Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

The Last Call

1 - I think there's a Ruth.
- Oh, yes.
- Do you know who Ruth is? - Yes.
- Okay.
You're very young.
- Yes.
So you might not know.
But that's This is who she is.
- What? What? - Yes.
Are you kidding me? Whoa.
Bette Davis.
I was always a fan of her over Joan Crawford.
I will put that on the record now.
She was my favorite.
Well, she somehow brought me to you.
I worked for her for ten years, up until she passed.
Yeah, and then when she got the cancer, everything changed.
She had cancer.
She had a stroke.
So yeah, but in the end, she went in great glory.
- Wow! - She was amazing.
She still is.
- I always - Absolutely.
She still is.
The Ruth that came through, help me understand that.
Bette Davis's full name is Ruth Elizabeth Davis.
- Quit it.
- Now I'll show you one thing.
I did not want to show this.
He said, "No, no.
" - Yeah.
- Because if I showed it, you would know.
But This There was, years ago, a show called This Is Your Life.
- Wow! - And this was hers.
So this is Bette Davis with all her Oscar nominations.
- Wow.
Thank you.
- Okay, you can look at it.
Yes, this is when her birthday is.
This is when she got married.
That's when she had B.
- Absolutely.
- This was hers, and I thought, "Okay.
" "Come on in.
" Wow.
Well, she sure did! The things that came through today are to validate she is still in existence.
- Oh yes.
Big - Still around.
A strong personality, but she just kind of brought through a lot about her legacy, being remembered.
- Yep.
- In a big way.
How we carry the torch moving forward with honoring her.
It's interesting.
When it comes to that, it's going to be on you.
- It is.
- It's weird to say.
- Not a group effort.
It's all you.
- You are right on.
- And in doing that - She's blessing.
- Yes.
- She's with me which I She wouldn't trust anybody except you to do this.
- That's true.
- You need to know.
My takeaway from the message is, you're on the right track.
The right people are going to be involved.
It's gonna happen.
You needed that.
- I cannot thank you enough.
- Of course.
Oh my goodness! Absolutely.
I'm still in shock.
That's so cool.
- What an honor for me.
- I'm very grateful to you.
- I knew I didn't know why, but - You were on point.
- That's why we were shocked.
- You were so on I have been very doubtful.
- Sure.
- Totally doubtful.
And you gave me confirmation.
- I'm so glad.
- Thank you.
That's amazing.
I'm gonna carry this day with me for the rest of my life.
I mean, that's so special.
I'll see you all later.
Bye, Tyler.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Oh! Oh my gosh! - So - Amazing.
Ah! To our loved ones and Tyler.
- For bringing us together today.
- Absolutely.
Of all celebrities that have come through, Bette Davis is by far my favorite.
I believe she wanted me here because she had something to say, just the way it came about.
- Hey! Tell me.
- Do you wanna see who came through today? - Bette Davis! We're gonna talk about it.
- No way.
- I cannot wait.
- Bette Davis came through today.
That's crazy.
- You know what's weird? - What? In the psychomanteum yesterday, I said I had a vision of a woman with a very distinctive birthmark spot.
Like a what looked like a mole.
- But right up on her upper lip area.
- You said that.
My God.
- No way.
She was coming to you yesterday.
- Bette Davis's role in Baby Jane was with a very unique birthmark, right directly by the lip.
- Isn't that crazy? - Yes.
- All right.
- Now I just need to find out where Wait.
- Oh wait, they're buttons! - Yeah, it's all there.
Isn't that - That's very high tech.
- Wait.
All right, I'm gonna go in reverse then.
But wait.
- Okay.
All right.
- There's a learning curve.
- Every car is different.
- We're getting there.
I had a dream of burning alive, which was really pleasant.
- That you were? - Yeah.
I was like, "Well, shit.
" What does burning usually signi Well, that, like, image of the phoenix rising from a fire, right? Like, you burn everything down and then You rise from the fire.
I'm sure that you and your mom are feeling stuff now that you're processing and feeling emotion.
