Leverage s01e02 Episode Script

The Homecoming Job

All right, sweetheart.
We are near Najaf.
I'm not allowed to say exactly where.
Hey, Dwight, say hello to Jenny.
He's cheating on you! Nice.
With a camel.
A drunk, slutty, camel.
All right, it was one time, okay? And the camel's been texting me, but it's over, I promise.
Hello? PSD.
Come on.
See those guys? Private contractors.
They make 700 bucks a day.
I make seven.
Hey, yeah, but you know what they gotta do? They gotta Dwight! they gotta do? They gotta Jenny your fiancee? Well, she was, but Oh.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not mad.
It happens.
Look, I don't want charity.
We are not a charity.
I just want my rehab.
You know, if I'm gonna work, and I want to work, Dr.
Laroque says I need another year and a half of hardcore rehab, maybe two more surgeries.
Castleman shot me up.
I just want them to pay my bills.
No more, no less.
The army investigation determined you were, what, they said you were hit by insurgents? Yeah, that's because Castleman refused to cooperate in that investigation.
And they can do that? No one's stopping them.
They're cowboys.
They go off all the time.
Boom, boom.
I just want them to do right by me.
Pardon me, Mr.
, uh Oh, uh, Nathan Ford.
You are, uh, Dr.
Laroque Can I talk to you outside? Doc, he's cool.
I found him on the Internet.
Yes, that never goes badly.
With me? Uh, I'll be in touch.
You can't just come in here and get his hopes up.
I'm just here to provide options.
There are no options.
The veteran's hospital Is 400 miles away and has a five month waiting list.
Everybody in that rehab room is a reservist.
When reservists get out, they get sent home, no matter where home is or how far it is from the treatment they need.
Nobody thought this through.
We're not a rich hospital.
I cashed in every favor I had to take care of these kids for as long as I could, but I have to go back in there and tell Perry we can't treat him anymore.
I have to do that.
Run your scam on somebody with money.
It's not a scam.
I'm here to help.
People don't just show up to help.
That's not the way the world works.
Hardison, call them.
Why? Why? I can't live like this anymore.
The lies and the filth! No! Help me! I just I want to be clean.
I want to be clean.
You understand this is a soap commercial, right? Uh-huh.
Well, when I thought about Peggy, I came up with this idea that the dirt was really this giant, like metaphor for sin.
You should take that.
No, no, you should take that.
Hello? When? Huh.
Peggy killed her first husband.
Tha Thank you.
That you or me? Could be important.
Does your mama have your number? Yeah.
Nothing, why? Parker.
No, I wasn't shushing you.
From the first job? Yeah.
I put all that money in a Swiss bank account.
Millions of dollars, you didn't buy anything? I don't like stuff.
I like money.
I bought a little retirement home in Ireland.
And Dubai.
And Tokyo.
What about you? Yeah.
Not about to tell two known thieves what I did with a multimillion dollar payout.
Don't you trust us? Okay.
I don't get it.
What is this? This is our new cover story.
Welcome to Leverage Consulting and Associates, founded in 1913 by the great Harlon Leverage the Third.
I'm sorry.
Nate is going to kill you.
Did you paint that? I'm gifted.
It's weird.
Now, Leverage Consulting is squeaky clean.
All corporate taxes on record as paid for the last 90 years.
All your identities as partners, payroll taxes are paid, you guys have pension plans and dental.
Those are employment records, case files and company newsletters.
In 1998 I won the sack race at the Fourth of July picnic.
Now, these These are your offices.
Now, you can bring something like a photo, uh You know what? A plant.
I'm a big supporter of dandelions.
Hardison, I can't believe you spent your share of the cash on all of this.
Me? No, hell no.
Nate paid for all of this.
You know, with what he had left.
I mean, you know, after he gave the rest of it away.
Whoa, what do you mean, he gave it away? Yeah.
All of it.
Every last penny.
It was, uh, to, like, some children's hospital or something like that.
But this This is my masterpiece.
My man.
Long version or the short version? Short.
Short version.
