Leverage s02e02 Episode Script

The Tap-Out Job

He's yours! Hands up, son! Hit 'em! - Yeah! - Keep him down! Come on! Yes! Stay with him, Mark.
All right! Mark? Mark! Son! Find your feet now! Thatta boy, Mark! Cover up, Mark! Cover up, Mark! Cover up, son! Get out of there, Mark! Hey, get off him! Mark, can you hear me? Stay with me, Mark.
Mark! Get the paramedics! Get the paramedics! Hang on.
Stay with me, Mark.
The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
Somebody drugged his water.
It's an old boxing trick.
He couldn't defend himself and he's still in the hospital.
Mark was undefeated.
A couple of days before the fight Rucker told him to take a dive.
I thought, uh, Rucker was your son's manager.
He was.
But with Mark being the favorite, he got great odds on Tank.
So, he fired him.
And I guess that news didn't go over so well, huh? Rucker ain't a man used to hearing "no" around here.
You must've known that, uh, Rucker was gonna try something during the during the fight.
Somethin' dirty, huh? I never thought he'd take it this far.
Besides, we couldn't pass up that purse.
It's five grand.
Now, that's the biggest payday we've ever seen.
See, I lost my job when the plant closed.
And Mark gave up his wrestling scholarship to come home and help out.
So he poured asphalt all day and he trained all night.
Only reason we can afford the hospital is because of Jonny.
Jonny? The ring doctor.
He's my cousin.
Mark was real good, Mr.
He had a shot, a real shot at moving up in the sport.
Now, Jonny says he'll never fight again.
So that's Jed Rucker.
He runs a homegrown mixed martial arts league here in Nebraska.
They have a very strong wrestling tradition here, so the talent pool's pretty deep.
Wrestlers have a good base for a blended training approach.
They can go from that to jujitsu, kick-boxing, judo.
Rucker promotes fights.
And manages fighters taking a cut every step of the way.
Yeah, you know, plus he's not above fixing bouts, as the Howorths found out.
We've dealt with some lowlifes, but when I heard about this guy That was a nice takedown.
Good ground-and-pound.
He's a little sloppy in a closed guard, but it's a solid arm bar.
I mean, you can tell this guy's a wrestler.
This ain't the UFC, but these guys got skills.
Hardison, where'd you get these? Online.
They're viral videos.
See, Rucker doesn't have a TV deal.
It's pretty much a bare bones operation.
- You call this a sport? - Yeah, this is a sport.
These are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world.
Are you kidding me? It's about precision, technique, skill.
Like cockfighting.
It's not a cockfight.
All right? Let me show you something, Hardison.
Come here.
Can I borrow you? All right.
Square off.
You know what I showed you? Are you? There's three phases to an MMA to an MMA fight.
OK? One, striking.
Next is grappling.
The takedown.
Oh, Mm-mm.
All right.
The third one is jiu-jitsu.
- Get off me! - Try to isolate a joint.
That's a textbook arm bar.
Put some pressure on it.
- Like this? - There ya go.
Or a choke hold.
- Gotta be jokin'.
- That thing I showed ya? - Oh yeah.
- Lock that in.
- Don't have to hold the arms, a triangle choke.
That's nasty.
- Mm-hmm.
Just press on his carotid artery then the guy will submit by tap out.
I'm tapping! I'm tapping! These fights are won by inches.
- I can't breathe.
- All about leverage.
I don't see it.
Nobody sees it.
- It looks painful.
- It is painful.
No TV deal you said, huh? Yeah, Hardison, what are this guy's other interests, - this Rucker guy? - Um Seriously, you askin' a question? I'll take that.
Um, yeah, Rotary Club, golf membership.
- Golf, huh? - Help me! Yeah.
I mean, this guy's like a 1950's sitcom character.
He plays a weekly game with the local businessmen.
In fact, last year he won the club championship.
- Let me go! - Did he? - Hmm.
