Leverage s02e05 Episode Script

The Three Days of the Hunter Job

And tonight, on Hunt for the Truth, a shocking development in the school bus scandal that cost two children their lives.
I have uncovered new information about the lowlife responsible for this horrible accident, school bus driver Ray Pennington.
Pennington, how do you respond to the allegations that you were driving erratically the morning of the accident? I drove the way I normally do.
I I didn't do anything improper.
That man, Ray Pennington, was being treated for severe mental illness at the time of the accident.
Friends, you have to ask yourself, do you know who's driving your kids to school? Joining us is psychiatrist Dr.
Bill Pratt.
Pratt, isn't it true that psychiatric medications greatly impair - a person's driving ability? - Dad? I thought we agreed you weren't gonna watch this whack-job anymore.
Dad? Dad? Daddy? Daddy! Dad! Daddy? Dad? Dad, can you hear me? Dad? Dad! Dad? Dad? Dad, can you hear me? No! Dad, wake up! Dad! The doctor said I got to him just in time.
- No charges were brought against your father? - No.
It was ruled mechanical failure.
The police completely cleared him.
Of course that wouldn't make for a very good story, would it? Well, the accident was a tragedy and everyone was devastated, but nobody pointed a finger at Dad until Monica Hunter decided to make him her latest villain.
Look, I'm sorry to bring this up, but we need to know, what about the mental illness? When my dad got out of the first Gulf War, he was given antidepressants for post-traumatic stress.
He hasn't taken them in 14 years.
She made up lie after lie.
Here's what we can do.
We can probably get you enough money to save the house - and pay for medical bills - We aren't interested in money, Mr.
This woman took my father's self-esteem.
She took his reputation.
She took his good name.
That's what he needs back.
- I - All right, yeah.
We'll see what we can do.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I wanna take the lead on this one.
I wanna do what you do.
Yeah, listen, I know breakups can be very difficult, Sophie.
That's not what this is about.
I know that you have this need to be in control right now, you know.
- I don't have any such need.
- But you can't project that onto the con.
Excuse me? This, coming from the man who spent an entire year drunk, working out his obsessive vengeance on every dimwit in a suit who happened to cross our line of vision.
Hey, you put some thought into that one, didn't you? You know, I'm not tryin' to control the universe just because some guy dumped me.
I I appreciate the concern.
I just I need a new challenge.
This is your job.
Now let's go get this bitch.
Oh, boy.
The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
Now, we've stolen a lot of odd things before, but how do we steal back a man's reputation? We get the network to issue a complete apology and utterly disavow Monica Hunter's story.
- What? - Yeah, Sophie's gonna be doing this one.
- What? - Yeah.
I'm gonna be Nate on this one, only, you know, nicer.
But if you're gonna be Nate, then who's gonna be you? - You.
- Me? I don't mean to obsess about the last time Sophie ran a con, but I'm sorry, where we had to blow up the offices.
- Really? Because I don't remember that.
- I do.
- Um, Hardison, just run it.
- Look, you don't mind, I thought I would still do the "Hardison, run it" thing.
Hardison, run it.
Monica Hunter's Hunt for the Truth has been a top show in her time slot for the last eight years.
She calls it an exposé show.
Each episode includes three elements: Incriminating documents, embarrassing footage of the subject and an expert to make it legit.
Now, she mixes this all into one hatchet job on some poor citizen, turning him into the bogeyman.
Doesn't matter whether or not they're guilty.
If the victim tries to sue, the network just buries them in lawyers.
Yeah, she demonizes perfectly innocent people for ratings and stands behind the network thinking they're gonna protect her.
- We're gonna sever that relationship.
- How? We're gonna get her to go on air with a fake story that just destroys her reputation.
Like when you find a crooked cop, you know, - all his cases go right out the window.
- Exactly.
And then to protect themselves, they issue an apology to Mr.
Pennington and then they throw Monica Hunter into the jaws of the very media machine that she bent to her own malicious will.
I gotta say, Sophie's briefings are much more dramatic.
- And poetic.
- You see, what we need to do though, what we need is, we gotta sell her a fake news story that she can't refuse.
That's what we gotta do, because what does she have? She has fame.
She has money.
What does she need? She Sorry.
What does she have? She has fame.
She has money.
What does she need? Respect.
