Liebes Kind (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Für Lena

[tense music plays]
Hello, Lena.
[clock ticking]
[lights buzzing]
[water dripping]
Help me.
- I thought you could use one. Here.
- [Gerd] Thanks.
We are an experienced surveillance team.
You know?
Yes, I do know.
I'm here for something else.
[Bujevic] Something we can help with?
I can't talk about it yet.
[dreamy music plays]
[car engine humming]
[indicator ticking]
Stay under the blanket.
Just until we get home.
[reporters clamoring]
- Mr. Beck! Mr. Beck!
- We just want to talk.
Mr. Beck. Hey! Come on, Mr. Beck!
- Just answer a few questions.
- Stop the car!
- Any updates on the case?
- [squeals]
- Almost there.
- Mr. Beck!
- Talk to us!
- Make a statement!
- Who's zombie girl? Any relation?
- [Matthias] Get lost!
- Sir, we just need
- [Matthias] Get lost!
[man] Just a question, please.
[Matthias] Ah.
Karin, I'd like you to meet Hannah.
Hannah, this is your grandma.
[mysterious music plays]
But you said we were going home, Grandpa.
We have. This is where we live.
But this isn't my home.
[Karin] Is that your cat?
Does it have a name?
[Hannah huffs]
I've been trying to reach you.
Why didn't you answer?
We'll talk later.
Come, Hannah, this way.
Let's go look at your room.
[Ruben] So?
Why are you here?
[chair whirring]
I got parked here
because my parents are splitting up,
which totally made my mom
pretty much flip out.
And you?
[whispers] I can't talk to you.
- What?
- Talking's against the rules.
Says who? Your sister?
And my Papa. They told me
I'm not supposed to talk to anyone.
They said they'll come and get me
when our new house is ready.
[foreboding music plays]
[door opens]
[Papa panting] Jonathan.
You have to let him sleep, all right?
Don't bother him or speak to him,
You see, I've got a lot of work to do now.
That's why I can't take you with me.
But I'll be watching you all the time.
And protecting you like always.
You know that, don't you?
[Hannah] One, two,
three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight, nine,
ten, 11, 12.
I drew that!
I know.
Papa, Mama, Jonathan, me, and Miss Tinky.
And your Mama.
Is that Lena?
The real Lena who gave birth to you?
Papa told us that doesn't matter.
He told you that?
[Hannah] It's not about
whether she gave birth to us.
What matters is Mama loving us
and obeying the rules all the time.
[Matthias] Is that a baby
she's holding in her arms?
[whispers] That's Sara.
Our sister.
- [footsteps approaching]
- We didn't keep her for long.
- [Karin] Matthias, I need you.
- In a minute.
You can't just make that girl think we're
a happy family and things are normal.
Except we are family.
- She's our granddaughter.
- Yeah!
You're exposing that child
to all that madness outside.
It's crazy here!
We need to support her
and give her normalcy.
She doesn't know what that is!
Only professional therapists
can give her that!
I'll still take her
to the therapy sessions!
Where are you going?
[Karin] I need some time to myself.
[poignant music plays]
[ringing tone]
[Gerd] Aida?
The shoulder and collarbone belongs
to a full-time home nurse from Croatia.
[Gerd] Okay.
[clears throat]
The DNA swab from that guy
at the security company? [sighs]
Does not match the kids.
[Gerd] I'm not surprised. Otherwise, he
probably wouldn't have agreed to the test.
That's not why I called you.
- [click]
- [grunts]
We've got some information from
the Maastricht police.
Jasper Neeskens, a Dutch national,
has been missing since the hit-and-run.
He was driving a silver Volvo V70
and fits the description
of the messed-up face.
Is it possible he's involved?
No. He and his family were living overseas
and just came back four months ago.
He worked as an engineer in South Africa
for over ten years.
That's all you have to say about this?
Jasmin Grass lied when she said
she knew him. You need to ask her why.
[sighs] Yeah, I'll go see her.
If the dead man
had nothing to do with it, then
why would Jasmin tell us he did?
I'll find out.
[ringing tone]
Jasmin Grass.
Um, my father just popped in for a visit.
So I'd like to reschedule
today's therapy session for next week.
Uh no.
I have an appointment
with my gynecologist that day.
Yes. I'm expecting.
Yes. I will.
Sorry for the short notice.
I'll get back to you.
Thank you.
You have a visitor.
Your grandma would like to meet you.
He has a stomach ache.
Probably too many sweets.
If you need anything,
I'm just down the hall.
[poignant music]
Hi, there.
There you go.
- All done?
- [sighs]
Is that better?
[Hannah] Mama,
can we get back to our lesson now?
Yeah. Everyone back to the classroom.
[sniffs] Go on.
[Jasmin sighs]
Open your notebooks.
- [door slams]
- Okay.
