Liar (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- I'd like us to stay friends.
- Yeah, I'd like that.
No, Tom.
No more lying.
We're a mistake, Tom.
It's over.
Are you saying he drugged you? That's why the whole night has felt like a blur.
You don't want to come in for a drink, do you? I don't drink with men who rape women.
The man who raped us is walking around free.
He's done this God knows how many times and got away with it.
I'm so sorry.
When Natalie was pregnant, she was sick the entire nine months.
The whole nine months? I know why your wife killed herself.
She couldn't bear to live with someone like you any longer.
- Did you bring it? - Yeah, I brought it.
Are you sure about this? I wouldn't have asked you if I wasn't.
Are you going to tell me what you're planning to do with it? Maybe it's best if you don't know.
I just bought GHB.
I'm already involved.
You know he's back at work Andrew? Every day, he gets to drop his son off at school, drive that stupid car of his to work.
Everyone thinks he's some kind of hero.
He shouldn't get to carry on like nothing happened.
His house has already been searched, but .
if I can get the police to look in his locker at work How will you plant it in his locker? You can't just walk in.
I'll use my sister's key card.
Once you're in? Katy's always saying how useless those locker doors are.
Say you do all that.
What's to stop his lawyer saying it was planted? Don't try and talk me out of it, Tom.
I was actually going to offer to help you.
This isn't your problem.
Andrew complained about the search on his house.
I got suspended yesterday.
What? (SIGHS) Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
It's not going to be easy to just walk into the male changing room.
I'll work it out.
Get the card and meet me outside the hospital.
- I've already got you into trouble.
- So I've got nothing to lose.
- Are you sure? - Just name your time.
Give me a couple of hours, I'll meet you there.
Thank you.
Hey .
this is Katy's, isn't it? Unless you've got your own umbrella with tiny dogs on it.
I must have picked it up from yours by mistake when I was getting my stuff.
Well, no, she had this just the other day.
OK, I was worried about you, and when you disappeared, Katy was worried about you too.
She called me, I gave her a lift back from the hospital.
I didn't want you thinking we were talking about you behind your back.
- I should have just said.
- Yeah, you should.
If you or Katy have something to say to me, say it to my face.
You're right.
Thanks for this.
VOICEMAIL: Hey, you've reached Katy.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I know I'm probably the last person you want to speak to right now, but you need to call me soon as.
Miss Harmon? I'm Dr Kyle.
Triage said you'd had some bleeding.
Yeah, it started last night.
Just a little bit, but I thought I'd better come and get it checked out.
Let's take a look at your baby, set your mind at ease.
At this stage, we use an internal probe to see the heartbeat.
Is that OK? Yeah.
Erm, I'm also in quite a lot of pain.
I mean, it's painful.
Where? - Here.
- Could be an infection.
- OK.
- I'll take a look.
Looks like some sort of abrasion.
What? Several, actually.
That would explain the bleeding and the pain.
Wait, I don't Sorry, I don't understand.
Let's take a look at your baby.
This might be a little bit cold.
Here we go.
There we are.
There's the heartbeat there.
Oh! I'll get them to print you out a picture.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Can you think what could cause these cuts? Is there a chance it could be old scar tissue that's been aggravated? No, no.
I've never had anything like that.
It's nothing that won't heal.
When this kind of damage happens during intercourse, it's usually completely unintentional.
It's something you might want to discuss with your partner.
Miss Harmon? I want you to test me for GHB.
- No! - I'm going to tickle, tickle, tickle! (PHONE BUZZES) (LAUGHS) (CHILDREN LAUGH) Oh! - Hey! - Hi! Come in.
Sorry, I just Being on my own at my place at the weekend Just wanted some company.
That's fine.
You all right? Do you mind if I make a coffee? Go ahead, as long as you make me one too.
Right, rascals.
(DOOR SHUTS) They've sent me away.
Apparently, I'm not needed any more.
Oh, erm, I brought this back for you.
Oh, amazing! I was wondering where that went.
Tom's car.
Erm He came round looking for you after you When you were still here, and Yeah.
It was raining, so I lent him my umbrella.
- You lent it to him? - Yeah.
Why were you wondering where it was if you lent it to him? You'd remember that, wouldn't you? You know what it's like, with kids running around.
I feel like I've been slowly lobotomised ever since they were born.
I really need that coffee.
- That's not how Tom remembers it.
- Really? - Yeah.
- That's weird.
Why are you lying to me, Katy? What's got into you? When I asked Tom how your umbrella ended up in his car, he had the same look on his face that you do now.
I don't know why you're obsessing about this.