Yeah, she's a joke among serious journalists.
Look, these are emails from her agent and internal memos from the network.
See, every time her contract's up, she tries to go and get a job on a serious news show, - but she gets laughed out of the room every time.
- We can't sell her respect.
But we can sell a story that commands respect.
A story that she's gonna chase to get the respect she craves.
Hm? Pack your bags, everyone.
We're going to D.
to make news.
That's when you wanna I wanna do that bit again.
Pack your bags, everyone.
We're going to D.
to make news.
She's walking into the closet.
Friends, join me tomorrow as we hunt for the truth in your own home.
Which of your household appliances is killing you? It's not the one you think.
And we're out.
Nice show, everyone.
- We have to bump this.
- What idiot made this coffee? - I got the pass.
- Parker, we went over this.
You're not supposed to take it.
Get caught with it.
I don't know how to.
Yeah, I know it's difficult to steal badly.
Just just try.
I need this yesterday.
What am I paying you for? You can't make a cup of coffee.
I'm surrounded by incompetence.
What the hell are you doing? Cindy MacAllen, Caspergale Nightly News.
Caspergale? How'd you get in here? That's your cue.
Go on.
Leave now.
Apparently, I have to go.
I will have you arrested for trespassing if you do not tell me what you are doing here.
Technically, you can't have me arrested for trespassing because you don't own the station.
Parker, tell her the story.
I have a story.
A huge story.
- Pentagon.
- Right.
There's a high-level source at the Pentagon that's evading me.
So you were gonna sneak in using my press credentials? Yes.
Tell me the story.
I can't.
Tell me, or tell the police.
I have a story that will bring down the president of the United States.
I have to warn you about my source.
He doesn't like strangers.
Strangers? I'm Monica Hunter.
I'm in 41 markets.
Monica Hunter, meet Wade Perkins.
I told you don't bring nobody here.
They can't know that we know.
Not now.
- I'm out.
- No, I know how this looks.
Just hear him out.
Three minutes.
Tell me a story that'll bring down the president.
The presi the president, man, the president said he was gonna close down Guantanamo Bay.
He lied.
Guantanamo is being replaced by a network of secret prisons right here in the United States, man.
These are satellite photos of vacant military installations across the country.
Empty missile silos.
Closed bases.
Places we've abandoned since the end of the Cold War.
Suddenly, three months ago, the photos were taken off-line and classified.
Until I cracked the encryption.
See, this here here's what the government doesn't want you to see, man.
This Construction sites working around the clock installing generators and water filtration systems.
And and and fully-stocked kitchens, man.
There's a word for that.
It's called government pork.
Oh, no.
All this construction is goin' on underground.
Under, beneath the eyes.
The eyes of the world, man.
They don't want you to see.
Congress doesn't know, governors don't know, Red Cross, ACLU, National Geographic.
Nobody knows, man.
Nobody, man.
They're puttin' terrorists in your backyard.
Terrorists under your backyard.
"Hey, little Billy, go outside.
Dig in the sandbox.
Ooh, klang.
What'd ya find, little Billy? What'd ya find? It's a terrorist.
It's a bunker full of terrorists, man.
" Bunker, man.
What other sources do you have besides tin foil hat over here? Hey, hey, hey, man.
Bein' a tin foil hat, that's better than bein' a lap dog for the four corporations that control the global media, man.
General Mark Chesler at the Pentagon is running this program.
He's been ducking me.
That's why I needed your credentials.
Call me tomorrow.
We'll hit the general in the morning.
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
- All right.
And the cameraman.
The usual setup.
I must say, Monica, I'm proud of you - helpin' out this young reporter.
- Don't be silly, Steve.
Once I've got her sources, I'm kicking Strawberry Shortcake to the curb.
The story is all mine.
Hunter's hooked.
Our mark has a story and a source.
We halfway home.
Now, for the hard part.
We need to steal a general.
No, it's, "Let's go steal a general.
" - You know, it's a rallying cry.
- Yeah.
"We need to steal a general.
" It's a little naggy.
It's kinda like, "We need eggs," you know? "We need eggs.
" "We need eggs!" You know? No, I'm just tryin' to give you a little You see what you did.
Eliot, these conspiracies aren't real, right? What do you mean? Like that one over there that says all the major wars of the past 50 years were ordered by members of The Council.
