Leverage s02e08 Episode Script

The Ice Man Job

First priority for New England is to get their defense healthy.
Their defense is fine, you morons.
Allowed an average of ten points per game last year.
He was, what, he was seven of Everybody down! Down! Hell! No.
No! Get away from the vehicle! All right, all right, all right, all right, all right! I've been a cop for the Boston PD for over 20 years.
My wife got laid off a couple months ago, I picked up shifts with a security company to make ends meet.
Cospito, you were doing a side job for Kerrity Diamonds? Please, call me Joey.
I'm feelin' like an old man these days as it is.
I was haulin' about ten million in diamonds that day.
I'd done that same route five, maybe six times before.
No problem.
Armored car drivers are supposed to stay with the vehicle? I'm a cop first.
My instinct was stop a robbery in progress.
Hell of a job I did, huh? One guard for a delivery that size? These days, with companies pinchin' anywhere they can, happens all the time.
It sounds to me like an inside job.
Except they thought the inside man was me.
Hey, I know.
First guy you look at's a blue collar guy who's got money trouble.
Until this investigation's closed and my name is cleared, I'm suspended from the force without pay.
Yeah, although not much of an investigation.
No witnesses, no prints.
Trace elements of the explosive they used, fast burning det cord.
Medical bills are pilin' up.
There's no work for a guy with a bum shoulder and an open investigation.
We're gonna do everything we can to help you with that, all right? Never thought it'd be so tough just trying to keep a roof over my family's head, you know? Yeah.
Who's the other drink for? The, uh Oh, this? She's uh, the, uh Nobody.
The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
Jim Kerrity III.
He took over Kerrity Diamonds four years ago after his old man retired, and in that small amount of time, he drove the business straight into the ground by living way beyond his means.
I'm talkin' drugs, booze, women.
According to his credit card statements - What? Why? What are you doin'? - What? - What? - It's distracting.
- The couch is feeling a little empty.
- Eliot, sit next to Parker.
- No, I'm sittin' here now.
- Guys, guys.
We all miss Sophie.
I We just have to adapt.
- I got this.
Move, go.
- Please.
You happy? Kerrity's finances are a mess.
Maxed out, maxed out, overdrawn.
According to the insurance claim, he stands to gain nine million - from the armored car robbery.
- A guy like this gets in over his head and his insurance policy starts to look attractive.
Hires a couple of thugs, knocks off his own truck.
It's a sweet payout, too.
He gets the insurance claim, plus he still has the diamonds.
And honest people like Joey take the heat.
The thing about this that people don't understand is insurance fraud, it's a lot of red tape, and with a big claim like this, it'll take a year before Kerrity sees any money.
- Bill collectors are not gonna wait around.
- He's gotta fence the diamonds.
- He can't.
- What do you mean? His diamonds are GIA certified, VVS clarity, all about two carats.
- That's my clicker.
- Who stole the Polar Star? Who stole the Gem of Gibraltar? Damiani raid? Me.
I know diamonds, and our bad guy can't fence those diamonds because stones that size have an ID number laser-inscribed on them.
Like a stolen car.
Gotta clean the VIN before you can sell 'em.
How do you get that ID number off? With a special laser.
But only three guys can do it.
Antwerp, Dubai, Tel Aviv.
And as of right now, Boston.
Right? Kerrity has to move his diamonds, so we convince him that we're the only people who can make them clean enough to move.
Get them to bring the diamonds to us.
When he shows up, uh Oh, Hardison, - can you put the crime scene photos? - Give State Police guy, Lieutenant Bonanno.
So we drop Kerrity on his lap with the stolen diamonds.
Lieutenant Bonanno drops the hammer.
Our guy gets cleared, gets his job back.
Pardon me, but I don't mean to stop the fun train.
We're out a grifter here.
- I know who we can call.
- Now, we're not gonna call Sophie.
No, she has asked for space and we're gonna honor that.
- Hardison, you're gonna be our grifter.
- I'm listening.
- What? No.
- Parker, you'll be the roper.
- What? - Cute dress, heels, you'll be fine.
- Sure, I'll be fine.
- Eliot, you'll be the muscle.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Buy me a drink? - You got it.
So? Parker? Parker.
Yeah, I'll be fine.
