Leverage s04e10 Episode Script

The Queen's Gambit Job

No, no.
I did not steal that necklace in Cyprus.
It was Venice.
How could you forget that? It was carnevale.
The masks, the gondola chase Venice.
The green dress.
You do remember.
Only the details that matter.
Let's get out of here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We are-- Uh Hmm.
Hello, Nate.
I know you didn't come here for a game of-- I need a favor.
You ever been to Kazhistan? Yeah.
Mostly sand and terrorists.
Not an ideal vacation spot.
The country's developing the infrastructure to enrich uranium.
President Zaidi wants to use it to power the region.
And interpol is buying that story? Absolutely not.
Which is why, last year, we sent a nasty little virus to knock their nuclear centrifuges offline.
Robert Livingston, ex-pat nuclear engineer.
He designed their centrifuges.
And, according to our intel, Kazhistani agents are preparing to pay him a visit next week.
They need a key piece of technology to get the machines up and running again.
I want your team to steal it first.
Why? Terrorists aren't the only ones on Livingston's client list.
Your team steals the tech, it means the bad guys don't get it.
The good guys do.
Well, why don't you just arrest Livingston? By the time we build a case, Kazhistan will already have everything it needs.
You have an informant inside Livingston's organization.
Who is it? Are you in or not? Uh, you still haven't told me what's in it for me.
I'll owe you a favor.
How often does that happen? Now, to power a nuke, you need a few thousand gas centrifuges.
Each spins uranium fast enough to separate weapons-grade molecules from the less-potent stuff.
But if the drum gets off-kilter, it wobbles.
Like a washing machine.
Yeah, except when your washing machine wobbles, it goes "thump, thump.
" This thing wobbles, it explodes.
Now, to keep it steady, the machine needs to be calibrated with a tiny, little weight.
So, that's the technology sterling wants us to steal.
Yeah, that little weight is what separates a trigger-happy terrorist from a nuke.
Yeah, and because of its precise atomic mass, there's only one.
This thing is like the nuclear equivalent of the one ring.
Ring? What ring? Oh, please.
Don't get him started.
Anyway, what are we even thinking? We can't trust Sterling.
Yeah, but we can't just stand by and let this happen.
The weight is kept somewhere in Livingston's sky spire in Dubai.
It's the second-tallest building in the world.
How are we gonna get in? Livingston hosts a blitz chess tournament.
Throws these events all over the world, but this is the first one he's hosting here at home.
Stop playing with stuff.
I wanted to hit it.
Don't hit it.
Man, it's so great to see all these athletes in their prime.
Where the hell do you see athletes? They're ev-- man, the olympic committee Recognizes chess as a sport.
This is a sport? It's like prom night for nerds.
Oh, there's, uh-- there's Livingston.
Welcome, everyone, to my beautiful home away from home.
I hope this tournament puts Dubai on the map of the global chess community.
As you can see, no expense has been spared.
I think you'll find the amenities, like That's olivia, Livingston's stepdaughter.
Chess prodigy.
Ever since her mother passed, he's been fixated on her career.
Fair warning-- be on guard if you find yourself matched against this little sprite.
In 11 years, I have yet to win a game against her.
Now, enjoy the vino.
Just don't enjoy it too much.
Huh? Gentlemen.
What's with the personal security? There was an incident.
One of his buyers didn't like the deal, so he tried to renegotiate with a car bomb.
That's how Livingston got his limp.
Olivia and her mother were in the car, too.
Olivia was thrown clear, but her mother wasn't.
As long as olivia stays in the tournament, Livingston's attention is gonna be focused on her and not on that little weight.
So sophie and I are gonna make sure she keeps winning.
That will give the rest of you enough time to find the weight and steal the it.
We have a problem.
See those men back there? The ones walking by Livingston's daughter? Stepdaughter.
Those are our friends from Kazhistan.
They're not supposed to be here for another week.
It's amazing how "acquire nuclear materials" moves right to the top of a terrorist's to-do list.
Okay, we got to make sure those men don't reach Livingston.
Eliot, go with him.
We're accelerating the con.
Hardison, showtime.
Follow my lead.
I'm vice president of operations.
Vice president.
You're my executive assistant.
As-salamu alaykum, gentlemen.
Welcome to Dubai.
This is my executive assistant.
