Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

The Shock of a Lifetime

1 Somebody was in a really rough situation emotionally before they passed within how the family was changing.
- I have to kind of explain this 'cause - Oh, I got chills.
If someone is in the middle of, like, a breakup, - or a custody battle - Ooh.
and then this person dies.
This is what they're giving me.
Who would that be for? It's okay.
- [sniffles.]
That would be my dad.
- [Tyler.]
Your dad.
[theme music playing.]
Um, how old was he when he passed? - He was in his thirties.
- Yeah, 34.
So I feel like he's important today to talk about.
It's gonna be a big one.
He had a girlfriend at the time and was getting ready to leave her.
He was here one day and gone the next.
One thing our dad never did was pick us up from school.
- Yeah.
- The day before he passed away, he did.
He told us that he was going away for a while, but he was coming back.
Then the next day, he was killed.
When I lost my dad, I was young, and so I felt like I lost that male figure that I needed.
I still don't know how to shave.
And small things like that, shaving and having to learn how to drive.
I taught myself how to drive.
Having my dad around would have been different because I would've had that father figure I'd longed for.
All right, I'm gonna keep going.
With Dad, are there any questions that you guys have about him, about how he passed? Anything unresolved that I might be able to help with? One of my biggest questions that I wanted to ask him.
It's probably been like, four years now.
- Um, I came out to my mom.
- Nice.
- Um, and my family.
- Yeah.
And I've always questioned because obviously it's been something - I've dealt with my whole entire life.
- Yeah.
There was a comment that I felt like he made when I was six years old.
My dad, uh, whether it was caught me doing something, or I said something.
But I remember him saying specifically that he knows that I'm gonna grow up and live a different life.
- But he better not see me doing it again.
- Yeah.
And I want to know how he felt about - [Tyler.]
- that now.
Sure, sure.
Being a Black gay man raised in a small town in Alabama, that still carries shame.
I felt like I wasn't as confident of a person, as far as sharing my authentic self, and who I was.
So when I was 23 years old, I came out to my family, and I always wondered what he thought about it.
If he was okay with it.
It's not something he's super comfortable with.
Not knowing, you always have that part in the back of your head, like, "What if?" [Tyler.]
Um, okay.
[pen scribbles.]
Give me one sec.
Looks like he's switching gears.
He's having me now go into his passing, which feels a little tough.
The interesting thing is, um, for him, it feels like it was a blink of an eye.
Um, and it's really interesting.
Blink of an eye.
I don't know why, but he keeps bringing it up.
"I'm here, and I'm gone.
" Typically, sometimes people get diagnosed with cancer, they have a long thing.
Not that.
This feels very fast.
The way it's hitting me, where it's like a blink of an eye.
One day, I'm here.
One day, I'm gone.
So the way this came through was I felt almost, like, whiplash is the only way to describe it.
I felt like there's some external force that comes in on my body, and then it stops at my body.
But it sends a whole, like, reverberation through my body.
It's such a weird thing to describe, and I hope I'm not [grunts.]
- I think I get it.
- [Tyler.]
It's I mean, uh, how my dad passed away was in a car accident.
- Gotcha.
- And he always wore his seat belt.
This part behind him.
- Yes.
- [man.]
And, um It was a head-on collision, and so his chest went into the dashboard.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
- And crushed his lungs.
And that's how he lost his life.
- Because of how he wore his seat belt.
- [Tyler.]
Makes sense.
In the crash, crushing his chest.
Oh, I'm so sorry, guys.
you guys have to go through that.
A very sudden though, and I wanna let you know.
He doesn't acknowledge pain, suffering.
The thing that comes through with this, he's showing me a lot.
I'll keep going.
There's this weird thing about you not being able to grieve right away.
- No.
- [Tyler.]
It's almost like you couldn't.
You had to be strong for everybody else.
- That seems like a big thing.
- That's it.
- He's honoring that, which is important.
- [woman.]
That's sweet.
I'm gonna keep going 'cause he has a lot to say.
It's interesting 'cause you're not the only family member that is gay.
- Good to keep in mind.
- You're right.
He's having me highlight this.
He's acknowledging more than one.
Um, gives me the feeling of thumbs up with that.
But yeah.
Very positive 'cause you're not alone there.
