Leverage s05e01 Episode Script

The (Very) Big Bird Job

It's not going okay, dad.
Although global transit airlines truly regrets the deaths.
Of its valued employees, We feel the court found appropriately.
Global transit was not at fault.
This was a tragedy, not a crime.
I just hope that everybody can move on.
Not according to the courts, ma'am.
What happened? You said that the courts would fix it.
You said they would do the right thing.
Jenny, just give me a minute, okay? Just give me a second.
Turn that off, please.
I just need Excuse me.
You need some help? - Leverage - - S05E01 Ah, my bonny boy, back from sea.
You waited for me.
Oh, yes.
I walked the widow's walk.
I wore the black veil.
Ah, what'd you really do? the lost crown jewels of tzar nicholas.
These are without price.
I think I can think of a price.
Well, a girl's got to stay in practice.
How about you? How'd you get on with your big plans? Well, I got my priorities in order.
Oh Oh.
What's that? Directions.
Back room.
Nice vacation? How are the kids? Outstanding! Tommy made varsity.
I'll bet he did, man.
Tell him I said "hi.
" Ha ha.
We should get together more often.
Yes, we should.
I don't remember you being that tall.
Hung out with some old friends.
Scott roemer, owner of global transit airlines.
Now, global got their start.
Making drones for military contractors, Then they expanded into cargo shipping.
And now they're one of the biggest cargo airlines.
In the world.
Three years ago, Roemer fired all of his american workers, And then he off-shored his aircraft maintenance to mexico.
Excuse me.
Uh, what is this place? Oh, this? This is leverage incorporated, portland branch.
Come on, baby.
So, look, look.
Since we have to stay here a while, I found us a client.
I did up the office real nice and proper.
Right now you are looking at our target, Scott roemer, On a state-of-the-art projection video system.
The room is filled with anti-surveillance bafflers.
So we don't get bugged again.
Learned from that lesson.
And we have nice, high ceilings for, uh Whew! We should add lasers.
Put it in the suggestion box.
No, no, no, no, no.
We did not agree on this.
No, this was just gonna be a stopover.
Until we made it back to nate's place.
Oh! Nate's apartment.
About that.
You see that street? That's the street in front of nate's apartment.
That car right there's fbi.
Is state police.
And that little pretzel cart is both delicious and interpol.
Nate's apartment is burned.
Well, you can't just set up shop.
In the back of somebody's restaurant.
Of course not.
That's why I bought the microbrewery.
What? No, he di'n't! yes, he did! What? Dude, we brew our own beer now.
Yeah, and we're calling it "thief juice.
" "tastes like bad guys.
" Hey, no, we're not.
I told the suggestion This is the dumbest idea you've ever come up with.
Thank you.
Pairing food and drink.
Is hard enough with the wine, okay? They have textural and taste consistencies.
Throughout both the vineyard and the grape categories.
But you're not dealing with wine, You're dealing with beer.
It's got a stronger palette.
The brew pub menu is the hardest menu to design.
That's what you're upset about? You're not? Thief juice.
"It's a mouth crime.
" Suggestion box.
You see these people? All of these your people, Your fake aliases that I lovingly created.
Over the last four years they are also burned, useless.
Guys, dubenich and Latimer, They took the fall for most of our mistakes, But that last job emptied out our bag of tricks.
Got to start from scratch.
I got to create new I.
Nate No, no.
See, this is great.
No, restaurants have, see, unusually high staff turnover.
So that's good for us.
Also, it's a different tax zone than our old fake I.
S, right? And different state and federal jurisdictions.
In case there's any criminal charges.
That's good for us.
No, no.
Portland is great.
It's the perfect place To lay low for a little bit.
We're moving to portland.
No warning.
Anything else? Mm, hardison and I are dating.
We just got back from a 'round-the-world trip.
It was different, like, it's new, and we working it out.
W-we working it out.
All right.
Anyway, You can keep complaining.
About how I solved all of our problems.
While you were on vacation, Or you can let me tell you about what happened last may.