I'm the vice preside of operations for Mr.
Livingston's company.
There's been a complication, gentlemen.
We no longer feel that this building is secure.
What we'd like to do is, if you'd let us, move you off-site.
Of course.
My assistant here will show you the way.
Sheikh Rais Farooq.
He's the son of the Saudi oil minister.
He'd like to talk to you about a business opportunity.
If you'll excuse me.
Of course, sir.
Welcome to Dubai.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm delighted to be a part of your chess tournament.
Might we speak somewhere more private? Absolutely.
Now, I'm an art lover, such as yourself, and I've come across a trinket today, but I don't think it's well enough protected At the hotel.
Well Let me show you my facilities.
Please, join me.
Oxford or Cambridge? Oxford.
Father's wishes.
Cambridge man myself.
As you can see, my business travels have allowed me to see the world.
Nate, I see the weight.
Copy that.
Hardison, how's the security there? Very impressive.
But I do have questions about your security.
I can assure you, even though you may not see it, it is most definitely there.
Invisible, unhackable security.
There's complication? We believe Interpol has an informant inside of Mr.
Livingston's company.
We must acquire the item.
We move to a dead-drop system.
You wait here every day, outside the building.
At the appropriate time, you will be contacted.
We make the exchange.
No phones, no e-mail.
Assume nothing is secure.
So, you think it's okay to risk my informant.
Sterling, as far as I know, your informant's another lie.
Still don't trust me.
The calibration weight is kept under environmental controls.
It's sensitive down to the picogram.
If a grain of sand lands on that thing, it's done.
So that case is pressurized.
If the pressure drops, the alarms go off.
Personal space.
Now, look By introducing a gas of a different density straight into the air-filtration system, we can fool the alarm system long enough to open the case without introducing impurities.
Parker, this is what you're gonna be using to transfer the weight, okay? It's airtight and sanitized.
Now, you'll have to crack the seal, transfer the weight, and then reseal it before it depressurizes.
How long will I have? Half a second.
Maybe three-quarters, if you're lucky.
Assuming I can even reach the case.
Parker, we know there's security there.
We just haven't seen it yet.
Yeah, there's no pass code, no fingerprint scan, no voice lock, no window, no exit, no nothing.
All he does is walk into the elevator and then-- Wait, wait.
Yeah, yeah.
That's it.
That's exactly it.
Livingston is always the first into the elevator and into the vault.
There's got to be a way for the security system to know when it's Livingston and when it's not.
It's a weight-and-gait authenticator.
The floor panels are pressure-sensitive, and they're also programmed to identify an individual's weight distribution.
And walking patterns.
We have one installed at the data center at Interpol and another at the hockney exhibit in Luxembourg.
It's also in the Pentagon, in the inner ring.
And so it's all determined by Livingston's weight? No, no, weight distribution measures where the mass is in the body, not how much mass there is.
It's like a fingerprint.
Anybody but Livingston gets on that elevator or the vault floor, and the alarms go off.
We know what security system's protecting the weight, so all we got to do is hack into it.
Okay, let's get one thing clear here.
When you say "we," you really mean me.
And what do you mean, just "hack into it," Nate? I don't know what this thing is.
Never seen it before in my life.
How am I supposed to hack it? I mean, that's a very good question, Hardison.
I'm sure you'll have it figured out by tomorrow.
Good luck.
Some things just never change.
Time for me to go, too? Well, the tournament is a buy-in, so you and Olivia are gonna be matched against players of all strengths.
Okay, now, I've hacked the brackets to make sure that Olivia is playing against the low rankers, but that means you're taking on the heavy hitters.
I've registered you under the name Tom Jensen.
You're gonna have to beat all these champions to make sure that you and Olivia play in the finals.
Yeah, now, these are the grandmasters, Nate.
Okay, you're good but not that good.
Ah, I beat you every time, Hardison.
Maybe if you let me use the vulcan rules like I'm accustomed to I mean, you're stingy with it, Nate.
You're real stingy.
Mademoiselle Olivia? Oh, je suis désolée.
I meant no harm.
What's going on? C'est parfait, Monsieur Livingston! A photo of father and daughter would be a fine cover for the international chess journal.
S'il vous plaît? Splendid.
Olivia? For the tournament, sweetheart.
Non, non.
Something is not right.
