Liebes Kind (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Das Haus

[white noise]
[faint beeping]
[lights blink]
[fridge whirring]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing fast]
- [grunting]
- [keys jingling]
[woman panting]
[Papa] How are you, Lena?
How are you, Lena?
My name's not Lena.
- Come back! [gasps]
- [keys jingling]
- Hey! Hey!
- [door slams]
- [sobbing] Hey!
- [lock turns]
Help me! Help me!
[echoing scream]
[scream fades]
[clock ticking]
[light buzzing]
[water dripping]
[helicopter hovering]
[Aida] No!
Yes! Of course I knew that, damn it.
What was I supposed to do?
Did you want me to hang around all day
and wait for someone
to maybe give me authorization to
Once we find the boy, then you can
go ahead and suspend me for all I care!
[dog barking]
No! No, absolutely not.
We need that bomb disposal unit right now.
Because the site represents
an imminent danger!
- [radio chatter]
- [Aida sighs]
Yes. Yes.
Of course we won't
enter the premises until then.
But what if that child
is walking around in there,
and he's the next one
to get blown to pieces?
[children playing in distance]
- [bleep]
- [whirring]
[door chimes]
That's a camera so we can see
who comes in and goes out.
Do you need anything else?
Would you like something to eat or drink?
Do you have any questions?
I'll let you get settled in then, okay?
[whispers] I'm a big girl.
I remembered everything exactly.
I did everything right.
- [lights blink]
- [gasps]
[fridge whirring]
[lock turns]
[keys jingling]
[scraping on floor]
[breathing shakily]
[Papa] Are you thirsty, Lena?
[woman whimpers]
[Papa] First we dye your hair.
- [woman sighs]
- [Papa] And then you get to drink.
- [Papa] Okay.
- [woman sighs]
Take your time to think it over.
- [keys jingle]
- [sobs]
[Papa] Is that a yes?
[Papa] Let's make you pretty then, Lena.
[monitor beeping]
That scar on your hand?
[bleeping speeds up]
When Lena was ten
[bleeping speeding up]
she grabbed the tongs
from a hot barbecue.
And at my birthday party,
of all places.
[water sloshing]
[woman breathing heavily]
[Papa] It's almost perfect, Lena.
Just one thing missing.
- [click]
- [sizzling]
[metal detectors whirring]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Jonathan whimpering]
- [Aida] Okay, everyone, gather around.
- [explosion]
[dog barking]
- [sighs] Okay.
- [dog whining]
[Ines] Understood.
We go in with the dogs when
the bomb disposal gives the all-clear.
That means four-man teams,
in tight formation, okay?
- [explosion]
- [dogs yelp]
- Thanks.
- [dogs growling and panting]
The official at the NATO base said that
there's no way these mines belong to them.
Before these sites are closed down,
bomb disposal clears the whole area.
He also
asked me to give him your name.
- [explosion]
- [dogs barking]
- [Ines] I'm sorry.
- For what?
You know
all of it.
[mournful music plays]
- [explosion]
- [dogs yelp]
[man] Here we are, ma'am.
183 euros 70 cents.
What are you doing?
- I'm getting Lena's room ready.
- What for?
For Hannah. In case she comes to visit us.
[clears throat]
I sat all that time in the hospital
waiting for you. I was worried.
[Matthias sighs]
I had to take a taxi back!
[Matthias] Mm-hmm.
[melancholy music plays]
[thumping upstairs]
[echoing] Bye, Ma. Have fun in Paris.
And don't worry,
I'll keep an eye on things here.
Get me something nice, okay?
[front door opens and shuts]
[Matthias chuckles]
Ah, what do you think?
You think Hannah'll like it?
I think I should paint it.
We don't even know
if she's Lena's daughter yet.
Of course she is.
Until the DNA analysis comes through, we
I don't need a DNA analysis
to recognize my granddaughter.
How come she recognized you?
- [sighs]
- [Karin] Huh? How come?
Because she felt something.
And so did I. I felt it.
She's Lena's daughter.
- I knew it straightaway.
- Matthias, how did she recognize you?
[Matthias grunts]
[disconcerting music plays]
[whimpers softly]
[whimpers softly]
[Papa] Control
brings order.
bring order.