When one of roemer's cargo ships fell out of the sky, Killing both the pilot and the co-pilot.
Now, the pilot's widow is on her way right now.
She needs some help.
I think you know what to do.
Ken flew passenger jets, But he wanted to spend more time with jenny, So he switched to cargo flights.
He's been flying planes back and forth to mexico Maintenance runs for global transit until I'm so sorry.
The court ruled it an accident, But ken told me global's maintenance facility.
In mexico cuts corners.
And pays inspectors off to cover it all up.
Do you, um do you have any proof or the crash that killed him.
What is it that you want, mrs.
Sanders? I understand scott roemer's going to get away with it.
But how am I gonna pay for jenny's education? While global transit airlines truly regrets You're pretty good at that.
Who'd you e-mail that to? My dad.
I send all my movies to my dad.
He gets them.
I know he gets them.
I bet he does.
We're gonna help you.
I can't pay you.
No, no, no, no.
We, um we operate on an alternative revenue stream.
Thank you.
They're on the move.
Got 'em.
Help! Get off me! Come on.
Get up.
Let's go.
All this, and now car thieves.
Yeah, car thieves, huh? What would global want with sanders? I mean, the trial's over.
Global won.
These guys weren't amateurs.
Sophie's at global right now.
She'll get us into the server room.
Hey, nate.
Thanks for tailing roemer.
Look, once he's at his office, I can lock into his gps.
Yeah, problem, hardison.
He's nowhere near his office.
You're a fool for scheduling it.
You know I never miss this day.
Look, I'll make it for lunch, shake some hands.
I don't know, we're at some sort of museum.
What kind of museum? You know, the kind that has a 747 on the top of it.
Portland is Odd.
And very, very wet.
We're gonna have to have a serious talk.
About moving somewhere with less rain.
London has rain.
No, london has fog.
For is mysterious.
Rain just ruins my hair.
I am here for janitor job.
You security checking? Go to H.
In the other building.
Who is "archer"? Just sit there for a second.
when's delivery? Incoming.
We'll advise.
This guy.
This guy right here that's the guy was running point.
That's samuel busey.
He's head of global transit security.
He's ex-cia, very nasty.
I'll get you a full background.
Nate, is roemer meeting anybody there? You need backup? No, he's just walking around.
Did he say when he'd be in? Uh, he was oh, never mind.
We'll go stall.
And call him again.
This place is melting down.
There's got to be something in that museum.
That's more important to him than his own company.
Let's find out what.
Look at the size of that engine, huh? Wright r-2600.
She could hit about 300 miles an hour.
I run a cargo airline, so Yeah.
Scott scott roemer, right? Global transit? Yeah, we've done some business together.
Nate, please do not introduce yourself.
Like I said, I have no I.
S that Tommy mackinaw.
Mackinaw import/export.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Do go ahead and pick the one name on earth that does not exist.
This is not a background.
Oh, sorry, man.
That's a menu for the pub.
Damn it, hardison! I said I'm sorry, man.
But I mean, do you have any suggestions? No, I don't have any suggestions, man! Especially when you're You can't put anchovies and pineapple on the same pizza.
Obviously, you do not have a refined taste palate.
Don't come crying to me when this thing goes bankrupt.
I'm sorry.
Sophie, incoming.
Please, may I use the restroom? Is lady's problem! Okay.
oh, hi! Could y'all drop this off.
At reception for me? Thanks oops! Oh! Oh, my, I am sorry.
No problem.
I'm in.
They tell me these things still actually fly.
The museum specializes in restoration.
Every plane is in working order.
Fuel them up, And you could put any one of these into the sky.
Including the big bird.
The big bird.
Oh, you didn't know? You're in for a treat, pal.
Today's the day they fire her up.
Once a year.
The the spruce goose? The spruce goose, Built by howard hughes, the tony stark of the '40s.
Biggest plane on earth, made of all wood, "wingspan longer than a football field" spruce goose? oh, that's for my office here.
server room is two back.
Excuse me.
What are you doing there? well, I do Are you here with the australian group? Wish you blokes.