Don't you dare! Don't you dare make me feel like I'm the one losing it.
Don't you dare stand there and lie to me, Katy! You tell me the truth.
I can't.
What have you done? What have you done, Katy? It's over, so it doesn't matter, does it? It's over.
You and Tom? We were just so tired .
me and Liam, all the time, and I was always working, and I You lose your way, you know? And you make decisions that, at the time, seem the right thing, but I don't know what I was thinking.
I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking stupid! Please, don't say that.
You're the one person, Katy, the one person I trusted.
It is over, it is over.
Just talk to me, say anything, I deserve it.
Get off me, Katy! What happened? Why don't you ask your wife? Katy? Katy, what's going on? (FRONT DOOR SLAMS) Liam .
sit down for a minute, will you? (MOBILE RINGTONE) - Hello? - Hi there.
Is this Vanessa Harmon? - Speaking.
- Hi, it's Dr Rachel Kyle.
You had a consultation with me this morning.
Could I get a date of birth to confirm? Yeah, it's 21st September 1976.
I just wanted to pass on your test results.
They're clear of GHB.
- Are you sure? - I am, but GHB leaves the system fast.
Miss Harmon, is there something you're concerned about? - I can arrange a time to talk.
- No, it's fine.
The cuts I observed in your exam are far from usual.
- We can arrange an appointment.
- I said, it's fine.
Thank you.
(RINGS) TOM: Hey, I'm outside the hospital.
I'm ready if you've got the card.
I know about you and Katy.
- What do you mean? - Spare me the excuses, Tom.
You know exactly what I mean.
The worst part is, I can't even be bothered to be angry.
I just haven't got the strength.
How pathetic is that? Laura, I never - We didn't - Yeah, well, shit happens, doesn't it? Life happens, now look at us.
Where are you? You OK? Bye, Tom.
We've arranged for her mates to come and surprise her at her favourite restaurant.
Nice idea, except her favourite restaurant just happens to be the bloody Marlow! (LAUGHS) - You OK? - Yeah, fine.
I can keep talking about my daughter's overpriced birthday party but I sense I am boring the crap out of you.
- Why are you looking at those? - I'm giving evidence tomorrow.
Right, of course.
Bloody awful, that one, Jones kid.
So it's just the case, is it? What do you mean? I feel you've been on a different planet this morning.
What is it? GHB.
Have we ever had a positive test result after 12 hours? Not that I can remember.
Always clears the system by then.
Sickness - that's what they say, isn't it? Anyone who's ever been given it, they wake up with this burning sick feeling, like a dizziness.
Are you going somewhere with this? - I'm just tired.
- No, you're not.
Ness .
whatever it is, you can tell me, you know that.
Rory, honestly, I'm fine.
You're worse than my mum.
(PHONE RINGS) VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Liam.
Leave your name and number, I'll get back to you.
Liam? Erm, where are you? Call me, text, anything.
At least let me know where you are, that you're OK.
(RINGING TONE) VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Laura.
Please leave a message.
That's not fair.
- Shit! - MAN: You all right? - Do you need a hand? All right? - I'm fine.
I'm fine, I'm fine! Fine.
(BIRDSONG) (GASPS) Hello! We're in here! Oh, yes? What's going on in here, some illegal gambling, is it? Silly! (LAUGHS) Watch yourself, Mia, she's a cut-throat cheat.
- She'll stop at nothing for victory.
- Yes, I know! - How's she been? - She had a fall yesterday and grazed her knee, but nothing so bad.
She must be more careful when I'm not here.
She can hear you, you know! I can't get anything past you, can I? Not with these ears! They work as well as they ever have, they do.
Would you like to join us? No way! You'll have the shirt off my back.
Listen, do you mind if I store this other bag with the rest of my stuff? - Of course not, dear! - Thank you.
I won't be a tick.
WOMAN: I'd like to start by talking about why you're here today, - if you don't mind.
- LAURA: Where do I start? Start with how you feel.
Erm (CLEARS THROAT) I feel .
confused, powerless.
I feel .
dirty somehow, all of the time.
It probably seems impossible now but that can be changed.
Do you know what I am? I'm I'm angry.
I'm angry at him .
for everything he did to me that night and every day after.
I want him to feel humiliated.
I want him to suffer.
- That's normal, Laura.
- Yeah, I'm sure it is, but it's also a waste of time, isn't it, because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.
I've tried though.
I've screamed blue murder but the world isn't listening.
And now I'm sat here, talking to you, and he is walking around, free to just do it all over again to some other poor woman.
Being angry is normal, but anger only takes you so far.
