Liar (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Previously on Liar Would you like to go for a drink? Sure.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You raped me, Andrew! I'm telling you, he recorded it.
And the sick bastard still has it somewhere.
He attacked you.
In our house.
He needs to face the consequences for that.
I couldn't do something like that.
You do believe me, don't you? Yeah.
Course I do.
You and Tom? It's over.
- I'm so bloody stupid! - I'm so sorry.
Please don't say anything.
You're the one person I trusted.
Katy, what happened? What will you tell the kids? I'm gonna tell them that we need time apart.
I'm Ian.
Laura, is that him? It doesn't matter.
See you next week? Next week it is.
I'm gonna make sure that everyone knows exactly who he is.
This stuff's supposed to be strong.
Don't fight it.
Just relax.
You really have lost it, haven't you? Argh! You're just a man, Andrew.
A sick, weak man.
What's going on? And one day, you're gonna wake up, and all the pain you've caused is just gonna come back on you.
Well, he's going away, Miss Nielson.
For a really, really long time.
Despite three weeks of searching, police are no closer to finding Andrew Earlham.
Honestly, Harry's a joy to teach.
If all my students were as good as him, I'd have much lower blood pressure, that's for sure.
- Thanks very much.
- Nice to see you.
You must be Mr Earlham? Andrew's fine.
It's always a bit weird when the parents call me Miss Nielson.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
So, look, the only thing is, this last week, it's like He's been distracted.
He started the term really well, but he just He just doesn't seem himself at the moment.
Ah, yes.
It's Tomorrow's the day his mother died.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Oh, why should you? It was six years ago now, but It has a way of creeping up on you, doesn't it? Grief, I mean.
When bad things happen they don't go away.
They're always there.
Under the surface.
Like they're just waiting for you.
On three.
One, two, three.
Get the bag, please, sir.
First impressions, time of death consistent with what the watch shows.
Six this morning.
The death was caused by a knife wound to the larynx.
A non-serrated blade.
He'd have died instantly.
And is there any chance he could've done that to himself? It's possible.
But incredibly unlikely.
Well, then, I'd best find out who did, then, eh? We're gonna be late.
Even later than I already am.
Oh, are we not going for breakfast? I have a job.
I couldn't have had you as my teacher.
I wouldn't have got anything done.
That makes me glad I never had you as a student.
Would've been hot, though, right? And inappropriate.
And illegal.
Sure, there is that.
Still running late.
Still don't care.
I wasn't expecting this.
Oh, I was.
I knew I was in trouble the minute I saw you.
I mean, that it would happen so quickly.
Well, we can slow things down.
Whatever you need.
No thanks.
You don't get out of it that easily.
Right, they're actually going to fire me now, so OK.
Looking good, Miss Nielson! Tuck your shirt in, Davis! So, our new book is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Who would like to read first? Miss Nielson, sorry to interrupt.
There's some people to see you.
- They're waiting in the main hall.
- Erm OK.
Thanks, Jade.
Do you mind standing in? Laura Nielson? Yes.
I'm DI Karen Renton from the Metropolitan Police.
This is DC Lawley.
Can we have a word, please? So, how can I help? We found Andrew Earlham's body late last night.
Are you serious? Someone slit his throat.
A private pilot called in saying he might have seen something.
By the time we got to the marshes, it was low tide, and a gigantic pain in the arse to haul his body out of there.
You want one? I've got to warn you, it's nicotine gum.
So, it's just like smoking.
Except it's really not like smoking.
When? When did he die? Forensics are working now.
But his overpriced watch got smashed and stopped at six yesterday morning.
So I'm guessing six yesterday morning.
I thought he just run off somewhere.
I mean I assumed.
Go on.
Get it.
Let me know if it's a boy or a girl.
Yes, boss.
Sorry about that.
So, erm Tell me, when did you last see Earlham? You know when I last saw him.
I told the police.
A couple of days after he went missing, uh? Sail loft.
I read the report.
What about after that? No.
Are you sure? Cos I'm gonna be asking everyone.
Your colleagues.
Your sister.
Your ex, Tom.
He moved to Manchester a few weeks back.
We don't really talk any more.
Sorry to hear that.
Well, if there's anything else you want to tell me, it would be in your best interests to say it now.
Am I under suspicion? No.
I'm just asking some questions.
He hurt a lot of people.
Not just me.
19 on those recordings alone.
God knows how many more.
I'm not making any accusations.