Would put some maps up around here! Meeting's this way.
I'll take you.
There she is.
Greatest plane ever built.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
And now, on the 65th anniversary of her flight, Let's hear the roar of the spruce goose engines again.
Whoo! Ha ha! Listen to her.
That's the sound of what a great man can do.
When little people get out of his way.
Can we go inside? Oh, yeah.
That's the best part.
The server room at global transit airlines.
Has floor sensors.
Copy that.
Transferring now.
Again, I am so sorry about the delay.
And I assure you, mr.
Roemer will be here.
Before the board of directors meeting.
No worries.
The hughes h-4 hercules.
Her wingspan is the length of a football field.
She can carry a thousand men.
Come on.
I want to show you something.
Plywood laminate he used is called "duramold.
" Watch your head.
We still use a version of it.
For composite materials in miniature drones today.
huh? I tell you what I admire about howard hughes.
The government tried to take this thing, And he told them to go screw themselves.
He flew it once Just once, to prove it worked.
Then he put it away in storage for 50 years, Where no one could touch it.
He showed them, huh? Yeah, I started working with government contractors Drone business.
Believe me, there wasn't a day.
When I didn't wish I could tell them off.
You know what this is? This is his seat.
He flew it himself.
Took the risk himself! Oh, god, that's what I love about this bird, you know? She's like a Like a shrine.
A shrine.
A shrine to people who build the world, Like me and hughes.
People who take risks.
I read somewhere that they They were chasing you and your company about something? Yeah, yeah.
My company had a little accident, And a couple employees got hurt.
So the government fines me.
I pay the fine I still get sued.
Eh, that hardly seems fair.
The airline industry has lost $60 billion since 9/11.
$60 billion.
I'm trying to save an industry, and all I get is grief.
Sure you are.
Big fine? A million bucks.
But, hey, at least there's something good about the system.
I mean, you and I kill a guy, we go to prison.
I mean, my company kills a guy and pays a fine.
I mean, that's just the cost of doing business.
But it's the principle of the thing, you know? Oh, I know.
Look at this thing.
I wish I could fly it, you know? Just once.
Just once.
There's a lot of video tagged at the sanders' Dated this week.
They're watching the house, man.
I told you.
I'm going over to sanders' house! It gets worse.
Tomorrow, the board of directors.
Are voting on a merger with two passenger airlines.
And roemer's gonna move the maintenance.
To his mexico facility.
The next time one of his planes falls out of the sky, It's gonna be full of people.
Nate, I realize this is the kind of guy.
That makes you very angry.
Please do not do.
What I think you're about to do.
Roemer, I got to admit something to you.
I intended to meet you today.
This plane, This one-of-a-kind plane, This biggest plane in the world How would you like to own the spruce goose? I blame you.
Me? I didn't tell the man to run a scam.
Using the biggest airplane on earth.
The big wooden plane belongs to a museum.
You can't sell it.
Museum owns the spruce goose.
Can't sell it.
I work for a group of foreign aviation enthusiasts.
From a nation which, for now, shall remain nameless.
The national historic preservation act.
Of 1966 states that no non-u.
Can buy United States.
Historical property or artifact, And the spruce goose is a certified historical artifact.
Is that true? Mm.
To do hack the U.
National artifacts website.
Yay! What else? We have an interesting idea.
We're looking for a U.
Partner A full partner.
My board would never go for it.
No, I mean, we wouldn't want the company to know.
Right? We wouldn't want them to know anything about it.
They got wind of this That foreign nationals were involved in such a thing There would be government interference.
Much like they interfered with hughes.
Much like they interfere with everything that you do.
We don't want that.
Two conditions To even consider this.
First, I get to meet the buyers face to face.
That's a given.
I mean, you know, a sign of good faith, Probably a half-a-million-dollar buy-in, Just so they feel good about it.
You expect me to give you the money, just like that? You're a funny guy.
You're right.
Forget about that.
Tell you what.
Open up a cash account in your name, right? Then I'll get my people to put their money into your account.
Then you own the plane.
