Lethal Weapon (2016) s03e15 Episode Script

The Spy Who Loved Me

1 Previously on Lethal Weapon COLE: You're with Andrew.
I respect that.
What we had, I don't think I'll ever find it again.
I saw the invitation to Natalie's wedding.
- I don't think I'm going.
- Maybe you should.
I'm a cop now.
Anything you want to tell me, - you can tell my partner.
- MURTAUGH: CIA? You went to Barnes? I'm not working with him, I just went to him for information.
Just like old times.
I'm sorry for bailing on you.
Going on my own to get this guy.
MURTAUGH: Except you weren't on your own.
You lied to me and I believed you.
And it almost got me killed.
What you did was unforgivable.
- Hey, bro.
Is she here? Please tell me Natalie's here.
She probably got caught up at the salon.
She's going to be here.
Maybe she got cold feet.
Is it my tooth? No.
Y-You can fix that.
I mean, there are plenty of reasons she shouldn't marry you that are permanent.
I'm kidding.
I'm ki Hey, come on.
Natalie loves you.
She's gonna be here.
I promise you.
(BOTH TAKE DEEP BREATHS) Nothing crazy's going on.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
(SIRENS WAILING) Officer down.
Officer down.
Evacuate the building.
It's gonna be okay.
Hold on.
My partner's still up there.
There's a bomb! - Cole, it's still ticking down.
- (BEEPING) If we could just make it to the window (GRUNTING) And do what? Jump? Ready? MAYA: This is a disaster.
Who taught you how to wrap? Studied in Japan.
This is wabi-sabi.
- (CHUCKLES) - The art of the imperfect.
When did you live in Japan? When I was about your age.
Just for a few months.
But life's lessons stay with you forever.
Dad are you okay with this? Sure.
It's not the wrapping, it's what's inside that counts.
No, I mean Mom getting married.
Yeah, it's gonna be great.
Your mom and Andrew are a perfect fit.
Whereas, uh, your mom and I were Wabi-sabi? You catch on fast.
I have a good teacher.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Here we go.
- Hey.
- Hi.
This is for you.
It's a juicer.
(CHUCKLES) Baby, can you wait in the car? - Give us a second? - Yeah, sure.
- See you, Dad.
- See you, kid.
So big day coming up.
Is your dress all ready and hemmed? Hemming is all done.
So, um I need to talk to you.
Andrew surprised me the other day with some news.
He's married, he's got a family stashed away in El Segundo? - I knew it.
- No.
Um We're moving.
He got us an assignment with Doctors Without Borders.
He knows how much I love that kind of work.
But I just wanted to talk to you about it before I said anything to Maya.
That's great.
I mean, this whole year has prepared me to take care of her, so Cole, Maya would come with us.
You're taking her away? I just came back for you guys.
It's just a year.
You can say no.
But just think about what a great experience this would be for her.
Travel, international school.
Just like you had with your mom.
Will you at least think about it? - No.
- Really? I don't have to.
It would be great for Maya.
You should do it.
(SIGHS) Thank you for this, Cole.
It's not a big deal.
See you at the wedding? Already got my dancing shoes ready.
(TIMER RINGING) Hello there, gorgeous.
It's Daddy.
(FRENCH ACCENT): Chef Roger, uh, speaking.
Hello, Chef Roger.
(LAUGHS) I'm sorry, but I have to cancel my reservation.
Not again.
I nailed the soufflé.
I'm sorry, baby, it's just that Oh, it's a big radio interview, a big audience.
You know? And the D.
's ahead of me in the polls.
- So - No, it's okay.
There'll be other nights.
Well, why don't you ask Cole? No chance.
That guy is undeserving of my food, my friendship.
He doesn't share info with me, I don't share soufflé with him.
Are you okay? I'll just cuddle on the couch and see what Mrs.
Maisel has going on.
Aw, baby, that sounds so adorable.
What are you wearing? Uh, apron, some slippers.
Okay, well, I am wearing that white jacket you like so much, but I could take it off.
Just have my blouse on.
