Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Some of these people on the other side had a hand in helping your mother figure something out.
- We've been following my mom's journey.
- Really? And there's something kind of similar in the feeling of, like, discovery, coming to an awareness, a conclusion.
I feel the people on the other side were, like, pushing these events to happen so that your mom could get this, if that makes sense.
- Does that make sense? - Yes! Switching gears a little bit.
I have to basically tune back in to what was coming through earlier.
Brother is a big emphasis today.
He's having me talk about his work for some reason.
Tinkering with things.
I don't know if people will call and be like, "Mr.
Fix-It," or what the deal is, but it's those situations - That's awesome.
You're so good.
- When someone You're sweet.
How does that make sense in the - He is a mechanic.
- Okay.
- The thing is - He fixed cars.
People called him for gigs that he wasn't qualified to do, but they expected he'd be able to do it.
- Oh my gosh.
What in the world? - I know.
- Sorry, I'm just amazed by your - It's all good.
- intuitiveness.
- All right.
Two things that are striking me as odd.
There's acknowledgement of "V-A.
" "V-A" usually represents Virginia for me.
- Are there any Virginia connections? - Yes.
Are there any Florida connections? Anybody who lived in Florida? Yes, you mentioned Virginia.
My mother was born in Virginia.
Then Marguerite, her biological mother, lived in Florida.
So I think that was probably her coming through.
- So excited about this part.
- Yeah.
With my mom, 'cause, oh my goodness.
You're talking about a lot of stuff.
- Oh boy.
- We'll see.
We'll see if we can connect you, but there is this feeling of a reference.
Let me see what this is.
The only way I would describe this is, it feels like the people on her side, there were missed chances to get to interact.
My mom never got to meet her biological mother.
I don't know if there's a similarity.
There's an acknowledgment of a feeling.
- There is.
- Not getting a chance to connect.
My mother was adopted.
- When she was a baby, days old.
- Gotcha.
Her whole life, she did not meet, did not know her biological family.
- Gotcha.
- Until recently.
- Ah.
- She did that DNA test.
- I think it was a couple - Yeah? Wow.
Maybe a year and a half ago? Through the DNA test, we were able to find her mother's side of the family.
Um, same thing with my mom.
Interesting parallel.
And her mother did pass away about ten years ago.
- Okay.
- She didn't get to meet her.
But we met, like, two half sisters.
She had a half brother.
To blow your mind here, my mom had also She had three siblings.
- Okay.
- And, uh, one passed.
Two are still living.
So it's uncanny at this point.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
She got to meet that side of the family, and, like, we have family pictures now.
They told us, "We've been looking for you for a really long time.
" "Like, actively looking for you.
" She's wondered her whole life.
- I mean, she's 70-something now.
- Yeah.
Her mother was on her deathbed.
She was saying, "My long-lost daughter.
" "My long-lost daughter.
" That's crazy 'cause that's exactly what happened to my mom as her mother was dying.
- Are you serious? - She was literally saying She had dementia but could remember the little girl that she was looking for.
- Her long-lost daughter.
Ooh! - Yeah.
That's spooky.
I don't mean to take away from it.
- No, it's - But that's so weird, you and I.
- Just knowing brings peace to all of it.
- Yeah.
- So - That's a blessing in her life.
She's been able to find her siblings.
What a gift.
It's interesting that we have the parallel of making a discovery about family later on and all that in birth family.
My mom still doesn't know who her father is.
- And that's a huge point of curiosity.
- Mm.
Same with your mom.
She doesn't know who her dad is.
I do appreciate you coming here.
- 'Cause it's been very helpful to me.
- Absolutely.
- So thank you.
- It's good to see you.
Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
- Thank you guys for everything.
- Take care.
- Bye! Okay.
- Was that not awesome? - Yeah.
My heart is full.
This whole thing has been very overwhelming but very exciting.
Having that connection with Tyler, you do get a feeling of, you have a direct connection to your lost loved one.
