Leverage s01e01 Episode Script

The Nigerian Job

I checked.
Airport shuttle's in 15 minutes.
I'm sorry.
Ford, sorry.
I know who you are.
I've Excuse me.
I've read all about you.
I know, for example, that when you found that stolen Monet painting in Florence, you probably saved your insurance company, what, $20, $25 million? Then there was the identity theft thing.
You saved your insurance company I don't even know how many millions of dollars.
But I just know that when you needed them What happened to your family is the kind of thing You know this part of the conversation where I punch you in the neck nine or 10 times, we're coming up on that pretty quick.
I just want to offer you a job.
What have you got? Do you know anything about airplane design? I can give it a shot.
You know, you give me a pencil and one of those little rulers.
Somebody stole my airplane designs.
Oh, I see.
And you'd like me to find them, right? No.
I know where they are.
I want you to steal them back.
You're sure Pierson stole your designs? Look, my engineer goes missing.
He disappears with all my files.
And then one week later, Pierson announces an identical project? Come on.
I don't know, stealing them back, it seems like a stupid risk.
There's other ways that you Listen, listen, listen to me.
At the end of this month I have a shareholders' meeting, Mr.
I've spent already five years, $100 million on our idea.
I go to that meeting with nothing to show for it, then I am dead.
Look, I'm serious.
Look, look at the people I've already hired.
I mean, do you recognize any of these names? Yeah.
I've chased all of them one time or Parker? You have Parker? Is there somebody better? No.
But Parker is insane.
Which is why I need you.
I'm not a thief.
Thieves I got.
What I need is one honest man to watch them.
Are you in? It's not gonna work.
These people you hired, they all have the same rep.
They work alone.
They always work alone.
There's no exceptions.
There's no way they're gonna work for you.
No, they will, they will.
For $300,000 each, they will.
And for you, for running it, it's double that.
And it's off the books, completely off the books.
Look at me, I'm desperate here.
That's just a salary.
There is a bonus.
Pierson is insured by IYS, your old bosses.
It's a $50 million intellectual property rights policy.
Ford, how badly do you want to screw the insurance company that let your son die? Okay, clear coms.
No, no, no, no.
Hell, no.
This equipment is total VH1, bra.
It's best of the '80s.
I got something nicer.
All right.
No surprises, now.
I've been doing this since high school, bra.
I'm Captain Discipline.
They came straight from the airport and up to their rooms.
So you never actually saw any of them, then.
But the credit card numbers checked out.
Break it down! Does that look like Mick Jagger to you? This is not the room you're looking for.
It's a bone conduction earpiece mic.
It works off the vibrations in your jaw.
You can hear everything.
You're not as useless as you look.
I don't even know what you do.
I'm here to collect the merchandise.
Can I have one? You can have the whole box.
What are you gonna do when she finds out you live with your mom? Age of the geek, baby.
We run the world.
You keep telling yourself that.
You thought I wouldn't find this? You don't get bunny until you do what I say.
So be a good girl.
Or, I don't know, a better thief.
Bill! Last time I used this rig, Paris, 2003.
Is this thing safe? You talking about the Caravaggio? You stole that? Yeah, it's completely safe.
It's just You know, if you experience nausea, weakness in your right side, stroke, strokiness You're precisely why I work alone.
Guys, listen up.
We're gonna go on my count, not a second sooner.
Parker, no freelancing.
Hey, relax.
We know what we're doing.
And on the count of five, four Oh, he doesn't wanna be our pal.
We're on the count.
Five, four, three She's gone.
Son of a That's 20 pounds of crazy in a five-pound bag.
Vibration detectors are on.
No cutting, Parker.
Use the binary.
You know, Parker, any time you want to Whoa! Boys are on their way.
What are you getting with security? You see security? They don't see a thing.
Door's open.
All right, guys.
Here we go.
Got it.
You got any chatter on their frequencies? No.
Why? There's eight listed on the duty roster and there's only four at the guard post.
I can't even tell how many guys are in the room.
How can you tell who's who? Haircuts, Parker.
Count the haircuts.
I would have missed that.
What? Nothing.
Problem? Uh Maybe.
Run the cameras.
Ten-digit password.
I salute you, sir.
Got 'em.
They're doing their walkthrough an hour early.
Why the Because it's the playoffs.
Yeah, game 5 of the playoffs.
They're doing their rounds an hour early so they can watch the playoffs.
All right, where are they? They're at the stairwell.
Hey! Got a security breach.
