Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Higher Forces

1 [atmospheric music playing.]
[birds chirping.]
Um He just seems to be going back to the people he surrounded himself with.
And, and obtaining money, things to do for money, that kind of thing.
I have to suspect that, in some way, played into how he passed.
And he knew that there was no way out of the situation.
Yeah? Something come to mind? It almost seems like he knew that he was gonna die that day.
[dramatic music playing.]
He called my mom, just weirdly.
"Mom, are you okay?" She's like, "What is your deal? Yes, I'm okay.
" [Tyler.]
- He dealt with dangerous people, and uh - [Tyler.]
I I can only guess that a threat was made.
- That if you don't do this - [Tyler.]
- Then we're gonna harm your family.
- [Tyler.]
- Do we know who killed him? - [woman.]
Not yet.
- I kinda do.
- [Tyler.]
Keep this in mind.
This feels like he is showing me that he was lured to wherever he went.
You need to know that.
- Okay? - Oh my God.
So if you suspect that person you're thinking about, if that could have tied into this, he's validating this today.
I always have to be careful, 'cause I don't wanna incriminate anybody, but there's an element of, he got betrayed.
His "friend" at the time is the person that, I suspect, lured him to the person that actually pulled the trigger.
But we know for a fact that this "friend" was admittedly the last person with my brother.
- Yeah.
- Admittedly dropped him off at a gas station that no one has seen him at.
- Yeah, I feel like justice will be served.
- You do? [Tyler.]
I think the person who did this, they're showing my symbol for incarceration, but in other ways.
So this person who did this may get caught doing something else.
And then information might come from that.
You know, despite all this, he felt like a good guy.
- You know? Yeah.
- He was.
- He was a really good brother.
- [Tyler.]
I miss him a lot.
My brother was in the street at a very young age, both him and I.
That's when we started to hustle.
Um, that's when we started getting money Illegal ways.
We didn't think about the consequences, right? Nobody told us.
We didn't have any role models that said, "You're going to prison, or you're gonna be dead.
" No one tried to put us on the right track.
We didn't have those role models.
My brother went to federal prison for about seven years.
He was released, and not even a year later, he was dead.
When I decided to change my life around, I made that decision for total self-preservation.
Um, it was maybe a selfish decision, but I knew that I had to leave that city.
And I never tried to get him to do anything different with his life.
That's another area of regret and guilt that I have.
When this comes through, it's not blaming anybody.
It's not judging anybody.
It's saying, "This is how someone feels.
" It's clearly how you feel.
And he wants you to be free of that feeling like you could have or should have acted sooner.
Do they hear me when I talk and pray to them? Oh, absolutely.
I always tell people, they hear us.
They feel our intention.
That's the power of this.
When I do a reading, I set the intention to connect.
And when you talk to them out loud [chuckles.]
in any capacity, they feel this.
They know this.
That's my prayers to them.
When I talk to them, it's just, like [grunts.]
"Just let me know you're here with me.
" I say that to them.
You're not alone with them.
They're still a part of your life.
That's very, very helpful to hear.
Now I feel like I have my brother and my dad.
- They're here with me.
- [Tyler.]
- Do you mind if I give you a hug? - No, I do not.
- I'd love that.
Thank you.
- [Tyler.]
This from both of them today.
Thank you.
Tyler has given me permission to live my life.
He's given me a new focus and some hope.
[uplifting music playing.]
- It was such a beautiful read.
- Really? - [Tyler.]
It's why we do what we do, huh? - I'm glad to hear.
It was so healing.
[uplifting music continues.]
[soft music playing.]
We came to New Orleans to try to get answers.
I've already spoken to the family my mom grew up with.
But now it's time to sit with my mom's biological family and maybe give them a reading.
I'll put a pile of underwear and things where you have easy access to 'em.
- [Tyler.]
- Okay.
I've only met them once.
If I get too emotional, too invested, too biased, then my connection to the other side becomes skewed.
