Liebes Kind (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


[Hannah] This is the story about my mom
and my dad and how they fell in love.
It was very late at night,
and my mom was out all alone.
She was really scared.
That's because she was lost.
But then then, along comes my dad.
He appears all of a sudden,
and he rescues her.
And from the very first moment,
they fall in love.
They move into a house and have children
and become a happy family together.
[clock ticking]
[lights buzzing]
[water dripping]
I don't understand.
The young girl
She looks exactly like our daughter.
But when she was a child.
Yeah. Exactly like Lena at that age.
Like her clone.
[Gerd sighs]
We used to be neighbors.
The woman has the scar, Gerd.
But it isn't her.
[Aida] Are you sure?
The doctor said that,
with all the injuries to her face,
it'd be difficult to
You think I wouldn't recognize
my own daughter?
The girl stated that the victim
of the accident is her mother.
[Matthias] Why don't we just
ask that woman who she is?
Because she is still unconscious.
- As soon as she's fit for questioning
- Can't we find a way to wake her up?
No. We can't.
I'll need the case files
and the DNA profile for Lena Beck.
- [Gerd sighs] I'll take care of it.
- [Aida] Mmm.
[door opens]
[door closes]
The girl mentioned something
to the nurse about a house.
What house?
Apparently, there's another child there.
Another child?
Her younger brother, she said.
[foreboding music]
[faint squeaking]
[Papa] That was lovely, Lena.
Thank you.
[monitor beeping rapidly]
[ventilator hissing]
[monitor slowing]
Why don't you go home?
DNA tests can sometimes take
eight or nine hours.
I'll let you know once I get the results.
[Matthias] I'm staying here
with my granddaughter.
Do you know
what your daughter's blood type is?
AB negative. Like me.
Thank you.
[door closes]
So, you're close friends with the family?
- Matthias and I, we were friends
- And yet you were in charge of the case?
And your supervisor,
he was okay with this?
Am I being questioned?
Did he know about it?
At the time,
I didn't exactly publicize it.
You jeopardized the entire investigation.
- Every lead, every clue.
- [sighs]
It would have all been for nothing,
because of your conflict of interest.
And that's why no one needs to know.
[Gerd sighs]
You have to understand that
that girl, that woman,
they are the first real leads in 13 years.
In all those years,
you haven't had a single lead?
[Gerd] Never anything solid.
Uh, and we tried everything back then.
A huge search operation,
appeals on national television,
a special investigation team,
tons of officers, thousands of tips.
[sighs] Absolutely nothing.
And after, you know how it is.
New cases, new mugshots on the board.
And every now and then, someone calls us,
thinking that they saw her in Tenerife.
- Or at a McDonald's.
- [phone vibrates]
On my way.
Send me the location, okay?
[door slams]
[Aida sighs]
The Becks don't want to go home.
- Can you
- Yeah.
And if the patient wakes up
[Gerd] Then I'll talk to her
and keep you posted.
[mysterious music plays]
[Matthias] I'll take you home,
[monitors beeping]
[ventilator hissing]
My name is Gerd Bühling.
State Police, Düsseldorf.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Can you hear me?
Um, maybe you can give me a sign?
Move your finger?
You have the scar, but you're not Lena.
Who are you?
[Papa] Tell him.
What's your name?
[Papa] Tell him your name.
- [gasping]
- [alarm beeping]
Everything's okay!
- What are you doing here?
- Detective Bühling.
Breathe deeply. Calm down.
You're in a hospital.
You were in an accident.
Breathe deeply.
- Breathe in and out.
- [Papa] If you scream, I will kill you.
- If you don't do as I say, I'll kill you.
- I'm Dr. Alexandridis.
If you think the wrong things,
I will kill you.
- The rules, Lena.
- What's your name?
- [Dr. Alexandridis] That's enough.
- [Lena gasping] My
[beeping slowing down]
name is
[beeping slowing]
[Papa] That was very good, Lena.
And now, time to get up and do your work.
At 7:45 p.m.,
breakfast for the children.