Parker, I'm not at liberty to discuss that with you.
You're not a member of The Council, are you? Eliot? - Is he? - Oh, I don't know.
Huh? Uh, Nate, is he? Meeting adjourned.
General Chesler, I'm from Senator Ruden's office, and he needs to speak with you immediately.
Uh, they are about to put a spike in the XJ-12 Armored Vehicle Project.
I'm just relaying the message.
I don't even know what that is, sir.
It's the last eight years of my life, that's what it is.
Yes, sir.
Uh, the senator would like you to meet him in his office, ASAP, and bring the latest XJ-12 files.
- I don't have them on me! - Don't have 'em.
Yeah, right here, call your secretary and have her meet you there, pronto.
Again, I'm just relaying the senator's words.
They're not mine.
Pamela, stop what you're doing right now, and grab the following files.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Is she gonna buy this? Hardison changed the general's profile online.
When she's on camera, Monica only looks at Monica.
- Parker, what's your 20? - Seconds away.
Shouldn't we have called first to schedule an interview? Schedule a? Ah, skipper, you're not covering the Tulip Festival for the Action News anymore.
- This is the real world.
- What if he won't talk to us? - Then we celebrate.
- Celebrate? Denial means guilt.
Refusal means more guilt.
Punch out my cameraman, and I'll kiss you on the mouth.
I knew it.
You've got a shadow.
- What? - Means you're being followed.
Means there's some meat on this bone.
All right, we're rolling.
My friends, we are outside the office of General Mark Chesler to discover the truth about America's secret prisons.
What's going on here? Who the hell let you in this building? General, who is being held in the secret underground bunkers? I am late to a meeting.
Then you don't deny that these prisons exist.
I don't know what you're talking about.
So how long have you been in charge of the prisons, general? Here, take this.
Watch the door.
This is it.
Construction memos for the sites in the satellites photos.
All classified.
Cell requirements are eight square feet per bed.
They are prisons.
- We've got our proof.
- Yes.
Fair enough.
You bring that crackpot source of yours down to my studio right now.
I'm gonna obscure his face, disguise his voice.
Refer to him as my secret informant.
Do you have any idea what this story might mean for democracy? Whatever.
I just wish I could see the faces of those bastards at the Times and the Post when they find out they've gotta chase a Monica Hunter story.
My story, too, right? Hey, make sure to set the TiVo.
I wanna see how I look with the fuzzy dot on my face.
Well, just don't push too hard.
- What? I'm - Bury her.
Three, two, one, Monica.
Friends, is your baby-sitter running a call girl ring while you're at work? Watch the shocking nanny cam footage tonight on Hunt for the Truth.
And cut.
Nice show, everyone.
- Hardison.
Hardison, go in.
- Got it, got it.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, chief.
- What happened to the prison story, man? - Renfield, Betsy Wetsy.
I'll admit I was tempted.
I figured here's my chance to finally stick it to the D.
press corps.
But then I got to work and I read these.
Nielsen Media.
These are your ratings? On Monday, I had suburban teens in secret pregnancy pact.
Number one in the time slot.
Then Wednesday was my Social Security show: "Will Your Safety Net Be There When You Retire?" I lost to the Discovery and History channels.
Sharks and Nazis.
Now granted, sharks and Nazis are cable TV's heavy hitters, - but that's no excuse.
- But this is a national scandal.
No, a scandal is whatever scares Monica Hunter's viewers.
Now, who are they gonna put in those secret prisons? My viewers? No.
They're gonna put bad people in there.
Secret government prisons make Monica Hunter's viewers feel safer.
My job is to sell the morons a steady diet of scary.
They want a reason to lock their doors.
Fear sells, and Monica Hunter is in the fear business.
Don't you understand? If we get to someone else, you'll be missing out on the opportunity of your life! Listen to us! Everything's at stake! Thank you.
What are we gonna do now? All right, she wants fear that's what we'll give her.
This is how it starts.
- Go for Hunter.
- Monica, it's Cindy MacAllen.
There's more to this than we thought.
The general called me.
- Large latte.
- Look, Cindy, I told you, there's no Hunt for the Truth story here.
Please, I'm right outside.
Give me just two minutes.
It's big, Monica.
It's bigger than we thought.
Don't stop.
Come on.
- They ran her over.