That might be part of your subconscious working through some of that stuff, 'cause you guys are, in a sense, saying goodbye to the ancestry you thought was you.
Wow, that was deep.
That's very insightful 'cause that could be what it is.
- Are you getting any new vibes? - Nothing new Now that we are in the vicinity.
- That's a train.
- Mm-hmm.
I was having visions of intersections.
Like, roads intersect.
- Warehouse.
- I know.
Where are we? It doesn't look like you're going to a house.
True psychic ability here is to be figuring out where I'm going.
Well, the pin is pointing to this thing right here.
Gotcha, gotcha Okay.
- Okay.
- I don't know.
All right, we're gonna go this way.
All right.
Well, I have to use my intuition to find out where I'm going.
In that way, I guess the reading starts early.
I appreciate you being a good sport.
I mean, like, what the hell? I trust you a lot, obviously.
- Hi! How's it goin'? How are you? - Hi.
How are you? - Hi.
Oh my God.
- How's it goin'? - It's good to see you.
- I'm about to freak out.
How are you? Hey.
What's up? - Well, no, like, I absolutely love you.
- Aw, thank you.
I do.
Like I really do.
Is that a normal reaction? - Oh yeah.
- I'm like, "Yo, what up?" And she's like I love it.
We're married, and we're all friends.
We all know each other because of being paramedic family.
Jennifer and I are paramedics.
Casey does our hair, as well as, more than half of the department's hair.
So basically, before we start, the only thing I'm going to mention is that anybody can come through.
Anybody have any objects? - I brought several things.
- Cool.
Like a badge.
No pictures though? - Yeah, no pictures.
- Let me just turn this around.
All good.
Thank you.
So what I'll do is I'll scribble.
We'll start kinda connecting.
Then I will hold on to the objects in a minute.
I just got to see what comes through organically first.
One sec.
All right.
I'm nervous.
- I'm fascinated.
- Yeah.
All right.
I had a lot coming through on the way here.
That oftentimes will happen for me, which is helpful.
It means there's a lot of information.
Um It's kind of interesting.
I'm amused that I'm reading three people.
On the way here, this morning, I woke up, and I kept seeing, like, "Is it three people? Or four people?" But I wonder if there might be a message for someone who isn't here physically.
That they might have wished was here.
Or thought they were going to be here.
Or wanted to be here and couldn't.
That came through very strongly on the way here.
- True.
- I know who it should be.
Good to keep that in mind.
I'm gonna keep going here.
I'm gonna start to connect, and I already have this coming in.
All right.
Um, do you know any woman who would've dealt, within your family, of a cancer? But not at an age when we would normally think of cancers.
- Whoa.
- Like, "Way too early to get cancer.
" - Do you know of any situations there? - My mom.
- She had an operation to remove cancer.
- To remove.
There is, uh Okay.
There's this thing that's Let me see here.
Hmm I do feel So for you, do you know of anybody who dealt with any brain issues in your family that would have passed? Dude, get Get out of here.
References like neurofeedback always refer to, like, the brain almost dealing with damage.
And so, it's like, if someone has literal holes in their brain, or had something very much brain structure.
We're not even talking biochemical.
That's a different kind of thing.
This is something's wrong with the brain.
- They're just pretty much there.
- Oh.
And that's a lot to process.
Mm If you were to ask me how my mom would die, I would not have told you that she had a seizure.
I took care of my mom.
We had ups and downs with her health.
And it got to the point that I couldn't take care of her.
In my job, you make life-and-death decisions.
And when it came to my mom, and saying It was the hardest decision that I've ever made.
- Thank you for sharing that.
- Yeah.
I had a number of non-tragic passings coming through.
People who passed away at an age-appropriate age, nothing dramatic in that way.
But I had this one passing coming in that did feel premature and did feel really tragic.
So it definitely strikes me as more of a situation involving somebody who did not get to see their life through.
But this person, it's really a tragic thing because of the timing of when they passed.
When they died, they're bringing up the life that was to be had and what their future was gonna hold.
I feel like my life's taken from me pretty suddenly.
