Leverage s02e01 Episode Script

The Beantown Bailout Job

You found that stolen Monet in Florence, saved the company a $25-million payout.
That identity-theft case saved $15 million.
So, what have you been up to for the last year? Uh, working with individual clients, confidential.
Solving rich people's problems.
Actually, uh, the other way around.
- Hmm? - Hmm? We're glad to have you here.
Welcome back to the insurance game.
There's lots of files I'd like you to review from our international branches.
Mexico City.
Los Angeles.
Let's start you as a consultant, work high-profile recoveries on a commission basis, and get you an office.
Ford? Mr.
Ford? Was it something I said? Zoe, it's it's It's more complicated than you think.
But you called the police, right? Yeah, but they didn't even really get it when I was explaining it to them.
It's very difficult to wrap your head around unless you're a banker.
So explain it better.
Daddy, it's the right thing to do.
- Honey, can we please just change the subject? - OK.
Can I get a cell phone? I got no good choices here, do I? I got no good choices.
Ah, screw it.
Uh - Honey.
- Dad? I don't know what's going on.
- Dad! Daddy, look out! - It's outta control.
I Aaah The brakes! Daddy! OK, guys, hold on.
I got you.
Get her out of here, now.
Yeah, OK, I got her.
Give me your hands, move slow.
Move slow.
Hold on.
Come on, easy, OK? Take it easy.
I got her.
Get him! Yeah, yeah! Oh, God.
Help Help me.
What Hey! No! Help! Help me! - Help! - Hey! Hey! - My dad! My - Help me! - OK, hold on.
- Help! Help! Help! Hurry! Go! Go! Move back! Move back! The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
- I'm just gonna - OK.
Excuse me, I just wanted to check on, uh Hi.
I'm Glenn Leary, I'm Matt's boss at the bank.
Um Sorry.
This is, uh, Lieutenant Bonanno of the State Police.
Hell of a thing you did.
Now you call me if you think of anything, all right? - Sure.
- State Police? Car crash downtown, that's Boston PD, not State Police.
Well, you're right.
It's not.
Yeah, Matt called him to set up a meeting.
I have no idea why.
Maybe something at the bank.
How? There isn't even gonna be a bank after Friday.
We work at First Boston Independent.
Going under.
At the end of the week government's gonna come in, write one last check for all the bad assets, and that's it, close the doors.
And, um Matt took it pretty hard.
He was drinking.
You know what a mess people are when they drink.
He's in surgery.
I'm gonna go down and check on him.
Thanks again.
- Something's wrong with the car.
- Hmm? It went real fast, and and then the brakes Yeah? Listen, there's a Detective Bonanno out there.
- I'm gonna go tell him about this, OK? - No, wait! Something's wrong with the car.
All right.
You should get some sleep.
Yeah? Yeah.
- Picking up for one.
- Last name? - Parker.
- First name? No, just one name.
Parker? Yeah, right.
After the show, then.
I'll see you.
- Eliot? - Nate.
- Parker.
- Hardison.
- So how are you? - Uh, good, good, great.
You? Fantastic.
Six months of traveling, - did a couple of big jobs.
- Yeah, me too.
Great off-time.
I bought an oxygen tank.
- Cool, nice to own.
- Super.
I've been really super too.
She didn't tell me that you guys would Ohh! You made it.
I didn't know you could sing.
You know.
Not as well as I act, but Yeah.
- Oh.
- OK, stop.
- Uh, I don't want to wrinkle your - Oh! Oop.
Um We're gonna meet up afterwards? - Yeah, uh - Oh, I It You know, I'm sure the reviews will be on the news website already.
Really? Wow.
"Never before has a production of The Sound of Music - made me root for the Nazis.
" - But - You quit drinking? - Yep.
- You quit drinking.
- Sure did.
You quit drinking? How do you know about this place, then? I rent a condo upstairs.
- You rent a condo above the bar? - That's right.
Well, that's very Catholic.
The costumes were really great.
No, no, no, no.
Stop it.
There is nothing you can say that's gonna make me feel better.
I know what can make you feel better.
- We should steal something.
- Mmm! No, no.
- Yes.
We could do it together.
- No.
I like this.
Get right back up on the bike.
- Bike of crime.
- Didn't you earlier tell me how great your new lives were? Yeah, well, I stole the Hope diamond.
- What? - Then I put it back.
