Liebes Kind (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


A female skull
and other evidence was found here.
We believe the remains of other women
could also be buried in this area,
women who were abducted before
Jasmin Grass to take care of the children.
Whoever is behind this had to bridge
a gap of approximately ten months,
and we've identified a number of women
from the missing-persons database
who might fill the timeframe and profile.
We'll work in quadrants, starting
from here, where the skull was found.
Thank you.
Possible find in H5.
It looks like a shoulder blade
and a piece of collarbone.
Corpse in F3. I repeat, corpse in F3.
- How are you feeling?
- Good.
And how's your sleep?
Your sertraline levels are much higher
than expected, Mr. Bühling.
How much are you taking?
Too much isn't good, you know. Hmm?
It actually creates adverse effects.
I think we've reached a point where
changing your medication
might be the best option.
Mm-hmm. Would I have
to be hospitalized again?
Finding the right dosage
always takes time.
I don't have time.
It's good that you're able to work again.
But the medication
can't take care of everything.
You have to realize
when you're going overboard
and take the appropriate steps
to keep things in balance.
You know from experience
how quickly things can spiral
and lead to another depressive episode.
If you're not careful, we'll be admitting
you as an emergency again.
Sorry, one sec.
Just wanted to give you an update.
Does she have the scar?
Hey. Can you show me
her right palm, please?
Everything's the same.
Clothing, shoes, scar.
Forensics said she's been here
about six months.
- Mm-hmm. So it's not Lena.
- No.
Have you seen today's paper yet?
I'll call you later, okay?
Sorry, I really have to go.
Would you like
something to help you sleep?
No, thank you.
I'm going to insist
that you follow my advice.
- You take one per day and no more.
- One a day. Yeah, thanks.
"Exclusive first pictures."
"The zombie girl
from the house of horrors."
The picture of Hannah's
from the children's clinic, right?
Yeah. Their security's
actually pretty good.
I assume we'll need to question the staff.
- Aren't you going over there?
- I was going to.
But it might have to wait.
I'm bringing in some of Lena's old friends
for DNA sampling.
It's just a theory for now,
but Hannah is 12.
So Lena could have already been pregnant
when she was abducted,
which means Jonathan's father
is the perpetrator.
But not just him.
Whoever Hannah's father is
could still be involved.
He kidnapped her knowing she was pregnant.
Do you really believe
there's more than one suspect?
- I'm heading back to the tent, all right?
- Okay.
I do. Everything points to it.
Two children, two different fathers,
and a John Doe
who's not related to either kid.
Wouldn't you qualify that as a network?
- Excuse me.
- Can I ask a question, Mr. Beck?
- Mr. Beck! Who's the girl?
- The picture in the paper!
- Have you seen the paper today?
- Who is she?
- What can you tell us?
- Please, just one question!
- Who is she?
- Mr. Beck, who's the girl?
Zombie girl?
We agreed not to read these.
She needs
to come home now, Karin!
- I've been very clear
- Dr. Hamstedt is on board.
It will be good for her.
She's coming tomorrow.
You arranged for her to come here?
Behind my back?
And Jonathan?
He's not included?
You're just leaving him there?
He'll be all alone!
- Mr. Beck! One moment of your time!
- Do you know the girl?
- Statement, please?
- Do you know her? Who's the girl?
- Matthias!
- Oh. Mrs. Beck, a statement, please!
- What can you tell us?
- May I have a word?
- Do you have a comment about the picture?
- Just one question!
- Karin?
- Gerd.
Matthias wants Hannah
to stay at our house.
The psychologist says
it will be good for her.
Matthias wants to bring her tomorrow.
Can he do that?
You are Hannah's closest relatives.
If Children's Services and the therapists
say it's okay, then he's allowed, yes.
I'm ashamed to say I can't do it.
If she gets here and
and I see her in Lena's room
it will be too much.
This picture was taken here.
I can't say that it wasn't.
You have security cameras
on all your entrances, right?
I'd like to take a look at the footage.
Our people looked into it
as soon as we saw this.