Now, in the way that this comes through, I am going to hold onto this because I feel drawn to this object.
I'm trying to figure out what this is.
Cause it feels almost idyllic.
Like, um Picture perfect.
Then, I just feel like, there's this acknowledgment of this, but it's weird.
Without giving anything away, can any of you relate to somebody who would have passed away prematurely? - Yes.
- Okay.
Give me one sec.
There's this hat.
This is definitely not a hat when I'm holding onto this.
But I'm seeing a hat.
It's kind of weird.
I almost brought a hat.
Did you? Whose hat did you almost bring? - His.
- Okay.
So let me bring up this hat, and I'm like, "I'm holding this.
" I'm like, "That's not a hat.
" I'm gonna keep going.
'Cause I've got that, that, that, that I'm trying to figure out how this applies.
Give me one sec.
Anybody know of a Wayne? - Anybody? Wayne? - Yes.
Yeah? How does Wayne relate to the younger man who passed away? - That's his uncle.
- Was his uncle.
- His uncle like to fish at all? - Uh-huh.
He is a fisherman.
- Okay.
- It's crazy.
Feels like Weird.
He showed me all these lines of vehicles, for some reason.
I don't know why.
You know when a president dies, and they have the procession of cars? There's this feeling of, "I realize I was loved when I saw this in such a big way.
" It seemed meaningful for him.
And then I'm just kinda curious to know who this was for you.
What was his name? His name was Trey.
He was, uh Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Let it out.
Um, he was my husband, and, um We had a little girl.
And four weeks after she was born, he came home from work, and everything was totally normal.
We went to sleep, and he had a seizure in the middle of the night.
Then long story short, we went to the hospital, and they found a lesion on his brain.
And that started our three years of brain tumor radiation and chemo.
There was this feeling of, "I didn't kill myself.
" It's not that kind of thing.
But, "would've done things differently.
" Men are very, very difficult to make y'all go to the doctor.
And I said it from the very, very beginning with Trey.
If he had gone, maybe they would have done extra tests and seen it, and maybe we could have been on top of it.
Maybe there would've been something different, but, um - I don't know.
That's just Yeah.
- Yeah.
Did everything you could.
- Wow.
- My daughter told me, when after Trey died that she felt him rub her back to sleep.
- Do you think you can feel his hand? - Yes.
- Absolutely.
The warmth.
- That she can actually - She was three, but I believed her.
- Yeah.
I often find that they sometimes will not come through repeatedly because they don't want to make our grief process worse.
- Okay.
- Sometimes they will visit once.
Just to say, "I'm all right," or to communicate, "I'm with you.
" So that does sometimes happen.
It's not abnormal.
He comes across, honestly, with a sense of humor.
- He does.
- And a dumb sense of humor.
I mean that kindly.
I mean it in the most loving way possible.
I feel like he could be silly sometimes, just for silly's sake.
And you know what dad jokes are? Jokes that are like, "Really? Come on.
" - That's totally him.
- Yeah.
All right.
Keeps showing me a clock, and any time they show me a clock, it always indicates their passing that they basically waited to go.
And then when he got the permission to go, I felt like he went.
And he just can't stress enough how much he understands how hard that was to do and how difficult.
There's this feeling of, in one ear, "No, hang in there, stay with us," and in the other, "No, it's okay.
You can go.
" Being given that permission allowed him to transition in such a peaceful way.
We surrounded him at home, and, um, I told him it was okay.
- And that's when he passed away.
- Wow.
Now, do you know of anybody who worked around, like, oil, like, oil rig or oil stuff? Just having me highlight that reference as far as that goes 'cause that was weird.
If that did come in.
- There's a lot.
- Oh, shit! Sorry.
It's all good.
It's all good.
All good.
Who worked in the oil stuff? - My current fiancé does.
My dad does also.
- Gotcha.
They're putting a lot of excitement around your personal life, even beyond the fiancé.
Things are looking up.
There's so much excitement.
There's so much life to be lived.
I feel like for you, I can't stress enough, how much love there is there for you, and how excited he is for your future.