It's almost kind of like they were never gone to begin with.
It's pretty incredible.
That was pretty crazy.
After doing thousands of readings and connecting to so many family stories, it's really surreal to connect to someone who has so many similarities to my own family's story.
It's possible that they on the other side orchestrated this reading to happen to show me that I needed to take the advice I was given and was giving.
One of my clients, he bought a ping-pong table.
Susan Sarandon apparently popularized ping pong.
- Yeah.
- That's random.
Very random.
I'm sure it was a sport before Susan Sarandon, but she invested in it, and it, like, it took off.
Where'd you get this info? - There's articles written about - Really? Susan Sarandon's relationship with ping-pong.
I'm not too bad at it.
I'm not great.
But I can sometimes, like - Hit the ball? - Yeah, sometimes I can hit the ball.
I'm not renowned for my eye-hand coordination.
Mental ability, sure.
Hand-eye coordination - Not so much.
- Not so much.
- Hello.
How's it going? - Oh my goodness.
- Tyler.
How are you? Lovely to meet you.
- Hello.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- I'm Carie.
- Wonderful to meet you.
- Thank you for having me.
- Of course.
- You have some stuff here.
- I do.
- You came prepared.
I love it.
- I did.
So we'll hold on to this first.
We'll see what comes through, just in general, but We're gonna go all across the board.
Just give me one second.
Let's start connecting.
We're gonna see what we get.
Pardon my forgetfulness.
Your name? - Carie.
- Carie.
Carie, Carie, Carie, Carie.
So we're gonna see what comes in.
Yeah? All right.
Got one, two This is weird.
The way that this is kind of hitting me is there is a reference to what I'd define as a tragic passing.
Tragic passings are premature.
Typically not expected.
It's when someone taken from us too soon.
The weird thing with this is, there's two iterations of this.
So it's like we have one person who died very young or really early, or under really tragic circumstances.
Then we deal with another really tragic situation of someone who passed away under premature circumstances.
Can you relate to two passings of people who passed away tragically and early? - Absolutely.
- Okay.
I feel the reason I'm here is to talk about these two.
Because they're inseparable, is the way I would describe this.
All right.
Okay, yeah.
I feel like we need to talk about your grief process in the context of individuals passing, but the feeling that came through was a sense of not being able to grieve at the time that this happened.
Like you had to reschedule your grief or delay it in a big way.
It felt like this happens, and then I'm not able to go through this natural grief process.
It feels delayed.
We'll talk about that as far as why that could've been and all of that.
I'm gonna keep going here.
This isn't particularly unique, but I keep getting water symbology.
And I don't know why.
Um I'm seeing, like, very, um, water.
- You're - In a big way.
Does that make sense? - Yes.
- Yeah.
- Water is It's all about the water.
- Yeah.
Gonna keep going.
Oh, a lot coming in here.
I don't know what that means.
There's that, that Um I'm gonna try to handle this as best I can.
The younger of the two keeps bringing up Christmas.
Keep seeing Christmas symbology, Christmas lights, Christmas But it's more than a kid who likes Christmas.
There's something here.
The accident happened just a few days after Christmas.
- Yeah.
- It was our last celebration.
It, it In the way this comes across, being put positively, very happy, but I can tell it's kind of a bittersweet time of year.
I'm gonna keep going.
For some reason, an extraordinary amount of emphasis is being put on you, as to what you had to do, both before the passings but then afterwards.
So there's a feeling of gratitude around that.
It's really interesting.
- I'm a single mother.
- Okay, amazing.
Without giving too much away, when we talk about two passings that would have happened in what feels like under two years, who would those be for you? My daughters.
I had three wonderful daughters.
Morgan was 25.
Summer and Sawyer were 12 years old.
I have twins.
Sawyer was definitely the boss of the two girls.
She liked to call the shots.
Summer was happy to go along with her.
What was neat about Morgan and I, when she became a grown woman, she became not only my daughter but my friend.
She was very involved in the twins' life.