But you know what When you think about it, he could have gone anywhere.
And yet he risked his freedom to come back and find you.
Detective, I don't know how he died.
And I don't care.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to class.
Hello, it's me.
Oh, hi.
What can I do for you? I hope you don't mind me calling.
I don't want to disturb.
Oh, no, no.
Not at all.
What's going on? I wanted you to know your friend is here.
At the house.
My friend? Laura.
I said she could get your things.
From the shed.
This is OK? I'm sorry, I just Is she there right now? What is wrong? Have I made a mistake? No.
It's nothing.
It's fine.
Thanks for calling.
How was your dinner? Hey, I thought you were over at Mark's tonight.
Yeah, I left early.
So, how was it? How was what? Dinner! You know, cracking out the salmon, and Oh, I'm hungry.
You all right? Yeah.
That was the hospital.
There's been an emergency.
I need to go in.
All right? Yeah.
I'm not sure how long I'll be.
Hopefully not too late.
You're doing OK, aren't you? In life, I mean.
Why are you acting so weird? It's just Sometimes I need to know.
It's a dad thing.
Yeah, I'm OK.
Love you, mate.
Yeah, love you, too.
Carl? Carl? Morning.
I'm off to work now.
Fell asleep in front of the TV again.
You know you would feel better if you slept in a bed for a change.
The discovery of a body yesterday on the Kent marshes has sent shockwaves around this small seaside community.
Late last night, police made a short statement confirming that the body recovered has been identified as belonging to Andrew Earlham.
Earlham is wanted for the alleged sexual assault of 19 different victims.
But despite an unprecedented search, Earlham evaded capture.
- I've got to get up.
- Late last night, this gruesome chapter in this town's history finally came to an end, as a manhunt now becomes a murder enquiry.
Much of this area has been sealed off, and may be for some time yet.
Earlier this morning, investigating officer Detective Karen Renton was seen leaving the site.
Can you confirm Andrew Earlham was murdered? Sorry, folks.
No comment for now.
Police are appealing for I was getting worried.
I woke up at six, you'd already gone.
Early bird, and all that.
We're combing through every inch You seen this? Andrew Earlham.
He's dead.
What was he even doing back here? Who cares? I mean, it feels good, right? That piece of shit can't hurt anyone else.
Doesn't change what he did, though, does it? I should get going.
- See you later.
- See ya.
But it's clear from what I've observed, there is a very thorough search underway here.
Trained officers are combing through every single inch of the marshes.
DI Renton? Rory Maxwell.
I was told you wanted to see me.
Good to meet you.
I'm heading up the Earlham murder.
Yes, yes, I heard.
To be honest, I was a bit surprised it wasn't someone local.
I'm not.
I'm really good.
Someone with better pay and a bigger office than the two of us thought it would be sensible, a high-profile case like this, so I volunteered.
A friend of mine worked with you.
He told me about you.
It's not all true.
OK, then.
I'd like you to help out.
I don't do murder cases.
Have you run out of detectives back in the Met? No, my partner just had a baby, and I'm turning his absence into a positive.
You know the case.
You know the people involved.
You know the area.
Or I could just call your DCI and tell him that you're gonna help me.
Ha! So, some of what I've heard's true, then.
Shut the door.
Sit down.
Earlham's Maserati was found parked up by the boathouse.
Nothing of note we could find.
No key in the ignition, no murder weapon.
So, not a lot of evidence.
But plenty of suspects.
There were 19 women on those recordings.
Every one of them with friends and family, every one with a reason to want Earlham dead.
I've already spoken with Laura Neilson.
Next up Why him? Because I said so.
Come on now, Rory, I'm joking! Just check his record.
I am not that bad.
I promise you.
No matter what your little friend told you.
Look, I'm sorry to bother you.
I saw the news.
The police came to see me at school.
They said he's been murdered.
Do you know what, if you ask me, they should be giving out awards to whoever did that.
I know.
Listen, erm You haven't heard from Katie, have you? Er No.
I've tried calling her a few times, but she isn't answering.
It's just, er I haven't heard from her in a few days, and it was her turn to pick up the boys, and she didn't show up.
Look, I know she's most probably caught up at work or something, and I'm just worrying over nothing, but No, no.
I'm glad you called.
I'll pop around and check she's OK.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
This is unexpected.
I tried calling.
Erm I've lost my charger.
Do you want to come in? I finally get to see the place, then.
