Leverage s02e07 Episode Script

The Two Live Crew Job

My sister and I began the Reclamation Project 40 years ago.
We recover art looted from Nazi-occupied countries - during the Shoah.
- There's one piece in particular that we have been trying to recover for some time.
It's a Gustav Klimt.
I love the symbolists.
It belonged to my father.
He smuggled it out, just before The painting made it out of Europe.
He did not.
Ford, I have searched my entire life for that painting.
Now, we know it is here, in Boston.
Oh, well, if it's on display, then you can make a claim with the museum - if you think you have provenance.
- It's on display.
But not in a museum.
North bought the painting on the black market knowing full well its history.
- He's got it hanging up in his office.
- Yeah.
We have tried every legal avenue, but he even bribed a judge to dismiss the case.
North owns the largest software company in this state.
He has unlimited money and twice as many lawyers.
Can you help us? It's what we do.
Montgraft & Associates.
One moment.
Can I help you? Speak to the boss.
Yeah, uh, Detective, uh, Marlowe.
This is Detective Archer.
- Is there a problem? - We have a, uh, warrant here to, uh, search your, uh, premises.
Your boss is a wanted man, young lady.
Close it up.
I think something's going on.
I don't like this, going into the wrong office.
Feels like cheating.
North is one of those guys who has the latest everything, including security.
His office is one big mousetrap.
What, so instead we don't even try? That's weak.
This is it.
The Klimt is behind the wall right here.
Montgraft is in New York on business.
- He probably skipped town.
- Halfway to Canada by now.
- Mm.
- No.
He's supposed to be back tomorrow.
He's not comin' back.
And you better hope and pray he doesn't come back.
- You're just his type.
- Oh, yeah.
- What do you mean, "his type?" - Yeah.
It can't be that hard.
You crazy? The man has a PDX-500 rotating encryption system.
Do you even know what that is? Some other crew might be crazy enough to tackle that system head-on, but it's an impossible hack.
They would have to tap the network directly from a terminal inside the office.
Even if they did get into the system, they would only have three minutes of access time before the encryption program resets itself and locks them out.
Timer is set.
Three minutes and counting.
I still think I could get in.
You're good, but nobody's that good.
In and out in under three minutes is bad enough.
But North's office has a pressure-sensitive floor and thermal detectors that operate under an entirely different system.
I guess cheating has its advantages.
It's easier to hack a wall than a high-tech security system.
And now the Klimt is ours.
Did he ever express an interest in the color of your toenail polish? - What? No.
- Did he have a wood chipper? Did he ever ask you to come to his home to see his wood chipper? - No.
- We got a problem.
- What? - At least we got a painting.
- Maybe they won't notice the difference.
- Dogs Playing Poker? Seriously? Sophie? Maybe he saw the magazine photo and spooked.
The man bought Holocaust art on the black market and hung it for display in his office.
- You think he care if anybody knows he's got it? - Just a minute.
We got beat.
Somebody beat us to the punch.
So I just got off the phone with our clients.
Told them we couldn't recover their dead father's painting.
Wanna explain why? - Where's Sophie? - I'm on it.
Maybe they want the stuff back that they stole.
You know, secret Nazis.
It's going to voicemail.
I'm gonna try comms.
Sophie? So? Hey, Nate wants to know why I say that's a pretty good reason.
- How ya doin'? - Oh, you know.
Yeah, that's a bomb.
I recognize that circuit.
It's motion trigger.
Any sudden movement is gonna cause displacement of the water.
It'll set it off.
- Is that C-4? - Oh, Parker! Please don't poke at the motion sensitive bomb? - Sorry.
- So, uh, secret admirer? Well, it's no secret they want me dead.
What do you think, man? I'd have to reach into the vase to disarm it.
It'd go off.
Well, let's not do that, then.
- Uh-uh.
- Do you have any instant pudding? The powder hardens the liquid, tricks the bomb into thinking it's not moving.
Should give you a little wiggle room.
Very little.
All right, what's the plan, Eliot? How fast can you run? All right.
Everybody, get out of here, right now.
I'm gonna stay.
I'm gonna stay with Sophie.
- We are not leaving you.
- Look, I appreciate what you guys are trying to do.
But if you don't get out of here now then I'll, then Then I'm gonna kill you myself when this is over.
So, just Just get out! All right, don't throw it up in the air.
The device will hit the bottom.
It'll go off.
Just let go and drop it.
- You, too.
Go on.