Hey, get them on the radio upstairs.
Go, go! Okay, guys, here's what we gotta do.
We gotta squelch them.
Eliot, what I want you to do is clear the zone and use Hardison as bait.
Bait? What Hold up, hold up.
Wait a minute.
I know he ain't talking about me.
I ain't nobody's bait.
Come on, baby.
Come on, work for me, baby.
Come on.
Base, come in.
Does anyone copy? Hardison, they're almost there.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Just come on, man.
Forget it.
Hold it right there.
That's what I do.
Guys, guys, you gotta talk to me, okay? Because I don't know what's going on.
It's all good.
I'm stripping the drives right now.
Come on, baby.
We got all the designs, got all the backup.
We're leaving this cupboard bare.
Drop the spike.
Did you give them a virus? Dude, I gave them more than one virus.
Those guards you ganked? They reset all the alarms on the roof and all the floors above us.
We can't go up.
Every man for himself, dude.
Go ahead.
I'm the one with the merchandise.
Yeah, well, I'm the one with an exit.
And I'm the one with a plan.
Now, I know you children don't play well with others, but I need you to hold it together for exactly seven more minutes.
Now, get to the elevator and head down.
We're going to the burn scam.
Going to plan B.
Technically, that would be plan G.
How many plans do we have? Is there, like, a plan M? Yeah.
Hardison dies in plan M.
I like plan M.
I thought we locked down those elevators.
Hey, hey, stay still, stay still.
Don't move.
Why don't you stare a little more? Sorry.
You gotta be kidding me.
No, Tom.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I understand.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Get the door.
Come on.
Let me help you with the door.
Uh, again, sorry, ma'am.
Come on, come on, this is only taking all night.
Come on.
I got a couple of Wi-Fi networks with some crappy bandwidth.
There you go.
The designs are sent.
All right.
All right.
The money will be in all your accounts later today.
Anybody else notice how hard we rocked last night? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, well, one show only.
No encores.
I already forgot your names.
It was kind of cool being on the same side.
No, we are not on the same side.
I am not a thief.
You are now.
Come on, Nathan.
Tell the truth.
Didn't you have a little bit of fun playing the black king instead of the white knight? Just this once? Yeah? You screwed me! The designs never got to me.
No, I watched them go out.
I don't know what you saw, but I received nothing.
Look, I told you, you couldn't trust them.
It is not my job to trust anybody.
That's what you were here for.
I'm freezing the payments.
I'm freezing all the payments.
All right.
Look, look.
I will come over there right now, we'll straighten this out.
No, no, no, no, no.
Do not come here.
My company has an old aircraft facility outside the city, and I will text you the address, and you be there in one hour.
You want to tell me what happened with the designs? What makes you think I know what happened? Stupid.
Forget you, man.
You did it, okay? When we were coming down from the elevator.
Yeah, that makes sense, doesn't it? You had the file every second.
Hold up, Cujo, I did my part.
I transferred the files.
You better get that gun out of my face.
What did you do? Hey! Did you do it? You're the only one that's ever played both sides.
Yeah, you seem pretty relaxed for a guy with a gun pointed at him.
Safety's on.
Like I'm gonna fall for that.
No, no, actually he's right.
Safety is on.
Are you armed? I don't like guns.
My money's not in my account.
That makes me cry inside, in my special angry place.
Okay, Parker? Now did you come here to get paid? Hell, no.
Transfer of funds, man.
Global economy.
It was supposed to be a walk-away.
I'm never supposed to see you again.
And the only reason you guys are here is because you didn't get paid.
And you're pissed off, right? Matter of fact, I mean, the only way to get us all in the same place at the same time is to tell us that we're not getting paid.
Come on, get up, get up.
Let's go, hustle.
Go, go.
You don't like hospitals.
Not much.
It's about time.
What the The cops and firemen got there just as we were waking up.
Where are we? County hospital.
Local cops, they responded to the explosion.
Have we been processed? They faxed our prints to the state police.
Yo, if the staties run us, man, we're screwed.
How long? About 30, 35 minutes depending on the software.
They printed us So unless we get out of here in the next 10 minutes, we all go to jail.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, I I can take these cops.
Don't you dare.
You kill anyone, you screw up my getaway.
Hold up, I'm still handcuffed here.
I can't even go to the bathroom.
I gotta go.
Parker, get me a phone.
What we're gonna do is we're gonna get out of here together.
This was a one-time deal.
Look, guys, here's your problem.