A gauche, à droit.
Voilà! Nice work, Parker.
Yeah, now all we have to do is precisely mimic Livingston's walk, break in to the vault, and steal the weight.
Okay, Eliot, Sterling, I need you to stay with the Kazhistani.
Make sure they don't come back here.
I think this will give us the opportunity to spend some real quality time together, Spencer.
Eliot, try not to kill Sterling.
We may need him.
I can't promise that! What was that? According to regulation, all clocks are set for five minutes per player.
May the best man or woman win.
All right.
You may begin.
This is gonna be harder than I thought.
Nate? Is he asleep? And yet somehow up a bishop, a rook, and has me staring down the barrel of a passed pawn.
Damn it.
Sir Sir, according to our sources, the Kazhistani have already arrived.
A week early? Double security.
Let me get this straight, 'cause I'm having a hard time believing this.
You're telling me you think he acted alone.
That's not what I said, is it? I said I don't think that there was only one bullet.
Where did you get this coffee, man? It's horrible! Coffee's fine.
If there was a second bullet, that means there was a second shooter.
Otherwise, he fired a carcano bolt-action twice in less than two seconds, which simply cannot be done.
You do realize that, on a topic where nobody agrees on anything, you picked the one thing, the only thing which is not up for debate! Simply humanly impossible! I did it.
You'd be surprised what people can do when they're properly motivated.
Seriously, did you put something in this? Your file says that you crawled to kill the head of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, but the coffee is a problem.
Incoming call.
We're gonna need the parabolic.
No, I got it.
You-- unless you can read lips, we're gonna need the parabolic, all right? They're speaking Arabic.
You'd be surprised what people can do when they're properly motivated.
He said the government won't wait.
No matter the risk, gonna make the exchange today.
All right, we got to stall, give Parker enough time to get in the vault.
Gonna bring the money in through the service tunnels under the sky spire and move upstairs after the tournament to meet Livingston.
All right, we'll intercept them at the tunnels.
Let's head them off at the basement under the building.
That way they'll be focused on the tournament.
I just said that.
Psh! Psh! Ugh! It's like I'm the human hulk.
Parker smash! Okay.
Parker, you realize it's just "the hulk.
" But seriously, do they have to be this heavy? Yeah, to match his weight.
Plus, the boots are calibrated to mimic his distribution.
What's wrong? Just they feel really weird.
Oh, don't worry.
You'll get used to that.
And this is "dance dance revolution.
" You're into that? No.
I'm-- it's just for recreational-- For cardie-- it's-- Look, the pads are programmed to analyze your gait and match it to Livingston's gait.
But I've broken his down into seven key time frames.
Basically the same system you'll encounter in the vault.
So, you ready? Ready to try.
Are you ready? Let's go.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't, uh-- I didn't have time to kill the voice on it.
I-it's all good.
Just go ahead.
Dance fail! Don't give up.
Try again.
Seriously? It's cool.
It's cool.
Just-- you're good.
You're good.
Okay, I-I make a move.
I take a piece.
Okay, that time, it didn't happen.
I think that maybe what you're seeing are just the room lights.
Oh, yeah, that's exactly what it is.
I'm not a complete and total freaking moron! Sir, there's no need to take this tone.
Wrong! Are you listening?! Every time I look in that direct-- Gah! That's it! You're gone! No! No, you cannot make-- no! I am not gone! Black wins.
You know, Sophie, I'm actually pretty good at this game.
You ought have a little more faith.
Just getting a little tired of your laptop yelling at me.
It's just trying to help.
But you know what? You're doing fine.
You almost got it.
Just one more time.
Okay? Perfect.
That is perfect.
Yeah, it's perfect.
Yeah, you're getting it.
Dance fail! I told him to stop yelling at me! Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hardison! Hey! Parker, breathe.
His limp and these boots, I-- they're-- I don't like them.
They're weighing me down.
Quick and light.
That's how I survive.
You slow me down, you kill me.
Hey, hey, Parker-- hey.
What? Hey.
You had to be quick because you were alone.
If you get caught, that's it.
I get it.
But you're not alone anymore.
Look at me.
You're not alone.
You're not.
You have a team.
You have me.
And I got you.
I got you, girl.
Come on, now.
Let's, um Let's try something different, okay? Now, getting the rhythm is kind of like dancing.
