Lethal Weapon (2016) s03e14 Episode Script

A Game of Chicken

1 RAFI: It's called speed chess.
You get the concept, right? Speed.
- You didn't answer the question.
- About your ex's wedding? All I've done today is answer that question.
New question.
Things are going great with Erica.
We're really connecting.
Should I bring her to the wedding? Sure.
Bring Erica to Natalie's wedding.
What if the wedding makes her uncomfortable? Am I rocking the boat? Maybe I shouldn't go at all.
Question, are you carrying a gun? If so, please shoot me in the head.
Okay, you're right.
I'm dominating the conversation and the board.
What's going on with you? Are you still failing out of Coast State? Try straight A's.
The highest average in Dr.
Orsi's class.
She got me a night janitor job, and I get to use her lab after hours.
I'm like a Syrian Good Will Hunting.
Yeah, well, Syrian Good Will Hunting just lost his knight.
How do you like them apples? Checkmate.
I got to hit the road.
Two and a half hours discussing a wedding invitation.
You are not the same guy I met in Syria, my friend.
Oh, yeah? Worse guy or better guy? Happier guy.
(STARTS ENGINE) TRISH: Honest, accountable, and fair.
That's the kind of district attorney I plan to be.
And you can quote me on that.
: Pops, um, yo, can you get Mom to mention the dispensary name? - The-the - Roger.
- The full name is - Roger.
I'm on it.
Listen, your mother's not gonna promote your head shop.
Now, you take your sister and go in another room.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) Uh, when's the official announcement? - Well, I hope to make it - It's the day after tomorrow.
(CHUCKLES) O-Outside the Criminal Courts Building.
RIANA: What is going on? It's so loud down here.
I have to get to bed.
I have the SATs tomorrow.
I'm on it.
Riana, it is only 8:30.
The tutor said I need ten hours of sleep, Dad.
- Ten hours.
- Hey, hey, hey.
(GROANS) (CHUCKLES) Teenagers, you know? So I-I think - it is time we wrap it up.
Daryl, do you think you have everything you need? Yeah.
Just about.
Uh, I would love some time with the candidate's spouse, just to fill out the profile.
For an interview? Absolutely! I mean, if-if it'll help the profile.
Hey, how 'bout a ride-along? Um, Roger, - can I see you for a minute? - Sure.
(CHUCKLES) This is great.
They want to interview me, too.
But, honey, are you sure you're okay with this, a reporter following you around? I'm fine.
You know, cops get this request all the time.
And, I must say, I'm a pretty compelling character.
- Yes.
- You know what I mean.
There's a lot going on, and I need you to be focused on the home front.
Just until I make my announcement.
- Hey.
Look at me.
- Mm.
I'm laser-focused.
Yeah, well, Riana, she is anxious about her SATs.
And I told her you would drive her there.
- Look at me.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) I will drive her there.
You just worry about your campaign.
I'll handle the rest of this.
- Look at me.
- Hmm? - I love you.
- (LAUGHS) I love you, too.
No, no, no.
Please wake up, please.
Don't move.
- It wasn't me.
I-I didn't - What happened here? - What hey! You're coming with me.
- I didn't No, I can't! (GRUNTING) Call 911.
Third floor.
Be yourself.
If there's anything you want off the record, just remember to say "off the record.
" - Cool.
- Cool.
All right.
Let's start off with a little bit of background.
Who is Roger Murtaugh? Well, here's Roger Murtaugh in two words.
A consummate partner.
A partner at home, to our future D.
, and a partner here at work, to this guy! (CHUCKLES): Hey, partner! Hey, Roger.
Who's your plus-one? Well, L.
Tribune is doing a story on me.
- Uh, a story on Trish.
- And me.
And I was explaining to him how partners let each other shine.
They speak each other's language, so to speak.
Don't you agree? Cole.
Do He agrees.
SCORSESE: Victim is a Professor Janet Orsi.