- No, I'm staying.
I'm staying right here.
Listen, it's gonna be fine, Nate.
You know me.
Do it exactly the way he said.
She had a way of taking care of people, you know? She was a sister.
She was a best friend.
All rolled into one.
I'm gonna miss ya, Soph so much, Katherine.
Katherine and I have known each other forever.
Almost two years.
Yeah, I know that probably doesn't sound like a lot to you, but it is to me.
I never really had many friends.
Which is why losing her is so hard.
It's so creepy.
I mean, she's really dead.
I was just talking to her and now she's just laying there.
- She's just laying there.
Can you hear me? - Parker.
Par Parker.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, y'all.
What she really means is it's just, uh, Katherine was like family.
And sometimes friends are all the family that you have.
So, you good? Come on, just let Just keep goin' here.
Got all hysterical and emotional.
- See any suspects? - No one jumps out at me.
Me neither.
Why is she so sure they're gonna show up? When you go through the trouble of killing someone the likes of a Sophie Devereaux, you make sure they're dead.
Not much of a turnout, is it? You're dead.
You're not supposed to care.
I mean, is this it, huh? Buried in a stranger's grave, hardly any mourners? - It's not you.
- It is me.
Or at least it's the me that anybody knows.
You gotta get out of here.
You're gonna blow the con.
It's fine.
No one's gonna recognize me.
- How's that? - Nate, I'm acting.
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
It's a shame, really.
So beautiful, so young.
You knew her well? Yeah, we were friends a long time.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Oh, yours, too.
How do ya how did you know Katherine? Katherine? When we knew each other she, uh, she went by a different name.
I suppose we should take something to heart from this.
Mistakes can get you killed.
It was an accident.
Gas line broke.
That is the story.
And now let us be comforted by the words from Let's get outta here.
- Friend of yours? - Well, if by that you mean murderous, treacherous, - backstabber, then yes.
- That does seem like your type.
What are you doin'? Security camera footage from Sophie's apartment.
Tryin' to see who delivered the bomb, but with nothing for reference, facial recognition can't narrow it down.
No need.
I know exactly who's to blame.
Marcus Starke.
Brilliant grifter.
Even better forger.
- Stop it.
- It's like you're haunting us.
Parker, I'm not really dead.
- I'm not dead.
- OK.
We use to work together.
We did the Copenhagen trip in '97, the Berlin Polytech job in '98 and Nate, remember remember that great run in Moscow? That great run? I chased you for three months.
Well, uh, technically you chased us.
Are you sayin' that you saw other teams before us? No.
Really just another Nate before Nate.
Let me ask you a question.
What bugs you more? Is it the fact that he was with Sophie first or that he outsmarted you? Moving on.
Um, Starke doesn't keep a permanent crew.
He specializes in whiz mobs.
He puts a team together, they slam into a town for one high-profile job and then they scatter.
- It's in a - But usually they do one They do one smaller job first just to work out the kinks in the team.
Like our clients' painting, for example? Wrong place, wrong time.
Starke must have seen me and now that I'm one of the good guys, decided to get rid of me because Why? Because Because I know his scams.
Because I know his favorite scam.
Café And A Moonlit Terrace.
Now, Mikel The Mona Lisa variant.
Ooh, that was the first one I learned.
In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen.
And the con man who did it made six identical copies.
Then they put 'em on the black market and each buyer thought that they had the original.
- So the dude sold the same painting six times.
- Yep.
Hardison, pull up all the auctions in Boston in the next two days.
Starke never stays in a city more than two days.
- Wait a minute, not museums? - Mm-mm.
No, no.
Starke likes to use auctions to figure out who wants the painting.
- He picks who he's gonna sell the fakes to.
- That bit was actually my part of the scam.
I made that up.
It's good, isn't it? Mm-hmm.
- That's still a lot of paintings.
- Well, it's high-profile.
A scam like this requires a lot of publicity, paintings ten million dollars or more.
He does all his own forgeries.
Late 1800s.
That's it.
Van Gogh.
He has a soft spot for Van Gogh.
Let's just make it five.
And that is the Mona Lisa scam.
OK, so we just we call the cops.
We have them show up.
Starke goes down for this, there's no guarantee we can get that painting back for the Mercers.
He even smells the police, - and he's gonna run and we'll ge nowhere near it.
- He did try to kill you.
We risk our lives all the time.
No, we need to barter.
We need something to trade for the Mercers' painting.
Such as? That.
