Leverage s04e18 Episode Script

The Last Dam Job

Guard station 5, one for transfer to the infirmary.
Guard station 5.
You got 10 minutes.
Penny for your thoughts.
You missed.
Mm, yeah.
But this close.
Well, what's it been? Three years and five months, four days? Is it special seeing your very first victim? You are going to regret this.
Well, Nate, all a man has in this world -- all he has -- are three things -- his business, his possessions and his name.
When you take all that away, any man will kill.
Really, man, I-I'm really -- I'm not scared of you.
But aren't you just a little bit scared of me? After all, I know all of your secrets.
You tell Latimer my secrets? Well, sure, I told him.
I mean, after all, I need help.
And Lati-- well, Jack's always been someone who knows the value of information.
What's this about, Victor? Well, Nate It's about consequences.
You cannot walk this earth playing judge and jury with people's lives and not suffer consequences.
You brought this out on yourself.
You tried to kill me and my team.
Your team? They're my team! Mine! I put them together, and then I handed them to you.
I did all the research.
I know exactly who they are.
I know their techniques, I know their contacts, and I know your team better than anyone.
I certainly know them better than you.
I'm sorry.
So, what have you been doing for three years? Playing Robin hood? Know what I've been doing for three years? I've been preparing for this day.
Well You'll have to do better.
Better than killing your father? Wow.
Tough room.
If you're thinking of ratting me out to Latimer about crossing the line and killing your father, don't bother.
He knows.
He approved it.
After all, I made him millions.
Well, technically, you made him millions.
Do you remember when I said to you, next time we would meet, that I wouldn't be so nice? Yeah.
Welcome to the next time.
What'd you get? Latimer's protecting him.
We have to crack Latimer first to get a clear run at Dubenich.
What do you mean a clear run? Dubenich is already in jail.
What's left to do to him? Rita, walk with me.
Yes, Mr.
I need the financials on the Olschan deal and confirmation that Shanghai signed off on the Bellington partnership.
All right.
And what about conference room I'm at Latimer's office.
Okay, hold -- hold on, hold on, guys.
Latimer's got some serious security software on his mainframe.
Got it.
Okay, remember -- insert the crypto key first and then plant the bugs.
Eliot, how you doing on server access? I'm on my way.
Bring that over here.
Come on, people.
This has to be ready for the party.
Sir? Sir? Sir, what is this? Proof that a friend of mine is very, very smart.
G-guys, somebody caught my intrusion, somebody looking for my software Specifically my software.
I'm locked out.
That's never a good sound.
There he is! We're blown.
Parker? P-Parker, I don't see an exit for -- you know, hold on.
Oh, I'll think of something.
Coming through the lobby hot.
It's gonna be a little crowded in there.
Watch it! You think? Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! My eyes! Aah! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Aah! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Where's Parker? We can't -- You heard the man.
Go! Man, just go! Whoo! Where'd they go? Where'd they go? Man, I hope you have a plan double "Z," man, 'cause we got nothing.
Boy, he upped the crazy.
I didn't think he could do it.
It all started with Verdagra, guys.
Was that the job with the potato? Mm-hmm.
I liked that potato.
For three years, Victor Dubenich, from prison, has been telling Jack Latimer who we were gonna hit and when.
And every time, he has profited from our work, except once, when he saved the CEO of Verdagra, the one that we took down -- why? 'Cause he needed someone in power at the company, somebody in his pocket.
These are the land tracts that Verdagra sold to Latimer, okay, with the CEO of Verdagra's approval.
What does he want with all that land? It's not the land.
It's what's underneath, the water rights.
Land without water is just dirt.
We have thousands of acres of private property all seized from locals.
Latimer -- he controls the water facilities, the pipelines, the dams.
Our key right now is Bellington dam.
Now, that's what he wanted the patent for, because he wants to build that water filter on this dam.
So this is it.
This right here -- this is our job.
No, this -- we can't do this job, all right? We couldn't even do a simple recon.
Yeah, Dubenich already warned him about us.
We're talking advanced biometrics, facial recognition.