Mechanical engineering? SCORSESE: Yeah.
Cause of death, blunt force trauma.
Weapon of choice, this here telephone.
Campus cop spotted a suspect.
- (PHONE RINGING) - MURTAUGH: Let me guess.
Had access to the lab.
So, probably a student.
(WHISPERS): Write that down.
(QUIETLY): Rafi, where are you? Something happened at school.
I know.
I'm here now.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- Let me help you.
Okay? Just tell me where you are.
MURTAUGH: Considering the abandoned janitor's cart, I posit our perp is a 20-something on a work-study, maybe even in the engineering department.
- Write that.
- Wrong on all counts.
What? Excuse me.
Our witness I.
is unreliable.
Footprints indicate orthotic shoes, so the suspect is probably in his 50s.
Clearly German descent.
And, uh, most likely a vagrant.
Keep swinging for the fences.
(SNIFFS) So, everything he just said, off the record.
AVERY: Where's Murtaugh? - I wanted to brief both of you.
- He's with this reporter.
Why don't you brief me and I'll brief him.
Then it becomes a game of telephone.
Prints came back.
You think you have a suspect.
- Look, I know he's a friend of yours.
- He's not our guy.
But I can pick him up, get his story, and we can figure out who we should be looking for.
You and Murtaugh are to stay away from this.
- You're taking us off the case? - Wasn't my decision.
I got a call from the D.
's office insisting that I assign any two other detectives.
Who in the D.
's office called you? She's in the conference room.
ERICA: This case moved to the top of the pile, so get his photo wide and You had me removed from the case? Cole, I know what you're going to say.
He didn't do it.
Just let me explain.
I know this kid.
Give us a minute.
Those two are doing it, right? (GASPS) You are a detective.
I understand you and Rafi are close.
I know you feel responsible for what happened to his brother.
That has nothing to do with this.
But it does.
This is a high-profile murder - in an election year.
- Meaning what? Meaning every protocol you ignore, every law you break on behalf of your friend will get noticed.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - Trust me to do my job.
I got a warrant to track Rafi's phone.
Bailey and Gutierrez are on it.
You guys are not.
Are we clear? Yeah, yeah.
Sounds good.
What is this? Is this a bit? No, you make good points.
You convinced me.
I trust you to do your job.
You just got a text.
What did it say? It was from Roger.
He wants to get something to eat.
You are very suspicious.
I dig that about you.
- Mm-hmm.
- See you tonight.
An engineering student on a work-study.
(CHUCKLES) You were right about all of it.
Not a rare occurrence around here.
(LAUGHS) So why were two other detectives assigned to the case? Uh, Bailey and Gutierrez.
Oh, no, that's me delegating to a pair of up-and-comers to whom I'm sort of a father figure to.
They're family.
I would love to talk to them, too.
Get their perspective on you and Trish.
Yeah, sure.
I'll make that happen.
Excuse me.
A father figure.
Daryl Hill is a viper.
I gave him an interview during my campaign, and he sunk me.
Before you sunk me.
I'm good.
This guy loves me.
That's his move.
He showers you with compliments until you spill the secrets.
(HISSES) Disembowels you.
It's under control.
I'm killin' it.
You've been warned.
Now, listen, I know that Cole is unhappy being off the case.
I don't want to see him spiral over his friend from Syria.
(CHUCKLES) Cole is fine.
There's no spiraling.
Are you sure? I know my partner, Captain.
Okay? I know him better than I know myself.
(PHONE VIBRATES) (CHUCKLES) In fact, he just invited me to an early lunch.
You see? No spiraling.
You should've told me about Rafi.
You didn't have to do the whole smoke screen and throw me off the trail.
The smoke screen wasn't for you.
We're partners, Roger.
You telling me you didn't know what I was doing? Okay, yeah, maybe I did.
Course you did.
Just like you knew there's no Mexican restaurant here.
No? Yeah, yeah.
I knew that.
Wait a minute.
