Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

Better Living Through Chemistry

1 I was gonna get up and find the broom But then I got high Uh La, da-da-da-da My room is still messed up and I know why Yeah, 'cause I got high Because I got high, because I got high La da-da-da-da-da-da TRISH: You're really not worried about this? No.
Look at the bubbles.
He's-he's-he's got excellent lung capacity.
It runs in the family.
He-he's fine.
TRISH: He's not fine.
It's been three weeks since he left school, and this is all he does.
He floats.
He sinks.
He comes back in the house for cereal.
He goes back out to the pool for more floating and sinking.
I mean, maybe he's training to be a Navy SEAL.
Or a real seal.
Serious, I'm worried.
I think he's depressed.
We need to take him to see a therapist.
Therapy is for crazy people.
RJ's not that.
Riggs goes to therapy.
You've been to therapy.
That was different.
That was a very specific bedroom-related glitch that has since been straightened out.
You and I are taking RJ to the therapist today, or there will be a brand-new bedroom glitch.
WOMAN: Martin.
Martin, help.
Martin! Help me! Mom! (GUNSHOT) (EXHALES) (GARGLING) Aah! Are you kidding me?! Ah, bud.
These are the quietest vehicles, man.
I didn't even hear you coming.
You just spit juice on me and my car.
What the hell is wrong with you? You know, there's no quick way to answer that question, but relax; I've got a rag in the truck.
Oh, come! You (GROANS) You scratched it! But I think we can both agree that the parking places in this city are way too small.
- Way too - Hey, I don't care about the parking spaces, okay? I care about my car.
All right, just relax.
Look, I-I can buff this out.
Ooh, you moron! You-you did that on purpose, huh? This is a custom paint job.
Well, this was my hangover cure.
All right? So No winners here.
Yeah, no, only losers.
W-W-Where the hell do you think you're going, huh? - (ENGINE STARTS) - Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! You're gonna pay for this scratch, the detailing and my suit! All right.
No! (SHOUTING) See? I'm a moron, right? - Come on! - Look at that.
Right? No, no, no! Aah! Ooh! And a loser.
You're not gonna get away with this.
Do you know who I am? I'm getting a pretty good idea.
You should be in an institution! Probably right.
Cahill, thank you for coming.
Your patient is currently in isolation.
Doesn't make sense.
I mean, he'd been making progress.
The mania was under control.
He was, until he put his fist through the pharmacy window.
Stanley was not a patient at risk for suicide.
He shows no signs.
Except the fact that he was in a mental hospital to begin with.
Stanley? (DOOR CLOSES) Last time I saw you, you were doing well.
What happened? Is it okay if I if I gave you a hug? Yeah.
Of course.
- Stanley, what are you doing? - I'm sorry.
Stanley, what are you doing?! Stanley, what are you doing?! Shh, Doctor.
I don't want to hurt you.
- I don't want to hurt you.
- (GRUNTS) Stanley, please just think about this.
- Please.
- Stop talking.
Get your badge out.
- Get your badge out! - Okay, okay! Okay, okay, okay.
Right here, right here.
- Get your - (SCANNER BEEPS) RIGGS: See, I'm a moron, right? ALAN: Aah! Ooh! RIGGS: And a loser.
- It's a fender bender, really.
- That is not a fender bender.
Technically, you're right.
There was no fender.
It's like a smartphone with wheels.
It was God.
What's wrong, Cap? It's not even noon, Riggs, and I'm staring into the abyss.
The guy whose car you destroyed, do you have any idea who he is, what he does for a living? - Is he a chimney sweep? - Aah.
I hate chimney sweeps.
Try deputy mayor.
RIGGS: Deputy mayor? Of what? The city of Douchebaggery? Of Los Angeles.
The phone calls I've been getting all morning, I'm-I'm-I'm physically nauseous.
Oh, come on, Cap.
We've been through worse.
- Buck up.
- Ah, I deluded myself.
I thought you were less crazy, less angry.
- I'm less angry.
- No, you're not.
(LAUGHING): You know, actually, I woke up this morning whistling.
RIGGS: Well, that's just not a healthy way to live, Captain.
I mean, you got nowhere to go but down.
Now I know.
(PHONE RINGING) There it is.
The sound of my bubble bursting.
(CELL PHONES RINGING) We have a situation.
(SIRENS WAILING) - Are we sure she's? - We'll find out.
We found the car underneath the Colorado Street Bridge near the 134.
