Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

The Real Deal

1 [atmospheric music playing.]
- [Tyler.]
How's it going? - [man.]
Oh! - I'm Tyler.
- [man.]
What's up, Tyler? [Tyler.]
Nice to meet you.
- Curious to see what comes through.
- Let's do it.
Gonna center myself, take deep breaths.
- [man.]
Do your thing.
- And then we will see what comes in.
[pen scribbling.]
[Tyler sighs.]
[clicks tongue.]
We're gonna talk about living people.
- Okay.
- [Tyler.]
Um There's gonna be something that comes up pertaining to someone having a difficulty breathing, either finding a spot on an X-ray of our lungs.
There's something coming in, but it doesn't feel like it's been taken as seriously as it should.
My mother.
So, if Mom has had some breathin' stuff? She said she had a spot on her lung.
- But that's - Yeah.
How did you know that? Like, would it You felt the spot? Or like [Tyler.]
I see it visually.
I had a collapsed lung, but it comes through similar in the sense of literally seeing an X-ray and seeing a spot.
That's just My mind, man.
[somber music playing.]
So we're gonna keep going.
Just switching gears a bit.
[smacks lips.]
It's coming in on the cousin level.
Oh! Just give me one second.
It hit you, man, if you know what I know.
Yes, all good.
My chest is killing me here, but give me one second.
There's a kind of a feeling I'm getting shot from the side.
Hey, yo.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, there's no way you would know that.
[uneasy music playing.]
I always used drawing and painting as a way to relax or meditate.
But I never thought the scribbling I do in high school, not paying attention to the teacher, would end up being part of my career.
I would sit and scribble, and scribble, and scribble.
One day, I was doodling and started feeling things.
So I started implementing them more into readings.
When I'm connecting, I really liken myself to that of a canvas.
And the person that comes through paints the picture.
But in the beginning, it was really difficult to regulate my ability.
I couldn't really turn it up in the sense of increasing it or even really decrease it.
Who's that? When I was ten years old, I was lying in bed.
 I remember being woken up.
When I opened my eyes, I just had this knowingness that my grandmother was going to die.
As I was explaining this feeling to my mom, the phone rang.
My dad was on the other end.
He gave her the news that my grandmother had just taken her final breath.
It was only years later that I understood that to be a premonition.
It took years of practice and relaying the information I would get to start to get a semblance of control.
From the ages of 16 to 18, I was doing readings almost every day.
Word of mouth spread very quickly.
Before I knew it, I had people coming to my front door and leaving notes.
And from there, I started getting requests from Southern California.
With his uncanny ability to connect to those who've passed, twenty-year-old Tyler Henry blows celebrities' minds off and on camera in his hit E! series Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.
My life took a very weird turn.
[upbeat music playing.]
The most sought-after clairvoyant around.
- You are the real thing.
- Thank you.
Wow! [Tyler.]
When I was nineteen, I began filming a television show.
Oh my gosh.
And from there, I started doing live shows.
Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Henry! [crowd cheering.]
These are in front of an audience of up to 3,000 people.
Hello, everybody! [chuckling.]
This journey really did make me come full circle as to why I started in the first place.
Filming this show has lent me an opportunity to help people who have a deep need for reading.
When I took the leap and had the courage to share my ability, I was doing it for people who I thought could benefit from it the most.
To see how my life has evolved now, being back in that place has, I think, been a reminder of why I do what I do.
[vibrant music playing.]
Has anything been coming through for this reading? There's a lot of feminine energy, so - From who you're going to read? - Yeah.
My assistant Heather is a big part of my life.
She's instrumental in getting me from point A to point B because I never know what I'm going into.
The producers don't tell me anything, where I'm going, who I'm reading, what's going on.
All Heather and my mom know is where to drop me off.
That's literally it.
There's a bit much feeling of a death and a birth.
Within kind of a short period of one another.
It's a weird sensation.
It's kind of that vibe of like, "I die, you live," kind of thing.
- I dunno.
It's weird.
- Mm-hmm.
[vibrant music playing.]
- Hi! How's it going? - [woman.]
- Welcome to my home.
- [Tyler.]
It's lovely to meet you.
I'm having palpitations because I didn't think this day would come.
- [Tyler.]
Hello, everybody! - Hi! [Tyler.]
