Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Diggin' Up Dirt

1 (INTRO TO MERLE HAGGARD'S "SING ME BACK HOME" PLAYING) The warden Led a prisoner Okay, if this is gonna be a regular thing, I think we might need to get you a bed frame.
- Mm-mm.
- Yeah.
- Can't.
- (LAUGHS) No.
That's where all the monsters live.
If I get a bed frame, they'll climb underneath there.
(PHONE RINGING) - Really? - Mm-hmm.
And I heard him It's your dad again you sure you don't want to get it? No, no, I'll call him later.
- (BEEPS) - Just before he reached Believe me, you're a cop you hear enough interrogations as it is.
Protective of his little girl.
Mm, I can't blame him.
How about your dad? Let him sing - My dad? - Mm-hmm.
What's he like? Is he a cop, too? You never talk about him.
My dad was a truck driver.
- Mm.
- Drove all over the country.
Sometimes he'd let me tag along.
This one time we, uh we took a trip out to Vegas for this arm wrestling competition, right? Are you being serious right now? What? Your dad's Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top? Before I die I'm so impressed that you know that.
Like, your stock just went up.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Yes.
It's truly an underrated classic.
- It's an underrated classic.
- Yeah.
But it's not the truth.
Why are you lying to me? Came in to sing a few You know, it's just you're so close to your dad, you know, I didn't want to ruin the moment.
So, truth is my dad passed away a few years ago.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
- Yeah, you should feel like a jerk.
- I feel bad.
- You should feel bad.
- I'm sorry.
I was trying to tell you a funny little story.
But, Martin, you have to promise me one thing.
What's that? That you'll never lie to me again.
- Okay.
- Okay.
BARTENDER: Last call.
Let's go.
MAN: Thanks for meeting me, Trish.
Of course, Gene.
I'd forgotten there's more attorneys here than in the courthouse.
(CHUCKLES) Cutting deals over a lunchtime martini.
You remember those days.
Oh, gosh.
Please don't start with the whole, (WHISPERS): "Trish isn't a real lawyer anymore.
" Hey, there is nothing wrong with landing yourself a nice, cushy corporate gig.
Besides, we need people like you to help us regular folk finance campaigns.
- I'm running for mayor.
- Wow.
Mayor Nakahara! Okay, that has a nice ring to it.
But what about City Hall's golden boy? Isn't he already the favorite? Oh, you mean, uh, Councilman O'Brien? - Yes.
- Trust me, he's not so golden.
LEO: Gene? (LEO CHUCKLES) GENE: Oh, my gosh.
This guy's been calling me all day.
LEO: Gene Nakahara! (LAUGHS): Hey! Gene! Wow, what a coincidence.
Why do I get the feeling this isn't a coincidence? Still a joker.
Still joking, after all these years and our days at the DA's office.
Trish! - My old partner! - We were never partners, Leo.
Gene, wow.
Crazy kismet, because confidentially I have recently become available to take on more cases, and I was gonna try to find out what Leo can "Getz" for you.
Well, actually, perhaps another time, Mr.
Uh, Trish and I have a, uh, - personal matter to discuss.
- Sorry, Leo.
You understand, don't you? Oh, sure.
Hey, we don't need that chair.
Uh, sir? Okay.
Uh, give my best to your husband.
- I will.
- And, uh, Gene, I'm gonna call your office again and, uh, set that appointment.
Uh, again.
That's all.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Bob Shapiro? (CHUCKLES): You old horndog! Your office said you were in Hawaii.
What are you doing? MURTAUGH: What you need, Captain? O'Brien is leaving the city council to run for mayor, and I'm throwing my hat in the ring to take his seat.
I will have to resign as captain before I run, which means - I'll need your input - You want me to be the captain.
for a list of potential captains.
My input? My input is you should be asking me to be the captain.
You have made it abundantly clear - you don't want to be captain.
- Yeah, that was before you stuck me with a lunatic who every day tries to find a new way to get us killed.
See, that inspires a man to look at his choices, his options, his ways not to die.
