Leverage s02e04 Episode Script

The Fairy Godparents Job

Help me! Somebody please help! Hey! Open the door! Please! - She can't breathe! - Can't you see the sign, pal? - Look - Hey! Unlock the damn door.
- Asthma.
- Yeah.
Her inhaler's not working.
Get out of my way.
Call for an ambulance.
- What do I do? - Set her on the ground, but keep her upright.
This inhaler's gonna relax her muscles - OK.
while the epinephrine opens the airway.
Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Oh, thank God.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
She could've died.
I mean, she would've died.
She's very lucky you were there.
No, luck shouldn't have anything to do with it.
You know, the clinic never should've closed, and it's all my fault.
Hey, it's not your fault.
There's no way you could've seen this coming.
No, I was the one that recommended Mr.
Fowler to our board of directors.
He told me that the fund would double our clinic's money in a year.
- I believed him.
- It's OK.
We all do stupid things sometimes.
Um How did you meet Daniel Fowler? I only volunteer at the clinic on weekends.
My day job is at Dalton Academy, it's that private school up near Brighton.
And I'm the on-site nurse there, and Fowler's stepson is a student there.
He's a sweet kid, allergic to strawberries.
That's ironic.
- Why? - Because he's sweet.
Yeah A lot of the parents had money invested with him, and I figured you know, if they could trust him then we could, too.
OK, well, here's the thing.
The government has frozen Fowler's assets, - so you'll get the money back eventually.
- The clinic is out of time.
The board has put the property up for sale next week.
It's not gonna happen.
I promise.
Um It's really hard to trust people right now, you know? - Hmm.
- It's OK.
We don't trust you either, so - No, she didn't - Thank you for your time.
That one's super.
Oh, God.
Where is Sophie? The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
- Thanks for meeting me this morning.
- Mmm.
Sweetheart, listen, I know you're crazy busy.
It's final exam time and everything, but I was thinking this weekend we should definitely, definitely check out the Venetian exhibit I don't think so.
I don't think that this is working out.
Babe Listen, I know that You know, I travel a lot with my job It's not that.
Listen We talk all the time, but it never feels like you're actually sharing anything.
As great as you are, there's always a mask.
I just don't know who you really are, Catherine.
I got a class.
- It's Sophie.
- Pardon? Or Alice.
Or Karen, Michelle.
This looks like an ordinary cell phone, right? It's not, man.
It's a metal detector.
See, it uses pulse induction technology that sends out a current, it generates a magnetic field, and Are you even listening? - Yeah.
- Well, what did I say? You're explaining how you're still a virgin? It's a different kind of skill.
Talking to clients, you're supposed to sympathize.
I told you not to take her.
Well, you were right.
Where's Sophie? - I don't know.
- Well, we're not waiting.
Let's go.
Let's start.
Daniel Fowler, 61, CEO of FTP Fidelity.
Now this is the largest private investment firm in the state.
Up until about three weeks ago this whole thing was blown as a big Ponzi scheme, and I'm not talking crooked investments.
I mean stone cold con.
There was never any fund, no trades, no real accounts.
- The clinic lost everything.
- Ten years this guy wore all the right suits and filed all the right papers with the SEC.
Nobody looked twice.
As soon as the FBI figured it out, they slapped a house arrest on him and they froze all his assets.
I'm talking corporate accounts, personal accounts, real estate holdings Anything on planet Earth with this dude's name on it is on ice.
FBI's very thorough, huh? - Extremely.
- So what'd they miss? Oh.
Twenty million dollars.
They moved it off the books before the warrants came down.
He knew the end was near, and he was getting ready to bolt.
Tell me something, where was Fowler arrested? Oh, in his apartment, packing for his "business trip" to the Maldives.
You see, he'd need it light, portable, close at hand.
That 20 million is in his apartment.
Yeah, but this guy's on house arrest, man.
I mean, he's practically living with the FBI.
The problem is not getting into the apartment, but getting them out.
- Where were you? - Oh.
I was running an errand.
Weren't you with the boyfriend? So, what are the terms of his house arrest? Fowler's confined to his six million penthouse overlooking the Charles River.
That's a rough punishment, huh? The whole place is outfitted with 24/7 surveillance so the Feds can keep an eye on him.
Now we can, too.
I piggybacked on their wireless feed.
Still, for us to get in and search the place we got to get rid of Fowler.