Yeah, because I was bored.
Didn't care.
I spent three days hacking the White House e-mail.
- No buzz.
- See? But we are doing some pretty hinky stuff in Pakistan.
Look, I'm miserable, they're miserable.
OK, what have you been doing the last six months? I was in Pakistan.
You You see what you did? You took the world's best criminals hitter, hacker, grifter, thief.
You took us, and you broke us.
No, no.
I What I did, I taught you how to help people.
- That's That's all.
- Exactly.
This is the problem, though, with being the good guy.
- It gets under your skin.
- Look, Nate, you have to have some poor little lost soul somewhere who needs a little extra legal aid.
Look, we agreed that we would just move on.
Yeah, but we're We're thieves.
Not me.
Look, that It was great.
It was fun, it was wonderful while it lasted, but, you know, I was drunk for most of the time, to be honest.
- And I little crazy - But you were good.
- You were the best.
- We were the best.
Listen, really, I owe all of you, and I'm very proud of what we did, I really am, but I got my life back.
And I intend to keep it that way.
And I am not a thief.
It was great to see all of you.
Good night.
You didn't even get a chance to tell him.
- I know.
- Tell him what? Nothing.
Oi! Does your mother sew? Stitch that! Bugger.
- That's my shirt.
- Yeah.
Oh, I stayed the night to make sure you were OK.
But don't worry, I didn't, you know, look under your bed.
I know that's where guys keep weird, kinky stuff.
There's nothing under my bed.
- This is all coffee.
- Get out of there! What are you guys doing? Come on, get out of here.
Get all this stuff out of here.
You're planning something, I know it.
Come on, get out of my house.
Someone tried to kill you last night.
What do you want us to do, man? You want us to just blow town, let you figure it out? Yes, actually.
That's exactly what I want you to do.
We found the phone number of the hospital in your pocket.
And we know what you did.
We know you saved that guy's life and the little girl, and we're all really, really proud of you.
Look, nobody else is gonna help that guy and his little girl, OK? That's what we do.
We help people.
By the way, I compared Sophie's description of your attacker to the accident footage from the security camera.
You realize, on average, people are caught on security cameras 13 times a day? ATM cameras, traffic cameras.
It's crazy, man.
But we can track him, we can.
But I lost him in this Yeah, well, I found this empty briefcase, belonging to Matt Kerrigan, at that intersection.
It's, uh, Boston Commonwealth Bank, right? No, First Independent Boston.
That's where Kerrigan works.
Come on.
Who is this guy? You don't know, do you? It's Kerrigan's boss, that guy, Leary.
All right, who is the other guy? It's not clear enough for facial recognition.
The problem is, these two cats went down to the safety deposit boxes.
Which is the only room in every bank with absolutely no cameras.
Which means we up, baby.
They tried to kill Kerrigan for what was in the briefcase.
- We're gonna steal it back.
- She's dressed that way 'cause she's doing a con.
What, you thought she was dressed like a nun for no reason? It's Parker.
Well, fair enough.
OK, I want you out of my house.
I'm getting cleaned up, going upstairs.
I want all this stuff out of here.
I want you guys out of here.
I'm not a part of this.
- OK.
- Not a part of this.
This is you guys.
- Yeah.
- We got it.
If you want to do this thing, you're on your own.
- Understood? - Mm-hmm.
- So you going? - I'm not going anywhere.
The man has You want to see what he's got under his bed? - No, I do not.
- Icky.
I personally promise your missionary money will be absolutely safe here in our vault.
Why, thank you.
You keep your key, the master remains upstairs at all times.
Oh, bless you, bless you, sweets.
Bless you.
You are the twinkle in that song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
Thank you much.
Oh, that is wrong.
- Which box is Glenn Leary's? - 5-0-7-6, but you know you're gonna need the master key.
And the children, the children thank you.
They will send you a card just as soon as we buy them tiny pencils, and teach them how to spell.
It's a two-step process.
Super Glue and a heat-activated polymer to set it, seven seconds, instant plastic key.
- Shake it.
- What? Shake the Bible.
This is even more wrong.
I did look for you, for six months.
The key.
I think people are like locks.
Really complicated and frustrating, but you can't force them.
You have to take time and be fiddly.
- Fiddly? - You learn to be patient, and just wait until you hear the We can open every box in here with that key.
- Focus.
- We could steal everything.
- Clean them out.