Here it is! I was feeling a bit rough today, so I came home from work.
I I need to tidy up.
Liam called.
Said you'd missed picking up the kids.
Shit! Ugh.
I fell asleep.
I haven't seen the time.
He's worried about you.
Oh That's why you're here.
I thought it might be just cos you missed me.
I do miss you.
But you don't forgive me.
It's OK.
I'm not sure I forgive myself either.
I appreciate you coming around, but Liam doesn't have to worry.
I'm really just not feeling well.
That's all.
Did you hear about Andrew? Yeah.
When I saw it on the news, it was like the sun had finally come up.
The police came to talk to me.
Asking me questions.
When I'd last seen him.
What did you tell them? The truth.
And that was our final dance from Jordan.
Now, Michelle, what did you think of that dance? We're looking for Andrew Earlham.
What do you want with my dad? We have a warrant for his arrest.
He's not here.
It's Andrew.
Oh, hey, Earlham.
How you doing, you old tosser? Yeah, fine, fine.
You? Yeah, great.
If you're gonna do plastic surgery, do it in LA.
It's all happening out here.
You picked the wrong speciality, my friend.
Ah, well, my loss.
So, you're still out there, are you? For another couple of months, yeah.
Ah, right.
Right, there's a shame.
I was gonna suggest a game of golf.
Yeah, I can thrash you next time I'm back.
Ha, yeah, next time.
All right, then, Larry.
- Let me know when you're back.
- Sure.
Will do.
- OK, great.
- Bye.
Yeah, cheers, Larry.
I already told you, he's at work.
No, he's not.
We looked.
When I spoke to you last, I asked you about a particular night.
The night my partner, DI Vanessa Harmon, was sexually assaulted.
You said your father was with you.
Now, son, I understand why you lied He's your dad, you love him.
But he is guilty.
I've seen the evidence myself.
- You're lying.
- I wish I was.
But this warrant for his arrest, they don't issue these without a damn good reason.
So I'm gonna ask you, if you know where your father is, you need to tell me.
Right now.
He told me he was working.
That's all I know.
Did he take his car? No, he was working late yesterday.
He's at the hospital.
I mean it, I don't know where he is.
OK? House is empty.
No sign of him.
And when Is this his boat? I'm going to need to know where that boat is moored.
All right.
Andrew Earlham, this is the police.
You need to let us in.
We know you're in there.
Mr Earlham! You need to move away from the door.
We're coming in! Three, two, one.
Go! Anything? Empty, sir.
Hello? Hey, Olly.
It's me.
Andrew? Yeah.
Been a while, hasn't it? Christ.
You're all over the news.
Where are you? Actually, don't tell me.
You shouldn't be calling me.
You shouldn't be calling anyone.
I don't have a choice.
I need help.
What kind of help? When things started to get bad, I put a bag together.
Money, a passport, my car key.
There's more money in the boot of the car.
But it's at the hospital where I work.
With my car.
Olly, come on.
It's the middle of the night.
You want me to travel seven hours from Edinburgh to put myself in a world of shit? I'll end up in the cell next to you.
It's not worth the risk.
Look, I know what I'm asking.
But I've helped you out before.
Haven't I? Don't.
That's not fair.
Look, it's simple.
Get my bag, and that's it.
All right? Then you'll never hear from me again.
Look, there's no-one else I can trust.
There's no-one else who understands.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll call when I'm on my way.
Thank you.
Thanks, mate.
It's not right.
That bitch walking around while I have to leave my son.
This will destroy him.
If she thinks she can do this, and get away with it, she's wrong.
Ian? I've got two detectives here to speak to you.
- Hello.
- DS Maxwell.
DI Renton.
And you're Ian Davis? I am.
We're here to talk to you about the murder of Andrew Earlham.
Erm Would you come with me, please? Take a seat.
There's plenty of them.
How can I help you? How long have you been seeing Laura Neilson for now? Oh, I don't know.
About a month or so.
It's been a bit of a whirlwind.
You two serious? I think so, yes.
- I'm fine.
- You sure? They're horrible.
You've come a long way to talk to me.
We're talking to anyone with a connection to Mr Earlham.
Well, I never met the man.
No, but it made you angry, though, didn't it? When you found out what he'd done.
The thought of him putting his hands all over her.
Of course.
That doesn't mean Is that how you felt about Alexander Slater? Er, that was nine years ago.
You do know what he did, don't you? We do.