Unfortunately, there had been issues
with the security system recently.
Some kind of glitch
with the cameras and doors.
So it is possible that
unauthorized people could have come in.
What are you doing about it?
We fixed it.
We took care of it this morning.
Now I'm sure you understand that
I want to avoid any further attention.
Yeah, which makes me wonder
if you really think it's wise
for Matthias to bring Hannah home
for a visit?
They have reporters
in front of their house all day long.
They won't be able
to have any peace and quiet.
And her brother? Can
can he handle the separation?
You and the Becks are very close.
I've been on the case from the start.
Hmm. I assume that Mrs. Beck is
the one with the concerns about this?
You see, Jonathan isn't ready
to leave here, but Hannah is.
She needs a gentle introduction
to the outside world,
and forging relationships is
a significant part of that.
Her grandfather's daily visits
have had a powerful
and positive impact on her, Detective.
Matthias comes every day?
He's here now. I suggest
you discuss your concerns with him.
"The king was
very saddened by this,
but her charms captivated him so much
that he swore an eternal pledge
and loved her above all others."
"The end."
I read this story
to Nurse Ruth too.
Here on this bench.
Miss Tinky!
It's Miss Tinky, Grandpa.
I knew I would find her.
That must belong to one of the other kids.
She's my cat.
Father Christmas gave her to me.
It won't be much longer now.
Everything will go back to how it was.
Then we'll be a happy family again.
Lena? What are you doing?
Go back into the apartment.
Do you hear me?
Don't you dare, Lena!
Look out!
Ms. Grass?
- What are you doing?
- Go away.
Ms. Grass? Are you home?
- Ms. Grass?
- I'm taking a bath.
Oh, good for you.
I'm on the phone
with your father, actually.
He said your call got cut off,
and he wanted me to check on you.
I'm glad to know everything's all right.
My battery is out.
Enjoy your bath.
He told me to let you know that
he's looking forward to seeing you again.
Are you cold, Mama?
I'm freezing.
I'm sure Papa will give
your clothes back for bedtime.
Uh, budgerigar.
It's a parakeet, also know as the budgie
and belonging to the Melopsittacus order.
Native to Australia, they have been kept
as ornamental birds in Europe since 1940
as they can thrive in captivity.
In the wild, they are always on the move
to look for food and water.
Here, Mama.
You can have it.
I got it from Father Christmas.
He told me it's called a snow globe.
The round part is glass. It's very thick.
I've been hiding it
because it's like treasure.
You are a treasure.
You see, Mama?
When you shake the globe,
it makes the tears stop.
Thanks for trying, at least.
Wish I could help.
I'll be fine.
I miss you.
Gerd? I have to go.
- Mrs. Beck! A moment of your time?
- A short statement! Please, Mrs. Beck?
- Florian, what are you doing here?
- Hello, Karin.
Oh, thank you.
- Is Matthias here, too?
- Mm-mm.
- Mmm.
- Hmm.
Nothing has changed here.
And you, either.
How long are you in town?
I'm only here for an appointment
with Detective Bühling.
Then I head straight back home
to Marseilles in two days.
- You're seeing Gerd Bühling?
- He requested that I come.
What for?
He said it was about Lena.
I was, uh, hoping
that you could tell me what it's about.
I have no idea.
I still think of her often.
So, how old are your boys now?
- Ten and seven.
- Oh.
Hold on.
That's them.
- Aw!
- It's a good one.
They really look like you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
They're wild boys. Vivienne knows
how to keep them in check, though.
How's your hotel doing?
- Good.
- Mmm?
- It's 24/7, that's for sure.
- Oh.
I'm still convinced it was the best move
for me to make at the time.
And now it's my home.
I couldn't have handled staying here.
We have eight missing women who fit
the profile we established for Lena Beck.
They all disappeared in the last six years
from the North Rhine-Westphalia area.
The skull belongs to Stella Weber.
We haven't determined who
the shoulder and collarbone belong to yet.
The body that was found in F3
is Caroline Zimmermann.
She was probably the last one
before Jasmin Grass.