How's it going? - My beautiful girlfriends.
- Oh, hi! How are you? - Good to meet you.
How are you? - [friend 1.]
Nice to meet you.
- Very.
- [Tyler.]
Good to see you all.
How's it going? - Good.
Thank you so much for coming.
- Absolutely.
- And for hanging out.
- [Tyler.]
This is where it's at.
[friend 2.]
We're so excited to have you.
I wouldn't have missed it.
You don't know how many times we've sat here, drank wine, and just dreamt of this moment.
I'm excited.
I already have stuff coming, but I'll explain my process.
- Let you know what to expect.
- Oh my God, that gave me [Tyler.]
There's a lot of stuff with this, so it's important for me to get into a certain headspace.
But I'm excited to see what comes through, and we'll go from there.
- All right? - Sounds good.
I have my notepad here, as you're familiar with.
- [friend 3.]
I feel my heart jolting.
- Mine too.
I need a drink of wine.
That's all right.
[friend 3.]
I don't think my heart's not in my Good.
There, there.
I had a lot of feminine energy coming through on the way here.
Granted, female here, but this person's excited to come through.
When I get this tier of excitement, it usually indicates somebody who passed away early, who wasn't able to hit middle age, is the way that I would describe this.
And when I'm connecting with this person, I suspect this is a female.
Without giving it away, can you relate to a female who passed prematurely? - Yes.
Oh yes.
- Okay.
[pen scribbling.]
There's a lot of specifics, so I have to connect more deeply.
All right.
So she does bring up this emphasis on a symbol of hummingbirds.
Any time I see hummingbirds, it almost always indicates that somebody has had an experience, and it may only be one person, that feels sentimental in some way related to a hummingbird, the way this comes across.
It has to be a hummingbird.
If there are other bird-related signs, wings Oh, she had a tattoo of a hummingbird! - [friend 2.]
Oh my God! Yes, she did! - That's immediately what I thought of.
I love it.
I love it so much.
It seems to be a spirit animal thing, the way this comes across, something she relates to.
That's good to keep in mind.
Keep your eyes out for that kind of thing.
- I can tell that it meant something.
- Okay.
Give me one sec.
Trying to symbolically figure this out.
Okay, so there would have been a couple things.
She had funny music taste, strange.
All over the place.
I'll tell you, 'cause it's weird.
- Tell us.
- Oh my gosh.
There's a funny thing.
If I looked at her, I wouldn't think that she would like this specific kind of music.
[friend 1.]
My God.
If he says what I think I have no idea how I'm going to - [friend 2.]
Don't tell us.
My God.
- He wouldn't know.
I feel almost kind of, I don't know what this is.
There's something funny with it, where I feel like it's not matching when I would look at her versus what she had going on.
But it's That makes sense.
- This is what we always talk about.
- [Tyler.]
When we're highlighting this person, she comes through as a spitfire, very independent, which is coming across.
- She's a firecracker, spicy.
- [woman.]
- It's the only way to describe her.
- Spice Girls! - Yes - Spice girl.
Give me one sec.
As a medium, I receive impressions.
I get very small tidbits of details I have to interpret and make sense of based on my previous readings and experience I try to set the intention, as I'm communicating with whoever's coming through, to elaborate on either how they passed, what's important to them, the messages that might be meaningful.
When I sit in a reading, I intend to get as much information from that spirit as I can get.
In the six months before she would've passed, she's putting this emphasis on trying to get as healthy as she can get.
And I feel like I'm trying to almost monitor my weight to make sure that I'm at a healthy place.
She would have had this susceptibility to diabetes, that kind of thing.
She kind of struck me as that.
Does that make sense? - One hundred percent.
- That's crazy.
But there is this aspect she is bringing up.
This feeling of very suddenly realizing that I feel like I need to go the hospital, or like I need to get medical attention.
She felt like people might have told her, "Oh, it's just nerves.
It's normal.
" - Yes.
- [Tyler.]
But she knew something was wrong.
I feel kind of almost like something's filling up.
I don't know really how to describe it, but it feels like something's gone amiss.
- Hundred percent.
- Yes, everything you're saying is [Tyler.]
Uh, there's this feeling of being more concerned about somebody else than myself.
It's 'cause I see my symbol for selflessness.
It's so weird.
I was born about three months early, um, as a child, and weirdly, I feel like a premature birth.