So I'm hoping that I can get clarification.
Anything, any piece of information that I don't know, would be helpful.
I have a lot of questions about how this happened, and I know that only the people in New Orleans could have the answer.
How are you feeling with seeing your family? [Theresa.]
Oh, I'm I'm good.
I'm excited.
I mean, I'm sure it's gonna be fine.
I only found out about my biological siblings about two years ago through DNA testing.
By talking to them on the phone for hours at a time, they explained to me what had happened, and how my mother had given me up.
They didn't know all the details as to how and why.
They've been looking for me all this time.
And I had no idea.
It was so overwhelming.
- Oh my goodness.
- [Tyler.]
She's the one driving! - [man.]
Be careful.
- [Theresa.]
Oh my goodness.
Oh! And she's got purple nails! [laughs.]
Look at you.
How's it goin' on? [screams.]
I'm five years older than Theresa.
She's my baby sister.
I've been looking for my sister since 1969.
There would be times where I'd be like, "Okay, well, where do I start?" But I always felt she wasn't where she supposed to be.
And I know Mom is up there, and she's like, "Keep going.
" [Tyler.]
Not only do my mom and my Aunt Mary almost look identical, they dress the same.
They have the same mannerisms.
It's pretty crazy.
What is happening here, guys? George, tell us what's happening.
What we're gonna do is, we used to take nets and everything and go over and catch the crabs and - No way.
 Oh my gosh.
- [George.]
This is Bayou St.
John area.
The lakefront.
We grew up very poor, but even though we had hard times, my mom was a fantastic person.
She made sure we always had love.
So I wanna take Tyler and Theresa crabbing because I want them to experience what we did as a family.
I want her to have her connection with our mother.
- Your best grandmother you'd ever expect.
- [Tyler.]
I know.
I wish I would've met her.
- [George.]
She's here in spirit.
- [Tyler.]
What I need you to do to start off is, to tie this net off.
I'm gonna get you some gloves.
What you do is you take three chicken necks on there, tie it like you tie in a shoe.
Tie it tight 'cause crabs can take it.
You tie it to the string.
All you had to do is tie your nets layin' there.
And come back for them.
- [Theresa.]
My gosh.
- All you had to do to catch dinner.
- That was a little - Perfect.
Your grandmother used to look forward to coming here so much that she'd stay up all night cooking fried chicken, potato salad, and we'd sit here all day.
- It was a good time.
- [Tyler.]
She did a lot of good things to give us a good childhood, you know.
From everything that people have described my grandmother as, fun-loving, like to have a good time.
She valued simple things, her family, what mattered most to her.
She didn't need a lot to be happy.
I feel lucky to know that I come from good people.
Giving me a deeper appreciation for who I am.
Pull that net up if you could.
- See what they got in there.
- We're gonna pull real fast.
Did they catch any? - Did they catch any? - I don't know yet.
- Oh.
- [George.]
Pull them.
All right.
- Oh, look what you got.
- [Tyler.]
Hey, we got crabs! [women cheering.]
- This oughta make it for the day.
- [Tyler.]
There you go.
- This is enough.
- We can eat for weeks.
So much goes into this.
- This is amazing.
- Yeah It was such a special day, today.
- Oh, I know.
It's great.
So great.
- Oh my God.
Whoo! Here's the splash! - Okay.
- [Mary.]
Look at that! I love you so much.
I love you too.
This is so great.
- It is.
Look at the breeze.
- So great.
I know, I know and no rain.
But you know, one thing about your mom, our mom Yep.
That's right.
She used to really work her bottom off to make sure we went to the parades.
Everything we did.
There was so much shame.
Mama had a breakdown after giving you to Stella.
[somber music playing.]
This I found out later.
At that time, I was too young, and they didn't tell us anything.
I bet you and Mary are having some great memories about what you did here.
Wish I could've been here.
We're here now.
That's what matters.
I can tell this has been really hard for my mom.