You remember how it was when we took down Duberman? Mm-hmm.
You remember that? All right.
Now, just follow me.
Get-- get on my toes.
On your toes? Yeah.
I'm all right.
Now just, uh-- just move with me.
Yes! Black wins.
Did you see them come in here? This is the only room accessible from the service tunnels.
I put something in your coffee.
Parker, you in position? In position.
If you start your clock when I start mine, I can guarantee five minutes, hopefully more.
Spoof security, cross the vault, pressurize the case, steal the weight, and escape.
Yeah, I'm thinking, "hopefully more.
" Now, if we don't pull this off now, we don't pull it off at all.
Nate, when's the last time you checked in with Eliot? Uh, why? His comm dropped off the grid about nine minutes ago.
No pings, no system status, no nothing.
Possible causes? Lots of things-- damage, water, he could have turned it off.
It wouldn't be his first time.
What about Sterling? With Eliot as of nine minutes ago.
Nate, it's time.
Here we go.
Parker Get ready.
Get set.
Yes! Nate? Excuse me.
I have some information for you.
Um, Parker, I don't mean to rush you, but you kind of need to rush.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, do you think maybe you could, uh well, it was just easier before when there was, you know, um music.
Um Careful, Sophie.
No unnecessary risks.
What was that? Oh, I was just saying I think you're taking some unnecessary risks.
If I were afraid of a little danger, I would play checkers.
Well, you must be afraid of something.
Poisoned pawns.
But you want to know what I'm not afraid of? Hmm.
Being afraid.
You like that? I stole it from my dad.
No, not Robert.
My real dad.
The only thing Robert ever taught me how to do was well, I guess he did teach me how to play chess.
But it was my real dad that taught me how to win.
Damn it.
The one time I need Hardison.
P-Parker, I'm getting some really funky readings off of your right boot.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's fine.
Parker, that-- that sounded a lot like ball bearings rolling across the floor.
Was that because there were ball bearings rolling across the floor? Uh-huh.
No, it's cool.
It's cool.
It's cool.
Be cool.
Um You know what? They're below the minimum threshold, so they will not trigger the alarm.
Lucky ducks.
Just don't move.
I need a mute.
Take your time.
I'm just standing on a giant alarm sensor with no exit, no plan, and a hundred pounds of iron strapped to my feet.
That's her! That's the one! What do you mean? I-I haven't done anything.
Really! This tape isn't yours? He's out of his mind.
No, you know what? He's just a bad loser.
You don't have a mirror on you?! Wait, no.
That's-- that's not mine.
I've-- that's not mine.
I've never seen that before! Where are you taking-- I-- what are you-- Ow! You're-- you're hurting me! I Si-I-- what are you--.
I've never seen that before.
Where are you taking-- I-- what are you-- You're-- you're hurting me! I I really need more time here, Nate.
Running out of time.
It's a trap.
How do you know? He beat two grandmasters to reach this match.
A guy who can do that doesn't give up his queen for free.
Okay, Parker, there should be some exposed piping, an industrial sprinkler system.
Do you see it? Yeah, I see it.
You think it'll hold me? Think it's your best shot.
Hardison, please tell me you know why the doors to my escape route just closed.
Hell no.
Nate can't talk, Sophie's in custody, Eliot's gone.
Look, Parker, it is time to go.
Almost there.
Good game.
Yes, it is.
Oh, no.
Come on, man! Let's go.
Parker? Not it.
Okay, Kazhistanis coming your way.
Can only stall for so long.
You got to be moving.
Everyone out! Whoa! That man runs a crooked tournament right here! Make your way to the exit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, okay.
Maybe I was just playing badly in retrospect.
But now that I think of it, you know, that's exactly what happened.
I was just playing badly.
I overreacted.
Nate, it was Sterling! It was Sterl-- Okay, okay.
Parker, listen.
They're sending the elevator back up.
It's on the move.
But I got some bad news.
Security protocol is gonna send it straight to the top, and they're gonna lock it down.
That's my way out.
Come on! Open! Are you about to do what I think? Hardison, I just wanted to say-- Parker, jump! Whoa! Hey, hey, that's my car! Hey, hey! Where are you going?! Okay, we're done.
Everyone out.
Hardison, Eliot's here, ground floor.
Find him.
Free Sophie.
