Lethal Weapon (2016) s03e13 Episode Script

Coyote Ugly

Los Angeles, para allá.
Barstow (SPEAKING SPANISH) No te preocupes.
Someone's following us.
Hold on.
Turn off your lights and pull over.
MAYA: Why don't you tell me where you came from? Well, I think our people are from Scotland.
And Hungary.
And there's probably some Norse in there somewhere.
Okay, but where'd you grow up? All over.
You might need a few more branches for your poster board.
What about your mom? You never really talk about her much.
You sure you don't want to spend our day together outdoors? Your mom could probably fill in that stuff.
Is it really that bad? No, I just had a different upbringing than most kids.
(MAN SPEAKING SPANISH ON RADIO) When you're quiet, you're thinking.
Good or bad? I think I bombed my geometry test today.
I'm bummed about it.
Well, there's more to life than geometry.
What about on the way to school or afterwards? Anything interesting happen? I heard the bus driver complaining about his ex-wife.
There you go.
You learn any dirty words in Spanish? No.
Yes, you did.
(CHUCKLES) Did you do this? Yeah, you had two pictures left on your last roll.
I finished it.
That's nice composition.
It's good focus.
I like the subject matter's emotion there.
That's hard to capture.
All right, kiddo.
Maybe there's some promise in you after all.
TRISH: Okay, so before I officially announce that I am running for D.
, my campaign manager wants to look into the family.
Look how? You mean ask questions? They're vetting us without our consent.
Yes, it's a vetting process, but it's like a background check.
- Totally normal.
- They're gonna look into me? No, honey.
I'm a cop.
I do the looking into others.
Are you worried something might turn up? (LAUGHING): No.
Not at all, it-it's just that I just Dad, you look a little worried.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - Okay, everybody.
Relax, here she is.
Hey, Dad, you might want to check your browser history.
- What's, what's the browser - TRISH: Okay.
Everyone, this is Cynthia.
Hello, it is so good to meet you.
- Hi, I'm innocent.
- Yeah, I didn't do anything.
MURTAUGH: Just so you know, the LAPD does background checks.
(LAUGHING): So there's no sense in looking into me.
Oh, we have our own process.
But, oh, there's nothing to worry about.
No, this is, this is really about getting out ahead of any vulnerabilities that the opposition might uncover.
Like a college dropout starting a pot dispensary? You mean a young entrepreneur opening a business that is symbolic of a progressive city? Hmm, entrepreneur.
See, I like that.
I've had to spin so much worse.
(LAUGHS) Okay, so we are all on the same team.
- Okay? - CYNTHIA: So if you have any questions, just let me know.
And later we'll talk about the investigation.
The investigation.
Am I gonna need a lawyer for this? (LAUGHS) So charming.
I know, he is.
NATALIE: Thanks for coming.
I didn't know who else to trust.
He came in with a gunshot wound.
I think he crossed illegally.
Cole, you cannot tell anyone I am doing this, please.
I'll keep it between us.
What's going on? His daughter's still out there.
- Out where? - In the desert.
I'm not sure where.
What's his name? Can I talk to him? Jose Mendoza he's stable but not entirely lucid.
My Spanish is rough, but is English okay? Yes.
Jose, why did you leave your daughter in the desert? We were being chased by the men who shot me and that poor young lady.
Who shot you? Cartel.
Coyotes, maybe.
Find my daughter.
Victim's Sandra Hawkins, journalism student at Pepperdine.
Well, what brought her out here? She died prior to impact.
Multiple bullet holes outside the vehicle.
I'm running the blood from inside the car for any matches.
- Anyone see the passenger? - GUTE: No witnesses, but we're looking at cameras in the area.
What about Cole? Anybody see Cole? (SIGHS) (DIALING) (LINE RINGING) COLE (COUGHS): Roger.
Were you planning on coming to work today, sir? Oh, yeah, sorry, buddy.
I meant to give you a call.
Yeah, I'm feeling a little, uh, under the weather today.
Under the weather? And what's the forecast? Food poisoning maybe.
Okay, listen, Cole, being a cop is way too important of a job for you to play hooky.
Roger, I'm really gonna need to take that sick day.
But I promise I'm gonna get you a doctor's note.