You all know what you can do, I know what all of you can do, so that gives me the edge, it gives me the plan.
I don't trust these guys.
Do you trust me? Of course.
You're an honest man.
Parker, phone.
This is gonna suck.
Oh, hell, no.
Nausea could mean a concussion.
If you feel any more effects or blurred vision, tell the policeman right away.
I got it.
So the trick is to give them what they want.
They're expecting a phone call, right? There's an outside call for you.
Line 2.
This is Deputy Burns.
Yeah, this is Detective Lieutenant Cardin with the Illinois State Police.
We got those prints that you sent us.
The problem I have is they're sending up all kinds of red flags and I've got somebody on the phone for you from the FBI down there in Washington.
Can you hold, son? Yes, sir.
Come on.
Here it goes.
Deputy Burns, this is Deputy Director McCumber, FBI.
Yes, is our man all right? I'm sorry, I don't follow Deputy, listen to me.
The man that you have inside there is ours, actually.
He's been in deep cover for three years.
Seriously? That's correct.
You should be receiving a fax any moment now, confirming what I'm telling you.
Most of what I have told you is classified.
I need to know I can trust you.
Can I? Yes, sir.
Walk it off, walk Get inside.
Get inside.
It fills my heart with tears of joy, what you guys do.
It does.
There's a call for you.
State police.
Four first-class tickets to anywhere but here, coming up.
Whose place is this? It's mine.
I'm gonna beat Dubenich so bad, even the people that look like him are gonna bleed.
You won't get within a hundred yards.
He knows your face.
He knows all our faces.
He tried to kill us.
And more importantly, he didn't pay us.
How is that more important? I take that personally.
There's something wrong with you.
Hey, hey.
Heads up, heads up.
Dubenich's story is He is the head of Bering Aerospace, big rival of Pierson.
But check out what my little web crawlers coughed up.
We've lost research that we've been working on for over five years.
Our servers have been sabotaged.
Now, we're gonna pursue these perpetrators to the full extent of the law and with all the resources we have at our disposal.
Could be a cover story.
Here's the log of last night's rip.
Internal time stamps on the project, 2003, 2004.
They're way, way down in the code.
There's no reason to fake those, man.
So we didn't steal the plans back? No, we were just stealing them.
Why would Dubenich lie to us? 'Cause you're thieves.
If he hired you for a straight-up crime, you'd know he was a bad guy like you.
You'd be suspicious.
This way you saw just another citizen in over his head, and that's why you didn't see the double-cross coming.
Then why didn't you see it coming? Because I'm not a thief.
You know what, maybe that was the problem.
If you Hey, hey.
I have four tickets to London, Rome, Paris and to Sao Paulo, all matching the IDs that you gave me.
You're running.
Yes, sir.
You got a better idea? No, no.
You're running.
Now, that was a high-risk play.
You got your balls tied to the stock price like a cinderblock.
Shareholder meeting coming up.
We can't let this guy have any time to cool down.
You want to run a game on this guy? You? Yeah, I mean, how do you think I got most of my stolen merchandise back? I mean, this guy, he's greedy, thinks he's smart, he's the best kind of mark.
He does think he got rid of us.
Element of surprise.
What's in it for me? Payback.
And if it goes right, a lot of money.
What's in it for me? A lot of money.
And if it goes right, payback.
Hardison? I was just gonna send a thousand porno magazines to his office, but, hell yeah, man, let's kick him up.
What's in it for you? He used my son.
All right, let's go get Sophie.
What the hell's a Sophie? Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts.
Unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe.
Topful of direst Make thick my blood.
Stop up the access and passage to remorse that no That no She's very awful.
Is she injured? In the head? Seriously, man, this is the worst actress I've ever seen.
This is not her stage.
I vote no.
Parker's right.
Dubenich knows us.
And we need a fresh face.
I thought you were great.
My only fan.
Freeze! You wanker! I'm a citizen now.
I'm not.
You're playing my side? I always thought you had it in you.
Are you in? I wouldn't miss this.
All right, let's go break the law just one more time.
Victor Dubenich, Executive Vice President in charge of new technology development over at Bering Aerospace.
Rich daddy, trust fund, Yale MBA, blah, blah, blah.
Now, when was the last time you met a Victor? Vietnam.
A town called Ban Houzai.
Chinese border.
That's an odd thing for you to know.
That's an odd place for you to be.
Now, Bering is in charge of all the big fat government contracts, some Department of Defense research.