I will not be fine.
I stabbed that guy with a fork.
Parker, Parker, relax.
It's fine.
Go to Nate's cupboard and you're gonna find a sexy little mini-dress and my emergency Jimmy Choos.
Jimmy who? You have a body in Nate's closet? Shoes, Parker.
Didn't I teach you any? All right, listen.
This is the important bit.
- Do you still have the Rosalind Diamond you stole in Perth? - Yes.
Wear it.
The diamond will speak for you.
You won't have to say a word.
This is the key to the grift.
You just trust the character.
Say nothing, trust the diamond.
I can do that.
- Don't tell Nate I called.
- I won't.
Where's the mark? Yeah, Kerrity's at the bar.
Gold Rolex, purple tie.
Say nothing.
Trust the diamond.
Say nothing and trust the diamond.
Parker, what are you saying? Nothing.
And trusting the diamond.
I'll have an Appletini.
- They make them strong here.
- Oh, do they? Is that an Australian pink diamond? Is that the Rosalind? That's an impressive, uh, replica.
It's the original.
I'll have to take your word for it.
I have people who certify these things for me.
- Do you want to take a closer? - You want a closer look? No stabbing, Parker.
This is a very famous diamond.
How did you get it? It was a gift from my boyfriend.
He works in diamonds.
So do I.
And I would love to talk shop with the man who managed to get his hands on the, uh, the Rosalind Diamond.
Come here.
What have I said? What have I said about new people, huh? What have I said?! Hey, it's OK.
This guy works in diamonds.
He wants to talk business or something.
All right.
Lay the arms down, brother.
He's cool.
You have to excuse my bodyguard.
He's touchy.
It's 'cause he's a mute.
All right? Yeah, well, my bodyguards don't talk much either.
Well, looks like we found our armored car robbers.
Gonna shoot through your own mate, then? To be honest with you, I never liked him.
Goon squad and all, isn't it? Stand down.
Jim Kerrity.
You're Jim Kerrity? Kerrity Diamonds? No.
Brother, you got it all last week.
The heist.
Yes, that was me.
So did you use the Romanovs back there or just hire out? I'm in the business, Jimmy boy.
I can smell an inside job.
So, what do you do in the business, Mr? I'm a thief.
They call me the Ice Man.
Ice Man? No, Hardison, you have to, uh, have a light touch.
What kind of thief calls himself a thief? An uncatchable one with a brilliant reputation.
You've seen my work in Perth.
The Polar Star? Nicked it.
The Gem of Gibraltar? Nicked it.
The Damiani raid? Distraction while I nicked everything in the vault next door.
Big stones, trust me.
Yeah, then I shouldn't be seen talking to you.
Right, right, right.
'Cause two criminals can't talk business while shootin' pool.
Bitch of it is nickin' 'em's butter.
- Movin' 'em's the pain.
- Yes, especially with those inscribed ID numbers.
No, no, no.
I got this laser, see? Only one in the country, mind you.
This thing, I had to bring over piece by soddin' piece from Turkmenistan.
It can scrub an ID clean off any diamond.
And what kind of fee do you charge for such a specialized service? - Thirty percent.
- Five percent.
- Thirty percent.
- No way in hell.
That's the discounted rated, brother.
'Cause anything lower than that is an insulted rate, 'cause it's an insult to me.
Savvy? You, uh, you ring me when you wisen up, hear? Thanks but no thanks, brother.
- Ice Man? - Hey, I put a lot of work into that character.
No, no.
No, I bought new clothes, ugly as hell, too.
This always happens when you go on the grift, Hardison.
- I put stories on the website.
- You go too big.
Sophie told me to say as little as possible, let the character do the work.
When did, uh, Sophie say that? A long time ago.
Maybe last Christmas.
I don't even think it was Sophie.
I'm gonna go put more pressure on Kerrity.
I want you guys to be on the clear-out.
Ice Man, play it cool.
That's just an awful, awful name.
- Genius.
- See? - It's genius.
- When you get in too deep on this, I ain't bailin' your ass out.
I don't need you to bail me out.
I'm the Ice Man.
Not gonna help.
We did a job and you haven't paid.
I told you, you do the job, the insurance pays out and then you get your ten percent.