(KNOCKING, MUFFLED GRUNTING) Hey, Riggs, I got something.
Yeah, me, too.
RIGGS: Hey, Doc.
How are you? Where is he? I'm gonna kill him! Think somebody already beat you to it.
We drove for 40, maybe 45 minutes before he pulled over to-to make a phone call.
It must've been a pay phone.
You know who he called? I don't know.
I-I-I didn't hear any names.
I just heard him screaming at someone to bring him money.
We find out who he called, we find out who killed him.
What the hell are you doing? What is all this? I'm making tea.
Tea? She was in the trunk of a car.
She needs something a little stronger than tea.
I know, and tea is soothing.
In fact, you should try some.
I'm gonna karate chop you in the throat.
It doesn't make any sense.
I know.
Let me grab some whiskey under my desk.
No, it doesn't, it doesn't make sense.
Stanley was busted for stealingt jewelry from-from empty houses.
He wasn't violent.
He was bipolar.
That's why he was in a hospital and not prison to begin with.
I-I actually thought I was helping him.
Drink some tea.
Hey, come on, Doc.
You were helping him.
In what world? He duped me.
He staged a suicide so I would help him get out.
(WHISPERING): Say something.
Say something.
Be encouraging.
Say something.
Doc, come-come on.
You're aces at this therapy game.
You know, hey, look how far I've come along.
Right? ALAN: No, no, no! SANTOS: As an institution, we're running out of words to describe him.
He's an-an unfixable force of chaos.
Do you know where I was 24 hours ago? On a cruise ship in Fiji.
My first vacation in 14 years.
I've heard good things about Fiji.
I thought Riggs was doing better.
Maybe this is a turning point.
Someday, we'll be gone.
And our legacy? We allowed a detective to crumble the third largest police department in the country.
Tell me he's still seeing - the department psychiatrist.
- Intensively.
Oh, good.
I want to hear from her.
It's not a good time 'cause Dr.
Cahill's Oh, I don't care.
We are in uncharted waters.
- I got a lead on the - Shh.
Bowman's reading lips.
Okay, so why do I have to be quiet? Because we're trying to figure out what Avery and Gina are discussing.
You're trying to figure out if they're talking about you because you think everyone is always talking about you.
Gina said, "What about Murtaugh?" MURTAUGH: See? Usually I'm right.
"Murtaugh is supposed to be a good influence on Riggs.
" Oh, it's my fault? That guy was broken way before he got to me.
Who's the suspect? Stanley only had one visitor the entire time he was locked up, an ex-con named Carl Edwards.
- What'd he do time for? - He did B&Es with Stanley.
They had a falling out, and last time Carl visited, orderlies overheard him threatening Stanley's life.
Some actual police work.
Go find me Carl Edwards.
"Is there anyone older we can put with Riggs?" AVERY: "No.
Murtaugh's the oldest we've got.
" You know what, he didn't say Who said that? - Avery just said that.
- Read his lips again.
- He didn't say that.
- I can't read the lips again.
RIGGS: They're wrong.
Really? Avery's wrong and Gina's wrong and the deputy mayor's wrong? - And I don't care.
- Say that, then.
I'll say that next time.
Let me ask you a question.
And there's no wrong answer here, okay? - Yeah - Since we met, would you say that I'm A) more angry, or B) less angry? I'd say C) same angry.
You said there was no such thing as wrong.
I lied.
Clearly, I'm less angry.
I'd say more angry.
You know what? The old me would've flipped out.
Definitely much more angry.
My heart Kick-start my heart Always got the cops coming after me Oh, great.
Why can't we ever get sent into, like, a petting zoo? Look, we're gonna go get Carl Edwards, get out, minimal damage.
I'm gonna show you how I'm less angry.
- Watch it, bro.
- Oh.
Forgive me, sir.
(QUIETLY): Less angry.
Less angry.
Hey, everybody, we're looking for Carl Edwards.
Who's asking? Oh, just your friendly boys in blue.
Uh, well, I guess we're not Is this blue? - Um, I got blue.
- Yeah.
This is black.
- I know.
That's the - I'm Carl Edwards.
- Oh.
- Okay, well, we need to ask you MAN: No.
I'm Carl Edwards.
WOMAN: They're lying.
I'm Carl Edwards.
- Ah.
You see what's happening here? - Yeah.
I'm with Carl Edwards.
But I'm also Carl Edwards.
Okay, well - (CHUCKLES) - It's very funny, guys, but we're actually looking for the real Carl Edwards.