Photo and video forensics programs, back doors into every electronic banking system in the world running heuristic data crawls all over the news sites to find our clients.
Oh, also Is this the short version? Facial recognition database tied into CIA, NSA and the FBI.
All right, stop kicking the tires.
You wanna take her for a spin? See those guys? Private contractors.
They make 700 bucks a day.
I make seven.
Hey, yeah, but you know what they gotta do? They gotta Dwight! Our client is the cameraman, Corporal Robert Perry.
He says that the Castleman contractors spooked and started firing.
mixed in with some nine mils from the submachine guns.
Insurgents would have used with AK-47 with 7.
62 ammo.
Has more of a crack.
Contractors shot them up, all right.
You ID'd the weapon from the gunshot sound? It has a very distinctive sound.
Castleman Security is hardcore, folks.
Billion dollar company, they got fat government contracts everywhere we got troops.
That's Charles Dufort, CEO.
Very paranoid and very professional.
I I want to get this clear right now, this is a private army you're talking about taking on.
They got their own intel assets, they got a lot of trigger pullers.
Yes, and lobbyists in every office in Washington, D.
The problem with a cover up is all the paperwork it takes to keep the lies straight.
Internal emails, memos Exactly.
So Let's go to work.
So, we steal the evidence, and threaten to expose them.
Ah, yes, but just enough blackmail to pay for Perry's rehab, maybe a couple of million more, damages.
Never hold up in court.
Ah, but that's why Corporal Perry is lucky.
He doesn't have lawyers, he has thieves.
Hardison? Next time I'll wear the suit.
Dufort's here.
I'll make contact.
See what you can squeeze out of him.
Parker, Hardison, time to hit his office.
I I gotta go back to the office.
I just remembered something.
What? I just remembered gravity and the squishiness of all my manly bits.
I designed this rig myself.
The line is carbon fiber, five point harness, weight support here, here and here, auto breaking resistance on the main pulley back here.
Okay, cool.
So it's tested.
Not yet.
Not yet When the hell was you gonna test it? Big baby.
Seriously? Seriously? Okay, Hardison, Parker, guard sweeps are every 10 minutes.
That means you got nine minutes, 30 seconds.
I'm working on it.
Castleman is gonna be very happy with the new appropriations bill.
Pardon me.
Lily McReady.
I'm with Executive Orders.
They're a London based defense contractor.
Charles Dufort.
Executive Orders doesn't work for the US government.
Perhaps we can do something about that.
- Yes, well, um It was very nice to meet you.
- Oh.
Now you'll have to excuse me.
You're not poaching, are you? Appropriations bill 718.
Those are our defense contracts.
Don't even bother.
Dufort, surely there's enough war to go around.
I rather like you.
Hardison, Hardison, what's this, uh What's this bill they're talking about? You know what? I'd like to give it a Schoolhouse Rock, but this man has an RFID security card reader on his power supply, so little busy.
Ooh, old school.
I found a safe.
You're not gonna believe this.
It's voice activated.
All right, one problem at a time.
Uh, Sophie, I'm going in.
We need to get an RFID card to Eliot.
My company is focused on meeting senators, but, um, I'm thinking congressmen.
You know the great thing about congressmen, will get one elected.
But then, once they're in, the incumbency rate is over 95 percent.
So you can get on an average out of one of them.
In these uncertain times, buying a United States congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make.
Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
I'm a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.
We've been providing military advisors internationally for over 40 years.
Well, helping rebels overthrow their governments, Mr.
No, overthrowing the government is too harsh a way to describe it.
We just help them along.
It was a kind of collaboration.
Is that what you call it? Hey.
Know what? You have a little dip.
Oh, no, oh, dear.
You've got dip all over this beautiful jacket.
Brand new suit? Shouldn't be too hard to get out and wash.
I don't believe this.
First day I've worn it.
Thank you.
I will see if I can get someone to help you with that.
Excuse me.
Yeah, garcon.
Yes, ma'am.
Could you, uh Could you possibly help us? We've got a little stain on this jacket here, you see? Oh, look at that.
Let me take care of that for you.