- I know, but we gotta go.
Security cameras, the ATM cameras, the traffic cameras.
We're being watched.
Just put your head down.
Act natural.
Why are you dressed like a mailman? Invisible man, mailman, nobody notices the mailman.
He blends right in.
Just like a circus clown.
Wait, wait, did did she tell you? - The general called.
- Yes.
He called last night.
He wants to meet.
Had a bad case of the sweats and a guilty conscience.
What's this all about? Something worth killing her over.
Is it a big enough story for you now? Where the hell are we? No windows.
No cameras.
No crowds.
It's the perfect place to meet.
Now, look, look, look.
Do you want the truth or not, man? Miss Hunter.
Where's MacAllen? MacAllen had an accident.
Right in front of me.
They're cleaning up the loose ends.
Not the ends, man.
Not the ends, man.
I like beginnings of stuff.
I'll try and see if I can get ya some.
- Trimethyl what? - It's an antidote.
The CIA came up with it in '73 during the Tokyo Intervention.
Antidote to what? Well, there's been an incident.
An incident? Don't spin me, general.
I'm Monica frickin' Hunter, and I am on a hunt for the truth.
Three weeks ago, there was a breach at one of our weapons research labs outside of D.
Something got inside the water.
- It's in the water.
I always knew it was in the water.
- Will you shut up? A virally replicating chemical nerve agent.
A nerve gas.
Dissolves in the water.
- Spreads like a disease.
- No.
No, we would have heard from the hospitals, people coming in with symptoms.
It takes a while for it to rise to toxic level in the human system.
People should start getting sick any day now.
I don't understand.
What does this have to do with the secret prisons? She thinks they're prisons? Out here's the prison! They're shelters for the elite.
Environmentally sound safe houses with their own re-filtering water supply.
Good for two years of underground living.
Even though I think we'll only need about six months.
If you think the American people are gonna stand by and watch while thousands of D.
residents get sick and Thousands? Thousands? You don't get it, man? It's in the water.
Once it's in the condensation cycle, it starts gettin' in rain clouds and raindrops and rain that keep falling, man.
It's not raining men, man.
It's raining death.
It's raining death, man.
In a couple of days, being in one of those bunkers will be the only safe place in the entire country.
I still need more proof.
It's all in the file that MacAllen took.
The Red File.
They stole that file off of her body.
You have other sources.
Use 'em.
The project is code-named Destiny.
It's up to you, Hunter.
It's up to you to warn the American people.
Now, go hunt for the truth! We totally went to the moon.
Movie sets.
I've seen 'em.
They're outside of Albuquerque.
Why would there still be sets there? Because they're gonna reuse 'em for the Mars mission.
Repaint it all red.
Ooh, peppermint.
Are you sure it was cool to let her loose? She has to have corroboration from her own sources.
She has to craft the narrative.
Monica Hunter has to be the author of her own personal nightmare.
Do I sound that creepy when I? - Hell yes.
- Mm-hm.
- Really? - You do.
The only question is whether Hardison - guessed her sources right.
- Guess? Guess? - Well, you know.
- Woman, my name Alec Hardison.
I do not guess, OK? Look, journalists, they're lazy.
They always go back to the same sources.
I compared Monica Hunter's stories for the last ten years and created a heuristic model based on her sources.
I filtered by story type, priority and evidentiary chain.
Look, sex scandal: 87 percent chance she goes to these sources.
Serial killer scare: 90 percent she contacts these sources for confirmation.
Government secrets and health scare intersects: Ninety-five percent chance she goes to these sources.
Look, look.
Right there.
She's emailing them right now.
I am answering for them.
"I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Project Destiny.
" See, now all of her cell phone calls to these sources go straight to voicemail.
Leaving her no choice but to contact the one and only source that we let her speak to.
- Yeah, I can do that.
- Thanks a lot.
Ah, Monica! My favorite journalist.
- What can I do for you? - I need you to tell me the truth.
- Of course.
- About Destiny.
Now, here on the main stage, let's give it up for Destiny! - I bought you a car, baby! - Thank you, baby.
Ooh! Give me that.
Who told you about Destiny? You can't tell anyone! That would be the end! The end of everything! It's true.
Monica, we're shooting promos.
Get made up.
It's everywhere.
It really is everywhere.
This is studio security footage from three hours ago.
