Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Mommy Dearest

1 Hey, does some pasta sound good? - Yeah.
You know me.
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Do I ever ask for anything else? I know, you're so boring.
Do you want cheddar cheese over it? That's the last thing I wrote on this.
- It's funny that Are you clairvoyant? - Stop it.
- You didn't write that.
- Look, "cheddar cheese.
" - How weird is that? Oh, my gosh.
- Cheddar.
An enigma.
All right.
- Um - You're too funny.
Do you know that I was supposed to go to Stella's birthday party, and I totally I was invited, but I would never do that.
- Did you get invited? - I'd never go.
This year? - Yeah, she turned 94 or 95 or something.
- Wow.
But you know, everyone was being polite and invited me, and um - It's never gonna happen.
- Yeah, I'll say.
You know, there's just so much going on with her, and I don't want anything to do with her.
I thought my entire life, up until two years ago, that Stella was my mother.
This murderer, and, you know, this is gonna sound terrible.
She's not just a bad person because she was a murderer.
There were other things that she did.
You know, Tyler, I still have not confronted Stella about how she got me.
She just told me one lie after another.
All of my life, I thought she was my mother, and I don't know how she was able to pull that off.
And how she got me from my biological mother.
What lie did she tell to make my mother hand me over? Because my mother would've never given me to someone as evil and horrible as her.
As a kid, I was told my mom's mom had spent time in prison.
This was no secret, considering she served 30 years, and for a good portion of my childhood was in the pen.
People from prison would write to me.
They would say, "Oh, in the Bible, it says you're supposed to honor your mother and father.
It's wrong that you're not visiting her, and you won't speak to her.
" This isn't who you stay in touch with or hold any weight in their word.
Let's Let's have Christmas together.
- Yeah, well - Yeah, I know.
It's just nuts.
She definitely used the Bible to her advantage, and being able to both quote it and impose that idea on her children.
And manipulate people in every way.
- She would always join churches.
- Yeah.
And that's where she'd find the vulnerable people who she could work them.
"Oh, we need money.
We need this.
We need that.
" They would come help.
She'd take me to their door.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause I was little.
So she would take me to their door, and she knew what she was doing.
Stella's a murderer.
A con artist.
A liar.
I just can't I don't know where that ends.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
She's everything bad a person can be.
And, here's the crazy thing.
She's 94 years old, and she's still alive.
You know, Tyler.
- I'm maybe never gonna know what happened.
- Yeah.
We're not talking about a woman who made a mistake or two.
We're talking about Stella, who has a lifetime a lifetime of ruining people's lives.
I think my mom became not just a victim, but a survivor.
But more than that, she deserves to have the answers to what happened.
Why her mom was not able to hold on to her.
And why this other person took her and never gave her back.
You'd think as a medium, I should be able to call everybody on the other side and figure out how Stella obtained her, but it doesn't work that way.
In a sense, I'm just like everybody else in my pursuit for answers.
Yeah, Tyler, I don't know.
I don't know where it ends with her.
And I guess the day she dies.
I'm just gonna be left to just deal with this for all my life.
She could have had a different life.
That was taken from her by this criminal.
In a greater way, I want her to be able to get as close as she can to a sense of closure.
I wanna learn more about what happened to my mom's family.
I wanna get answers into some of the missing details.
Together, I think there's a lot of healing that can be had if we both are willing to look at things for what they are without shame and revisit them.
It's a bumpy ride.
- Holy shit.
This is - Oh my goodness sakes! - Holy cow! Did you see that? - Holy fucking Christ! - That's a drop.
- Wow.
I should be driving at this point.
I mean, really.
I don't really need to tell you how to drive because I know when that day comes, when you get your license, you'll be a great driver.
Don't you feel like you're driving some of the time? But you can't navigate 'cause you can't see two feet in front of you.
I suspect I'm reading a number of people today.
- I have different groups coming through.
- Really? So I have a grandmother coming through, that I feel lived a completely full life.
And, in fact, kind of timed her passing.
So she kind of went when she was ready to go.
So we'll see if that pans out today.
I have a surprise for you, guys.