Is that, uh Put those away.
This is my friend Rafi.
Rafi, this is Roger Murtaugh.
Thank you for helping me.
Can I talk to you in the office here a second? Look, we're not on this case anymore.
Gute and Bailey are looking for this kid right now.
I know.
And they're tracking his phone, which means we have to go.
Murtaugh, you have to back my play.
Rafi didn't do this.
(JACKHAMMERING, HORNS HONKING) BAILEY: GPS says Rafi is right around the corner.
DARYL: Well, ladies, to get back to Roger's quote - about being a father figure - (CHUCKLES): Okay, wait.
A father figure who's teaching us the art of police work? (LAUGHS): No.
Seriously? He e-mailed me the quote.
Yeah, well, I got a couple quotes for him, - so - (LAUGHS) Rafi's on the move.
- Okay.
(SPEAKS SPANISH) Hang tight.
We're in pursuit.
Turning right.
Pull over.
That's it, I'm doing my move.
Wait, what do you mean? Just give him two seconds.
No, no, no.
He had his chance, so hang tight.
Here we go.
(CLUCKING) Hands off the wheel.
Not our guy.
One phone.
No suspect.
All right, so where is he? COLE: Let's get inside, get you something to eat, and you tell me the whole thing from the beginning.
What are you? Sometimes I hate being right.
You broke into my motel room.
You used me.
There's a difference between using you and knowing you.
Cole, you harbored a fugitive.
I was trying to protect my friend.
Remember two hours ago, how I took you off a case for your own good because I thought you would ignore the law and protect this kid? He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
There's motive.
And there's physical evidence.
What motive? Come on.
A Syrian expat on a student visa panics because he's failing out of college.
Terrified of being deported.
- Confronts his professor.
- But he's not failing.
He's getting straight A's.
He told me yesterday.
His transcript.
Three F's and a "D.
" He lied to you.
This can't be right.
I would have known if he was lying.
How? Same way that you knew that I'd be bringing him back to that motel room.
DARYL: So, you and Cole were protecting Rafi? It's called backing your partner's play.
In work, as in life, Daryl, the last thing you want to do is let down those who depend on you.
(PHONE RINGS) Write that down.
I-I have some more thoughts on this.
RIANA: Dad, where are you? I'm supposed to be at the SATs in 20 minutes.
Right, SATs.
Uh Look, if you jump in the car, you can make it.
No, I can't drive myself.
We discussed this.
My tutor said I'm supposed to be calm and meditative before the test.
Calm and meditative! (STAMMERS): Yes, yes, yes.
What about an Uber? It's too late for an Uber! Okay, hey, everything's gonna be fine.
Two words.
(SINGSONGY): Police escort.
What? Yeah.
There's a unit in the neighborhood.
It could pick you up.
(SINGSONGY): Red light privileges.
Okay, you're telling me you want me to show up to the SATs in the back of a police car?! Oh, my God.
I'm gonna fail.
No, you're not.
Remember what your dad always says.
A test is but one test, whereas life is a series of tests.
What? You never say that.
What does that even mean? I'm gonna vomit.
Okay, I'm hanging up.
Cop, husband, father.
We're all just firemen putting out the flames wherever they may spark.
(WHISPERS): Yeah, write that down.
Hey, Jim.
Can you help me out? - Why did you lie to me? - RAFI: I didn't.
I got an "A" on the midterm, A-minus on the final.
- That's not what it says here.
- It's wrong.
Someone changed my transcript.
I swear on my brother's life.
I'm not lying.
Okay, so you were alone in the lab.
You went to the restroom.
Then you heard what? Dr.
Orsi came in arguing with a guy.
They were really yelling.
- About what? - She said he stole her research.
Adhesion dynamics data.
Aerospace stuff.
So maybe another engineering professor.
That's a dead end.
We talked to everybody in the department directory.
That's not everyone.
There's got to be someone you missed.
COLE: Rafi was right.