But he wants to commend you on how you handled things also.
Proud of you for how you've been able to navigate afterwards.
He kept acknowledging this feeling of like, it was an honor to have you as a son.
You need to know that, that it was an honor to him in a really beautiful way.
So After this reading, now that my father came through, and he told me he was proud of me, I feel like I could be authentic myself.
You know, Black gay rainbows everywhere.
Without any care in the world.
- All right.
Thank you.
- Bye.
[upbeat music playing.]
I'm very happy that I came.
I would do it again.
I wish I could have a mini Tyler in my pocket and pull him out any time.
- [Heather.]
How did it go? - It was great.
It was really healing.
And - [Heather.]
- The men are so cute around here! And, uh [laughs.]
It was just nuts.
It was nuts.
That's awesome.
It's stuff like that that's, like, so healing.
- Yeah.
- For people to hear.
[vibrant music playing.]
- I visioned some ducks this morning.
- [Theresa.]
Really? Yeah, it was like, "Okay.
" - [Theresa.]
How funny.
- Little duckies.
So how are you feeling? I'm hanging in there.
I had a rough night.
I had a panic attack.
It was more intuitive feelings.
- Like someone's life was robbed from them.
- [Theresa.]
Tell me.
That's a very unique feeling, with something being robbed.
How long did the panic attack last? About three hours.
It came through very strongly.
When I have a panic attack, it feels like I can't breathe.
I feel anxious.
Like the world's collapsing around me.
It usually indicates to me that there's a serious loss I'm about to kind of delve into.
- Okay, I'm gonna scribble.
- Okay.
There you go.
And I'll be quiet.
Well, that'll be rare.
- Rare? Did you say that? - Rare.
I'm just kidding.
You just scribble, and I won't talk.
Look at this tiny little house.
- I can't look at anything.
- Sorry.
- I'm concentrating.
- Okay.
- I'm not gonna talk anymore, so Sorry.
- Okay.
Oh, this goes straight.
But we Oh, they have to stop too.
[inspirational music playing.]
What's going on today? This reading is for someone really close to me.
- Great.
- Who is a big fan.
And so, have to let you know, the person who we're doing a reading for is, um has no idea that you're here.
- Wow.
Oh my goodness.
- So it's a surprise.
- Quite a surprise.
- It's quite a surprise.
Big fan.
- It'll be really good.
- Oh, hello.
[both men laughing.]
- Aw.
- Oh.
Precious! [man.]
- Can I give you a hug? - Is it okay? [woman.]
Yes, of course.
Ooh! I'm Tyler.
I know.
You're the only reason I'm okay.
Oh, sweetheart.
Oh my goodness.
When Justine and I met, we were at a conference.
A music conference.
And I saw her, and I was like, "Oh my gosh!" I felt a feeling I'd never felt before.
Like, I felt like I had known this person forever.
I knew the moment we met that we're going to be connected for the rest of our lives.
We talked about, you know, future, and I looked at rings, but I was like, "Okay, that's" kinda doing some fishing a little bit.
Then I think after everything happened, I just kind of, said, "Yeah, I can't go there right now.
" And, and, uh, just kind of put it aside.
I had no clue where I was even going.
I saw him, I was like, "I'm gonna read him.
" But it's for you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- This is a big surprise.
- [Tyler.]
I feel you.
It's all good.
We'll get comfortable, and we'll figure it out.
These are couple of things for you.
To give to for the reading.
I'm excited to do this today.
- Thank you so much for everything.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Absolutely.
- See you later.
- [Tyler.]
See you in a bit.
Lovely to meet you.
Today we'll kind of go through this.
I'll scribble.
- I see you have some objects.
- Yes.
Those will come in handy.
I'll hold on to them.
Then I'll see what I receive.
We'll go from there.
All right? - Well, at this point you can - [Justine.]
Take those out.
Lets me kind of get a sense.
Thank you.
[smacks lips.]
Who is this? Last night, I was getting the sense of a younger presence who had passed.
The younger male that I feel I would need to highlight.
- Does that make sense? - Yes.
When this passing happened to him, there was a lot to look forward to.
There were exciting things coming up, maybe even in the coming weeks or months.
But he wants you to know that he feels like he passed at a high point in his life.
In the way this kind of comes across [sighs deeply.]