So I have my one student that I taught a long time ago, and he just made a huge impact on my life, and I made a huge impact on his life, and just it's really cool.
I want you guys to meet him.
- He's coming all the way here? - Yeah.
All my friends think that, um, we are going to film a show about what it's like as a teacher, and I didn't tell anybody anything.
- He was your student in San Diego? - No.
In Hanford.
We lived in Hanford.
Back in the day.
- This is bougie.
- Yeah.
This is like, I feel very - Bougie? - No, I feel affluent.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Good luck on your reading.
- Thanks.
Does anybody want anything to drink? Like iced tea or - I'd love some.
- Yeah? - That'd be great.
- Thanks.
- Corey's all nice.
- I love it.
- Opportunity to munch.
- I know, right? Hello! - Oh my God! You're the student? - Oh! How's it going? She was just telling us about a student of hers.
- Oh, wow! Oh my goodness! - Trish, your student is here! - Hi! Oh, my God! - How weird! How funny.
What? - Oh my goodness! - Hi! - Do you know him? - No.
He's the Hollywood Medium.
That's Tyler Henry.
I had no clue! Whoa! Oh! It's so good to see you.
I've been wanting to meet with you for a year now.
I know.
It was like, "Oh!" - Now it's happening.
Oh my God! - It's happening.
- Well, he definitely surprised me.
- Oh my God.
- Yes! Let's go.
What a view.
- So - Hi! - Hi! - How are you? - Good.
How are you guys? Oh! - What a trip.
- We're just eating.
No worries.
Lovely to meet you both.
- Thank you! - Hey, look at you, Core.
- I am the clumsy hostess.
- Hostess with the mostest.
Well, this is so surreal.
- Yes.
Hi, honey.
- How funny.
 Hello! Is everyone doing good? Yeah! - Good! I'm happy to be here.
- Surprise! You managed to surprise a psychic, so good job.
You know, I haven't seen you in a while, and so I just thought These are important people in my life.
You're a very important person in my life.
I thought, "Bring them together.
" I wanted to see if you'd surprise them Yes.
I'm surprised.
We're all surprised.
If you did a reading, like, on them, that would be Absolutely.
- We have talked about this - She's asked.
We are huge fans.
We have talked about this for years.
And I thought, "One day.
One day.
" - I thought, "Let's do it now.
Go for it.
" - Absolutely.
We're making it happen.
I'm excited.
I never thought I would get this experience.
- I know.
- For real.
Have you ever had a reading before? - Anything like that? - No.
Okay, cool.
- Have you ever gotten one? Okay.
- A little bit.
So, the way that I found out about his ability was in my math class.
Tyler's sitting at the back in a chair.
He's really just quiet, and I'm just like, "Okay.
Figure him out.
" You know that one kid, you're like, "I'll get it figured out.
" And then my mother-in-law was got very sick.
And she was in the hospital.
Then my daughter called me and said, "Mom, you need to send Joshua and Della down.
" So I sent the kids that night.
So they drove down, and so they're all at the hospital.
And so she passed, and Kiki called me that morning and she's like, "She's gone.
" She goes, "It was crazy 'cause watching her, she didn't look good.
" And then after she passed, she said, "It looked like she could get up and run.
" Like, she just looked different.
So, then I was like, "I'm going to work.
" I went to work, and I walk in the class.
And I'm trying to teach, and finally the bell rings.
And all the kids are leaving, and Tyler is still sitting at his desk.
Just sitting at his desk.
He goes, "Miss Camp, can I talk to you?" And I was like, "Yeah, sure.
What do you need to talk to me about?" He goes, "I don't know how you're going to take this, but I have a message for you.
" I was like And I said, "Yes?" And he said, "Well, Lorraine wanted me to tell you that it's okay to cry.
" And I looked at him, and I just lost it.
Started crying.
And he goes, "She wants you to know it's okay to cry.
" "And that she wants to thank you for sending the kids to her house.
" Wow.
"Because she feels much better, and she feels like she could run.
" - And I looked at him, and I was like - Oh, wow.
And I just had a moment.
Ah! That was huge.
It's what I needed to hear that day.
You're like, "I saw your aura was different.