You buy the plane and everything, And then you loan it to a museum overseas.
The plane will always be yours.
Second, I get to fly her nobody else.
She gets to a new location, I get to take her up.
I guarantee you, you will fly this plane.
That is the scam that I used.
To sell the brooklyn bridge the year we met.
Yes, that's right.
That's that's why I did it.
That is that is so romantic.
So, wait, wait.
Let me get it He gives us the information to transfer our funds in.
We take his money out and give it to the widow.
Done deal.
It's nice.
No, but that still leaves the merger.
We can't let him fly people around in his broke airplanes.
Do you have the deal memo? Yeah.
all right.
Oh, okay.
Well, he didn't assign a proxy, meaning that he If he's not at the board of directors meeting, The deal can't go through.
So we have to distract him.
And I don't mean just like take him out, But I mean completely discredit him.
Now, he relies on the company to protect him, So you strip that away, Considering the fact that he's an engineer.
So you give him a mystery to solve.
He's gonna obsess.
Yeah, and, you know, he likes to take risks.
So and he wants to be like hughes.
You know, I mean, wears the suits, He's got the hat.
And he's in love Huh? With a plane.
I've got just the thing.
And I promise I'll keep it simple this time, okay? Hardison, you're gonna need a fake I.
To be the buyer.
I'm thinking something sheikh-y.
I did tell you that these I.
S don't hold up.
What would they want? Did your husband leave anything behind? He brought back little gifts on every trip Jenny's backpack, her bear, Pretty much every T-shirt she wears now.
She won't wear anything else.
What about that computer? His laptop went down in the crash.
I'm sorry.
No, that actually helps.
Uh, pardon me for a second.
Yo, what's up? Hey, global cleaned up the crash site, right? I think they may have recovered sanders' laptop.
That's what spooked them.
Well, they claimed everything was destroyed, But let's poke around.
Nice catch.
There's a video fragment on sanders' laptop.
You can see that this is a payoff.
All the maintenance records are faked.
sorry, wrong turn.
Sorry about that.
I'll leave.
Ken sanders had a hidden camera.
Okay, look, the video fragment stops there, But at least now we know why global has people on the widow.
Look, man, you find the rest of this footage, You can prove negligence.
They think she's got the whole video.
And they're not gonna stop till they get it.
We spent most the morning.
Setting up the thing For the thing.
Why are you okay with this? You seem perfectly happy to be in this Town.
We're here.
Yeah, I know.
"we're here, get used to it.
" No.
We're here.
That's sweet.
Me and my money, Hardison and eliot, nate and you.
Yeah? Parker, why does the money always come before the people? I don't know anything about running a theater! How would I know that? I don't know.
I'm being helpful.
No, listen.
Sophie! Sophie! I don't know.
Maybe you just, you know, You lease the building and then you incorporate.
The theater Group Player People thing.
I don't Ah, hello, great.
You came alone.
That's great.
Scott roemer, I'd like you to meet mr.
Jabreen, scott roemer.
abdullah ib jabreen.
The pleasure is mine.
The money has been moved? Excellent.
If you simply give me the bank information, We will transfer our own funds.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're supposed to come alone.
What is this? Your phony company fell apart.
The moment my guy did a background check on you.
Question is, who the hell are you? Who am I? No, no, no.
I didn't know.
I didn't know! You're dead.
We'll find you wherever you go.
We'll find you! Hey, hey, hey.
Who's "we"? we are.
She was in the office yesterday.
What was she doing in the office?! You think you're safe? We know all about you.
We have people in your business! We have people in your homes! Whoa.
I'm on your side! You told him about the device.
You take care of this.
I take care.
Hey hey! Hold on a second! This has been some kind of mistake.
You are the mistake! Move.
Move! Go! Move! Walk.
This your car? Yes.
Get in the car.
You, get in the car.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Who you sell us out? Hey! Nobody.
Who? Fbi, cia? No! I'm on your side! My side.
You lie.
Who else knows of our interest in the plane? No one.
Tell me right now.
I didn't tell anyone.
Get that gun out of my face! Shut up.