- Let me go! - Well, I guess it's, uh - She's killing me.
it's time to hit the links.
Uncle! Uncle! Just let me go real quick.
I'm sorry, Mr.
The pro shop says your fourth is on his way.
He's from out of town and apparently got stuck in traffic.
I'm really sorry.
These, these things happen.
Oh-ho! Sorry, boys, late night.
- Who's this guy? - What is this? What do you feed these gals from Nebraska? Viagra-frosted Cornflakes or what? Can we get started? Sure, sure, let's get started.
What are you playin' for here? Huh? Oh come on.
We gotta make this pitch-and-putt a little bit more interesting, huh? We usually do a hundred dollar Nassau, press a side.
Mr Wells.
Bill Wells.
A hundred bucks, huh? Yeah.
Well, I'll tell ya what, as exciting as that sounds, how about we up it to, uh, two grand? Oh, come on.
Come on, don't tell me you're scared by a little action here? Huh? I'm sure that a Ford dealership and, uh, right here, and meat packing plant over here, you had some good years didn't ya? What is it you do? I run a gym.
Pilates or yoga? What do you say, Omaha, just me and you, hmm? Your buddies here can loan you the cash.
Oh, I won't need no cash, Mr.
Two grand it is.
Front nine, back nine, 18.
Six thousand total.
Sound good? All right, let's do it.
Good luck.
Now, this, this is what you'll be playing.
I replaced the core with a torus of high-density polymer.
When it spins, it creates a gyroscopic effect.
You could hit this thing with a garden hoe and it'd fly straighter than an army parade.
Oh, look at that.
What are those, uh, initials for? You know what that means? Huh? Quite a shot.
Nice shot.
Now this is what Rucker will be playing.
It's got thermal nanotech inside, like RFID chips, but ones that heat up and allow me to redistribute the energy upon impact from the club head.
I can bend it like Beckham, baby.
Ah, yeah, ya hate to see that, don't ya? Yes, I do.
Come on, let's play.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Come on now.
Watch yourself.
Hardison, it's downhill, right? Yeah.
Keep going seven inches, man.
- Oh geez.
- Aw, you gotta be kidding me.
I don't believe this.
Haa! Well, you know, not bad for a practice round.
Time to settle up, Omaha.
What are you what's all this? You know, I didn't expect much from you yokels, but what, are you welching on me? Hey, hey, hey.
I'm not gonna welch, Mr.
I just must have dropped my wallet.
- Must've dropped your wallet.
- Look for my wallet.
What is you know, I've heard all kinds of things, but listen, I'll tell you what, I'm staying at the Derby Hotel.
You pay me tomorrow.
No checks.
The guy never missed a shot.
It was unbelievable.
His name's Wells.
He's staying at the Derby.
Ginny works the front desk there.
I want you to give her a call.
I wanted to see if she knows why he's in town.
And see how he got a tee time at the club.
I mean, what're we, the local muni now? Oh, work it out! Work it out! Come on now.
Look at this here.
That's it.
Pick it up.
You lazy bastard.
Son of a bitch.
# Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum # Oh, there, hey there, Omaha.
Now, it's not that I don't trust ya, it's just, well, I don't trust ya.
What is it you said you were doin' in Lincoln again, Mr.
Wells? Business.
What business is that? Well, right now, betting against Nebraskans is proving pretty profitable.
Am I right? Yeah, I guess you are.
I'm just sayin'.
Is that my money? Yeah, this would be yours.
Have a good day.
I wanna close at 11 tonight.
Come here.
Come here.
Look who's still here.
Who's he talking to? He's a walk-in.
You wanna keep an eye on the Wells guy? Not Wells.
I want you to keep your eye on that other guy.
The fighter.
Sorry for not properly introducing myself.
Name's Jed Rucker.
Welcome to the Rucker Fighting Method.
Wait, wait, wait wait.
Now, that's it.
Get over there.
Now, who the hell are you? Uploading video now.
Got it.