Now, that's what I call control.
Yeah, we might've, uh, pushed too hard.
It's me, Monica Hunter.
Are you there? Let me in.
Oh, thank God! You're the only one I can trust to help me get this footage.
- Some footage, man? - I need you to take me to one of the bunkers now.
We need video proof.
We are gonna blow this wide open.
- All right, I'm - Come on.
Let's go.
- Too much.
- A little bit.
Here? Hold.
Hold, hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on a second.
All right, your satellite photos have something that will pass as a bunker at the Army Reserve base.
I'm right behind ya.
There's nothing in there but tank parts.
Just get the footage and run.
And Nate's right behind you.
He's gonna pick you up and do the blow-off.
Well, there you go.
We're not close enough.
Shoot me.
This is Monica Hunter coming to you from a secret military base just outside of Washington, D.
with the most shocking Hunt for the Truth ever.
You! Oh! Sergeant! Sir, yes, sir! - Hey! - Ow! - Hey, Hardison.
Hardison, what's? - Move in there now! Oh! This is U.
Army! Don't move! Drop the camera! Hands in the air now! Glass half full.
She really buys the bunker story.
Listen, you don't have to pretend with me.
I know.
I know about the bunkers.
Ma'am, there are no bunkers.
I know you have to say that.
All this is an Army base? What did you think it was? You I I don't know.
I don't know that white woman.
Met her at a bar.
She said we was goin' back to her place.
- I thought it was a gated community.
- And the video camera? She a freak, man.
Hold on.
- Get me out of here.
- Yeah, I'm working on it.
- I'm on it.
- No, no, no, no, no, you cannot go.
You're dead.
- Monica Hunter sees you and the whole con is blown.
- Right.
Damn the con.
I'm a black man caught on an Army base with a video camera.
I am going to jail forever.
Yeah, look, Nate's the only one close enough to get you.
But Nate's five minutes away and still tryin' to figure out how he's gonna walk two prisoners off an Army base using an ID that's already been reported stolen.
No, guys, we're gonna have to stall.
Stall? Let me know if anything from fingerprints comes Eliot, get me everything you can on a Lieutenant Abbot.
Just do what I taught you.
before the "www-dot," right? - Eliot! - Which one's the forward slash? - Oh, come on.
- It ain't the time, Eliot.
It ain't the time.
It's not fun when you're hanging out there in the wind and there's a dude behind a laptop cracking jokes.
I like it when we switch jobs.
It's exciting.
Let's pretend there aren't any bunkers.
- There aren't any bunkers.
- You're a horrible liar.
In these bunkers that don't exist, there's going to be panic.
- Who's panicking? - The special people.
And you know what you could use? A familiar face from the media.
A face that they trust.
No, that's everything on this guy.
Sir, I need to know why you're on this base.
Why am I on this base? - I'm asking you.
- No, I'm asking you.
Why am I on this base? Why am I in this room? - So I can ask you questions.
- Or maybe it's so I can ask you questions, Lieutenant Kyle Abbot, Social Security 823-24-6270? - I don't know what you're up to.
- You're not cleared to know.
Two disciplinary actions? That one in Germany? Maybe you're just too much of a security risk.
Did I say you could leave? - Not gonna work.
- It's all in the salute, man.
Just work the stars and bars.
Nobody wants to look a general in the eye.
Uh, good form soldier.
As you were.
Sir, mine is freaking me right out, sir.
Mine appears to be insane.
No, not insane, just a reporter.
Well, congratulations, gentlemen.
This base has passed with, uh, flying colors.
Well done.
Uh, passed what, sir? Have you not been briefed? You were supposed to be briefed.
Department of Defense has decided to, uh, reassure the American people about, uh, the safety of their military bases.
So we've agreed to cooperate with the network and make a television special, you know, to show off just how effective our security is.
They were pretty easy to catch, sir.
Well, for you.
But in Camp Munroe in Idaho, those two were signing their name on nukes with shiny silver pens.
Turn 'em loose now and I'll get 'em out of your hair.
Of course, sir.
You're free to go, ma'am.
All right, let's go.
Sorry to waste your time, gentlemen.
Very well done there.
Lieutenant, did you catch the full name on that ID? - General Chesler, sir? - That is not General Chesler.
All right, find out who they are.