For me, that's the biggest takeaway.
- So - That means the world to to me.
- Of course.
- It does.
It means the world to to me.
One thing I did wanna discuss was the reference to the line of vehicles.
It seemed interesting.
It seemed meaningful for him.
That was Trey's procession to the funeral.
Trey was also a paramedic.
At the burial site, they had probably several hundred paramedics, just lined up for, like, the last call, which is where they, like, retire his badge number.
This is last call for 6-1-7.
Over the past seven years, you have shown a caring and compassionate dedication to family, friends, and East Baton Rouge.
You will be dearly missed.
Gone but not forgotten.
John Dolan Thompson, III, Trey.
End of watch, 13:24.
It was definitely, definitely significant and, uh, amazing.
- Wow.
What a send-off.
That's beautiful.
- Oh yeah.
I was a fan before, but I'm a super-fan now.
Thank you very much.
Now that Theresa's in New Orleans, I wanna show her places of significance in our family, because this is part of who she is too.
- You're gonna enjoy this.
- I know.
What a memory.
- I'm gonna try not to cry.
- Oh my God.
It's okay.
It's all good.
- It's a beautiful, happy day.
- I know.
From what Mary has told us, she was too young to remember anything about what lead to the circumstances of my mom's disappearance.
I'm excited to be able to walk through her old neighborhood.
What should've been my mom's old neighborhood.
Maybe get some psychic impressions that might fill in some blanks.
It might be a stretch, but stranger things have happened.
Oh wow.
What's happening here? We're on a journey to find the house we lived at.
When Mama met your daddy.
- I see.
- We're gonna go right in here.
- We're gonna go inside? - Yes.
I lived here as a child, with my brother.
Mama was married twice.
Her first husband, she was 18.
And he left Mama.
Then George and I's father.
He just basically he left her with us.
My mother was cooking in this house, and on that day, she met Theresa's father.
His name was Joe.
He was out painting on this road, and I said my mom was making biscuits.
- And so that was the - Then you got more than biscuits.
We did.
A lot of unanswered questions.
Being at this house in Algiers Point is overwhelming for me.
So far, I'm getting a lot of impressions, but I have no context to really place these impressions.
None of my biological family lives in that house.
And so because of that, I have no way of placing what I'm getting.
- So what do we know about him? - Yes.
So she had two bad marriages.
She thought that Joe was gonna marry her.
He told her he was gonna marry her.
Well, that didn't work out, did it? Well, I don't know what his intentions were, but they weren't to support Mama after she became pregnant for Theresa.
Can you imagine? Two children, unwed, pregnant.
It's just, there was so much shame.
Theresa, baby.
- It's where you were born.
- My God.
This is where you were taken from Mama.
- And it was a woman-and-child hospital.
- Wow.
- And, um Yes.
- Just for women having babies.
I believe there were nuns there, way back, when it was an older hospital.
At that time, there was a lot of placement of children.
Stella was always so rooted in religion too.
Tyler told me a little bit about what he thought.
That's how she got those vulnerable mothers.
Oh, that's exactly how because she always found a way to, like, weasel her way into churches and play on people's sympathy.
And I mean, if you've heard Stella talk, she was a Sunday School teacher.
How Mama met Stella, and how it led to her getting Theresa may be a mystery, but I do know we don't just throw our family away.
That was a sick situation, and it's still sick, because it ain't finished.
This area, this whole area was a blocked-off area that was the Saint Thomas housing.
- So people actually lived there Yes.
- Like low-income housing? Yes, but they called it the projects.
The projects, right.
- Okay.
- Interesting.
So I wanted to share with you, Theresa.
- This is 601 Saint Mary.
- Okay.
This is where you and I saw each other for the first time.
- And I never forgot that beautiful girl.
- Oh my God.
- One day, Stella came to our house.
- Yes.
It was just me and Mama at home.
I was around ten years old.
Based on what you're saying, I would've been five.
Yes, and when she came in, there was really not a whole bunch said.
It was a very odd visit, but I didn't know who you were.
I didn't know who this lady was.
I had no idea.