We missed someone.
Brian Li.
A visiting professor from Beijing with connections to the Chinese government.
As suspects go, this guy's a long shot.
You know you know who's not a long shot? I trust Rafi.
We have a history.
Right, from your past life.
You know what? I'm just saying not everyone from that life was an angel.
I seem to remember a certain mentor of yours who had you buried alive in the desert.
COLE: Rafi's a part of my past, not a part of that life.
He's not a killer.
Wesley Cole.
- Hey, isn't that, uh - Professor Li! Stop! LAPD! It's an extraction.
- What, like a tooth? - No.
Chinese intelligence.
They're trying to slow us down.
I saw this move in Shanghai.
Couldn't it just be a power outage? It's Shanghai, 2010.
Roger, stop.
Shanghai, 2010.
We're looking at a ten-day trial minimum, so clear your Professor Orsi's murder? It's part of - a human intelligence operation.
- Cole, I'm in the middle - of a staff meeting.
- Definitely a black bag job.
Foreign nationals, maybe a security agency.
I am not clearing another room - for you, Detective.
- It's not Rafi.
So, to be clear, you don't have this Brian Li in custody, and you haven't spoken to Brian Li.
Because he was exfiltrated by a team of agents.
Or he's just out to lunch with his friends.
- That's not what happened.
I saw.
- I know.
Secret agents who shut down power grids, mess with traffic lights, alter transcripts.
Don't you see what's happening here? Rafi is being set up.
Because everyone's wrong except for you.
My office, LAPD, the university.
- You have zero evidence.
- That's why I need you - to slow things down for me.
- Oh, oh, you need me to? His arraignment is set for tomorrow.
What do you want me to do? Walk into the courthouse and steal the paperwork? Yes.
Do that.
Or get me access, - alarm codes so I can - Cole, stop.
You can't barge into my office and ask me to defy my boss, break the law and end a career I've spent 15 years building.
You're talking to a D.
Thought I was talking to a friend.
I don't know what kind of relationships you've had in the past, but if this is how you treat people You know, Natalie wouldn't think twice about breaking the law for me, and we're not even together.
Well maybe it's why you're not together.
Uh, Dad said set up the table before Mom gets home, - so help out, would you? - No, you got it.
I, uh, had a long day.
Right, yeah.
How were the SATs? A battle, but I persevered.
Really? Persevered pretty quickly considering I saw you on Ventura drinking coffee 20 minutes after - the SATs started.
- Oh, my God.
I walked out of the SATs.
And I'll help you set the table, but please don't tell Mom and Dad.
(STAMMERS) It's gonna be okay.
I had a panic attack, and I just couldn't be in that room, and now my future's down the toilet, and I'm through.
I'm done.
No, you're not.
Listen, take it from someone who's flaked on every commitment he's ever had, okay? It's gonna be okay.
(EXHALES) Um, how do I tell Mom and Dad? Clearly and simply.
"Mom, Dad, I skipped the SATs.
" Now you try it.
(CLEARS THROAT) Mom, Dad "I skipped the SATs"? Perfect.
Great plan, RJ.
I got it.
I got it.
Uh, Pops, um, standardized testing doesn't really measure - your, uh, your intelligence.
- Shut up.
Sit down.
I'm talking to your sister.
What happened, Riana? I got you a police escort and everything.
No, but I wanted you to drive me, not a stranger with a gun and a siren! It was so loud, Dad.
So loud.
Okay, here's what we're gonna do.
When your mother comes home, not a word about this.
Okay? We're gonna be all smiles and zip it.
Let's see those smiles.
MURTAUGH: Hey There she is.
The candidate.
A police escort to the SATs? Who's the rat? The L.
Tribun Roger.
It went online - 30 minutes ago.
- RIANA: It's online that I went to the SATs in a police car? ROGER JR.
: "In a single day, the husband of would-be D.