This person feels full of life, full of life, full of life.
Like, I keep getting this feeling of, my smile's lighting up as I'm smiling and thinking about him.
He's showing me [laughs.]
Weird! Uh [chuckles.]
He's being silly.
Let's see.
He's trying to make me laugh.
Funny! [Tyler.]
Let me see try to see what this is.
He just does this [pen scribbles.]
How funny! I don't know if he had a little dance he would do.
- Or like a - Yes.
The only way I can describe it is like a It's very hard to convey, but he's having me do a jig.
I think.
I'm a horrible dancer, so I can't do this.
But he's funny when he's coming across.
- And do you know about that? - Yes.
Yes, yes.
He's cracking me up.
Okay, sync that.
Aw! I'm seeing doves, like, releasing doves, which is strange.
- We did it here.
- [Tyler.]
No way.
Okay, 'cause I'm seeing all these doves flying away.
A lot of excitement in the way this comes through.
He's showing me [chuckles.]
Yeah, like "Number One Mom.
" It's just sweet.
You know, things kids make in second grade, first grade? He's showing me this "Number One Mom.
" It's really funny.
- [cries.]
That's so sweet.
- [Tyler.]
So, this was your son? What was his name? How old was he and I'd love to tell you.
His name is Damani Elijah Chadly.
And he was 17.
He's my only son.
I was a pretty young mom by today's standards.
I was only a sophomore in college.
He's putting everything on you and saying you had to do everything.
[both laugh.]
You know, uh, which is kinda interesting.
- Were you not with his dad? - Single mom.
I mean, me and this little boy, we just did everything.
[voice breaks.]
We went everywhere with such passion and joy.
Singing, dancing, laughing.
Always laughing.
It was short, but we lived a lot of life together.
He's referencing three people.
I'm trying to figure this out.
It's in relation to before he passed.
He was one of the three, or there were three.
- Do you - Can I answer? - [Tyler.]
Please do.
- He's one of the three.
Okay, gotcha.
In the way this comes through, there's an acknowledgment of a decision that somebody made last minute.
This was a decision that they're holding guilt around, for some reason.
It was his decision to leave that evening.
He shouldn't have.
It was a school night.
- [Tyler.]
I'm so sorry.
- So, he knows he shouldn't have.
Yeah, just feels tragic and It's the weirdest thing.
, click.
I keep hearing this "click, click" thing.
It keeps coming through.
Click, click.
Click, click.
I'm trying to figure out what this "click" thing is, 'cause there's emphasis on, like, a seatbelt and trying to get out of a car, but then I'm trying to figure out what this is, where it's like, I feel like I had my seat belt on, but then I feel like I go to unclick it, and then something kinda happens.
It's the weirdest thing.
I don't mean to have to get into the details.
But was he in the actual car of the vehicle when he was - He was in the passenger seat.
- killed? Okay.
Maybe he's saying he wanted to get away.
It feels like, I'm trying to, like, unclick this.
Then I feel like something happens.
So it [sighs.]
There's this acknowledgment of that, for blindsided by this.
With that, he shows me no pain.
I don't feel any pain when this comes across.
If it's not too painful, do you have an idea of what led up to the passing? - It's so hard to talk about that part.
- Yeah.
What happened to my son is that he was a senior in high school, musician, doing his best.
My son was with a friend.
And was doing what teenagers do and went out one night when he wasn't supposed to.
And he didn't come home.
He was murdered.
In a car.
And he was supposed to be coming home.
The police think that these two boys went to meet someone else, and that there was some interaction between them that led this person to shoot my son and his friend.
I just wish I could hug him.
He had the best hugs.
All you wanna do is keep your kids safe.
There's nothing worse than not being able to do that.
Yeah, understandable.
[Justine sniffles.]
Thank you for being so open.
I can't imagine.
[inhales sharply.]
He just keeps trying to hug you.
It's sweet.
I love that.
- You can see him try to hug me? - He's showing me a visual.
It's just so interesting from behind.
I feel like he wanted to hug you from behind.
It's so sweet.
So, so sweet.
- I love you.
I love you.
- [Tyler.]
I'm glad it happened today.
It makes my heart happy.
Me too.
It was funny.
I often will get impressions long before I even show up.
I woke up.
I had a vision of ducks.