They even countered my software -- I mean, spanked it.
We need backup.
He's been planning this for three years.
He's gonna know every friend, everyone in the game.
Anyone we could trust who we could call.
We find someone who is not a friend, someone who's not in the game, someone we do not trust.
That's what we do.
So, maybe now, we'll renegotiate the deal.
Re-negotiation after the package has already been delivered.
Hardly seems fair.
What terms did you have in mind? Quinn.
You're a hard man to find.
Eliot Spencer.
Now the rib's broken.
You picked a hell of a time to settle scores there, pal.
Who are you? Hey.
I'm not settling any scores here.
I came to offer you a job.
As you can see, I am fairly unhappy in my current job situation.
What terms did you have in mind? One week.
S-- Six figures.
Not bad.
And I'd owe you a favor.
All right, I can deal with that.
We got a deal? Deal.
Now if we can just get the keys to these pesky handcuffs.
Who's got them? You have them? Do you have them? Ever since mom passed, I've been worried about you in that big old house all alone.
Anyway, I was thinking you sell the place and move into one of those lovely assisted-living places over by us, and then -- Parker? I made her, honed her -- my perfect thief.
She was your legacy.
I taught her everything I know and unleashed her on the world.
My wallet.
And hers.
And Dad, who is this? This This is my daughter.
See you later, sis.
Now, listen, I hate you.
I can't stand you.
But if we're gonna do this, we do it my way.
You listen to me.
If I even -- Say my name.
If you even think about breaking protocol -- Say my name.
I have the cameras now, Hardison.
Now I have the cameras and the motion sensors.
No I have the cameras and the motion sensors.
I also have the lasers.
Now, we need -- you're already -- you're already packed? Really, who else are you gonna call? I want my usual fee plus expenses, and Parker dresses up as Starbuck from "Battlestar Galactica.
" Hey! It's not happening.
I'll accept Sophie as Counselor Troi.
We'll negotiate on the flight.
So wrong on so many levels.
He's here.
Sir, this man shouldn't even be on the premises.
He is a felon.
We kick all the felons out of finance, Wall Street would be a parking lot.
Victor "Dubinich.
" Uh, Dubenich, but that's all -- that's all right.
I just want to thank you for the early release.
Hey, it's amazing what you can do with a couple of governors in your pocket.
Say -- your friends paid me a visit.
You just lend me a couple of guys who don't ask questions, I'll take care of it.
Get this man everything he wants.
And a jet.
Hmm, let's see.
Well, this is it.
And knock, knock.
What are you doing? What the hell? Nate? Where are you, Nate? I don't care how far underground he's gone.
I'm gonna find him.
Move! No.
You got me a Batcave?! A Batcave! No, I did not.
Yeah, this is totally a Batcave.
Okay, you guys suck a little less now.
What the hell is this? Don't ask.
These were the old subway lines, sealed up when the new tunnels were built under the bay.
I used them myself back in the '60s after a rather spectacular jewelry heist.
Wow, you are super old.
Thank you for the history lesson.
Maybe later, you can tell us about that one time you punched Hitler in the face.
Parker, still yummy.
I own two canes -- one with a taser capable of delivering 10,000 volts.
The other extends a 6-inch stiletto blade.
Which one is is this one? Oh, I don't seem to remember.
I super old.
All right, Archie.
We need him, regrettably.
Latimer's in the middle of a deal with the Chinese investors for control over the dam and the network of facilities that it serves.
But, according to federal land-use laws, he must maintain these facilities in proper working order, or he forfeits control.
There's not enough of us to take all that down.
Network means they're connected.
It's like hacking any other network.
We just find a weak spot -- Then we -- We apply maximum pressure.
To create maximum chaos.
Can I hit him? Which one? Either one.
You see, it's not just me.
Here's our problem.
Hardison signs on to any computer on Latimer's network, it triggers alarms.
Parker goes anywhere near anything valuable, alarms.
Eliot shows his face anywhere, a lot of alarms.
Sophie talks to anyone Latimer knows, and I bet Dubenich will personally fall out of the sky.
That is why we need you.