Trish Murtaugh "led his LAPD department on a high-speed chase, aided a fugitive and" "and sent a police cruiser on a personal errand for his daughter.
" RIANA: Oh, my God.
I am going upstairs, and I'll see you all in ten years.
TRISH: 48 hours, Roger.
All I wanted was 48 hours to focus on my campaign.
Right, but 48 hours.
(WHISPERS): I forgot to say "off the record.
" (WHISPERS): Should've said it.
(PHONE RINGS) Is this about the poultry truck? That doesn't sound like an apology but no.
It's about Cole.
He just called and asked me to help him break into a courthouse.
Is that slang for something else? I wish.
He asked me to do the same thing.
But I didn't return the call.
Well, if he's going in alphabetical order, that means Scorsese is next, and you know he'll say yes.
I'm not worried about Scorsese.
You're not? Then who? One of those crazy lunatics from his past, maybe? Barnes? Not really.
I mean, after what that guy did to him? Cole would never.
Are you asking me, or are you telling me? (ELECTRIC GUITAR PLAYING BLUES) (BLUES SONG CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) (SIGHS) I didn't think I'd hear from you again.
- I didn't think you'd show.
- Why? Because you threatened to kill me last time we talked? Come on.
That's how I know you care.
You've looked better.
You sleeping? I'm stuck.
I wouldn't have called if I had any other options.
I know.
So, Rafi Rahal I remember that was a hard deal with his kid brother.
He had a good head on his shoulders.
He still does.
Like I said, I just need information.
I think he may be caught in the middle of something.
You're not wrong.
Brian Li has been recruited by Chinese intelligence.
The MSS commissioned him with stealing aerospace technology.
He got caught in the act.
So the MSS is cleaning up his mess and pinning it on Rafi.
Once they get him to Beijing, Rafi's toast.
That's correct.
I know where he is.
I know when he's leaving.
Question is: do you want more than information? Because you know me I'm willing to help any way I can.
It's your call.
Big announcement day.
That's a bold wardrobe choice.
I'm calling the whole thing off.
The campaign? - Mm-hmm.
- No.
Look, baby, I know I dropped the ball No, Roger, it's not your fault.
I asked you to take on too much.
You see? Just you saying that let's me know that you would be the best D.
this city has ever seen.
How can I enforce the law when my husband ignores it? You believe that? No.
It was a line in the article.
It's too much, Roger.
And I've come to terms with what we can and cannot handle.
And this family? A campaign? That's something that we're not built for.
Another line in the article? Nope.
That's all me.
I'm on an apology tour.
Sorry I didn't call you back about breaking into the courthouse.
It wouldn't have helped, anyway.
It was a bad plan.
Look, I know how much you care about Rafi, - and I'll do anything to help.
- I appreciate it.
See you at work.
Uh, thanks for the coffee? CIA? You went to Barnes? I'm going down every road there is.
My friend's life is in danger.
Oh, great plan.
You keep working with this guy, and your life is gonna be in danger, too.
I'm not working with him.
I just went to him for information, that's all.
Brian Li? Confirmed Chinese asset.
So, does Barnes know where he is now? No.
Probably halfway to Beijing.
- Okay, so, then, what are we gonna do? - Well, what I'm gonna do is hit up every airport LAX, John Wayne convince a TSA agent to give me access - to their restricted databases.
- Now, how are you gonna do that? Bribes, threats, intimidation.
You're welcome to come along.
Look, Cole, this is not just illegal So when you said you'd do anything to help, you didn't really mean anything.
Did you? Close the door on your way out, Roger.
(DOOR CLOSES) GUTE: Captain, Cole's theory about the Coast State murder might be dead-on.
A ton of files from Professor Orsi's hard drive were transferred to a server owned by the Chinese government.
- That's tenuous.
- And a surveillance van that our guys were chasing is registered to the Chinese consulate.
Less tenuous.
Look, if Li's in town, I bet that's where he is.
The consulate's foreign soil we don't have jurisdiction.