Sure, but won't you be chilly? No, I'm actually really hot.
Well, maybe you're coming down with something.
Okay, Roger.
(WHISPERING): Do you want to get sexy with me or not? Over the phone? - Yes.
- Is that an option? - Yes, it's an option.
- (CHUCKLING): Of course.
I mean, you were speaking in code.
Allow me to create the ambiance.
Hold on.
(SIGHS) So where were we about that blouse? - Okay.
(CLEARS THROAT) - (KNOCK AT DOOR) I'm really, really hot.
I'm thinking about taking off some clothing.
Yeah, well, unburden yourself.
Take it all off.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Roger Murtaugh? FBI.
We need to talk.
Roger, are we having phone sex or not? Can you give me, like, ten minutes? What a surprise.
I didn't expect to hear from you so soon.
Expect nothing, Barnes.
- You'll never be disappointed in life.
- (CHUCKLES) - So what are we drinking? - Mescal.
Reminds me of Jalisco.
Good times, but I can't imagine you called me to reminisce.
I mean, socializing was never really our thing.
Natalie's doing Doctors Without Borders.
She's taking my daughter with her.
So your reason for being here isn't here.
And you called me.
You always saw the board better than anyone.
You want back in, Wes? I don't know.
Just can't be here right now.
Got anything? For you? Maybe.
So what do you say, buddy boy? You want to do some good? ROSS: Nice place you've got here.
- Expensive.
- Yeah, well my wife is an attorney.
So start talking.
Relax, Detective, we're not after you.
We believe your partner, Wesley Cole, is still working for his old CIA handler, Tom Barnes.
Yeah, well, um you're gonna - have to ask Wesley about that.
- ROSS: Too late for that.
Now, you can either play ball Or you're gonna squeeze me? Trust me, I know the routine.
This is a different act.
We're talking treason.
Lie to us, and you'll do jail time.
(EXHALES) What do you want from me? Wear a wire.
Get Cole to admit he's working for Barnes.
Oh, no chance.
Throw the book at me.
Roll the dice.
We don't gamble.
We only go after sure things.
You've got a family to think about, wife running for D.
Wesley Cole's life is about to blow up.
And the only question is: how close do you want to be when it does? (TIRES SCREECH) (KNOCKING) If you're looking for Cole, - he's gone.
- What do you mean, he's gone? Bags packed, took off in a hurry, but hey, that's Cole, right? Wild things need to roam.
Yeah, did he say where he was going? He took off with some dude.
Some dude? - Is this the guy? - Yeah.
That's a terrible picture, though.
Looks way better in person.
I need you to track Cole's phone.
Murtaugh, seriously, why don't you guys get some couples counseling or something? Not now, Bailey.
Just text me the address.
BARNES: That's our boy.
What do we know? BARNES: Cartel calls him El Tranquilo.
He's a hitter.
Responsible for a number of kills in L.
and Central America.
We need him alive.
That's a complicated question.
Let's see.
Whose lucky day is it? Maya.
Andrew? (GRUNTING) (GROANING) Why is Andrew your mark? Cole.
We have a problem.
Yeah? Which one? TRANQUILO: Get off me! (GUNSHOT) LAPD! Cole? (SIREN WAILING) Yo, I got what you asked for, but I don't think you should look.
Is that Andrew's file? Why? Did you find something? No.
Doc's clean as a whistle, but you don't want to be that guy.
- What guy? - We've all been there.
Have I used police resources to stalk a guy or two? Sure.
But it's no way to live.
You lost the girl, just let it go.
Gute, respectfully, file.
Call me if you want to get drunk and get into a bar fight.
I got you.
Anything good in there? Or didn't you hear? Our vic nose-dived from a high-rise last night.
Yeah, I heard.
There was nothing good in here.
Dead end.
I couldn't find you last night.
Where were you? Home.
Wrapping wedding presents with Maya.
Paper cut.
Dangerous work.
Look, I know things have been a little sticky between us, but if you've got something going on, now is the time to tell me.