Someone being born premature.
Some relevance there, but she wasn't born I don't think it's her who was born premature, or some other aspect here I'm trying to unravel.
- [Tyler.]
Was she pregnant? - [all.]
Okay, so there's a lot coming in.
So I feel like I have to bring up, she acknowledges this feeling of anything done to extend her life, or to try, would've failed by default.
She didn't wanna be put on a ventilator.
She didn't want anything along those lines that would've kept her alive artificially.
She acknowledges acceptance around this.
She just seems to be extremely focused on this child that I I feel made it, but that too came very close to to not happening.
- I suspect.
- [woman.]
- [Tyler.]
Do we know of a situation? - Yes.
Oh yes.
As we've covered clearly a little bit about what happened, if you wanna fill in the blanks for me of who she was to you all? - This is our best friend, Lauren.
- [friend 2.]
Our best friend, Lauren.
[somber music playing.]
[woman 1 laughs.]
[woman 2.]
 Lauren? [cheers, laughs.]
[woman 1.]
 She was our crazy white girl.
- I love you, bestie.
- Hello.
[friend 2.]
Lauren was mother hen.
Lauren took care of everything.
She's the one that said, "I'll do it.
" - I'll do it.
- [friend 3.]
I'll do it.
She was so loved.
[friend 1.]
We'd always joke 'cause she was brown on the inside.
She loved Mexican food.
She loved mariachi bands.
And she didn't even speak Spanish.
She loved that music.
When you were like, "This music does not" - Doesn't match her.
Makes sense.
- Doesn't match.
She loved Mexican music.
- It was like mariachi, banda.
- We'd be like, "Lauren!" [Tyler.]
Was she Italian? - Yes! - [laughs.]
[friend 1.]
 And she loved being Italian.
[friend 2.]
She said, "We're Italian.
" She always made sure.
I'm Italian.
I'm Italian.
There you go.
That's precious.
All right.
So, with her situation, if you don't mind telling me, can I know how she passed? You mentioned that she knew something was got up.
- Or missed.
- [Tyler.]
I remember she called me when she had a gestational diabetes test, and she was really worried about that.
- And I said, "Don't worry.
Just relax.
" - Yeah.
When she got her results back, she's like, "I'm a point away from it.
" I said, "That's really close.
" And she's like, "But, you know.
" In all honesty, she brought it up in the very beginning, the conscientious around diabetes [woman.]
I would look at her and be like, "You know, your weight" - She had swollen - She had everything that showed that.
- Fatigue.
- [woman.]
It was about a month before her due date.
We actually had a tamale party the Saturday before, we We have a traditional tamale party where we get together - [woman.]
In December.
- We drink wine, and we make tamales.
- Yeah.
- [friend 3.]
Right before Christmas.
So, we all got together, and, um, she didn't look that well.
She looked tired.
And we just thought it was just she was, you know, getting more pregnant.
Fast forward, she was admitted for chest pain.
You mentioned filling up.
- [Tyler.]
Something filling and emptying.
- And emptying out.
- So the hospital pumped her with fluids.
- Oh.
She's like, "I feel like my body's going crazy.
" - She felt like she was drowning.
- [friend 3.]
She was messaging us.
- Like, "I'm really scared.
" - "I'm sick.
" "I don't know what's going on.
I don't know what this means.
" - Her words were pain.
- Yikes.
So I just drove to the hospital, and then they were keeping her alive to get Baby out in time.
So Baby was without oxygen.
He was a month early.
- You mentioned preemie.
- Yes.
- So it's very spot on.
- [Tyler.]
I see.
And she puts a lot of acceptance, so long as the baby was to live.
- That was important for her.
- [woman.]
He's beautiful.
I'm so glad that he made it.
- It was such a scary close call.
- He's beautiful.
We'll talk about where this child is currently.
- 'Cause I see him being kept away.
- [woman.]
And that this is an area of frustration.
Do we know of a situation along those lines? - Yes.
- [Tyler.]
With whatever you're comfortable sharing, how did that pertain? She said she was gonna be the godmother, and, um - That wasn't the case.
- [woman.]
It really hurt.
We see pictures on Facebook and stuff.
So that's how we connect.
That won't always be the case.
I wanna emphasize this.
That's going to change.