But you are gonna follow my people's lead.
And I want to make something very clear.
Nobody goes near Victor Dubenich.
He is mine.
Understood? Your father's gun.
I don't have a lot of rules in this world.
Three, actually -- don't count the money till after the con, know when to walk away from the con, and -- "The Gambler"? You're -- you're basing your life philosophy on a Kenny Rogers song? And don't get involved with a murderer.
Oh, Eliot's killed.
You're too bright for me to dignify that with a response.
Aren't you gonna take the gun? Like I said, you're very bright.
You'll just find another one.
How long before video nails us? Facial-recognition software takes about seven minutes to tag us, give or take.
Seven min-- damn it, Hardison! What part of "give or take" do you clearly not understand? There they are! Captain, we've spotted them! North side! North side! Come on.
I forgot how much I hate him.
Eliot! Hold it right there! Okay, listen, we're gonna have computer intrusion any minute.
This is firewall protocol that'll block the hacker's software.
Hardison will be completely locked out.
Who? Doesn't matter.
Just go.
He can't hack if he can't get into the computer.
There they are! Boys.
Aah! Aah! Go, go, go! You better be ready, Quinn.
We want to confirm the main check was done.
I bet you were born ready, right? Come on, dude.
I know you want to say it.
"I was born ready.
" I don't know how Eliot does this.
Now! Hang on, Hardison.
I'm almost online.
This place is so old, it doesn't have any modern security measures.
But it's still tied in to the main dam's maintenance system, so this is what we call a back door.
How many fingers do you need to type? Round down.
Let's go! Let's go! They're inside! Come on, let's go.
Got to find another way online.
Just keep those guys away from me for 30 seconds.
Computer intrusion.
Yeah, exactly like I told you.
It's not from here.
It's coming from the other dam, It's a different hacker, and he's in.
He's in where? W-what's he got access to? The detection's low level.
He only has maintenance.
So show me where maintenance is now! Done! Done! Come on, come on.
You can call it a back door.
It's a good thing.
Aah! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Shut it down.
What's the matter? Emergency shutdown -- all gates and pipes.
What? Shut it down! What are you doing? What'd he do? It's just ice, isn't it? It's called quagga mussel.
It's an invasive species of -- of shellfish from Europe.
One fertilized female lays a million eggs.
Now, we think he dumped about a thousand of those into the pipes at Bellingham.
What will they do? They'll breed till they clog all the cooling pipes.
The turbines will overheat, and the dam will explode.
So? Rinse them out.
If we do that the quagga will spread downstream into your waterways, infecting and eventually destroying all of your other facilities.
Also, the EPA will fine us for intentionally releasing a dangerous species into the environment.
The fines will be in the millions.
The dam is shut down, sir.
A full year to decontaminate it.
A year?! You made it impossible for Hardison to hack us with a computer, so he hacks us with a clam?! Are you seriously gonna be doing that all day? Dude, I was thrown off a waterfall.
At least your muscle guy had an exit.
Pardon me, lads.
You've given me all these hacking devices and mini cameras and this, uh, electromagnetic thing.
Well, this is an EM field supergenerator.
It's a -- it's a magnet that scrambles the field resonance of laser alarm grids.
Cool! Yeah, cool, but we're not gonna need these.
No, we won't.
Uh, might I remind you that your target is in a very complicated vault? I'm not gonna steal it from the vault.
I'm stealing it from the middle of the room.
We'll just need these.
E-- I'm -- eggs, sugar, shortening, cardboard? The thing to remember, son, is that nobody ever cuts the cake till somebody tells them to cut the cake.
C-cut the cake.
I'll -- I'll try to remember that, sir.
Cut the cake.
What is with the "sir"? Are you picking her up for the prom? No, I mean, Parker in a prom dress just sounds -- I guess it was the taser.
I love tasers.
It's for the party.
Hang on one second.
Okay, you're clear.
Lads, I'm here.
I got you.
Look, I'm telling you -- it's not gonna work.
Seriously, just stop.
They are ready for your kung fu.
They are completely unprepared for my drunken mastery.