- You knew something was wrong.
- Yes.
And Mama was not happy, and Mama took you upstairs.
- And she freshened you up.
- Right, right.
And Mama had a, um It was a utility closet.
Stella, she went into that closet.
She stole my baby picture.
See now, that's another thing.
She stole your baby picture.
So she needed that to help support having me, and we're sisters, and we look alike.
There had to be something in it for Stella.
Always an ulterior motive.
- She was so sneaky.
- That's crazy.
So Mama came downstairs, and she had your hand.
Then the next piece I have in my mind is that when we were at that back door.
I felt we were saying bye.
But when we did, you and I were like this.
So maybe Mama wanted to make sure that we got to see each other.
Mama tells me right at the door, "That's your little sister.
" It's hard to understand why my mother, Mary Baroni, couldn't take me back.
Well, I, I, I just I just looked at her.
I wanted to know why we weren't getting you.
- Right.
- And she said, "I can't.
" So that's when we sat down.
- Yeah.
- And that's when she cried.
And then she was, "Stella.
" And I remember that day of you, Theresa, so specific, and I can't even explain it.
It's huge.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
- Tyler.
It's huge because - It's just huge.
- Yeah.
It's okay.
- I wanted to make him proud of me.
- It's okay, baby.
I know it's I'm thankful for my Aunt Mary, taking us across New Orleans and seeing all these important sites, but they haven't really led to any answers.
I've got a lot of impressions and no context of understanding what it all means.
It's possible that the only way I'll get answers to how Stella took my mom will be through reading my Aunt Mary, and I hope I have that chance.
- I'm glad we're able to be to do this.
- It's true.
Me too.
- Me too.
- I commend you for your strength there.
- 'Cause that's a lot to have to process.
- I'm good.
Thank you so much.
It was so much intensity to the situation that it was simultaneously refreshing to see Mary and my mom together today, but also bittersweet because you can tell there's still a lot there on both sides that is being processed.
You can feel the heaviness.
It's complicated.
All ready for the podcast today? I am.
I am excited for Kesha.
- Your headphones.
- Fabulous.
I will put those there.
- Should I put them on? - That should work.
Yeah, let me see.
See if I can hear everybody.
Kesha's on screen here.
- Kesha's on screen! - Hi.
Video and audio's going.
We're good.
Welcome to Kesha and the Creepies.
I am so excited.
I am nervous.
I'm feeling all the feelings to have my next guest with us, Tyler Henry.
- Thank you for coming on my podcast.
- Oh, of course.
I wouldn't miss it.
I'm excited for the opportunity.
Where to even begin with you? I just I'm so curious about your gift.
Basically, this started for me when I was actually only ten years old.
At ten, it's something that happens to you.
It's not really something you identify as an ability.
And so it took some time to kind of step into it.
Are you still finding yourself stepping into it? Totally.
Even at this moment, there's little things that come through for you.
But there is something to be said about balance.
- Wait, you can tell me things? - I can tell you one thing, if you'd like.
- I don't want to overwhelm you.
- Okay, sure.
So before I hopped on the line today, I was seeing my symbol for the sun and the moon.
The sun always represents to me, like, a birthday, life, and then the moon represents people passing away.
You know, death.
So there's that dichotomy.
What was so interesting is, I don't know if your mom has a sister.
- They're putting emphasis around - She does.
what'd be an aunt for you.
There was an interesting acknowledgment with the sun and the moon thing of within 24 hours, there being a birth date and a death date.
So, like, when did your grandmother pass? - I don't know.
Do you mind - You can totally check.
Feel free.
- My boyfriend is texting my mom.
- Yeah, no worries.
Because there's a funny reference for your aunt.
That every time it's her birthday or something, she Your grandmother wouldn't want to kind of make the date sad.
It feels like there was a passing and a birthday right next to each other.
Really? My boyfriend just told me that my grandmother died on December 7th, and my aunt's birthday is December 6th.
- I didn't even remember that.
- Okay, so that is interesting.
It would've been within a 24-hour-ish period of the birthday and the death day.
