Liar (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- What have you done, Katy? - It's over, so it doesn't matter.
- Please don't leave! - What happened? Why don't you ask your wife? You do believe me, don't you? You believe that I couldn't do something like that? Yeah.
Course I do.
I'm just a rubbish collector.
I don't change anything.
I just sweep up the crap and the next day it's all just there again.
What you do is important, it makes a difference to people.
It's one of the reasons I fell for you in the first place.
All I care about is him answering for what he's done.
We're gonna find proof that you raped me! No, you won't, Detective.
No, you won't.
Dad? What's going on? Ah, I'm sorry, mate.
I didn't mean to wake you up.
- Where have you been? - (CHUCKLES) You won't believe me if I told you.
It's not important.
All you need to know is, though, er it's not over.
- What? - The police.
I don't understand it, they just won't let it lie.
It wasn't enough that your teacher made all those accusations against me, now the detective Dad, what's going on? (SIGHS) The detective is accusing me, too.
She's saying that I attacked her.
(CHUCKLES) She's saying that a couple of nights ago - I broke into her house.
- That's crazy.
I mean, you already proved that Miss Nielson was lying before People can't just go around saying this stuff, Dad.
It's not right.
Tell her boss.
There must be someone who can make this stop.
The police, you see, they look after their own.
That's how they work.
Whatever she says, they'll back her up.
It's just her word against mine.
And I'll be destroyed.
(PANTING) Unless er I don't know.
What er What if maybe er you told them that you saw me? You want me to lie to the police? No, no, no.
God, nothing like that.
Just erm I need your help.
You know, in the same way that I helped you with Makeda's father? The kind of lie that's a good lie? Look, mate .
I feel sick to my stomach asking you, all right? But I'm afraid.
To be honest with you, mate, I'm really scared.
They want blood and .
they'll they won't stop at anything.
Christ, if I can't protect myself, who's gonna protect you? Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, just forget that I asked, OK? Forget that I asked.
I'm so embarrassed.
Please forgive me.
I'm so sorry that I asked, OK? Just forget about it.
I'm so sorry.
Christ, what's happening to me? I can't even (SOBS, SNIFFS) Whatever you need, Dad.
I'll tell them whatever you need.
I'm not gonna let them do this to you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God, thank you.
Thanks, mate.
What makes you think it'll be different this time? What makes you think you can put him away? You need to let me worry about Andrew Earlham.
- Will you call me as soon as you - As soon as we press charges.
I promise.
- OK.
- OK.
- Hey.
- How was the journey down? - Good.
Really easy.
- You really should have let me come to you.
- Oh, no, no, no.
This is nice.
I always wanted to come here.
You look good.
Not that you don't always look good.
- Thanks.
Er, drinks.
- What can I get you? - Oh erm Actually, I'll get them, if you don't mind.
Let me.
Go on.
Run, run, run, run.
- Run! - (LAUGHS) (KNOCKING) No, no, you're staying there.
Yeah, there's my boys.
Did you have a good time? Did you have fun? Go on, I've got tea ready for you.
I'll be with you in a second.
(BOYS LAUGH) So they kept asking if I was going to stay.
Well, it's er it's gonna take some time for them to get used to it.
But they will.
They don't have to.
You did this, Katy.
- No-one else.
- All I'm asking is that we try, for them.
I don't want them growing up being pulled in two different directions, - caught in the middle - And I don't want that either.
But what you did .
I can't forget that.
Or forgive it.
- (PLAYFUL SHRIEKS) - Daddy's coming.
See you on Tuesday.
(DOOR CLOSES) So I was on the Tube and I offered my seat to this, erm, lady, and she said, "Why?" And I said, "Well, because you're pregnant.
" - And she said, "I'm not pregnant.
" - Oh, my God.
- What did you say? - I couldn't think of anything to say.
- (LAUGHS) - I mean, she looked pregnant.
From the shape of it.
I was really sure Maybe she just thought you were being chivalrous.
By offering my seat to a fat person? (THEY LAUGH) So now whenever I'm on a train and I see someone standing, I have a million thoughts going through my head.
Are they not actually pregnant? Are they not that old? - Are they not even a woman? - (GIGGLES) - It's a minefield.
- Aw.
It's not fair, though, is it? You were just trying to do something nice and What? What is it? What is it? Who is that? Laura, is that him? It doesn't matter.
He was investigated a second time, right? Police turned his life upside down and found precisely nothing.
They just let him go? Even after DI Harmon's charges, they couldn't find anything to put him away.
