Leverage s04e09 Episode Script

The Cross My Heart Job

- Well, that trip was a complete disaster.
- It was.
No, it was a shipwreck.
And you know how I know that? 'Cause I was in the wreck.
Hey, man, I don't want to hear you complain.
At least you don't have to fix the the ear buds.
- You know what? - Man, don't talk to me about the ear buds! I just fought three ex-Brazilian combat divers - with spear-guns, underwater! - I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.
- You believe this? - Ow, don't touch me.
I am sunburnt everywhere.
I hate playing the French heiress on the topless beach.
Oh, I don't know what you're complaining about.
I didn't even get to see the emerald.
Oh, my God, for the last time, it's not an emerald.
All right? It's an island.
- It's the "emerald of the Caribbean.
" - Guys, qu-quit complaining.
I mean, this is what we do.
It's our job, and we if we wanted Uh, is everything all right? You were part of a pretty nifty dead-drop back there.
Really pretty good.
You swapped your cooler for an identical one.
Someone made off with yours.
Pretty slick.
Pretty professional.
But you are not a slick professional.
I believe someone put you up to it.
I-I-I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't be afraid.
I am here to help you.
Please tell me.
Uh I didn't have a choice.
These men told me if I didn't give them the cooler They have my daughter.
Why? What was in that cooler? A heart.
A human heart.
The rich and powerful take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide You were carrying a human heart? I'm a transplant nurse.
I was bringing it here from Detroit for a transplant Into a 15-year-old boy named Joshua Spin, who lives here in Cincinnati.
Somebody stole a heart? Yeah, and they kidnapped Linda's daughter to get it.
Well, can't we just get another heart? - From who? - From No, Nate, this is no job for us.
- The authorities should handle this.
- There's no time.
Y-you never want a heart to be outside of a body for more than four hours.
It may not stay viable.
It already took over two hours to get here from Detroit.
If the authorities shut down the airport, the thieves will go to ground they'll never find them in time.
Joshua is really sick.
If he doesn't get this heart, he won't make it to the next one.
Okay, guys, th-this is up to us.
Okay, we have to rescue Linda's daughter, we have to get that heart, we have to bring it to the hospital on our own, under the radar, and we have 108 minutes to do it or a boy dies.
First thing we got to do is get this lady's kid back.
Linda already gave them the heart.
Won't they give us her daughter back? They just stole a heart.
You think they're gonna leave witnesses? Besides, if we rescue the daughter first We can use the kidnapper to find the thieves.
These kidnappers, how did they contact you? My phone.
Th-they sent me this photo.
Okay, Hardison, can you do something with that? Yeah, I can make a phone call.
Nate, I don't have my equipment.
All right, man.
Well, I mean, it's it's a pretty high-res pic.
Maybe I can pick up some detail.
The heart could be anywhere by now.
They could have jumped in a taxi and driven off.
No, no, we have to assume it's still in the airport, - that they're planning to fly it out.
- Why? 'Cause otherwise, we've already lost.
Some clues.
How about that? All right, let me see.
I mean, that looks like a restaurant booth.
There's a lot of restaurants in Cincinnati, man.
They want to keep her close and keep you on a short leash, so What's what's that right there? I don't know.
I know where they got her.
Just stay right here.
All right.
They're in there.
We're gonna need a distraction.
All right, they told Linda to call from a pay phone for instructions once she made the drop.
Better hurry up, or they're gonna start getting suspicious.
It's a good thing we didn't stay on that island to see those emeralds.
Parker, I just t You carry high heels in your purse? I always travel with heels.
How's this? Distracting enough? - Hmm.
- Linda's phone.
I know.
How do you think I feel? It was supposed to be a 45-minute layover, and now it looks like we might not even get out of here till Oh, I'll call you back when I know what's going on.
Listen, I hope you're having a better day than I am.
Listen, I'm I'm a little bit stuck.
I'm traveling with colleagues.
I was wondering if we might be able to camp out here until we know what's going on with our flights.