- Does that make any sense? - Oh yes.
It's the funniest thing.
I woke up, I was like, "Duckies!" [laughing.]
That's incredible.
Um So when he was just about, just over one, we lived right down here, right by the water, and two ducks were in our condo complex, swimming around all the time.
We'd always point them out, which is why the bench is here.
This is dedicated to him? - [Justine.]
Oh, you didn't even know that.
- No.
- I wasn't sure.
 I love that.
- [Justine.]
It's dedicated to him.
This is also kinda left field.
There's gonna be a situation where there's a tree.
I'm like seeing that he's like, "Plant the tree.
" [laughing.]
- "Plant the darn tree.
Gotta do the tree.
" - Okay.
He's like, "You gotta do the full thing.
" So, this is something you've discussed? They plant trees here in people's honor too.
And I thought, "We can't have two.
That's selfish.
" Oh! - You gotta plant the tree.
- Oh my God.
All the little things that act as reminders, right? And that's important.
So, um - You are just incredible.
- [Tyler.]
It's a privilege.
I'm glad he came through for you.
In all honesty, I was feeling him this morning and last night.
It was just, like, overwhelmed with how horrible it was that it happened, but simultaneously, I could feel that strength from you.
- And I really - Means so much.
I hope that you leave this experience today reminded that he never is gonna leave your side.
- Okay.
- So thank you for this.
- Thank you.
- I'm gonna give you a big hug.
I'm so overwhelmed with emotion.
You don't think you're ever going to have a conversation with your child again.
Communicating with Tyler felt like I was having a conversation with my boy.
Felt like he was right there, and I don't know how else to explain it.
You just feel lighter.
You feel like smiling a little more.
Connecting with my son through Tyler lifts everything.
Thank you so much.
I can't believe you did this.
I love you.
Thank you so much! My heart is, like, skipping.
I know.
Mine has been all day like that.
He was dancing for Tyler the way he dances.
- The little shuffle he does? - Tyler was trying to dance like him.
- Oh, that's awesome.
- Tyler said, "I cannot dance.
" [laughing.]
But I said, "That's what he did to make everybody laugh.
" And you should have seen Tyler smile.
It was like I was smiling at Damani.
Because his smile was so big, and he said he felt his big smile.
This is all I wanted, and I don't know how you did it.
I don't know how you did it.
I feel comforted knowing that Tyler sees him as happy.
- [man.]
- He seems to be happy.
I didn't want our relationship to be defined and built on tragedy.
What I want for our relationship is to be built on healing and peace.
I want for us to build a life together.
One that's, that we can always be there for each other.
And I'll always be there for you.
Oh my goodness.
From the moment I met you, I knew you were the woman for me.
I had no doubts in my mind.
Every day I wake up, and I just want to be with you.
- Will you marry me, Justine? - Yes.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness, Tom.
I cannot believe this.
I love you so much.
[merry music playing.]
What a day! [Tom.]
I love it.
[Justine sighs.]
I don't know if people believe that you just really jump in bed and stay there until the next day.
I'm very boring outside of my job.
I know, but it takes a lot out of you doing the reading.
It does.
I spend a lot of time very stationary, just under the covers.
When you were taking a shower, I was in here cleaning in your room.
I heard you talking to someone.
Having a conversation? [Theresa.]
In the shower, with yourself.
- It wasn't with myself, but - [Theresa.]
Really? - Yeah, yeah.
It's when I let things go.
- [Theresa.]
- I have to clear myself of head stuff.
- [Theresa.]
I know.
I have to really get into a certain state of consciousness in order to do my job effectively.
That requires me to detach from everything else and attach to it, whatever "it" is.
It doesn't seem to want me to know, but that's a different story.
Well, whatever it is, I guess they picked the right person to give you this gift.
Well, I am thankful to have the abilities, you know.
I wouldn't be able to do it on my own.
And I know that, but it feels a bit like jumping out of a plane, and just trusting that the parachute's going to open.
'Cause they'd always [Theresa.]
Oh my God.
They've always been my parachute, so to speak.
I mean, they them.
That's a shitty feeling.
Well, I mean, it's a way to frame it.
I think it's exhilarating and fun.
- It all comes at a price.
- [Theresa.]
I know.
It's just part of it, part of the job.