I think we'll find more,
but it won't be Lena.
These poor women were just dumped
in the forest and buried in a hurry.
With Lena, it'd be different.
She was the prototype for the others.
The original model.
And the other women were made
to look like her.
The sick bastard will have kept Lena
nearby in a place that means something.
- Somewhere he could visit often.
- Mmm.
Who's that?
I thought you were good
at remembering faces.
Hey! The security company's
withdrawing their complaint.
- They are?
- Mm-hmm.
He said that his lawyers have
reevaluated their original assumption
and have found that it bears no valid
insurance relevance for them to pursue.
Good news, right?
Mr. Rogner came to tell you in person?
Their office isn't far from here.
It's one less thing for us to worry about.
Right, Detective?
I'll check in soon.
Thanks, Ines.
- One question! Mr. Beck!
- Can I have a statement?
- Do you have any updates?
- No statement.
- Anything you can tell us.
- If you can just give us a few words?
- That's all we're asking.
- Have they named
- You can't keep ignoring us, Mr. Beck!
- Please, Mr. Beck!
Sweetheart, I
Um, I'm really sorry.
This morning wasn't very fair.
Florian was here.
- Suthoff?
- Mm-hmm.
Apparently, Gerd requested
that he come see him.
What for?
Murat Wos?
Open your mouth, please.
Now I'd like you to take a look
at the photos we have here.
Have you ever seen this man?
It might've been a few years back.
No. I've never seen him. Sorry.
Aida Kurt, Aachen Police.
Is the owner available?
No, he's out.
Ah. And the son?
Rogner Senior died
years ago. His son runs the place.
You've been working here a while, right?
Over 12 years. I was one of the first
on board when they moved here.
So, um,
I'm assuming you've heard
of our investigation, right?
Kidnapped women,
raped women, murdered women?
One of the men on your security patrol
named Klaus Reinhart?
I thought that he'd been cleared?
The entire staff was questioned.
Yeah. Almost.
But I haven't been able to talk to
the most important person until now.
You sit at the center of it all.
You have to know every bit
of what goes on around here.
Klaus Reinhart.
- What the hell does she want?
- Who knows?
Do you have a moment?
- Have fun.
- Yeah, thanks.
I can give you two minutes.
I heard some of the equipment
goes missing around here sometimes.
A couple of locking systems.
A shipment of smoke detectors.
- Hard drives and monitors
- Where are you going with this?
You know what? I would never steal
from the boss. I like him.
You didn't seem
to have trouble doing so elsewhere,
certainly from the looks
of your criminal record.
That was ages ago.
It's been expunged.
You can't use any of it.
Is that all?
How's the guy whose foot you blew off?
Mr. Beck?
- Mmm?
- Murat.
Murat Wos.
I was a friend of Lena's.
I've been to your house.
Hmm. What are you doing here?
A few of us who knew Lena
were called in for testing.
Well, those of us who might've
before she went missing, I think.
I'm sorry about everything.
I've always wanted to tell you.
- Thanks for coming.
- Of course.
- Mr. Beck.
- Matthias.
What did you call him in for?
- Because it's part of the case.
- He is involved, isn't he?
I've always said so,
but you wouldn't listen!
Florian Suthoff has voluntarily come in
for DNA testing.
We don't suspect him any more now
than back then.
If he's so innocent,
why do you want his DNA?
Because it's possible that
Lena was pregnant when she disappeared,
which means he could be
Hannah's biological father.
And that makes Florian
the closest relative.
You're taking Hannah from us?
No, I'm trying to close the case.
I'm her grandfather!
Yeah. And Jonathan's.
I hear Hannah's coming to your house
for a few days.
Don't you think that's too much, too soon?
For you and Karin?
Did I miss something?
You're back to playing
the great consoler now?
Don't you care
how your wife feels about this?
Who's asking?
The detective who's failed
to find my daughter for 13 years?
Or the friend who screwed my wife?
Hi, Max.
How's the boy doing?
He has a long way to go.
I am so sorry.
- I should've made sure everything
- I think you should go.