" And I was like, "Wow! What is happening?" Like, "What's going on?" The reason why I believed him immediately is because no one calls her "Lorraine.
" - Mm.
- No one.
- Everybody calls her "Nan.
" - Yeah.
- Or they call her "Della.
" - Yeah.
When Tyler was a teenager, he was very quiet, very to himself.
He'd always check on me every single day.
"How are you doing? What's going on?" Now, hindsight looking back on it, it makes sense why he was so quiet.
He was probably getting so much information washed over him all the time.
He's just a special individual in my life that has, uh, changed me for the better.
So today, as I go into this process, anybody can come through.
In readings, often people who are both living and past will get acknowledged.
I kinda have to navigate and figure out who's departed, who's still here.
And what the message is.
So the other way that I work also is sometimes with objects.
Now some people bring objects.
Others don't.
Um, today do you have any today? I didn't know.
So I didn't bring anything.
You didn't bring anything.
I brought one when I grabbed the drinks for everyone when I saw you were here.
If you don't mind do you have it on hand right now? - It's on my finger.
Literally on hand.
- Cool.
Can you put it there? I love it.
We got jokes.
- So I'll hold onto this, just to start.
- Okay.
I'll see what I get as far as this goes.
I'll segue to you.
- In theory, hopefully.
- Okay.
- And we'll see what happens.
- Gosh.
I'm just gonna start connecting.
I'll start bringing through people one by one.
All right.
When we talk to you, I wanna talk about your mom's side of the family, in the way this comes across.
And it's really interesting, the way it's coming in.
'Cause they have me talking about a long line of educators, who are multiple generation of educators in some capacity.
But I am seeing three specifically, so do you know at least three generations? - Oh yeah.
- Okay, cool.
So I have to bring up this lady.
I am connecting more to your mom's side than your dad's side.
Okay? That's where I'm going, the way it comes through.
She's coming in.
She's very insistent.
She's having me talk about your mom, who gives me a living feeling.
- Good to keep in mind.
- Yeah.
I'm having to highlight her mother.
Is this who you're hoping to hear from? - Okay, just making sure.
- Unreal, yes.
- Love it.
- She showed me a funny thing.
As far as a reference, this is funny.
I feel like she feels like she lived a full life.
She's not giving me a lot of trauma.
I'm not getting anything premature.
There's this joke about trying to, "Hang in there until I'm 100.
" - She just missed it.
- "I'm gonna make it to 100!" I feel like she didn't get to it.
- She came close.
- Almost.
In the way this comes across, she is bringing up this emphasis on a number of things.
- She's showing me the Eiffel Tower.
- She's from Paris! - Unreal! - There's a picture, though.
There's a picture of her either in front of the Eiffel Tower Oh my God, yes.
And there's a strong emphasis, as far as this goes.
- I'm seeing the triangular shape.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
All right.
- Wow.
From Paris.
- She's from Paris.
- It's funny.
Very cool.
Um, she does bring up a number of things related to her girls.
- Would she have more than one daughter? - Two girls, yeah.
It's a connection to two places.
When we talk about her daughters, I kinda suspect she's showing me one here and one there.
- East Coast, West Coast.
- Geographically separate.
- They're bringing up Florida.
- Where my aunt lives.
Her other daughter.
- Gotcha.
I'm Tyler, Aunt, Florida, weird.
- Wow! Then as this comes across, she's acknowledging this feeling of timing her passing.
It feels like she was holding off to pass, then she passed when she was ready.
If the family has said, "I wonder if she was holding on and timed it," she absolutely timed it.
She shoved whatever it was away and waited for my kids to say goodbye.
Then she passed.
Yeah, she timed it all.
- There's a very big emphasis on that.
- Yeah? She wants that to be known.
"I knew it was gonna happen.
" - "I feel like I had control at the end.
" - Yeah, she did.
You're right.
- That's really awesome.
- Wow.
I mean, you nailed it.
I'm gonna hand this back to you.
- Thank you.
- So I'm gonna connect - You gotta get some - You sure? - Yeah.
- Thank you, sir.
So, I'm gonna switch gears.