Now there are three general exceptions for house arrest.
There's personal safety, death of a relative and family events.
Personal safety? We could burn the apartment down.
- Ooh! Ooh! - Or death of a relative.
Who is that? - Everywhere, Mom.
- Oh.
The kid.
The kid's from her first marriage.
I'm sorry.
What? Widmark? - Rich people, man.
- Jeez.
Can you punch in on that, please? Do you have any respect for your personal property? Do you have any respect for me? I bought you that cell phone.
Dan! He said he was sorry.
Yeah, he's sorry, all right.
I'd ground you, but you don't have any friends to go out with anyway.
I'm gonna talk to him.
I'll be right back.
What do we got on the kid? Widmark Fowler.
Age 10, no arrests, no outstanding warrants.
- Hardison.
- He's a fifth-grade student at Dalton Academy.
Academically unexceptional.
No extracurriculars.
He's allergic to strawberries.
Judges give out day passes for family events.
It's one of the three things, right? So Fowler is going to ask for one so he doesn't miss his kid's big debut.
OK, I'll bite.
What's he debuting as? Yeah, I don't know.
But we're gonna go steal his school and find out.
A Mr.
Anando Buhari is here.
I don't have any appointments.
- I know.
Do you want? - Oh! Dr.
Jerrod! Dr.
Jerrod! Come! Mmm! Oh! It's Ah, it's a pleasure.
I am Anando Buhari, Botswana special envoy.
I work for President Khama.
He was most impressed when he read your paper you wrote as a student.
How do you say your thes thesis? The president of Botswana read my grad school thesis? Yes! All 600 glorious pages, from which insight drips like honey upon which bees of wisdom feast.
The president is rebuilding the educational system from the ground up.
Would you consider going to Botswana to meet him? All expenses paid, of course.
I Yes.
Everyone, settle down! I assure you everything is under control! Mr.
Jerrod just took a leave of absence.
In the middle of the school year? The school board has already sent over an interim headmaster.
Will you be quiet?! And, after reading his file, I can assure you we are in excellent hands.
Guten tag.
My name is Dr.
Melcher, and I presume that you are all familiar with the preeminent literature on the children's education: - my book, The Melcher Method.
- Come on! Ja? In which case any further introduction would be redundant.
I'd like to begin by speaking about the changes we are going to be making in the curriculum.
Excuse me! Mark Sanford.
I'm head of the Concerned Parents Association.
Well, it must be very exciting for you.
Yes, I'm sure.
Why do we need any changes at all? I mean, this is the best private school in Boston.
Calm down, calm down.
Well, see, the Melcher method involves the education of the whole child, mind and body.
Ja, when the child fails you, is it just the brain that fails? Nein.
No, the body contains the failing brain, and both are cast into a cruel world of darkness and despair, and even worse public school.
- Ohh! Right.
- Public school? A Dante's Inferno of mediocrity.
Which is why I bring with me two of my most valued associates We have mind und body.
Ja, ja.
Miss Donovan will hone your children's minds.
And Mr.
Brewer, he will craft your children's bodies into the proper mind vessels through exercise and nutrition.
Are there any questions? One at a time! One at a time, one at a time.
You will all get to Mark! Open floor plan, panoramic views of the park and the Charles.
There's a fitness center, a rooftop pool, concierge service.
It's the perfect newlywed apartment.
Oh, it's The place It's fantastical.
What do you think, Binky? It's a little small.
The The apartment, Binky.
What do you think of the apartment? We'll take it.
She She loves air.
Hardison and Parker are all set.
Now all we gotta do is give Widmark a triumph worthy of a day pass.
A triumph? In what? I mean, in five years this kid hasn't joined a club, - hasn't played a sport - I gotta be honest, I don't know how I'd feel about using the kid to get a mark.
We're not using him.
I mean, every kid is good at something.
We just gotta draw Widmark out, give him his moment to shine.
Oh, so we'd be like his fairy godparents.
I mean, come on, look at this.
Cushy private school, no gunrunners, mob bosses, Interpol.
This is This is a breeze.
We got one week before the clinic closes for good.
Athletics, academics.
Let's go get Widmark the win, all right? All right.
Get on the line.
You're up.
Yeah, you're up.
Get on the line.
Show 'em what you got, man.
You got this.
Hey! You! Take your helmet off.