Look, I just thought you loved being a detective.
I do.
But with you stepping down, and-and me getting a little Older.
wiser, I realize that this might be the moment that I could prove that I got what it takes to be captain.
Well, look, you don't, you don't have to prove that to me.
You want this job, prove it to yourself.
I will.
And you know what? When I'm done, there's only gonna be one name on that list: Roger Mayfield Murtaugh.
That's three names.
But I-I totally get your point.
GENE: Come on, honestly - TRISH: Hmm? - don't you miss it, being in the courtroom, the competition? What competition? (BOTH LAUGH) Thank you.
Of course I miss it.
What I don't miss is bringing the cases home with me.
Yeah, I hear you.
I'm on a cartel case right now, - really high profile - Oh, my gosh, Gene.
(LAUGHS): Stop bragging.
No, come on, look who's bragging now.
(CHUCKLES) Listen you've got my vote.
(SIGHS) Thanks, Trish.
I'm proud of you.
I really am.
I'm at a meter.
Fighting for truth and justice - still doesn't pay for much.
- Gene? LEO: What?! Gene, what are the odds of this? Oh, this is serendipity.
Hey, you know what oh, this is crazy we could get our meeting out of the way and you could give me a ride.
Sorry, I have an appointment.
(WHISPERS): Good luck.
- Leo - Yeah? I can't promise you any casework, but I can give you a ride.
No, it's okay.
My car's down the street.
This is for your own protection.
- You all right? You okay? (CRYING) TRISH: We were having lunch, and I-I turned to say good-bye, and he It's okay, it's okay.
Listen, I could drive you home.
- We'll do the questions later.
- No, Roger.
We both know that witnesses lose key detail if you wait too long, so I I need to do this.
You okay? Mm-hmm.
He he mentioned a cartel case he was working on.
Is it possible they were involved? (SIGHS) It's an IED.
No traceable parts.
I mean, it's certainly the trademark of the cartel.
I don't know how it's related, but I found this.
Sure it's not yours, Glenn Hughes? OFFICER: Hey, Riggs! - Get some rest, okay? - Okay.
I think I know who this belongs to but where'd he go? Was there another attorney? You could say that.
Hello! Hello! I requested a Fresca ten minutes ago.
This is bordering on cruel and unusual! Oh, wow, thank God, friendly faces.
And Captain Avery.
I assume you are here to apologize for the unconstitutional manhandling that I got - when I was brought in here.
- Mr.
Getz, you fled the scene of a homicide.
MURTAUGH: So these faces - not friendly.
- Murtaugh, I will admit, I was briefly atop your wife, but it was merely a protective maneuver.
Protect? What is he talking about, protective? We found this comb at the scene of the crime.
It's evidence, Leo.
What were you doing that close to Gene's car? I was, um uh, his parking meter had expired.
So I put a quarter in it, because that's what - a good person does.
- Or is that - what stalkers do? - A stalker? (LAUGHING): Me? You called his office every day for three weeks.
- (TAPS TABLE) - Nine times yesterday.
I never thought of you as the car bomb type, but pestering his office, staking out his car it's not a good look.
Even for you, Leo.
Okay, look, business has been down lately, so I was out selling my talents.
I thought maybe that Gene could help me, because we used to work together before I got fired from the DA's.
Is that why you happened to bump into him at the restaurant? Yes.
That's all I could get.
In fact, it took me a month of romancing his senior assistant just to get that meeting.
"Romancing"? Yeah.
If you got it, use it.
Look, it didn't even matter.
Gene canceled the meeting anyway, 'cause he said he had to head out to Helendale.
Helendale Prison? Why? For a case? That I cannot say.
Because you don't know? Because I do not know.
But I will take that Fresca when you get a chance.
Thanks for wasting our time.
He is really abrasive today.
You were on top of his wife.
- It was a protective maneuver! - (DOOR CLOSES) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (WHISTLING TUNE) Hey, Murtaugh.
Got a sec? I found out the inmate that Gene was gonna see at Helendale.