One glass of milk, one vitamin bar.
The children need a regular daily routine.
They need rules.
And they need a mother
who takes care of them.
- [singsong] Catch me if you can!
- [Hannah groans]
Ooh, you can't catch me,
you can't catch me!
[Hannah] I'll get Miss Tinky
and she's gonna bite you!
- [both squeal]
- Would you be quiet?
[breathing unsteadily]
- [Hannah] Mama?
- [gasps]
[clock ticking]
Can I help you, Mama?
[gasps] Help me.
Please, help me.
- Ow!
- [gasps]
Oh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Hannah.
Did I hurt you?
No. You'd never hurt me, Mama.
I'm sorry.
Papa! Mama's having another attack.
[Lena] He creates the day and the night.
Like God.
I will take care of Hannah.
- Where have you been?
- Cappuccino, one sugar.
[Karin panting]
I called in sick at the school and
left a message at your office, okay?
Mm-hmm. Perfect.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Ines] The woman was hit by a car.
We are assuming that there is another
child at the place where she escaped from.
Jonathan, a young boy,
about eight years old.
We're hoping that he is still alive.
[suspenseful music plays]
[flies buzzing]
[male officer] Ines?
There's someone over there.
[dog barking]
Okay, let's finish up.
The road's closed?
It's gonna take some time.
[driver] What happened?
Car accident.
[dogs barking]
- [driver] Lot of fuss for an accident.
- You take this road a lot?
It's a shortcut for my work.
Security guard?
You're a smart one.
[sighs] Well, by any chance,
did you drive past here last night?
Last night?
My rounds are mornings and evenings.
Night, it's dark as hell up here.
Drive safe.
So what happened here?
[unsettling music plays]
[starts engine]
[phone ringing]
- Yeah?
- Hey, it's Bühling.
The patient was awake for a second.
- [Aida] And? What'd she say?
- Just that her name is Lena.
- But it's not her?
- [Gerd] No.
And the scar Mrs. Beck mentioned?
- She has it, but it's way too recent.
- [beep]
That's strange.
Okay. If you learn anything else
[Gerd] I'll call you. I know.
[officer] I can imagine that.
- [horn blares]
- When will the big shots get here?
I think that's her.
Fuck. Where the hell are we?
[door opens]
Here you go.
Time for some breakfast.
And look, Dr. Hamstedt is back to see you.
Good morning, Hannah.
[grumbles] That hurts.
I'm so sorry.
[Hannah] Is Grandfather still here?
What grandfather?
The grandfather from last night.
The old man is my mother's father.
Last night, there were two visitors
at the hospital
who became hysterical
when they saw Hannah.
[Hannah] Those who whisper lie!
[Dr. Hamstedt sighs]
So last night, that was your grandfather?
And you've met this man before?
Where was that?
On holiday.
But that's a secret
between my Mama and me.
[classical guitar music plays]
[bee buzzing]
[Hannah] Grandfather!
[Gerd] But that's impossible.
- Hannah claims she's visited him.
- You believe her?
It's quite possible
that she distorts parts of reality,
at least to some degree,
in order to make it fit her own feelings
and her own experiences.
What she says can be
an accurate description of her reality,
without having happened
exactly as she says,
which doesn't
mean she's lying either.
Hang on a second. Are you saying that
Hannah might have actually
met her grandfather before?
I can't rule that out.
- Is he really her grandfather?
- [scoffs]
We'd need to take a DNA sample
from the girl to determine that.
Okay, but I'll need approval
from Child Protection Services.
[Hannah] Mama and I went on
a lot of trips together.
We went to the sea and to Paris.
And we went up the Eiffel Tower.
You went up the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters high.
It was built to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the French Revolution.
[Ruth] Hannah, look.
For you.
A gift so your eyes won't hurt anymore.
A gift is a gift.
And taking it back is stealing.
That's true. Try them on.
Want to take a look outside together?
[mysterious music plays]
[Karin sighs]
[door opens]
[sighs] Anything new?
The patient told me her name is Lena.
I know. It's not her, but
[door closes]
But there's something else too.