Tell me.
Hey, hey.
Hey, guys.
What's that? Under the dash? It's a bomb! My god.
Come on! Come on! I didn't We should call the police.
Yeah, yeah, great.
You do that.
You just shot a guy.
He was a terrorist! A terrorist that you were doing business with.
Look, a company kills a guy, they pay a fine.
Like you said, you kill a guy, you go to jail.
You killed that guy.
All right.
My security works for me, not the police.
What do you mean you don't know where he is? I'm his chief of security, not his babysitter! The australians get on a plane tomorrow morning.
If he's not here for the meeting, The whole deal falls apart.
It's me.
Where are you? My men haven't called in.
Something happened.
Stop it! Wait.
That was a bomb in your car.
And jabreen was just as surprised as we were.
Roemer? Now, listen.
It was obviously a double-cross.
Is there anybody in your office that works Has ties with intelligence or Ex-cia.
Ah, geez.
We do not need this.
Get a trace on his cellphone.
Hey! Why should I trust you? I was just the middle man.
I know they were just as ready to cap me as they were you.
Look, right now, you and I, we're just trying to stay alive.
Okay, now, that money in your account, They get a hold of that, You're tied to the terrorists forever.
Need that money.
Well, just transfer it.
No, no, no, no.
They'll just chase it through the system.
I need to cash it out.
That first.
You're the boss.
To be honest, when you're not on the receiving end of it, Watching him mess with somebody's head is pretty impressive.
It's like one of those aliens that feeds off of people's fear.
My image analysis is scanning the footage.
That ken sanders took.
It's not much.
It's not a camera phone.
It's a cheaper model used in nanny cams.
It's like a security camera.
Spy on the nanny so it looks like it belongs.
In the kid's room.
But it doesn't look like a camera.
I know where it's at.
But it's stored in the drive I know.
I know! Parker, I'm going over to the sanders' house.
Get to the school.
Sophie and I are gonna set up nate's show.
All right.
Start talking.
Like I said, I am on your side.
Look, you know, I knew they weren't legitimate buyers, okay, But, I mean, I didn't think they'd kill anybody.
Who were they? I don't know.
A foreign government maybe iran, maybe pakistan.
Don't know.
Well, what the hell do they want with a 70-year-old airplane? All I know is that they want to ship it overseas.
And take it apart, leave you hanging.
It's a mystery.
Take it apart? Yeah.
No, no, no.
We're gonna get the plans to the spruce goose.
How the hell are we gonna get those? The museum.
Get us to the museum.
Parker, it's with her.
I got her.
Give me that.
That is mine! That's yours.
This is mine.
They figured it out.
They know the camera's in the bear! They got the bear.
Did you get a license number? Maybe hardison can hack some traffic cams.
That's okay.
Just track me.
We have a rough search area off mr.
Roemer's phone.
Get to it.
I gotta I can't make sense of these.
I can.
I've worked in aircraft my whole life.
That woman said "the device.
" Yeah, I mean, they're all what do you call it when they're all smudged out? Redacted.
Other sections still classified.
Well, that's odd.
Hmm? A lot of this is about radar.
Radar was brand-new.
Let's see.
What do we got here? "Materials report.
" Hughes built it out of wood.
But all of this is redacted.
Why? Everyone knew he built it out of wood.
No, birch.
A wood-polymer composite.
Just like we use on On drones.
Of course.
Of course.
Wait a minute.
it's wait a minute.
Right there.
You see that? You know what that is? That coupling sends a current through the whole plane.
An E.
Field surrounds it.
Hey, tell me layman's terms.
This is all gibberish to me.
If the plane was made of aluminum.
Like most of them were in 1947, That would've electrocuted everybody inside! Don't you see? It's made of wood.
That's it.
That's it.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on! wow, nice job on the plans, hardison.
She's built of wood.
She's got radar countermeasures.
The spruce goose is a stealth bomber.
Howard hughes built a stealth bomber in 1947.
Why would the iranians, you know, Be interested in stealth technology.