Don't let anyone off the base! Oh, trimethylxanthine.
Thank you.
That slows the effect of the toxin.
Hopefully, long enough for you to get the truth out.
- How did you find us? - Are you kidding me? Famous reporter shows up at one of the bunkers, sets off alarms all over the city.
We're gonna be lucky if we get out in one piece, I'll tell you that.
- We'll split up.
- No.
Your car's parked over by the fence.
You pick it up and we'll meet back at the apartment.
We'll gather the evidence and we'll meet at the studio.
Hey, stop right there! - You were right.
- Let's go.
No, hold it! - Stop! Yo! Sergeant! - Yes, sir! Stop that car! Stop that vehicle! Sir, the only ID that checked out was the woman.
Monica Hunter.
Hunt for the Truth? I thought she looked familiar.
Call the police.
We've got footage of the shelters and the testimony of a three-star general.
They can't continue the program with this kind of exposure.
We're gonna grab the satellite photos and put you on the air.
I am gonna make them pay for keeping me out of those bunkers.
- Yeah.
- And lying.
- And injustice.
- Yeah.
Where did it go? The photos.
The maps.
Where's Wade Perkins? Thank God, the Red File.
Pardon me.
I was just cleaning up.
We hunt for the truth through many dark places.
I am a patriot, Ms.
I'm sorry.
Good thing Parker switched that with water.
Didn't! Didn't switch.
Earnings reports continue to come in, and as expected, several major banks are facing I've got to get on the air, now.
- Are you drunk? - Steve, listen very carefully.
You've got to patch me into the Emergency Broadcast System.
I've got to go on the air live.
Before they come for me.
They what? Monica, we're in the middle of the stock report.
I'll do it myself.
notes that those figures do compare favorably with first-quarter productivity, - though confounding expectations of labor costs.
- Get out! We have breaking news.
And now, Monica Hunter with some breaking news.
Monica, what are you doing? Saving your life, Steve.
This is a very special edition of Hunt for the Truth.
My friends, I've brought you stories before of injustices, of dangers lurking all around us.
But tonight, my friends, the enemy is everywhere.
My friends, this is the enemy.
Our water has been poisoned.
Do not drink it.
Don't even look at it.
Has she lost her mind?! Where is she getting this?! My friends, while we are out here dying, our government has secured the so-called elites in secret underground bunkers, to protect them from this poison outbreak.
Even now, these privileged few are hiding underground.
But poor we are out here.
What the hell is that footage?! Why can't you turn it off?! Do not adjust your set.
I control the horizontal, I control the vertical.
The water is poisoned.
What's that typing?! Who's typing this?! Hey, you! Find out who's doing this! And I have the proof.
I have the proof right here.
What? No.
What?! No.
No! See, they wanna kill me because I know the truth.
No! No! No! These are Are you on antipsychotics? No! They're anti-virals! For the water! Give them to me! Let go! Let go! Go.
What? What am I supposed to say? This is breaking news right here in our own studios at BNI.
Monica Hunter is being taken into custody - I'm Monica frickin' Hunter! after suffering what appears to be a psychotic break live on air.
Seeing this public meltdown, what are your thoughts about Monica Hunter's fall from grace? I'm just glad that people finally know the truth.
And I'm really glad to have my good name back.
Thank you, Ray.
For now we can only pose the question: How many other good people did Monica Hunter destroy? Ray was the beginning.
I'm telling you, every person that Hunter slandered - is gonna get a second chance.
- Loch Ness Monster.
- Loch Ness submarine.
- No! Scottish waters are cold and deep.
It's a perfect place to test.
- Area 51.
- True.
- That's true.
- False.
She said Area 51, 51.
- I'm sorry.
Area 52.
- Been there.
Come on.
You had a little bit of fun, right? I mean, it's always fun.
I just No, it didn't really hit the spot.
I've I thought it would be really cool, you know, switching roles, but no.
I'm a grifter.
For better or worse.
You're searching for something.
Nate, I Oh, I feel like such an idiot, but I feel a little bit lost right now.
Just take your time.
Trust me.
The irony of that.
All right, trust me.
'Cause whatever you need, I'm here for ya.
Listen, you carried my drunk ass for over a year.
You deserve some of the same latitude.
You make a good point.
Now, here is where you say something nice about me.
Don't ruin the moment.

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