You see online video websites, they track viewer hits by IP address so the trick is to just spoof a bunch of IPs.
Room service please.
Then write a script that lets you browse the video page via the proxy list and That's great.
We got a feed on the, uh, security camera at the gym? Yeah, yeah.
The feed's on the TV.
Well, how come we're not hearin' it? What, where's the audio? We got audio? Huh? No.
Oh, but the ear buds work.
Room service.
Can I help you? - Yeah.
No, I can't eat this.
- I'm sorry? Everything on my plate is yellow.
It's chicken-fried steak.
- Chicken-fried steak? - Yes.
Let me just tell you, all right, meat should never be used as an adjective.
Sophie, how's he doing? - Huh? - How's he doing? We can send something else up.
Oh, he's about to set the hook.
That's a hell of a welcoming committee you got here.
Oh that? Yeah, we, uh, we put all the newbies through that.
We call it the gauntlet.
So, I can see you've had some training.
And Wells, what he's your manager? He runs a league outta South Dakota.
South Dakota? Well, there's no athletic commission there.
That's the way he likes it.
Kinda under the radar.
Action's raw.
A lot of amateurs tryin' to make a name for themselves.
So, so what's he doin' here? No, don't worry, son.
You can talk to me.
I can make it worth your while.
He's here looking for talent.
You know, some fresh blood.
- Why? - I don't know.
He sent me here to see if I could spot anybody worth poaching.
Is that right? Look, I all I know is that he has a meeting with some woman tomorrow and I gotta find guys before then.
So, he has a meeting? Here? Hmm.
That's interesting.
Come up to the office.
We'll have a drink.
Here ya go.
So, tell me, uh, what's her name? I'm supposed to pick her up from the airport.
Uh She's coming in from LA.
Miss Debbie Dreiling? She's a producer.
Wells is working a TV deal.
He found the stories.
Now, uh, trip the news alert.
So come fight for me.
I can't.
Uh, what's he paying? Three and threes? Five and fives? You under contract? Sorta.
I owe him money.
So, you're his grunt.
You're workin' it off.
I collect debts.
You know, work security.
Bust noses.
Sometimes he let's me fight.
Well, let me tell you something, this Wells is an idiot.
That's a real waste of talent.
See, most of these guys? They're pieces of meat.
Like the cows they butcher at work.
But they come to my gym every night 'cause they think if they work hard enough and fight hard enough that they can make it to Vegas.
And the UFC and energy drink contracts.
And that's the dream I sell them.
They listen to me because I can take that dream away.
Now, you, you're different.
You fight like something's tryin' to get out of you.
So, tell me, uh, how much you owe Wells? You can trust me.
I'm here to help.
Hardison, his, uh, financials.
I know, I know, I I told you back home, it's all a big mess.
No, come on.
I need something now.
I mean, he's His money's all over the place.
Just give me a minute to plow through this, man.
OK, Eliot, Eliot, uh, say, uh, twenty grand.
Twenty grand.
- Twenty grand.
- Oh, I can swing that.
Hell, I can even bump someone off my next card.
You'll be fighting within days.
But I'll need something in return.
I need you to bring this, this Miss Debbie Dreiling to me before Wells.
Now, you do that and I'll get you out.
I'm starving.
Mmm, I found these in the mini-bar.
Pork rinds? How do you peel a pig? Oh, this guy, he just, he gives me the creeps.
We've been up against rougher dudes than this before.
I know, but it's this whole treating people as commodities, this whole barbaric sport.
Hey, don't lump these guys in with Rucker, all right? He's not what this sport's about.
This sport's about two guys beating the crap out of each other.
MMA fighters act with more respect than any other athlete I've ever seen.
Yeah, they're Braveheart, - I get it.
- No you don't.
These guys don't fight because they like hurtin' other people.
They fight to gain some sort of control over their opponents, over their environment, over their lives.
Have you seen this town? Huh? The farms are dryin' up.
