Leverage s01e03 Episode Script

The Two-Horse Job

Dad? Dad! Dad, are you all right? You have the horses? It's too late.
Nine dead.
One horse survived.
Baltimore, with smoke in his lungs.
My family's been training horses since the Civil War, never had anything like this.
But you didn't own any of those horses, right? That's not how it works.
Trainer's raise them, they break them, they race them, but they don't own them.
It's a rich man's game.
Well, I always dreamed of having my own horses.
So when this Wall Street guy came to town, Mr.
Foss, said he wanted to start his own horse franchise Mr.
Ford, he offered me 10 percent ownership.
Real ownership.
I took the deal.
And six months later, the horses aren't running to Foss's liking.
He burned nine horses, Nate, nine of them, to get his investment back.
And he's running around blaming me for the fire.
Bad enough I lost my stable, no one will ever hire me again.
I'm uninsurable.
Well, Foss is up for a two million dollar insurance payout, so we can get you a piece of that money.
I don't want a dime of Foss's money.
Well, I'm sorry, what is it that you do want? They scream.
In a fire, Mr.
Ford, the horses scream.
Foss only has one horse left alive.
Get Baltimore for me, I'll take care of him.
That's all I want, is for that son of a bitch to never be in the horse business again.
Nothing more.
You called him? We need him.
Yeah, no, we don't.
I forgot how much I liked these Southern welcomes.
Eight years.
No phone calls, no letters.
You don't earn a homecoming parade.
How's your husband, Aimee? Gone.
It seems I have a weakness for men with one foot out the door.
Excuse me.
So, when you said you knew the family, you meant you knew the family, huh? Please tell me you weren't engaged to her.
May have given her a promise ring or A what? For the No, no, never mind, never mind.
There's no way we're gonna do this if I have to worry about you being stupid because you're too involved with I'm not involved, I'm I want to help Willie.
Did you hear the guy's story? Scout's honor.
Wrong hand.
Alan Foss, hedge fund manager for Smith & Markin in New York.
He made 40 million in the last two years.
And he picked up some pretty high cost, high profile hobbies.
Started with high stakes poker and now owning racehorses.
I think I have a fever.
Can I be excused from this one? Come here, let me feel your head.
No, don't feel her What are you What's the deal? What are I once saw a horse kill a clown.
No, no! I'll give you more money.
No! I just really don't like horses.
Moving on.
Six months ago, Foss poured a pile of cash into buying all the horses from Willie's stable.
After the fire The massacre.
The massacre.
Hmm, you are a bit hot on this one.
Oh, okay, hi, yes.
Everybody, you all want to take over the briefings? Okay, I go through a lot of trouble to make these things interesting, have a little something visual for the visual learners, and the auditory learners, and you all, it's just interruption Hey, IYS.
Your old insurance company holds the policy on Foss's horses.
Is that going to be a problem? No.
If I can find a way to stick it to my old boss, it's even better.
Our mission is to take Foss's last surviving horse and deliver it to Eliot's friend, Willie.
Meet Baltimore.
Three wins, two places, insured for $200,000.
Thank you very much, that concludes this briefing, appreciate your attention.
Now how do we get the damn horse? Well, what do we know about Foss's schedule? According to his online calendar, he's going to a big race at Kensington Racetrack this weekend.
Miss Devereaux, how is your Southern belle? And they're off and running, a 10 horse field on the stretch How you all doing? Well, hi there.
How are you? Nice to see you again.
He's got trip threes.
If I wanted a glass of ice, I would have ordered that.
Okay? So try again.
And a bourbon, straight.
Like it.
I like when a woman knows how to order a drink.
Katherine Beth Lovrey.
But you can call me Kitty.
Alan Foss.
And you can call me whatever you want.
So you here for business or pleasure? A little of both.
I'm a blood stock agent.
You in the market for a horse? Anything fast? I don't deal with sprinters.
No, no, no.
I like mine to finish the mile.
I'm sorry, um, I don't really recognize the last name.
What ownership do you work with? I brokered the deal for the last two derby winners.
Good for business, but I'm a little shy of publicity.
He's got a 50,000 limit.
He bet on Kentucky Thunder.
In fact, one of the horses racing today was my sale.
Kentucky Thunder.
Yeah, I hear he's a great horse.