That is so weird.
So that would be why I was seeing the sun and the moon.
Oh my God.
Very strange.
Come through, Tyler.
I love it.
This has been the loveliest conversation.
I appreciate it.
- Love to you.
Thank you.
- Love to you.
- We did it.
- Woo-hoo.
- Yeah.
That was great.
- Oh my goodness.
That was fun.
Mary, she's so sweet.
She brought me gifts.
I mean, let's just start with this.
She brought me some documents to show you.
- Wow.
So these are all family stuff.
- Yeah.
This is just little sweet things.
I just want to show you this.
- This is my mother's perfume.
- Oh.
And this is a really old-fashioned perfume, which I know I've seen before.
When she brought it out, I was like, "I've seen this bottle of perfume before.
" I washed my hands a couple of times, but it still smells lovely.
- Yeah, it does.
- Isn't the smell lovely? And then this is just Rosary beads are usually beads.
But this happens to be a rosary rope, which I've never seen before.
- Fascinating.
- Someone must have made it for my mom.
That's hard to look at.
I mean, I know.
It's nice to have those things, to have a connection.
This has been a lot.
I feel for you deeply in a way I can't put into words, and I know that you say you're all good, but I just I I feel for you in a way that I can't articulate.
And it's just very sad.
I just can't focus too much on certain things.
I know when it's time for me to stop talking to my sister Mary.
- Yeah.
- I love my sister Mary.
But right now, I feel physically drained.
I don't want to cry.
This is not going to be a crying thing.
That ship sailed, but it's okay.
I mean, you gotta let that out 'cause you are such a strong person.
- I know.
I know.
- But you need to feel what you're feeling.
I know, Tyler.
I wanna go now, okay? Yeah.
- I love you.
I'm sorry.
- I love you.
This is draining for you too.
No, I, I can only imagine what it's like for you.
It's just Yeah It's I need to freshen up.
- Then I'll be ready to go.
- No worries.
Take your time.
My mom is great at compartmentalizing, and there's times where she has no choice but to go with what she's feeling.
But generally, she's pretty good at putting a box on a shelf and not looking at it.
You know, my mom left, camera crew left.
I had this box in front of me, and I was like, "I'm gonna go through it," of course, and I did.
I held onto the rosary and looked at the picture and all that.
I tried it on, wrapped around my neck.
And I started bawling because it was so emotional for me.
I could feel my mom's pain.
I had my own pain, with knowing this was somebody I never got the chance to meet.
This person was my grandmother.
If it weren't for her existence, my existence wouldn't be possible.
And it just feels like we were both really robbed of that relationship, and now everything that we had was just in a box.
And it wasn't her.
It was just her stuff.
There was something painful about that.
That's the extent I'll ever get to know my grandmother.
Better to have something than nothing, but the things don't replace the void of the absence of her presence.
In the box, there is a picture of my great-grandmother.
And my mom said that it's nice to have a picture of her, but looking at her also was painful because she just felt like, "How could you have not stepped up and, like, done more to prevent this from happening?" I'd love to know what happened at the hospital with Mama.
Yeah, me too.
And I can scribble on it and see what comes through.
Uh, such a hard thing to be emotionally detached from.
- I know.
- But I can try.
I'm definitely getting some impressions, and as I'm delving into this, I'm really trying to detach myself from what's coming through.
If I get too emotional, too invested, too biased, then my connection to the other side becomes skewed.
It's funny reading family, but I'm going to relay exactly as it comes through.
It's pretty evident to me in my belief that your grandmother may have had something to do with the process of how things panned out.
Not knowingly, necessarily - That it'd be a bad sort.
- It would be difficult Right.
But she wanted to help and give my mom a better life.
And the way this comes across There's just this feeling of it being too late once I realize that something's wrong.
It definitely feels like my mom had to have been obtained through means that your mother was not intending.
Mm Yeah.
We don't have clear-cut proof that my great-grandmother knew, or even facilitated the adoption, but yet, for some reason, I think, my soul knows that my great-grandmother had some involvement in trying to give my mom a better life.