- Hey, I don't I - (LINE CUTS) MURTAUGH: So, Trish is doing background checks on all of us before the campaign.
Now, you've been through this whole vetting process thing.
How deep a dive are we talking? Enough to put a man under.
Why? Okay, well, if the phone call comes in and they start asking you certain questions, I just need to know that you got my back.
Roger, what exactly do I need to have your back on? Don't make me say it.
Come on, we both know it was a different time back then.
Uh The Venice Canals.
The crate.
The open crate.
We both took some.
- Cheese.
- (SHUSHES) Illegal cheese.
I just want to make sure that Trish's whole career is not ruined because of my love for Beaufort d'été.
It was gonna melt.
It was a reasonable decision in the line of duty.
Thank you.
Uh, you don't happen to have any of that left, do you? - That stuff was amazing.
- No, I had to get rid of it.
We both did.
BAILEY: Agent Wells, we understand that your team detained several undocumented immigrants at the border last night.
We did a roundup not far from Las Cantilles.
A drop-off point for some of our coyotes.
See anything stand out? There were two people missing.
A father and daughter, according to some of our detainees.
There was a car waiting for them.
The same make and model of our victim, Sandra Hawkins.
WELLS: Let me guess.
Young, blonde, someone no one would suspect.
Much less likely to be searched.
So is there any reason why our victim would cut out the coyote and take over a father and daughter on her own? They were smuggling something.
Most likely drugs.
Whatever they were trying to bring across it was worth killing for.
Ana? - No, no.
- It's okay.
No, no, no, come on.
It's okay.
Please don't hurt me.
Everything's fine.
(PANTING) I'm gonna get you out of here.
Bet you could use a drink.
It's kind of crazy how water can actually taste good when you're thirsty, huh? Where's my father? He was shot.
He's in the hospital.
But he's fine.
Okay? He's got the best doctor in the world looking after him.
What do you say I get you out of here, you go see him? Come here.
It's okay.
(ENGINE ROARS) It's them! Who's "them," Ana? Come on, get down.
(ANA WHIMPERING) We got to run.
Let's go.
Ana, we're gonna have to jump.
Go, go, go.
(GROANS) Good thing I called in sick.
(COLE GRUNTING) Ah, let's stop here for a sec.
(GROANS) Does it hurt? No.
I've had worse.
Any idea who those guys were back there? No.
Coyotes, maybe.
Thank you.
No signal.
Does anyone else know we are here? My ex.
But I told her not to tell anybody.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
What are we going to do? We're gonna head west.
The road is about 30 miles that way.
Get help there.
CYNTHIA: So, I'm just, uh, wrapping up our initial investigation.
Any red flags? My kids looked a little nervous the other day.
No, actually, I just have to follow up, uh, something on your end.
Do you have contact information for Barry Turtletaub? (CHUCKLES) Where'd you get that name? I just pulled up the marriage certificate.
This was not a marriage.
Okay, Trish, this is just a copy, because this is in the public record.
Is this gonna be a problem? (EXHALES) I I was just a kid.
He was in a band, I went on tour with him after college, we ended up in Vegas.
It was just two weeks.
It didn't even feel real.
I guess I was blocking it out.
Roger doesn't know, does he? I wanted to tell him.
I wanted our marriage to feel like the first time.
To be perfect.
(SIGHS) I am a terrible person, aren't I? No.
No, you are real.
You're honest.
That's why you're gonna be such a good D.
And you know what? The truth is, the campaign's gonna focus on your legal expertise.
There's a chance this won't even come up.
MURTAUGH: Natalie.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for Cole.
Last time we talked, he said he was sick.
I brought him some of my homemade matzah ball soup to his motel, but he wasn't there.
Do you know where he is? Uh, maybe he's at the store? Loading up on some sports drinks? Got to hydrate - when you're that sick, you know.
- Yeah.
Uh, you want to tell me what's really going on? (SIGHS) Hello? Anybody here? Maybe they don't summer here too much.
Check the phone.
Phone's dead.
I think you're making a mistake.
Mom, I've already made my decision.
I'm going.
Yeah, but it's not too late to reconsider, Wes.
You know, shouldn't you be proud of me? I got into a good school, I'm going to college.