That's what he's come for.
That's what he wants.
We just gotta get there first.
It's right over there.
OK, Parker, talk to me.
- Present.
- How we doin'? What's going on security-wise with this place, huh? Well The usual countermeasures.
Nothing we can't handle.
Actually, I'm more of a Jack man myself, but when in Rome.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Uh-huh.
I wish Sophie was here.
She's the one who likes to play all this dress-up stuff.
- I miss her.
- I'm not dead.
I'm right here, Parker.
So, this is, um This is what you do, right? You take footage of us on cons and you, you download it into that.
Yeah, I analyze it.
I monitor comms.
I scan for all police frequencies.
You had no idea I do all this, did you? - Well, that, uh - Does nobody respect the van? The van is important.
What is that? It's lemon zest tea 'cause I gotta tell you, it's a little bit it's a little bit whiffy in here.
It smells like hard work is what it smells like.
Did? Whiffy.
OK, guys, I got the auction house manager in sight.
Uh, now if you take his wallet and badge, it should be a cakewalk.
Eliot, check out the back corridor.
I think I see an access point.
That was some nice things you said at my funeral.
Well, we trust Nate to make sure the plan works.
We trust you to make sure we're all OK.
There's a blind spot in the cameras if you can find it.
Hello? Hello? Who is this? Oh, I probably shouldn't, but I will.
Got the badge, just need to get the wallet.
I said who is this? Hey, uh, you are bumpin' into my baby monitor frequency.
So, what I'm gonna need you to do, 'cause little Shiloh needs to take a nap, is turn yours off.
K, thanks.
Your baby is incredibly intelligent.
He just attempted to launch a multiple variant computer worm at my baby monitor's firewall.
Guys, we have a visiting team.
Switching to backup comm frequencies.
Eliot, they're here.
They're here.
What are you talking about? Who's here? - Excuse me, waiter? - Yes, sir.
Hardison, what do you mean? Who's? Who's? Nathan Ford.
I I cannot believe I didn't recognize you at the funeral.
Of course, I was blinded by grief.
- Guilty conscience? - Call 'em off.
- Not gonna happen.
- You best clear out.
Don't speak English? Good to see you.
Have a nice night.
Mm? My phone.
He got my phone.
You know, word is on the street that you run the nastiest crew this side of the Atlantic.
Uh What? Come on, everybody knows.
You robbed a bank and you framed a judge.
You rigged a jury to steal a million-dollar settlement.
I hear that you even conned the Irish mob out of a couple of million dollars just this year.
- Mm! Now, that's style.
- One way of looking at it.
Tell him the truth, we're blown.
You cannot tell him about our clients or about us helping people.
He's gonna use that against us.
If you know about us, then you would know to get out of my city.
It's still your city, Nate.
I'm I'm just gonna take her out for one night of cheap fun.
I'll get her back to you in the morning.
I know this style.
This is Chaos.
Chaos, I heard you were in jail.
- Guess I was wrong.
- Hardison.
I heard you sucked.
Guess I was right.
Hardison! I seem to have lost my wallet.
Where's my ID card? Folks, uh, we're gonna close a little early today.
We appreciate you attending the gallery and if you could please head toward the exits at this time, I'd appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
I want the security detail tripled tonight.
Call the police.
I want a patrol car drive by every ten minutes.
Are these motion sensors ready? We haven't tested them.
Turn 'em on.
I want everything in lockdown.
- Your people blew it.
- My people never make mistakes.
What about Sophie? Is that a warning? Take it how you want.
Let's go.
OK, now, we know Starke.
This guy goes by the name Apollo.
I've chased him a couple times.
Infiltration, physical security.
Yeah, people in that line of high-risk work tend to be very unstable.
We could use that.
Write that down.
This person is ex-Mossad, sealed records.
Mikel Dayan used to work both sides as a mercenary.
Mikel Dayan? I know that name.
You were scared to fight a girl.
- She'd mop the floor with your ass.
- I don't care.
Seriously, she actually killed a guy once with a mop.
It's a funny story, actually.
She broke the mop and took Eliot.
Now, this here's Colin Mason, otherwise known by his hacker handle as Chaos, as whatever.
Hacked the Pentagon, the NSA.
The CIA computer guys call him the Kobayashi Maru.
- What the hell is that? - None of y'all got that.
Seriously? - Star Trek.
- Thank you.
- How's this gonna play out? - He's been challenged, OK? His pride's hurt.