Order is the most important thing in life.
From now on, you will obey the rules.
When I enter the room,
you will stand with your hands held out
so that I can see you immediately.
You will use the restroom
in the morning at seven a.m.,
at noon,
at five p.m.,
and at eight p.m.
I will help you
with your personal hygiene.
Lena, careful!
That's your favorite blouse!
- Keep your arm up!
- I wanna go home!
- [Papa] Lie down.
- I wanna go home. [sighs]
- I wanna go home.
- You are home, Lena.
- [rapid beeping]
- [gasping]
I wanna go home. I wanna
- [gasping]
- [Gerd] You're safe here.
[rapid beeping continues]
[beeping slowing down]
- [sighs]
- [woman groans gently]
What day is it?
What day is it?
It's Tuesday, the 6th of September.
What's your name?
[sighs] Five months.
[whispers] Five?
For five months, you were
The girl, Hannah, was she
- [whimpers]
- Was she there the whole time?
Was there also a boy?
[Jonathan] Are you awake?
[Papa] Jonathan, don't be so rough.
Uh, I just wanted to see
if she had finished resting.
[Papa] You see? Mama is back again.
[in unison] Hello, Mama.
[Papa] You look beautiful.
Your children have really missed you.
[keys jingle]
[whispers] Help me.
[Papa] Okay. Almost eight p.m.
Time for you to use the restroom.
Before that,
you'll put the children to bed.
[running footsteps]
They are not my children.
[Papa] Yes, Lena.
These are your children.
I am your husband.
We are a happy family.
But they are not my chil
[Papa] You no longer have anyone else.
[Papa] Just us.
You'll feel better
once you understand that.
[fabric rustling]
[suspenseful music plays]
[officer] Search. Search.
[dog barks]
[dog whining]
- [dog whines]
- Stay!
[radio beeps]
[officer on radio] Dog has a find.
[phone vibrating]
[Gerd] Yes?
- [Aida] Are you still with the patient?
- Yeah, still here.
[Aida] Is she conscious now?
[Gerd sighs] Yeah, she's awake.
[Aida] I think we've found the house.
We just don't know yet if there's someone
inside ready to blow the whole place up.
Aside from the boy, is there anyone else
who could be inside the house?
The man.
I hit him.
I hit him with the snow globe.
I hit him once on the forehead.
- [Aida] Okay, we're going in.
- Standing by.
- [officer] Police! Nobody move!
- [officer 2] Unit one, move!
- Police!
- Police!
- Clear!
- Police! Nobody move!
Police! Body on the floor!
- Room one, status!
- Room one, clear!
- Police, don't move!
- Unit clear, nobody on premises.
- Police!
- Police!
Body on the floor.
- Room two, clear!
- Room three, clear!
Room four, clear!
[tense music plays]
- [retches]
- [Gerd] Aida?
The [swallowing]
The suspect
His face is [gasps]
His face has been mutilated.
[Gerd] What about the boy?
Can you see him?
- Aida?
- [retching] Mm-mm.
Bed, children's room.
Look under the bed in the room.
In the children's room, under the bed.
[poignant music plays]
[monitor beeping steadily]
[Aida sighs]
- Found him.
- [sighs]
[breathing shakily]
[whispers] Hey.
I'm Aida.
Jonathan did everything right.
You have to tell him that.
- [Gerd] Did you hear that?
- [swallows]
[whispers] Jonathan,
you did everything right.
I got him.
They have the boy.
And the man?
He's dead.
My name is Jasmin.
- [Papa] Lena, that's against the rules.
- [gasping]
Jasmin Grass.
[Papa] You know I will have
to punish you for that.
- Where do you come from, Jasmin?
- [whimpers]
- Freiburg.
- [Papa] Why are you doing this, Lena?
I mean, from Düsseldorf.
[Papa] You are a bad
and ungrateful person.
[Gerd] Jasmin, is there anyone
that we can contact for you?
My father.
Ulrich Grass.
- Okay.
- [Jasmin sobs]
Jasmin, I'll call him right now.
Thank you.
[breathing shakily]
[Aida humming]
Don't you cry ♪
I've got you here with me ♪
They belong ♪
You're safe with me ♪
I'll keep you warm ♪
My heart ♪
- [Jonathan cries]
- [Aida] Shh.