I know which means someone's gonna have to walk into our friend the D.
's office with a big smile on their face and request extradition.
- Not me.
- Not me.
ERICA: You want a letter requesting an extradition? It doesn't have to be a long letter a paragraph.
To whom it may concern.
End with "best wishes.
" There is no evidence Brian Li killed Orsi.
There is even less evidence he's in the consulate.
That's why the letter doesn't have to be long.
(SIGHS) And even if he was, there is no way in hell they'd hand him over.
Well Rafi's going to court tomorrow it's a Hail Mary.
What's the downside? Murtaugh and Cole are radioactive around here.
If I do this, any nonsense falls right on me.
There will be no "pulling a Cole.
" Zero nonsense.
I can guarantee it.
Murtaugh's going by himself.
Cole won't even know about it.
What is going on with Cole? Feels like he's headed off a cliff.
He's fighting for a friend.
Even though it may not seem like it, it's one of his better qualities.
(SIREN WAILING) BARNES: All right, quick review.
It's a simple extraction.
Well, you keep telling yourself that.
Now, on the perimeter, a high-voltage electrified fence.
So just like Kabul.
Higher voltage.
Think Bogotá.
15,000 watts with a recharge gap of ten seconds.
I do like a challenge.
Yeah, well, there's armed security teams outside and on every floor.
You want to go over the exit strategy? Nope.
It's all up here.
Put me in, coach.
I'm ready.
Just like old times.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(ELECTRICAL BUZZ) So the fence is still on.
Yeah, good thing you checked.
(OVER RADIO): Okay, on my signal, you'll have ten seconds.
Power's off in three, two, one.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
I'm through.
That was the easy part.
Your feedback used to be more positive.
(BARNES CHUCKLES) Security team's on the east corner.
Don't get killed.
He's back.
I recognize you, friend.
From the university.
I have that kind of face.
Who sent you here? COLE: Is that for me? That's so thoughtful.
Do you have anything in sparkling? (MUFFLED GRUNTING) It's an extradition request.
It's really not that long of a letter.
I can summarize for you.
LAPD is asking you to hand over Mr.
Brian Li to us.
I'm sorry.
- We can't help you.
- Huh.
I brought you a fruit basket.
You like fruit? Come on.
Help a brother out.
(MUFFLED GRUNTING) (COUGHING) My friend you are in a foreign country.
We can keep you here as long as we like.
No one is coming for you.
(PANTING): That's not true.
I ordered some soup.
Detective Murtaugh.
My apologies, but we have no record of this man's visit.
Professor Li isn't with us.
I never said he was a professor.
Your request is denied.
Well, I'll just wait until it isn't denied.
(TYPING RAPIDLY) Cole, I'm buying you three seconds.
Better act fast.
One more time.
Who are you working for? LAPD or CIA? That is a very good question.
(MUFFLED GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (ALARM BLARING) (MEN SPEAKING CHINESE) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) What took you so long? To be honest, I wanted to hear you answer the question.
The guest quarters should be behind the door on the right.
Your right or my right? Eeny, meeny, miny (GRUNTS): Moe.
Professor Li.
(SPEAKS CHINESE) You're gonna miss that flight.
BARNES: Head straight, get to the tunnel.
(RADIO STATIC) BARNES: Tunnel entrance is on the left.
Got it.
We'll see you outside.
Brian Li! BARNES: Move, kid.
LAPD's on their way.
They're already here.
Who's in your ear? Barnes? You wouldn't help me, Roger.
I'm here, aren't I? What was your plan? Abduct a Chinese national? They'll just send him home and lock you up, and how is that gonna help Rafi? - You're doing the same thing.
- No.
I did it without throwing away the rulebook, without lying to my partner, and you're a really good liar.
I had no idea.
I don't want to hear it.
Cole? Your extradition has been requested.
(HANDCUFFS TIGHTEN) I have a letter.
ERICA: Rafi? I wanted to offer an apology on behalf of the D.
and myself.