And we'll go from there.
This is kinda interesting.
Okay - Oh, have some wind! - I know.
I look like Beyoncé with this wind in my hair.
Like Whoo Okay, so Yes.
How about we talk about this younger passing? This one's more traumatic for you in the way it's coming across.
This is somebody who definitely passed prematurely.
Even earlier than middle age.
So we're talking early-early.
Now, this person's coming through with a lot of angst.
When they do that, it means they're hesitant to talk about how they passed, just simply because of the traumatic nature of how it happened.
There's an emphasis on, like, discovery, seeing somebody's body after they passed.
A big focus on that and not wanting that to be traumatic for the people involved.
- Yeah.
- But it's a whole thing.
And it's very much about when we come upon somebody after they've died.
- This was definitely premature.
- Yeah.
This is kind of a really tough thing to have to tune into because I feel like I'm sure.
There was some situations where they didn't get the chance to say goodbye in the way that they wanted to.
Anytime that comes through, it indicates a chance to have a last interaction, and then we didn't have it.
Does that make sense? Yeah, I'm sure that's my buddy Travis.
One of our best friends was trying to get ahold of him all night and couldn't.
- Yeah.
- And he didn't wake up.
But I think he had some heart issues.
And our friend found him in bed.
- Yeah, that's right.
- And he couldn't be woken up.
It was Yeah.
I don't even have words.
I really don't even have words.
He puts almost an apology around how this happened.
It's vague.
He just emphasizes this feeling of, I wanna make this clear, totally peaceful.
He comes through with extreme mental clarity.
- Extreme mental clarity.
- I love that.
I think maybe before he passed, he might not have been in a state of mind where I don't feel clear, is the way I wanna respectfully put that.
- Yes.
- So he acknowledges his clarity now.
He's like, "I'm all good.
" - He's here.
- Awesome.
Yes, and it's kind of an extra-tragic thing, because it just kind of feels like he passed away when things were kinda On their way up.
- He had done a lot of work to get there.
- Yes, he had.
And he helped a lot of people on his journey.
And so I think that's why we all just were so just, I mean, floored.
You know? Um He brought the best out of everybody.
People like that are so special.
That's really amazing.
- You got your butt kicked.
- I know.
- That's okay.
- Oh, honey.
I feel so good, though.
I feel like I can now pass that on to his, you know, his family.
He has three daughters.
They loved him.
I mean, so much.
Everybody loved him.
Travis helped me really, like, shed skin and grow into the person I'm really meant to be.
Travis was like a big brother to me, when I really needed one.
All right.
As I was scribbling here, focusing over here, I feel like I needed to talk to you.
- I felt I needed to talk about your mom.
- Okay.
Okay? And it's a bit of a complicated thing.
I want you to know, when she comes across, she comes across fine.
But there is a lot that I feel that she has learned since she has passed about what she could've done differently.
In life, I believe that we do what we can with what we're working with.
But I also feel like there were times where she might not have been able to see or admit to when she was wrong.
And when she could've done things differently.
And I think this is, in the way this comes across, the feeling of, "I get it now.
I get it now, and I'm sorry.
" You basically had to accept the apology you never received.
- Wow.
- In a big way.
She wants to give you that apology today because she could not see it in life.
- Oh, wow.
- Not fully.
But she sees it now from where she's at.
And at times when it feels like you needed a mother more than anything, she feels she was limited in her ability to be able to do that.
- To give that fully.
- Wow.
She comes through with this feeling of, "I see it now.
I get it now.
" "And I'm sorry.
" And when she comes through, she has a lot of love for you.
I feel like more than anything, she wishes she would've not gotten lost in the details of things.
And she is so proud of how you've handled your own children, and not making the same mistakes that she made.
That's beautiful.
And through that, she feels like you are, like, the best daughter she could have ever possibly had.
But she's realized a lot since her passing.
And I think that's the beautiful thing when people come through.
They see this transformation of what they could've done differently.
And she really is sorry.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Now you got your butt kicked.
- Kicking butts, taking names.
- It feels really good though.
These things are a release.
That's the goal.
- That's what it's about.
- Closure.