Uh, look, I'm sorry, but, uh, we're about to close, - and I still got to count the tills.
- Oh, well, I think I could reimburse you for your trouble.
Can I get you a menu? Thanks.
Close it up.
Yeah, that will work.
We'll get you a little taser, carry it with you wherever you go Tanya? Mom? What do you got on this guy? He's not a professional.
He has no combat training.
Lousy Zanshin.
- The what? - He's a loc It means "personal awareness.
" Thug for hire, but very well funded.
Two first-class tickets, one for him and one for the girl, and that's how they got past security, and plastic gun.
One or two shots in the barrel works, but that's pretty much all you need very pricey hardware.
Why would someone pay for that but not hire a professional? He doesn't want a professional.
He wants a local so we can't trace him back to him.
All right.
What about the phone? It's a burner.
No contacts and no numbers.
This only calls in and out to Linda.
So, w-we got nothing on this guy to to bring us back to the heart thieves? Nothing? - No.
- All right.
We're back at square one, with 93 minutes to go.
- Don't suppose you travel with handcuffs.
- No, not on this trip.
All right, so we we need to get some information Hardison, I need you to hack Hey, can I get you guys anything to eat? - We're good, man.
We're good.
- Are you sure? We got Yeah, yeah.
We're fine.
I need you to hack into the airport security system.
Hack what, Nate? Did you not pay attention on the island? Plus the ear buds are busted.
And I burned our phones and our credit cards so we can't be traced.
Most of our money went on bribing the waiter.
We're operating in a secured area.
And my lock picks are checked.
And airport wi-fi is a joke.
Face it we're practically naked.
I've got a naked I.
There's nothing we can do.
Yeah, all right.
If we're naked, we steal clothes.
That's what we do.
There's a kid's life at stake here, guys.
All right, all right.
I need you two to get us some new equipment comms, cash, computers anything, all right? We got to find out who's behind this, and we got 86 minutes to find this heart.
Let's go.
- Hey.
You all right with this one? - What? Well, you said it yourself a kid's life is at stake.
You don't think this might get too personal? Does it matter? Come here, baby.
Get your legs up.
You guys! Hey! Platinum flyer over here.
Come here.
Somebody look at me.
- Sir, please calm down.
- Ju let me stop you right there, okay? I don't care what seats you have left, all right? Do you see this? I am a vista Atlantic platinum flyer, all right? Is this card gold? No.
Look at it.
Is it silver? No.
It's platinum, all right? So if you think that I am sitting back in coach with the rabble, you got another think coming, all right? You can just forget it.
I don't even want to talk to you anymore.
Who's that? Thing one and thing two, come here.
You guys.
Hey! Yo, yo, yo.
Come over here.
All right, so the best way to figure out who took the heart is to figure out who else needs the heart, so it means we're gonna have to steal the national transplant waiting list.
You can do that? Y-yeah, yeah, if I had a decent-enough setup, yeah.
But I need a good starting point, like an I.
address or an e-mail, just something I could use to trace back to that system.
An e-mail? May I? Yeah.
National transplant registry.
Oh, hi.
This is Jennifer from the Cincinnati organ transplant center.
We just got a donor heart in from Detroit, and, uh, well, the paperwork's a little awry.
We're missing the Uh, the donor history file.
Donor history file.
Could you e-mail us a copy? That should have been sent with the transplant nurse.
Oh, it was, but you know how it goes with those little cups on the plane.
One bump and whoops! O.
Where should I e-mail that to? Hardison, come on.
Look, man, this is like stone knives and bearskins, okay? Nobody's asking Eliot to fight a guy with a nerf sword.
Damascus, 2002.
Like you've been to Damascus.
Okay, there we go.
One national transplant list coming up.
Hardison, you can't load it.
It's so slow.
I can't do anything, man.
What do you want me to Hey.
Nate, Nate.
What do you want me to do? Wh-what? Come on, man.