But on January 9th, 2018, I lost my daughter Sawyer and my daughter Morgan.
There used to be four of us.
Our house was filled with laughter and noise and excitement and energy.
And now it's very quiet.
It's filled with a young girl and a mother who are so broken and just trying to cope every day.
A feeling of confusion.
I just felt confused, is the only way to describe it.
When people pass away in car accidents, usually there's not confusion.
- Right.
- It's not striking me that way.
What strikes me is this feeling of immediately having to make a split-second decision.
What do we do? Where do we go? What's happening? And it happens.
- Yes.
- Just like that.
And so it's not like, uh Whoo! This is very complicated, is the only way to describe it.
Uh - Chaos.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- It was chaos.
- Pandemonium.
- Yes.
- Um Hmm.
That's strange.
Uh, there's some things that should be here but are not.
And they are objects.
So this is kinda weird.
There should be more.
There's something weird here.
I kinda wonder if either if something happened that got rid of a lot of the objects we'd normally have.
- Everything.
- Yes.
We lost everything.
I'm so sorry.
The way this comes across, they're having me talk about the day that this happened.
They're having me talk about where it happened.
Um, it looks like it The way I'd describe it, I see destruction.
- There's, like, large-scale damage.
- Yes.
- In addition to these passings.
- Yes.
I'm interested to talk about what happened.
I've never had anything come through this way.
Feels like The closest thing I can come to it is like, when, um I had someone who died in a landslide.
Felt very similar.
It felt like Very quick.
Uh, does that make any sense? - Yes.
- I'm sorry.
Man, man, man.
This is so hard to explain 'cause I'm not certain of what this is.
My best interpretation is there would've been a conversation in the days leading up to this passing or moments leading up to this passing of, like, what we need to do.
But then just doesn't happen fast enough.
And I Yes.
There were conversations prior to this accident.
Of, "We gotta do something.
What do we do?" - Yes.
- It's really weird.
Um I want to be very clear.
Neither of them give me any feelings of any pain.
- Really? - I've done readings where I'd tell people if someone was hurting.
I don't get that feeling.
This happened so quick.
 I feel like I leave my body before I feel anything.
It feels like they want to release you of any feelings of guilt, accountability, "should have done this over that.
" Even though there were discussions previously, like, what to do.
- A decision to make.
- Yeah, no one could have known what was gonna happen.
Right, and at this point, I wanna go to, however extent you're comfortable sharing, what happened, and, you know? Well.
Um It was the Montecito mudslide.
And, um, 23 people died.
Two of them were my children.
Torrential downpours have unleashed a deadly wave of flooding and mudslides.
This morning, crews are racing against time, looking for survivors, and new images are revealing staggering devastation.
The night before the mudslide, this big storm was coming.
Part of Montecito was evacuated, and part of it was not.
I was not evacuated.
But the decision was to stay or to go.
I put them to bed and said, "Don't be scared.
" "When you hear the rain, don't be afraid.
" That's the last time I saw my daughter Sawyer.
And then the torrential downpour came and 3:30 in the morning, our house exploded with all of us in it.
Morgan and I were holding on to each other in the water, in the mud, and it was going about 80 miles an hour.
We were all completely separated.
And I broke almost every bone in my body from the waist up.
I was barely alive.
I was lucky enough that I was buried in the mud.
This much of my face was sticking out, that I could scream for help.
And, I don't really remember anything after that for a few days.
My daughter Summer, who is a survivor, by the time they found her, she was buried ten feet under the mud, with pieces of houses and cars piled on top of her.
They were lucky enough to find her, but she was in a coma after that for a few weeks.
We didn't know that she was going to survive either.
- Wow.
- And We didn't find Sawyer till next morning and she was gone.
We didn't find Morgan for five days.
I mean, I, um I tried to save my oldest daughter, and I couldn't save her.
Uh I'll take one minute.
I'm so sorry.
If you've seen all these readings I do, I never get emotional, but that's just My heart goes out to you.