Sell the diamonds while you wait for the insurance money, hmm? Use the Englishman to launder them.
Yeah, I'll do that when his 30 percent comes out of your ten percent.
You know that is a mathematical impossibility, hmm? There's a Mr.
Sterling here from the insurance company.
What did I tell you? What did I tell you? He's probably here to drop off a check, OK? Get outta here.
I'll call you.
Come on, come on.
Yes! Mr.
Sterling, I'm, uh, I'm Jim Kerrity.
- So glad you could stop by.
- I just wanted to introduce myself.
Your claim has raised a lot of red flags, and I'm in the red flag department.
My company has asked me to review your entire policy, just to make sure no mistakes were made.
I can assure you that nobody takes security more seriously than I do.
In fact, that's the reason I hired what I was told was the best armored car service in town.
My vault has a seismic sensor.
No other company in Boston has that.
I'm sure all that will be taken into consideration, Mr.
- Yes, mm-hmm.
- Good.
So, uh, how long do you think this is gonna take? I've got a business to run here.
Assuming no problems arise, you should expect to see a check in, uh - Oh, seven to nine, uh - Days? Months.
Mm, yeah.
- Wow.
- Well, I'll be in touch.
I know.
He's driving me crazy.
How, huh? I'm backup.
They can't rely on me.
All right, all right.
Hey thanks.
Don't tell Nate I called.
- Who was that? - Cable company.
Whoa! Whoa! What are you people doin' here?! We work here.
Who are you? - We're with OSHA.
- We issued a class-one evacuation notice for this facility effective 24 hours ago.
- This place is on lockdown for chemical exposure.
- Nobody read the memo? Did nobody read the memo?! You, cough! What chemical? Given the set-up for this place, it could be a matrix of solid phase sulfates, uh, nitrates.
- That's inside me? - Honey, your lungs are a parking lot, sweetheart.
And in that parking lot, the diagonal lines are painted with poison.
People, move towards the door, all right? Do not inhale unless you are 50 feet from the entrance.
This should all be taken care of by tomorrow, so nothin' will OK, I've got a visual.
- Where's Mr.
Ice? - He's late.
He's always late.
The Ice Man cometh.
Let me introduce you to my laser, Glinda.
You see, I found that laser fluences below the diamond graphitization threshold are most effective.
- Wouldn't you say? - Yeah.
Did you bring the diamond? Two carats.
Very few flaws, my salesman said.
She's a beaut.
Sheila, get us a pop.
Because this will be classified IF, an internally flawless two-carat round-cut diamond, it should be easy to oblate.
You got that, Parker? How is this gonna fool him? He's not looking at the diamond, he's looking at the ID number.
ID numbers are etched at a depth between five and seven microns.
Using nanoblation, the UV laser pulses irradiate the etching.
Thank you, sweets.
Should be about done.
It's like it was never there.
I could do the rest in a day, but I'm only here for another week.
- I've got a thing in Antwerp.
- All right.
Well, let's, uh, let's do it tomorrow? - Done.
- Excellent, Mr.
All right, nice work, guys.
Tomorrow, when he shows up with the diamonds, the state police will be there.
Why, so they can arrest Hardison's ego? Be cool, baby.
Ice cool.
Hey, who wants to go for a spin? Can't believe you rented a Ferrari.
- Rented? - I'll get a ride home with Eliot.
Y'all are just jealous.
Oh, they just jealous, baby.
Don't worry about that.
Look at ya.
Lookin' better than green You, my friend, are the answer to all my problems.
What exactly are we celebratin'? We are stealing Kerrity's diamonds.
- You guys are gonna scrump his jewels? - No.
Not "you guys.
" "Us guys.
" We know where the diamonds are kept in the vault.
We need someone to bust - the diamonds out of the vault.
- It's très bold, brothers.
It's très bold.
We go in tonight.
You clean the stones with your laser.
We sell them and make a ton of money.
Diamond Jim is droppin' the stones by my lab tomorrow.
Why not pick it up in transit? Is that what the Ice Man would do, huh? It's not really my style, but Two many variables.
We have a way in and out of a vault.
We take diamonds in a controlled situation.
We'll be a long way gone before Kerrity notice he's been robbed.
What? Is there a problem? Hmm? No.