Hey, have a good one.
- Have a good night.
- Thanks. All right, take care.
See ya.
Grandpa will take me home.
When will you be back?
But we'll come back to get you.
Everything will go back to how it was.
But only if you don't talk to anyone.
Soon we'll be a happy family again.
Mama's already waiting for us.
Mama's dead.
And the baby too.
She has a high fever.
You have to call
an ambulance, please!
How's that going to work?
You can't just let us die here!
She will recover. And so will you.
Puerperal fever,
also known as childbed fever,
occurs up to six weeks
after a woman has had a baby.
After birth,
bacteria can enter the uterus,
genital tract, and surrounding areas,
and cause infection and fever
which can lead to sepsis
and death of the mother.
From the hit-and-run? Where?
Yeah, I got it.
- Whoa! Look at that!
- I wonder who did this?
Talk to me.
I stopped by the hospital to see Max.
Good. That's good.
Except it just feels awful.
I know.
Mr. Suthoff? How are you?
Thank you for coming back in.
- Did the test not work or something?
- Why don't we go in the office?
We wanted to test your DNA
to compare it to Lena's daughter's.
You are her father.
Her name is Hannah, and she's 12.
She's currently at a clinic
under the care of Children's Services.
I, uh
I I have my own family.
I have my two sons.
Are you, uh
Are you sure?
I can't do this.
No one can ask this of us.
- Yeah?
- I know who Hannah's father is.
And he's not a suspect.
He's been living in France
for 12 years with a wife and two kids.
How did he react?
How would you react?
So we still need to find
Jonathan's father.
My colleague noticed
that there's a two-hour gap
between when she saw you
at the scene of the accident
and when
you showed up at the compound.
- So?
- The longest it would take is 20 minutes.
I was taking a break.
- I'm sorry? Hadn't you just started?
- Where'd you go?
- In my car.
- Where was the car?
The woods.
I just love the woods.
You don't just have theft on your record.
You were also convicted of stalking.
And aggravated assault.
That last one was juvenile court.
It doesn't count.
Why don't you tell us what you did
for those two hours in the woods?
- It's personal.
- No, you were on the job.
I have a feeling your extended break times
would be of interest
to your boss, Mr. Reinhart.
Hannah's going now.
Just like we talked about.
Only for three days,
and then she'll be back.
Good. I'll see you later.
I'm a big girl.
I remembered everything exactly.
I did everything right.
Grandpa, can we go to the sea
before we go home?
- Have you been to the sea?
- Yes. Lots of times, with Mama.
To the lighthouse
that looks like a candy cane.
Do you mean the lighthouse in Egmond?
That's always been the trip
that I like the most.
- I love you, Hannah.
- Forever?
Forever and ever and ever.
I'm Ruben. What's your name?
It's Gerd Bühling. Can we talk?
This isn't really a good time.
It won't take long, I promise.
Hi. I buzzed downstairs,
but I guess you didn't hear it.
I was in the shower.
May I come in?
Would it be possible to get some water?
If you don't mind?
May I use your restroom also?
Straight ahead through the living room.
Light blonde.
Thank you.
Uh, how are you doing since last time?
I'd like to get dressed now, though.
We found the car that hit you.
Burned out
and with the VIN number removed,
but we're sure it's the car
that hit you that night.
I'll show it to you.
It's a silver Volvo V70 like this one.
Look familiar?
I only saw headlights.
- And maybe the color?
- No.
All right.
Thank you.
I know I asked you about it
last time we talked,
but did you ever notice traces
of any other people in that house?
Two. The kids.
I mean other women besides Lena.
There have been other women?
I guess you don't follow the news.
Which is a good thing.
But yes, there were other women before you
as replacements for Lena.
So that's what you're here for?
To tell me that I wasn't
the replacement for Lena,
but the stand-in for the fucking stand-in?
I I'm sorry.
But you're the only one who made it out,
who survived out there.
Yeah, I made it.
I'm sorry. I'll go now.
Wonderful, Lena.
You've proved you're ready to come home.
I'll be coming
to get you very soon.
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