I have a couple of thousand in spare change on him.
Well, that is my kind of spare change.
After this race you, uh, let me buy you a drink.
Sadly on this occasion I have to run.
See, I host a monthly poker game here at the track for some of my higher end clients.
Uh, I'd like in on that, then.
He's got 50,000.
It's awfully high stakes.
Yeah, I'd like in.
Evening, gentlemen.
Foss, this is our friend, Sheik Khalin, Dubai.
His daddy did business with my daddy.
Oil first, then horses.
Pleasure is mine.
Good luck.
Thank you.
And this here is Brad Mackie.
Brad Mackie.
One of the best trainers in town.
Oh, Miss Kitty.
Oh, really, really? Then why doesn't he work for me, then? Well, evening, ladies, you didn't have to wait for me.
Because I work for him.
I'd have caught up.
Uh! Bob Gibson, who are you? Bob, this is Alan Foss, the investor from New York.
Oh, yeah, the one whose, uh, stable burned down, right? You're the guy that had the stable burn down, all them horses got Yeah, well, I know you're new around here and everything, so why don't I just give you a little tip.
Don't let your stable burn down there, Fossie.
All right, why don't we play some cards? Actually, uh, why don't you just hold on one second, please? You mind if I, uh Anybody mind? I got this out of a gift shop today.
Play with a fresh deck.
That's a rookie move, but I don't mind.
I don't have a problem with that.
Sheikey? Why don't you just hand him the deck there, uh, Fossil? Yeah, sure.
So we can play some cards and you can lose some money.
All right, uh, I'm 40,000 light.
But I'm sure, uh, this'll just be worth We play for cash or we play for horses.
Now you still got one of those left? Or did you lose that one, too? Cute.
All right.
I'm going to put in my last horse, Baltimore.
Witness it.
Thanks, darling.
See, 'cause that's how we do it from where I'm from, hoss.
You're bluffing.
I don't know.
Is four nines good? Damn.
See you.
You're a cheating son of a bitch! I don't know what you're talking about.
Why don't you make sure Jersey boy gets me my horse, number one.
And you play, you can come back and play with us any time you want.
Okay, you know what? This isn't binding, so good luck.
Oh, that's not binding, huh? No.
You had four nines, and I had four jacks.
Four nines, four jacks.
Four nines Four jacks, I believe, is better than four nines.
I'll tell everybody from, from Vegas to Houston that Alan Foss welshes on his bets, is that what you want? I'll tell them.
Pleasure doing business.
I owe you one.
Thank you.
We're done.
Hello, Nate.
Why are you playing poker with my client, Nate? Alan Foss is your client.
The fire, you're investigating the stable fire for IYS, you got my old job.
Actually I have your old office.
Very roomy.
Allow me to rephrase, why is an ex insurance agent playing poker with the subject of an open insurance investigation? Open investigation.
Local cops think it was an accident.
Local cops don't have to write a check for two million dollars.
It's my job to make sure that doesn't.
Oh, Nate, that's pathetic.
This is another one of those complicated, little games that you like to play.
All right, so you're hustling Foss, trying to prove arson or get him on the fraud.
Whatever, as long as the company doesn't have to write the check.
You're trying to get your old job back.
Okay, you have it all figured out.
I'll just back off from now on.
Hmm? Nah, it's too late for that.
Tell you the truth, though, kind of given up on Foss.
I like the trainer for the fire, Willie Martin.
Willie Martin's an innocent man.
We're insurance men, Nate.
We don't care about who's guilty or who's innocent.
Just who pays.
Sophie Devereaux.
I haven't seen you since, what was it? Little coup in Sierra Leone? This is getting very interesting.
We need a New plan.
Is it true Sterling spent three days in the trunk of a car waiting to catch someone? No, no.
It was five.
What? Look, I'm not saying that he's better than you were, but Were? I'm sorry.
Well, we need to get Willie that horse back, and get out of here very, very quickly.
Well, it's a little too late for that.
I mean, Sterling thinks that I'm trying to get my job back, right? He doesn't care about the claim anymore, he's just going to mess with anything I do.
If I try to keep Baltimore for myself, he's going to try to get Baltimore back for Foss.
If I give Willie the horse, Willie becomes the target, and believe me, you don't want to be, you know, the target of Sterling.
I thought That's great.