She wants these people in her life that were important to be able to have a relationship with this kid, but it may not be the case now, so just - [friend 3.]
She knows that? - [Tyler.]
[friend 3.]
That for me is one of the most important messages of this reading.
- Just that.
- That's what we wanted.
That's what we asked for.
I do suspect, um, there's something with this.
[smacks lips.]
Okay, there.
There, there, Okay.
She is having me talk about, um, Rich.
Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich.
Who's Rich? Oh! [chuckles.]
- Richie.
- [Tyler.]
It's a name.
- Oh, Richie! - [Tyler.]
Who's Richie? [woman.]
She didn't meet my second child.
I was pregnant with him when she passed.
That's where we're going.
She's having me highlight this little one, and I feel like she's making a big point to acknowledge him and his birth.
I'm putting a lot of love around that, and I feel like it's big.
I had a complication after my epidural.
- [Tyler.]
- And I thought I was gonna die.
But I felt her.
That's the message with this.
By bringing him up, it was validation that she was part of that process.
I thought about her the whole time when I was in there.
She knew this, so please know there's no accidents.
- She sacrificed for his health.
- [Tyler.]
She was a big part of it.
It shows that she was involved on the other side, and the people that loved her.
- That didn't end just because she passed.
- [friend 2.]
When she comes through, she acknowledges a sense of peace at her passing.
- Okay.
- [Tyler.]
How she's honored moving forward.
- She seems all good.
- [woman.]
And very proud.
And just so connected to her sisters, is really how it feels more than anything.
I can't believe everything you're telling us.
Aw, I'm so glad.
I know it's pretty cool.
I thought we'd get two or three things - You know - You were reading into our journal.
- Yes.
- [laughing.]
This has been an amazing girls' night.
I feel personally I wanna hang out with you again.
- We really feel like you brought Lauren.
- [friend 3.]
We got our Lauren.
Oh, I'm so glad.
Today, it felt like Lauren was sitting there with us.
He said a hundred things to validate that - We're gonna walk through this.
- She was here.
Everything he said was spot on.
[upbeat music playing.]
Oh my goodness.
Yeah? [Tyler sighs.]
That was so good.
It was a group of four people.
- [Heather.]
Yeah? - [Tyler.]
It was their friend who passed, who was a female who had passed away when she was pregnant.
She died giving birth to her baby.
- So the baby, the baby lived.
- That's what you said! - That's exactly what you said.
- [Tyler.]
Yes, it's nuts.
[Heather gasps.]
She's wow.
That was so special.
It was a lot to digest.
- [Heather.]
- [Tyler.]
For me and for them.
It's not easy.
It's more the after.
It's more going home now.
It's where my challenge kind of begins.
- Yeah.
- Letting it go, which, you know Hmm.
It's like, to get to that headspace, I have to like sacrifice some of my own existence, weirdly, and it, like, stays with the people.
And then as days go on, it kind of comes back to me, but I feel like I left a part of myself there.
It's really weird.
[vibrant music playing.]
Okay, so, I'm gonna put these in here for you.
Like five.
Because you can never have too many toothbrushes.
Daddy Wasserman will be proud of ya.
- Oh, don't.
- [Theresa.]
That's our dentist.
He's gonna know I call him "Daddy" now.
[Theresa laughs.]
Oh! He says "Open wide.
" I'm like, "Yes, sir.
" Tyler.
- [Theresa.]
Ay, ay, ay.
- Now he's gonna know.
Cat's out of the bag.
It's not my fault I have a hot dentist.
It sounds a little stereotypical, but my mom is my best friend, and we have a straightforward relationship.
My mom gets me.
I get her.
We're beyond the point of cordiality.
Um, yeah.
I'm kinda tired.
I think we're supposed to be packing.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
Oh man.
What's for dinner? Mm-hmm.
- What's for dinner? - Am I supposed to read your mind? [laughs.]
My mom is the embodiment of a great mother.
Any good I do, I really believe comes from the strength that she gave me.
So, yeah.
Have you ever tried to read your mom? I Yea Yeah.
I spontaneously read my mom when I was a teenager one day.
I had a name come through, and I asked her who it was, and she just burst into tears crying because the person I had identified had done something really bad to my mom.
She's never told me the extent of what that was.
So it's a mystery.