She could have had a different life, and that was taken from her by this criminal.
It's hard to focus on processing all of the information coming through with everything going on.
I can tell that my mom is emotional being around Mary and George.
It shows to me that it's not the right time to do a reading, but I hope to have that chance in the coming days when we have one-on-one time.
She really, really was a special person.
- I'm sure.
- You are a lot like her.
- [Mary.]
Yes, she is! - [Theresa.]
Thank you.
I'm honored.
The hardest part about all of this is just feeling like I'm so angry that this time was stolen from me.
I don't know.
I've just gone over it a million different ways.
It's actually kind of like torture in a way.
When they describe their childhood, and when they describe how wonderful our mother was, and what a great mother she was, and how fun she was, and how she would take them out of school so that they could go crabbing, um, and have a fun day together.
Then they would go home at the end of the day and boil the crab.
You know, have a fun day.
Um, I think, you know, I'm jealous.
Stella did none of those things.
She never told me she loved me, not one time in my life.
My siblings, they weren't rich.
They lived in the projects.
But the love they had for my mother, you can't put a price on that.
They turned out to be great people.
So it tells you that you can be poor, and as long as you're loved, if you have love in your home, you have everything.
I remembered something that happened, and I guess I just put it away and forgot about it.
When I was 19 or 20, this person contacted me and said, "Stella got ahold of me from prison, and she says she's not your mother.
" "I just wanna tell you, and you can do with it what you want.
" And I didn't believe her because she's told so many lies, it never even occurred to me.
But I wished I'm so mad at myself.
I wished I had listened then, because I would've been able to meet my mother.
It was just Stella.
She lied and lied and lied.
So I didn't believe her.
And I'm gonna take that to my grave.
I'm gonna always be kicking myself for that one.
Day one in New Orleans.
We don't know anything more about how and why my mom ended up with Stella, a murderer.
But we learned a lot about what a loving mother my grandmother was, which is confusing.
If she was so dedicated to her kids, why on earth did she give up my mom? It just doesn't make sense.
I want to figure this out for my mom, because I know it's tearing her apart.
I just hope that I can get her as close as I can to a sense of closure.
Especially considering my life is defined by moments of wanting to give people a sense of closure for peace.
It's kinda weird, more convoluted today than usual.
In what way? Just a lot of references to, like, lack of mental clarity.
I just feel a little It feels like clouded.
There it is.
- More of just weird, weird vibes.
- It's weird.
Venues like this sometimes make it harder to connect.
if it's places that have been frequented by a bunch of people.
Yeah, 'cause they leave energy.
Everyone just kinda Yeah, it's like a sponge.
More like a urinal cake, in all honesty.
I'm happy you're here, and we're doing it together.
- I know.
- Yay! [laughs.]
- Hello! How's it going? - Hi! - Let me give you a handshake.
- Can we? Oh my God.
I'm Lauren.
It's so nice to meet you.
- Where you like to me sit? - [girl 1.]
Sit there.
I'll bring this over.
- [Tyler.]
Yeah, that works.
- Yeah.
So I have my notepad here.
- A handy-dandy notebook.
- Okay.
Anybody that you have met, know, and sometimes even within family, people can come through that we've never met.
- Don't air out my dirty family laundry.
- I'll try not to.
So with that said, do we have any objects for me? [girl 2.]
We have a couple.
So we have both of these.
Okay, fabulous.
I'm gonna put those right there, if that's okay.
Oh, fabulous.
- This beautiful thing.
- [Tyler.]
That - [girl 1.]
 Couple fine jewelry.
- [Tyler.]
I love it! My goodness! Okay.
[pen scribbles.]
How weird.
I'm gonna grab this.
I'm gonna see if we can connect with that.
- I'm looking like I'm gonna understand.
- I know.
I'm reading it.
I'll verbalize it.
I'm like, "What is going on?" Very interesting.
This seems different.
They're having me highlight female, not male.
- Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
It's kinda weird.
She brings up this, like, the only way I can describe it is an escalation, things escalating in some capacity.
I'm trying to get more details 'cause it seems like an odd passing.
I've brought through a lot of different ways people go.
- This seems very weird.
- Yeah.
There's interesting stuff.
This is not your traditional reading, even as a medium.
One thing that kinda came through that struck me on the way here.
I was feeling really kind of mentally cloudy.
That would make sense.
So, if someone's drunk, or if somebody's, like, feels I felt dizzy, is the only way to describe it.
I didn't feel clear of mind.
- Yeah.
That resonates, for sure.
- [girl 1.]
It does.
You know, I'm seeing water spurting out, um, like a fountain.
I don't know.
I wonder if there were fountains nearby in any capacity.
Um, I don't know.
[uneasy music playing.]
The time that this person passed, there's this feeling of kind of, uh Huh.
I don't I feel kind of distanced from some people.
There's people that she didn't know closely around her.
I have to say this with certainty in the way this is coming across.
- In all honesty.
- Okay.
I'm certain that there was this feeling of somebody being around that I don't know very well.
Like, when someone even if a young person dies of cancer, people are able to be at the bedside, - they do the send-off.
- [girl 1.]
Expecting it.
I don't get that, in a traditional sense.
So this feels like, I'm kind of taken, stolen, like, "my life is taken from me.
" - I'm here then not - [girl 2.]
That makes a lot of sense.
- Yeah.
- The way it comes across.
Very interesting, around the passing, and I don't know why this is, but there's an emphasis on a celebratory feeling.
So it's kind of a very dark dichotomy between someone dying, but then there's a celebration feeling, people living it up.
I feel happy.
I feel excited.
Do you know? This is so irritating.
I've been, this whole time, seeing musical references, and we're in a bar.
Sometimes that'll do it, but there's more to it.
It's just the mood doesn't match the death.
There was music playing.
You know.
- It makes sense.
- It was abrupt.
[girl 1.]
Music was, like, her thing.
[girl 2.]
She loved country music.
She loved to get up and dance and sing along.
- [chuckles.]
- [girl 1.]
This is kinda weird.
There, there, there.
Do you have any "C" or "K" names connected to her? Mm-hmm.
Getting very strong "ch, ch, ch" sound.
What was her name? - [girl 2.]
It was Chrissy.
- Gotcha.
So who was this person for you? It was our sorority sister.
So hence the stoles and all of that.
I didn't realize what it was.
They put it on people after they graduate? - I didn't graduate college.
I don't know.
- [girl 1.]
We were in the same business college.
This was our sorority stole that you wore.
- It's a decoration for when you graduate.
- [Tyler.]
[girl 1.]
The last photos that we took with her, we were wearing them.
- [girl 2.]
- [Tyler.]
I love that.
- She was such a cool girl.
- Yeah.
Amazing friend.
Fun, fun energy.
Fun, but so honest, even when you didn't want her to be.
[girl 2.]
Just such a good presence to be around.
That's really cool.
Yeah, and special.
Um Weird.
There's, like, a book thing.
Hmm That's an interesting symbol.
Do you know of the significance of the first of a month? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
She is gonna be honored in some capacity, and I'm seeing what looks like a plaque, so trying to think how to word this.
Set in stone is the way to describe it.
Like, I feel like it's There has to be Remember that I'm saying this, someone has either considered planting a tree in her memory or is going to plant a tree, and it's a big thing.
There's a ceremony.
I'm seeing the dirt being dug, that whole thing.
That doesn't click, from what you know? - It totally clicks.
- [Tyler.]
It does click? Okay.
There's a feeling of pride around it.
It's being honored in a greater capacity.
I'm getting more with this.
I'm getting the chills.
'Cause I'm seeing I have all these people just bolting.
But I just feel like there's a lot of fear beyond what happened here.