- [keys jingling]
- Papa!
[keys jingle]
[locks turning]
[door closes]
[Papa] Very good, you two.
[in unison] Thank you, Papa.
You know you shouldn't cry
in front of the children, Lena.
You will get your punishment.
But first, you take a pregnancy test.
- [grunts]
- [screams]
- [Jasmin] Yes!
- Ugh.
[Jonathan] It's broken.
Hannah, Jonathan, come on!
[suspenseful music plays]
[phone vibrating]
[mysterious music plays]
Why aren't you in bed?
Someone threw pebbles at my window.
Did you roll up the blinds
for some reason?
They went up by themselves.
[whirring stops]
[keys jingling]
How about some hot milk with honey?
That helps when you can't sleep.
No, thank you.
[ominous music plays]
[Hannah] I remembered everything exactly.
I did everything right.
I'm a big girl.
[music fades]
- [church bell ringing]
- [murmur of voices]
- One sugar?
- Sir!
- You got news?
- Hold on.
We just wanna get some answers.
[Matthias] Hannah?
[Hannah] There's Mama.
And that's our new home.
Our house.
Yes. We'll be going home very soon.
And then everything will
go back to how it was.
Papa? Where's Mama?
There she is.
You want to rest before
we go pick up Mama, don't you?
[mouse clicks]
[drawer closes]
[music intensifying]
[phone chimes]
[Papa] It's time, Lena.
Go out through the gate.
I'll wait around the corner.
[phone vibrating]
- Yes?
- [Matthias] Gerd? Hannah's gone.
- What?
- [opens door]
I've searched the whole house.
I can't find her anywhere.
The the front door was open.
And Miss Tinky
and her new book are gone too.
- Uh, tell me what to do.
- Matthias, calm down, okay?
[Matthias] The press outside
would've noticed something if
She she she must have left
in the middle of the night!
Stay there. I'll send someone over.
- You got that?
- [hangs up]
- Yeah.
- [beeping]
[all clamoring]
[Bujevic] This is ridiculous!
- How'd you get this address?
- Someone sent a message.
- Who?
- Couldn't say.
[reporters continue clamoring]
[man] What is this? Come on!
[suspenseful music plays]
[ringing tone]
- [Aida] Yes?
- Aida?
Call my department to send someone
to the Becks' immediately.
And forensics too.
Then call the Becks to let them know.
- What's going on?
- [Gerd] Hannah's missing.
- Matthias just called me.
- [sighs]
Where are you? I've been trying to
I'm following a
- Shit!
- [tires screech]
- Gerd?
- [Gerd] I'll explain later.
But I need you to look into the head of
the security company, Rogner something.
- Rogner and Son.
- Yeah, exactly.
See if there's any connection
to the Becks.
[Aida] Okay, will do.
Is that good, Papa?
We don't need these.
How are you, Lena?
[Papa] You're pregnant?
Lucky us.
[Jasmin] Where are we going?
[Hannah] To our new house, Mama.
Yes, sweetheart?
If we asked Nurse Ruth to live with us,
do you think she'd come?
She could be our grandma.
All children must have
a grandpa and grandma.
True. But they don't actually live
in the same house most of the time.
You told you lived with
your grandma and grandpa, though.
[Papa] Mmm.
But they were like my parents.
Your parents didn't raise you?
Why is that?
Please, Papa. Can't we just go
and pick up Nurse Ruth?
[Papa] I'm afraid not, sweetheart.
But you can wish for something else, okay?
- Anything?
- Anything.
I promise.
Drive us to the place
where the lighthouse is.
The one Mama said looks like a candy cane.
Where is that?
Grandpa said that it's in Egmond.
Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck
I'm sorry.
I don't have any Beck in our system.
Tax consultant,
Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf.
It could have been 13 years ago.
Then maybe it was before
the company moved here to Aachen.
I'll have to check in the file boxes.
Until I got here, they still kept
all their records on paper.
- Hmm.
- [pages turning]
[Aida] Is that Rogner senior?
[receptionist] Yes.
Your boss looks a lot like his father.
He was his grandfather.
And this?
Also him. With his wife.
And their daughter holding Lars.
So that's Lars Rogner's mother?
[receptionist] Uh-huh.
She just ran away one day.
She was too young.
- And what about his father?
- [receptionist] Never said.
I've got something.
Beck, office space
and private residence.
Both were equipped
with an alarm system in 2002.
The last service call on record
was nearly 13 years ago.
A false alarm.
Someone went to the house
to reset the system.
[dog barks]
[dog whining]
- [barking]
- Shit!
- [bee buzzing]
- [clattering]
[alarm wails]
[sighs] Shit!
[Matthias] Zero, two, one, six, one,
and then 27 three times.
- Okay!
- They'll turn it off.
- Thanks!
- Of course, lovebug.
And sorry to bother you!