All right, go ahead.
I'm telling you.
It's not gonna work.
Well, that's weird.
Hmm? Wow.
This must be how Eliot feels.
I just realized -- this is how he feels all the time.
Just want to hit something.
Never should have agreed to this.
Hell, I almost lost that damn patent because of you.
No, it had to be something really valuable, or Ford would have seen through it too quickly.
You didn't seem to have a problem with my plans when you were cashing in.
Listen to me.
Now, I've got to go in there and explain real nice to -- hello -- to those fellas why the shiny new American dam they're buying isn't working.
They lose trust in me, I lose my company.
This is my business, Victor.
Nobody takes my business.
Ni hao.
Ni hao.
Ni hao.
I should have seen this coming.
You two.
With me.
It's really quite lovely, isn't it? Amazing.
Where are the valuables? A safe, a vault, anywhere that Latimer keeps his valuables, his possessions.
This way.
Excuse me.
Come on, now! Excuse me.
Let's go! Move! Move your ass! Come on! Come on! Wow.
Well, they're in a rush, huh? Facial-recognition software takes a few minutes to kick in.
Oh, we got a little time.
I'm gonna have you arrested now.
Come on, let's talk Like gentlemen.
It's mostly bearer bonds Personal cash, and Mr.
Latimer's liquid assets.
No, no, no.
That's not flashy enough.
There's millions in here.
It's not just about value.
Nathan Ford's MO is he pulls a high-profile theft, completely humiliates his opponent, and that guy feels so powerless that he's more likely to comply to the rest of the con.
See, it's not just stealing.
It's psychological warfare.
What is the most expensive thing upstairs? I mean, what is the most important thing in that room? The emperor's sword.
It's part of a private Chinese collection.
you know, it really is quite lovely, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
The thing is, I'm a reasonable man.
Here's what I'd like you to think about.
Why don't you, uh, stop protecting Victor Dubenich, give him to me? What do I get out of it? I stop.
Your father was a penny-ante thief, and everything you do doesn't change the fact that you're the same stock.
Remember that.
Latimer! Latimer! He's here.
Yeah, of course he is.
He wants the sword.
Get the light! Lights! Get the lights on or a backup gen-- okay, it's still there.
All right.
Clear -- clear a path to the elevator.
You're -- you're making a scene.
There'd be more of a scene if it was stolen.
Follow me.
We got to open the vault.
Okay, we're good.
Ladies and gentlemen, please don't panic.
Exit the building safely and orderly.
Seriously? Seriously? Lights! Get the lights back on! Is there a backup generator in this stupid place? I don't care if it's a flashlight! Lights! Put men on every exit! Your business Your possessions And your name.
What? I know what his plan is.
How? I I gave it to him.
You know a lot of things, Nate.
You don't know how this is gonna change you.
You handled it.
Well, you have no idea who I was before all this started.
That guy -- kid -- he had God in his heart, and he had a flag on his shoulder Clean hands.
And I ain't seen him in the mirror in over 10 years.
And believe me I get up every morning looking for him.
So you can trust me when I tell you, you pull that trigger, and two men die -- the guy you kill and the guy you used to be.
I know exactly what he's doing.
He destroyed your business and he blew up your possessions, and now -- now he's gonna go after your name.
My name's worth mud already.
Rumors about the dam hit the market.
Chinese are talking about backing out.
My stock is down 10%.
Jack, Jack, it's more than that.
This is a congressional summons.
They want to talk about seizing my waterways for the public good because I can't maintain them.
I'm flying to DC.
I'm giving you full access to my security and an expense account.
Have this taken care of before I get back, or you'll be back in prison.
And in international news today, the big story is that Wall Street golden boy Jack Latimer is facing serious questions about what authorities are calling an unusual pattern of behavior.
And it's safe to say that Jack Latimer's having Oh, dear.
Someone's having a rough day, huh? I've had better.
Well, then, here is to better days.
Better days.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Stand up.
All right.
Have a nice flight.
Very sloppy, Miss Devereaux.
You thought you could get Latimer alone.