He knows how to cover his tracks, I suppose.
I can't imagine what it must feel like to see him walking around.
Well, I've been angry for long time, but erm .
it wastes you.
It eats away at you and erm .
every time I feel that way, it's like it's happening all over again, so at some point you have to let it go or try to, at least.
Here's to you.
- So how much longer? - A month.
(CHUCKLES) - Have you found a new place yet? - No.
Sensible, hey? - (CHUCKLES) - (SIGHS) I just felt like getting the hell out of this place was the priority, but everything I look at, all I see is the bad stuff, too small, too close to a road.
One place was too yellow.
- That's a deal breaker.
- (CHUCKLES) Thanks for a lovely night.
Yeah, it was really good seeing you.
I'm sorry.
You've come all this way - and I'm not even inviting you in.
- No, no, not at all.
See you next week? Next week it is.
Good night, Ian.
Good night, Laura.
(GIGGLES) One drink.
There's a beautiful little pub just round the corner.
You've been on enough dates with me now.
Do you think I'm easily persuaded? At least I tried.
But next time, dinner, I'll cook, I insist.
If I make my salmon en croute, maybe my son will bugger off and we'll have a moment to ourselves.
- All right, then.
- Yes.
Good night.
Good night.
OK, good night.
Till next time.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Charlotte? Hi.
I'm Laura Nielson.
("Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND) I appreciate you coming.
You should know Andrew told me about you.
What did he say exactly? He told me, the first time I met him, about all the trouble you'd caused him.
He deleted all of his social media accounts after that, set up a new one under an alias and yet you still found him.
And me.
Should I be worried about you? Andrew Earlham raped me.
He raped a police officer called Vanessa Harmon, and he raped a woman called Catherine MacAulay in Edinburgh.
Here are their numbers.
If you don't believe me, then talk to them.
Then you make up your mind who you think is telling the truth, the three of us or Andrew.
Look, I don't know you, but I know him, and I know what he's capable of.
He likes women who are smart, independent, more of a challenge to control.
I'm hoping you're smart enough to watch your back.
Or at least smart enough to check out what I'm telling you for yourself.
She's gorgeous.
Is she? Yeah, look, she's even got your see-through head.
That's if she is a she.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm just miles away.
You have been since I got back.
Look, it's it's one more tour of duty, - and then I'm home, right? - No more GI Jennifer.
I'll be back before the birth and then I'm not going anywhere.
I just miss you, that's all.
You can't lie to me, Ness.
What's going on? You've got that look.
- It's nothing.
- Look I can keep asking you again again till I drive you crazy - or you can just tell me now.
- Just leave it, okay? I am fine.
Just tell me.
Ness you've changed.
You've tried to pretend, but but I know what All I'm asking for is the truth.
Is there someone else? God, no.
Of course not.
Well, then, what is it? While you were away, something happened, but please please, I can't, I don't want to say it out loud.
Whatever it is, it's OK.
You can tell me.
You can tell me, what is it? - (SOBS) - What is it? Just tell me.
ANDREW: Luke? Luke? (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey, mate.
- How are you doing? - Fine.
That's good.
Hey, er I was wondering .
how's school, eh? Just because the charges were dropped, doesn't mean people don't talk, right? I know how hard it is but it's not gonna get any easier - Spare me the advice, Dad.
Like you're in any position.
What do you mean? What does that mean? Luke? I was cleared.
All those charges, not one of them stuck.
If you don't believe me, right, you and me (PHONE VIBRATING) If you Charlotte.
How are you? Slow down, slow down.
What? What? What did she say? (PHONE RINGING) What do you want? ANDREW: I want to talk, Laura.
What else would I want? You need to leave me alone.
Bit early to be in bed, isn't it? What did you say? Do you think about me? When you're lying there.
You do, don't you? Even though you wouldn't admit it.
You need to get away from here right now.
I know you spoke to Charlotte, and I think you're the one that needs to back off.
Time we both got on with our lives, don't you think? You think you stand above everyone and everything, don't you? That you're untouchable.
But you're just a man, Andrew.
A sick, weak man.
And one day you're gonna wake up and all the pain you've caused is just gonna come back on you.
You sound scared.
Don't be.
Cos if I wanted to have you again don't you think I could have had you whenever I wanted? - I'm calling the police.
- Do you ever think about that night? I know I do.
The floral-patterned sheets, the pink pillowcases, the grey throw on the bed, which couldn't have been more than a few weeks old.