- What's your name? - Skyler Sanford.
- Skyler? - Yeah.
Is that a boy's name? Don't do that again.
Put your hat on.
You're up against Wid Get out there, man.
Get out here.
All right.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Don't laugh! What are you doin'? There's girls here.
You're better than that.
Turn your hat around.
All right.
Here we go.
En garde.
Fence! Next week is the state spelling bee, and we're going to be sending a representative from right here in Dalton.
Now, I've chosen the best spellers from every class to compete in the tryouts.
The winners will compete in a school-wide competition next Friday.
Your parents are gonna be there, it is going to be huge.
Let's get started.
- Food.
- Food.
That's not fair! He got "food.
" Uh-uh-uh! Skyler, I can assure you that the order of these cards is entirely random.
S- Whatever.
That's impressive.
S-U - Ribonucleic.
- Ribonucleic.
- R-I-B-O-N-U-C-L-E-I-C.
- Wildfire.
- W-I-L-D - Flibbertigibbet.
F-L-I-B-B-E-R-T-I G-I-B-B-E-T.
- Bicycle.
- B-I S-I-C-L-E.
A-N-T-I- D-I-S-E-S-T-A-B-L-I-S-H M-E-N-T-A-R-I-A-N-I-S-M.
Congratulations, Miss Kim.
Class dismissed.
Hey, Widmark.
Good job.
I just got lucky with the words you gave me.
Be proud of yourself.
The important thing is you tried.
I try hard, all the time, but, no matter how much I want something, - it never happens.
- Oh, sweetie.
What What do you want? I don't know.
I just I want someone to like me.
Does that get easier when you're a grownup? Um No.
I don't think it does.
- You're nice, but weird.
- All right, go on.
You're late for class.
Stop moving! Look, it don't have to be exact.
Woman, it's a motion detector.
Just point it that way! Oh! What the hell do you guys want? Well, we're having a problem with the signal from camera two again.
Aaah! Hey! FBI! Drop the gun! Special Agent Hagen? It's me, McSweeten.
Todd, from the Moscone mob case last year? Oh! Yeah.
- I lost him.
- You dropped this.
Yeah! I didn't even realize - Yes, I dropped it.
- Agent Thomas.
- Good to see you again.
- Right back at you Taggert, from the Moscone case.
Right, right.
So, what you all been up to? Well, actually, we've had a pretty good run of it lately.
- Closed some big cases.
- Big.
- Moscone, for one.
- Moscone no mo'-ne.
We also shut down a huge meth ring in California during a bank robbery.
What are you guys doing here? I mean, we We undercover, man.
More manpower on the Fowler case.
Oh, we weren't They never said anything about We're your secret backup.
- Well, that's great.
- Hey! Shh! Secret.
So me and you you, I, us, we should resume surveillance.
Imagine having her for a partner? What? You want to see other partners? - Oh, I didn't say that.
- Yeah, fine.
- That's not what I meant.
Let me just - Whatever.
Can I get this straight? OK, all right, you two, you couldn't rig a gym class and a spelling bee, and you two, you run into the only FBI agents on the planet - that recognize you? - I gotta be honest, - I think we broke the kid even more.
- Mmm.
We are the worst fairy godparents in the world! Listen, we still gotta get Fowler out of the apartment so we can get in.
Yeah, except now, when he leaves there'll be somebody waiting to kill him.
Man, one of his victims wants payback money.
He wants to be paid back.
Well, one of you two can identify the gunman, right? Yeah, sure.
He stopped and let me take a picture of him - as I was chasing him.
- You know what? I've been around kids all day.
I don't need to come home and do all this crap.
I've been in this pink shirt and these tight plaid pants, these old Webster loafers, this girl walking on my back.
- I don't need this.
- Is this the guy? - Mm-hmm.
- See? Wow, I didn't know you could do that.
I thought everybody could do that.
OK, all right, keep an eye on him.
In the meantime, if they think you're real FBI, be real FBI.
I mean, use it to case the apartment.
So I'm out of this, and I'm on FBI detail with Parker and Hardison then.
Actually, no.
I need you to be Coach Brewer.
There's an armed gunman out there.
You want me in the gym with kids named Skyler and Indigo? Where did Coach Brewer go? I mean - Shut up, shut up! - There is the - # The trouble I've seen - Ooh! - # Glory hallelujah - The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of a king.