You underestimated me.
The last time I underestimated you, I was right.
Who the hell are you? Well, I'm definitely not Eliot.
Aah! What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm thinking about saving my friend some trouble.
Hell, next time, give me the gun.
I'm your Huckleberry.
Little late now.
Love that movie.
Who the hell doesn't? Stay with wmn for more on the Latimer scandal.
What was that all about? Long story.
Well, let's start by replacing your drink.
I'm Jenny.
I'm Jack.
Nice to meet you, Jack.
Nice to meet you.
My wife? You recruited my -- my wife as -- as your backup? Ex.
He never says ex-wife.
I always do.
Nate, I'm sorry about Jimmy.
You should have called me.
Well, I didn't want -- you know, this is way out of line, Sophie.
I mean -- What? You said get someone not in the game.
I don't know anyone not in the game.
Maggie is the only honest person I know.
But you didn't tell me.
Because we knew you'd do this.
Do what? We're friends.
And I got to say, she's turning into quite the grifter.
Now that you two are together, when Sophie asks me for a favor, how could I refuse? Uh Look at that.
He looks like a slapped mackerel.
Um, I'll wait for you across the street.
All right.
You know, for the record, I just want you to know that when we were together, well, nothing ever happened with her, you know, as far as -- Oh, God, Nate.
Always the Jesuit.
If temptation counted as cheating, no marriage would make it past the first year.
Imagine what it was like for me, you bringing James around all those years.
James? Sterling? We better hurry.
Latimer will be waking soon.
It's your master plan.
Pity if we miss him.
Seriously, sterling? Seriously.
Hello? Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be in a congressional hearing an hour ago.
What? You are in contempt of congress.
Yeah, and it is no secret.
I, uh -- I was -- I was drugged.
You what? Just, uh -- just stall.
I'll -- I'll get out of here.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
Jack, out of where? The Cayman Islands?! Oh.
I did not hear that.
I said the Cayman Islands.
I did not hear that.
I said the Cayman Islands.
No, no, I heard that.
I just -- I'm refusing to acknowledge that those words actually came out of your mouth.
Give me three minutes to pack.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Who's first? Everything from the vault is here -- all the money and the diamonds.
It wasn't destroyed.
And there's -- there's a lot of different passports.
They're making it look like you are on the run.
Oh, no, no.
The sword's here, too.
Jack? Can you hear me? Listen, you're done.
I'll, uh -- I'll fly to DC.
I-I-I can straighten this out.
You're gonna just walk into the Capitol building, and under oath, you're gonna tell United States Senators that you were drugged and kidnapped by persons unknown, who then just kindly dropped you off in the Cayman Islands, but not before handing you a suitcase full of your own cash and diamonds and a batch of fake passports?! And a Chinese artifact.
The SEC has opened an investigation linking Jack Latimer to a mysterious series of trades that happened just before the company suffered financial losses and, often, just before the CEOs were fired.
Question is, has Jack Latimer been waging a covert war on his rivals? It's brilliant.
Hey, did you guys hear the news report? Um, Jack? The SEC is investigating all the trades that I told you to make before Ford ran his cons.
Well, how the hell did they find that out? Well, if I have to hazard a guess, I'd say Look at this.
Yeah, look at that.
See, right beside it.
Sir? Have a look at that.
Ford told them.
Of course he did.
Victor, you son of a bitch, you fix this.
Sure, Jack.
Don't worry about it.
I'm on it.
Yeah, talk to you later.
In case you haven't noticed, this company is about to become a giant smoking hole in the earth.
Want to make some real money? Yeah.
Fire up one of the jets.
Pack warm.
Transferring Jack's money into my account.
Insufficient funds? What the And from Victor's account into ours.
Come on.
Did you doubt me, baby? Did you doubt me? Money's being wired to your account right now, Quinn.
Thank you.
You know, about that favor.
Oh, the favor.
How about next time we fight, I don't beat you so bad? I think you're a little confused how that last fight went.
You weren't even awake for the last part of that fight.
No reason you should care, but I approve of your young man very much.
I care.
How does that feel? Weird.