It's Riggs' father-in-law.
Ronnie Delgado? That was smart, keeping it close to the vest.
BAILEY: Yeah, I thought we would check in with Avery MURTAUGH: No.
Let me handle this.
What is that? What the hell are you doing? (SIGHS HEAVILY) Gene was supposed to visit Ronnie Delgado at Helendale today Bailey's gonna go check it out for us.
Not a chance.
Look, if Ronnie's involved, that means our cartel angle's good.
Right? We have a lot of catching up to do.
Martin Riggs! That was not a request.
(LAUGHS) That's I'll see you in the car.
Why's he laughing? Okay, okay, sorry I'm runnin' late I did not come here to play, I got money to make Cruisin' the streets I was raised in the streets, I was made If you ain't know the name Then you should be ashamed Grow up and show me some love (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) MURTAUGH: When I make a call like that, I am speaking as a senior detective.
And I want you to see me as an authority, not a friend.
RIGGS: If it's any consolation, Rog, I wouldn't listen to you as either.
INMATE: Hey, Murtaugh.
You remember me? Oh.
Friend of yours? Definitely not in the friend category.
INMATE: What's up, man? - Man, get your hands off me.
- Hey, punk.
): Emergency response, report to the yard.
Code one.
Emergency response We need backup on the yard now! Code one.
Back up, back up! (DISTORTED SHOUTING) Code one riot.
Code one riot.
Need some help down here.
(GROANS) (DOG BARKING) Back up! Move! Back up! Hey, hey! (GRUNTING) (GUNSHOT) All inmates on the ground.
(WHISTLE BLOWING) You will be shot.
All inmates All right.
Let me see, let me see.
You should've let him kill me.
You're not getting off that easy, Ronnie.
I'm glad you came.
No one's visited me since That's what happens when people find out you work for the cartel.
They don't want to be around you anymore.
Is that who tried to kill you out there? Don't know.
It was all so fast.
(LAUGHING): Come on, Ronnie.
The guy who shivved you is covered in cartel tats.
Now, he's not talking, but I'm guessing he works for the same fella that had Gene killed.
Gene? Nakahara? Mm-hmm.
(SIGHS) And I understand he was supposed to come visit you, but, see, then his car blew up.
(SIGHS) Gene called but it wasn't about the cartel.
He-he-he wanted to talk about the past.
Something to do with the Ojai house.
The Ojai house? Where we had the wedding? I'm sorry, Martin for everything I've done to our family.
I'm not your family, Ronnie.
And I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the case.
I know you hate me.
You have the right.
But I want you to know I still think of you as a son.
You shouldn't do that.
Miranda's gone.
Your mother, too.
And your father Yeah.
Whatever happened was bad enough you never wanted to talk about it.
And the fact he's behind bars now only makes it worse.
How the hell do you know about that? Martin.
It's not your fault.
Did Miranda know? She was worried.
Answer the question, Ronnie.
Did she know? I just want to help you.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have had your daughter killed.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) (BAGPIPES PLAYING) Let me know if I can help LEO: Thank you for coming during this terrible time, and, you know what, you know what, please take a card.
I'd say the best one is the fax number, actually, the fax is the best.
(LAUGHS) Trish, Rog.
What a delight.
Are you using a funeral to network? Everybody grieves in their own way.
AVERY: Murtaugh, some gentlemen I want you to meet.
I guess Leo's not the only one.
Baby, I'll be right back.
And, hey, no protective maneuvers.
(AVERY SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Gentlemen, this is, uh, Detective Murtaugh.
You remember the chief and the commander.
- And this is Councilman - Delighted.
- Sean O'Brien.
- Hello.
Captain Avery tells us you've taken lead on this investigation.
Yes, yes, I have.
Uh, we're pursuing a cartel angle, which I believe will - CHIEF: Why? - (PHONE RINGING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Roger.
- BOTH: Roger.
- And that's why we're going to pursue - every angle - Roger.
- (LEO WHISTLES) - uh, possible.