What does that even mean? The time you spend being angry at him, thinking about him, that is time you are robbing yourself of a chance to focus I don't care about me, right? I don't care.
All I care about is him answering for what he's done.
It's not right.
It's not right, is it, that he just gets to walk away now? Explain to me Explain to me how that is right.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm sorry, I - I think I've wasted your time.
- Laura, wait.
Andrew? Yeah, just a minute! Hang on.
- I'm sorry, I did not mean to disturb you.
- Not at all.
I was just trying to find some of Luke's old school reports.
I wondered if you would like tea, coffee maybe? That sounds like a lovely idea.
Let me help you.
So how did she fall, what happened there? Well, I wasn't here - Detective.
- Hi, Mrs Jones.
Thanks for your testimony.
All in a day's work.
- Do you think it will be enough? - What do you mean? Anthony doesn't want to go on the stand any more.
Erm, give me a minute with him, will you? ANNOUNCEMENT: Court is now adjourned and will resume in 30 minutes.
Hey there, Anthony.
How are you doing? All right.
Your mum says you're having second thoughts about testifying.
Yeah? Do you remember the night it happened? I came to see you in the hospital after the operation.
You said you couldn't remember what happened.
I told you, you had nothing to be ashamed about.
I said you were going to have to be brave .
because .
because if you kept it to yourself, you Sorry.
Erm - Are you all right? - Yeah, sorry.
Yeah, I just need to make a quick call.
Rory? I need to talk to you.
Yeah, but in person.
If you don't mind.
No, not really.
How long will you stay at your mum's? Long enough for you to find somewhere else to go.
That's the last of it, I shouldn't need to be back for a while.
- Please don't! - We've been through this already.
We've said all we need to say.
- It didn't mean anything! - You keep saying that! But it did, didn't it? The things that we do, they mean everything.
You're not stupid, you understand that.
Liam No, I'm done, OK? I'm not talking about it any more.
Do you know what? You had a choice and you chose to risk everything.
That choice has consequences.
It's called being a grown-up.
And do you know what? It's boring as shit, but it's also life.
What will you tell the kids? I'm going to tell them that we need time apart.
- You can't do that.
- I'm telling them the truth.
Lying doesn't come as easily to me as it does to you, Katy.
(SOBS) Liam! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! (SCREAMS) (SCREAMS) - (DOOR CRASHES OPEN) - Shit! Found you.
You said you wanted to talk about the defamation suit.
Yeah, right.
Sounds like fun.
(SIGHS) I shouldn't have come.
Where are you going? - You're drunk.
- I'm fine! - You're drunk and you're embarrassing.
- Shut up! Go home, eh? You can call your lawyer off, OK? I'm walking away.
You got just what you wanted.
You think I wanted this, you dragging my name, my family, through the mud, having to go to work and have people look at me, wondering if I'm some kind of pervert? You think that's what I wanted? You know, I used to feel sorry for you, I really did, but no more now, Laura.
If you say you're done, you'd better mean it.
Screw you! Oh, shit, shit! (SIGHS) Shit! Shit! - You shouldn't drive.
- (LAUGHS) What do you care? Hey! - What are you doing? - You said I was too drunk to drive.
- So? - So you can give me a lift.
After everything you said I did to you? Yeah, well, you never really know a person, do you? Me, I thought I knew my sister.
I thought I knew you just from saying hello outside the school gates, like that would tell me anything.
You can know somebody 30 years and they can still surprise you.
I'm not scared of you, Andrew.
You're scared of me though, aren't you? Scared of all women.
What happened to you? Was it your mother? Usually is.
Look, just go home, will you? Or what? Ahh! You scratched me! What did you do that for? Do you feel OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm all right.
I just I'm just a bit tired, OK? That's all.
- Yeah.
- Will you please just go home? - I'm just - Why don't you sit down? - What are you doing? - Come on! - Just have a seat, you'll feel better.
- What's going on? - What are you doing? - Careful.
- (GROANS) - This stuff's supposed to be strong.
Don't fight it, just relax.
(MOANS) (GRUNTS) I know it was him.
(CRIES) - We have to get him.
- I'll file the report and we'll lock away that little shit for good.
But not tonight.
We should research this first, get it right this time.
So we need phone records.
A sports car like his is going to be fitted with a security tracker.
We can look at that.
We need to find something that proves he was here in my house.
I'll make the request, we'll push it through ASAP.
Thank you.
(PHONE RINGS) - Get it.
- No.
No, it's fine.
You need me to take the lead on this, Nessie.
You shouldn't have to.
(CONTINUES RINGING) Oh, my God, it's your daughter's birthday! I thought you weren't listening! Honestly, she'll understand.