- Focus! - I'm just sayin'.
- I'm just sayin'.
All right, Zoe It'll be better once you get it out of the cast.
How's your dad? Oh.
OK, tell you what, I'm gonna come by later and check on you and Yeah.
Take care.
Now, this is not "gone.
" This is more.
I, uh I scanned the documents in Leary's box but I wanted to print out a few pages.
I asked Eliot to get rid of this stuff.
Now there's more stuff.
Did you? No.
We We crossed, but didn't see each other.
He didn't tell me.
Oh, that's how you're gonna play this? Oh, man.
What is that is that What is that aroma? That's that apple shampoo that's up there.
You've been up in my shower, rummaging around? Man's in a strange bathroom, he's got a lot of time to kill - All right, all right.
- Nate, Nate, look.
- Business incorporated 1978.
- Guess what? Don't care.
Look This is what Kerrigan found, the deeds from '75 to '77.
Twenty businesses, all started in the late '70s.
Now here's where it gets weird.
All of the financials for, what, 30 years? Squeaky-clean.
Taxes paid, employees withholding often and early.
Until the last six months.
That's when they took out crazy bad business loans, refinanced mortgages with high interest rates.
We're talking big loans, too.
Add it up, it's a couple million.
Brandon O'Hare.
I'll run him through the database.
Grew up in the same neighborhood.
The O'Hares are Mobbed up.
These are all Mob businesses you're talking about here.
- Mob? - Where's Eliot? Oops.
What? Yeah, Hardison, this is the third place I checked.
It's all the same.
- What do you mean "Mob?" - Hey! - Oh, that Mob.
- Hey! That's private property.
- Yeah, I - I'm gonna teach you - how to respect private property.
- Don't What'd I tell ya? Oh, God! Not the nose! Come on.
He kicked my nose! Uh, sorry.
Seriously? - You know, guys, uh, there is a dishwasher here.
- You're out of ice.
This is all the stuff I found at the warehouse, in the boxes.
Check it out.
A 1981 calendar of Hall and Oates.
The first two months are all Hall, no Oates.
Cold, man.
Judging by this fringing and What? Are those shoulder pads? This stuff hasn't left that warehouse since the 1980s.
I feel like a robot.
Wait, so if these are supposed to be just fake businesses, how come their financials are so squeaky-clean? Because they're fake businesses.
I mean, come on, it's right there.
I mean, I'm saying.
What? Sophie, how do you catch Mob guys? Uh, two glasses of Chianti and a story about my grandma in Sicily.
How does the government catch Mob guys? - Taxes.
- Taxes.
Eh, that's how they got Capone.
It's how they get everybody.
They never get you for the crime, they always get you for the taxes.
It's not really fair.
So 30 years ago the O'Hares got very smart.
You see, they set up all these shell companies: fake sales, fake receipts.
They launder all their money through them.
And everybody in the family gets a salary.
Yeah, they pay withholding, payroll taxes, pension.
It's all old-school.
That's why the businesses are clean.
They're dirty from the inside.
Well, yeah.
I mean, if you have a body in the trunk of your car you're gonna drive under the speed limit, aren't you? You know, when you're sober your metaphors get creepier.
But, uh, wait, wait, that still doesn't explain the last six months of running up bad loans.
All from a bank that's about to close.
Close? No, not close.
Get bailed out.
Look, we got a banker in the pocket of the Mob, Mob takes out bad loans, cleans out the bank, knowing, three days from now, the government's gonna come along and then, you know, bail the bank out.
I mean, heh, it's perfect.
You know, I don't even think it's illegal.
It's I mean, if we were gonna do this this job - Just this one job? Yeah.
- Yes, just this one.
I mean, the con that you'd wanna do - Uh, hypothetically.
- Hypothetically, you know, is the turnabout, of course.
Oh, that is a good one! You know, it takes five people to do the turnabout.
- That's true.
- There's just four of us.
- Just saying.
- One more person.
Yeah, we gotta scare the banker into turning against the Mob.
Hmm? All right.
All right, we'll do this job, just this one.
- Oh, well - I mean, I - If you really want to, 'cause - Then - Great.
- We're on board.
Hardison, you and Parker, you're gonna be on the badge.
Eliot, sheepdog.
- Sophie - Ice queen.
And I'm the bagman.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go call a professional killer who tried to murder me and arrange to meet him in an isolated location.