To our success.
Uh, um, cheers, mate.
Uh, I need to make a quick call.
Bug the old lady.
Let her know I'm not makin' it in tonight.
You know birds.
Of course.
Yeah, yeah.
Sheila, not makin' it in tonight.
Yeah, work thing.
Bugger all.
Hardison? Are you calling me in character? I told you, butternut.
It's work.
I can't get out of it.
What accent is that? Ooh.
Ooh, you've been nabbed.
- Afraid so.
- Is it the mark? No.
No, muffin, no.
It's the goons.
You oversold the part.
You fell into the trap of the overzealous henchman.
Don't worry.
It happens all the time.
As long as they're not Russians.
It's gonna be a bit of a problem.
It's the Russians? I'm gonna have to phone Nate.
- Uh, leave it off, crumpet.
- No, no, no, listen.
Hardison, you cannot talk your way out of Russians.
I mean, you can stall them maybe for a bit, but whatever you do, do not tell them you can do anything else.
Love her.
So do these other blokes talk, or just you? No.
Let me show you the plan.
Hey, Hardison, I just got an interesting phone call.
Sophie tells me you've been recruited by the Russians.
I had courtside seats, man.
Tell Hardison if he makes it out alive, - I'm gonna snap him in half.
- Uh, Eliot says hi.
So, what's the plan there, Ice Man? Oi! Just so I'm clear, you want me to help break into Kerrity's vault and steal his diamonds? Oh, beautiful.
We'll blow the floor of the vault and climb through.
So, what you're sayin' is we're gonna explode through the ceiling of a tunnel, use a det cord and climb into the vault through the floor? Yes.
This is what I just say.
Det cord.
That's how they blew the armored truck.
Exploding through the floor will set the sensor off.
Tunnel's a terrible way in.
Hardison, you're gonna tell 'em their plan won't work.
- Tunnel is a horrible way in.
- I heard you, Parker.
Yeah, you know, um, I'm I'm sor I'm sorry, comrades, but your plan is ronk.
See, the explosion will trip the seismic sensor.
We'll have the Feds on our asses in no time.
Well, then.
The world's greatest thief have to take us another way, hmm? Yeah, I'll get you into Kerrity's vault.
No need to be pissy, mate.
Oh, yes.
Of course you will.
Now, listen.
Hardison, figure out a way to buy some time so we can get you outta this.
Yeah, get busy.
Guys, guys, I can't make any sense of Hardison's files.
You can't track him.
He's the one that does the tracking.
- Maybe he left it on.
- What if we tell him to make a run for it? - They'll kill him.
- If he goes along with their plan, - they'll get arrested.
- We gotta find another way for Hardison to break in.
- We need a closer look at the vault.
- I'm workin' on it.
I - Hairspray.
You'll need this.
- Let me ask you a question.
Hardison helps these Russians steal the evidence, how are we gonna prove Kerrity set up the robbery? I'm workin' on it.
I It's Do not call Sophie.
- Good news, I hope.
- Uh, it's too early to tell.
Uh, the claim is on your jeweler's block coverage policy.
In order to verify the eligibility of your coverage, I'm gonna need to see your vault.
You understand if there's any discrepancy between what you say your security is and what your security actually is, well, that would invalidate the claim.
I can assure you my vault is as good as I claimed.
All right, all right.
I'll show it to you myself.
Come on.
Thirteen-ton steel door.
Can withstand 12 hours of drilling.
Now, the door can withstand up to 12 hours drillin'.
You can't use force.
The lock has a million possible combinations, and I'm the only one who knows the combo.
The magnetic sensors are deactivated by punching a color code into the RGB keypad.
If he has an RGB keypad, we're buggered.
They're unhackable.
RGB keypad, let me see.
Move the camera left.
No, vault left.
All right, then you have to do this my way.
Remove the sensor while keeping the magnetic field intact.
- You're going to need a four inch - A four inch by four inch aluminum plate, double-sided tape and a Phillips head screwdriver.
Come on.
Got it.
Pressure sensitive tiles, disabled with the keypad right here.
Two cameras.
Who monitors the feeds? The guard upstairs, I also have a monitor in my office.
- Heat sensors? Motion sensors? - Yes.