When it comes to trying to get medical treatment in any capacity, they put a big red "X" through this.
Anytime they do that, it always indicates that there was a delay for the severity of the situation.
- Related to when the police showed up.
- A hundred percent.
[girl 1.]
There definitely was a delay.
I'm gonna keep going.
This is kinda hard to explain, but the symbology that's coming through is I'm like I go from up to down.
It just feels like I'm high and then low.
- Physically.
- [girl 2.]
- Yeah.
- That makes perfect sense.
- [Tyler.]
- Yeah.
There is a big thing in the way this comes across of sound ricocheting.
And I know this is so weird, but there was an issue where sound I feel like I can't figure out where this is coming from, is the only way to describe this.
- Yeah.
- And when this comes through [grunts.]
it's just this feeling of, I don't know where to look.
It's like I'm literally Ugh.
- There's a lot here.
- Yeah.
So, what happened? [girl 2.]
It was a live music event.
And there was a mass shooting.
- So everything you said makes sense.
- [girl 1.]
[sirens blaring.]
Hello, everyone.
We continue our coverage now of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.
The deadliest in American history.
A gunman opened fire last night, shortly after ten o'clock, local time, from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, raining wave after wave of automatic fire.
[girl 2.]
There was a lot of people confused, running.
[man on radio.]
Officer, Mandalay Bay halfway up.
I see the shots coming from Mandalay Bay, halfway up.
- There was a lag in response time.
- [girl 1.]
Getting [officer.]
Get out of here! Gun shots coming from over there.
Go that way! Go, go.
That way! That way! [girl 2.]
Sixty-one people passed away, but I think 500 were injured.
There's a few memorials in different locations.
- But a plaque is a resurrected thing.
- [girl 1.]
It's what came to mind.
People were enjoying the concert and left all of these things behind as they scurried.
Right now, it's basically silent because of the tragic events that happened.
Are there any questions you have pertaining to this person? - Are you okay? - [Tyler.]
- Were you okay in the end? I don't know.
- [girl 1.]
- You know? - [Tyler.]
Of course.
The way I'd describe this, when she comes through, this happened so fast.
She comes through with a sense of acceptance and peace.
But I can't emphasize enough how much joy she comes through with.
- Just overwhelming sense of peace.
- [girl 2.]
That's amazing.
- But, you know, it doesn't - [girl 1.]
That's comforting.
I also understand it doesn't erase what happened.
- Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
So thank you for sharing that.
I know it's a hard thing to have to talk about.
It makes sense now, in context, why it was so kind of weird for me 'cause it's not your traditional situation.
But I hope that this also helps bring an awareness to gun violence.
- [girl 1.]
I hope so.
- You know, because I can't tell you enough.
They never want their death to define their life.
Within how she passed, there's gonna be opportunities to bring awareness to bigger things.
It's gonna help a lot of people.
- Thank you so much.
- [Tyler.]
Of course.
Before you go, can you tell us next week's, like, lotto numbers? - They're on the back of this book.
- [girl 1.]
They are? - Leave it here.
Don't say it out loud.
- If I showed you - I'd have to bring you through.
- [girl 1.]
That's fine.
Yeah, exactly.
- If you need a drink, there's options.
- [girl 1.]
We might.
- Stay safe.
Bye! - Have an amazing rest of your day.
Bye! [girl 2.]
I think it was nice to get that confirmation that, yeah, she is still beaming.
She's still dancing around.
- That's really what I wanted to hear.
- Yeah.
It was a sorority sister who died in the Las Vegas shooting.
[Heather sighs.]
On the way here, I was getting this feeling of inebriation.
- People were drinking heavily.
- [Heather.]
'Cause you were saying Oh, yeah.
You were saying, "Not clear in the head.
" - And you weren't sure.
- Yeah.
When I sat there, I could tell she had been drinking.
So she was giving you what it was like - Being there.
- [Heather.]
being there, at the moment.
I am fascinated by the idea of any way that I can expedite what I do on a daily basis.