The only stores are bail bondsmans and pawnshops and there's nothin' they can do about it.
So, yeah, they get in the ring and try not to let it all suffocate 'em.
And it's about two guys beatin' the crap out of each other.
I'm not sayin' that this Bill Wells is a liar.
It's just that he He over-promised.
What are you telling me? That he doesn't have the product that he says he did.
Sweetie, I think you may be operating on some misinformation.
I'm just in town to produce a show.
But you're also here closing a TV deal with Wells and I'm guessin' a Pay-Per-View package.
But the thing is he doesn't have what you need and that's why he's tryin' to steal my fighters.
Uh, I'm just, I'm gonna, I gotta take this.
Say what you're saying is true, what exactly are you telling me? That you don't need him.
He's a middleman.
You need me.
My-my, what a little shark you are.
Are you sure we didn't have lunch at the Ivy last week? Just tryin' to make you feel at home.
A little Midwestern hospitality and all.
You hungry? Because they serve a mean chicken-fried steak here.
Um I'm, I'm fine.
The bottom line is you need good product.
What, uh, what event you here to produce? On it.
There's a tractor pull on Grant Island.
A livestock show in Council Bluffs.
White people doing other white people things.
Oh, uh, Sophie, there's a Triana concert in Omaha.
Triana? Uh-huh, she's that teeny-bopper kid star.
She's got her show on the, that kids network? Triana.
- At the Mid-American Palace? - Mm-hmm.
That's a hot ticket.
So, let's say you've got Triana.
All right, all right.
Enough's enough.
I'm sorry.
Monkey boy here was supposed to take you to the hotel.
It didn't happen.
And Quite all right, sweetie, I was just, uh, catching up with the local Welcome Wagon.
All the more reason I'm sorry.
Well, I really enjoyed our conversation.
Perhaps we can continue it at the concert later.
Pardon me.
It turns out I'm goin' to the big show.
Maybe we can meet up there? Of course.
Well, I look forward to it.
Triana? Really.
Hey, man, you're lucky I didn't give you a monster truck rally - on an Indian reservation.
- Now what? To hook this guy we have to convince him Sophie's the real deal.
And how we gonna do that? Let's go steal us a concert.
So look, the concert's already televised so all we gotta do is show Rucker our TV production truck we're in charge.
And that means clearing out the real director.
Yeah, he's coming in from LA.
Network's flyin' him in.
Come on, come on! Gimme something.
Come on.
Is this gonna take long? Nah, two shakes.
What, you in a hurry? Even half a bar What? Yes.
Does anyone in this backwater hellhole know what that means? You're a director, right? What was your name again? What? It's Laurence.
Todd Laurence.
Well, listen Mr.
Laurence, see I wrote a script.
- Huh? - Yeah.
It's about a limo driver who solves mysteries 'til his wife leaves him for For the love of God.
The best part, the feed store manager.
Right? Well, his wife - Yeah.
- Tramp.
- Now she likes to take it up - Hey, Hee-Haw? Move the car.
OK? What was that? Lug nuts.
So, I'm Todd Laurence.
Ladies, ladies, please, look, for the last time, I am not the tailback for the Cornhuskers.
So, go on.
I don't even know what a cornhusk is.
What about the crew? Remote units are always crewed locally, so, they never would have met the director anyway.
All right.
That's two handhelds on stage, two Steadicams, three slashes, two robos, and a beauty.
Yeah, that's, uh, ten cameras in total.
There's a reason FightingNet turned to me to find a package to launch their channel.
And that's what you want from Wells? He's giving me programming.
The UFC is booming but the fans want more.
Real guys in real fights.
That's what Wells is giving me.
That's what he says he's giving you.
Now, who's payin' for all this? My production company.
Costs us around, uh, five hundred thousand.
And for that, trust me, we get the best.
Like our director here.
Camera three.
Camera three.
Move off of her.
I don't She's hideous.
The chick is packing.
Trust me.
Triana doesn't have any pretty fans? Todd Laurence ain't happy.