We had a very strange relationship.
She was very abusive to only me.
And I never understood why.
Even when she passed, I cried because I was like, "I don't think I'll get the apology.
" - And I'm so It's kinda shocking.
- Mm-hmm.
Um I kept a lot.
I didn't A lot of people would not have known.
And it was almost a Mommie Dearest Yeah, yeah.
- life that I had with her.
- Yeah.
- But I'm glad that she feels better.
- Yeah.
There's accountability in that apology, and I think that's what's important.
That's shocking, 'cause I have her necklace in the car.
and I didn't bring it in, 'cause I was like, I didn't know if I wanted her to come through.
- Yeah.
- She needed to.
It sounds like that was needed, and that's okay.
All right.
You're a blessing.
- You've always been one.
- You're a blessing to me.
I went through such a hard time in high school.
I had to leave early.
Thanks to you, I was able to and to get out of that environment.
But it was extremely toxic for me to be in high school.
And, um, I mean, in all honesty, there was a point where I was considering ending my life.
- Wow.
- I wasn't feeling the support I needed.
And I felt like this When you're a teenager, things are so much bigger.
And if it were not for you, I really don't think I'd be here today, in complete honesty.
The support that you gave me, the love that you showed me.
You, as a teacher, were so much more than a teacher to me.
My high school years were incredibly difficult.
I was harassed.
I dealt with bullying.
Not only was I a medium, but I was gay.
Also, I was an only child, so I beat to my own drum.
I got very mixed responses from people I went to school with.
And it was a very difficult time in my life.
It took a toll on my mental health, my emotional well-being.
I dreaded having to go to school.
I tell everybody about you, and how one teacher can make a difference in someone's whole life because they can save someone's life.
And you didn't even realize.
And I just hope you know that if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be sitting in this chair today.
- So - Oh! You extended your hand to me when I needed it the most.
- Thank you.
- Aw! Oh my goodness.
I'm literally gonna go to the car and cry.
- I know.
- Thank you.
This is good.
It was so nice to meet all of you.
- But thank you for today.
- All right.
It's been special.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Take care.
- Bye! Bye! - That was so exciting.
- Oh, I know.
Who would've thought, huh? He's so cute.
- Oh, my gosh.
That was insane.
- Such a cutie pie.
- I wanna call my mom.
- I know.
- I'm dying.
- Crazy.
I've been thinking about all the calls I'm gonna make.
- Travis's family are gonna - It's insane, right? They're gonna be stoked.
There's no way that Tyler could've known that.
- Oh, big hug.
- Big hug.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh, for sure.
- That needs to cook a little more.
- I know.
I've been doing this longer than you've been alive.
Come on now.
Do you know how to fry bacon? He knows how to boil eggs.
That's my regret.
I should've taught him.
- Whatever.
- Things that I didn't.
I did it 'cause I thought that was being a good mom.
- Instead of teaching him to live - You made me codependent.
I used to heat his pants up in the dryer when he was in grammar school, so they'd be warm for him when he'd go to school.
No! Is Theresa an earth-bound spirit guide? I don't know about that.
She can put that on her résumé.
Um When I'm overwhelmed, I need help grounding myself.
So I go to people.
I go to my mom.
She sometimes drives me nuts, but she's great.
You shouldn't leave any later than 9:15.
All right.
I'll rush.
Your hair looks good.
Did you set it? I do have your genes.
Do you want me to wet your hair? - Or are you gonna do it? Okay.
- No.
I thought you Who grounds you when she drives you crazy? When Mom drives me crazy, I think Clint.
Clint grounds me.
Nice tie-dye you got going.
- Looks good.
I'm sweaty.
- You're all sweaty.
I'm always sweaty.
My panties have ridden so far up.
They're actually going for an adventure.
We're talking road trippers.
The journey, it is not.
Oh, this bathroom is disgusting.
Well, it's the real things, right? Then he drives me crazy.
So then I just spend time in solitude.
No, I have Nancy.
 I have Nancy.
Ow! Thanks, Nancy.
Then she drives me crazy and poops on the stairs.
So I'm back to Clint.
It really is like a triangle.
- The spot - Yes.