I was wondering if you could splash a little soda.
Let me, uh, keep this.
A man in my position shouldn't forget his wallet.
That's embarrassing.
Thank you.
Here you go, sir.
Knock yourself out.
taking good care of me.
- You're welcome.
There's no magnetic strip.
It emits a little radio frequency.
Just put it up next to the phone that I gave you.
I'm in.
Parker, what's the status of the voice lock? Uh, I've been sampling Dufort's speech, but I still need a few more sounds.
How many? Well, I only need the sounds P, T, Ooh, Ah, Eh, Oh, Aw, K, A, F.
Ah, only those.
Eliot? I'm on it.
Ooh, mmm.
Appetizer, sir? Sure.
What do you got? I've got the, uh, pate d'escargot avec beurre d'Argenteuil, and what looks like old duck, kind of greasy.
I guess I'll have the first one.
Of course.
Well? May I have some? The greasy duck? Ooh, no, no, no, no, no.
I wouldn't have the greasy duck.
No, I wouldn't suggest it.
The other one.
The pate d'escargot with the beurre Argenteuil.
Excellent choice, sir.
Who is this clown? Pretty good.
I got most of them.
Okay, now all I need is F, Uh, and K.
This is shrimp! Very good then.
It's shrimp, you stupid f Oh, there they are.
Really loud, too.
Okay, Sophie, start the walk away.
I was wondering, could I drop by your office? Any time.
Where are you going? Playing a hunch.
All right, well, play it fast.
Hardison, what do you got? You've got three minutes.
Too much.
I got all of Perry's medical records.
Uh, which It's pretty normal, but they've got psych evaluations, high school records, they're reading his emails.
Tapping his phones.
I've got surveillance photos of Perry here from the hospital yesterday.
Why spend so much money watching our guy? I mean, investigations of the shooting were done months ago.
See those guys? Private contractors.
Because it's not about the shooting.
The cover-up has nothing to do with the shooting.
It's about the trucks.
Uh, yes? Your support on the next appropriations bill would be very helpful.
We've already earmarked the new bid contracts for Castleman.
They deserve it.
Nobody's perfect.
Look at all the trouble they had with that shooting in Najaf.
I'm sorry? I don't really follow that sort of news.
I just, uh, review the contracts.
Of course.
Excuse me.
Parker, Hardison, bug out, go back to the office.
We're going to the hospital.
You need to talk to Perry again? The shooting wasn't an accident.
Perry isn't a victim, he's a witness.
Castleman strike you as the kind of company to keep a witness alive? He's not in his damn room.
I'm checking all the corridors that are connected to the exterior doors.
Sorry, Doc, I know it's closed, but Mr.
Ford? We gotta get you out of here now.
Why? Castleman.
Come on.
Rob Perry.
Sophie Devereaux.
Ooh! Here we go.
Watch those hands, Mr.
I'm in a wheelchair, I'm not blind.
Let's go.
Nate, get him clear.
I can't find Excuse me, do you work on this floor? I, uh What floor is this? I'm in orthopedics.
So Hey! Hey! Take the elevator! Mr.
Ford! Hello.
We got all this stuff off one of the Castleman hitters.
"I can't live with the pain.
I'm so sorry.
" This is a suicide note.
The gun is registered in Robert Perry's name.
The bill of sale belongs to a gun shop a mile from his house.
I got Perry, uh, squared away in a safehouse.
Playtime's over, Nate.
It's only a matter of time before they come after us.
The tall one? The way he used the knife? Ex-Marine, probably force recon.
You ID'd a guy off his knife fighting style? It's a very distinctive style.
For later.
I didn't sign up for any of this.
What I did before, nobody got hurt.
I stole paintings for a living.
I never hurt anybody.
I actually hurt people, so Nate, if anything had happened to this kid tonight You know, you guys called on me.
You remember? You begged me to run the crew, agreed to play by my rules.
Now walk out if you have a problem with that.
Walk out any day if you have a problem with that.
It's simple.
We finish this one.
Just one.
How do we hit them? Congressman Jenkins.