I want to be proud of you, but this is the last place I thought you would go.
What's wrong with West Point? No, there's there's nothing's wrong with it.
It's just If this is your way of rebelling, please do something else.
Take a year off, join a cult.
Anything but this.
You just want me to be like you.
That's, that's not true.
I want you to think for yourself.
I just don't want the military doing your thinking for you.
Mom, I'm not like you.
I don't want your life.
- This is what I want to do.
- Wes, it's dangerous.
So is what you do! Jumping from war zone to war zone just to take friggin' pictures? Is that all you think I do? Just take pictures? My work means something.
Every one of those pictures matter.
I'm trying to make a difference.
So am I.
I'm going, Mom.
Cole, stay with me.
It's okay.
Come on.
MURTAUGH: Drive faster, Bailey.
Both hands on the wheel.
BAILEY: Murtaugh, I don't take orders from you.
Okay? Did I do something? Murtaugh, am I your equal? Because I'm starting to feel like I'm not.
And I do think that you've been treating me like an assistant, not a detective.
And not your equal.
So I think what you're saying is, you don't like our shtick anymore? Cole's car.
Is that Cole? That's not Cole.
Back up.
Who the hell are they? - Reverse! Reverse! - What? MURTAUGH: Go! Turn, Bailey, turn! What are we doing? Trust me, this is the right thing to do.
Wait a minute.
Where's the rest of the road? There is no rest of the road! (BOTH GRUNTING) (GUNFIRE) We need to call for backup.
There's no signal.
All right.
What's the game plan? MURTAUGH: Looks like Cole's in trouble.
Let's go.
COLE (WEAK): Did you find anything? I found this, but no alcohol.
That's good enough.
Ana, I'm gonna need you to do this.
Uh, I I can't.
Can you thread the needle? Then you can.
Because if we don't get this stitched up Just sterilize the needle.
That's good.
(MOANS SOFTLY) It's okay.
Just start from the end.
Like you're lacing your shoes.
(WINCES) Cole? Cole, stay with me.
Talk to me.
You-you said "mother" in your sleep.
Did she pass away? Yeah.
Long time ago.
How did it happen? A rocket attack.
At Citluk, not far from the fighting.
Sounds like someplace she'd be.
She left this behind.
Maybe you have it now.
Something's wrong, Cap.
Bailey's ignoring all my calls.
She and Murtaugh have been missing since they went looking for Cole.
Looking for Where's Cole? I'm always in the dark.
Why is it so hard to tell me what's going on? Okay, I'm telling you now, so when you're done, maybe we go find them.
Yeah, let's go find 'em.
- Well, let's go.
- Okay.
MURTAUGH: I-I think what we've established is a mentor-mentee relationship.
Yeah, maybe when I was a rookie, which was a long time ago, Murtaugh.
Yes, but the sharing of my knowledge goes on and on.
But respect is happening now.
- From top to bottom.
- Oh, right, from the top.
This is, uh, Avery's fault.
You know what? No.
I'm not gonna let you pass the buck on this one.
Why do you feel like you can always talk down to me? Why don't you treat me like your equal? (SIGHS) You're like family to me.
Yeah, maybe it seems like I'm talking down to you, but that's how I talk to the people I care about.
And, yeah, they complain.
But welcome to the family.
Someone's chasing us.
Go! (GROANING) Ana I think I'm seeing things again.
What do you see? (GROANS) Out the window.
My partner.
Is he a tall, handsome, African-American man? Handsome? That's definitely not him.
- Roger, it is you.
- Cole! I thought you were a mirage.
Why the hell did you lie to me, huh? You we're partners.
You we should be past that You're shot.
Just hop in your car and drive to the hospital, I'll be right as rain.
Yeah, about that All right, here they come.
- This isn't a rescue? (GROANS) - No.
It's more of an Alamo kind of deal.
COLE: Ana, get down.
(GUNFIRE) (GROANS) Bailey, how many more rounds you got? Not enough.
Me neither.
So I guess we're equals.
What the hell do they want? - (GUNFIRE STOPS) - (MAN SPEAKING SPANISH) (HELICOPTER FLYING OVERHEAD) Am I hearing things? A helicopter? It's a helicopter, all right.