We have a few questions, that's all.
Why don't you just say that I'm less angry - so we can handle this properly? - I'm not gonna say that.
Why can't you say that? (PEOPLE OOHING) I'm Carl Edwards.
Put it on my tab.
My goodness.
Look at this.
- See what's happening? - Yeah.
See, I'm not angry.
They're the angry ones.
- Okay, you're less angry.
- All right.
Oh, yeah Kick-start my heart, give it a start Oh, yeah Baby (SHOUTS) Oh, yeah (SONG ENDS) Mm-hmm.
Not Carl Edwards.
Not Carl Edwards.
MURTAUGH: Not Carl Edwards.
RIGGS: Not Carl Edwards.
Did I just hear my name? What happened in here? MURTAUGH: Carl Edwards? LAPD.
Need to talk to you about Stanley Oliver.
Stan Oliver.
Hate that guy.
He was murdered yesterday.
CARL: No kidding.
That's fantastic.
(CHUCKLES) Carl, let me ask you a question.
I-I know we just met, but do I seem like the kind of guy that's getting less angry or more angry? Say "less angry.
" So, Stan the man got himself shot.
Tell me, how many bullets? One to the head.
Not for nothing, I would've given him two.
Probably more.
Carl, where were you yesterday, around 2:30? Don't worry about it.
I'm covered.
- Hey, don't worry about it.
- He's covered.
- Okay.
- He's covered.
Look, you guys know The Price Is Right? The TV show? (LAUGHS) Your alibi is you were watching The Price is Right? You're gonna have to come better than that.
My alibi is I was on The Price Is Right.
That's the best alibi I've heard all day.
That's pretty good.
Get the tape.
So, how'd you do? A classic living room set, four pieces.
Couch, loveseat, easy chair, ottoman.
How much? - Was it leather? - Automatic or manual recliner? Naugahyde, manual recline, tufted pillows.
Eh, I'll say $1,900.
One dollar.
One dollar? Do you not know how the game works? Where do you shop for a dollar? - You're gonna overbid - Forget the game.
- I overbid.
- He overbid.
And you underbid.
I would've won.
I walked out with nothing but a stupid Jet Ski I can't even pay the taxes on, which, not for nothing, is Stan's fault.
How's that? We did a job together.
Ripped off this mansion in Pasadena.
I was supposed to fence the jewelry, but Stan screwed me.
He went off to the loony bin, and told me he found a new fence.
This fence have a name? No.
But I'll bet you one unused Jet Ski he's the guy who shot Stan.
RIGGS: I am such a moron! - ALAN: Come on! - RIGGS: Look at that! - (TIRES SCREECHING) - No, no, no! Mm.
This was yesterday? Before work.
We have some decisions to make.
An affidavit? Mm-hmm.
Attesting to the fact that Detective Riggs is mentally fit to continue working for the LAPD.
Don't my reports already attest to that? Well, under normal circumstances.
But we're past that now.
If you sign this, Detective Riggs stays.
And his behavior becomes your responsibility.
Or don't sign it, and he's gone.
Problem solved.
That seems fairly straightforward.
This is your professional reputation.
Think about it.
You can give me your answer tomorrow.
CAHILL: The deputy mayor? Riggs, I just saw the tape.
What is wrong with you? I don't know.
You know me better than anybody.
I should, but I-I don't.
Truly, Riggs, I-I'm at a loss here.
Should we be having this conversation down here - in front of everyone? - Does it matter? I mean, you can avoid your crap down here as easily as you can upstairs.
You know what, Doc? Why-why don't you say it a little louder; I don't think the guys up in vice heard you.
You should see yourself on that tape, Riggs.
You are so damn angry, and you are too terrified to find out why.
Go look around, Doc, everybody's angry.
Not everyone's my patient.
We tracked down the pay phone and got the name of the fence Stan called.
Jose Esparza.
Please tell me that you're joking.
Have you met Bailey? She doesn't joke around.
(SIGHS) Jose was my patient.
And Stanley's roommate at the psych facility.
Well, at least we're keeping it in the family.
BAILEY: We have a P.
box, but no current address.
His last whereabouts are I have his number right here.
Hey, hey, what are you? What are you doing? You can't just make a phone call.
That's not how police work works.
Uh, J-Jose.
Uh, yes, it's-it's Dr.
Um, I-I just, I-I wanted to check in.
It's been a while.
Um, thought we should schedule an appointment.
That's-that's perfect.
Um I can, I can come to you.