# Sometimes I'm up Sometimes I'm down # - Oh.
- # Oh, Lord - # Sometimes I'm almost - Ah.
- # To the ground - Sophie, how long would it take you - to stage a musical? - Six weeks.
You have two days.
# Nobody knows the trouble I've # # There can be no confusion that fusion powers a star # Did Did Did you just make that up on the spot? - Yes, ma'am.
- Huh.
- You really are quite relentless.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Miss Donovan, why are we singing - at a science fair? - Ah, good point, yes.
Science, knowledge.
What is knowledge without emotional context? - Facts.
- Uh-uh.
Empty, meaningless.
We're taking left brain, science, and combining it with right brain, creativity, to engage the audience's entire brain.
Now, just just present your projects and we'll just set it to a little melody.
Who's next? # I can make a battery out of a potato # - # Thank you - But I can turn on a light bulb.
That won't be necessary.
Fowler? # You might find this distasteful # # Or call it just plain gross # # To sing in praise of bread mold # # Or wonder how it grows # It even makes you crazy # That mold devours your food # I don't know what to say, Widmark.
- I I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.
That was That was Yes, that was impressive.
It was It was understated.
It was potentially wonderful.
Yes! You, Widmark, are gonna sing in the grand finale! Security system installed, five-camera set up: two in the living room, entryway, hallway, kitchen.
Could I take a look at your log for Fowler's phone calls? I mean, if I put in a request to home office Nah.
That takes forever.
Pencil pushers don't understand what it's like for us out in the field, face-to-face with crime.
- Yeah.
Nose-to-nose with evil.
- I can hear that.
The files are in here.
- Who the hell are you? - FBI.
Look, there are cameras everywhere.
You people don't need to be in here.
Out of every kid in the entire school, she picks him for the showcase performance! - Does she even know who he is? - A student who Whose father ripped off everyone in this school.
I'm a money manager.
I put millions of my clients' accounts with him.
We lost everything, and there isn't a parent in this school who doesn't have the same story.
Ja, it's not our philosophy to punish the kinder for the sins of their parents, Mr.
Sanford, and Miss Donovan, she assures me that Widmark's starring role in the - The science-sical.
- Ja, science-sical is based solely on merit.
Now if you excuse me, I have a lot of work to do, please.
Good afternoon.
Nice to see you again.
Goodbye, goodbye.
Could you just please try to maybe not make this so difficult? I can't take you seriously with that dead cat on your head.
Eliot had trouble adjusting, all right, but he found a way to make his style work in this setting.
So Pain! Honor! Strength! All right come at me.
Look, it's the best I could manage under such short notice.
The props are made, the kids have memorized their presentations.
I'm just setting it to a bit of music.
Listen, I mean, let's not forget why we're here.
Let's not lose focus.
The object is to get Fowler out of the apartment, - not - What, not Widmark, right? Yeah, I get it.
He's just the bait.
Come on, that's not fair.
What's not fair is the way people see him.
His father sees him as a loser, his mother sees him as this fragile little baby.
His schoolmates see him as the boy whose father stole Christmas.
I just think he he he Oh I just want people to see him as he really is.
He deserves that.
Everybody does.
This is why we can't have nice things.
Rich guys and their crazy security systems.
Door alarm's got a Takashita 500 with redundant infrared.
Window's easier.
The window? The window that's 20 stories up? Like I said, easier.
I've done this a million times.
All I need is a pneumatic drill, some diamond bits Get the - Hey.
- Hey.
Ha! Hey.
- Oh.
- What's up? Oh.
That one's actually mine.
I just had my lips on that.
If Oh.
I just, like, gave you a little coffee kiss.
I think your partner is sweet on McSweeten.
- What? No.
- I don't really talk about family stuff.
Huh? Oh.
Anyway The judge approved Fowler's day pass, so he can go see some play his kid is doing at school.
Final-frickin'-ly, man.
I I love the theater.
Cats? Rowrr! All right.
Well, see you downstairs in a couple of minutes.
- What? - You're our backup.
You're coming along with, right? - Yeah.
Yes! - Got our back, right? We We We - Yeah.
- Right.
Got your back.
- OK.
- I got a coupon for Nate.
- We got a problem.
- Well, so do we.
It's final rehearsal and so far Widmark hasn't sung a note.
# You Hey.
The camera's charged, right? I don't want to miss a second.