One of the tags was still hanging from the bottom right-hand corner.
And you lying there.
Letting me do whatever I wanted.
I play that back, Laura, whenever I get the chance.
All right, I'll see you soon.
(RINGING TONE) Laura? Andrew turned up outside my house last night.
- What? - Yeah, he didn't do anything.
He just wanted to scare me, and it worked.
I couldn't sleep all night.
I think he filmed us.
What he did to us.
Why would you say that? He talked about that night.
He talked about erm a picture on my wall some tiny detail about my bed, little things that he couldn't have noticed in the time he was in my room.
- He had time to look around.
- He said "I play that back whenever I get the chance.
" Not "I think about it", "I play it back.
" - Could just be an expression.
- The things he said, the detail I'm telling you, he recorded it and the sick bastard still has it somewhere.
Men like him want to control and humiliate women.
- What's more humiliating than a recording? - Stop.
We searched his house, his work, his computer.
Every electronic device he has, OK? - And we found nothing.
- I know.
- But he's too smart for that.
- Laura, what I need you to do is absolutely nothing, OK? Now, I can get a patrol car to stay outside your house - Great, all my problems are solved (!) Look, will you pass on what I've said at least? To your colleagues.
Just That woman he's with now, Charlotte, I want her to be all right.
Yeah, sure, I'll pass it on.
- Hi, Detective.
- Vanessa.
- Sorry to bother you.
- No bother.
I'm catching up on paperwork.
I just spoke with Laura Nielson.
Laura, yeah, I met her yesterday.
She thinks Andrew Earlham records his attacks.
That he's storing them somewhere.
Earlham turned up outside her house last night.
He found out she's been looking into him.
I know.
Because you told him? Why? We need Andrew unsettled.
That's when he'll make mistakes, that's when we'll catch him.
Don't worry, we had a squad car on Laura's place.
You shouldn't put her in the middle of this.
She put herself in the middle.
I just took the opportunity to push Andrew.
- I'm sorry, I know this isn't my place, but - Course it is.
This operation is down to you.
I just wish we had more to report.
- But tonight I'm going for dinner at his place.
- Tonight? Great Friday night, huh (?) - Don't make yourself too available.
- I've read the profile.
I'm only saying Look, I know how frustrating it's been waiting for approval to come through, but we're close now.
- Just keep the faith.
- OK.
- Thanks, Detective.
- Of course.
- NICK: Yep, just a minute.
- FEMALE NURSE: We need you.
Can I grab something from my locker? There isn't much time.
They've been waiting a while already.
All right, then, let's get this over with.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm glad you called.
It's been a long time.
Er, here.
Andrew's phone.
Thank you.
I'd do anything for you, you know that.
Even when you're angry at me.
I don't suppose you're gonna tell me what that's for? - It's probably best that you don't know.
- Don't know.
I thought you were moving on with your life, Laura.
- I have to do this.
- No, you don't.
You never had to do any of it.
You had a terrible thing happen to you and you tried to fix it.
Instead of taking time to get better and look after yourself.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Do you think you'll ever stop hating me? I don't hate you, Katy.
I just I can't trust you.
And I don't know how to be around you.
Well when you are ready .
you know where I am.
Come in, come in.
- Hey.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
Thank you.
Wow, you look amazing.
- Just through here.
- Great.
- That smells good.
- Thank you.
It's nothing much, just er, speciality-ordered ingredients - and about 48 hours of preparation.
- (CHUCKLES) - I'm glad you came.
- Why wouldn't I? Someone took my phone from a locker today.
- That's annoying.
- No, it's fine, it's been cancelled, and there's another one ordered.
You know how it is, you lose your phone, you feel like a child.
How did we ever make social arrangements when we couldn't cancel or change with a text last-minute? Well, I like to turn up when I've agreed to.
I'm old-fashioned like that.
Me, too.
Drink, m'lady? Yeah.
Sounds good.
(ROMANTIC MUSIC ON STEREO) - I like your place.
- Thanks.
It's OK.
Keep meaning to buy some more art to put on the walls, you know? I found something last week, actually.
A local artist.
It's on the wall in the other room, if you fancy.
Forgive me for asking.
Er Are you OK? - Of course.
Why? - Oh, I don't know.
You just You seem tense.
Long day.
Then I have just the thing for you.
(CORK POPS) - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Sorry, could I get a glass of water? I'm a bit dehydrated today.
I don't want to start off on the wrong foot.
Yes, yes, of course.
I'll be right back.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
It's a nice piece.
