Liebes Kind (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


[man] One, two, three, four, five.
- D for dog!
- [woman] Correct!
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
[boy] Horse!
One, two, three, four.
[woman] F!
- [girl] Wrong. You lose a point.
- How come?
- A colorful bird from mythology
- [woman] Don't worry, Jonathan.
- symbolizes rebirth
- [door slams]
- [keys rattle]
- [breathing shakily] Papa!
[gentle music plays]
[lock turns]
[locks turning]
[woman breathing shakily]
[Papa] Very good, you two.
[in unison] Thank you, Papa.
[Papa] You know you shouldn't cry
in front of the children, Lena.
[Lena breathing shakily]
[Papa] Remember the rules.
[clock ticking]
[lights buzzing]
[water dripping]
[muffled clang]
[loud clang]
[leaves squelching]
- [crack]
- [gasps]
[vehicle approaching]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Lena] Stop!
- [tires screech]
- [bang]
[high-pitched ringing]
[monitor beeping steadily]
Systolic is 70. Pulse 105.
Internal bleeding, maybe.
[Hannah] Mama's blood type is AB negative.
This is the rarest blood type,
and is characterized
by having antigens, but not antibodies,
of A and B blood types.
- Where did you learn that?
- From Mama, of course.
[wheels rattle]
[in time with monitor] Beep. Beep. Beep.
Beep. Beep.
You don't need to worry.
The beeps are following your mom's heart.
[woman] What's your mother's name?
- Lena.
- [woman] Lena? Lena what?
- [beeping speeds up]
- [alarm chimes]
Pulse rising.
- [rapid beeping]
- One-twenty.
One twenty-eight.
- [woman] Lena?
- [man] One thirty-five.
- [high-pitched bleep]
- [woman] Lena? Can you hear me?
- [very rapid beeping]
- Lena!
Esketamine, 30 milligrams I.V.
[rapid beeping continues]
- [high-pitched bleep]
- [whispers] I'm right here, Mama.
[sounds fade]
[breathing heavily]
[female officer] Yes.
A hit-and-run.
But the girl was wearing pajamas,
and the victim had a nightgown and no
- They just appeared on the road.
- [doors slam]
I have no idea. It's all forest and
- No.
- [radio chatter]
The university hospital.
Okay, thanks.
[mysterious music plays]
[breathing shakily]
- [man] Ines?
- [gasps]
- [man] Did you reach someone?
- [Ines sighs]
[radio chatter continues]
[shaky breathing]
[radio chirps]
[man] Ambulance 3-2 arriving.
Trauma is on standby.
Female accident victim with her child.
Child has been checked and is uninjured.
[doors unlock]
[woman] Good. Let's go.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Hannah] Central emergency department,
X-ray, surgery,
functional diagnostics, intensive care,
chapel, barrier-free restroom
- [door opens]
- [running footsteps]
Can you sit over there?
A nurse will come for you, okay?
[door slams]
[door opens]
91, 92,
93, 94,
95, 96, 97
[nurse] Hello.
I'm Nurse Ruth. What's your name?
My name is Hannah. That's a palindrome.
A what?
A palindrome is a word that's the same
whether you spell it
forwards or backwards.
- [footsteps approaching]
- Oh.
Would you like to come with me?
I'm waiting for Mama.
This isn't a comfortable place
for us to wait, though.
My first name is Ruth,
and my last name is Küppers.
Your first name
is Hannah.
And your last name?
[Ruth] Goliath?
I just picked it out now.
- Nice, isn't it?
- [Ruth chuckles]
[monitor beeping]
[woman] Left serial rib fracture.
Left upper quadrant, ruptured spleen.
Abdominal pad.
The rest of the organs are looking good.
We have to stop the abdominal bleeding.
[rapid bleeping]
- The transfusion's being rejected.
- [woman] What type?
The admission form said AB negative.
- [woman] Hemoglobin value?
- [man, echoing] Value six.
[Lena] I don't wanna wake up.
Let me sleep.
- Please let me
- [woman] We're removing the spleen.
- The artery in the hilum's damaged.
- I don't want to.
- Patient's convulsing. Anesthesia
- [Lena gasping]
Please don't.
[Hannah] Beep. Beep.
- Beep.
- [monitor beeping]
[Lena gasping]
[surgeon] Lena? Can you hear me?
- [rapid beeping]
- [surgeon] Lena?
- [Lena] Stop!
- [surgeon] Lena?
- [tires screech]
- [thump]
[high-pitched ringing]
[ringing fades]
[Hannah whispers] I'm right here, Mama.
[monitor beeping steadily]
[Lena] Hannah?
Is Hannah here?