Like you've never seen a man travel with a desktop before.
Go! You gotta - Okay.
- Finally.
There we go.
There's over 3,000 names, Nate.
All right.
We need to narrow it down.
Linda, I need you to build a profile.
Um, well, whoever the heart is for would have to be a genetic match.
Uh, Hardison, uh, filter out all the names that aren't genetically compatible with Joshua Spin.
And they'd have to be close in height and weight.
You can't put a small heart in a big body.
And they'd have to live within a few hours of Cincinnati, or there wouldn't be time to get it.
Right there! Right there.
Dean Chesney? Dean Chesney, CEO of Vertronics defense contractor.
I had my eye on him for quite a while, - but he was never a high-priority target.
- Why not? He was dying.
Chesney? Sir? Mr.
Woods just phoned.
He and his men have the heart.
They're waiting for tower clearance, then they can leave the airport.
You know what I love about this country, doctor? That I can get the best medical care money can buy.
Okay, so, Chesney's in Chicago, so it's too far to drive.
They have to be flying it out.
Assuming they haven't already left.
No, no.
Guys, it would be a private plane that would be the smart move.
Private terminals aren't connected to commercial terminals.
You'd have to have tarmac access.
Guy's a multimillionaire.
I mean, you know, he would have tarmac access.
Which means we need it, too.
And all the private-flight plans to see who's flying to Chicago.
Hardison, we got to hack into the tower.
- Can't, man.
- What do you mean, we can't? Look, tower tower computers aren't physically connected to the Internet.
It stops people from doing exactly what you're asking.
All right, well, fine.
If we can't do it from down here, we'll do it from up there.
We have to get into that tower.
So, we're here, the tower's here, and the private terminal is here across the tarmac.
Now, to access either one of these, we're gonna have to get out of the public areas of the terminal.
As fast as possible.
And without being seen.
Okay, we're gonna need Are you done? Yeah.
We're gonna need badges.
There are three levels.
Each successive level gets you better access.
Level one is your basic backstage pass.
Gives us access into all the employee-only parts except for the sensitive parts.
- How do we get that? - We're gonna twist Sophie's ankle.
Are you okay? No, it's okay.
It's okay.
I can walk.
It's no problem.
Oh, no.
No, that's not necessary.
I don't need a wheel Oh.
I'm so embarrassed.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Ah, ah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That's one.
Just if you could just take me to my friends at the gate.
After we get out of the public areas of the terminal, we work on level two.
It's ground crew, tarmac access.
It gets us from here to the private terminal.
How do we get that? Break Eliot's wrist? What? N-no, no.
We just pick one up from where the ground crew left it.
Yeah, this will keep my stuff safe from a 6-year-old with the dts.
That's two.
All right.
After level two, we work on level three tower access.
Now, the tricky thing here is, only people with tower access are, you know, in the tower.
Well, we have to lure them out.
- Oh, okay.
Set Nate on fire? - Settle down.
No, we don't need to lure anybody out.
No, the airports keep just a skeleton crew at night to save them money, which means that the people who aren't staying overnight are leaving right about now with their badges.
My flight release is showing an airmet for light to moderate turbulence over the field.
Don't suppose you hit - anything on the way in? - Didn't hit anything They didn't make you hold over jakey, did they? It looks like everything's backed up northbound.
I'm not trying to be rude.
I got a very, very short layover, so You picking up what I'm laying down? Pardon me, captain.
Smooth tail winds.
Excuse me.
Let me get that door for you, sweetheart.
You shouldn't have to do that.
- Good night.
- You too.
That's three.
Hardison, you're up.
Oh, and, uh, there's a slight chance that the radio tower may interfere with the walkie-talkies.
How slight? Slight.
Hardison? Hardison! Come on, Eliot.
Come on, come on.
Come on, man.
Kirk Picard, please meet your party at door "e.
" Here.
- That's a girl's badge.
- Man up! Let's ride.
Enter pin.
Enter pin.
Excuse me.