So wait, wait, you're saying Willie loses the horse and Foss stays in business? Nice.
No, no, no, listen, I think I know a way we can tackle both, I think.
Sophie, try to get Foss here, and you guys keep a tab on Sterling.
Run interference.
Eliot, find us a stable.
Aimee got us the horses.
We need her help to pull this off.
So all of these are mine? Well, no.
Trainers work with a lot of different owners, so only a few of them will be yours.
But the stables belong to the trainers, not the owners.
So his office would be right down there.
You can't even say my name now? No, siree.
Uh, and the logos that Well, like she said, my stable.
These stables are all identical, the only way to tell them apart is by trainer logo.
So Hardison faked a couple of them up this morning.
Anything else you need so you can wrap this up and go back to being a somewhat disappointing memory? I thought you said you were fine with this.
I thought you said you were coming back in three weeks.
Oh, boy, this is perfect.
Where the hell is he? Incoming.
And Sterling.
Electronic locks.
Electronic throttle.
Power steering, keyless entry.
Oh, you know what runs all that? Computers? Oh, yeah.
Hello? Police? Listen, I'm at the racetrack.
Yeah, I just passed a black van.
I can't be sure, but I think I heard screaming from inside.
Yeah, and there was blood, like, all over the back of the doors.
Sure, yeah, they could have had guns.
Who knows? Uh, yeah, black van.
Yeah, sure, I'll hold.
He's like Nate.
Evil Nate.
Flee now, talk later.
I sure do appreciate you coming on such short notice.
Well, how could you Gibson.
Gibson, listen, we need to talk about my horse.
And how nice he looks in his new home here? Huh? Is that what we gonna talk Whoa! Yeah.
Not as nice as you, darling, but good thing there's not a rule about short skirts in horse stables.
Yeah, let's go talk.
You, I don't remember your name, but I need your office.
You asked me Today.
Today, not tomorrow, today.
All right, go.
All right, look, my insurance guy is a real prick.
Okay? He says until the claim clears, I can't sell that last horse.
Yeah, well, of course he did.
All right, anyway, whatever.
Um, I would like to buy Baltimore back, please, okay? So here is $40,000.
No, the price went up.
It's two million.
What? Say what? I got this big deal coming up, don't I, darling? And I could use the liquid cash.
Two million bucks.
You know what? You're ridiculous.
You're a joke.
Well, that's the way we play where I come from.
Listen, why don't you and I, why don't we go talk about how much money you're going to make me? And you, why don't you call me when you're serious? Come on there, Kitty.
Oh, you're just going to go with it, 'cause, yeah, he's a real charmer.
Have a good time.
I'm sorry.
I've just seen that look before.
That's a Bob Gibson special.
What, are you serious? How do you even put up with that? He's a little worse this week 'cause he's got this deal and he, uh Anyway, I'm sorry he didn't sell you your horse back.
And what is this deal with Kitty? I can't help you with that, Mr.
See, this industry is changing.
Wasted my time with that petty ante crap, cheap horses, low rent trainers.
Okay, well, you know what I did, though? I called my hedge fund buddies up, and we're going to form investment portfolios only with horses and not stocks.
Modernize the sport.
So guys like Bob Gibson won't know what hit them when New York money comes to town.
So you do me a favor, here's how I can help you.
You either join the revolution, or you get the hell out of my way.
See ya.
Great news.
Not only is Foss not out of the horse business, he's bringing in more money and more partners.
Caught that, working on it.
You're working on it? You said that you had a plan.
He just said he's working on it.
Right, but you convinced my dad that things were going to be okay, things have only gotten worse.
Now, I appreciate you trying to help, but if you don't know what you're doing, just walk away.
At least I know you're good at that.
You can't let it go, can you? Can't let it be the past.
No, I was fine until the long lost hero came back into town.
Your dad called me.
You could have said no.
When did I become the bad guy? Huh? You I left because you got married.
Oh, yeah, and the first I came back, all right? You're the one that moved on, so I don't even know why No phone calls, no letters, nothing.
Eliot, what kind of a person does that? What reasonable justification could you have for just dropping off the planet? Huh? I was working.
Not good enough.
Hey, just listen to me just, don't Oh, don't.
start with your stuff.
You know you can't get out of this, stop.
Come here.