Excuse me.
Hey, what's with the interpretive dance? Honey, this-this guy was at the restaurant yesterday.
He drove off in a Town Car.
Just like he's doing right now.
Hold on, hold on.
- Oh, I got his license.
- What are you doing? Oh, okay.
All right, I'm gonna go run the plates.
Remember, he goes to the top of the suspects list, hmm? Look, Leo, you got to let me do my job.
I got a lot of eyes on me right now, okay? - Trish, you know I love your husband.
- Yeah.
But he is not the sharpest bulb in the shed.
Look, but with our help No.
- With our help - No, Leo.
Roger just asked us not to interfere with the case, so no.
Oh, so-so what are we gonna do? We're gonna wait for the police to solve it - when they have some free time? - Leo, lis no.
I understand what you're saying, but no.
Isn't this why we went to law school? Isn't this why we took the bar, then took the bar again, so we that we could be warriors of justice, so that we could fight for the little guy? But I can see in your eyes you want to dig into this.
You want to get your hands dirty.
Hmm? Don't ya? Don't ya? Okay, Leo.
For Gene.
Justice for Gene.
This man visited Helendale Prison a day before the Delgado attack.
We know his name, but the bigger question is: who is Mike Serrano? - He's a fixer.
- He beat a murder rap a few years ago.
Bailey, don't skip ahead.
AVERY: Yeah, I've heard about Serrano.
He cleans up messes for City Hall types.
Powerful people who can pull strings.
We're gonna want to tread lightly with him.
MURTAUGH: I agree, Captain.
And that's why, if you look at page four, you will see our detailed plan of attack.
Bailey, what are you doing? I'm in the middle - of a presentation.
- Murtaugh, look, I'm sorry.
I barely had any time to put this together, okay? And what is up with this authority figure thing? He's trying to prove that he belongs on the list.
What list? The list to be the next captain.
Can I be on the list? Captain Bailey that's a good idea.
- Hmm? Yeah.
- N-No.
There is no more room on the list.
I am the list.
Moving on.
Detective Bailey put out a BOLO on my orders for Serrano.
It's just a matter of time before we AVERY: Serrano holds court at a dumpling place on North Hill Street.
North Hill Street, okay.
So Riggs and I will head over there now.
RIGGS: Captain, huh? I don't know, Rog, I don't see it.
That's right.
Means you're gonna have to show me more respect.
Especially when I say stuff like, "Let me handle this guy.
" Yes, sir.
Hey Detective Murtaugh, LAPD.
Spring rolls.
- Excuse me? - Get the spring rolls.
They're best in town.
(CHUCKLES) Well (CLEARS THROAT) actually, we're here to ask you questions about Gene Nakahara.
Then you should order something to eat, because, unless you got a warrant, you're just wasting time, so why not do it on a full stomach? Yeah.
You got a point.
I could eat.
Yeah? (GRUNTING): All right, let's see here.
Okay, what do we have? Ooh, they got that moo shu chicken you like.
(WHISPERING): To die for.
You love that.
You know what, though? You know what I don't see on here? I don't see any car bombs, and I don't see any prison shankings.
Wh-Where do I order that? Is that, is that, is that off-menu? I don't know what you're implying.
I'm a licensed PI.
I simply procure information for my clients.
I like to commandeer my information, you know, but that's just me.
It's a preference thing.
So, all right, there.
I'm a paying customer.
I would like to know who hired you to kill Gene Nakahara.
I'm guessing it's the same guy that ordered the hit on Ronnie Delgado.
I had a client named Delgado once.
Look, Rog.
Must be the scumbag who did all of Ronnie's dirty work.
SERRANO: Not Ronnie, his daughter Miranda.
Thought I recognized you, Martin.
Miranda didn't come see you, no chance.
She sat in this very booth.
Asked for a deep dive.
Think she was worried you were hiding something.
All right, hey, Riggs.
Let's go get that warrant.
SERRANO: Turns out, you were.
Weren't you, Martin? I know all about your rough childhood, family history.