Such as? Things you may be involved with outside of the LAPD.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) AVERY: There they are! The dream team! That vic who fell into our laps last night, two words: Cartel.
His cell is a treasure trove.
The D.
's already confiscated $10 million in drug money.
Pound it.
Guys, if we can't celebrate the wins, what are we? Doughnuts on me.
Need to lay off the sweets.
Got a tux to fit into.
Something going on that I should know about? The less you know, the better.
Trust me.
You know I trust you.
Have fun.
- Let's go! - Wow.
No bloodshot eyes for the photos.
I don't even want to be going on this bachelor party.
- Uh-huh.
- This is a stupid rite of passage.
Okay, I'll just tell the guys you want to hang with me and the ladies tonight then? That's fine? Hey, guys.
Cole? What are you doing here? I just wanted to check in.
See if you need any help before the big day.
Um, no.
No, I think we're good.
Hi, Natalie! We love you! That is a monster limo.
You know, my friends are just throwing me a-a little bachelor party.
It's not a big deal, very low-key.
You know what's crazy? I've never been to a bachelor party.
- Hmm.
- Bet they're lots of fun.
Do you want to come along, Cole? No Really? That'd be cool? Why not? Yeah, of course.
I'm gonna go tell the guys.
- Okay.
- Wow.
Okay, that's gonna be his last smooch tonight.
What's going on? I just wanted to spend some time before you guys ship out.
Don't worry, Nat.
I'll make sure he comes back in one piece.
My boys, it's a bachelor party! (CHEERING) (ALL SHOUTING) What are we drinking? What do you guys want? Shots! - (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) - Whoo! (CHEERING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Cole, come on! (ALL SHOUTING) (WHOOPING) (LOUD CHATTER) I have something I want to confess to you, Cole.
I used to be intimidated by you.
Why? The whole James Bond and, like, you know, the Jason Bourne.
But you know what, Cole? We're not so different, you and I.
I'm in.
Andrew, what are you talking about? They approached me when I joined Doctors Without Borders, and they asked me if I would look the other way while they ran some "shipments" through my camp.
What kind of shipments? I don't, I don't know.
Maybe guns? Do you realize what you've done? Huh? You put yourself, Nat, Maya in danger.
(GAGS) I'm gonna be sick.
Oh, this is the worst decision of my life.
I'm a rat.
A disgrace to the badge.
Lowest cop there is, besides federal agents that force other cops to spy on their partners.
I can't do this.
(RETCHING) Roger, what are you doing here? Uh - Did you follow me? - What? No.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, yeah.
Maybe because friends don't let friends crash their ex's fiancé's bachelor party, do they? I'm actually glad that you're here.
I could use a friend.
Me? Yeah, you're the only person I can trust.
Now, I'm in a bind.
Natalie told me she's taking Maya away, and I freaked out and I called Barnes.
I know I shouldn't have MURTAUGH: Wait, wait, wait Roger, I have to get this off my chest, okay? Now somebody, maybe Barnes, is using Andrew to ship guns.
MURTAUGH: But, uh, you know what? My hands, look at my hands, they're so filthy.
And we got to turn the water on so that I can get them clean before I - (WHISPERS): I got something to tell you.
- Not now, Roger.
Everybody, everybody, jump! Aah! Aah! It's occupied! (GUNSHOTS) Everybody, everybody, everybody Everybody, jump! (GRUNTING) (BONE CRACKS) No! - Who do you work for?! - FBI, man, FBI! FBI! Freeze! - Hands up! - FBI.
Don't move.
Hands up! Nice work, Detective.
On the ground! Get on the ground! Well, Roger, I'm glad I finally opened up.
Sorry, but you're in my seat.
But why do you think that is, Detective Cole? 'Cause I illegally downloaded A Star is Born? - It's a great movie.
- I don't think you understand the severity of this situation.
Or maybe you don't.
Certain government agencies don't take too kindly to on-the-record interviews.
Government agencies like the CIA? Small problem with that.
Tom Barnes hasn't worked for the CIA for six months.