Sir, I'm gonna have to check that bag.
Hey, guys, can we get a minute? Now look, quick update.
One of us is gonna have to stay upstairs with the surveillance equipment.
Lucky me.
Well, we only really need two agents on Fowler, so why don't we switch up? Yeah, yeah.
That's a good idea.
You know, I could just stay here with Agent Hagen.
You know what? Hagen, you go with the guys.
More manpower for the suspect.
I'll baby-sit the equipment OK.
What are you doing? Look, Agent McSweetheart's gonna go wherever you go, so you, you gotta go to the school and I'm just Just talk me through the break-in.
Talk me.
Just You All that personal space just Good luck.
Sophie, we good to go? No, everything's gonna be fine as soon as I find Widmark.
Hardison, what's going on? - What's your status? - I just looped the FBI video feed so nobody will see me in the apartment, assuming I get in the apartment.
Please take your seat now.
Hurry, hurry now.
All right, our man has arrived.
The curtain goes up in five minutes, One way or the other.
Don't wait for Sophie.
Widmark? Please take your seat.
Run along.
Let's hurry up, hurry up.
Find your seat, please.
Right away.
You sure you can handle this? Oh, yeah.
What's the worst that can happen? Well, you can tangle the lines Hey! Can you believe they have a smoothie shop in this place? What were you saying? Oh.
I was just worried about the play and the actors.
They cross their lines, they could really fall on their face.
Aaah! I'm good.
I'm good.
Widmark, you you can't let them win.
You can't show them that they're getting to you.
- Sophie, no, no.
- What? Just talk to him.
Don't tell him what to do or who to be.
Just talk.
Widmark, I'm sorry.
For what? For trying to con you into being brave, and That's what I do.
I'm a bloody con artist.
Look, I'm not very good at being honest, not even with my friends.
Do you have a lot of friends? No.
Well, I I never used to have any, but Now, yes, I do.
A few.
I used to have friends.
They don't talk to me anymore, because of what my stepdad did.
That's got nothing to do with you, you know that, don't you? Then why do they make fun of me? 'Cause when they look at you they see him.
They're not seeing you for who you really are.
How much time do I have left, Parker? Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe that when you meet someone you have 30 seconds, before the bells and whistles go off.
Don't be afraid to override the feelings - Don't be blue.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
OK, I got you.
30 seconds, don't be blue, override.
What, does that mean cut the blue wire or don't cut the blue wire? Parker? That is That is so true.
I think you need to be honest Twenty seconds.
I can't count in 20 seconds how many blue wires there are.
- Parker, help me out.
- Not following.
You just have to cut loose, output your feelings.
- Snip that blue mood in the - Output? Output? OK, I got it.
Got you.
Out, out, out, out Come here, ya blue Got it.
Daddy's home.
Did you know I was an actress? - No.
- Mm-hmm.
Are you good? Well others don't seem to think so.
Maybe they just can't see you for who you are.
You know what they say about acting? They say it's about telling the truth, about about sharing a little part of yourself that people don't normally see.
But, if you don't If you don't really know yourself, then they think you're lying.
Then I think that's my problem.
I've been lying for so long that I don't even know what the truth is anymore.
I don't want to lie to anybody.
You don't have to, Widmark.
What you need to do is you just have to go out there and be Widmark, just tell the truth, be be who you really are.
If you can do that, then I promise you people will believe in you.
Sure is taking them a long time to get everybody in there.
A lot longer than I thought.
Excuse me for interrupting prom night with my annoying felony burglary.
Ungrateful, just ungrateful.
A-ha! Come to Papa.
- Widmark OK? - Guess we're about to find out.
Yeah! Hacking, rappelling.
Put me in a dress, I can do all y'all's job.
- It's empty.
- What do you mean it's empty? I mean it's empty, like somebody cleaned it out.
I hate to tell you this, but that ain't our biggest problem right now.
We got company.
# There are many types of clouds # # Like stratus cumulus and nimbus # # Nimbus said to a glum-looking cloud # # "Please don't be so cirrus" # Clouds are high up in the sky # Yeah, but how'd he know Fowler was gonna be here? Only ones that knew were us and the FBI.
Yeah, and Fowler himself.
Maybe we were wrong.
Maybe Fowler isn't the target.
- Then who? - What? Thank you for this delicious smoothie, agent.