- Say hi to Mama. Enjoy your anniversary!
- [dog barking]
I'm dog-sitting for one weekend,
and all hell breaks loose.
- [Papa] Look away for a moment, please.
- Okay.
- [Papa] Abracadabra.
- [Lena] You're the best!
- Oh, I'm sorry, buddy.
- [whimpering]
We both deserve an ice cream.
- Why not?
- Come in.
[foreboding music plays]
[Jasmin] Why me?
Why did you let me live?
And send Hannah in the ambulance?
That's an easy one.
Just because I asked him.
[breathing heavily]
[Jonathan sobs] It's ruined.
My treasure's all broken.
Give me that. It's dangerous.
- [sniffling]
- Jonathan, you stay here and tidy up.
- [whimpers]
- And clean the rug.
I'll get Mama back.
When Papa wakes up, tell him
I went to get her. Do you understand?
- [Jasmin screams] No!
- [gasps]
[driver] Hey, are you okay?
Can you hear me?
- Jesus.
- [wheezing]
I'll call an ambulance. Okay?
I'm gonna get you some help.
- [thump]
- [grunts]
[Papa] Hannah!
Huh. What are you doing?
You know you can't leave the house,
- You could get hurt!
- Mama's the one who's hurt.
A man hit her with his car.
I punished him already.
We need an ambulance for Mama.
[Papa] Hannah, that
- We can't do that.
- Please, Papa.
I want to keep this one.
She can tell stories much better
than the mamas before her.
She does it like our first Mama.
We have to go see a doctor this time.
Please don't cry, sweetheart.
Here, Papa.
You can defend yourself with it
when he wakes up.
Wait here until I come back.
[Papa] Do you remember
everything exactly?
The man was nice
and called Mama's ambulance.
He stayed with us
until he heard the ambulance coming.
It wasn't his fault.
She ran in front of him.
Good. Soon, we'll be a happy family again.
Okay? I'll come get you both
when she's better.
I'll call the ambulance. As soon as
you see the lights, run towards Mama.
Just like you said.
[Papa] Like I said.
I know that you'll do everything right,
my big girl.
I asked for it.
And Papa made my wishes come true,
because I've always been his favorite.
[phone vibrating]
Yeah? Bühling.
Gerd, it's Teske.
We didn't find any signs of forced entry.
No finger or footprints either.
- We're leaving soon, all right?
- Sorry, I need that.
Gerd, who's looking for her?
[Gerd] My colleagues are doing
everything they can, okay?
Hannah is somewhere out there all alone.
She's clueless about this world.
If anything happens to her
- Matthias.
- [Matthias] What?
[sighs] I'll bring her back to you.
I promise.
- You know where she is.
- I can't tell
- [man on radio] The A73 outside Nijmegen
- Fuck.
Please, uh, close up when you leave.
I I I have to go.
[Aida] Do you know who this is?
Papa. But he looks a lot older.
You're being such a good helper.
Do you recognize these people?
That's also Papa.
But he looks much younger.
And Mama!
But kind of different.
Can I ask you one more thing, Jonathan?
Why did you stay in the house alone?
The door wasn't locked.
Because Hannah left
and said I had to clean the mess.
Is that bad?
[Karin] No, sweetie, that's not bad.
Hmm? Come here.
Come here. Sh.
[engine rumbling]
It's 12 o'clock.
- We're almost there.
- I just need to pee.
[waves breaking]
[seabirds calling]
[parking brake creaks]
[keys jingling]
Let's go.
[Aida] Jonathan has identified him.
It is Lars Rogner.
And there's a picture of his mother
hanging in his office.
- She looks just like Lena Beck.
- Understood.
[Aida] The skirt, the blouse, everything.
Nobody in the company
has any idea where he is,
but Rogner inherited a house from
his grandfather near Mönchengladbach.
- I'm on my way there right now.
- Shit.
[Jasmin] Turn around, please.
[Papa] Shit!
Lena, get up.
- [coughs]
- I'm not pregnant.
I'm not Lena!
I'm Jasmin.
[Papa gasping softly]
[muffled sounds]
[emotional music plays]
[Papa gasps softly]
Where's Lena?
Where did you bury her?
[hoarsely] The garden.
At home.
[wind whistling]
[poignant music plays]
Is it like we described?
How does it feel?
But nice.
A special happiness.
[birds calling]
My name is Matthias Beck.
This is my wife, Karin.
Thirteen years ago,
our daughter, Lena, was abducted.
[children playing]
[Matthias] She was someone who loved life.
Hello, Hannah.
[Matthias] Curious.
Hello, Benedikt.
[Matthias] Smart.
Always willing to help.
A gifted storyteller.
For those very painful 13 years,
we had no answers.
Now, our daughter has been found,
and we were able to put her to rest.
She is with us.
[sentimental music plays]
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