- Thank you.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's been horrible.
- Yeah.
Such a tragic thing.
For anybody to have to go through that is just To be able to wake up the next morning, after that and continue with your life.
The amount of strength that you had to display and have to display, just to get up in the morning, has to be huge.
So my heart goes out to you for that.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna scribble.
I'm gonna reconnect to this, gonna put my emotions to the side here, and just delve in and see what else we get here, so.
But I, I love the joyfulness that comes through with them.
The thing that comes through, they are having me acknowledge three separate forms of being honored.
- Yeah.
- Three separate.
- Are you aware of that? Love that.
- Yes.
- In the way it comes through.
- About three-and-a-half years ago.
There has been an event every year to celebrate them.
I love that.
Associated with this, there's something very special about honoring their names in a much bigger way.
Think of this as something that would be more attributed to a place.
I'm seeing it in like a plaque kind of representation and a feeling of excitement around this.
There are a few plaques - Cool.
- already in existence.
- More like a memorial, I would say.
- Right.
One of the memorials, I had them print one of my daughter's poems on it.
I love that.
One of the big messages that comes through is wanting there to be release of guilt as to why they would have been there.
I get the symbol of letting something go.
It's always their way of not wanting to have someone hold on to the coulda, shoulda, woulda.
What if I'd done something differently? Very much this feeling of, "Mom, it's okay.
" Tyler has opened doors for me today that I didn't think were available to me.
To be sitting in this creek, and feel a sense of happiness and joy, is nothing I ever thought I would feel.
To be able to find some joy in tragedy is always something that I'm personally looking for.
I want to love this place again.
I want to love this creek again, and Tyler gave me that gift.
So we're going to Laguna Beach? Along the coastline.
Which should be really beautiful, once you meet with Laurie Campbell today.
It will be really interesting to meet another medium.
I have been read by a medium before.
Quite a few.
I've had varying experiences of validity.
Some have been extraordinary.
Others have been mundane.
It's finding the one that works for you.
- Interesting to see what she gets.
- I'm excited.
I can't even tell you.
I kept looking at my clock.
"Is it time to get up yet?" Is that how people feel when they're gonna meet you? - Weird having the tables turned on me.
- Yeah.
I'm so connected to my family's story, in the sense that it runs through my veins.
So I have implicit bias, which impedes me from being able to connect intuitively.
Getting read by a medium will mean that information could come through from someone detached from myself, who might be able to give me the answers I'm looking for.
- How beautiful this is.
- Yes.
- You guys wanna have a seat? - Yeah.
We can do it.
We're excited.
No, you! I'm, like, sitting here going like When I turned, it's like I heard you.
I was like, "My God.
They're here!" I trust Laurie Campbell.
Going to her, my hope is she will give insight into this family mystery.
She's one of the few I would trust with such a sensitive thing.
I think the likelihood is very high that she'll provide answers to the questions we have.
Um Prior to your visit, I was able to make some notes of things coming through.
They kept talking about health.
Health was the first thing I got with you.
And when I look at the heart, it's like a palpitation.
Any palpitations? I had a underdeveloped heart when I was born I've had palpitations throughout my life.
Well, it's interesting.
Your lungs felt more like, um, somebody who has had either bronchitis, pneumonia or an asthma.
My lungs are covered with these things called blebs.
When they pop, they cause collapsed lungs.
So I've had surgery for it.
- Collapsed lung.
- There's a risk of reoccurrence.
Something for the rest of my life I'm gonna have to deal with.
- That you're very aware of.
- Vigilant.
You have doctors for.
You just need to be careful with that.
- Thank you.
- Interesting.
I get a lot of I always comb strange details.
I wrote down a few names.
You don't recognize them, it's fine.
What I wrote down was Joseph.
I didn't know if it's Joe or Joseph.
My mom's side of the family.
Her father's name, we believe, is Joseph.
I'm hoping Laurie can get me insight into the emotions behind what happened to my mom.