I think that was really a turning point to my mom's understanding of my ability, that she had kept secrets to protect me, and I was still capable of seeing through some things.
I thought that was definitely a turning point.
For sure.
But yeah, it goes to show as a medium, I can see some pieces of information, but often not the whole picture.
- [man.]
Ready? - [Tyler.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[Tyler grunts.]
I just don't know my own strength.
Clint is my partner of four-and-a-half years.
How did you guys meet? He would tell you a different story, but he tweeted me.
He slid into those DM's.
Gays, man.
They're persistent.
And don't you forget it.
- [kisses.]
- laughs.]
I think coming from a small town in Georgia, I feel like he just, he really wanted somebody to relate to.
I had an immediate connection with him.
So as far as your mom's family, I've hit a brick wall there, and nobody wants to talk.
The majority of the research that I was doing back when this all started was with the family DNA research - [Tyler.]
- We didn't know what we were looking for.
[suspenseful music playing.]
At first, you did the DNA test.
It came back different than you thought.
But when your mom did it was when, like - [Tyler.]
We really realized.
- Shit got weird.
Whoops! DNA don't lie.
It was only two years ago that my mom found out her mother wasn't her mother.
Her father wasn't her father.
The siblings she had, she wasn't related to, and we were just stunned.
We were in complete shock.
On every level here, there's mystery.
You'd think as a medium, I should be able to call everybody on the other side and figure out what happened to my mom.
But every step of the way, I've hit a wall.
I'm too biased and connected to the situation to be emotionally objective, and because of that, I need help finding the answers we're seeking.
I wanna know how exactly Stella obtained my mom, and what my mom's biological mother thought was happening.
Did she know? Did she think that my mom was going to somebody else? How did that happen? I have a right to know, and I'm not gonna let anyone stop me.
We just have to figure out who can help.
I just wonder why, like This is so convoluted.
[vibrant music playing.]
We should get some of those stickers.
- [Theresa.]
What stickers? - "Student driver.
" - [Theresa.]
Where? For who? - Right there.
 See? You.
We'll put them on the back, so people are warned.
You're hilarious.
I predict you're going to have an amazing reading today.
I sure hope so.
I did have someone come through earlier who passed away in a fire.
What? [Tyler.]
I could tell this was a male.
I'd be interested to see who this is.
Come on.
Buck up.
It's gonna be okay.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[upbeat music playing.]
How's it going? Oh! I'm Tyler.
- What's up? - Nice to meet you.
- Bring it in.
COVID or not.
- Aw.
Lovely to meet you.
- Good to meet you too.
- Thank you for having me.
- Absolutely.
- This is so cool.
- [man.]
Welcome to my world.
- Amazing.
- What's your name? - Cals.
- Cals.
Nice to meet you.
- You look just like - Never mind.
- [Tyler.]
Yeah? - Macaulay Culkin.
I get him a lot.
- [Cals laughs.]
I wasn't sure.
[Tyler chuckles.]
- This is a cool place.
What's this studio? - [Cals.]
The name of this studio is Stankonia Studios.
It was named after Outkast's album.
Lot of history has been made in this studio.
I believe it.
- Curious to see what comes through.
- Let's do it.
- Do you any have objects? - [Cals.]
You can whip 'em out now.
You can put it right there.
I'm gonna center myself, take deep breaths.
- [Cals.]
Do your thing.
- We will see what comes in.
[pen scribbles.]
[uneasy music playing.]
[Tyler sighs.]
[smacks lips.]
All right.
[vocalizing tunes softly.]
- We're gonna talk about living people.
- Okay.
Um, think, think biological family.
Um There's gonna be something that comes up pertaining to someone having a difficulty breathing, either finding a spot on an X-ray of our lungs.
There's been either a conversation around it, but it doesn't feel like it's been taken as seriously as it should [Cals.]
My mother.
- In the long run.
- She said she had a spot on her lung.
- But that's - Yeah.
How did you know that? Like, would it You felt the spot? Or like [Tyler.]
I see it visually.
Uh, I had a collapsed lung earlier this year.
It does come through similar in the sense of seeing an X-ray and seeing a spot.
In early 2020, I had actually had a collapsed lung.
It was resting on my heart.
While I don't think my ability caused that, I have a lot of physical effects from readings, and they put me through it.
So I have no idea how this will affect my body in the long run.