That is literally all I my grandmother.
The only connection I have to her now is going to be in this box, and that's it.
So did you hold on to any of them? - Yeah.
I did.
- At all? Did you? I just had a minute with myself.
I cried.
I didn't feel or see anything or have any visions.
You know, but, uh This is a very humbling moment for me.
As a medium, I'm used to holding on to everyone else's objects and connecting with their loved ones.
I'm holding onto my own object, wearing it around my neck.
And I felt nothing.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Felt, like, for the first time, it felt like a I don't know.
It was a moment I felt like I wasn't a medium.
I was just a human being.
That was humbling.
That's why I cried.
Because I just thought, "Wow.
I'm not feeling anything from it.
" "I'm just feeling sadness.
Just like anybody else would feel.
" It's almost like this is your kryptonite.
Yeah, yeah.
The answers I give to others I so badly could benefit for myself.
It almost feels like a universal, cosmic joke that I can do this for others, but then, when I need it most for myself, nothing happens.
I would love for them to be like, "This is what happened," but I haven't gotten even an inkling of that.
And in this case, it's just too close to home.
- Do you feel frustrated by that? - Yeah, it is frustrating.
All it'd take is one person to come through and give me the answer.
But that's why this pursuit has been so important to try to find sources to back up the narratives of what we suspect.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly how that all pieces together.
What do you think the difference between superstition and OCD is? - I think they're the same.
- Yeah, it sounds like superstition.
Yeah, no.
It's, it's completely the same.
I mean, I don't consider myself a superstitious person.
Just kind of stitious.
I'm just kidding.
That was dumb.
- I'm semi-stitious.
- Yeah, medium stitious.
It's beautiful up here.
My nerves are like going up.
I'm like, "I need a shot.
" - That's your problem.
- I know you hate that.
That's your problem.
I feel like I do.
Oh God.
I'm, like, shaking.
Yeah, I'm nervous.
You know, for the last few years, I told you something about myself I feel like you may have already known.
Definitely makes me happy in my life that you're proud of me with everything I do.
You know how your support is huge to me.
I have people that passed away that were super close to me that I want to know are proud of me too.
Or what if that person don't and then I'm I guess they're kind of left wondering.
- Here we are.
- All right.
Oh, this is a tight little Yeah, very tight, isn't it? - That's what he said.
That's terrible.
- Oh my God.
Oh God.
Pretty, pretty.
- Hello.
How is everyone doing? - Hey.
- Great.
Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for having me.
- This is cool.
What a beautiful view.
- Yeah, it's amazing, right? Yes.
I have my notebook here, and throughout this process, you will see me scribble.
- Okay.
- I have stuff coming through.
It's helpful.
We'll talk about it.
Did either of you bring objects? - I did.
- I didn't.
These here are coins.
So you can keep those there.
- And this as well.
- Oh, that.
I love that.
What I'll do is I'll scribble.
I'll relay everything that comes in.
All right, I have more than one person coming through.
So people even connected not to this object but others as well.
So the interesting thing with this is that there's this feeling of amusement that you're here or that you're sitting here.
They're glad you made it, but I don't know if you were nervous, apprehensive, not really sure, but they're happy you're here.
I feel I have to highlight this.
On some level of family, you know, associations, people we know, a number of people within your family passed away at a very old age, and we're all good.
It's not a big deal, but there's these couple, these two passings I have to talk about to me that feel premature.
The older of the younger passings is interesting me more than the younger-younger one.
This guy passed away more in the middle ground.
I feel it's a male, the way it comes across.
Do you know a male who passed away in middle age? - Yeah.
- Okay.
'Cause I feel like he's important.
Now, there is a situation Oh.
Somebody was in a really rough situation emotionally before they passed within how the family was changing.
- I have to kind of explain this 'cause - I got chills.
If someone's in the middle of a breakup, or a custody battle or, like, were at a kind of contentious time, and then this person dies.
This is what they're giving me.
- Really clearly.
Does that make any sense? - Yes.
So that seems pretty significant.
Who would that be for? Do you want to know everything?
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