(CHUCKLES) It's funny, you turned out to be a cop, and your skinhead dad's behind bars, huh? (LAUGHS) (GRUNTS) No! (GUN HAMMER CLICKS) MURTAUGH: Come on, Riggs.
Let's take a walk.
SERRANO: It's a shame what happened to her.
But it was only a matter of time before your demons caught up with you.
Hey, Riggs, no, no.
You might want to get these guys in some water.
All right.
(WAVES CRASHING) RIGGS: How we doing there, princess? Which color do you think is best? Oh, I think my skills are best suited for, you know, designing, like, a signature cocktail.
I'm sending out the invites tomorrow.
You sure you don't want to add anyone else? Any family? No.
I don't really I don't really keep in contact with any family from back home, you know? What about your dad? What about him? Sorry, I just, I just thought maybe you could, um, say something in honor of him, but if it's too painful, - you don't have to.
- You are the sweetest, sweetest lady.
But my pops wasn't very sentimental, so he wouldn't care.
I like that one.
- That one.
- That one.
That one.
Easy, kemosabe.
I was calling you, Riggs.
(CLEARS THROAT) Is this about what, uh, Serrano said? You know, you can't listen to that stuff, man.
No, it's true.
And I lied to Miranda, and she knew the whole time.
She knew what? What'd you lie about? Everything.
She gave me a chance to come clean, I didn't take it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Mm, if I had my guess, I'd say you didn't want her wrapped up in your darkness.
That you were protecting her.
Well, that's what I tell myself.
But I was still living a lie, wasn't I? She still married you, didn't she? I mean, she loved you.
(GROANS) 'Cause, believe me, if I knew half of what I know about you now, I would've run for the hills.
Well, Rog, I know you didn't drive all the way down here just to give me a pick-me-up.
- So, uh - I did.
I actually came to pick you up and take you on a stakeout for Serrano.
See who he's working for.
I You got to help me out here.
I thought our my current captain told my future captain to stay away from this guy.
Your future captain considered it more of a a request.
Mm, good precedent.
All right, I'm in.
(GROANS) All right, um As my future captain, uh, I should, I should inform you that I'm in no condition to drive.
You know one day I'm gonna have to fire you, right? No, no, that goes without saying.
Oh, wow.
Look at young Leo Getz.
Idealistic, ready to fight for the poor, the marginalized, those who have been recently injured in a slip and fall at the workplace.
Look how skinny my mustache was.
Leo, we are supposed to be looking - for clues why Gene was killed.
- Yes, of course.
But when Gretchen gave us Gene's case files, I did not know that she was gonna give us all of Gene's case files.
Yeah, she was very accommodating.
I think she likes you, Leo.
(CHUCKLES) - But isn't she - Filipina? Seventy.
Oh, yeah, big time.
- Yeah.
- And change.
Well, the heart wants what the heart wants.
Well, speaking of, there she is.
Young Monica Jones.
If it weren't for her, I could probably be the DA right now instead of banned from the City Hall cafeteria.
I did not know they had security cameras, but they do.
Yup, she stole my job shortly after she stole O'Brien's heart.
What are you talking about? Well, a month after she showed up at the DA's office, I was given my walking papers.
I always assumed it was because she was having an affair with our golden boy, O'Brien.
Might not have been the only one, too.
Give me that.
Leo, this isn't a case file.
This is opposition research.
Gene was digging up dirt on O'Brien.
Do you know where this - Monica Jones is now? - No.
All I heard is that she moved on to greener pastures shortly after I left.
What if you're right? What if Gene found out about the affair, and O'Brien tried to silence him? Yeah, except I don't think it's enough to get Gene murdered.
Only one way to find out.
We get Roger to bring him in.
Or we can save him a little time and go down to O'Brien's campaign office and ask him ourselves.
I have one more suggestion.
(CLEARS THROAT) Toilet paper.
That sandpaper we got back at the office it's just bad for morale.
All right? We need something that's, you know, soft but firm.