For the other side of it, I contacted an investigative genealogist.
She's an expert in DNA analysis and family tracing.
If anyone can track down the missing pieces, it's her.
Well, you guys definitely gave me a challenge.
It initially appeared as though Joe Cowart was your biological father because your DNA.
And Joe Cowart is deceased.
So I don't want to say something, and then turn around, and it's wrong.
After working the DNA extensively, Joe Cowart is absolutely your birth father.
Wow, okay.
I tried to find out as much as I could about Joe.
- His life.
- Thank you.
What I was told about Joe is that he was a redheaded guy.
I know that he was in the military.
- He served, I believe, in two wars.
- Wow.
He lived by himself.
He would get his meals from the church.
He would go and eat.
- So he was living a subdued, quiet life.
- Right.
And actually the way that they, you know, realized something was wrong was he stopped going to the church for a week.
And they actually had the fire department break into his house and found that he had passed away.
I didn't know that.
- That's amazing.
- Wow.
I would've never known.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I think your top DNA match Debbie thinks that she has some photos.
She's going to look for those.
And then we have cousin Bruce, who's a first cousin, who was adorable.
He was like, "If I got another cousin, I want to know about it.
" "Have her call me.
" - So he was - Thank you.
He was really I've got to be honest.
He was excited.
He was excited.
- Makes me happy.
- Sweet.
Does it? Yeah.
It's nice to feel wanted.
And it's nice to feel the endearingness that you're telling me about.
Look, I mean this These are your blood relatives.
So it would be really cool for you to get to know them.
But I did bring an object.
You can hold on to it.
You don't have to.
It's wonderful.
I saw, like, a nurse right away.
Um With your, um, biological mother, why would it be like you were taken out of her arms? Because I was.
At the hospital.
- The lady who took me from my mother.
- Who? Her name is Stella.
'Cause that's just like, "Oh man.
" Did she ever lock you guys in a closet? - She did everything.
- Or in a room, not let you out? I feel dirty.
I feel squalor.
- I feel just being left inside.
- Yes.
I feel like when a child is extremely lonely and just cut off.
That's how it feels.
So, um, one of the children that this woman raised was locked in the closet.
Was one of the children a different ethnic background than you? - Yes.
- Okay.
I wanted to ask about the original birth certificate.
- I know we had difficulty obtaining that.
- Yes.
Did we make any strides there or is it If you look at the filing dates, and you look at everything, it looks like that is the original birth certificate.
I believe Mary filled it out, and she put down the address.
I think it was Felicia Street.
- Felicity Street.
- Felicity Street.
And you know, when I saw that, I was like, "You could see when it came to Stella.
" Stella is the mother.
Where was she born? "Unknown.
" How do you not know where you were born? - Right.
- Right.
I feel like the person that took you, I think she's a con woman.
And so your mother and your grandma just thought that the lady was taking the baby back to the nursery.
But this is what I wanna, um, say about that.
There's something when somebody has a child, and it's not wanted, and they just discard.
There is another thing to when somebody has a child, and there's really great affection and love there, but they're not able to keep that child.
You came from not the first one.
You came from the second.
When somebody loves you deeply.
But they cannot care or cannot keep you.
Sometimes we have to let go out of love.
Not because we want to, but because we have to.
Now it's about the new journey that's gonna begin for you.
- Wow.
- That was a trip.
That was wild, Tyler.
Having the tables turned on me.
- My gosh.
What a gift we were given.
- I know.
What surprised me the most was that she, you kn She knew that my mother gave me away because she did it out of love.
It wasn't because she didn't love me.
And that she wanted what was best for me.
And that's, that's healing.
It's healing.
It is.
Go get it.
I'm a huge fan of Tyler's.
I decided to write into his website because someone had just passed away, and I wanted to find a way to connect with him.
- Hi, Tyler.
- Hi.
This is Penelope.
Oh, hi, Penelope.
Oh, hey little baby.
- How's it going? Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you.
This is really cool.
I'm gonna get a little snuggle in.