What's the artist's name? What's in your bag, Charlotte? What do you mean? (CHUCKLES) I saw you.
You saw me what? (CHUCKLES) I don't understand.
You filled a syringe from your glass.
And then Hmm.
You'll be making your excuses, I imagine.
An urgent phone call that meant you just had to leave or a sudden headache and then and then what? Take your precious sample down to the police lab? Is that about the size of it? Charlotte? Step away.
Why? What is it you think I'm gonna do to you? I can have back-up here in seconds.
Well, I'm not stopping you from leaving.
Your lab's not gonna find anything.
I poured you a glass of wine.
And that's it.
It's a shame, really.
We'd have had fun.
I know it.
Shit! So, how does this work? Honestly, no idea.
A friend of mine from the tech squad just gave me the programme.
So, why did you take his phone, why now? I think that erm when he rapes women he films it.
- How do you know? - Something he said.
Sick bastard.
I should've smashed his face in when I had the chance.
Wherever he keeps the files, they're not in his house, they're not on his computer or his phone, the police would have searched after DI Harmon's charge.
So if he keeps recordings, they're offsite? Someone like him, he will be careful.
There'll be a lot to get through.
I could dump the contents of the phone onto the laptop.
I know it's helping me last time that got you into this situation.
Nah, Andrew was the one who made sure I lost my job.
Well OK.
Thanks for calling.
The op went badly.
The undercover with Andrew Earlham.
How bad? (SOBS) - Jesus.
- It's OK, we're gonna find another way.
How? He walked away from the last accusation.
And now you.
How many more until somebody stops him? We're doing our best.
I mean, Rory - the whole team, everybody.
- Well, it's not good enough.
He attacked you in our house.
He needs to face the consequences.
- Calm down, Jen.
- I can't.
It's I know this happened to you and not me, but I feel like it's my job to protect you, - and I wasn't there.
- Please don't say that.
You mustn't.
Did Andrew ever mention anybody called - Mia Lentzovka? - No.
Why? Dunno.
There's a text message from a few days ago.
So the cops wouldn't have seen it.
"When can you come over to collect your things?" Is there an address for this woman? - Yeah, it's in the contacts.
- Brilliant.
Thank you.
I'm gonna call Vanessa.
I hope it's useful.
I really am sorry.
About me and Katy.
I know.
Me too.
Thanks for helping me.
Hi, this is a Vanessa Harmon.
I'm not around right now, so leave a message.
Can I help you? Hi, I'm a a friend of Andrew's.
Andrew Earlham.
- Is he all right? - Fine.
Yeah, yeah, fine.
Erm, are you Mia? Yes.
I am.
I'm Laura.
Actually, is it all right if I come in for a minute? Thanks.
Sylvia? This is a friend of Andrew's.
- Hi.
- Hello, dear.
How nice to have a visitor.
Andrew never brings visitors here, does he, Mia? No, never.
Andrew asked me to pick something up for him.
He's got some stuff stored here? He was supposed to collect it a few days ago.
Yes, of course.
Erm Please, follow me.
Here you go.
I'll try and be quick.
It's Mia.
- Do you have everything? Did you find - Yes, thanks.
I've got to run.
Thank you.
- OK.
(DOOR OPENS) - Oh, God.
- I'm sorry.
I wasn't on duty.
I had to get in.
I called Vanessa but her phone goes straight to voicemail.
You'd think people would move quicker after what I found.
The front desk told me about the recordings.
Yeah, it's erm Yeah, erm I could barely bring myself to look, but But I'm in there, and Vanessa and I counted at least 15 others.
15 women just like me.
The tech guys tell me 17.
And Andrew Earlham is clearly identifiable.
He's going away, Miss Nielson, for a really, really long time.
I've heard that before.
They let you into the house.
They let you search the shed.
Everything you found is going into evidence.
I promise you.
It's over now.
It's over.
We're picking him up right now.
- What do you want with my dad? - We have a warrant for his arrest.
He's not here.
FEMALE REPORTER: And, finally, despite three weeks of searching, the police are no closer to finding Andrew Earlham, who is wanted in connection with a number of rape allegations.
Mr Earlham, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Broadhill Hospital, has been the subject of two separate investigations in recent months, but neither case led to prosecution.
Several weeks ago, a warrant was issued for Mr Earlham's arrest and, shortly after, recordings of his alleged sexual assaults dating back years, were leaked to the press.
Police ask that anyone with information on Mr Earlham or his whereabouts come forward.