That's not possible.
He was let go right around the time you showed up playing cop.
Now he's running guns for drugs through medical camps and having unsuspecting doctors help him.
What do you want from me? Help us take down Barnes.
Wear a wire.
Get him to talk.
If you think it'll be easy to take him down, then you don't know a thing about Tom Barnes.
You think Cole actually did something? I don't know.
You think they're gonna check my computer? Because I've been doing a lot of extra stuff for these guys lately.
Don't tell me that, Bailey.
Oh, please, Avery.
You know everything.
I don't Wait, are you wearing a wire? Are you wearing a wire? Look, I know I'm new here, but I don't know what y'all are capable of, and y'all sure as hell don't know what I'm capable of.
She's right.
If you'd have told me that Roger Murtaugh would wear a wire to bring down his partner, I'd never believe you.
I should have never done it, okay? I hate myself for wearing that wire.
I can't even look in the mirror.
- Roger - Let me finish.
They threatened my family.
And then you lied to me, and my head all spun around.
I didn't trust you.
But it doesn't matter what you did.
(CLEARS THROAT) I crossed a line.
I can never get that back.
You should have never worn that wire Were you not just hearing on your chest.
It's a rookie move.
Really? Well, where else should I have worn it? Wouldn't that chafe? Excuse me, Detective.
We have some more questions for your partner.
Hey, Roger.
You did the right thing.
You honored the badge.
When you look in the mirror, what you should see is a good cop.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Cole, really? It's 2:00 in the morning, I'm getting married tomorrow and the police just brought my fiancé back sans tooth.
Bachelor parties.
Look, Nat, um I'm not gonna be able to make it to your wedding.
Hey, what's wrong? It's like you said.
Chaos has a tendency to follow me.
I was hoping to say goodbye to Maya.
I don't know when I'm gonna see her again.
Okay, I'll give you two a minute.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) - Dad? - Hey.
Hope I didn't wake you up.
(CHUCKLES) No, I was already awake.
Got a lot of big changes coming up, kiddo.
How you doing? I mean, a whole year away? I'll miss my friends and debate.
But I'm really gonna miss you.
Me, too.
You know, sometimes the things that scare us are the best parts of life.
Like me coming back here.
I didn't think I'd be able to do it.
Being with you and your mom? It's been the best year of my life.
Love you, Dad.
I love you, baby.
How much do they know? Enough.
They've been watching you since you left the CIA.
They think I've been working for you this whole time.
BARNES: I'm sorry about that.
Let me take you in.
Can't do it, buddy boy.
It's over.
They know everything.
Except how it ends.
(BEEPS) - (AUDIO DISTORTION) - Ow! What just We lost audio.
Your FBI friends won't hear another word.
They're gonna catch up to you eventually.
That's where you come in.
I'm gonna need some running around money.
It's pricey, being on the lam.
I got about 40 on me.
Will that do? Figure, uh, ten million ought to, that ought to do it.
Ten million? The same amount that you just confiscated from Mr.
I need it.
Why would I help you? Because if you don't Natalie won't make it to her wedding.
Take it easy.
You need me, or you won't see her again.
I'll be in touch.
Didn't get a damn thing.
Sorry, guys.
Pick up.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
You need my help again.
Detective Murtaugh.
If you know anything about Cole's whereabouts, then Treason.
Got it.
(WHISPERING): They're getting desperate.
You need to tell me what's going on.
I need $10 million.
(EXHALES) I think I prefer it better when we weren't speaking.
Barnes has Natalie.
He wants the money that we confiscated or he's gonna kill her.
He's probably gonna kill her anyways.
I should've known something like this could happen.
I should've just come clean to you from the beginning.
Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
We'll get her back.
How? We can't just walk into RHD and take $10 million.
We can't.
But this is why it pays to have friends.
BAILEY: So, we're either in or we're out.
It's got to be all of us or none of us.
We could get fired for this.
We could get arrested for this.
5") Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The D.
's on his way over to do a photo op with the ten million.
Aisle four of the evidence locker.