See you in 30.
(POWER TOOLS WHIRRING, JACKHAMMER DRILLING) So she just called up the suspect, (OVER RADIO): and he said he would meet her? I know.
Ridiculous, right? I think we're doing something wrong.
No Rog.
We should not have a shrink in the field with us.
You know I can hear you, right? RIGGS: Oh, it's like you're in my head, Doc.
CAHILL: Riggs, this is not my first rodeo.
Heads up, guys.
We got a live one.
RIGGS: You ever been to a rodeo, Doc? By the way, I am perfectly comfortable in the field.
RIGGS: Well, I'm pretty sure your field's a little different from my field.
You brought the cops? Hey, I just want to ask you a couple of questions (HORN HONKS, TIRES SCREECH) Hey, watch it, man! Where does he think he's going? The crazy ones, they always climb.
Hey, hey, hey! (GRUNTS) (PANTING) Hey.
I just want to ask you some questions, okay? Look, make eye contact with me.
Back off.
Back off! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, hey.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me, Jose.
Hey, Jose.
Come on.
So you've been going to see Cahill.
Back off! What the hell is he doing? Look, you're running out of real estate.
All right? CAHILL: Oh, my God.
He's gonna fall.
Riggs! You're scaring Cahill.
Guys, get out of here! Go! (SHOUTS, SCREAMING) (LOUD CRASH) What could they be possibly talking about? He's in there for such a long time.
What he needs to talk about.
I think I just heard him say "Dad.
" (WHISPERS): Roger, stop it and sit down.
I bet this is about the time that I didn't play catch with him.
Or-or when I took his quarters on poker night and told him that it was the tooth fairy.
- (SOFT LAUGHTER) - PEGGY: You okay? Just admiring your door.
How are you, sweetie? Feeling good.
You know, better.
Okay, good.
Good, good.
Yeah, he's a terrific kid.
Yeah, he's great.
He is.
Okay, Roger, Trish.
Your turn? Us? Yeah.
(SIGHS) So, uh, full disclosure.
Uh, RJ was our first kid, so, uh, needless to say, mistakes were made.
Right? Yeah.
Well, RJ asked me to talk to you.
The good news is he's gonna be fine.
(LAUGHS) That's a relief.
But he has been feeling very acutely your sense of disappointment in him for having dropped out of school.
Oh, no.
We're the opposite of that.
RJ told me he overheard you telling the mailman that he was home because he has a rare tropical disease.
You know that Doug likes to spread gossip.
- You know, he's so judgmental.
- You told him he had a disease? Um she dropped RJ on his head when he was just a baby.
Her, not me.
I tried to catch him.
She said, "No, leave him.
He'll sleep through the night.
" BAILEY: So, Scorsese, what do we got? Drug-wise, nothing is out of the ordinary with Jose's system as well as Stanley's.
Both tox reports, clean.
That makes no sense.
Cahill was treating Stanley with SSRIs - and anti-anxiety meds.
- Jose, too.
Even if he stopped taking it after he left the facility, there should still be traces.
Which is why I asked you not so much you down here.
Are you sure I can't pour you a ginger ale? - No.
- Okay, maybe Scorsese, it will always be no.
Rain check.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hands off the Jarlsberg.
Not for you.
May I have a fig? Get out.
Good, you're still CAHILL: Look who it is.
Scotch? Sure.
To failing all of my patients.
Or to finding out that Stan and Jose were not taking their meds.
Excuse me? Not a drop of 'em.
Which means it's not your fault they snapped.
So I missed that, too.
I thought I was helping them.
I thought that I was helping you.
Come on, Doc, I know it doesn't always look like it No, it doesn't.
Because you're not trying.
But it's-it's not your fault.
You see, it-it's my fault.
That's the truth.
I just, I-I can't get through to you.
(SIGHS) I think I've made you worse.
Come on, Doc.
I'm getting better.
It's just baby steps.
I do wish that were true.
I saw you with Jose.
You like it up there.
Inches from death, so close to the edge.
You're so angry.
One day, it'll kill you.
And I won't know why.
It's like the anger's always been there.
(CLEARS THROAT) I mean, not when I was a kid, you know.
Certainly after my mom passed.
It's like a like a fire, you know.
Sometimes I get so hot, I just want to jump outside of myself, you know.
No, stop, please.
Stop whistling.
No? You sure? 'Cause I also know some Bonanza.
Oh, I can't believe I I drank so much.
(GROANS) What is that? This is a hangover cure.