Uh, something's wrong with my pin.
Can you reset it for me? Can you confirm your old pin? Uh What? Wh what? You got a you got a problem My little transformation? Go on, speak your mind.
Yeah, I had some surgery, huh? A little nip, a little tuck, a little pop, okay? And now I am who I'm supposed to be.
I used to be Francesca.
Now my name is Frank! Um you got a problem? You excu excu I didn't know this was the club.
You all up in the mix, don't even know the flavor.
What's your problem? You got a you Everybody got a problem with this? Look, racism, sexism, anti-semitism? That's how you y'all want to play this? Cool.
I thought it was a no-no in airport security, but I see y'all profilin' me right, left, and center, everywhere.
You know what? Shame on you.
Shame on your mama.
Shame on your kids.
I-it's fine.
I-it's fine.
I got no problem with anything.
UhIt it looks like you used to used to be a-a really pretty girl.
Used to be? A-and n-now you're a-a very handsome gentleman.
You hitting on me? C-can you confirm your old pin? It's 5135.
Uh Okay, there.
Try that.
Thank you.
You better re-adjust your peripherals.
Real smooth.
Pin accepted.
Don't care what anybody else says.
Next time, I'm taking the train.
I know what you're gonna say.
I think you should have a drink.
Okay, I didn't know what you were gonna say.
Look, we don't like it when you drink, but we trust you when you do.
We both knew this was gonna get personal.
We need you to stay clear-headed.
You let it get to you now, it's gonna go bad for all of us.
Be very careful, Nate.
Listen, that kid, Joshua Spin, 15 years old he's waiting in a hospital bed for a heart that may never come.
I've got a naked I.
Heart rate's dropping.
's dropping.
Push another five epi.
There's nothing we can do.
Sam would have been 13 this year.
A teenager.
Almost a man.
I mean, you know, probably a big pain in the ass, but Joshua Spin is getting out of that hospital bed.
- What's happening? - How are you? Hey.
Let's land some planes, huh? No, you don't.
Leverage airlines 1-7-0-1.
This is tower.
Do you copy? - Did you find the jet? - Roger, 1-7-0-1.
That plane is grounded at private gate 1-3 due to mechanical issues.
All right.
Parker, Eliot, did you get that? Copy that.
We're almost there.
All right.
Do we have it yet? Not yet.
I don't know how to thank you, Mr.
I feel like this is all my fault.
Well, you did what any parent would do.
You saved your kid.
Nate, we got a problem.
The plane's here, but nobody's on it no thieves, no heart.
All right, they okay They went to the back-up plan, which is, what, Hardison grounded their flight, so they went to plan "b," and that is, what? They have no private planes, so they're gonna No.
Oh, no.
Now boarding at gate b-19, vista Atlantic flight 831 to Chicago all passengers.
Now boarding all passengers.
Parker, Eliot, you got to get back over here.
They switched to a commercial flight.
Gate b-19 it's boarding now.
We're rolling! We got to get to that plane.
It took us 8 minutes to get there.
It's gonna take us 8 minutes to get back.
- Wait.
- What are you doing? Wait.
No way! Come on, Parker, we got to go! We got to get Let's go! What are you do Quit monkeying around under there! - Did you just pull something out of the engine? - Yeah.
Spark regulator keeps the cart from going more than 25 miles an hour.
Now we'll get there in 4 minutes.
Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Yeah! Thank you.
Have a good flight.
Thank you.
- They're boarding.
- Who's our guy? I don't know.
Nate said he had a black suitcase.
Well, that narrows it down to everybody except the women.
Thank you.
Nate, we need more to go off of.
Wh-what are we looking for? Don't know yet.
Tell you in a minute.
Sir? You have a phone call.
Not now.
It's to the number you gave the transplant registry.
Yes? Mr.
Chesney, my name is Nathan Ford.
I have your heart.
If you want it, I want a million dollars for it now.
Are you insane? Hello?! Who is this?! Hello? Hello? Eliot, someone at that gate is about to receive a phone call.