Everyone to the extraction points.
Whoa, whoa.
Eliot's here? Yeah, just follow the trail of the terrorists.
You won't miss him.
Where are you going? I'm going after Sterling.
Where is he going? Oh, he's escaping with the target.
How did Sterling get the weight? No, the real target.
Eliot! Hey, man.
Stop, dude.
What are you doing? Where the hell you been, man? Sterling drugged me.
Smashed my earbud.
So, I'm guessing you probably want to hit some bad guys, huh? Why? You know where some are? Come on.
H-he's working some stuff out.
Ugged-dray by erling-stay.
Well, I don't mind waiting if you want to a little more.
I think I'm good.
You gonna leave without saying goodbye? On the roof! Move it! Hardison? I'm on the roof with no way down.
Stairway and elevator? No, they're both blocked.
I'm think I'm trapped up here.
I'm think I'm trapped up here.
There's a third way down.
No, I don't have a chute.
Uh, check again.
Did you do this? But you're not alone anymore, Parker.
You're not.
You have a team.
You have me.
And I got you.
I got you, girl.
Problem is, I'm too high for a base jump.
I don't weigh enough for this wind sheer.
I'm gonna get tossed around like a leaf.
Parker, look down.
You have visual? Nothing! Yeah! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo! Ah! It's right Go that way.
It's there, man.
You okay? Yeah.
Can I go again? Guess it's not so bad being weighed down, after all.
Where's Nate? Playing chess.
Again? Always.
So, when did it become so easy for you to lie? I had to get my informant out.
When Olivia's mother died, she turned on Livingston, fed Interpol everything we needed.
You got to stop insulting me, Sterling.
I knew she was the informant before the first match.
Did you really think I wouldn't figure out she was your daughter? See those men back there? The ones walking by Livingston's daughter? Stepdaughter.
It was my real dad who taught me how to win.
Let's go.
Where are you two? Secure the south entrance.
We're escorting your stepdaughter out of the building.
Nothing's more important than the weight.
Lock her down and move! Put her in here.
No, please! No! Hello, darling.
Let's go home.
You used us.
You lied to me.
You manipulated the team.
Come on, I just want to know why you wouldn't tell me.
Would you have come to Dubai if I had? No, no, Jim.
I'm talking about before that when we were friends.
You had a wife and a daughter, and I didn't know.
Why? 'Cause it was my fault that they left.
And I knew it.
Olivia, get back in the car.
He didn't have a choice.
It's not safe here.
I was in danger, and he's my dad.
What wouldn't you do to save your kid?! Olivia.
Why'd you come to me? 'Cause you're the best thief I've ever seen.
I couldn't risk anything less.
What is it? It's a name.
Give me everything you got on him.
You do that, I'll make sure Eliot doesn't know where to find you.
This makes us even, right? I'm not letting Sterling slide on this.
Well, at least I got to jump off a building that was like eight other buildings on top of each other.
Good for you.
I ain't letting him slide.
Guys, a father reunited with his daughter.
Take the win.
Win? Sterling beat us-- again.
Livingston was holding Olivia prisoner.
I mean, what father wouldn't do what Sterling did? Trust me.
I mean, I get it, but did he also have to make us lose? I mean, they got the nukes.
Who said we lost? It turns out, when you spin an improperly calibrated centrifuge, it tends to explode.
The weight must be kept in a controlled environment.
It's sensitive down to the picogram.
If one grain of sand lands on it, it's ruined.
You see, Sterling, he wanted a team that he could trust that would create a distraction for Olivia's escape and also smart enough to keep the nukes out of the terrorists' hands.
He got us.
So, what, the salt was plan "B"? No, no.
That's plan "M.
" Don't I die in plan "M"? Yeah, usually.
What you mean, "usually"? How many plans do I die in? "C," "F," and "M" through "Q.
" Oh, see, that's a little close to home, man.
Need to switch that up.
How many plans does Eliot die in? Uh, none.
And none.
And, uh So, there is a plan where he comes out of it with a scar that goes from the temple through the eye Ooh! You'd look so cool with a scar.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Can we go back? Let's rewind.
But you live in plan "A.
" You skipped past me.
See-- see, it's evolving.
There's actually a plan-- no.
Isn't that creepy? He's planning my death.
To a glass eye.
Okay, here we go.

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