We also know you put him in hospital.
So, what were you doing two days ago first thing in the morning? I was here, in London.
At home.
All right.
You got anyone who can verify that? I don't think so.
Yeah, you do know we can check all your phone records, don't you? Bank records.
Track your movements.
And if there's anything that links you to Andrew Earlham, anything at all, we'll have you by the balls.
There won't be.
Look, I'm the one that Laura came to with those recordings.
I had to watch them.
I haven't slept properly since.
There's not a soul on this Earth who wouldn't understand if you went out to hurt that bastard.
Yep, I had nothing to do with Andrew Earlham's death.
You're looking in the wrong foxhole, detectives.
I have some work to do, so, if you don't mind Sure.
Thank you.
Sorry for disturbing you.
Thoughts? Well Hang on.
Oh, it's DI Harmon.
Nessie! How's officer training? Quiet.
I heard you're having a change of career as well.
Yeah, they've got me moonlighting for the murder team on the Earlham case.
Just add it to my resume.
Yeah, well, that's why I'm calling, actually.
Erm There's something you should know.
Can you open the door? It's about Laura.
And Andrew Earlham.
I need to tell you the truth.
Thanet and Dover police have confirmed they are conducting a full and thorough investigation into the murder of alleged rapist Andrew Earlham, whose body was discovered two days ago on the saltwater marshes Earlham was alleged to have carried out multiple rapes and sexual assault spanning over many years, but disappeared three weeks ago, sparking a widespread manhunt.
Hello again.
DI Renton.
We have a warrant to search your premises.
A warrant?! Yes, a warrant.
And it's a real page turner.
So, you have a look at that, while we have a look around.
After you.
You don't honestly think you're gonna find anything, do you? - We have new information.
- What do you mean? We know what happened at the boathouse between you and Earlham, and DI Harmon.
You drugged Earlham, you were going to set him up.
Well, if you know what happened, you know I didn't hurt him.
Well, if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide.
We need your car keys as well, Laura.
We have to impound your car.
Are you OK? Thanks to you, I've got police officers searching my house.
It was gonna come out.
We said it would stay between us.
It's a murder investigation.
They need to know everything.
Why now? Worried they were gonna ask you some difficult questions? Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I'm in shit for not reporting this right away.
I've just come from seeing my boss.
I'm suspended until they've put me in front of a disciplinary board.
All right? I could lose my job.
How can this be happening again? Laura, you'll be fine, OK? You haven't done anything.
You really think the truth actually makes a difference? - What? - Don't answer that.
- Sarge.
- What is it? Can I see you in the bedroom, please? In the drawer, sir.
Got it? Yep.
What are you doing here? Oh, hi yourself! You were out of the house when I woke up this morning.
I thought you might need some lunch.
Thank you.
It's a long way to come on your break.
I wanted the fresh air.
Get away from the smell of disinfectant.
You know the police are gonna ask about what Andrew did to me.
Carl, it wasn't my fault.
And it wasn't yours.
I blamed you when I should have been protecting you.
How is that not my fault? He made me think it was a drunken mistake.
He made me believe that I Look, I'd better get back to work.
Try not to get back too late, yeah? I'd like to actually see you.
Here she comes, boss.
Are you done, then? - We are.
- Good.
We're not done with you, though, Laura.
What do you mean by that? We need you to come with us.
Down to the station.
Why? Well, we need you to explain why we've just found Andrew Earlham's car key in your flat.
I've never even seen that before.
I need you to get into the car.
Get in the car, Laura.
Or I'll have to arrest you.
- Hey.
- I'm here.
Yeah, OK.
So, you need to go to the second floor.
Once you come out of the lift, you need to take that corridor all the way round to the right, it's the last door on the right.
And you really think I can just walk in using your card? Yeah, the system there is ancient.
It's not even tagged with my name.
You'll be fine.
I promise.
I don't like this.
Look, do this, and I'm gone.
Out of the lift, down the corridor, first on the right.
That's it.
Once you're inside, it's 264.
It's the last locker on the row of lockers on your right.
I used a spare, my name isn't on it.
Dr Jensen? Jensen? Are you in here? I'm gonna have to report you for harassment.
In the men's locker room again.
It's getting to be a habit.
I was looking for Dr Jensen.
He's at the major trauma call coming in.
I'm surprised you didn't hear it.
Adult trauma team to A&E resus.
There it is.