But to minimize false alarms, the alarm only goes off if both heat and motion are detected.
The keypad over there disables it.
Hardison's not gonna be able to do anything if the heat sensors are on.
Nate, use the hairspray.
It creates a film that blocks the heat.
Heat sensor over here, and this is the seismic sensor.
Any sound louder than my voice and it triggers.
The alarm will sound.
You know, I noticed your box numbering system is off.
It goes from 82 to 84.
It's uh, yeah, it's It's very, uh, strange.
It's - Ah, it's right here.
- Oh! There it is.
My mistake, of course.
- What's that? - Security fog.
- Ah.
- If the alarm triggers, that door locks down and the vault fills with a glycol-based, non-transparent fog.
Visibility is zero.
You can't steal what you can't see.
And the fog is triggered by the floor? Triple wired.
It'll go off at the touch of the tiles, the motion sensor and the seismic sensor.
Lockdown, full fog, cops on the way.
You are very proud of your security system, aren't you, Mr.
Kerrity? I spare no expense, Mr.
How bad is it? No way Hardison's gonna be able to break into that vault.
What is Hardison gonna do? Hardison is gonna pretend to break into the vault.
Hopefully the Russians will only pretend to kill him.
No one's getting killed.
We're gonna break in for him.
We're gonna do this quick and dirty.
You guys break into the vault before Hardison does, - so the Russians think he's doing it.
- Why not? He's been taking credit for my work all day anyway.
Then Hardison'll lead the Russians into the vault a few paces behind him.
Hey, I got something.
Hardison hacked into the security feed before he left.
Well, well.
I'm just gonna have to keep Kerrity out of his own vault.
So brilliant plan to get us inside? Oh, believe it.
So, uh, what deposit box are the stolen diamonds in? You get us in, we'll tell you.
Wow, that looks beautiful.
Three hundred thousand dollars on your neck.
Amy, I'm gonna meet you at the bar, sweetie, OK? You'll earn that later.
Let's go.
- This had better be important.
- Yeah.
Can we talk somewhere private? When did he get here? Yo, yo.
Late night, man.
Is there a register I'm supposed to look at? Sorry, buddy.
OK, Parker, you're clear.
Come on down.
The, uh, inspection of your vault did reveal a few issues.
Uh, the magnetic sensor is an S-2000.
That's right.
It's the latest one.
Sorry, but, uh, your policy indicates that it is an S-950 model, - and that, my friend, is a discrepancy.
- It's a better version.
Yeah, well, no.
I mean, Mr.
Kerrity, you know, given this new, uh, this new information, I'm sure that my company will most certainly deny your, uh, your claim.
Look, I could be drinking champagne with a tall brunette sitting in my lap right now.
Why'd you come here and tell me this tonight? Well, I came down here tonight to present to you a, uh, a different option, you know, one that, uh, you know, I have to tell you about in person.
- This will hold them together.
- Electric's faster.
Vibrations will set off the seismic sensor.
Eliot, approaching the building.
Approaching the building.
Wait here, all right? Gotta handle the initial break-in myself.
Too many cooks and all.
Oi! Delivery.
Next time, I'm playing the thief.
I'd like to hear you do an accent.
I'd like to hear you do an accent.
I went to Second City in Chicago.
You find time between that and karate at the Y? You know what? Just shut up.
Shut up, guys.
A private arrangement could be made, you know, to, uh, perhaps ease some of the paperwork.
Are you talking about a bribe? No, no, no.
Listen, I prefer to look at it as a processing fee.
Yeah, an agreement between two gentlemen who understand each other.
Lay down.
Stop moving.
How about that? Idiot.
Stuck it.
This little baby will deactivate the magnetic sensors.
Smells like patchouli.
Does it? Parker wrote the combination in invisible ink on the door next to you.
She's in there, but she hasn't deactivated the floor yet.
Take your time with the tumblers.
You are really everything you claimed.
- Sorry? - I said you're really everything you claimed.
- If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.
- Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
I'm sorry.
Just a saying.
English, very tricky.
Hardison, slow down.
You're breezing through that combo, like, way too fast.
Parker, what's your ETA? Not ready yet.
Floor is still hot.
Nate, our timing's not gonna work out.