We are going to Sunset Boulevard.
So Yes, which is what we're driving to.
- I have a little - We'll take it - A lot of deliveries, not a lot coming.
- Oh.
You're just like here a lot.
I'm like, "Huh?" - Stuff comin' through? - You're vibin'? Hi! Your order's there.
They have extra today for you as well.
- Oh, great.
Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
Of course.
I've been involved with Project Angel Food now for probably four or five years.
How's it going? I'm so excited! Oh! Okay, all good.
You got three bags today.
I feel like my life is defined by moments of trying to help people.
My main way is readings, but when I can do it in any other way, it does feel nice.
Thanks for coming, and doing this for us all the time.
Yes, absolutely.
Tyler! - How's it going, Brad? - Good.
- Good to see you.
- How were the deliveries today? - Amazing.
I was thankful to do it.
- Oh, great.
- I wanted to have a word with you.
- Why? - Nice seeing you.
- Lovely to meet you.
So I know this is random.
- Your mother.
- Yeah.
Can we talk about this really quick? - Yes.
- Are you open to it? - Yes.
- Okay.
Going to a reading, it does help if somebody knows they're going to get read.
When a reading is a surprise, it can be very overwhelming for a person.
It can sometimes close them, which is why typically I don't do that.
I don't do readings in the supermarket on unsuspecting people.
You never know their headspace.
But in this case, it feels like he really needed it.
So we've got to do a reading.
- Okay, all good.
It's nothing big.
- Okay.
Comes across fine, but I feel like I had to highlight mom.
The interesting thing that was coming in was I had to talk about the little ones, and a feeling of watching over them.
There was an acknowledgment in the way this came across.
I kept seeing a little boy.
There's a feeling of wanting it to be known.
She's embracing this little boy.
She didn't get the chance to be with him in the way that she wanted to in life, but she's acknowledging him and just keeps showing me the symbology for embracing and hugging and loving.
And there's this feeling of pride in how you've been able to navigate family, and creating a family for yourself, and finding a sense of family for yourself.
This is a really interesting thing, but I can't stress enough how proud of you she is of you, but also, I suspect, your partner.
So are you married? Yes.
Okay, she wants to call him her son as well.
You need to know that today, that in the way this comes across, she's embracing him.
Um, when mom comes across there's just this feeling of family, seeing your family, this little boy.
I don't know how, what it is, but there's this feeling of embracing.
And just a feeling of kind of being known through the stories that you'll tell him.
- Yeah.
It's so - Carrying on that legacy.
- Yes.
Thank you for that.
- Yeah.
- My, my mom, um - Of course.
When my husband and I were going through the process of adopting our son when I'd start to talk to her about it, she'd say, "Bradley, I don't wanna talk about this.
Why are you going to do this?" "It's bad enough that you're gay.
" - Right? To have a son.
- Yeah.
- Then she passed away suddenly.
- Yeah, yeah.
And all these years later My son's 13.
- That she is acknowledging - And embracing.
- And embracing him - Yeah.
Lately, last week or so, Gabriel's been asking for stories.
And so I told him all these stories about my energetic, lovely, flamboyant mom.
So I really appreciate that, Tyler.
This is hug from her.
I want you to know that.
She's so proud of you, and how you've handled things.
I believe people grow when they pass away.
We see things differently.
She is so proud of the family you've created.
- Thank you.
I'm proud of my family too.
- Good.
You should be.
My mom didn't ever really fully accept me being gay.
- Sure.
- She did her best.
She meant well.
- With trying.
- Yeah.
One of the last times she was with my husband, she sat down with him and talked to him and tried her best.
But to have her approval was always so meant so much to me.
And just to hear all these years later that she's here, and that she's watching.
That she's, she's proud of the family that we've created.
That's what's beautiful.
- It really means so, so much.
- Oh, I'm so glad.
I did not expect a reading today at all.
It's such a gift that Tyler has, and to be able to share his love and kindness with others through the gift, it is a healing.
Like I feel today healed.
- Bye, you guys.
Thank you.
- Bye.
So, first we need a bowl.
You wanna grab a bowl? Yeah, two seconds.