In my job, I scribble.
It's how I connect.
If I can have a place I can go into before I do a reading, that might help me get more clear impressions, of course I'm gonna try it.
[upbeat music playing.]
So I built the psychomanteum with my dad.
Let's see what we got here.
It's coming together.
How does that feel? Oh, just so masculine.
All the testosterone.
Psychomanteum is based off of an ancient process of communicating with higher forces, dating back to the Greek days, Ancient Greece, necropolises.
Places where people would go, grieving people, to connect with their loved ones who passed.
The idea is that you would go into a space.
Back then, it was typically subterranean, under the ground, in caves, and would be enshrouded in darkness.
This would allow them to have experiences where they would see things or feel things they wouldn't normally.
The psychomanteum emulates that in a more modern way.
The process involves going into the room and spending 45 minutes to an hour gazing into a mirror, a mirror situated in a way that it doesn't reflect your reflection back at you.
Most people report seeing impressions.
Sometimes they're colors.
Sometimes they're symbols.
More interestingly, sometimes people will see faces and full-on apparitions of people that they once knew, and sometimes people they didn't.
So my job as a medium feels like it's a natural segue into going to the space and trying to see what I can get.
And if it'll differ from what an everyday person might receive.
[eerie music playing.]
For the first ten, fifteen minutes or so, it didn't really feel much, internally or externally.
I didn't see anything.
And then, as it progressed, it actually got a little overwhelming.
I felt something touch my shoulder.
I saw in the mirror, like, a hand.
I got a reference to a lady with a mole on her upper, like, lip area.
There was a reference to, like, Greece, that I was seeing it in, like, the word "Greece" in white letters.
Felt the presence of a grandfather figure, saw a man with brown hair that was, like, longer.
Young or old? Um, young.
Younger man.
Living, not dead.
That was weird.
I was expecting to see dead people.
I was having visions of living people.
When I do a reading, I will touch on people who are both living and passed.
And as a medium, I talk to people who've passed.
But oftentimes, their messages involve the living.
People who are here.
Through communicating with the other side, I can often get information about people who are still here.
Their well-being, what they're up to, what they've done, issues they're dealing with.
Those messages are meaningful too.
Doesn't always have to come from the other side.
It was an experience, the closest thing to drugs I will ever do, [laughs.]
in all honesty.
'Cause, you know, I'm pretty vanilla.
My biggest takeaway from the psychomanteum is that it can induce visions internally.
That was not what I was expecting.
I was expecting anything significant I saw to be in the mirror in front of me, but it seems to act as a conduit to get a person in that state of mind where they're more receptive.
[vibrant music playing.]
- [Tyler.]
Hello! - [man.]
Hello! Good to see you! Yes.
It's Tyler.
How are you? - Nice to meet you.
- Lovely to meet you.
- [man.]
- Thank you for having me.
It's beautiful.
- [woman.]
Thank you for inviting us.
- [Tyler.]
- Thank God it's not a dream anymore.
- I know That I'm having a reading with you because I saw you in my dreams.
Amazing! It was a premonition.
- It was meant to be.
- [man.]
So I have something to tell you.
Last night, I was testing out this room that I have where I meditate and connect.
- Okay.
- I had no idea I was meeting with you.
But I saw a reference to a Greek man, and I was seeing long, luxurious brown hair.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
Clearly, this was divinely meant to happen.
It gives me the chills to even talk about.
I'm very excited.
I already have a lot coming in.
I'm gonna try to get through that.
My question is do you have anyone in common, or are you separate? - I know them, but they're separate.
- Okay.
They don't know each other.
The producer says you can bring only one person, and I said, "I can't choose.
" "I can't do that to my friend because I already told her.
" "It's no way that I can take care of and bring someone else.
" "It's very important," I said.
The next day, the producer called, saying, "Okay, you can bring second guest with you.
" Okay, that helps.
I'm gonna separate in the way this comes across.