What about that thing you did in Kazakhstan? No, Sterling knows about that one.
And you're sure this isn't about sticking it to your old rival? Because, you know, it's really not worth putting the rest of us at risk.
No, listen, you know, Sterling is going to do everything in his power to take us down, all right? And he's going to take Willie with him.
So, I'm just trying to come up with some plan that he doesn't see a mile away with a blindfold on.
No, same thing as a zebra.
They bite and they never let go in the jungle.
Hold it, whoa, wait, wait.
What about Mr.
Ed? Yeah, a talking animal that nobody else can hear? That never ends badly.
It didn't turn out badly.
Wilbur loved Mr.
He loved him like a second cousin twice removed.
That's it.
That's it, that's it.
What? A talking horse? No, the lost heir.
What's that? Classic European scam.
You pose as a long lost descendent of the royal family, and when you pull it off, wow, the payoffs are really good.
Loads of parties, money, and a fabulous Faberge Egg.
What does that have to do with horses? Well, with horses it's all about bloodlines.
The lost heir of the royal equine family.
It's going to be worth millions.
We are going to sell this guy the greatest horse that never lived.
Go ahead, I know you're itching to say something.
I like Aimee.
I do, I mean that, I like you both.
I just I don't know what comes of chasing the past, you know, Eliot? Well, Sophie, sweetie, I don't think you and Nate get to serve me that particular meal.
We're using Baltimore as the lost heir.
I hacked into the IFHA website, that's the database with all the horses' bloodlines.
Now all that information is linked on numbers to microchips in the horse's neck.
Now we'll link Baltimore's microchip number to a fake horse with a great bloodline.
Then we'll disguise the white stripe on his face with some paint No, that's not going to work.
His lungs are still messed up from the fire.
Well, he can still run.
He can run, but Foss is going to see how slow he is.
That paint thing, that's not going to hold up if he gets close enough to scan the chip.
We need to find a horse that can run like a champion, I mean What about that horse from the other day? Uh, Kentucky Fried Chicken? Kentucky Thunder.
Well, that's what I said.
Oh, we steal an actual championship racehorse in order to fake another championship racehorse.
Ooh, I like it.
Ooh, Todd.
Lena Waters.
Todd Hazen, right? Kentucky Thunder's trainer? Yes, can I help you with something? Great, well, we're all set.
Set? Well, you are ready for the interview, aren't you? Excuse me? Well, my office has been calling you all day.
I've set up an interview with Sports Illustrated.
A couple years ago all the cell phone companies went digital with their voicemail systems.
Man, it was like somebody put a brand new swing set on my playground.
Damn it.
Like I said, been calling you all day.
I heard you, ma'am.
So, listen, the reporter's going to be at the turf club any second now I hear you.
Thank you.
Um, listen, if he's not there, please wait for him for half an hour.
Maybe an hour or two.
Have a snack.
Any sign of Sterling? No, all clear.
Parker? Nope.
What about these guys? Any trouble getting them here? Well, the little one has a bladder the size of a peanut.
She had to go to the bathroom three times on the way.
And once when we got here.
You ever hear of the Beijing Jockey Club? Yeah, flew out there a few years back with a couple of buddies.
Met with the founder, J.
He was trying to start this horse hedge fund.
He had the right idea, wrong investment.
Yep, imported 600 horses.
All the best bloodlines in the world.
Yeah, for all the good that did them.
Communist government cracks down a year later, kills every single horse.
Six hundred thoroughbred racehorses dead, and nobody makes one cent on the insurance payouts.
That is the real tragedy, my friend.
They didn't kill They killed 599.
What? That's the surviving horse.
That time beats every derby winner in the last decade.
His name's Fei Kuai, born September 15th.
That's a month before the others were killed.
Those are the original owners.
They're trying to unload him before the government finds him.
What? And they're trying to sell it to Gibson? For a fraction of what he's worth.
No, no way, not happening.
Do you get Internet on your phone, Mr.
Foss? Yes.
Pull up the IFHA website, I'll tell you why.
Every thoroughbred worldwide has their bloodlines registered there.
Punch in that number right there, that'll give you the bloodlines of this horse.
8- 9-9-3-3.
Native Dancer, War Admiral, Secretariat.
You got to be This horse is a Kennedy.
You're going to start a franchise, Mr.