But I think I'm getting used to it.
I hate you with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns.
I dream you've died, and I wake up laughing.
Sci-five? No.
You have to have something worth stealing.
The patent.
Of course.
Found it! There it is.
What is this? What is -- It's a water filter.
The kind that fits in a dam.
Where are you? There you are.
You wouldn't happen to know where there's a few hundred million dollars lying around, would you? Uh, no.
I would.
Change of plans.
We're going on a treasure hunt.
Nate, don't.
I'm gonna do this one alone.
We either have each other's backs or we don't.
My choice, my responsibility.
All right.
Research is downstairs.
Let's go.
Spread out.
Keep your eyes peeled.
There's no research here.
There never was! There's no exit here.
Cut him off.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
You know, somebody locked Jimmy Ford in that warehouse.
Wasn't you, was it? You know I have a gun.
That's what makes it fair.
Ugh! All right.
How's this all working out for you, Victor? Okay, thanks.
Oh, you mean There's no patent, there's no water filter.
Well, thanks for your concern.
You can now gloat me to death.
You know, Victor, the thing about you is, you know, you get so angry that you forget about the little details.
No, I'm good.
Like counting bullets.
Hard to do that when you're so angry.
This one here -- my father's gun -- this has five bullets.
I'm quite certain of it.
Uh I don't think you're gonna do it.
Yeah, I went through a lot of trouble to get you out here just to let you go.
You didn't kill the n responsible for your son's death.
My son would be ashamed of me if I was a murderer.
My father, on the other hand -- he'd buy me an ice cream.
Wait -- wait a minute! Listen to me.
Latimer bankrolled me.
I couldn't have done anything without Latimer.
So, what are you saying? The -- the wrong man is standing here? In a way.
Victor, I got a little surprise for you.
Stay put.
You don't want to kill me.
It was him.
He blackmailed me into helping him.
You let me go, I'll make it up to you -- I swear.
Oh, you're saying kill Dubenich and let you go? Yes.
Hang it on him? Yes.
Oh, yes, ex-con with fraud convictions, make him the fall guy.
You get a bunch of lawyers and start over.
I see how that could all work out for you.
It's pretty perfect, because with Dubenich dead, there'd be nobody to contradict your story, right? So all your problems would be solved.
That's right! You kill me, he starts over! He's the CEO of a powerful company.
He could do a lot of harm to a lot of people.
He sent your father into the warehouse.
So kill Latimer and let you go? Yeah, I -- well, that way, I mean, there would be no one to tie you to the illegal trades.
And, I mean, you're smart.
You'd find the cash and the diamonds that he hid.
So with Latimer dead, you'd go free.
But the problem that I'm having with all of this is if only one of you dies, the other will go free! I got five bullets! Who would like to go first? Of course, nobody has to pull the trigger today.
We could just all walk away and accept the consequences of what we've done.
Give me it! Give it to me! Give me it! Aah! Aah! Ohh, sorry.
Well, that was a spectacularly awful plan.
Lucky you showed up, then.
I'm glad you didn't do it.
I'm not my father, Sophie.
If I live like him, I'd always be looking for the next payout, never just looking at what I have.
And, you know, if you live the way he lived, eventually, your luck just runs out.
I got to make some changes.
What kind of changes? I got plans.
And that never goes wrong.
Very big plans.
Such as? We can't get a car in there.
Come on! You can't have a batcave without a Batmobile.
You can have a Batcave, man, just -- How are you gonna get a car in there? It's a car.
It ain't a boat.
Just ask him! Nate! Can we keep the cave?! We are not keeping the cave! I told you.
I told you, didn't I? Hey, hold it.
Don't be so hasty.
Look, hear me out.
Two words -- Eliot signal.
Let's go break the law.
Just one more time? Oh, a few more times.
Hey, Hardison, man, what are you talking about? Like a light you would shine up in the air, huh? How does that work? And how would you see it during the day, first of all? And what would you put on it? Like a wolf? Ooh, yeah.
Or a knife or a wolf? A wolf is cooler.
See, I'm into that.

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