): This is the LAPD.
Stop your vehicle.
Think it scared off the shooters.
MURTAUGH: All right, Cole, let's get you to the hospital.
Wouldn't it be easier just to tell me what's going on? I'm the last one to know, and I literally have to swoop in here and save your ass.
Can you understand a word he's saying?! No.
Vitals? Stable.
- No signs of infection.
- Cole, can you hear me? Prep him for surgery.
OR Seven.
Hey, Nat.
Hmm? We got to stop meeting like this.
Cole, I am so sorry.
I'm not.
This time I got the girl.
Is he gonna be all right? We're gonna prep him for surgery.
He should be fine.
You do the stitching? Probably saved his life.
Can I see my father? I wouldn't recommend it.
They have police stationed outside of his room.
They might take you into custody, Ana.
Hey, listen, I have a daughter about your age.
You can come with me until we get this all straightened out.
Get yourself a nice, hot meal, cleaned up.
No questions asked.
Did I say that right? CYNTHIA: Okay, I-I only have a couple of questions.
- Okay.
- Should we wait for Roger? You know, um, no.
Why don't we just get started without him? Okay.
We'll start with RJ and Riana.
What'd they do? Nothing, nothing, they're great kids.
We're just gonna focus on some areas of concern that we have to be prepared for under the microscope of a campaign.
Let's take for example, uh, Riana's second Instagram account.
You have a second account? Why do you need two accounts? Okay, Mom, calm down.
Someone hacked my first one, so I opened up another one.
CYNTHIA: Okay, that's totally reasonable.
I will caution you, however, against posting selfies of underage drinking.
- You were drinking? - Okay, we can't all be saints, right? What does that mean? CYNTHIA: Okay, uh, let's go to RJ next.
What'd he do? Well, uh, do you think you can explain this public exposure charge? - What? - Wow.
Look, um, listen, Mom, I-I-I had to use the bathroom.
And you couldn't find a restroom? No, the-the place that I was at - was closed, so I - What place was that? (SIGHS) Los Coyotes.
And you couldn't find a bathroom, really? Listen, why are we focused on me right now? Shouldn't we be focusing on the elephant in the room? What elephant? Your first husband.
Barry Turtletaub? What's happening, everyone? - What's going on? - Roger can I talk to you in the other room? Roger, what's going on? Who is this? This is Ana.
She's a Mexican refugee, snuck across the border.
I found her in the desert, and now I'm hiding her from the authorities.
Now, you mind telling me what you're hiding? NATALIE: You had it on you when you came in.
It's one of your mom's photos, right? Yeah.
For a second out there in the desert, I thought she was with me.
Was watching over me or something.
Maya's been asking.
I didn't know what to tell her.
I think I don't really talk about her because when I look back on my life, all the decisions that I made I don't know what she would think of me.
I think she would be proud of you.
Sometimes I'm not so sure.
These should fit.
- Thanks.
- Do you need anything else? Is there any way Oh, do you need to use my phone? To call my father in the hospital.
I promise I won't take long.
Yeah, of course.
Take your time.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - NURSE: Jose? Don't tell anyone that I let you take a call, but it's your daughter.
(STRAINING) Thank you very much.
Ana? (SIGHS) Papá.
We're with the U.
Customs and Border Protection.
Now that you're stable, we'll be taking you into custody.
MURTAUGH: Barry Turtletaub? Roger, honey, listen.
I feel like I don't even know you anymore, like there's a stranger in my house.
A stranger? Roger, you just brought someone we don't know into our home.
- Don't make this about Ana! - Well, I want to know who she is.
She's a helpless young girl in need of asylum, and she has nowhere else to go.
(ENGINE STARTS) You sure about that? Yo, Bailey, Border Patrol called.
Said they were gonna transfer Jose Mendoza to their custody tonight.
That wasn't supposed to happen till tomorrow.
Something else didn't sit right with me, so I went over the traffic cam footage near the shooting.
Guess whose plates are a match.
Border Patrol Agent Wells.
(PHONE RINGING) - Murtaugh? - MURTAUGH: Bailey.
Ana Mendoza stole my car.
I need you to find her before she gets into more trouble.
I got it.
Also, Murtaugh, one more thing.