Foss, this is the horse you need.
What did we find out about his investment group? Six investors.
They each matched Foss, two million dollar seed money.
They put Foss in charge.
All right, Sophie, get in there.
He's got $12 million with your name on it.
Foss, how nice to see you again.
- Brad.
- Miss Katherine.
Pardon us, but, uh, we need to get this horse back to his stable now.
Hold it right there, Kitty Cat.
I want to buy your horse.
Whatever Gibson offered you, I want to give you more.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but Mr.
Gibson offered them $11 million.
Great, If you have the money by tomorrow, the horse is yours.
Slap it, slap it.
Of course.
In the Chinese culture it is customary to take a picture together when you transfer property.
What are you Hell, yeah, come on, let's do it right now.
Take it.
Let's do it.
You got to go again? Of course, you do.
It's right on in there, right around the corner.
Go on.
Go on ahead.
You know, I couldn't believe it at first.
But then again, you did drink yourself right out of a job.
Lost your house, your wife, plenty of money troubles.
Keep talking.
You'll get to the point eventually.
You crossed the line.
Nathan Ford is a common criminal.
Oh, common.
Well, that's just hurtful.
I spoke to my client tonight.
Do you want to know what I told him? I don't think you told him anything.
'Cause if you had proof that Foss started the fire, you'd be gone already.
And I don't think you'd risk a two million dollar payout just to stick it to me.
No, I think you probably did what you always do.
You gave your client just enough rope, just enough, to hang himself.
Am I right? This time, Nate, I think there's just enough rope for two.
There's no way to fake the numbers on that chip.
You faked it before.
No, no, no, I faked the information on the database.
Okay, now when Foss scans that chip, if it's not the same number that showed up before Oh, we're screwed.
Now either we cut the chip out of the horse and insert it into another one Or we deliver Kentucky Thunder.
Well, we're not a library, we can't just take horses in and out as we like.
Kentucky Thunder's gone.
What? Racing? Worse.
Stud farm.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
All right, we're not going to get Foss to write a $12 million check for an empty horse trailer.
This doesn't work without Kentucky Thunder.
So we're going to stall.
What do you mean, no? Sterling's going to catch on.
Foss is going to get cold feet, man.
No, we have a chance, we got to get this horse.
Okay, listen, I am not going to jeopardize the rest of the team because you have something to prove to your high school sweetheart.
It's just not going to happen.
Oh, and you're not trying to prove something to Sterling.
You're not trying to prove something to the world every time we help somebody out? We're all trying to prove something, just being here with you.
If it gets too close I will pull the plug, and you and you will walk away.
And that will be that.
And you, or do you have something to prove, too? Myself, you arrogant son of a bitch.
Can you hack it? Hack the lock? Nice.
You still really don't understand what I do, do you? Parker, you're going to have to go in through the air duct.
Drop down, let us in.
But the horses are in there.
No, no, no.
There's a back room, there won't be any horses in there.
We need you to do this.
I need you to do this.
Looks like Parker's going to have to crawl through the air duct again.
God forbid anyone else would have to learn how to frickin' crawl on their stomach through a tiny space.
It's not rocket science, people.
Parker, you realize that we can still hear you.
Aimee, I found Kentucky Thunder.
He's a really, really big horse.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Uh, yeah, sometimes they keep them in there before he gets teased.
I don't want to be in a stall with a horse that's about to be teased.
We're running out of time, Parker.
Oh, my Parker, hurry up.
See, you're not dead, good.
Don't be silly.
Horses are much less murderous than I originally thought.
Alan, when I met you at the races the other day, I said to myself, "Kitty, now this is a man who is going to take you places.
" Are we going the right way? Darling, I'm quite familiar with these stables.
We're just taking a little shortcut.
Sterling is going to meet us here, and a few investors are coming, too.
They can't wait to meet Fei Kuai.
And here we are.
I've never come this way before.
It's funny.
I'm just going to go check on the truck.
You stay right here.
Right here.
Hey, did you get him turned around enough? I think so.
He doesn't seem that familiar with the stables.
Okay, Foss is in place.
Where are you? We're close.
Any minute now.
Listen, the hauler's going to be here in five minutes.
If you're not here, Foss is going to open up an empty trailer and there will be no lost heir.
I said we'll be there.
Hardison, show me what you're looking at.