Gonna touch the watch, if that's all right.
- Go for it.
- Let's see what comes in.
Got you.
[smacks lips.]
I have these two males that are coming through together that I have to talk about.
Any time people come through together, it means that they have some link or bond on the other side.
Like, I wouldn't connect with one.
I'd have to connect with both.
- [Cals.]
They're family.
- Yeah.
It's interesting, the way it comes through.
One comes through younger, one older, in the way this is coming across, but they're both together.
There is a reference to a contemporary that passed.
To explain this 'cause I see this symbolically, if I say that, it's someone on our level.
- Yeah, yeah.
- We're gonna talk about their passing.
Now, very interesting.
They kind of are juxtaposed, is I guess the word.
One passing coming with a little bit more baggage than the other.
- Hell yeah.
- [Tyler.]
So it's kind of weird.
The way I'd describe this is, baggage almost always indicates, like, a violent end.
- Something that's like - [Cals.]
- [Tyler.]
Traumatic to watch a scene.
- Yeah.
That kind of thing.
The other one doesn't strike me with that, which is kind of interesting because he gives this feeling of an importance in what you're doing in your career.
As you do this, it's almost like his soul finds a greater sense of peace.
The interesting thing about his passing was that the medical response there, there's just a delay with this.
- [Tyler.]
I feel like I just sit there.
- Yes.
Why didn't somebody call faster? - Why didn't we get there? - How do you I know.
There was a conversation around it, I can tell, people were like, "What? How did this happen?" That's exactly what it was.
We were waiting about, I don't know, 20, 30 minutes.
The hospital was right down the street.
- We're like, "Where is the ambulance?" - Yeah.
- That's crazy.
- [Tyler.]
It's rough.
He doesn't want anyone to hold onto it.
When it comes across, it gives him this feeling of not wanting them to think they could've done it different - That's crazy.
- Should've been immediate.
So if you could share like his name, a little bit about him That's my older cousin, Ducky, who just kinda looked out for me a lot.
Big, lovable guy.
Will flip a dumpster for you.
- You know.
He's a big, big guy.
Big guy.
- [Tyler.]
Heart of gold, though, man.
Doesn't matter the situation.
Whatever it was, he's coming through in the clutch.
So, basically, me and him worked at a job that he had, that, uh We were making, like, drywall and stuff.
I was getting comfortable at the job.
I'm like, "I'm making good money," but he was like, "Do the music.
Do the music.
 Don't get comfortable here.
" - And then - Yeah.
He basically died of a heart attack at the job and Yeah.
He worked himself to death.
He's a big part of my influence, and this new fire I got.
Know what I mean? I love that.
That's a gift you carry with you every day.
What a blessing.
- Big blessing.
- [Tyler.]
- That's just - [Tyler.]
I'm so glad.
My mind, man.
So we're gonna keep going.
They're switching gears a little bit.
[smacks lips.]
[somber music playing.]
There Uh, okay.
That's interesting.
This is really weird.
They're showing me shoes for some reason.
Who's showing you shoes? [Tyler.]
It's coming in on the cousin level for sure.
Why would we be thinking about red shoes? Uh, he had these I had this pair of Varsity Red Jordans.
And he used to be like, "Bruh, please let me wear these.
" He loved those red shoes.
- [Tyler.]
- Yeah.
This guy, I feel like would've passed away In all honesty, it comes across, like - It's some heavy stuff.
- Yeah.
This is one of those interesting things where you get a reference to "Candle in the Wind.
" That was a weird thing to say.
But it's usually a reference that means living every day to the fullest and kind of passing away too early or too soon.
Yeah, he'd crack a bottle open at 2:30 in the afternoon just to live.
You know? He made sure he did everything he was planning to do before he left.
Some people live to be 90, and don't live at all.
- Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
Right? So yeah.
He's referring to somebody like "Mickey" or "Mikey"? Or something.
- Who's it coming from? - [Tyler.]
It's coming from one of the two, but I can't understand why.
That's why I'm not confident in it.
It's who they're watching over or around.
It usually refers to a person.
We'll keep that in mind in the future.
We're gonna keep going.
They're having me talk about finishing something up or completing something.
It's interesting There's gonna be something either involving their voice, a recording.
- Something that gets included.
- Yeah.
And it's just, like, almost like a nod to them in, in a musical piece.