I'm not happy.
This is some bull.
Seriously, guys, I thought we were running a professional show here, people.
Run that back.
Give me a replay.
Gi I'm sorry, did, did I stutter? You heard the man.
Give him some replay.
In exchange we get the Pay-Per-View profits.
With Wells' fights we'd start small.
Maybe hmm, ten bucks a buy.
Well, that's a quarter of what the UFC charges.
Well, you need to be competitive in this economy.
No, uh, FightingNet thinks we'd get five hundred thousand viewers, conservative.
That's about That's five million.
Is that a year? Sweetie, no.
Five million an event.
We'd do five, six a year.
So, just so we're clear, you spend five hundred thousand to make five million? It's called deficit financing.
It's how TV works.
And all you need is product? Well, that's what they are.
You get the girls with Triana.
You get the boys with MMA.
And there's always another fresh face princess ready to go through the singing, dancing mill in Florida.
Occasionally, we'll let one be a lesbian.
Keeps the press on their toes.
I want in.
It's not that easy, sugar.
I have an agreement.
- Agreement? The man's a fraud.
- Oh.
That's why he's here tryin' to steal my fighters.
- Ooh.
- But guess what, I already stole his best fighter and have him slotted into a card this week.
Look, Wells has already agreed to put up half my production costs.
How's this, I'll put up all of it.
Sweetie, you're talking half a million dollars of your own money.
No, no, no.
That's not gonna work.
Well, look, you said it yourself.
You need product and that's what I've got.
I mean, you and I, we understand each other.
We think alike.
And I got an equity line in my gym I can tap.
You'll have the money tomorrow.
Well, then, call me when you have your funds together.
I'll bring the paperwork.
- Did you get all that? - Got it.
Great job.
We should be, uh, on our way home by this time tomorrow.
You sure about that? And you checked the other place too? And no one's heard of him? Either of them? Yeah, all right.
Thanks Jimmy.
Oh, start printin' up the poster.
- I want a good crowd when FightingNet comes down.
- Jed, listen Call Logan at the bank and have him start the paperwork.
Remember my cousin Jimmy in South Dakota? Yeah, sure I do.
He knows every promoter and manager in the State.
- Never heard of Bill Wells.
- Is that right? Also, Ginny says someone came by to visit Wells at the hotel.
- You know who it was? - Who? Jack Howorth.
Mark's father.
The kid Tank beat up the other night.
They're settin' me up.
Want me to call the police? No.
No police.
Let's show them how we deal with con men in Nebraska.
I saw this in town.
Oh yeah, it'll be a good gate.
Lot of interest in the new boy.
The message boards are blowin' up.
He's gonna fight Tank here.
Tank, c'mere.
I want you to meet Debbie Dreiling.
She's gonna make us all rich.
Now, this is a lot of money.
I need to know it's in good hands.
You're makin' a good bet.
I wanna know I'm makin' a great bet.
So, where are your partners? Waitin' for you to blow me off? Uh, I'm sorry, I, I don't know what you're Well, let me tell you why.
Alex's cousin Jimmy's in the fight scene in South Dakota and guess what? He's never heard of Bill Wells.
Huh? - Sweetie.
- Sweetie.
I, I think you're getting a little paranoid.
So, you think you can come to my town, huh? Us country bumpkins, right? 'Cause alls we can do is kick ass.
I'll show you what us ass-kickers will do.
- Hmm? - Whoa.
All right, leave her alone.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look, look who's here.
So where's the rest of your crew? In the getaway car? Yeah, all right.
Parker, Hardison break it down.
We're outta here.
Come on.
Oh, ya talk on a wire, huh? Pretty fancy.
Yeah, nothing but the best for you, Rucker.
Yeah, well, we're not all frauds.
People do wanna see you fight.
So, why don't you take on Tank here? I got five seconds to kill our Monday.
No, No, no, no, no, no.
Not here, Tank.