Well played.
See that? He did miss us.
Leary, I'm Detective Costello with the Massachusetts State Police.
This is Detective Costigan.
I believe you met with our chief lieutenant Bonanno.
Uh, yeah.
How can I help you? We're investigating your colleague Matt Kerrigan's "car accident.
" So you don't think it was an accident? Of course not.
She did the finger thing.
You got that.
Everybody gets that.
- Did I do it right? - No, no, this guy Do you recognize this man? No.
Listen, I don't know what kind of stuff Matt was getting into.
You sure? You never went to the movies? - I don't really know.
- Never went shopping together? - No.
I didn't - Never went to your house, never did parties? Did time with your family at Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah? - No.
Didn't know him that well.
- You sure? Went to the pool? Played a little pool, knocking each other's balls around? - Not really, no, no.
- OK, you know what? Mr.
Leary, if you think of anything you give us a call.
We've got our eyes on you.
All right, thanks.
- I did it right, didn't I? - It was perfect.
It was beautiful execution.
Yeah, you did it.
Hey, this detonator, if I'm around the corner, is it still gonna be in range? Should be.
I haven't worked out all the kinks yet.
Sometimes the things just go off.
Wait! Hey.
I thought you said this thing was safe.
Mostly safe.
I was very specific.
Sometimes the frequencies get messed up.
What frequencies, man? Huh? I got these things in my pants.
Like, uh, you know, a garage door opener, a car alarm.
What are the odds that Eliot's crotch will actually explode? Damn it, Hardison! Sophie, Leary's tipped, and the streets are mined.
How's Nate doing? Let me call you back.
I gotta go.
Why were you at the accident? I was following Kerrigan.
I thought he was one of your guys.
- You workin' for the cops? - Sure, O'Hare, I'm workin' for the cops.
That's why I called you.
I came down here alone because I'm the smartest undercover cop in the world.
Come on.
You're Jimmy Ford's kid, Nathan.
I thought you were gonna become a priest.
- Yeah, it didn't work out.
- I got news for you.
Doesn't look like this is gonna work out for you either.
Go ahead, entertain me.
Yeah, so 30 years ago, your father set up a bunch of fake businesses to launder your money.
And you ran them through a bank you guys control.
- How am I doing? - You're talkin' yourself into Boston Harbor.
Yeah, then your bank got into a little trouble.
Big federal bailout comes along, you figured out how to get a slice of the bailout.
Yeah, we're done here.
You take out millions of dollars in bad loans, you get your pet banker Leary to write you off as toxic assets just as the banks go under.
The government eats the loans, you don't have to shell out a single penny.
I like it a lot.
Annie Kroy.
- Name's familiar.
- My family does business in North London with Terry Adams and a couple of other organizations.
- We handle the money.
- Yes, what they do is they Oi! - I wasn't talking to you.
- Yeah, all right, I'll But since the new European banking laws, you know, this, what are they calling it? The credit crunch.
Shifting money on either side of the Channel, it's getting a bit tricky.
We hired him to find us alternatives here in the States and he found you.
Oh, hello, gorgeous.
I was just coming up to talk to him about it the other night when, uh, your man here, what would you say? We bumped heads.
- So, uh, what's your offer? - We want in.
We'll buy 30 percent of your businesses at a five point premium, assume their debts.
You trade us clean, US government money for our more soiled funds.
- The bailout goes down in three days.
- All right, then! Good faith payment, tomorrow, cash, 250 grand, show we're serious.
Um - I'm gonna have to talk to some people.
- Fine.
It's up to you if you want to tell 'em about the 250.
Leave a message after the beep.
Detective Costello, somebody just shot at me.
We have to talk, please! Nervous habit.
What is that? St.
My mother's name.
Dad got it for me after she died.
So how are you doing? They say the accident's his fault.
No, now, listen.
Your dad, he found some papers at work, and he was trying to figure out what they meant, and he got a little bit too close to something No, but it's not his fault.
It was my fault.
No, no, it wasn't your fault.
He said something was bothering him at work.
I told him to call the police, and now now they They There are wolves in the world.
It's what Dad says.
"Be careful, Zoe.
There are wolves in the world.
" He was not wrong.
So the world's just like this, huh? Bad people do bad things, and they always get away with it.
Nobody stops them.
New ear buds.
Better range, better fit.
Now all you have to do is whisper, and we'll all hear it.