The girl, Hannah
She says you're her grandfather.
Matthias, I need you to tell me.
Have you ever seen that girl before?
Have you ever seen that girl before?
I don't understand, Gerd?
[sighs] Hannah claims she recognized you.
And what do you think?
Do you think I kidnapped Lena?
My own flesh and blood?
Matthias, listen. I
[grunts] All right, okay
[Gerd sighs]
It's okay. I'm fine.
[Gerd sighs]
Is it possible
that he has seen the girl before?
[Karin] You're crazy.
[Ruth] You're doing really well.
[sighs] I'll bring this down,
and I'll see you later, okay?
[Ruth sighs]
Later today, Hannah,
Dr. Hamstedt will take you to his clinic.
Can't I just stay here with you?
I'm afraid that's not possible, sweetie.
But I'll come visit you, okay?
Can I go see my mama now?
But it's going to remain
our little secret, okay?
[suspenseful music plays]
[radio bleeps]
[Körber] Base. This is Körber and May.
We found something.
I repeat, we've found something.
A piece of fabric on the fence.
It looks like a decommissioned
military compound. Over.
Got it. Send the coordinates
to the team right away.
[Körber] Understood.
[monitor beeping]
[mysterious music plays]
[whispers] He is always with you.
So, are you okay?
[monitor speeds up]
[monitor slows]
[man breathing heavily]
The site of the find? It's back there.
- Behind the fence?
- Yes, ma'am.
Damn it.
- Don't upset her.
- Okay.
- The patient needs rest.
- Mm-hmm.
[machines beeping steadily]
[machines beeping]
I know you're not Lena.
Would you like to tell me your real name?
Did you know Lena?
[beeping speeding up]
[Lena] This policeman is talking about you
in the past tense, Lena, but
but if you are no more, then all of this
all of this happened
to me.
[Gerd] Did you meet her?
[beeping slowing]
[Lena] What
What was she like?
[Gerd] She was
A charming person.
She loved life. She was smart.
Everybody liked her.
I always thought that she'd
become a writer or an artist.
[beeping continues steadily]
[chair legs scraping]
She was really good at drawing.
But she decided to study law.
She was in her fourth semester.
She had such a vivid imagination.
having fun!
She would make up
all sorts of crazy stories
and entertain all of us with them.
And she had her whole life ahead of her.
And then one night after a party,
she just disappeared.
According to the other guests,
she had quite a lot to drink
and probably some other stuff.
[dance music plays]
[Gerd] The last phone call
was registered at 4:10 a.m.
She was on her way home then.
Okay, yes. I admit Flo was with me.
Is that why you're calling? [chuckles]
Come on, it was just for fun.
I mean
it was just a flirt.
- [train passing]
- Lucie.
[dialing tone]
[Gerd] After that, her phone remained
switched off, and she disappeared.
Disappeared from the face of the Earth.
Is that you?
[Gerd] We looked into every possibility,
questioned everyone.
Party guests, fellow students.
We suspected her boyfriend.
Well, her ex-boyfriend.
Their relationship
was always kind of on and off.
But the fact is,
to this day, we don't know
what happened to her back then.
And the reason that I'm telling you this
is because Lena's parents are here.
And they've been looking
for their daughter for the past 13 years.
So if you can help us in any way
[Lena gasps]
[hoarsely] He
- [Papa] I'm always with you, Lena.
- [beeping speeds up]
- [Papa] I'm always with you, Lena.
- What? He
You need to stop.
- [Lena gasping]
- [Dr. Alexandridis] Now.
Stop it!
- [beeping rapidly]
- [Lena gasping]
[Dr. Alexandridis]
You're okay. Everything's all right.
- [Lena gasping]
- [keypad bleeping]
- Just relax.
- [steady beep]
[Dr. Alexandridis] Breathe slowly.
- Everything will be fine.
- I
There's something I need to know.
What is it?
I need to know if I'm pregnant.
[Jonathan] Come here, Mama.
[Hannah] Mama, you have to sit here.