Is this an 8x8? Yes.
It's moments like these I realize I should've shaved my neck.
Then it's all furry, but look.
Tell me.
Do I have a furry neck? - Is it bad? - It's not that bad.
- Okay.
Not that bad? - It could be worse.
- Fourth a cup of water.
- Can you handle that? A fourth? What does that mean? One-fourth a cup I think this one.
Actually, the cup It's worn off.
That's the fourth right there.
Ooh, I did too much.
Exactly one-fourth.
I don't know about you Oh, wait, no it's not.
- I did to a half.
- That's a half.
I'm glad you didn't - Wow, who knew cooking is so hard.
- Do you wanna crack the egg? Yeah, sure.
Where do where? Fuck.
All right.
Come on, little chicken.
- What are they eating? Is it a boiled egg? - Do you need help? - You're not cracking it.
- You do it.
This, I can do.
What do you think will happen if you burn the brownies? Our brownies might get a Michelin star, but the tire kind.
- Forty-one seconds? - Minutes.
Oh, we should just stare into each other's eyes for 45 minutes.
- And then tell each our feelings.
- Forty minutes.
- You know they tell couples - Let you do a reading.
That's a way to look at it.
- Hello? - Hello.
You sent me the affidavit, right? - I did.
I sent you mine.
- All right.
It says, "Possible criminal.
" Yeah, he definitely has an arrest record.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Uh, I have to look at you, right? - Yes, ma'am.
My name is Robin Martinelli.
I own and operate Martinelli Investigations, and I'm a private investigator in the state of Georgia and Alabama.
I do criminal and civil cases.
Um Child custody, cheating spouses, missing people, murder, homicide, sex crime cases.
So he didn't pay his bills.
He's got some liens.
- I'll have to call you back.
- Okay.
- How's it going? I'm Tyler.
- Hey, how are you? Nice to meet you.
- I'm Heather.
- Hi.
Robin Martinelli.
- Tyler.
- Nice to meet you.
Tyler is at my office today to help my company and me facilitate any leads or feelings that he has about my two cases.
I just wanted to tell you, when I saw you on TV so much, with the stars, I was so hoping as a private investigator, and in my cases, that you being so young, and your energy and your passion, if we could use some of that towards cases, you know, cold cases, new cases, that it would help so much.
Any way I can help, I'm happy to.
I never have any control over what comes through.
I do find generally impressions come through strongly, and when they do, I like to follow where I'm taken.
- Yeah.
- So yeah.
But generally, um, objects do sometimes help.
Sometimes they can help me determine a connection.
It's okay if you don't have any.
But really I don't I don't have objects.
I have their case files.
We're at a standstill with both cases.
One is an older case, and one's a newer case.
It's interesting, as you're talking, without giving too much away, is there a question with at least one of the cases whether someone is living or deceased? Yes, yes.
- Okay.
Is that one of the two? - Yes.
So I'm gonna give it a scribble.
It will give us an inclination of where we're going.
So we have two cases.
- Yes.
- One's older.
- Mm-hmm.
- One's newer.
Mm-hmm And I'm gonna kinda try to separate the two, but let me look.
Just gonna give it one sec.
With the newer one, I don't have this person's spirit coming through.
I do have to highlight a female, but they're not giving me any indication of this person being departed.
I have to be very clear here.
- They could be.
- We don't think so.
I'm just gonna give it one sec.
Reading a case file is very different than reading somebody who has a loved one who's passed.
As a medium, I talk to dead people.
If she's not dead, then I have to utilize a different form of ability called remote viewing.
I'm getting all this just through my own intuition, but I, I I keep getting this feeling of, like, this person was afraid to speak out.
Remote viewing is a means of receiving intuitive impressions, usually about a situation, or a place, or a person.
Regardless, it works on the mental faculties usually attributed to clairvoyance.
Having strong mental images that end up kind of painting a picture of something that is real and exists.
Feel like they're having to bring up kind of a lack of awareness around this case.
The cases were, like, minorities are underrepresented, or there's an underrepresentation in the awareness of the fact that they're missing.