Also, great qualities for a captain.
I will take it under consideration.
You know, Rog, this whole captain thing it's gonna work out good for us.
Hey, look.
It's Serrano.
He's meeting with O'Brien.
You're not sneaking around behind my back with my wife? Then it's exactly what it looks like.
See, we were following the suspect.
TRISH: Oh, my gosh.
MURTAUGH: But I can't account for the people who were at fault.
Gene was looking into O'Brien.
- We went there to question him.
- MURTAUGH: Question! You know, that sounds like something a detective does.
- (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) - Okay, stop! Stop! Before you crashed into each other, the four of you saw Serrano have a meeting with O'Brien.
Is there anything else? RIGGS: We know Serrano's good for Gene's murder.
- MURTAUGH: Mm-hmm.
- We just don't know who hired him.
And everything we know Councilman O'Brien has to do with it.
And we this part of the team have photographic evidence.
Evidence of what? An affair.
An affair? But no evidence on the homicide we are currently investigating? That's Delgado's house up in Ojai.
What's he got to do with O'Brien? I don't know.
Hey, Riggs, why don't we do that together? LEO: That's our that was my evidence.
That is my evidence.
Everyone go home.
(TRISH SIGHS) Captain Avery, I think now is a good time to tell you that I am suing the LAPD for damages.
And sexual distress.
It's worth a shot.
RIGGS: Ronnie, what was O'Brien - doing at the Ojai house? - Oh.
I would let him go up there, prep cases.
What happened up there, Ronnie? Why was Gene looking into the past? You and Miranda were married under this tree.
(SIGHS) Ronnie, why did you send Miranda to Serrano? It was what she wanted.
But when she found out you had lied (SIGHS) she didn't know what to do and I told her it was because you didn't want anyone to know the truth.
I know a little something about shame.
So, what she came to you, and you talked her into marrying me? No.
That was her own decision.
She loved you, Martin.
MURTAUGH: You jeopardized the entire case by palling around with Leo.
Not to mention, you put yourself in harm's way for no good reason.
I got carried away.
I did.
Truth is, it's been a long time since I worked on something this important to me.
And I thought maybe if I did it You'd stop the voice in your head saying "What if?" Yeah, I hear it, too.
That's what this whole captain thing is all about.
- (ROCK CLINKS ON WINDOW) - Uh What? What (ROCK CLINKING) What? What? Trish! Leo.
- What are you? - I cracked it! What the hell are you doing here, Leo? - Roger, keep your voice - (BABY CRYING) You woke up Harper! (CRYING CONTINUES) Leo, it is 2:00 in the morning.
I had to talk to you right away! Well, why didn't you just ring the doorbell like a normal person? At this hour? Get to the front door.
Let me take you on a journey.
A journey of murder, betrayal, sex, murder.
Is that Harper's art easel? It's a visual aid, and honestly, the artwork that was left on it was no better than an eight-year-old's, so She's three.
So, point taken.
Moving on.
Trish, you asked me where Monica Jones was.
I did not know because no one does.
Because O'Brien wasn't covering up an affair.
He was covering up a murder.
Monica left L.
shortly after she was promoted, but not for greener pastures.
To visit her family in Wichita.
She bought a ticket on October 17, but according to the Wichita PD, she never arrived.
In fact Monica Jones was never seen or heard from again.
And Gene was killed trying to figure out the truth.
Roger, we figured it out.
I'm gonna call Riggs.
I'm on my way up there, but you keep your eye out for him.
(BUZZES, CHIMES) (GRUNTS) (CLACK) (GUNS COCKING) Well, it appears as if I've dug my own grave.
All right.
October 2008, Monica Jones disappeared.
Her relatives in Wichita were expecting her from Los Angeles, but she never showed up.
The authorities in Wichita contacted our DA office, who said that they were looking into it, but they weren't.
They weren't.
Because it was buried by Councilman - Councilman O'Brien.
- LEO: You're good.
- He's very good.
- No, he's walking into my office.