Whoever it is, that's our guy.
Copy that.
That was what I was talking about.
You just told the mark we're after him.
No, no.
He knew we were onto him as soon as we grounded his plane.
You gave him your name! I want him to know my name.
Final boarding call for flight 831 There.
That's him and his two best friends.
They're boarding.
Nate, he's getting on the plane.
We're on him right now, but he's getting on with the heart.
Well, get him off the plane now.
- Well, how is he gonna do that? - Um, mechanical issues.
No, no.
They'll just keep people on the plane until they fix the problem.
- A bomb threat? - They'll call in the authorities.
Same thing with a fire alarm no, it has to be something bigger, something something Hardison, uh, we need a tornado.
A-a-a what? Listen, they'll pull people off the plane if there's a tornado warning.
I no.
Negative, negative, negative, negative.
That's it's it's crazy talk.
What it's cra he thought he saw, like, a UFO.
The man gone.
He's gone.
Last week on that island, you faked a volcanic eruption.
How is this harder? How is this that was Look, man.
The tower can't call in a tornado warning, okay? That has to be the national weather service, and they only do it if you get, uh, reports of a funnel cloud touching down.
Sophie and I will take care of that.
You just sell it to the tower.
- Massdot special? - Massdot special.
Massdot special? Yes! National weather service.
This is Rachel.
Oh, thank God! I was just out walking my dogs, - and I saw a tornado touch down! - Are you sure? The current forecast don't indicate any severe-weather patterns.
I'm sure.
I took a photo of it with my phone.
I'm sending it to you now.
Uh, please hold, ma'am.
National weather service.
This is Rachel.
Are you asleep at the wheel? There's a tornado out here by the airport right now! A freaking tornado! Come on! Bill.
Bill! What is it? We got calls here.
I think we need to issue a tornado warning for the Cincinnati metropolitan area.
Attention the national weather service has declared a tornado warning for this area.
What?! What? It doesn't look like tornado weather.
Look, radar's pretty ugly on my end, boss.
Yeah, but we got planes to land.
You know how the airlines are when we get off schedule.
Oh, do I ever.
But you know what, man? It would serve 'em just right to have a tornado hit a plane full of people right in the middle I mean, they would get their butts sued off, everybody within 100 miles of them get their butts sued off.
You feel me? You know, maybe we should - shut it down just to be sure.
- Just to be sure.
Sound the alarm! Wave off all incoming flights! Let's clear off any planes already boarding! Right this way! Please! Hurry! Folks! Folks, everybody's got to exit.
This way.
Keep it moving, please.
All right.
It worked.
They're clearing the aircraft.
Everyone out, please.
Come on.
Platinum flyer.
Platinum flyer coming through.
Platinum flyer.
Make a hole! There's a platinum flyer coming through! Platinum flyer! Platinum flyer! Platinum flyer! Platinum flyer! Let's go! Let's go! Once you clear your station, you clear out, too! Move it! Uh, excuse me, miss Becky, Betty, what's your name, go! I'll stay behind.
No, man, you know, you go.
I'll stay.
I can't let you do that, son.
You're a hero.
You are a hero, but you know what? If anything should happen, like this tornado hits, when it actually hits, the glass shatters, and all the shards come and cut your body up like hamburger meat before you even know what hit you, we will not forget you, all right? I have an idea.
- You take the tower.
- Mm-hmm.
I have an emergency-protocol thingy.
- Brilliant.
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
All right.
Good luck.
All that.
You know, you have a strange sense of humor, Mr.
Why are you toying with me, with my heart? Well, it's not your heart, now, is it? Possession is 9/10 of the law.
Well, I don't have much use for the law, and you don't have much time.
There's 24 minutes left on that heart, Chesney.
It's not gonna make it to Chicago.
Why don't you give up? A heart can last up to six hours outside a body.
The odds of successful transplant drop after four, but, hey They're better than my odds, Mr.