I know it takes its toll on you, and I'm so sorry.
I can see it in your little face now.
- I can - I'm really fine.
- [Theresa.]
- I'm really good.
It's this is nothing new to me.
This ain't my first rodeo.
[crickets chirping.]
- Aw.
This is Tom and Justine.
- I should have glasses.
Let me see.
I didn't get to meet them.
- Him I said "hi" to, but that was it.
- Let's watch.
- [Justine.]
Hi, Tyler! - [Tom.]
Hi, Tyler! [Justine.]
I'm still decompressing.
My mind is blown that I met you and had the most extraordinary reading.
- I'm grateful.
One exciting piece of news.
- Big news! - After the reading, this happened.
- [cheering.]
Oh my God.
because of you.
We are so grateful.
And big hug to your mom.
Just wanted to give you both a big hug.
Thank you so much.
Bye! [Theresa.]
I would've loved to have met her.
- That is so sweet.
- [Tyler laughs.]
- That is so awesome.
Oh my gosh.
- I'm gonna, like, full on Kim K ugly cry.
- That is so sweet.
- [Heather.]
[upbeat music playing.]
- I really love New Orleans.
- Me too.
- It has a whole newfound meaning to me.
- Yeah.
I'm here in New Orleans.
I'm really hoping I can get any clarification on my family history.
I feel I look tired today 'cause I am.
- You've been through a lot this week.
- [Tyler.]
It's been a lot of emotional stress every single day so I've hit a wall with the research that my Aunt Mary has done and Clint.
We haven't gotten solid answers as much as we've gotten clarification on timelines.
It's extremely frustrating.
Especially considering my situation is very unique.
My ability is very unique.
It's tough for mediums.
We're expected to have the answers, but I don't.
I need help.
Lovely to meet you.
I'm Tyler.
- [woman.]
Good to meet you.
I'm excited! - Good to meet you.
- Thank you so much.
- Hi.
I decided to call Pamela Slaton, an investigative genealogist.
She's an expert in DNA analysis and family tracing.
If anyone can track down the missing pieces for us, it's her.
This is obviously a new territory for me, so we really appreciate it.
- To give you a rundown of why we're here.
- [Pamela.]
My mom, three years ago, through a 23andMe test, discovered that she was taken as a baby.
Her parents were not actually her parents.
- They were lying.
- The DNA, you never suspected anything? - Never suspected anything.
- You do this test just like everyone else.
You think, "I'm gonna get my nationalities.
" "This is gonna be awesome.
" All of a sudden, you get the shock of a lifetime.
- Exactly.
I'm sure.
- It happens so often, you'd be blown away.
We're in a unique situation.
The woman I thought was my grandmother, Stella was her name, was convicted of two homicides.
She was involved in a number of people's deaths in one way or another.
She spent over 30 years in prison.
- Can I slow you down a little? - [Tyler.]
I know.
'Cause you just loaded me up with a lot of information.
- It's a lot.
- [Pamela.]
So, okay.
Did she give your mom over to Stella? She did, but we don't know why.
So when your aunt, your mom's half-sister, reaches out to your mom, what does she say happened? [Tyler.]
We know that my mom was born in New Orleans.
And my aunt was able to do some research, and found there was stuff going on at this hospital around when my mom was born.
Do you think Stella had anything to do with this? - That's what we're trying to determine.
- [Pamela.]
Additionally? [Tyler.]
In my mind, she had to have had help.
My mom's birth certificate was forged.
There were things altered on it.
Typically, a birth certificate is done in the hospital.
You give birth, and they come.
They take the information, and the certificate's created.
What I'd love to see is your mom's original birth certificate, which I'm guessing is nowhere to be found.
That's been the missing answer.
If the original birth certificate comes back, and it did have Stella's name on it from the get-go, it'll reflect the greater truth that my grandmother was not able to take care of my mom, that she was in a desperate position.
And that position got taken advantage of by a person.
I have another question, going in a completely different direction.
Who's Bio-Grandpa? Bio-Grandpa? Uh, it was basically a one-time fling.
Anything that you happen to get about the paternal side would be helpful.
- Do I have your permission to nudge? - Of course.
- Yeah? - [Tyler.]
Obviously, this is a lot and very convoluted, and any answers you can provide we'll really appreciate.