That's 70 years old? There are atomic bomb secrets.
Still classified from the 1930s.
Stealth technology is the world's top secret.
Even an old version, you could reverse-engineer it.
Heck, you could be the only guy on earth.
Making stealth technology for hire.
Okay, great.
Okay, so now that we know this, Let's go tell the cops.
Hey, hey.
What's on that plane is worth billions.
Who's that? Who's that? it's not supposed to happen like this, guys.
No, it's not.
Come on.
He's inside! Whoa, whoa! Let's wait for busey.
It's roemer's babysitters they found him.
They're coming yoway.
Okay, well, then, move up the timetable.
You're gonna have to hit us now.
Maybe they're here to help.
No, I don't think they're Get them! Ohh! Fan out.
Find him.
No, no, no.
Oh, no.
I've been hit.
They got me.
They got the place surrounded.
We got to hide.
The goose.
We can get into her through the landing gear Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Lock the bulkheads behind us.
Come on.
Well, where is he? I'm only gonna say this once, boys.
Give me the Teddy bear.
Bulkheads are closed.
We're safe.
That'd be great if we weren't in a plane made of wood.
Open the doors.
Everyone inside! They're coming through the front.
That was their mistake.
What are you what are you doing there? There's still gas in the lines.
From when they turned over the engines.
We're getting out of here.
This is the part where you get punched.
Here we go! "Here we go"? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I don't think this is such a good idea.
We're just taxiing till we get away.
The buildings! Watch out for the buildings! Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
We're up! We're flying! I'm the first man since howard hughes.
To fly the spruce goose! Is this beautiful or what? Where are we going? We'll follow the river, And if need be, I'll put her down on the water.
Yeah, down there? Yes, down there! isn't this great? Great.
You're feeling very pleased with yourself, aren't you? I am.
Hey! You plan on telling me how you're gonna let them land? Who says he gets to land? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no.
Check starboard engine four! Mackinaw! Mackinaw! No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no! Ready for the piece de résistance? Mackinaw! All right.
I don't want to die! I don't want to die!! Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
Roemer, where are you? This thing in the news it's me.
Sir, don't say anything.
I'm pretty sure these phones are tapped.
I killed a man.
The plane crash! It's all my fault.
Cover me till I can get my lawyers in place.
I'm going away for a while.
canadian border.
Yeah, yeah.
Two fingers on the blade.
Right there.
Then you put your hand around there.
Oh, higher.
Okay, now very good.
Good stuff.
Right there.
This, uh that's for you.
I don't know what to say.
Well, your husband's video proved negligence, And global didn't want to go to trial, So that settlement should take care of you for a little while.
And the merger's fallen through.
Global's under investigation, What with roemer "missing" and all.
What happens to roemer? I'll tell you.
He's gonna figure it out eventually, But no one will ever take him seriously ever again.
So, your story is, you didn't flee the country.
Because of embezzlement or fraud.
You fled because you thought terrorists.
Were trying to kill you for secret stealth technology.
Yes! But you didn't report that to the fbi.
Because you believed you stole the world's largest airplane That's right.
Out of a museum, which you then crashed.
Now you got it.
I hope you two are as happy as ken and I were.
we Sorry.
When you say no.
No, you Just be happy for now.
What do we have here? Here is the first of my new batch.
Oh, you know, I'm really more of a whiskey kind of guy.
Can I have a glass of white wine? Drink our juice.
We have to? Yes, please.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Black porter chili.
Well, that's very, uh Interesting.
It's good, right? Here.
How about this? Try that.
Hey, I saw that.
Are you kidding me with this, man? You can't serve this to people.
They'll shut you down before you even get started.
That is amazing.
You can't learn how to make beer online.
You actually have to go to the brewery.
I went to the brewery, and they gave me books.
It's his first one.
Are you sure it's finished? It's very finished.
Fermented for, like, 24 hours.
I don't like lying to them, nate.
Especially parker.
It's for the best.
Everything set? Almost.
I'm locking in the money right now.
You're sure about this? All good things come to an end, hardison.
And by the way Thank you.

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