He's our in.
Looked me straight in the eye and told me he'd never even heard of the shooting.
So? Looked me in the eye? When men are telling the truth they're not looking me in the eye.
A man only ever looks a woman in the eye when he's making the effort to lie to her.
Well, you can't argue with that.
Noted and filed.
All right, Jenkins is Dufort's pet congressman.
Let's see if we can get him to bite.
The best way to get two people to reveal a secret.
Get them to turn on each other.
May I put that away for you? That didn't sound like a question.
Congressman Jenkins.
Oh, um Executive Orders, the European company.
From the fundraiser, right? That's right.
I remember you from the fundraiser.
Tom Abrams.
You can call me Tommy.
You don't work for Congressman Jenkins, do you? I do not.
No, I work for Congressman Calloway from upstate.
We already have enough friends on the appropriations committee.
European countries will aid the United States in their foreign operations if they know that European companies are gonna reap some of the benefits.
Some help on the appropriations bill I support American company.
Like Castleman? Like Castleman.
And they support, uh, the country.
Well, I'm here because Congressman Calloway wanted me to let you know that, uh, he's open to discussions now that Congressman Jenkins has gone soft on you.
Jenkins always delivers.
Uh, Jenkins told my boss to his face that he's tired of covering for you.
We've backed him for years.
Well, Jenkins wanted my boss to meet this woman from a British company Era Era Executive Orders.
I didn't pick you at random, Congressman.
Castleman can be a fickle friend.
Rumor has it they're looking for some fresh blood.
I'll tell you what, if your earmarks and your no-bid contracts are still in that appropriations bill, then you know that he's still your boy.
But if they're not, well, Congressman Calloway would be open to enjoying the same favors that Jenkins has enjoyed for all these years.
But, of course, Jenkins has new friends now.
You should look out for the signs, Congressman.
Missed phone calls, no more little favors.
Those are the same signs that your wife is cheating on you.
That's right.
And what am I supposed to do when that happens? Play the field.
Thanks very much for coming, Tommy.
Congressman Jenkins is very careful.
No direct bribes, but he's renovating his house and so far he's received over $600,000 worth of work for a little over 50 grand.
Castleman owns the contracting company, huh? I mean, he's going through, like, three shell companies, but yeah.
And this man loves his house.
Just check out his web browsing habits.
I mean, look here.
See, the man spent three weeks picking out the perfect mahogany wood panels.
This site is like wood porn.
Is his house finished? Not even close.
Can I borrow your phone? Hello.
Yes, uh, I'd like to cancel delivery on some mahogany wood paneling, please.
The Jenkins house.
You know what? Do me a favor, man, just go ahead and cancel the whole order.
Yes, sir.
Uh, what's he doing? Yanking the congressman's chain.
Parker started her run yet? Just now.
You know, I still think it would be easier for me to just hack the building and prank you.
No, no, no computers.
A bill is put into a wooden box on the congressional floor called the hopper.
A wooden box? A wooden box.
Oh, we can put a man on the moon, but all our laws go into a wooden box? What we need to do is we need to get Dufort to believe that Jenkins is abandoning him, that Jenkins submitted an appropriations bill that doesn't have any of the usual contracts for Castleman.
Which means that we have to put our own pages into the bill.
That means the only place that we could get at it would Ah.
Ah! Okay.
You don't have a pass, you don't get in.
I mean, break a law, everybody's done that.
My mama's done that.
But steal a law? Oh, she's gonna be a legend, baby.
The eagle has landed.
It's in.
Go ahead, girl.
You might wanna ease up on that a little bit.
I'm just saying.
Between me and you.
Between me and you.
Never leaves the room.
I've been your advocate in Congress for three administrations.
Guys, how's Washington? Oh, villains, conmen, wolves in sheep's clothing.
Felt right at home.
This is pretty amazing.
call me, this is your contractor's problem.
Oh, please.
Let's not pretend.
You pulled all our earmarks from the appropriations.
There's about an hour of this, but here, here's the high point.
Somebody screwed up.
I've always been there for you.