I know what it means to want the answers and to want closure, and to wanna just know where you come from.
We have a habit.
I'm an adoptee, and I totally get it.
Have a habit of pushing down information.
- Pushing down things that are hurtful.
- Sure.
And we can kinda just keep a brave front, you know, face.
- And pretend as though it's all okay.
- Yeah.
But it really can affect someone deeply.
I guess at this point our question is, what's the next step? Okay.
So first, let's figure out, is Stella really Stella? Then I also wanna see if there's a way of getting the original birth certificate.
Then I'm gonna go poke and prod a little bit on the paternal family.
That'd be incredible.
I can't guarantee you anything.
I never guarantee my clients success, but I can guarantee you that I will not give up.
[vibrant music playing.]
It was the weirdest thing.
I was awake around two in the morning.
It was this tall shadow that obstructed the light coming from outside, inside.
- Made it dark for a moment.
- [Theresa.]
You were awake? I was wide awake.
Then I realized I'm 11 stories up.
God, you're giving me the creeps.
Which meant whatever it was was in my room, walking past the window.
And so I spoke to it and was like, "Hello, uh.
Hope you're all good.
" "I need some rest.
" And then it just got noticeably freezing cold in the room.
- Not air-conditioner cold.
Freezing cold.
- No way.
I got full-body chills.
I was like, "Gonna hide under the blanket.
Appreciate it if you go away.
" - I hid under the blanket.
- Oh my God.
No way.
It creeped me out.
I was like, "We're not doing this now.
" "I'm off the clock.
" [Theresa.]
That is so freaky.
Wonderful to meet you.
- Come on in.
- Happy to be here.
It's the most gorgeously landscaped house.
Thank you so much.
It's chilly out here.
I have to have a blanket.
It is chilly.
My goodness.
That's why I brought a jacket just in case.
- Unusual for this time of year.
- [Tyler.]
In the South.
Well, thank you for having me today.
I'm excited to see what comes through.
- Do you have an object for me? - I do.
- You can put it on the table.
- Okay.
Okay, so I'm just gonna scribble.
[pen scribbles.]
So you got that.
Gonna see where we go with this 'cause I have a few people striking me initially as being pretty interesting.
I'm getting a Leo reference, which means one of two things.
Either somebody's a Leo, or there's a Leonard.
- Oh my God.
- [Tyler.]
Who's Leonard? - Does that make sense? - Yes.
Are you serious? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [laughs.]
That's my grandfather.
He's like, "Don't forget me," in the way this comes across.
- We are not forgetting you.
- [Tyler.]
He's absolutely connected.
But he's important, so God, there's a lot here.
Okay, I'm gonna keep going.
- Okay.
He was cute.
- [woman.]
When he comes across.
You know when people start going bald, and then they've really gone bald? But they still jokingly act like they're combing their hair.
- Like, doing this.
- Yes.
He's giving me a joke of, like, "Luscious locks!" But he's clearly bald.
- Or at least balding very heavily.
- [woman.]
Oh my gosh.
He had the comb over, like, the hair comb over.
- [Tyler.]
"I'm working with what I have.
" - [woman.]
- He's self-aware of it, and it's funny.
- Okay.
So I'm gonna hold onto this, now that I know I've got a connection.
And see if I get anything here.
I'm gonna put the object down.
It's a younger individual I have to highlight.
I can tell this would've been a male.
He's giving me this feeling of being a contemporary, and a contemporary would usually be on our same generational level typically.
- My heart is racing right now.
- [Tyler.]
It's all good.
This guy keeps coming in, and he's showing me glasses.
Like glasses that you would wear.
Like, "Huh? Spectacles.
" It's just a funny thing that strikes me.
When he comes through, he's not wanting me to get too serious.
He's giving me light-hearted feelings.
He wants that to be the focus and the emphasis today, not the sadness around how he went.
He strikes me as the type that when he would enter into a room, I feel like he had an undeniable presence.
It's like, you couldn't ignore him, but he didn't want to be noticed, if that makes sense.
Well, he was six-three.
- You notice when he walks in.
- A tall guy.
Yeah, he's like, "Rather be the wallflower.
" - [woman.]
Yeah, exactly.
- Yeah, it's cute.
Um, I'm gonna scribble.