I think I know who was shooting at us in the desert.
Jose? (GROANS) Hey! Where are you taking him? (GROANING) Cole, what are you doing out of bed? It's the same boots from the desert; it's them.
Cole, you have to go back to your room.
Nat, call security.
They can't leave the building.
Cole! Ana.
If you needed a ride, you just had to ask.
Detective Murtaugh.
And you are Wade Dykstra, L.
Tribune reporter.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna need to talk to Ana alone about her father's story.
How, uh, corrupt Border Patrol agents are taking bribes - from coyotes? - That's the one.
And all six-foot-five, 250 pounds of you - are writing it? - Well, I am, - as soon as you - Ow! What the hell, man?! Sorry, but I'm tired of people lying to me today.
There's no chance you are Wade Dykstra from the L.
- Ah-ah-ah.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take my wallet.
All right, look at my ID.
I'm Wade Dykstra.
You should have said something.
Come here, let me help you up, man.
Maybe we could keep this little misunderstanding - out of the story.
- Look out! Get inside! Let him go! Go, go, go! (TIRES SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) (CLICKS EMPTY) (TIRES SCREECHING) Bailey.
I think you're all grown up now.
(TIRES SCREECHING) I'm not letting go! Gun! (SCREAMS) (GROANING) (SIRENS WAILING) Drop the weapon! Put your hands in the air where I can see 'em! Get 'em up now! Get your hands up! Stay there! Don't move! Move in, move in! Take the weapon! Weapon secure.
Hey, Nat.
(SIGHS) Cole.
I might have a few more injuries for you to check out.
The Mendoza family has been granted political asylum in the U.
, and the LAPD will continue to do everything in our power to end the kind of corruption that Mr.
Mendoza was brave enough to expose.
(CHUCKLES) I'll now take a few of your questions.
I'd be proud of myself, too.
It was the right thing to do.
Hey, thanks for saving us out there in the desert.
And for the future, I will keep you - in the loop.
- No, you won't.
- No, I won't.
- But thank you.
You try the Roquefort? - Oh, my God.
- Oh, it's heavenly.
I can't believe you held on to all of this.
Captain, Detective Murtaugh.
Is that the file I asked you for? Yeah.
Who is this guy? Don't you worry about that.
You are on a need-to-know basis.
Hey, Roger.
You sure you want to know what's in that file? Honestly I don't know anymore.
(SIGHS) Well, if it isn't my first wife.
You were not supposed to find out like that.
So you were married before.
Who cares? We both have pasts.
But we're married now.
Happily married.
Trish, I want you to know that you can tell me anything.
I already have a partner at work that-that has trust issues.
I don't need that at home.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
Roger what's that? That? That's a file on your ex.
(SIGHS) Did you read it? A butcher.
What? No, I didn't open it.
But I was sitting here thinking, "What kind of guy could this be?" And that's what I came up with.
- A big, jolly butcher.
- (LAUGHS) - With four missing fingers.
- (LAUGHING) And a walleye.
That's why he keeps cutting his fingers off.
Who loves to go fishing, to get rid of the smell of the butcher shop.
- With fish? Okay.
- With fish.
And he's married now.
- Oh.
- And he's got kids.
- And they live in - Van Nuys.
- Van Nuys.
- He's a Van Nuys guy.
But you know, they're very happy together.
Very happy.
Bones Lying in a trunk At the foot of my bed They're always open to show me That they're still dead And every day it's harder still Wait, does that say "Olympian"? No, honey, he's a butcher.
I am flooded and unfilled MAYA: Did she take that one? Yep.
One of her best.
I'm good with the ways there are to erase What was she like? And I'm pancaked on the floor You can't see my face Fearless.
Always wanted to do the right thing.
Find the truth, no matter how dangerous.
Kind of like you.
- You like it? - Yeah.
Come on, why? What do you see? What do you mean? What are these schools teaching you out here? I mean what do you see? I like how it's kind of sad but also kind of happy.
I mean, it looks like something bad is happening around him, but he's still smiling.
It looks real.
Dad, can I get a camera? From not caring I might have one around.
Come on, let's take a look at some of these other pictures.
And I'm so far from not Caring And I'm so far from not Caring And I'm so far from not Caring.