You said something last night.
Thought you were asleep.
About, uh, Jose and-and Stanley and the-the tox reports.
Why? Oh, clean as a whistle.
Those guys never avoided taking their meds.
And even if they had, the facility and Dr.
Samuels, they-they had protocols in place.
What do you think the street value of those drugs are? It's a depressing tox report for sure, but not surprising.
Every year, our patients find new ways to avoid taking their meds.
The stories I could tell.
I'll bet you could.
Hey, Captain, could I borrow you for a minute? - Yeah.
- Fine with me.
I should probably get going.
Actually, Doc, could you hang out a sec? We, uh, got some paperwork to do.
Paperwork? I signed the report.
Anything else can be e-mailed.
Well, these are, um, these are sensitive debriefs.
They can't be sent electronically.
But I, and I still want to hear some of those stories.
BAILEY: They guy's dirty.
He makes 47K a year at a psych facility, but has an offshore account and just bought a condo in Palm Desert.
And a Ferrari.
Rosso Corsa.
That's "red" in Ferrari.
I really should be hitting the road.
Oh, please, Dr.
We just put in your lunch order.
We're having dumplings.
AVERY: You're gonna love the dumplings.
You don't want to miss the dumplings; they're so good.
So, you think he's taking the patients' meds? He's replacing them with placebos and selling them on the street.
You figure 30 a pill, two a day, about 55 patients he's making an easy million a year.
And you think Stanley found out, and that's why he broke out.
It's possible.
If he did, Dr.
Samuels would definitely want to keep him quiet.
Okay, look, we can't hold him, because we only have a theory; we don't have any evidence.
We need somebody on the inside.
AVERY: Are you thinking an orderly? No.
I'm thinking a patient.
Hypothetically, would punching his captain in the face get a cop thrown into a psych ward? Depends on the cop.
Isn't there any other way? (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (CHUCKLES) Well, I have to say, I'm kind of surprised you signed.
Why? Because I stand by my patient, or because I'm willing to risk my career for it? Dr.
Cahill, if you don't believe that Riggs has demons that he has not been able to slay yet, but I don't believe that he's a danger to others.
We're better off with him out there.
I hope you're right.
Samuels, the captain wanted to apologize for taking up so much of your time.
RIGGS: A dress code? - A God-dang dress code?! - It is not a code, - it's a suggestion.
- You know what? - What's happening there? - That's all you do (QUIETLY): iTell me when it's coming.
You know what? I'm done with your suggestions.
And why don't I write it across your forehead with a marker? AVERY: Riggs, I need you to step back and calm down.
RIGGS: I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Did you just tell me to calm down? - I did.
Step back and calm down.
Oh! I just have really good reflexes.
Detective, that man needs help.
(GROANS): What happened? He's your problem now.
I've got it in writing.
Boots, belt, all possessions in the box.
(DOOR BUZZES) Welcome to Copeland.
CAHILL: Well, they bought it.
Why didn't you tell me the plan before putting on that awful display? Uh, there wasn't enough time.
Samuels needed to see it.
We needed him to believe.
Did Riggs think I wouldn't let him go through with it? It'll work out.
His room's unlocked for an activity hour.
He'll get into the pharmacy, find the placebos, and then we spring him during visiting hours.
And you're still worried.
When I was in there, I just got this feeling.
That this is a mistake? No, that one day we'll be doing this for real.
Let's go.
You got anything? Check the hall.
How are you? (TASER CRACKLING) (SCREAMS) Page Dr.
I'll say this: your file was accurate.
So much anger.
Oh, we're just scratching the surface, Doc.
You have questions about my prescription drug policy? Oh, policy? Well, you're really just stealing from your patients and selling on the streets, right? So no questions? Medical professionals in state-run facilities are woefully underpaid.
Look into it.
Well, Stanley he actually looked into it.
Right? That's why you had him killed? There was no hope for Stanley.
But the good news is a diagnosis like yours explosive rage, violent, antisocial mania easily justifies a most aggressive treatment.
Here's your problem.
You enter this facility without a proper warrant, you're looking at a public relations disaster.
Doctor, here's your problem.
Sometimes people get tired of talking about their problems.
Where's Martin Riggs? (GUNSHOT) NATHAN: Before we go in we need to talk.
I've been trying all day.
Your mother is a strong woman, and she's proud, too.
I know.
But she's getting sicker.
And that chemo she's on, you seen what it does to her.
She hates it.
We all hate it.
But it's fighting the cancer.