It's kind of big, but nice and warm.
Wanna try it?
Do you like pink?
Have you heard the expression
"hit-and-run" before?
The expression "hit-and-run" comes
from someone illegally leaving the scene
of an accident that they have caused
with their vehicle.
The man who ran into Mama didn't do that.
He only drove off
when he heard the ambulance coming.
Uh-huh. [gasps]
And the accident wasn't
even his fault, anyway.
Why wasn't it his fault?
Mama's really clumsy sometimes.
She's quite accident-prone.
Is that right?
I always help Mama
when her hands won't stop shaking, or
when she forgets how to do things,
like making sure
to use the toilet at the right time.
Then I help her,
to keep her from falling off.
She already has enough bruises
from banging into things.
Do you know if your mom
ever drinks alcohol?
Mama gets water.
1.5 liters per day,
because milk is for children, not adults.
Do you think you need help at home,
Everything's in order most of the time,
because we have rules at home.
Rules are important.
I have to remind her sometimes,
because she forgets.
And yet she still has
these accidents sometimes?
[whispers] She wanted to kill Papa
by mistake.
[clears throat] Would you like to
draw something?
We usually have good art supplies.
One sec.
[sighs deeply]
[cupboard doors open]
[Hannah] I remembered everything exactly.
I did everything right.
I'm a big girl.
- [woman] Accident site secured?
- [Ines] Of course.
- [woman] Surroundings checked?
- [Ines] Yes.
[woman] Missing persons inquiry
in progress?
What would I put? "Blonde," um
"In a nightgown, mid-30s, named Lena?"
Yes, that works.
It's good practice to do it
before calling us.
Yeah, with me in the break room.
Hold on a minute.
I got a new search request
from INPOL. Yeah.
Are you here for the hit-and-run?
Aida Kurt, investigations.
[Ruth] They just got here, thank you.
- The girl who came with her mother
- Can you put me through?
Mm-hm. She said that
her mother wanted to kill her father.
[mysterious music plays]
[Hannah] Circulation machine.
[siren blaring]
- [Aida] What's the girl's name?
- [Ruth] Hannah.
[Aida] And her last name?
But she said she just made it up.
- [man] Hey, wait up.
- Mmm.
Her address?
I'm sorry, I didn't get that.
I'd like to speak with her myself, hmm?
- Emergency Psych has to be here first.
- Ah.
- I'll give them a call.
- Mm-hmm.
If you could get more information
from the girl while we're waiting, please?
- [Ruth] Mmm.
- [sighs]
Has a team been requested
to retrace her steps?
I'm on it.
[whispers] Shit!
[door slams]
[mouse clicking and scrolling]
[ringing tone]
[phone ringing]
[dog barking]
- [phone ringing and vibrating]
- [sighs]
What do you want?
[dog barking outside]
We told you to stop calling.
[woman] Mmph. Is that Gerd?
There's a bulletin for a woman
taken to emergency in Aachen.
Around her mid-30s,
with blonde hair, named Lena.
How old is she?
What is it?
Listen, I I don't have the exact age.
All I know is the age range seems to fit.
[woman] What is it?
I think it was a pretty bad accident.
Uh, maybe an hour away,
near the Dutch border,
uh, in the forest on a small road.
From what I read,
she must have needed surgery. [sighs]
I'm not sure.
We'll know more tomorrow, maybe.
- I just thought I should let you
- [dialing tone]
Oh shit.
[woman] What did he say?
found Lena, he said.
- [gasps]
- No, no, no. She's alive!
- [gasps]
- [Matthias grunts]
[door opens]
- [monitor beeping]
- [metal clicks]
[surgeon] Don't move.
Stay like that. Okay.
Abdominal pad.
[anesthetist] Systolic stable at 90.
Heart rate stable at 102.
And 0.2 gamma norepinephrine.
[assistant] Hb now stable at eight.
[surgeon] Okay, closing up.
Wet compress. Still folded, please.
Find out whose mistake
it was on the blood type.
[Matthias sighs]
- [Ruth] What are you drawing?
- Our house.
And who lives there with you?
[Ruth] Who's Jonathan?
[Hannah] My brother.
My little brother.
I'm 12, so I'm older.
[Ruth] Twelve?
And smarter.
[Ruth] So, your little brother,
is he home alone right now?
Yeah. Someone had to get
the stains off the rug.
What if he gets hungry or thirsty?
There's milk and vitamin bars.
Can you give me your address
so we can get him when he's finished?
He's too scared.
[Ruth] Oh, you can't see
through the window at all.
We don't need to.
The circulation machine
provides fresh air.
- So the windows don't need to open.
- [continues scribbling]
The circulation machine.