His his ego's at stake.
He's gonna he's gonna come up with a bigger, riskier plan than - You talking about Nate? - Nate, yeah.
There's no way.
There's no way this crew is gonna get to that painting before we do.
No way.
We're not giving up on our only hope of helping the Mercers.
They've waited their entire lives for justice and we are not gonna fail them now.
Yeah, yeah.
But I mean, who does this guy think he is? - Nathan Ford, that's who.
OK, what did he say about Sophie Devereaux? Did you kill her? Don't listen to that.
Come on.
We fooled them the first time and we didn't know they were there.
This time we know their names.
- We know their MO, their strengths, weaknesses.
No, no, no.
I have noticed a distinct lack of weaknesses.
We know their target.
Even better, their timeline.
That painting's going up for auction tomorrow, and it gets sold, it walks out that door.
- That means they have to hit it tonight.
Now, we've been working on this for weeks.
We gotta go in hot.
In and out before they even Tripled security since today.
We barely had time to check out the cameras, the motion sensors.
Whatever happens, one way or another, we are walking out of that auction house tonight with that painting.
No matter what.
We are gonna get that painting.
No matter what.
Got it? Got it.
- Got it.
- Good.
- You got it? - Yeah.
- Now, let's go steal ourselves a masterpiece.
Cameras, all check.
Motion sensors, active.
We'll fire up the lasers after patrol.
Head out.
Game on.
Security cameras are spoofed.
They don't see anything until we want them to.
- Motion sensors? - Still working on those.
Yeah, well, work faster.
Sophie, are you in position? I don't think I've driven in the front of one of these before.
Emily! Emily! Emily! - Emily! Let me in! - Sir.
- What are you doin'? - I'm here to see Emily.
- There's no Emily here.
- What? Wait.
She moved? Emily What? I I try to say to her, I'm sorry.
Then I don't I don't Because, as men, we're taught to hide our emotions.
You share or you pay the price.
Next left, two intersections.
OK, the gallery room should be directly below Uh-oh.
"Uh-oh?" That's not what I wanna hear.
One of the motion sensors triggered.
Uh Motion sensor's triggered.
Call the secur Whoa! Ah, man! A bird got in here.
Turn off all the motion sensors until we can get this damn thing.
A bird? How did a bird? Uh-oh.
What's with all the "uh-ohs"? You wouldn't hit a girl, would you? I have the cameras now, Hardison.
Now, I have the cameras and the motion sensors.
No, I have the cameras and the motion sensors.
Look! I also have the lasers.
three-pointer no good! Off the back of the rim, Watson ends up with it on the long rebound.
Those motion sensors going off, that was weird.
Go home.
Sleep it off, bro.
- We should go hit the main gallery.
- No, wait.
- Just just maybe wait.
- What is goin' on, guys? - Motion sensors went off, sir.
- I already checked that out.
Everything's secure.
- And who's this? - Oh He just got lost.
No problem.
- Sir, you OK? - Yeah.
I'm fine now.
I'm Nathan Ford.
I'm with the insurance company.
Can I help you? Why don't we just walk over here, sir.
Come on.
I got this.
- What kind of bird did you use? - North American Kestrel.
It's small-bodied, but its wingspan is expansive enough that it sets off the motion detectors.
I would've gone with the Scarlet Tanager.
Similar wingspan, but the brighter colors are more distracting.
That was my second choice.
That's the wrong way.
You're gonna come out on the wrong side of the room! Go.
Your exit is directly above that painting.
So I told 'em I'm with the insurance company, you know, to help smooth things over.
- Yeah.
- They're just super helpful.
- All right.
- Blueprints, security codes.
Great guys.
Now, the lasers.
Good night, Hardison.
Par Parker, the lasers are on, freeze! Nate, he locked me out.
He has total control of security.
- Parker? - Can't move.
Eliot? Eliot? You all out of tricks, Nate? You all out of tricks, Nate? Oh, I think he has one more.
- Sophie? - Ooh! - You're not - Dead.
You went through all this just to set me up? Uh-uh.
We went through all of this to save you.
No, no, no.
Stay down.
Now, Hardison.
Can't hack a classic.
A gun? - Don't move! - What are ya doin'? I got him! He's in here! Get down.
Not me, him.
When the hell did the cops get here? Police are outside.
Come on! - Hmm - Hmm.
This woman claims she's a cop.
- They're parked outside.
- There you are.
- Backup is checking the roof.
- All right.