Yeah, well it's losing.
She, uh she doesn't want to do it anymore.
Just doesn't.
I don't understand.
What's that supposed to mean? She giving up? Your mother loves us, son.
She wants to die.
Is that it? Wants to leave us? Is that what she wants? No.
No, that's the last thing in this world she wants, - but you got to - No.
Tell her no.
I'll tell her.
(GUNSHOT IN DISTANCE) Mom! ("LET IT BREATHE" BY WATER LIARS PLAYING) There's a room inside my heart That no one ever goes It's been boarded up and locked for years And everything is gone (NO AUDIO) Then you come along And cut yourself a key Swept the floors Riand opened all the windows Said, "Baby, let it breathe" He needs adrenaline.
Stay with him.
You okay? It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay, son.
MURTAUGH: Hey, Riggs.
BOTH: I'm right here with you.
- YOUNG RIGGS: Mom! - NATHAN: It's okay, son.
No! - I'm right here with you! - No, no! It's okay! Let go of me! Mom! (FADING): Mom! Mom! Riggs.
Riggs, can you hear us? There he is.
You with us? You all right, bro? You guys finally got me in a straightjacket.
All these years It is you I've loved all these years.
How's he doing? Who? Riggs.
I heard it got a little rough in there for him.
- He'll be all right.
- Hmm.
And you have the signed affidavit saying as much.
I do.
And it's why I thought you might want this.
Wite-Out? In case any last-minute changes of heart.
I stand by my decision.
(CHUCKLES) I figured you would.
Uh, don't you need this? Send it up to the powers that be.
Oh, I have.
That's your copy.
Not that you need a reminder of what you signed up for.
I'll walk you out.
This is crazy, Riggs! Look, Rog, one shot on the chin.
Come on.
We got to do it.
Why do I have to do it? Balance out the universe.
- Come on.
- What? Look, I hit you, so now if you don't hit me, it's gonna fester up and turn into anger or it'smove into your bowels.
It'll be messy.
This is moronic! Is it? Or is it science? No, I'm not gonna hit you! Okay, I could smell it festering inside of you.
AVERY: Great job, guys.
- Ow! - Oh, sorry.
- Why?! - Sorry.
AVERY: I was giving you a compliment! No, I know.
That was for Riggs.
- The universe is balanced.
- Mm-mm.
D-Do you still have that Wite-Out? Mm-hmm.
MURTAUGH: I feel so much better.
Thanks, Riggs.
What are you doing tonight? I was thinking, uh, watch the Laker game.
Or I might just Huh? Float in the pool? Hey, no judgment.
I understand the appeal.
You know what? I'd do more floating except I'm a natural sinker.
Listen, RJ, I know you're going through something.
And I'm here if you want to talk.
You're worried about your future.
Well, you don't have to.
I mean, it's easy for you to say.
You got it all going on: job, Mom, this house.
And you don't have to worry about any of it.
You're like an impossible target to hit.
You think I don't worry? I know you don't.
'Cause I hide it.
But from the moment I wake up, I'm worried about all of it, about you, about your sisters, about your mother, about my crazy partner, about the mistakes I made, about the mistakes I'm gonna make.
Wow, so so, you-you really worry? Sometimes I'm up all night worrying that I don't worry enough.
And sometimes I worry too much.
- I'm just a worrier.
- Hey.
What's up, boys? Dad and I are gonna watch the Laker game.
- You-you coming? - Sure.
Good talk, Dad.
Appreciate it.
("HALF MOON" BY BLIND PILOT PLAYING) He seems better, honey.
What were you talking about? Just to see what it would make Oh, baby, what's wrong? I'm worried.
Or you'll never get on Don't you forget you come from nothing Or you'll never get on That wind is calling my name (CELL PHONE RINGING) I won't wait Yo.
Did you forget we had a session or just decide not to come? Sorry.
Time got away from me.
I bet it did.
Those drugs they gave me, I feel like they're still rattling around in my head.
Well, it's a shame you don't have anyone to talk to about that.
I dreamt a trail up to the sky Riggs? You still there? Yeah, it's it's just It's just what? You're good at what you do, Doc.
Thank you.
I'm serious.
I know that, uh, I'm not the, you know, most ideal patient.
But when I'm staring into the abyss you're the only thing that keeps me from falling in.
So thank you.
Riggs, where are you right now? Or I'll never get on Where I always am.
See you tomorrow.
That wind is calling my name I won't wait Or I'll never get on.