OK, now, if this works our friend Mr.
Leary, he goes to the State Police, he runs, he spills his guts.
- Eliot, make sure he gets there.
- I'm on it.
And O'Hare's money for the frame-up? - And this money came from? - Oh, yeah.
OK, let's reel 'em in.
Yeah, O'Hare? Ford, when are you gonna get here? Oh, detective, thank God.
Listen, somebody somebody tried to kill me yesterday.
Yeah, I'll be there pretty soon.
Uh But listen, Mrs.
Kroy, she wants to talk to your banker, make sure, you know, the details are right and - That's not gonna happen.
- Come in and talk to us, Mr.
We can protect you, but only if you tell us everything.
I can't.
Do you know who's doing this to me? No, but I have to warn you, they're gonna try again.
And next time they'll be smarter.
You know, she can be a real hard-ass.
I mean, you saw that the other night.
Yeah, she got a hard head.
Now, that ass Yeah.
Next time you'll get a phone call from somebody you know.
They'll ask to meet you somewhere isolated.
- And that's the hit.
- Somebody I know? Make sure the banker's there.
I'll take care of it.
Just bring the money.
All right.
When you get that call, come to my office, you ask for Lieutenant Bonanno.
You tell him everything.
It's the only way I can keep you alive.
But I - Hello? - Leary, get down to the warehouse.
I need to meet you now.
- Where's your boss? - She's on her way.
I just wanted to make sure it was just us, no cops.
Here you go.
Eliot, is Leary with the cops? We don't have a lot of room for error.
There's a problem.
Leary drove down to the waterfront, dumped his car.
He's headin' right for you.
He was supposed to go to the cops.
Well, then, I don't know what he's doing.
O'Hare! O'Hare! What the hell are you thinking? The deal, the Brits, they wanted to meet.
Somebody just took a shot at me! For all we know, it was the Brits.
And then you call me on my cell phone - when we're crawling with cops.
- OK, guys, it's not O'Hare.
- What? - Uh, no.
O'Hare is not the boss is what I'm sayin'.
This whole con was built around O'Hare.
Ooh, they're probably gonna shoot Nate in the face.
Uh, Parker, I can hear you.
Uh, sorry.
- Forgot about the ear - This is not good.
All right, well, listen, we're gonna have to make this one up as we go.
State cops are questioning me about Kerrigan.
Tried to get him to talk, but nothin'.
Are you sure this deal isn't a set up? - Ford! - Uh, yes? You? Him? This is the guy making the offer? - He was at the crash.
- Look, I'm just, uh the middleman here.
- I mean - I don't care why you're here.
This stinks.
I say put him in the harbor.
- This is a good deal.
- You don't decide what deals we take, and I say if you want your payoff, you put him down now.
Uh, good faith payment right here, huh? Um, you know, sorry, we should've contacted you first, but this was supposed to go to the man in charge, so You thought these guys came up with that bailout plan? - Yeah, yeah.
Well, sure, I mean - Aw, come on! These guys aren't in charge.
I'm in charge.
These guys have been running this town for 30 years Aw, come on, these guys are the past! What do you think these guys clear in a year? Stealing cigarettes, selling drugs? A couple hundred thousand all in.
And for that the government hunts them down like dogs.
People like me We took billions from the banks.
And what did the government do when they finally caught us? They wrote us a giant check and begged us to make it all better.
All right, all right! Hey! Hey, I know this guy.
He was there when the cops questioned me.
- Him? - Yeah.
You better know what you're doin'.
Hey, hey, he's got a state trooper badge.
Son of a That's it.
Kill him.
You want him dead? You kill him.
I fixed Kerrigan's brakes, I'm not killing a cop.
Look, you screwed up Kerrigan.
No, uh, he's right.
You're right.
He's Has he got a wire? Come on, Ford, get with it! - Check him for a wire! - Yes, right on it.
- Uh - This isn't how we do it in Boston.
Really? This is exactly how we do it in London, except we usually use a razor blade.
No wire.
He has his cell phone, though.
Give it to me.
Ah, nothing on speed dial.
Hit redial.
See who he called.
Say, that's good.
Leary, right? Annie Kroy.
Nice little number with the banks there.
It's a shame the rest of your operation's a bit of a balls-up.
O'Hare? Why was a cop's last phone call to you? Yeah, O'Hare? He has his cell phone, though.