- Did we bring objects? - Yes.
We can put them all out on the table.
Let me put that there.
What I'll do is I'll hold this first, if you don't mind.
This one? Okay.
- [Tyler.]
And we'll see what comes out.
- [man.]
Do you have a connection to March? - Any birthdays? - My birthday on March.
- [laughs.]
Okay, cool.
All right.
- Yeah.
Um I see.
I wonder, do you know of any Christos? - Christos? Yes.
- [Tyler.]
Who would that be? It's my father.
- [Tyler.]
Your father? - [man.]
My God.
It's so weird.
- Yeah.
I know, it's spooky.
- [man.]
It's so weird, that conversation.
So interesting.
Okay, so I'm gonna keep going here.
I have this mother figure that comes in that isn't for you, but for one of you two.
Somebody who basically would have been, like, the biggest mom figure in the world, It's how I can describe it.
I don't know why it comes in so strongly, but I have to highlight that.
Do either of you have any connections familially to New York at all? - You said New York? - [Tyler.]
Not New York City.
- [Tyler.]
The state of New York.
- Okay.
It's really interesting when it comes across.
She references a number of females that are connected to her.
When that happens, it'll refer to if somebody has a number of daughters, if there's the two or three girls in the family, basically a lot of gives me a lot of estrogen.
- Right.
- [Tyler.]
Strong female characters.
- Do you know if she had any children? - Yes.
- [Tyler.]
Do you know if she had girls? - Yes.
All good.
Would have been at least I keep going, like, two to three.
- How many? Two? - [woman.]
- She has one that she gave birth to.
- [Tyler.]
And she adopted one.
I love that.
Okay, gotcha.
She gives me this impression of being okay with her duration of life.
The thing that happened is interesting.
Some people were geographically distanced at the time of her death.
- They just received word that she passed.
- [man.]
What? - Oh my God.
- It's weird.
She's like, "It's fine.
Not a big deal.
" I get a very much matter-of-fact feeling of, "It's okay.
I don't need people to be there.
" - That is true.
That is absolutely true.
- [Tyler.]
So that's something that Let me see what this is 'cause she's bringing up a situation where she passes, but then somebody is not able to be there.
So where were you and where was she at the time of her passing? - In Neuilly, France.
- [Tyler.]
So you were together? - Together.
- [Tyler.]
When we talk about her kids, the two girls, was anybody not there? Did they not make it? - None of her kids were there.
- [Tyler.]
- But at her request.
- [Tyler.]
Yes, yes, yes.
There's that.
That's weird.
So this is going to sound weird, but there's some connection I keep getting kind of a famous feeling.
Any time I get a famous feeling, it indicates that somebody's either renowned or connected to celebrities, or connected to an iconic historical figure or you kinda get the gist with it.
You're right on.
- Talking about kind of the big life.
- [woman.]
In the way it comes across.
Feels regal, is the way I'd describe it.
That's a good word.
I was just gonna say, somebody is either related I think she either met royalty, knew royalty, something about that crosses paths.
When we think of celebrities on TV, I'm not getting that feeling.
I'm talking about dignitaries.
People of status.
And that comes through.
There's an interesting reference, and this may not click.
I think there's a Ruth.
- You know the name Ruth? - Oh yes.
- [Tyler.]
Do you know who Ruth is? - Yes.
- [man.]
Are you kidding me? - [laughs.]
Yeah, so, I have to highlight Ruth, in the way this comes across.
Really interesting lady.
Clearly comes across like a force of nature.
- I want you to know that.
- She's been called that before.
- [Tyler.]
I believe it.
- She's been known for that.
So I'm curious to know who Mom is.
So she was like my mother, my grandmother, my best friend, and I learned so much.
- Now, you're very young.
- Yes.
So you might not know.
- But that's this is who she is.
- What? - Yes.
- What? Are you kidding me? Oh! Whoa! [vibrant music playing.]

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