[Hannah] Yes.
Humans can't survive without oxygen.
[gasping for breath]
[machine powering up]
[door opens]
[fan whirring]
[door closes]
- [gasps]
- [Papa] Lena, wake up.
It was just a defective relay.
The ventilation is working again.
Everything is fine.
Thank you, Papa.
Is your house far from here?
I can't answer that
[whispers]because then
someone might find us.
My daughter loved playing these
kinds of games when she was little too.
But I'm a big girl now, Ruth.
That's why I wasn't scared of the blood
like Jonathan.
[suspenseful music plays]
- [Hannah] Bam!
- [gasps]
That's what it sounds like
when you bash someone's head in.
[Hannah] A blow to the skull
can cause a concussion,
or craniocerebral trauma.
In rare cases,
a blow to the head leads to death.
[emotional music plays]
[phone ringing]
- Yes?
- [indicator ticking over phone]
- Where are you?
- [Karin inhales]
[indicator ticking]
[sighs] I told Matthias that it would be
better to wait until tomorrow.
But this way, we'll already be there.
It's been 13 years.
We haven't confirmed it's Lena yet.
[sighs] He didn't tell you that, did he?
Well, I'm about ten minutes
behind you guys. Please wait for me.
- [Karin] All right.
- [sighs] You're not supposed to know.
I'm not even in charge here, so let me
talk to my colleagues in Aachen first.
- [Karin] See you soon.
- [hangs up]
[melancholy music plays]
[Aida] Thanks.
How is she doing?
We'll only really know after she wakes up.
Probably not before noon tomorrow.
Is there anything about her I should know?
- I think it's better you ask the surgeon.
- But I'd rather ask you.
She isn't AB negative,
which is what her daughter said she was.
And no one bothered to check.
- It put her in danger.
- Uh-huh.
For some reason, we did a transfusion
without following protocol.
Let me know
as soon as the canine unit gets there.
- [car door opens]
- [man] Taxi!
[car door slams]
- [man] Taxi!
- [engine starts]
- Evening, Dr. Hamstedt.
- Detective.
[Aida] We need to find out where the girl
came from as soon as possible.
[Dr. Hamstedt] Yes, but first,
I have to find out how the girl is doing.
[Aida] I understand.
But her father might be seriously injured.
[knocking at door]
- Hello, doctor.
- [Dr. Hamstedt] Hi.
I'm not here to arrest you.
[Ruth] She does that
every time someone comes in.
[Hannah] The nails have to be clean.
And we must not hide anything in our palm
that might harm ourselves or someone else.
That's the rule.
Hi, Hannah. I'm Aida Kurt.
- I work for the police.
- [Dr. Hamstedt sighs]
And this is Dr. Hamstedt.
He wants to see how you're doing.
Hello, Hannah. You can call me Benedikt.
[Ruth] Hannah, I'll be right back.
- Uh, may I speak to you?
- [Aida] Sure.
[Dr. Hamstedt] Hannah,
would you like us to sit at the table?
She said there's a brother at home.
Her little brother, Jonathan.
[Ruth] I think he's alone at their house,
wherever that is.
She said there are bars on the windows,
a ventilation system
and rules and bloodstains to clean.
And you believe her?
- [man] Patient is fine. Thank you.
- Why would she lie to us?
[ominous music plays]
[Dr. Hamstedt] May I ask you
a few questions?
Did your father ever do
something that you didn't like?
- Or something your mother didn't like?
- [Hannah sighs]
Did your mother do something
that might have hurt your father?
It was an accident.
What happened exactly? Do you know?
[Aida] Hannah?
Can you tell me your last name?
- [sighs]
- [Hannah] Goliath.
The real one?
Do your friends ring the doorbell
when they come over?
You must have a lot of friends.
You don't need friends
if you have a happy family.
[Aida] How about school?
Are you friends with other kids at school?
We're both homeschooled by Mama.
That's what it's called
when you educate your children at home.
You sure know a lot. [chuckles]
Even your mother's blood type.
Where did you learn that?
From Mama.
Earlier tonight, you were running away
from something.
- Hmm
- [Aida] The two of you?
Before the accident.
You were in the forest.
It was dark.
You were running.
Did you run far, Hannah?
Jonathan stayed at your house?
With the bars on the windows?
Do you have other siblings
besides Jonathan?
- Where's Nurse Ruth?
- [Aida sighs] She'll be back soon.
Is anyone home with your brother?
Miss Tinky.
- Oh.
- [Dr. Hamstedt] Who's Miss Tinky?
My cat.
Do you know where she is now?
Is there enough food for her?
[Hannah] I want to go home
to Miss Tinky.
Or even better, to the sea.