That's the way you always do it.
[Jonathan] Now you tell us
a bedtime story. Like you always do.
I want a story with the airplanes.
No, I'm the eldest. I get to choose.
- [Jonathan] You always get to choose!
- [Papa] Enough!
You can't agree,
so story time is canceled.
Get up, Lena.
[Jonathan whispers] Mama.
[Papa] Lena,
[Hannah whispers]
Mama, you have to get up.
Eat something?
- [Matthias] Karin?
- Hmm?
- [Matthias] They're taking her away.
- [Karin] Yeah.
They're taking her from me.
- I won't run away.
- Hmm.
This is a safety belt.
To make sure nothing happens to you.
See you later, little Goliath.
See you later, Nurse Ruth.
[Matthias] Where are they taking her?
I'm sure it's all been arranged with
the people at Child Protection Services.
[door opens]
[door slams]
Traffic light.
- Bus!
- Hannah?
Do you like music?
I like music. Puts me in a good mood.
["Colour and Sound (Main)" plays]
You go
Where you don't need color and sound ♪
To light up the room ♪
I breathe in the only way I know how ♪
Did Nurse Ruth tell you where we're going?
We're going to a clinic that takes care
of children who have mental illnesses.
But I'm not sick.
It's a nice place. Really.
There's a big library.
There's other children. There's a garden.
You'll like it there.
So sit and stare ♪
[ominous music plays]
[phone ringing and vibrating]
[ringing tone]
[door opens]
Mmm. With one sugar.
- Where's Matthias?
- [sighs]
I don't know.
[scoffs] That
I'm sorry about earlier.
- It's all right.
- [Gerd] He's just so
[poignant music plays]
Are you okay?
You know, Gerd,
things had started to get better.
He even accepted
to attend the support group.
He was like his old self again.
- He was funny.
- [chuckles] Matthias?
[both chuckle]
We had planned to go to Paris
for our anniversary.
I thought that we had finally moved on.
And now this.
And you? How are you?
I'm stable.
It's good to be back at work.
You don't look well, Gerd.
[chuckles] Thanks.
- You should go home, Karin.
- Yeah.
I'll give you a call
if I learn anything new.
[slow rock music playing in car]
[parking brake engages]
[seat belt unbuckles]
[Dr. Hamstedt] So, here we are.
One more song?
All right. [chuckles]
[tense music plays]
[phone ringing and vibrating]
- They're not answering the phone.
- [man] Yeah.
Can you get me another number?
[man] What about jurisdiction?
- We're waiting for clarification.
- [Ines] Yeah, I'll hold.
[sighs] Aida, this is a military compound.
- Without authorization
- The boy who's in there
- Probably in there.
- He's eight years old.
Presuming he's still alive,
he's in there alone with his dead father.
Max, you have kids.
Just imagine if it was one of yours.
[suspenseful music plays]
[dogs barking]
[car approaching at speed]
- [dogs barking]
- [tires screech]
[handler] Wait.
[Aida] Hello?
Aida Kurt, Aachen Police.
- Are you in charge of this facility?
- Yes.
- You're the guy from the accident site.
- Have you got authorization?
- So who can give it to me?
- [dogs barking]
- The people at NATO.
- [chuckles]
- Would you have a name?
- No, I don't.
- They know at the office.
- Give me their number.
There's no one there.
- [sighs]
- I'm the one in charge here.
- Do you know your way around the grounds?
- No. I just check outside the fences.
I don't have access.
- It's restricted.
- Uh, yeah.
Move in!
[metal squeals]
[dogs barking]
[Ines] I'll need to see your ID.
And then I'll need to take your statement.
[dogs barking outside]
As soon as the SWAT team
gives the all clear,
we go in with the dogs, okay?
Max is inside. We're just waiting
All right, my boss says this is
NATO territory under military rule.
Without authorization you
- [dogs yelping]
- [gasps]
[man screaming]
[screaming continues]
Stop! Don't move!
- [gasps]
- Booby traps! There are mines everywhere!
[breathing shakily]
[dramatic music plays]
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