Very classified stuff.
Can we use that? No, I don't think so.
Dubenich is in charge of their commercial airline business.
All right, I know when you sent Dubenich's designs, you weren't supposed to make any copies.
No, I promised.
And that would be very wrong.
Show me your copies.
It's an airplane.
It's a short-haul domestic airliner.
Yeah, usually one-hour flights.
It's the fastest-growing segment of the industry.
Very fuel efficient, high tech, very nice carbon nose.
It's got the titanium wrap, three to one.
You know, you pick up things here and there.
You pick up a lot of stuff.
Now check this out.
Now, Dubenich and Pierson, they were head to head for five years trying to grab the lead in an industry that's worth like eleventy billion dollars.
So, Pierson got there first, Dubenich took the shortcut.
So he's got a rival.
He's got a rival that pisses him off so much, he hired us to steal his designs.
This is good.
What are you thinking, Nate? I'm thinking Nigerians.
Nigerians will do nicely.
Well, he hasn't changed a bit.
Your 9:00 is here.
My Mr.
Anna Gonstadt, African Commercial Transport and Trade Initiative.
Here comes a mountain of suck.
You government? No, no.
Private business consortium.
We are looking to encourage infrastructure development.
And economic renewal.
I have no idea what that means in English.
What does it mean? We create jobs and trade in Africa, keep the graft and the stealing manageable.
But she's not awful.
This is her stage.
Sophie Devereaux is the finest actress you've ever seen, when she's breaking the law.
Keep graft and stealing manageable in Africa.
Good luck.
I don't think I can help.
I don't think any human being on earth can help you with that.
Come on.
Let's go and talk somewhere a little less formal, eh? No, no, no, I Look, Miss Okay.
And now.
What? No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, please.
Hello, IT.
Yeah, this is Victor Dubenich's office.
My computer just completely crashed.
Well, I'm sorry to hear about that.
Have you tried turning it on and off again? Yes.
Nothing seems That's a computer thing.
I told her to say that.
Well done.
We've got someone on your floor already.
Thank you.
Somebody call IT? I represent a group of investors who are looking to start an airline for short-haul flights in Africa.
Out of Johannesburg? Okay, he's testing you.
Keep away from the hubs, revitalize the regional airports.
In South Africa, But really, it's Nigeria we're focused on.
Yeah, perfect.
The Lagos airport runways are a mess.
I believe new airplanes will make people feel comfortable, while we renew our runways.
Uh-huh, I don't recall saying anything about new airplanes.
Victor, both you and your chief engineer are scheduled to speak at your shareholders' meeting.
I think you know more about my business than I do.
I've done my homework.
I find you fascinating.
That's what I've always said.
It's good.
It's good to have a passion, you know? It is.
Let me show you how to reconnect with the network.
Shouldn't I be playing the computer guy? No, I want you to actually be the computer guy.
All right.
Oh, no, no.
And reboot.
You are strong for a computer guy.
Thank you.
I like to work out.
Try to stay big.
'Cause I love dressing up like a Klingon and going to all the conventions, you know.
That's okay.
Don't you tease me.
Oh, hold up, man, that's not That is not cool.
That is not cool.
We gonna have a strong talk when you get back.
Uh, is it Sorry, is it Gunshot? I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Thank you.
How's this? If we announce a new product, then you can order as many as your little heart desires.
Okay, you know what to do.
Hit him.
We'd also like to build the planes.
More jobs.
Build them in Africa, fly them in Africa, sell the rest around the world.
That's very ambitious.
You have the manufacturing facilities to do all that? Ah, we can easily raise the money to build the facilities, if we know for certain we're going to get the contracts.
Atta girl.
Anna, I'm really sorry, but I can't help you.
That was a nice try, man.
Wait for it.
And I really do have I understand.
I'll take it to Pierson.
Pierson? No, Pierson's a great company.
Sure, go ahead.
I don't think they can help you, but Oh, they have a reputation for long-term investment.
You don't.
They're innovators.
It's probably a better fit.
I know.
I'm aware that you're manipulating me, Anna.
I should hope so.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in new contracts, a lot of good press, all at your door.
Okay, I give up.
I'll take the meeting.
I'll have my office call you.
What? Yeah.
Day after tomorrow? Uh, yeah, sure.
Look forward to doing business with you.
Yo, Nate.
Got all his financials off his hard drive.
All his passwords.
Your shot.
Uh, no, thanks.
Five, corner.
You look better than when we started.