I called Manila, I cleared customs for you in Los Angeles.
And that was a risk.
Now, after that there's Well, whatever you call the rich guys on telephone's version of makeup sex.
But now we know, Castleman makes a thousand shipments a month, but one shipped through Manila right after the shooting linked the phone records from the Congressman.
Their shipments come through here.
Now, somewhere in this madness is container 541.
It's currently sitting at the Port of Los Angeles.
What's in it? No idea.
But it's moving in two days.
Heading to the main Castleman storage facility in Kansas.
Now that That's why they tried to hit Perry, right there.
That's it.
Wanted to tie up all the loose ends before they tucked this one away at home base.
What do you ship in a crate from Iraq? Oh, boy.
Something worth killing for.
How's security? Dockyard entrance is no problem, but There it is.
It's 541.
Hold up, Rambo.
There are no lasers, no motion detectors, no vibrations, no Whoops.
What whoops? It's a webcam.
Picking up its broadcast on my phone.
Oh, I see it.
Up on that pole.
I just have to spook the IP address and overlay a digital duplicate on the Wi-Fi Or that.
Let's go.
I'm sorry it was too far away for you to punch.
I'm sure that really frustrates you.
Position one, what's your status? Perimeter secure.
We're ready for you.
Copy that.
I'm on my way.
What do you think is in there? Artifacts from Baghdad museums, maybe some from the Saddam palaces.
Nah, I bet it's weapons.
Lot of back alley arms dealing going on in a war zone.
Money's good, too.
Hey! Line of sight.
You shouldn't be away from that container.
Something's wrong with the webcam.
Get some men up there and fix that webcam.
I want it working in an hour.
That's worth killing for.
Ultraviolet checks out.
Paper checks out.
The watermarks, the ink, it all checks out.
There's a whole container of it from Iraq, of all places.
It's gotta be counterfeit.
It's real.
It feels real.
What've you got going on? You and Hardison, what is it, like, a creepy contest? I don't know, what is it, two, three hundred million dollars in US currency? What's it doing in Iraq? We sent it there.
What? Beginning of the Iraq war, my old company helped insure the largest currency transfer in history.
Billions and billions in ones, fives and twenties, all cash, sent to Iraq for reconstruction.
As needed.
Nine billion went missing.
Wait, billion with a "B"? Nine billion dollars of US taxpayer money just disappeared? Castleman gets a cut of the booty.
The day they go to move it, real soldiers, they see the transfer One of the contractors spooks, starts shooting.
Corporal Perry didn't see anything.
Well, they don't know that.
Castleman's a billion dollar company.
Why would they even care about this cash? Because it's cash.
You know, money is money.
That's one thing.
Cash is a whole other thing.
For all the money in the economy, there's only about $500 in cash for every American.
Untraceable small bills, perfect for slush funds, or, um, home improvements for US congressmen.
Or small time donors.
You know, for re-election.
No electronic trail.
It's money laundering.
How so? All right, well, Castleman uses the illegal cash to re-elect his congressman.
Congressman gets him no-bid contracts for government jobs and then the government pays for his services with legal money.
And there's the circle right there.
They turned the entire US government into a money laundering scam.
That's right.
HARDISON: Brilliant.
I'm impressed.
Never thought I'd say this, ever.
That is just way too much money to steal.
No, you're not gonna steal it.
You don't remember? You're the good guys now.
You're gonna give it back.
Check the perimeter.
Start your rounds.
The car is right over there.
Hey, you two! I told you we should have taken the shuttle bus.
Hold it right there! I paid them $2,000 for food poisoning.
They're not getting another cent.
I have to hear this again? Hey! Hey, you! Hey, come here.
Come here.
Where's the Pacific, uh, cruise, the parking lot? You people have to move away from this area.
Yeah, well, I'm trying to, jackass.
Just tell me where my car is.
Yeah, that's right.
Start a fight, why don't you? Oh.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir? Uh, yes Congressman! Well, what a pleasure.
I paid a fortune for these mahogany panels and I'd like to know where the hell they are.
I can help you with that right here, sir.