Captain, I hear two of your detectives were staked out in front of my campaign office.
Councilman O'Brien, I believe you know Trish Murtaugh.
Councilman, when was the last time you saw Monica Jones? (EXHALES) Monica.
I-I don't When we worked together in '09.
Or was it '08? And was it at your love nest in Ojai? Captain, we're gonna have a problem if you Councilman, answer the question.
I want to speak to an attorney.
Still upset about the fish, huh? This job isn't always easy.
But getting rid of you, you did all the hard work for me.
A widowed cop with suicidal tendencies returns to the site of his wedding to hang from the very tree where he once said "I do.
" It is quite poetic.
Any last words? A last meal would be nice.
Um, you know what I've been dying to try? Those spring rolls you mentioned.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (CHOKING) RIGGS: Was it everything you wanted it to be? What's that? What? There was a moment back there where I, um almost got cold feet.
So what changed your mind? MIRANDA: I tried to imagine my life without you, and it was impossible.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Here I come, buddy.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Autopsy says Monica Jones died of blunt force trauma.
O'Brien claims it was an accident.
So we're gonna put City Hall's golden boy behind bars? That's a hell of a way to start a campaign.
Hell of a way to end one, too.
So I guess that, uh, captain slot won't be opening up, huh? Not for the moment.
It's too bad, too.
I was grooming someone who was gonna be a hell of a captain.
TRISH: What am I doing here, Leo? Okay, Trish, I feel like you and I have never been closer.
Hmm? And so I don't feel that awkward asking you for a tiny favor.
Do you see who that is? - See who that is over there? - Mm.
You know very well that is Dan Reiser.
He is the number one most litigious workplace injury attorney in all of Los Angeles.
And (CRUNCHING) he's hiring.
So, here's what I need you to do.
Ready? Okay.
In a minute, you come over and present me with this check.
Okay? As if we've come to some kind of settlement.
Please? Oh, come on.
Th-Think of this a-as repayment for bringing Gene's killer to justice.
I need this.
I need this.
Thank you.
- All right, Leo.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll count to ten.
- Yes.
Oh, tw-twelve.
- One, two Give me 12, at least.
Leopold Getz.
I'm sorry, I don't Of cour Ah.
When Rob Kardashian slipped on those nachos, I was the guy I represented the nacho TRISH: Excuse me, Mr.
- Uh, Mr.
Getz - (STAMMERS) I'm-I'm sorry.
Uh, can't you see that we're in the middle of a meeting? (CHUCKLES) Wha Can-can What is this? Let me see that.
What is this? $300,000? Wha-What is this, a joke? Well, I Am I funny? Am I funny to you? I make you laugh? I'm like a clown? Huh? No.
You know what this is? This is an insult.
Come back to me with a real offer, or I will see you in court posthaste.
(MOUTHS) Mm-hmm.
Some people just think they can nickel-and-dime you.
Know what I'm saying? (CHUCKLES) Anyway, where were we? It's funny.
All this time, she was keeping her own secrets, you know? So is she off her pedestal? No.
She knew everything about me she still loved me.
Tough to beat that.
What is it? I just wish I'd have told her.
How would it change things if she already knew? Would've given her a chance to forgive me.
Sounds like she already did, Riggs.
Maybe now you can work on forgiving yourself.
Passed another pointless year - Foaming at the mouth - (CHUCKLES) I'm sorry I was mad before.
Might have been a little territorial.
I'm glad I had your help on all of this.
It was nice working with you, too.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) You know what this case reminded me of? How good late-night Chinese is? No.
Of why I became a lawyer in the first place.
To get justice for those who cannot get it for themselves.
For Gene.
For Monica.
If you're thinking about going back, you know you have my support, right? Maybe.
Maybe I'll do some pro bono work on the side.
As long as you keep Leo out of it.
(LAUGHS) Deal.
Uh, excuse me.
Did, uh, you guys move Mr.
Delgado to another room? I'm sorry, Mr.
Delgado died from complications during his surgery.
Are you his family? Yeah, I am.