip club.
(SIGHS): Yeah, well you can make it up to me when you get here.
Yeah, um, actually No, Roger, don't tell me you're not gonna be here.
What is going on with you? It's Diego.
Someone killed him yesterday.
(SIGHS) (SOFTLY): Honey, I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be alone right now I should be there.
You should be right where you are, - (LOUD BANGING) - with our beautiful family.
(SIGHS) Let me know if you need anything.
Just wanted to hear your voice.
But I got to go, okay? Come out, Detective! I'll do you like I did Diego! Quick.
- (GAS HISSING) - Painless.
Like putting down a dog.
Lucky son of a bitch.
MCNEILE: Hey, Rog, are we alive? SPF 45.
It's a lifesaver.
All right.
Just cosmetic.
Nothing structural.
Rog? (MOUTHS) You okay? What the hell did you just do?! What? You called and said you had a situation.
I had a situation.
That's over.
RIGGS: Well, then you should have called back.
MURTAUGH: Well, now I have another situation.
Well, it's nothing a little spackle - won't fix, you know - Oh, Murtaugh.
See, now the situation's handled.
Go ahead and back it up.
Yeah, yeah, you're good.
Yeah, so, uh we're-we're gonna rebuild this wall and replace the windows and all the wrecked furniture.
You think the city's gonna pay to fix your house? Uh an LAPD officer employed by the city drove his truck through it.
- Uh, yeah.
- SCORSESE: This is a super sweet house, Murtaugh.
Well, it was.
What do you have, four bed, three and a half baths? How come you never have any of us over? I've been over.
I was at the big barbecue - last year where were you? - Yeah.
There was a big barbecue? (QUIETLY): Yeah.
Like how big? TRISH: Roger? Roger Mayfield Murtaugh! Hey, baby.
You're-you're home.
Why? I heard something in your voice and thought something could be wrong.
- But silly me.
What happened to our house? Uh I had Riggs over.
Leaving so soon? I told you, you don't have enough to charge me.
I just wanted you to get a lay of the land.
That way, when I do get enough to charge you, you know where you're going, - and that day's coming soon.
- I doubt it.
You know, we shut your trucks down.
I don't know how useful you're gonna be to the Aryan Fraternity now.
You know, and they just don't strike me as a loyal bunch.
Clearly, they're loyal to some.
You have friends in low places.
But I think you know that.
I'll see you soon, Grant.
Should old acquaintance Be forgot And never brought MURTAUGH: C-Can I, uh take the time to apologize once again for ruining our vacation and our house? Honey, you don't have to apologize.
It's fine.
We're together.
And that is what counts.
And we look, we've got a place to sleep.
For auld Right? Hey, hey, hey, what's-what's going on here? My room's still smoky.
As long as we're remodeling, what about my own private bathroom? Okay, guys, this is not the bed is not big enough Oh, it'll be like our trip to Mexico.
Oh, when Dad got that room with one bed.
You know what? That was a very memorable vacation.
So is this one.
Get over here.
Hmm? - Yeah, I guess it is.
- Yeah, it is.
- (LAUGHTER) - (GROANS) Uh, it-it wha-what happened, um is it fell out of the truck.
Right? I had to turn around and go get it, but the contents should be, uh Ah, he's even cooler this way.
Ben battle! - Yeah.
- (LAUGHS) Maybe it's time for bed, buddy.
What do you say to Riggs? - Merry Christmas, buddy.
- Thanks, Riggs.
Merry Christmas.
Lang syne You, too.
(LAUGHS) Merry Christmas.
Of kindness yet For auld We got something for you, too.
We two have paddled In the stream From morning sun Oh, you definitely shouldn't have.
No, oh, don't worry, that's just a copy.
See, I'm keeping the original.
- RIGGS: Oh, there's two of 'em.
- Great.
Well, yeah, see, that's how I like to picture you: terrified.
Auld lang syne, my dear Let me get Ben to bed, and then I'm gonna get my mistletoe, and we'll see what's what.
We'll see what's what.
Take a cup of kindness yet - (PHONE RINGING) - For auld lang Syne For auld lang Syne.
(RINGING CONTINUES) (BEEP) MAN: Well, you're a tough man to reach.
(CHUCKLES) Ah, well, now, sooner or later every boy needs his father.
Saved your life, kid.
(CHATTER IN DISTANCE, BANGING ON BARS) Ain't you got nothin' to say? Merry Christmas, Dad.