The newer case is very much giving me this feeling of, like, underrepresented, underrepresented, underrepresented.
in the way it comes across.
With the newer case, was this person of a minority? Gotcha.
This is interesting.
They're having me talk about a reference to aliases, different names, being known by something else.
I don't know the significance, of if there's a criminal significance, or if it's just a nickname, but it keeps coming through.
Do we know of any aliases? Any uses of a different name? - Yes.
- That's a big part of this situation.
- Okay.
- That's a big part of this.
That's a big lead because she has a very unusual name.
So if it's totally different, I need to go down a different route to find her.
Are there any situations where, like, her phone, internet, all of that, has that been looked at thoroughly? You know, we forensically know about it, but we don't have it in hand.
I see.
There's something digitally that would give us an indication of what may have happened to her.
So think like last text messages.
She lived very digitally.
- There's a lot there.
- Absolutely.
I'm getting a sense of documented.
This person simultaneously, I have to be clear here, dealt with some mental health stuff.
It doesn't always feel like it was a diagnosed, or, like, it doesn't feel fully clear.
But this is also adding a bit of a tricky element because I also feel like this person wasn't really in a super clear state of mind, and that kind of deteriorated.
- But she did go into the mental ward.
- She did? Okay.
Yes, she did.
Had she not been diagnosed before this, or was this her first time? No, and she just got out.
Well, I really feel like there's more than psychiatric issues here.
This feels like, "My past coming back to haunt me.
" The weird thing about this is I feel like there's definitely a feeling with her of, like, not being alone.
This isn't a situation where someone walks out into the woods and dies.
Not that kind of thing.
- But I can't believe you just said that.
- Yeah.
Did you hear what you just said? Uh You said there was not a feeling that she had walked in the woods.
- Right.
- And died.
Because she tried to walk in the woods and died.
And she didn't.
Do we know why? Yes.
- Then think we're on the right track.
- Yeah, we are.
So she covered her stuff up with mud.
Um, I'm gonna write something down privately that I don't want on camera, but I'm gonna give it to you to read, and just something to consider.
- Give me one sec here.
- Yeah.
Make sure.
All right, I'm just gonna give that to you.
This is for the newer case.
You can just open that off camera.
So you might wanna conceal that from - Not right now.
- Oh, you can look at it.
Turn it over.
Just make sure the camera can't see it.
I wanna treat this person with respect and, like, privacy.
- And Okay.
- That is one hundred percent correct.
But But I We know that, so - You know that? - Every hour counts.
I kinda suspect there's something related to that in as far as what happened to this person.
- I still have hope for her.
I really do.
- Oh, I do too.
Now, maybe we can switch gears to the older one.
Mm - We have a body for this one.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, they're having me talk about who would've been in charge of this particular case, investigating it, that kind of thing.
There's kind of a feeling to me of something being mismanaged or mishandled.
It just almost feels kind of convoluted, like, more should've been done in the time they had to figure out what was going on.
So it's kind of giving me a bit of a weird feeling.
- Um, you're one hundred percent correct.
- Gotcha.
This is interesting.
It's giving me this feeling, the only way to describe it Mm It's causing me to sweat, a good sign.
I just have to take this off.
Stuff starts coming through physically.
Whew, okay.
When I'm connecting with this, for some reason, he's giving me a bit of a hard time breathing.
But I feel very much like I'm going to my neck here in a weird way.
I feel like I'm trying to gasp for air.
It's making me nauseous to even have to connect with.
Where he was found, was this an area he was familiar with? - Yes.
Very familiar.
- See, that's what I - He was walking home.
- Mm-hmm.
Sometimes it's, I mean, cases like this, where we've exhausted all resources, and all it takes is just one little detail we didn't know before to open up a lot.
- So - Yeah.
We have an actual, physical crime scene, so that would help you.
I've been to a crime scene, but this is a situation where we know there is a body, but we don't know what led up to this young man's passing.
And this is very unique, having a private investigator there, while I'm trying to intuit what exactly happened.
So, in many ways, I'm in new territory.
This is the crime scene.
This is, I guess, his little memorial.
Do you get the feeling of anything come through? Yeah.
It's overwhelming.

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