- I'm gonna have this dusted for prints.
- OK.
Caught another one down in the air vents.
There's rope and climbing gear.
Come on.
Quick thinking.
What you did setting off all the alarms like that, you're gonna be heroes.
Well, that's what they pay us for.
Should pay you more.
You are my hero.
You are the salt of the earth.
Seriously, you are the red in the Red Cross and in the red, white and blue.
I gotta go.
Back to your posts.
Let's go.
- This is saving me, how? - Well, at first, I thought it was you that sent me that bomb to keep me from ruining this gig for you.
But then you said something to Nate.
Word on the street is that you run the nastiest crew this side of the Atlantic.
No reason to put a bomb in Sophie's apartment if you thought she was still a thief.
Of course she's still a thief.
I mean, she's Sophie Devereaux.
You know, I wanted to recruit you for this gig.
Did you tell anyone else that you wanted to invite me to the party? Yeah.
My my my crew.
And, uh, you know, once Hardison got decent pictures of all of them, well, you know, the rest was, uh, was easy.
- It's a match, baby.
- Yeah.
I knew that she was trouble! From the second you said her name! Now, why would you wanna kill Sophie? Come on, Starke.
I had set up the perfect double-cross, and then you wanna go and bring in a new player at the last minute.
Oh, and by the way, guys, that new player is gonna be Sophie Devereaux? There's no way I'm gonna try to out-con Sophie Devereaux.
And I hate to break it to you, Starke, but she was the one that everybody was always scared of.
It was never you.
I've got a feeling there's a bomb very similar to the one they sent me waiting for you in your getaway car.
Sophie, come on, I'm not an amateur.
I'm not gonna let a keyboard monkey like that con me.
Where is your car? And if we hadn't come along, when do you think you'd be getting in it? You know, right about Whoa! Why, that little son of a bitch! I don't think he's your problem now.
I am.
What what do you want? - A deal.
- Yes.
Your people in trade for the first painting you stole, the Gustav Klimt.
Do I look like Moses? They're not my people.
Your reputation will be ruined.
Starke gets his whole team busted? So much for the mastermind.
No one's ever gonna work with you again.
And, of course, uh, to top it all off, we do have the, uh, Van Gogh that you came for.
Oh, well, I mean, I'll trade you for that.
You really do run the nastiest crew this side of the Atlantic.
We'll be in touch.
Yes, you will.
- So who's Emily then? - Eighth grade.
- I was crazy about her.
- Ah, little temptress, huh? Well, you could say that, I guess.
I can top that.
Frag grenade, Somalia.
I was a sniper in Myanmar for a while.
- When? - 2003.
No, no, no, no, no, you can't.
Y'all nasty.
So when I heard this painting belonged to somebody else, - I was so, uh, so - Dismayed? - Uh - Or, um, shocked maybe.
Uh, my associates and I just decided we had to return it.
- Oh, God bless you! - OK.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- God bless you.
- Enough of the hugging.
- After 70 years, to see justice done.
You are a fine man.
So where's mine? You know, the Sophie Devereaux I knew, she'd never waste her time like this.
- What happened to her? - Well she died, remember? Come on, it wasn't so bad being the good guy.
Oh, please.
You ran a couple of cons, you committed about 12 felonies trying to blackmail me and you handed over a stolen masterpiece just to get what you wanted.
You're still thieves.
And in the end, I still win.
You did give him one of the fakes, didn't you? Yes, of course.
He got my phone.
Go, go.
Thanks for letting us use the real one.
I hate loose ends.
Listen, I don't mean to be rude, but my flight to Paris leaves in ten minutes.
No problem, sir.
Routine question about your checked baggage.
Oh, OK, great.
Wait, um, I don't have any checked baggage.
So That's your name, isn't it? That's I, um Starke was right.
I'm not Sophie Devereaux anymore.
I haven't been for ages.
I You killed her, you and your silly crusade.
- It's just a name.
- No, they're not just names.
Not to me.
All my aliases, every one of them, I I know when their parents died.
I know when they had their first kiss.
I Sophie.
You're the closest thing I've ever had to a real friend and I've never heard you say my real name.
How sad is that? So tell me.
Let me Let me finish burying Sophie first.
Finish burying the rest of them.
Until all that's left is me.
Just me.
# I'm not sure yet about life # # About love But in time # And how long will that take, hmm? # It'll all be fine # I'm not sure yet about life # # About love But in time # # I'm sure it'll all # Be fine #
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