We used to I used to come into town all the time.
This is on the contemporary, on our level.
And uh, we used to get that, throw some beats on, and we'd just freestyle.
- And I have the last recording.
- [Tyler.]
From when I went back out of town, before I got that news that he had passed.
- [Tyler.]
- Uh And I don't know how the hell you'd know that I had a recording of him.
It's big.
It seems important, and they show a lot of pride around it.
They feel very like, whoo! Like, I feel happy about this.
I feel, in this way, his legacy will live on in an interesting way.
- There's a pat on the back around that.
- Yeah.
That's crazy.
Please know that's important.
They're kind of wanting me to acknowledge [sighs.]
their passing.
Just give me one sec.
It'll hit you, if you know what I know then.
It's all good.
My chest is killing me here.
But give me one sec.
I also - [Cals.]
- It's more of [blows.]
Give me one minute.
- [Cals.]
- I've kinda feeling my own pain, I think.
Come on Okay.
Um Around the more violent situation, there's a feeling I'm getting shot from the side.
Hey, yo.
I know that's heavy stuff, but I'm not gonna get into it.
They're just bringing it up.
Uh - Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
It's all good.
Of leading up to this passing, I feel like someone kind of betrays me.
There's some aspect of you they're acknowledging.
Thinking somebody was one way, and they were another way.
But there's an aspect leading up to it that feels like it ties in some way.
I feel like I got betrayed.
Without elaborating too much, you're absolutely right.
- [Tyler.]
It makes sense.
- What the fuck.
It's all good.
Do you know of anyone who would have an "s-h" -sounding name? So, like, "Sheree"? "Sherri"? I'm getting, phonetically, the "shh" kind of sound.
Shon is It's Vashon.
He just calls himself, uh - He tells everybody to call him Shon.
- [Tyler.]
How's he pertinent? Or is he at all? Oh, Vashon is my cousin.
That's whose watch you're holding.
That's the person who died from a traumatic death.
That makes sense.
His father is my mother's brother.
So We grew up together.
All the same age.
- Matching outfits.
- [Tyler.]
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you [Cals.]
Rapping together.
Performing together.
This is my other half.
We were on the same path up until about 17, when he got arrested.
He got sentenced to do ten years.
That's when I popped off.
That's when everything I got all my placements.
I did my first publishing deal, everything in between.
So that when he gets out at 27, I only get to hang with him for three years after that.
Died at thirty.
- Wow.
- [Cals.]
So Beat.
- Wow.
- Just about everything that can happen.
- It's gang shit.
- [Tyler.]
It's meant for it to be a closed casket.
It's meant for your mom to think about that shit over and over, and how it happened, and what happened.
But he's very street-smart.
So he The position that he was found in is not a situation that he would get in on his own.
He would be able to read the room.
He's real intuitive.
- Very.
- Really intuitive.
So without going too far into it 'cause it's a lot of street politics and gang shit and everything.
So it's There was a person he was hanging around a lot, whom, uh, he had a real tumultuous harmony.
Weird relationship they had.
That person was the last person that he was around.
- Yeah.
- [Cals.]
You know.
I think it's validation today, when he comes through, of your feelings.
The fact that you do know that he wouldn't be in that situation organically.
At all.
So his big message today is really this understanding of validating that what you think is correct.
And particularly how that pertains to that person.
So [Cals.]
Just you being able to tell me that whatever I'm Whatever that little, that hunch is - [Tyler.]
It's very much real.
- Yeah.
When you think of him, what's your favorite memory with him? [Cals.]
Uh There was one time we were in South Carolina.
We were walkin' around.
He came across a dog.
He always wanted a dog.
- And take him to the hotel.
Wash him up.
- Yeah.
We used all the towels.
And then just dumped them by the clean-up lady's door.
- And they called my grandfather.
- [Tyler.]
- Yeah.
- You got busted.
'Cause it wasn't even what we did.
It was that somebody had to call to tell him what we were doing.
- And we were saying earlier, Mickey.
- Right.
- My uncle Mickey likes this story.
- [laughs.]
He said it at his funeral.
- That is fucking crazy.
- [laughs.]
- This is nuts, man.
- [Tyler.]
It's all good.
This is crazy.
You know, my girl is the reason this happened.
She wrote a letter in for me.