She shouldn't have to.
Go on, I mean it, go.
Well We're going to put him away, Ness.
You call me.
- Promise? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(GROANS) You drugged me! I feel sick.
And? What the hell do you think you're doing? You mean, you don't like it? (TUTS) Poor you.
Laura Why don't you like it? Is it because you like to be the one in control? That's why you do what you do, isn't it? You like to feel like you're in charge.
Is that why you chose me? You thought I needed a lesson, is that it? (RETCHES) You'll feel like crap for a few hours.
That's what the poison you gave me does.
You can't be serious.
Why not? Why can't I do whatever I want, just like you? OK, OK.
OK, Laura.
What is it you're going to do to me? (PHONE RINGS) VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Rory.
Can't come to the phone right now.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hi, it's just me.
Nothing to be alarmed about, I'm just checking in.
He wasn't outside my house that night, but I'm looking at the tracker details now, and he's parked in the middle of nowhere, right by the marshes.
He's been there for a while, and just I just probably need to get some sleep.
OK, I hope you're having fun.
(SIGHS) Now what? When did you break into my house? (LAUGHS) You really have lost it, haven't you? Why can't you admit it? Are you that far gone that you actually believe your own shit? At the end of the day, I didn't know what to do with myself.
I didn't know who to talk to, so I ended up Googling, "What do rapists deserve?" Funny, isn't it, the things we do when we're on our own and the door closes - turning to a search engine for enlightenment.
I suppose we're all certifiable, aren't we, really? There were so many people, so many women and girls, men, who had been through the same thing, and so many of them who weren't believed because, hey, unless you're screaming, you're saying yes, right? And if you're too drunk to fight back, that's your fault.
Boys will be boys.
What do rapists deserve, then? What did the Internet tell you? Well, most people thought .
that you should cut the problem off at the source, remove the problem.
- You wouldn't? - I'm sure I would sleep better knowing that you couldn't be a threat to anyone any more.
Your face! (LAUGHS) You should see your face! Do you remember her? She can still barely bring herself to talk about what you did to her.
She can't bring herself to go to the police and tell them what happened.
What is it you think I did, then, Laura, eh? I didn't kill my wife, if that's what you're thinking.
I watched her do it though.
I was surprised the stupid cow actually went through with it.
I'd been telling her for months it's what she should do.
I got tired of her sad, stupid eyes following me around the room, desperate for my approval.
After a while, it's not enough, is it? I needed someone with a bit more spark.
And Catherine, well That's what a man needs, isn't it, something to chase, something to hunt.
You should have seen her face when I told her.
You dared your wife to kill herself.
Bravest thing she's ever done.
It's not saying much, but But you You're different, aren't you, Laura? You fight back.
You're nipping at my heels and buzzing in my ears and you just won't go away.
No, I won't.
But I've got you now, Andrew.
What are you talking about? I thought I thought it'd be easy, tell the truth, the police come and lock you up.
I honestly believed that.
But I won't make the same mistakes this time.
This time? This time, I'll lie, but they'll believe me.
People saw us together in the bar, I made sure of that.
They saw that I was drunk.
They saw us leave together.
Come the morning, I'll go to the police and tell them you brought me here.
I'll show them the rope burns round my wrist, rope with your DNA on it.
Don't be ridiculous, I've never even been here! I told you about it on our date, right? Well, that's what I'll say anyway.
There's scratch marks on your neck from where I fought you off, managed to restrain you, tie you up with boat straps.
When they search the glove compartment of your car, they'll find a vial of GHB.
So what do you think, do you think they'll believe me this time? Do you think this time I can tell a lie and get away with it? Don't run.
(KEYS FALL) (CREAKING) (SCREAMS) Stop screaming! Come here! - Get off me! - Shut up, shut up! Stop right there! Help me, help me! He attacked me, he's trying to kill me! - OK, OK.
- Bullshit, Detective! She drugged me and she dragged me out here.
She's trying to set me up.
Why should I believe you after what you did to me? - Get back! - You don't scare me.
- What are you doing out here? - I got a warrant for your car tracker.
Couldn't figure out what it was doing all the way out here.
Just arrest him, Detective! You can't arrest me right now, with GHB in my system.
Detective Harmon here knows that.
Don't you? So I'm going to walk away.
You're not just going to let him go? He's right.
If we make an arrest now .
they'll turn this place over, and you'll be the one in trouble.
All right, then.
You're going away for what you did to me! My house is being examined by Forensics right now.
One speck of DNA and you're done.
They're going to find proof that you raped me.
No, you won't, Detective.
No, you won't.