What's up, Monty? Got some more evidence from that seizure.
We're gonna put it up.
COLE: Thank you, guys.
(TIRES SCREECHING) GUTE: Bailey, are we still cops? (TIRES SCREECH) I told you when we first started working together, no attachments.
It makes you vulnerable.
You want her back? Hand over the money.
Don't get any ideas about coming after me.
You have too much to live for now.
You, too, Detective.
Pretty wife, sweet kids.
You can't always be there to protect them.
Easy, Roger.
You got the money.
Now where is she? Upstairs.
Top floor.
- (GUNSHOT) - (MURTAUGH SHOUTS) (PANTING) Son of a bitch shot me.
I can't have you following me, Cole.
He'll bleed out if you don't do something.
You can only save one of them.
See, that's the problem with having too many friends.
(MURTAUGH GRUNTS) Come on, man, I'm taking you to a doctor.
NATALIE: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
(ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) - NATALIE: Help! - Natalie! Cole! Cole? I can't move.
I'm tied to Oh, my God, Roger.
MURTAUGH: This is not a hospital.
But she's the best doctor I know.
It's okay, it's okay.
(GRUNTING) Hey, that's a nice dress.
You look great.
You take care of him, I'll take care of you.
Uh, they told me I can't move.
I can't move off the bomb.
(GROANS) What is it? What is it? - Is it okay? It's okay? Okay.
- Yeah.
All right be careful.
Yeah, just put pressure right there.
Uh, water.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- COLE: How's he look? NATALIE: Not too bad.
How's the bomb? I've seen worse.
Now that we've made each other feel better, what's really going on here? Natalie, if you move off this plate, this whole place will blow.
Roger, the bullet went through, but if we don't stop the bleeding, you're gonna die.
Okay, can we go back to lying? EMTs should be here in five.
That's not enough time.
I need to cauterize it.
The Rambo? You read my mind.
Sounds good.
- What is that? - BOTH: Don't ask.
Oh, man.
Okay, look, if I'm gonna die, then I need to make a call, okay? Can you hand me my phone? (GROANING SOFTLY) (GRUNTS) Look, how does $10 million just come up missing? I think it is another example of the D.
's very real accountability problem.
We have a listener calling in.
Roger from Sherman Oaks, you're on with Trish Murtaugh.
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
Um, this is my husband, full disclosure.
- Uh - What's going on? I just wanted you and the, uh listening public to know what an amazing woman you are.
(LAUGHS) Honey.
And I don't know if I deserve you, but, uh I hope I made you happy.
The life we had together you and the kids (EXHALES) If I die today - I die a happy man.
- Roger.
- Roger, are you okay? - (GROANING) (PANTING) Never better, sweetie.
I love you.
- Roger, I - (LINE CLICKS) (GROANING) - NATALIE: Here we go.
- Wait, w-what are you doing? Here we go.
MURTAUGH: Okay, what is it? Wait.
Why're you putting gunpowder? - What are you do - No.
Wait, wait, wait! Whoa, whoa! (SCREAMING) - (YELLS) - It's okay.
- Sorry, buddy.
- (PANTING) The wound is sealed.
But we need to get to a hospital right away.
- Okay, buddy.
I got you, I got you.
- You got him? EMTs will be downstairs.
- What are you doing? - I'm staying here.
See you, Roger.
Cole? Cole! It started beeping.
(BEEPING) Timer.
You should go, Cole.
Cole, please.
I'm not going anywhere without you.
Besides, it's fine.
We just got to find something to hold the trigger down.
Buy us a few seconds.
(SIRENS WAILING) - Officer down.
Officer down.
- Evacuate the building.
Go, go, go.
Will this work? That'll do.
It's just gonna buy us a few seconds.
Just got to make it to the window.
And do what? Jump? - Then what? - Leap of faith.
We jump and we see.
Ready? One Let's go! Let's go! - It's gonna be okay.
- Hold on.
My partner's still up there.
Two three.
- Cole! - (SCREAMING) - (GRUNTS) - (SCREAMS) - I got you.