To finally go on a trip again,
to the seaside with Mama.
Like she promised.
[waves breaking]
[gulls calling]
[Lena] I love you, Hannah.
[Hannah] Forever?
[Lena] Forever and ever and ever.
[crickets chirping]
[owl hoots]
[car door closes]
[owl hoots]
[engine stuttering]
[dramatic music plays]
[engine revving]
[engine roaring]
[yelps] Ah, shit!
- [tires screeching]
- [groans]
[vehicle accelerating away]
[yells] Shit!
[sirens blaring]
[emotional music plays]
[man] Yes, it was! I swear!
Uh, our daughter has been
admitted here. Uh, Lena Beck.
- Which ward?
- I don't know!
- You'll have to ask admissions.
- Matthias, here.
[bell chimes]
[bell chimes]
[Matthias panting]
[emotional music continues]
Pressure won't help, okay? We need time.
Or she'll shut down completely.
She'll stay here?
For tonight at least, yes. [sighs]
Too much change to her routine
is not good for her.
And asking for the nurse is a sign
that she feels safe here.
- [phone vibrates]
- Mm-hm.
State Police?
Okay, put him through.
Aida Kurt.
[man] It'll be over quick.
- In five minutes?
- [man] Just in the next room.
- Watch your step. Okay.
- Yes.
Sure, I'll come meet you.
So, for you.
- [Karin] Thank you.
- [nurse] And you.
Opening at the back. After you get
to that white square, put these on.
- Right. Sure.
- Okay.
- Now, these are for you.
- [Matthias] Thanks.
- [nurse] Need help?
- Please.
[nurse] Okay.
- [Karin] Let me tie yours.
- When you leave the intensive care area
- Yes?
- put the clothing in the bin provided.
- Yeah. Good.
[man] Are you the parents?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
I'm Dr. Schahadat. Your daughter's spleen
was damaged and had to be removed.
- [Karin gasps]
- It's not a vital organ.
Generally, she shouldn't have any issues.
[Karin] Uh-huh.
She's currently unconscious
and has injuries on her face.
But it looks worse than it is.
Just let us see Lena. Ready? Yeah.
[faint heartbeat]
[Hannah] Her hand is over my ear.
- I hear a beautiful murmur.
- [waves breaking]
Like the sea.
Even though I know it's my own blood.
[Ruth] You know what?
I have some excellent news for you.
Your mom's surgery went very well.
Can I go see her?
[monitor beeping steadily]
[ventilator hissing]
[mysterious music plays]
That's not her.
That is not Lena.
That isn't her!
[breathing shakily] Who
- [Dr. Schahadat] It's all right.
- Who is that?
- You need to calm down, okay?
- That that isn't Lena!
Calm down now, okay?
- That isn't my daughter!
- [Dr. Schahadat] Mr. Beck!
- That is not Lena!
- [Dr. Schahadat] Come!
[door bangs]
- [woman] Sir? Sir, calm down.
- [Dr. Schahadat] Orderlies!
- [banging]
- [man] Whoa! Someone get help!
[woman] Sir, please?
[emotional music plays]
[Aida] Sir, do we have
some major situation I'm not aware of?
[Gerd] Why?
[Aida] You're with the Düsseldorf
State Police, aren't you? This way.
Yes, I am, but I wasn't sent by my boss.
- [bell chimes]
- Uh-huh?
[man] Long night.
Do we know each other?
[man] Good night.
- No. I don't think so.
- I've seen your face recently, though.
- Maybe on my application.
- Yes.
Hmm. You have a good memory for faces.
[man] Good night.
- [man] All right. See you tomorrow.
- There was a missing girl, uh, Lena Beck.
I was in charge of her case.
[sighs] She's been missing, uh
for 13 years.
- It's possible the accident victim
- [footsteps approaching]
He's out of control. ICU unit two.
I gotta go.
- [Matthias grunting]
- Enough, sir.
- [Matthias groans]
- [orderly] Enough.
[Matthias whimpering]
- [orderly] Sir, calm down.
- [Matthias yelps]
- Shit.
- Who's that?
- Lena Beck's parents.
- [orderly] Stop it.
You you brought her parents in?
[Gerd] I'll take care of him now.
We know each other.
- Sure?
- [Gerd] Yes, I am.
- Thank you. Everything's fine.
- [Matthias sighs] Nothing is fine.
Matthias, please.
- Yes
- It's not her.
"I promise I will bring her back."
Your words.
Your word.
[somber music plays]
[Hannah] Grandfather.
[wails] Lena!
[Lena] I hear everything.
But I just lie here,
like a dead lump of meat.
Lena, you know what he did to me.
[somber music plays]
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