And that bothers you, huh? Well, I mean, this isn't supposed to feel Good? It's not that hard to figure out.
Dubenich screwed you.
He cheated by stealing from that other company, and your good-guy brain sees him as the bad guy.
Your conscience is clear.
You wanna take your shot? Listen, I'm sorry about your kid.
You don't know anything about that.
Everybody knows.
Guy like you goes off the street, a lot of people notice.
And it was a bad story, too.
How did they justify that? Huh? The insurance company just not paying for his treatment.
BP's dropping.
They claimed it was experimental.
You should've kept one of those Monets you found.
Hmm? You fence that Eliot, you and I are not friends.
'Cause you have so many of them.
Could you help me with this earpiece? Yeah, why don't you ask Hardison? Nate, come on.
There you go.
So, this time you really are inside my head.
Sophie, he's on site.
What? No, I'm not ready.
If you don't meet him right now in the lobby, he's gonna go to the building directory and look for the office number.
Guys, we are not in the building directory.
And why aren't we in the directory? I don't know, maybe because they're fake offices.
There's no elevator.
All right, I'll distract him.
Parker, you got 10 seconds to get Sophie to the lobby.
What's going on? Put this on.
What's it for? Speed.
Our offices are on the 10th floor.
Oh, you're You have a glow.
Just excited.
One thing.
The gentlemen bringing you this opportunity to work with their government, they'll, um They'll expect some compensation.
Not a bribe, of course.
No, no, a finder's fee.
I thought your job was to eliminate graft and stealing.
No, my job is to keep it manageable.
Good afternoon.
We are honored by your presence.
No, no, the honor is entirely mine.
Getting in on the ground floor of something like this is a wonderful opportunity.
Nice job on the zip line.
Totally thought she was gonna break a leg.
Not bad for a first time.
So what do you think? She's closing it up.
Yes, absolutely, we can definitely repurpose those factories.
I believe we will be able to do a lot of business together, sir.
About the The other matter.
Of course.
Is that agreeable? Oh, I think we can work something out.
We got him? We own him.
Okay, gang, let's go.
We got a busy day tomorrow.
This is gonna work, right? I guarantee it.
This is insane.
We are risking everything.
We already took a chance by stealing the plans What is that? It's a transmitter, and they've been listening to everything that I've been saying.
Who are "they"? Who do you think? Also, I've checked.
There's no office for the African Commercial Trade Initiative anywhere in the city.
They've been hustling me, and I know exactly what they're doing.
Tomorrow it stops.
Get the FBI on the phone.
Yes, sir.
You're sure you know what they're doing? Yeah, they're pissed, I get that.
They wanna make me pay.
I mean, an opportunity like this, the same week as the shareholders' meeting.
The bug, the fake offices, cash bribes.
Nigerians, for God's sake.
Nigerians, I mean It's like those e-mail scams with Nigerian bank fraud letters.
Who the hell do they think I am? Some dog they can just lead around? They're gonna find out exactly how wrong they are! flying anywhere, anywhere in the world.
I want to introduce to you It is more than just nuts, bolts and scrap metal.
All I know is, good day for you.
Well, it was a good day for all of us.
Stock's gone up 15 points since the announcement.
Really? You didn't know? No, I'll pass it around.
Well, aren't you the cat that ate the canary? Does it show? Horrible poker face.
I'm guilty.
Why don't we get this done? Now? Yeah.
You have the whole payment? Absolutely.
I think we should make the deal.
I want to make the announcement, get even bigger headlines.
I'll take them into a conference room, away from all this.
Go, go, go, go.
Let's do it.
I'll be right back.
Now, everybody, come in, sit down, relax, make yourselves comfortable.
Thank you.
I assume we all understand the terms of this agreement.
Well, I'll tell you.
The exact terms of the agreement are these.
Don't move.
You all right, sir? Oh, I'm fine.
Yes, of course.
Thanks for asking.
Everything's perfect.
What What are you Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Let go of me.
What are you looking at me for? The criminals are sitting right over there.
Look at them.
Listen, I spoke to Special Agent Higgins.
If you call him on the phone I'm Special Agent Higgins.
Victor Dubenich, you are under arrest for soliciting a bribe from these Nigerian government officials.
No, I'm not under These are not even Nigerians.
Of course we are.
No, no, no.
Your woman knew that when she contacted us last week.
My woman? Anna? Anna! Special Agent Higgins, Anna Gonstadt works for them.
Ridiculous! She contacted us on your behalf.