Never again.
She's here! Andrew, she's here! Lot of people waiting for you.
You should get inside.
(SNIFFLES) How do I look? (CHUCKLES) (SNIFFLES) Perfect.
Good news, the bride.
- Okay.
Hold on To me as we go WOMAN: No way.
(GUESTS MURMURING) As we roll down Let's go.
This unfamiliar road Cole! Wait.
And although this wave Wave Did you forget something? Come here.
Just know you're not alone 'Cause I'm gonna make Is that what all weddings are like? 'Cause that was awesome.
Where to? Anywhere.
It'll all be clear Don't pay no mind to the demons They fill you with fear TRISH: Oh, my God.
Are you okay? You ay? Hey.
I'm fine.
(SLURRING): I need you to do me a favor.
- Reach into my pants.
- No, no, Roger.
I'm sorry, he's delirious.
I need you to grab my wire.
The wire.
Roger, this is not the time for that.
- I got Barnes on tape.
- Roger.
- Here, I got Barnes on tape.
- What? I-It'll exonerate Cole.
Get, get it to Avery.
But, wait, please.
Uh You promise me.
You promise me you'll come back to me.
I promise.
- EMT: Ma'am, please.
We have to go.
- Okay.
(SOBS) Oh, oh-oh, oh.
MURTAUGH: Rib time.
Who's hungry? You barbecued ribs right after being shot in the ribs? - Sort of a homage.
- GUTE: I'll take that.
- SCORSESE: No, I'll take it.
Well, look who's back.
- Hi.
- BAILEY: Hey, guys.
- Hi.
All right, we're gonna get some food.
- We'll see you in a second.
- Yeah.
Well, well, well.
The spy has come in from the cold.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah, about that.
I want to thank you guys.
For what? You know.
For the money.
- I'll see-see you around, Cole.
- I don't know what you mean.
At all.
So Why can't we be friends? Why can't we Welcome to the family.
Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Up and grilling already.
Good to see you healthy.
You know, look, Roger, I never had a partner before.
Don't really know how to thank somebody for taking a bullet for me.
Well I think you just did.
So, uh seems like Barnes just kind of up and disappeared into thin air, huh? Not so thin, actually.
An old contact got in touch.
A Barnes alias pinged in Ecuador.
So you gonna go after him? The old me would already be on a plane.
And the new you? Is happy where he's at.
I'm a family man now.
I'm glad to hear it.
I mean, who cares if Barnes gets away? I can live with that.
(LAUGHING): Right? So-so what if he shot me? I'm not the travel guy.
I'm the steady guy.
The "stay put" guy.
- Exactly.
- Exactly.
Glad we're on the same page.
Same page.
Oh, my gosh, I cannot believe we are doing this.
- Right? - A spontaneous trip to South America? Hi.
Well, I had about, uh, 30 years of, uh, vacation days, so I figured, you know what? Better now than never.
(CHUCKLES) - Well, I like the new Roger.
- Yes.
(LAUGHS) You know? Like, warm waters, sandy beaches, just - Yep.
- you, me and - Cole? - NATALIE: Oh, my gosh.
- Hi, hi.
- Natalie.
- What the hell are you doing here? - How are you? Romantic getaway.
Scuba diving.
You? Uh, fishing.
I like the bass.
(SIGHS) You both planned and booked trips to Ecuador? Small world.
- Tiny.
- Miniscule.
This isn't a vacation, is it? Never is.
(EXHALES) Uh You can't put your seat back before takeoff.
It's squeezing my knees.
Yeah, I'm not putting my seat back.
Then it must be broken, I mean - I tell you what, switch with me.
- No.
Then I won't have any legroom.
Look, I don't want to have to go there, but you said you owed me one.
- For taking - That was a figure of speech.
I'm not gonna change seats on a 12-hour flight.
- Baby, I'm not gonna make it.
- Oh Excuse me.
Can I have a glass of wine? Make it two? - Or make it to bubbles.
- Two - Two vodkas.
- It's that a cuisine in first class?