This is This is a setup.
How is it a setup? She shot the cop.
Yeah, and he's the one who dialed the phone.
You didn't want us to shoot him either, did you? - Why? Did you know him? - It wasn't like that! Come on, you know I was in this thing from the beginning.
Why Why would I be involved? - Go, go! - Come on! - Get in if you want to live.
- There he is! Get him! Hey! Hey! Get him! Get the car! What are you doin'? They're gonna be right behind us You best talk fast.
State Police.
What happened to our man? I didn't kill him.
They did.
Tactical's moving in now.
So in about one minute your friends are gonna have SWAT teams, smoke bombs, helicopters, and lasers all up in there, which means you got about 30 seconds to cut a deal, O'Hare.
That is who you are, right? Brandon O'Hare? Look, I'll give you Leary, all right? He organized the bank fraud and he contracted the Kerrigan hit.
I was an accessory after the fact.
Eh, good enough.
Aaah! He organized the bank fraud and he contracted the Kerrigan hit.
Those were the state cops who questioned me.
Well, have they got any evidence? No, no, nothing real, just O'Hare's word against mine.
- And no documents? - No.
No, no.
I have those.
But Kerrigan saw them.
And there's just one problem.
We're screwed if he wakes up.
He won't.
Kerrigan's the last loose end.
I'll take care of him myself.
Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, wait.
What about him? Him? Hey, I never touched him.
Your fingerprints are all over him.
I'll clean up my mess, you clean up yours.
So how'd you do it? Detonator ketchup.
- Ah, the classics.
Ohh! I love a good death scene.
Lawrence to Pediatrics.
You remember me, don't you? Lieutenant Patrick Bonanno, organized crime division.
Uh yeah.
- Of course I do.
- What's in the briefcase? In? Oh! Um, I could explain that.
You know, I think I can explain this, too.
- O'Hare's been talkin'.
- O'Hare.
Yeah, I just found him duct-taped to the wheel of my car with a taped confession in his front pocket.
He's being very cooperative.
So, what, you find out O'Hare flipped, and you went and robbed your own bank - for getaway money? - What?! Oh, yeah.
Somebody cleared out several safe deposit boxes at your bank.
We could open every box in here with that key.
Oh, what's this? I'm gonna take a closer look at these, too.
You know, maybe they can explain why you tried to kill Mr.
Hey No, I had nothing to do with that car crash.
- Right.
- I was nowhere near there.
Well, why don't you just explain one thing to me, then? What are you doing with Kerrigan's stolen briefcase? Yeah, yeah! Well, I found this empty briefcase, belonging to Matt Kerrigan, at that intersection.
I was tricked.
I was tricked! It wasn't It wasn't me, you understand? Somebody tricked you into bringing a briefcase full of evidence of your own crime straight to the police? Come on, Mr.
Leary, nobody's that smart.
Get him out of here.
I can't take this from you.
Well, you know, it's not from us.
IRS pays a percentage for all the tax frauds reported, and all those Mob businesses, You found them.
Thank you.
I can never thank you enough.
Thank you.
There are wolves in the world.
But sometimes they're the good guys, I guess.
Still your last job? Well, uh, maybe, um - Yes? - I mean, you know, until I find a job I like enough, you know, to stay out of the bars.
Idle hands are the devil's workshop.
And then I'm out, I'm done.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
'Cause you're not a thief.
Hey, let's go get some dinner.
Um yeah, I I can't.
I I I gotta go meet someone.
Ah, bring him along.
Uh Boyfriend.
- He's He's really - Yeah, I get it.
You'll You'll meet him, but Go, go.
See ya.
# I'm not sure yet about life # # About love, but in time # I'm sure it will all # Be fine Give me an Irish, neat.
# I'm not sure yet about life # # About love, but in time # I'm sure it will all # Be fine # I'm not sure yet about life # # About love, but in time # I'm sure it will all # Be fine # Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing there? I'm running this CAT-5 cable to the Uh, no, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
I don't want to have these monitors in my apartment.
- Coming through! - These must go What? No! Parker, no! Not that painting.
I don't ever want to see that painting Ha! "I'm old Nate and I live here, too!" You can't just break in here and start hanging For repairs and renovations, your landlord has full access.
It's in the lease.
- What are you doing reading my lease? - I bought the building.
You bought the You're my landlord? Yeah.
No, no! No, no, no! No!
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