His FBI handlers.
Fowler's arranged to have them killed.
- He's about to run.
- No, man.
There's no way he could arrange that.
He's under house arrest.
No phone calls, no Internet.
They're even reading his mail.
- How could he arrange a hitman? - Let's ask him.
What do you mean you lost it? - I thought it was in my room.
- You thought? Do you have any respect for your personal property? Do you have any respect for me? I bought you that cell phone.
Feds confiscated his cell phone.
They didn't take Widmark's.
# You will see in the mirror # Fowler's getaway explains the empty safe.
Whatever cash he had on him, he took with him.
And I think I know where to look.
Here comes a storm cloud! - Wait.
Didn't you search Fowler before he left? - Of course.
Nothing on him except for that camera and some tapes.
Yeah, well, there's something in that bag, or on those tapes.
- Thank you! - Sophie, can you swipe it? Yes, I'm a little bit busy here.
Julliard, for that wonderful rendition of how clouds are formed.
And now we have Milan with a ballad about photosynthesis.
Has anybody seen Widmark? Sophie, the job's over.
What happens from here on is not our concern.
No way, no, no.
The clinic isn't the only victim here.
I didn't prop up this boy just to see him fail.
No way.
I'm not letting that happen.
Yo, what's up? Nate? This phone has sent a bunch of text messages in the last 48 hours to some guy named Skyler.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Skyler's a kid at this school.
- Why would Fowler be texting a middle-schooler? - # Photosynthesis is the cause of this process # # That makes things bigger # Water and light makes He wasn't texting Skyler, he was texting Skyler's dad.
Ooh! Sorry.
Mark Sanford's an accomplice.
He set up the gunman.
He just traded bags with Fowler.
No, man.
Why would Sanford help Fowler? Isn't he one of the guys who invested with him? # Really a gas # Sorry I'm late.
No, no, no.
You're right on time.
And now, with growth factors in bread mold, it's Widmark Fowler! # You might find this distasteful # # Or call it just plain gross # To sing in praise of bread mold # # Or wonder how it grows # It even makes you crazy # That mold devours your food # Until you find I've changed your mind # # And you see that mold is good # Shh! # It's the mushrooms on your pizza # # It's the yeast that makes the crust rise # Keep it off the stage! You're gonna ruin his big finale! # Classified as fungi That's good eatin' # # Don't look surprised While we're on the subject # Who among us would want the nasty job that fungus has # # Scarfin' down toxic waste # Molds grow where they're needed # # So they find our stuff to feed in # # Molds just want to grow So they pop out spores, you know # # That a mold wants to thrive # Needs much more than to survive # # Because mold's like us # Just love being # Alive # He's not bad.
Excuse me, dear.
Oh, Widmark! I'm so proud of you! - I'll see you out there, OK? - Uh Ah Hardison, are you near your computer? I need you to check a name for me.
- Go ahead.
- Doug Fineman.
And first place goes to Mr.
Widmark Fowler.
Sanford is providing Fowler with a new identity, and a new life waiting for him in Bogota.
Coach Brewer! I'll take that.
Ah yes.
I'm just saying you can't make the returns too consistent.
Ten percent growth every year, no matter what the market does? The SEC is going to ask questions.
Let me worry about the SEC.
But we have to be careful.
My job is to buy off the regulators, your job is to bring in new money.
Now this whole thing goes off the rails when you stop doing your job.
Where the heck do you think you're going? Ja, ja, he He dropped this.
All of this.
I thought his name was Fowler.
- I don't know.
- Thanks.
Ja, ja.
No! Stop it! You can't play that! Now that is no way to treat a lady.
Come on.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Got something for you.
Wow, that is far more than we lost.
Well, you know the 20 million the Feds couldn't find? Fowler had an overseas account using one of his aliases.
He struck a deal with Sanford.
He traded the tapes for a new passport - and two dead FBI guys.
- And our friend Hardison? He liberated some of the cash so you could use it for your clinic.
- Wow.
- Hey, Kay.
Hi, Claudine.
She needed a job after Fowler went to jail.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
You know, this is interesting.
This must be a first.
I mean, it's the only time I can remember that the con depended solely on you telling the truth.
- How'd it feel? - Ah, good.
- Don't get used to it.
- Oh, no, no.
Start telling the truth all day, stop being Sophie Devereaux.
Maybe that's a good thing.

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