She told us she worked directly under you now.
Anna Gonstadt from Bering Aerospace.
Directly under Victor Dubenich.
But She took me She took me to their office.
We do not have an office in this city.
We met her at your other office.
Anna Gonstadt, from Bering Aerospace.
The shareholders.
The shareholders.
What in God's name? Hey, this is a private party, okay? No, no, no.
No, no.
Everybody? Can I get your attention? It's just a It's a permit problem.
Victor, what's going on? I can explain, Tom.
It's just a stupid mistake Anybody else here involved in the bribe? - Bribe? - There's no bribe.
No bribe.
I handed this man an envelope containing a cashier's check for $200,000.
No, no, no.
Nobody I wasn't handed any I didn't Nobody handed This will look a lot better for you if you did not deposit that check.
No, no.
Do you still have it? I didn't get a check.
Sir, we got people searching the lab, seizing the files and computers.
Good job, Hawkins, thank you.
Victor, news crews.
If they find out Higgins.
Higgins, Higgins, you can't do that.
You can't take my computer.
This company has government defense contracts.
There's very serious rules concerning contact with foreign nationals.
The PATRIOT Act applies here, my friend.
Sir, I can take your underpants.
Look, look, it's getting a little aggressive.
I'm sorry.
Babatunde, this is Tom Daly.
These are These gentlemen are from Nigeria.
Everybody, just take it easy, relax, I'll be back and I'll explain everything.
Victor, where are you going? Victor? Guys, we gotta get rid of this stuff.
Keep shredding, keep shredding! Help me! FBI! I came alone.
Yes, I know.
Thank you, Mr.
Now, I understand your research was completely wiped out.
I have complete copies right on these hard drives, along with absolute proof that they were on Bering Aerospace computers.
That should be good for a couple of lawsuits, right? I drop the investigation against all parties involved with the original theft.
That seems fair.
You get your property back.
No charges.
Nothing on you or your people.
Don't you want money? This particular project has a different revenue strain.
In a massive sell-off sparked by multiple federal investigations of Bering Aerospace, the stock plummeted Yeah? Yeah, you should have just paid us.
I found the transmitter.
Oh, you found the transmitter with the blinking light.
Yeah, we wanted you to figure some of it out.
Then we just gave you what you were expecting.
I am Victor Dubenich.
I am gonna beat this.
Uh, aren't you forgetting about the bribe? Who cares? You can't prove anything.
I didn't get any money.
Yeah, no, it doesn't account for all of it.
Sophie kept a little to buy a truly impressive number of shoes.
What is it with women and shoes? There's something wrong with you.
That's what I said.
See, if a company's stock price falls 10, 15 percent in one day and you see it coming, you sell short, you make a lot of money.
If it's gonna fall 30 percent, you can make shattering amounts of money.
Now, we didn't need the FBI to take you to jail, we just needed them to show up and take boxes out of your office.
All day long.
In front of TV cameras, scaring your investors.
You going to jail is just a bonus.
So I wouldn't say anything about us to the feds.
Next time we won't be so nice.
Who was that? Nobody.
Job well Whoa! There was an overlap in the London stock market.
Valuation carried over to NASDAQ, and then I'm just very good at what I do.
This is the score.
The score.
Age of the geek, baby.
Somebody kiss this man so I don't have to.
So, we're out, huh? I mean, we're out, this is retirement money.
Go-legit-and-buy- an-island money.
Uh, pleasure working with you.
One show only.
No encores.
I already forgot your names.
You know, I never had that cool a time on a job.
It's a walk-away.
And I got focus issues.
Brother, you kept me right on.
I'm really good at one thing.
Only one thing, that's it.
But you, you know other things, and then, I can't stop doing my one thing.
Can't retire.
You want to know what I think? Not really.
How long before you fall apart again? Oh, I'm touched.
Yeah, well, a guy like you can't be out of the game, all right? That's why you were wrecked.
You need the chase.
Yeah, I'll manage.
Yeah? You pick the jobs.
My job is helping people.
I find bad guys.
Well, go find some bad guys.
Bad guys have money.
Black king, white knight.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
Please, take your time.
She was 17.
I know.
They killed her.
They said it was an accident, but that company killed her.
I want them hurt.
We can't pay you.
We work on an alternative revenue stream.
I don't understand.
The judge said that we couldn't appeal.
What are you gonna do? People like that, corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away.
Right now you're suffering under an enormous weight.
We provide leverage.

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