But you know, you're probably right.
I've seen what you can do.
But that's the thing, you know.
See, you're favored so I'm gonna need you to take a dive.
Come on, let's, come on Fine.
Go back to LA or wherever.
It's a shame you won't be here next month when Jack Howorth's house goes on fire.
Or in six weeks when Mark has a car accident.
But you won't be around for any of that.
- I'll do it.
- You don't have to do anything.
Yeah, I do.
And then you lay off the Howorths.
You do what you have to do and they'll be fine.
But I'm bettin' it all on Tank here so it can't look like a fix.
And, uh, feel free to use the gym.
We don't want anybody to think you're not ready.
What? What? Wh-what was I supposed to do? It was cousin Jimmy.
He's right.
We couldn't have planned for that.
Look, you know what I can do? I can re-task a satellite.
I can get a Level Three NSA clearance.
But I can't hack a hick.
All right, it doesn't matter.
What do we do now? We can move the Howorths.
We're not movin' the Howorths.
This is their home.
That means something to people here.
Yeah, we can't babysit them forever.
All right, so we've taken out bigger players than this.
There's gotta be some way, uh, something that we can No.
I take the dive.
Are you sure? Give me some time, OK? I found some funny business in Rucker's accounts.
I can move some things Forget the fact that we got beat by Barney Fife, all right? This is the right move.
Tactically it's the right move.
You all know that.
Listen, you, you don't have to do this.
You know, Nate's gonna come up with something.
I'm losing a fight, Sophie.
I'm not diving on a grenade.
I'll be all right.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not talking physically.
I think my ego can handle it.
Look, you told me that it's about control.
About knowing that you're never gonna be the victim.
And that's what keeps you going, right? You think I'm upset 'cause I gotta let this guy kick my ass? I learned a long time ago you can't control the violence.
I can take the punishment.
It's what I do.
What I need to control is not out there.
It's here.
Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank! All right, Tank, go for his ribs.
All right? Engel, did you place that bet? Yeah.
Wasn't easy.
No one local would handle that kind of action so I had to lay it off on a bunch of bookies online.
Oh, that's fine.
At least I can't get ripped off by one guy.
Are you sure you wanna bet it all? What if this guy doesn't go down like he said? Don't worry.
He'll go down.
I got an insurance policy.
Tank! Don't go easy like you did on that last guy.
I want you to teach him a lesson and break every bone in his body.
So your friend knows to stick to the plan, right? He goes down and I collect on my bet.
And you leave the Howorths alone.
And you get the hell out of my town.
All right, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Make it look good but not too good, all right? All right? Make it And don't let it go past the second round.
Let's go.
Ready? Ready? Get on! What the hell is he doing? You told him to make it look good, didn't you? Ooh.
Come on! Reel him in! You drugged him, didn't you? Why? He already said he'd go down.
What makes you think I would trust a bunch of lying grifters to keep their word? Ref, break it up.
Get the doctor, Parker.
No need.
It'll be over in a couple of minutes.
Oh my, you don't get it, do you? Eliot's not like other fighters.
He doesn't play games.
He fights to survive, that's his training.
Break it up.
It takes all his control not to kill somebody.
You've just made him more dangerous.
You've taken the safety off the gun! Knock him out, Tank.
- Break it up! Break it up! - Come on, ref! Get in there! Come on now, break it up! Come on.
That's enough.
Come on, let go of him.
That's enough.
Get off.
Yeah, we need a doctor here.
- OK, easy.
- Easy.
All right, everybody out.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, lookit, get everyone outta here now.
- OK, everybody out! - Everybody! Let's go.
- Get out! - Let's go! Get out of here.
Come on.
Keep it moving.
We're closin'.
Come on.
Fight's over, people.
Let's go! Go! Everybody out! Come on.
- What the hell just happened? - What the hell? You could've killed him.
You know how much you cost me? I'm gonna make you pay.
- Make me pay, huh? - We had a deal.
Hey, listen to me.