[pen scribbles.]
There is a reference there.
When he comes in, it feels like he he lived a solid life in the time that he had.
But his life was cut short, in the way this comes across.
This feels very, um, tragic.
Yeah, he is having me bring up kind of the Valentine's Day thing.
I don't know why he's bringing this up, but this was a hard time for somebody.
That's about the time that he had passed.
Yeah, there.
Um It feels extremely like, "I'm here, and then I'm gone.
" Um, I don't feel like there's room for a deterioration.
- Absolutely not.
- [Tyler.]
I feel my heart stop.
And it's all he's giving me about it.
- Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
There's something weird.
The way it comes across.
Feels like, people, when they heard, they'd be like, "Really?" "Are we sure? Can we double-check?" - Like - That was my response.
I was like, "Are you sure?" Like, "What?" I mean, he was 33.
He does bring up That's so weird.
I'm trying to determine the passing thing.
It's such a specific way someone goes.
- [woman.]
- And not one that I'm super familiar with.
I was hoping to get some answers with that.
- Can I talk about it? Okay.
- Yeah.
Um, so what we know of is, he had been working all day long.
And then he ended up going to a bar to meet his wife to hang out.
He had a couple of drinks.
- Not something that'd cause him to be ill.
- [Tyler.]
At all.
But he was in the parking lot.
And he literally just passed out.
From what I remember, he fell to his knees.
Then he fell back.
He hit the back of his head.
They said it was because he hit the back of his head and had a brain bleed.
I'm like, "he couldn't have hit the ground that hard.
" That's what I'm thinking.
If you're on your knees - Yeah.
- [Tyler.]
I'm that's not what I'm getting as far as what caused him to pass.
So that's the thing.
It reminds me of people who sometimes have pulmonary embolisms, strokes, or heart attacks.
But he gave me this feeling of a jolt with internally.
- And then I feel my heart stop.
- Wow.
Something had to be going on internally.
They did an autopsy, of course.
So we know that he had an enlarged heart.
- [Tyler.]
- But there was no sign of a heart attack or anything like that.
- He didn't suffer.
- [woman.]
He comes through lighthearted, happy, and jovial.
My interpretation is, there could have been a brain bleed with the heart problem.
Those two things could have facilitated this, but heart seems like the answer for me.
- In the way this is coming through.
- Okay.
He had a beautiful heart in spirit, but he had a bad organ.
It runs in our family.
Heart issues do.
- Makes sense.
- [Tyler.]
I just want to know who this was to you? What was his name? My brother, Brian.
Brian was a little quirky, kind of funny.
Very tall.
"String Bean" was kind of a nickname for him.
We actually weren't that close because I was five years younger than him, but I wanted to be closer to him, but with the age gap, it just didn't happen, as much as I wanted it to.
And then he suddenly just passed away.
I didn't really get to bond with him.
And wanting to be close.
It was very hard.
All right.
He's bringing up your mom, pretty strongly.
He has some stuff for her.
He also refers to Dad, in the way this comes through.
So is Dad living? - Yes, he is.
- [Tyler.]
In the picture.
- Both of my parents are still alive.
- [Tyler.]
Uh, let me look here.
Trying to figure out what this is.
Um [smacks lips.]
Um Trying to think of how to handle this.
Some of these people on the other side had a hand in helping your mother figure something out.
I'm trying to figure out what this is.
- There's some people who've passed.
- Okay.
They feel like they led your mother to come to an understanding of something.
I know it's vague, but I gotta keep going because it's getting progressively specific.
Let me look.
So many people here, I'm having a hard time managing.
It's your mom.
Um I kinda wonder with her upbringing, if there isn't something big there.
In the way this comes across.
The weird thing is, it's not just upbringing.
- [woman.]
Oh my gosh.
- This is gonna blow my mind.
If this is accurate.
We've been following my mom's journey.
- Really? - And there's something kind of similar.
I don't want to say it's exact, but it's similar in the feeling of, discovery, coming to an awareness, a conclusion.
And I feel like the people on the other side tried to make this happen.
The people on the other side tried to make it happen? [Tyler.]
They were pushing events to happen, so that your mom could get this.
- If that makes sense.
Does it make sense? - Yes.
This is so awesome! Oh my God.
[theme music playing.]

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