Listen, I'm not getting better.
I'm too old to make the top of the list.
This is my only chance.
I've planned for months.
I have eight backup contingencies.
I'm fighting for my life, Mr.
Ford! What are you fighting for? I am fighting for that 15-year-old boy that you're going to kill.
God helps those who help themself.
And I help people who can't.
And God help you if anything should happen to that boy, because if he spends more than one second longer in that hospital than he needs to, I will make it my mission in life to end you.
I will ruin you.
I will ruin your name.
I will ruin your company.
I will bring down everything you have ever touched.
And when I am done, I will hunt you down, and I will kill you myself.
Cincinnati tower, Cincinnati tower, this is vista Atlantic flight 4-0-9 out of Madrid.
Request permission to land.
Hell no.
Look, no, um Flight 4-0-9, you cannot land here.
We we have a tornado warning.
You're gonna have to head - to your alternate route.
- Uh, negative, tower.
We've had a trans-Atlantic flight.
We're low on fuel.
You are our alternate.
We got to land now.
No, look, I said no.
I-it's not a good time.
We have a tornado warning.
- Hello.
- Tower, we need that vector.
Tell the people to parachute down.
I don't care.
Do something.
But you cannot land that plane! Tower, we're at min fuel.
We do not have time to mess around.
I've got 345 people up here.
This is my bird.
I'm the captain, and I'm landing over your objections.
You can do that? Tower, I need that vector.
Parker, Eliot, talk to me.
I'm set, Parker.
It's on you.
All right.
I see him.
On three.
One Two - Yee-ha! - Hey! God, we can't just Um It's whatever.
It's just landing a plane with 300 people.
It's whatever.
Why didn't I play more flight simulators? Don't.
Hey, flight 4-0-9, turn right at 1-4-0 degrees.
Right to 1-4-0.
Now, give me some speed.
1-5-0 knots.
Good, good, good.
Tower, field is in sight.
We have you in sight.
Clear to land on runway 1-8.
Okay, flight 4-0-9.
We we have a visual.
You are clear to land on runway 1-8.
Clear to land.
Tower, we are down.
Yes! - Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about.
- Say again, tower? I'm sorry.
No, no, I'm sorry.
It's cool.
It's cool.
It's cool.
Celebrate with me.
All right.
It's gone.
He got it.
Nate, you copy that? Copy.
He grabbed the cooler and went through an employee-only door.
He's headed back to the private jet.
I thought Hardison grounded it.
Tornado warning.
No one's looking, he takes off without clearance, Chesney pays the fine.
Hardison, where's that private jet? Jet's gone, Nate.
They took off.
And the cooler, too.
They took off? Yeah.
- They took off with the heart? - Well, no.
So, they didn't they didn't get the heart? Don't.
So, what did they get? So we got the heart.
She's catching on.
We still have to get it to the hospital.
Where is it? We don't have much time to get to the hospital.
There's the ambulance.
It's waiting for us.
You're late.
I was starting to get worried.
Chesney said he had eight contingencies.
By my count, that was seven.
Eliot, take shotgun.
What do you think Chesney's doing now? Probably firing his man.
Yeah, well, they're just lucky they're not in jail.
Can't shine a light on them without getting caught in it ourselves.
Yeah, but, I mean, we did do some very illegal things.
What? At least the kidnapper's going down.
What ever happened to him, anyway? Let's go.
You did it, Nate.
You saved him.
Well, well.
I was wondering when I might hear from you.
How's your boy, Mr.
Ford? He's not my boy.
So now what? You can't report me without exposing yourself.
And what's to stop me from trying again? I am.
I'm watching you.
I'm watching your money, your people, your company.
What have you got there, a pulse rate of 86? Oh, look at that.
Just jumped up to 104.
That can't be good for you.
Make your peace now, Chesney.
Because if I see anything anything I don't like Well, Mr.
Ford it seems you've killed me after all.
Oh, I didn't kill you.
God killed you.
I just made sure it took.

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