Look, Kerrity, you could have the insurance company process your claim, and go through it by the book and everything, and I guarantee you, you'll see your money.
Just soon as hell freezes over.
- Or - Or you, uh, accept my alternative terms and, you know, we, uh, we both win.
Who do you think you are, huh? They let you out of your little insurance cubicle once a year to hustle honest customers? Look, Kerrity, you know, you and I both know You come in here way after hours thinking you can extort me for a bribe? Get the hell outta here.
Parker, get a move on.
Nate and Hardison are way ahead of you.
- The floor is clear.
- Nate, Parker's still in the vault.
- Get the hell out of my office! - No, I'm not goin' anywhere.
Are you gonna finish this up, Mr.
Ice? Right, right.
Yeah, sure.
Just There it goes.
Got it.
I found it.
Uh, how indeed.
I need 60 seconds.
Can you turn invisible in 60 seconds? They're bustin' in there.
- Parker, you're out of time.
- I'm not ready.
- Box 72.
- I'm on it.
- She didn't crack those.
- What? She didn't have time.
You moved too fast.
You're gonna have to improvise.
What? What? Do you mind? Personal space.
What part of, "Get the hell out of my office" don't you get? Mr.
Kerrity, I'm in insurance.
If you think that I've never been threatened by a firearm before, - you're quite mistaken.
- Well, why don't you consider this gun your little security escort.
What the hell? Is this a setup? Guys, uh, Kerrity's on his way down.
What? Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Do you hear that? Diamond Jim's comin' down here.
You go and stop him while I nick the diamonds.
Hey! What the What the hell is goin' on here? What are you doin' here? We're taking matters into our own hands.
Instead of ten percent, Where is he?! What the hell's goin' on? - What is this? - The security system.
What the hell was that? Shh! Do you hear that? Diamond Jim's comin' down here.
You go and stop him while I nick the diamonds.
Thank you, and I mean thank you, but how are we gettin' out of here? - What is that? - Shh! Pull your arms in.
Det cord.
You, you, against the wall.
What is that? A gun? Drop it.
Well, that's a hell of a month you're havin', huh? I mean, first a nine million dollar armored car heist and now this? - What are you doin' here? - Well, your alarm was activated.
You see, and that notifies the local police, which notifies me.
But you don't have to worry about anything, lieutenant.
It was a false alarm.
And we've taken care of it.
You guys don't have to stick around anymore.
You can go.
Uh, we tried to stop a robbery.
Box 72.
It's empty.
Well, you said in your report that your last shipment of loose diamonds was stolen en route.
Now, what do you know? And that's the same logo as your armored car company.
I'm sure when we check these diamonds out, they're not gonna have the same ID numbers as the missing ice.
I'm sure of that.
You sure of that, Mr.
Kerrity? Thought we couldn't use this tunnel.
A tunnel's a horrible way in, but it's a great way out.
Your name's been totally cleared.
I'm back on the force as of Monday.
Shoulder's pretty much healed up, too.
Kerrity and his goons, they went down for insurance fraud and theft.
Business has basically collapsed, and, uh, we, uh We managed to, uh, retrieve something from, uh, the wreckage for, uh, you know, help with your medical costs.
- Where'd this come from? - Uh Should be about done.
It's like it wasn't even there.
What are you smilin' at? You still screwed it up.
I'm smiling 'cause you said if I got in trouble, you wouldn't help me.
- Parker made me.
- No, I didn't.
Come on, man.
Let's hug it out.
I'm not huggin' it out, Ice Man.
Just hug it Just a little man love.
- I'm not huggin' it out with you.
- No - Sit down in your stool.
- Don't make this awkward.
- What are you doin', man? - This is uncomfortable now.
- Get in the pits.
- I'm gonna break your arm.
Not you, too, huh? Sorry, what? What do you mean, "Me, too?" Well, you've been captured by Russians? Oh, yeah, that.
Uh, that could have gone better, no question.
Uh it worked out, though.
It worked out just fine without me, is that what you're saying? No, no, I'm not I'm not, uh, I'm not saying that at all, no.
No, I just want to say To say what? I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Yeah, for bugging you.
For them calling.
For them calling.
I won't let that happen again.
I Listen, call.
Whenever you want.
You know Bye.

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