I'll be damned.
We going to jail.
My father lost his job, he lost his horses, and now he's going to have to visit me in jail.
Well, on the bright side you have all of us to keep you company.
Hey, nobody's going to jail.
I promise you.
We're going to make it.
Where All right, all right, we're not going to make it.
I'm pulling the plug.
Eliot, bring the horse back to the stud farm, meet us at the rendezvous spot.
Uh, boss, we might have a hard time with that.
Why? Oh, great.
Great job not getting emotionally attached or doing anything stupid.
It's the front gate.
The hauler's here.
Oh, perfect, right on time.
No, and we got Sterling showing up any second.
Now, listen, this thing was It's over.
So we're going to do the blow off right now because Pony Express is never late, boss.
Did I tell you I was going to kill you? Come on.
Okay, we're back on.
Gibson called.
He's upset.
He really had his eye on that horse.
But I guess the best man won.
Well, you know, I have a way of Things have a way of going in my direction.
Just lucky, I guess.
I guess.
Foss, I got something you might want to take a look at.
Yeah, I figured you would.
You might as well double check before my insurance investigator takes a look.
You wouldn't want anything to go wrong, right? Good thinking.
8- 9-9-3-3.
Thank you.
So, ready to make this official? Yes, I am.
Just sign here and initial there.
Now there's just that small matter of $12 million.
Twelve million coming right at you.
Why that is a lovely string of zeros.
My friends will be very pleased.
Right down here I'm afraid I have some unfortunate news, Mr.
Hey, Sterling, not right now, okay? I'm showing them the horse.
The horse you have in there is not from China, and it's definitely not the lost heir of Secretariat.
What are you talking about? That horse is Kentucky Thunder.
What? That ain't Kentucky Thunder.
Well, of course, it isn't, it's Fei Kuai.
0- 2-2-1-3.
Hey, obviously your scanner isn't working.
0- 2-2-1-3.
Okay, I just put the horse in here.
How is this happening? What is going on, Foss? How am I supposed to know? What horse is this? They need a man like myself to show them vision.
It's Baltimore.
Um, excuse me.
That's impossible.
Because I lost Baltimore in a poker game.
Well, it looks like you just bought him back.
And you tried to insure him for $12 million.
In a previous claim you insured this very same horse for $200,000.
And that's insurance fraud.
I'm going to have to deny your claim on the fire.
I think you owe these gentlemen an explanation.
I think he owes us $10 million.
Whoa, wait.
Hold on! If you just This is not This isn't We're going to get the money back.
Oh, we're going to get the money back.
You're on the hook for fraud, you'll pay the debt.
Ten million is all I have left.
We'll settle for that.
Looks good, all right.
And, uh, we got you just a little bit of cash to get your stable going.
Twelve million more will be in your bank account.
And here is your first horse.
This is legal? Absolutely.
The fraud invalidates the second sale, ownership reverts back to the previous owner, me, and I'm giving him to you.
I don't know what to say.
Next horse I get, I'm naming him Mr.
Ford Well, uh, I look forward to putting a little money on Mr.
All right, okay.
Eliot? Yeah, uh, can I Could you give me a Yeah, yeah, just, yeah.
So, I was wrong.
I don't think I've ever heard you say that before.
Wrong about what, exactly? You're never going to be the kind to settle down.
But, uh, I'm glad you found a family.
The Those guys? I'm just sorry it couldn't be me.
# Livin' with me, it ain't easy # But I do it every day # And sometimes even now # I wanna run away # But there you are # You're tryin' to please me # And you stand your ground # It's more than I deserve Nice move with the tourists and the camera.
Did you have to hide in Hardison's trunk all week to pull that off? Your crack team handed me that one.
Little sloppy letting her have bathroom breaks.
And bringing Kentucky Thunder's trainer? Well, that wrapped things up nicely for us.
Made you look like an idiot, but helped us out.
And the paperwork that you had Foss sign helped me save the company a pile of money in the payout.
And you know from personal experience just how much they hate to write a check.
Look, it's terrible what happened to your son.
No one's denying that.
Suffering doesn't automatically make you a hero.
I never claimed to be.
You just think you're above the law.
Oh, no.
I like to think of it as I pick up where the law leaves off.
I'm not going to be so nice next time.
Neither will I.

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