So I was kind of skeptical as it was, or just looking for the bullshit.
But, uh, I I mean, there's no way you would know that.
I'm an intuitive person.
- And I feel what I feel.
- [Tyler.]
But there's family members that don't even know what you're telling me.
- [Tyler.]
- That's nuts.
It's interesting that you said you're intuitive 'cause I feel like you're more connected than the average person.
- Yeah.
One hundred percent.
- Those hunches, those gut feelings Those downloads when you know something, but you can't explain why.
They're very real.
This is interesting.
- Thank you.
- [Tyler.]
This is gonna change me all my life from here on out.
- I'm not gonna second-guess the intuition.
- [Tyler.]
- It's coming from you and your abilities.
- Good.
I'mma take this into my career.
- I'm I'm leaving with that, man.
- Aw, man.
I'm so happy.
All right, give me a hug.
Give me a hug, bro.
What music do you listen to? Well, being a spiritual person, like, dolphin farts and wind chimes.
You know, meditation music, but my mom is actually a huge rap fan.
- Really? - She's a four-foot-eleven Italian woman.
But, uh, she loves Lil Jon, Snoop.
- [Cals.]
Wow - Everybody.
She likes gangster rap.
- With the finger pistols.
- [Tyler.]
She's too much.
Get her in here.
- Throw her in the booth.
- Let me go grab her.
I'll be right back.
This dude's not sitting there sweatin', scribblin' on a pad or anything.
He's He's really channeling something.
He's seeing stuff.
I'm looking for all of the chinks in the armor, but I couldn't find any.
He's locking in and going somewhere else.
This guy's the real deal, man.
Hey! - Hey! - Hi.
- How are you? Good to meet you.
- [Tyler.]
Aw - So you're the gangster.
- Oh my God.
 Oh my God.
I'm just so overwhelmed.
This is like going into the space shuttle.
- Nobody gets to do that.
- Welcome to the spaceship.
- You wanna jump in the booth? - [Theresa.]
This is too funny.
I don't know what to do.
Help me! All right, it's coming through.
You might get a little hiss.
Ma's in the booth, Tyler.
- Driving Miss Crazy - Yeah.
Around the block - Oh.
- Take it to the top - Take it to the top - All way to the top [Theresa.]
That's all I got - All she got - I promise, that's all she's got.
Thank you so much.
Right now - The woman that birthed me.
- Do you know how happy it makes me? Do you know how happy it makes me? Wait till we drop the album.
The mixtape.
[Cals and Tyler laugh.]
Now, talking about ancestry I wanna talk to you 'cause I'm confused about the birth certificate.
- Me too.
- [Tyler.]
So, do you Were you issued a birth certificate when you were born? I was, but I don't believe it's the same birth certificate that I have now.
Up until in my mid-50s, I thought that Stella and Gwle were my biological parents.
She told me she was my mother, and that's what my birth certificate said.
So, your middle name was "Wava," but this has you down as "Java.
" - [Theresa.]
- As much as you like coffee - [Theresa.]
I know.
- [Tyler.]
this seems an error.
So I know my birth certificate has been doctored.
Jesus, this is like going through a riddle.
- [Theresa.]
I know.
- To get to the bottom of this.
I always wonder who I am, where I came from.
What could've been? And I'm just so thankful that Tyler has taken an interest.
He wants to know more about his heritage.
It's not just about me.
It's about Tyler.
He has a right to know, and I can't take that away from him, nor would I ever want to.
Just finding out that Stella isn't your mother - [Tyler.]
- Oh my God.
It was a relief.
It was like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me.
[voice breaks.]
Because I know I'm not related to her, I'm not like her.
- You couldn't be more different.
- I know.
I know I'm a good person.
Aw - No, it's okay, Tyler.
I'm fine.
- Come here and give me a hug.
You're such a good boy.
Oh, well, sometimes, when I behave.
[Theresa chuckles.]
I feel like my life is defined by moments of trying to help people find a sense of peace.
My main way is through readings.
For my mom, I want her to get as close as she can to a sense of closure.
But after two years, my mom and I still don't know the truth.
How did she get in the hands of a criminal? People ask me all the time in readings, "Are there evil people?" There's certainly evil acts.
Stella, the woman who I actually thought was my mother, was a murderer.
[closing theme music playing.]

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