[whispers] Don't worry.
[Jonathan sobbing]
[Aida] Everything will be all right.
Don't cry again ♪
I'll walk with you ♪
Mm-hmm ♪
Stay with me ♪
Mmm, mmm, mmm ♪
I'll be right by your side ♪
[monitors beeping]
Hey. My colleagues in Freiburg are
on their way to see your father now.
[phone vibrates]
You told me that you hit him
once with the snow globe, right?
- [sighs]
- Yeah.
In the photo
[Jasmin] What photo?
- What photo?
- [bleeping speeds up]
Don't worry, it won't be
any good for identification.
- Let me see it.
- I'm afraid that's not possible, Jasmin.
I have to see him!
[rapid beeping]
- [alarm chiming]
- I have to see him!
I have to see him!
[alarm continues]
- That wasn't me.
- [Gerd] It was in self-defense.
- That wasn't me.
- You don't remember.
That wasn't me.
That wasn't me.
It wasn't me. It wasn't me.
- Not me! Not me.
- [Dr. Alexandridis] Calm down.
- Her name is Jasmin. Jasmin Grass.
- It wasn't me!
[Dr. Alexandridis] Get out!
- I'll give you something to calm you. Out!
- It wasn't The snow globe
- It broke.
- [Dr. Alexandridis] Deep breaths.
- It broke immediately.
- Calm down, Jasmin.
- Broken. It broke. Broke.
- Can you hear me, Jasmin?
- Wasn't me.
- [Dr. Alexandridis] Slow, deep breath.
- [Jasmin] That wasn't me.
- Relax now.
That's it, breathe deeply.
[Gerd sighs]
[sirens blaring]
[ringing tone]
- [sighs]
- [Karin] Gerd?
Hi. You got home safely?
[Karin] Yeah.
- [Gerd] Is he with you?
- Yeah.
[Gerd] They found the house. And the boy.
All things considered, he's doing okay.
We also found the suspect, dead.
Karin, did you hear me?
And what about Lena?
- [sighs]
- [Gerd] Nothing yet, I'm afraid.
[sighs deeply] Oh.
You have to find her.
[phone beeps]
[melancholy music plays]
- [nurse] Hello.
- This is young Jonathan.
- Nice to meet you. Oh my! Hi, there.
- Hello.
I got you. You're all right.
Everything will be all right.
[breathing shakily]
[knock at door]
Hannah, look who's here.
[nurse] Look, your sister's here too.
[nurse chuckles]
[grunts] There you go.
You have to let go of me now, Jonathan.
Where is Miss Tinky?
Maybe she's still hiding at your home.
I'll tell them to keep looking, okay?
[nurse] If you need anything,
I'll be right next door.
Just call out my name, Shari,
or come and see me, okay?
[whispers] Did you tell them
about the baby?
[ominous music plays]
[Hannah] Did you say
anything about Sarah to them?
[Hannah humming]
[Hannah and Jonathan]
Oh, come all ye children ♪
To Bethlehem's manger ♪
And come all ye children ♪
On this holy night ♪
Come see what our father
In heaven brings nigh ♪
[Papa] Very good.
And now, children,
it's time for your presents.
[gasps] Jonathan!
This one's for you.
And what do you say?
- Thank you, Father Christmas.
- [Papa] That's right.
You have to shake it.
[magical music plays]
[Jonathan] My very own treasure!
[Papa] And for you, Hannah.
Go on, have a look.
Thank you, Father Christmas.
What will you call her?
I'll go ask Mama.
[Papa] No, stop.
Mama is asleep, she needs to rest.
What do you think of
Miss Tinky. I like that.
Does Mama get a gift too?
[Papa] Yes. Yes.
Soon, Mama will have a baby.
[foreboding music plays]
[unfastens seat belt]
- [Ines] Our colleague from Düsseldorf?
- Bühling.
- I'm Officer Reisig.
- Hi.
If you would please keep
to the path we cordoned off.
And if you see Miss Tinky,
please, let me know.
That's the name of her cat, Miss Tinky.
Miss Tinky?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- [engine running]
- [metal detectors whirring]
Yeah, I know.