They changed the lock.
Just do what you do.
I mean, whatever, what you need? Nah.
Stop all that playing.
Hell, no.
After squeezing out three brats Oh, here we go again! Then he treats me to a little romance.
Just a little.
- I'll squeeze something out of you, all right.
- You two! Back to your post.
What's this? I know you.
What? Check the container! What? Where did they go? No.
No, no, no, no, no! No! No! Perimeter, perimeter, there's a white truck coming at you.
Do not let it pass! Stop that truck.
Come on! Come on! Get out of the vehicle.
Now! Get out of the way.
What's going on here? What are you doing here? We're moving the container today.
Now, what's happening? The container is empty.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Get out of the truck.
Huh? And just where do you think you're going? I'm just transporting.
No, you're just gonna open this truck.
What did you do? Who the hell are you working for? You stupid son of a bitch.
I will bury you.
Get your damn hands off me.
You don't think we kept all of your emails, all of your phone calls? You go down with us on this.
What is this? This is the container.
The container? The container with the Iraqi money? Open it.
Okay, I see what this is.
This is racial.
This is about my ethniticity, ain't it? Uh-huh.
It's because I'm Jewish.
I'm supposed to believe that you just happened to be here on the day that a couple of hundred million dollars in cash goes missing? Don't blame me.
I helped you smuggle that money through customs.
I broke laws.
I could go to jail.
Congressman? Congressman.
Is this the container, Congressman? Uh What? You called us, Congressman.
No, no, no, no.
I You, uh, must be mistaken about this.
Just because a brother likes matzo ball soup, what's wrong with that? Sammy Davis Open that door or I open your head.
Not this one.
This is 542.
What? Your phone call said 541.
Sir, you're holding the key.
Yeah, um I'm just back from Washington for a day and they say I have to personally come down here.
I'll give you a map to your container.
Right there.
And one second.
I'll get you the key.
They're watching us.
They're filming us.
Charles? You help me here, please? No! Congressman, what is all this? What have you uncovered here? I have uncovered corruption.
This is Charles Dufort, from Castleman Security.
And in the course of his company's very patriotic work in Iraq, they discovered a massive theft of US currency.
Our intel revealed that this container left Iraq sometime last month.
I knew that I would need high-level help unraveling this conspiracy, so I called the most honest man that I know, Congressman Jenkins.
And I want to tell you this, I for one am not going to stand by and let this sort of war profiteering continue.
Don't you blame me.
I helped you smuggle that money through customs.
I broke laws.
I could go to jail.
Now get your damn hands off me.
You don't think we kept all of your emails, all of your phone calls? You go down with us.
Congressman, is this a confession? There's an explanation for everything.
Yes, Congressman, sir, and what is that explanation? Congressman, are you profiting from this situation? Uh How long have you been involved in this smuggling? Oh, crap.
We're gonna lead with "crap.
" What's this about? I don't know.
Ford said he wanted us down here right away.
Hi, guys.
What do you want? Show them.
An empty truck? Nothing up my sleeve.
Is this stolen? Not anymore.
What are we supposed to do with it? Pay for Corporal Perry's rehab.
And some other guys' rehabs.
Pretty much whatever you want.
Doc, a cute blonde shows up with a couple of million dollars, I say we take the win.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
The world doesn't work this way.
So change the world.
We did it.
We've got it.
I don't even know what to say.
We can take care of everybody.
I get half, right? I get half? No, you don't get half.
Yes, I do.
I get half.
Anybody who wants to walk away can do it right now.
One more.
Maybe two.
I bought a plant.
Team spirit.
What does it do? I can't believe you gave all your money away.
You didn't buy yourself anything.
I bought a car.
Probably a station wagon.
An electric car.
Of course.
How sweet.
Do you have to wind it up? I'm just trying to be responsible.
Responsible? You know it sucks to be the good guy.
You haven't figured it out yet, have you? Just 'cause you're the good guys now doesn't mean you can't have a little fun along the way.
Oh, boy.
Midlife crisis.
Definitely midlife.
Totally midlife crisis.

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