Thank you.
You were doing your job.
The way it looked, you'd have had to be crazy to believe me.
COLE: He's right.
See you Monday.
Paperwork got a bit complicated.
Brian Li, after confessing to murder, claimed a crazy white guy abducted him from the consulate.
I bet he hallucinated it.
I hear it's very stressful being a fugitive.
I've heard that, too.
That's why I kept it out of my report.
My official, legally-binding report with my signature on it.
I know I shouldn't have asked what I asked of you.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It's who you are.
My key.
Is this because I asked for it back, or? Is this you saying it's over? I'm happy you were right about Rafi, and I was wrong.
The thing is, if it happened again, I would do it all the same, except I wouldn't lie for you.
It's who you are.
It's not the land I miss here I blew it, didn't I? Not the trees that grow and sway When I was in your room, I saw the invitation to Natalie's wedding.
I was gonna ask you to be my date.
I don't think I'm going.
A girl that'd break the law for you.
Maybe you should.
It could be Forever you and me My memories remain here They'll just stay ingrained As people grow and lives change (TRISH CLEARS THROAT) I think that one's clean.
Can I help? It's not the land I miss here I used to think of myself as a guy who knows his partner.
Kind of like an expert.
Honey, it's a two-way street.
A partner has to let themselves be known.
You're right.
They do.
Take you, for example.
(LAUGHS) Is this the part you tell me you're an expert in me? After 22 years, I believe I am.
I think I know why you changed your mind about running for D.
I told you.
I took my hands off the wheel, cost Riana the SATs Is it possible that this has nothing to do with the kids or me messing up? I mean, D.
That's a big damn job.
Whoa Every night Does it scare you? Every day Lord, I need it This started with me saying "yes" one time.
And now this train is out of my control.
What if it's too much for us? You say the family's not built for this? Maybe not, but I'm telling you, you are.
And we will just build ourselves into the family that you need.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) 22 years later.
I learned a thing or two.
You learned more than a thing or two.
- I'm very impressed, baby.
- Yeah? Yes.
(LAUGHS) COLE: I want to thank you again.
You really came through for Rafi.
I did that for you, pal.
I've asked you before.
Are you holding up okay? I mean, uh, starting a whole new life of your own that's not easy.
I had one, didn't I? A whole life before this.
It's still there, waiting for you.
I've known you forever, kid.
I've seen you at your best, at your worst.
And for what it's worth, you were at the top of your game tonight.
It was fun, wasn't it? (LAUGHING) Yeah.
It always is.
You want to do it again, you give me a call.
Any time, Cole.
CYNTHIA: Okay, all I'm saying is that those courthouse steps are still available tomorrow morning with Nope.
Right here, right now.
Okay, you're the boss.
- Leave my hair alone.
- Backing off.
(BOTH LAUGH) Your mom is tough.
Yeah, do not mess with that woman.
Set? - Mm-hmm.
- Action.
I am Trish Murtaugh, and I am running for district (PHONE RINGS) RJ, is that your phone? Nah, it's yours.
(RINGING CONTINUES) That family we're building it's a work in progress.
(LAUGHS) Excuse me.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Well, what's on your mind? You got a minute to talk? I want to thank you for what you did today and what you didn't do.
Keeping my name out of it.
And I'm sorry for bailing on you, going on my own to get this guy.
Except you weren't on your own.
You want to talk? Let's talk about how you looked me right in my eye and then lied to my face, and then, how you sold it.
It was unforgivable, Roger.
It'll never happen again.
I walked into that consulate not knowing the score.
You lied to me and I believed you, and it almost got me killed.
Cole, I put my life in your hands every time I walk out my door.
How am I supposed to do that now? Let me come by tonight, talk to you face-to-face.
Not tonight.
- I'm all talked out.
- the best district attorney And besides, my family is waiting on me.
And, hey, Cole, you were right about today.
What you did was unforgivable.