Tank is dead.
- No.
No, wait, wait - You killed him.
- Wait a second, are you sure? - There's nothin' I can do.
- Listen.
He could just be out.
- I gotta call the police.
No police! Listen to me.
Listen, we can work this out.
Keep it in the family.
I'll make it worth your while.
- There were hundreds of witnesses.
- They're gone now.
Plus we got a body! What am I supposed to do? And also, we ain't family.
All right.
All right.
You're right.
You're right.
You call the police and I'm gonna I'm gonna call the athletic commission.
What're ya doin'? Where's tonight's gate receipts? - What? In the safe.
- Where are the gate receipts? In the safe as usual.
You're running? Why? This is an uninsured, unsanctioned fight.
I could be on the hook for millions in liability.
It's probably gonna be a manslaughter charge.
I could be an accessory.
I'm not taking the fall for that.
Besides, none of this is worth anything anymore.
- Wait.
- Get outta my way.
Parker, you got him? Yep.
He's gone.
Plant the transmitter? Wired to his GPS.
Looks like he's headed to Iowa.
Make the call.
What's goin' on? Just give me a sec, Doc.
You got Tank, right? Yeah.
Oh, he'll be fine.
Should come around in a few minutes.
He's not dead? Succinylcholine.
It's a mild paralytic.
It only works for a few minutes.
Yeah, it was just enough to scare off Rucker.
So, so, so Eliot wasn't No, no.
We found the drugged water bottle before the fight, switched it out with a clean one.
Rucker's not too original when it comes to this kind of thing apparently.
So, Jonny, you were in on this? Mr.
Ford and his friends came and asked me for help.
I told him around here we always stand up for our own.
Where's Rucker? The Iowa State Police just got a tip that a fugitive is headed heading into their jurisdiction.
And I'm pretty sure crossing State lines with a bag full of cash won't look too good.
Especially when they find the little surprise in his trunk.
I need guns.
Six thousand dollars worth.
And one of those.
Like I said, I can explain the money.
I can explain the money.
Oh yeah, how do you explain this? Those are not mine.
Those are not mine.
- Come on.
- I don't know how they got there.
- Get in there.
- Somebody put them there.
- Watch your head.
- Somebody That should hold him off until the IRS gets down here.
The IRS? The money that Rucker makes from these fights? Well, it's all in cash.
Yeah, and he wasn't too good about reporting that income.
Hardison, his, uh, financials.
His money's all over.
Just give me a minute to plow through this, man.
Give me some time.
I found some funny business in Rucker's accounts You see, all we had to do was flag the government about the tax evasion.
Rucker won't be coming back to town any time soon.
He doesn't have anything to come back for.
He literally bet the whole house on Tank.
So all that money's gone? Well, you see, not exactly.
Engel, did you place that bet? Yeah.
Wasn't easy.
No one local would handle that kind of action so I had to lay it off on a bunch of different bookies online.
Where's your cousin Jimmy now? You took a hell of a pounding.
We should get you a CT scan.
You could have internal bleeding.
You let yourself get hammered like that on purpose.
That's a hell of a lot of punishment to take.
That's what he does.
So, with Rucker out of the picture, management of this gym and all the fighters, it's, it's all up in the air.
You guys could use a fresh start.
They just need a little direction.
I mean, the place could use some spit and polish, but it's solid.
You may not be able to fight any more, but you know the sport.
You know what it means to commit to something.
So, what do you say? Take a stab at running this joint? The right way? Plus, you know what? You'll have some seed money from Rucker's bet.
I mean, enough to get you started.
Let me get this straight.
You guys want me to be in charge? Of all this? And all the guys? They're fighters.
Like you.
You treat them that way and you'll be fine.
What do ya say, son.
- Thank you, man.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
If we If we move those heavy bags out of the way, we could make room for a video station.
And put some mats down.
Get some grappling dummies.
That'll work.
Pork rind? They're actually pretty good.
You sure?
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