Hey, we've got a 16-year-old male, GCS six, core body temperature of 34, with a compound fracture to the left clavicle.
- We need to get him tubed and vented.
- Understood.
He threw himself off the pier.
Looks like the current pulled him back into the pillars.
And, Katie It's Andrew Earlham's son.
Is this gonna be a problem? No.
No problem.
Sorry, what do you want me to say? That I took his car key, drove him to the marshes, killed him, dumped his body, then left the key in my house? How stupid do you think I am? All I want to know is how you came into possession of that key.
I have no idea.
Someone must have put it there.
OK, so Just for clarification, you're saying that someone broke into your home - Yes! - and planted it there.
Right? They must have.
And they wouldn't have been able to do it if the police had given me proper protection, like I asked for.
No-one would blame you, Laura.
The jury will hear just what kind of monster Earlham was.
Now, you need to get ahead of this.
Tell the truth.
Explain what happened.
Nothing happened.
I am so tired.
Were you tired of him harassing you? Threatening you.
Because a jury will understand if you were scared.
Of course I was scared.
I'd be stupid not to be.
He wanted to win at any cost.
And when he confronted you again, is that when you won? When you finally got the chance to fight back.
That is not what happened.
You know the marshlands.
You're out there every day.
This is ridiculous.
Two days ago, you say you were at home.
Since when was that a crime? Well, it's just that no-one can verify that.
This is your chance to give your side, Laura.
I am not going to confess to something that I didn't do.
So, if we're done here Laura Neilson, you are under arrest for the murder of Andrew Earlham.
Ma'am? - You do not have to say anything - What?! but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Are you fucking joking?! If you'd like to follow me.
This way.
- Good afternoon, Paul.
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
What's the charges? This is Laura Neilson, I've just arrested her for the murder of Andrew Earlham.
Thank you.
Anything sharp in your pockets? - Keys - Anything you have got, just stick it on the side for me, and we'll bag it up.
Put your arms out for me.
I'll do your fingerprints now.
Just step over here for me.
- Can you take your shoes off? - What? Shoes off.
What? Oh, I don't know, you just arrested Earlham's most prominent victim for his murder.
I thought we might have discussed it.
Why? Why?! Because that's how things usually work.
And there's a lot of people we still haven't talked to yet.
Yes, and we will talk to them while we check out her story.
We see what she gives us.
If you throw someone off balance, they start to drop things.
She's been through a lot.
Oh, I am well aware of that.
But none of it means a free pass for murder.
If she's a killer, she gets treated like one.
I'm following the evidence, Rory.
Yeah See you tomorrow.
Yes, you will.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know who else to call.
I've been arrested.
What? What happened? They found Andrew's car key in my flat.
I've got no idea how it got there.
I thought you might know someone who could help me.
Erm, yeah, sure, sure.
Are you OK? Not great.
All right.
Don't worry, OK? It's been a while since I practised, but I still know some people, OK? So I can make a few phone calls, get someone over to you tonight.
Then what? Listen, they can only hold you for up to 36 hours while they question you and gather evidence.
After that, they either have to formally charge you, or let you go.
Liam Hey, hey.
Stop, OK? I know you didn't do this.
Laura, they can keep digging all they want, but unless they turn up something proper, they're gonna have to let you go.
I have no idea how that key ended up in my house.
Whoever killed Andrew's obviously covering themselves, aren't they? - They're trying to frame you.
- Who? The guy had a lot of enemies.
Take your pick.
Look, listen, you will get through this, all right? I promise you.
You're strong.
Not really.
I wanted Andrew to suffer.
It's all I could think about.
And when I found out he was dead, I was relieved That he couldn't hurt anyone else the way that he'd hurt me.
The way he hurt so many people, and ruined so many lives.
Prison isn't gonna change a monster like that.
There are some people who will think whoever killed him as a hero.
But somehow, he's still doing it.
Messing with my life.
He's dead, and he's still playing games with me.
I don't know who killed Andrew Earlham.
But I'm not taking the fall for it.
He's not going to ruin my life all over again.
Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time.
Not at all.
That's what these evenings are for, Mr Earlham.
Like I say, Andrew's fine.
Ooh, and, er If you don't mind, please don't treat Luke any differently after what I've said.
Of course not.
And just, er Just be patient with him.
He can be a bit stubborn.
I know that.
Always has to be right.
He's like me, really.
He has to win.
No matter what.
I'm the same.
Well, then We've got something in common.
See you next time.

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