I'm just gonna stay until my colleagues
here are up to speed on the case.
Okay, that's what I'll do.
Thanks, Chief. I appreciate it.
[Aida] Will you be taking over now?
Why would I do that?
Well, because of me,
a colleague lost his foot.
So do you think you should've waited
for NATO to arrive with the keys?
Well, that's what my supervisor thinks.
And also, the people from NATO.
Oh, and not forgetting
the head of the security company here.
He's decided to press charges.
- [scoffs]
- So, let me get this straight.
Are you suspended or not?
No, not yet.
- You'll be fine.
- [sighs]
It's over there.
Open wide for me, okay?
It'll be quick.
- I promise.
- [whimpers]
I did it too, Jonathan.
It's baby stuff.
You just have to open your mouth.
Good boy.
And that's it.
You see?
And I have something else here for you.
A pair of really cool sunglasses,
just for you.
Wanna try?
[Shari] Jonathan,
it's all right.
[Hannah] I don't want to be here.
[Shari] It's all right.
[Hannah] I want to be with Miss Tinky.
- And with Mama.
- [waves breaking]
[poignant music plays]
[officer] When you finish the photos,
don't forget to bag and tag everything.
[Aida] I've never seen
anything like this before.
Well, Jasmin must have
had a complete blackout.
I found something.
It's a surveillance camera.
And it's transmitting via Wi-Fi.
- Is there a router somewhere?
- We haven't found any here yet.
- I'll check outside.
- Mm-hmm.
[mysterious music plays]
[waves breaking]
[Jasmin] Hannah called this drawing
She always wanted me
to tell stories about him.
About his summerhouse, with the garden.
With the hydrangeas and the ladybugs
and the strawberry pies.
At one point, I could even smell them,
the strawberries.
[phone chimes]
[Gerd] This drawing was in the house,
under the kids' bed.
That's why Hannah recognized him.
[shouting and laughing]
- Help me! [squeals]
- Miss Tinky, bite him!
- Bite him! I'm gonna catch you!
- [Jonathan] You can't catch me!
[Hannah] Rarr! Miss Tinky will catch you!
[brushing teeth]
[Papa] Mama will put you to bed
in a minute.
Again, at last!
[toothbrushes clatter into cups]
[Papa] It's eight p.m. Let's go.
Relieve yourself, Lena.
But I don't need to.
Yes, you need to.
I really don't need to.
- [Jasmin sobs]
- [Papa grunts]
[unbuckles belt]
[Jasmin sobs]
[mysterious music swells]
- [woman] I'll go get the supplies.
- [man] Yeah, okay.
[generator whirs]
[Hannah] Happiness is
an ill-defined subjective experience,
often associated with positive emotions.
Write down "happiness."
Mama, what does happiness feel like?
Come over here.
Comfortable. And warm.
[poignant music plays]
[Jasmin sighs]
[technicians bustling]
[man] I found something.
[radio crackles and beeps]
[Aida] What is it?
- I think we've found the router.
- Good job.
Everyone out!
Out! Get out!
Quick, everyone out!
Bomb! Get away from the house!
- Out!
- Everyone out! There's a bomb! Get out!
[high-pitched ringing]
[muffled coughing]
[flames crackling]
[ringing fades]
Are you all right?
[man] The injuries to the face
and throat of the victim
were undoubtedly caused
by a concave piece of glass.
Mmm. Depth is
up to seven millimeters.
The initial stab length
110 millimeters.
The thickness of the snow globe's glass
matches exactly
the injuries found on the face.
This is a simulation of the snow globe.
On the back,
a large piece of glass is missing.
It's the perfect match
for the size of the wounds we have here.
But all of them are postmortem.
- What?
- Well, first his neck was broken.
One perfect blow
with a blunt object is enough.
Like this. Boom!
And if you're accurate enough,
you separate the base of the skull
from the cervical spine.
Atlanto-occipital dislocation.
What about the DNA?
The DNA of the deceased
does not match the children's DNA.
- If he isn't the father, then that mea
- That means there's a second suspect.
And presumably a third one.
Why three?
[pathologist] Because
the DNA analysis confirms
that both children have
the same mother, Lena Beck.
But they don't have the same father.
[dramatic music plays]
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