Then we're gonna start the reading.
- All right.
- Oh.
Oh, what a cutie.
You, you, you.
It's kind of interesting, in the way this comes across.
I feel like I have to talk about somebody who lost a pet.
I keep getting acknowledgments of, like, I was getting this childlike energy, but then I was like, "This is an animal.
" - I'm gonna keep that in mind.
- Okay.
I mean, I will say this.
Animals come through in readings sometimes, but, uh not to this extent.
- So it's very intense.
- Yes.
In the way it comes across.
- Definitely have a feeling of a pet.
- Yep.
There's a tragic feeling around that.
That's interesting.
So I'm gonna put that to the side.
Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.
There, there, there.
There's a contemporary reference that comes through.
- Yes.
- Um, a friend, a partner.
- Yes.
- That kind of vibe.
- That comes through.
Make sense? - Yes.
They're having me joke about misspelling your name.
This is weird, I know.
I don't know why, but it's very specific.
Like, it's not "J.
" It's "Y.
" How do you spell your name? - Y-A-S-M-I-N-E.
- Okay.
- There's a funniness around that.
- Okay.
If this is who I think it is It's He would make jokes with my name.
Like, he would be like, "Jasmine or Yaz or whatever.
" - It's like I have to make fun of it.
- Funny guy.
It's interesting in the way it comes across.
It's silly.
Then there is a feeling of excitement from this individual.
I feel excited.
- Comes across as a character.
- He is a character.
Definitely a character.
He's showing me a lot of random things that I wasn't aware of.
Like people eating Hot Cheetos out of a bag.
- Really weird random things.
- Oh my gosh.
Joking about that.
When your fingers get gross.
- With the red, but I'm like - Yes.
So, we I guess in high school, I ate a lot of junk food.
So, I don't know.
We have this ongoing joke about just red fingers and Hot Cheetos.
- It was random.
- Yeah.
It's funny 'cause I'm talking about residue on my hands.
I'm like - Working through it.
- That's him.
That is funny.
I was I think 13 when I met David.
I don't think I had a choice.
He would start making fun of me.
Like, he was very playful and, like, would just tease me all the time.
Just a big brother, like, we just were super close.
He's happy you're here.
I can tell that.
I'm trying to figure out what happened.
Because, um Mm-hmm.
It's just a weird thing.
It's a weird situation.
I basically feel like, I He's not showing any pain when he passed.
Like I'm here, and then I'm gone.
Um He showed me the symbology of, like, closing my eyes and passing away.
- That's really weird.
I don't Yeah.
- Yeah, it was very quick.
He had smoked a joint of weed that had fentanyl in it.
And I believe that is what killed him instantly.
That would fit.
Thank you for sharing.
- Somebody who was not suicidal.
- No.
Very much excited for life.
And then just passes.
I think there's going to be awareness around that, and the possibility it can happen, that I think people around him will endorse or support to say, "Hey, let's make sure we know what we're ingesting.
" That kind of thing.
- Overall, he's okay and at peace, and? - Yeah, all good.
Comes through all good.
Gonna put him to the side really quick because I have other stuff coming in.
Okay, this now.
Keep going back to the pet thing.
- Um - Mm-hmm.
What's interesting is that little one might notice this little one, in the way this comes across.
This is good to keep in mind.
They are making a distinct connection.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's strange.
That little one might either like do the same things or have similarities.
They're bringing this distinct feeling of, like, similar, in some way.
Um, so it's actually interesting even in where the animal might lay down, or have an affinity for laying or sitting.
There's a parallel being drawn there.
- You've noticed this before? - Totally noticed.
'Cause it does feel like it's something almost sweet.
- In the way it comes across.
- Yeah.
I'll ask you point-blank.
Who's this connected to? - My dog who passed away.
- Yes.
His name was Astro.
And he was the love of my life.
Yes, yes.
Okay, I've done now hundreds of these.
I've never had a pet come through as the first thing.
I'm focusing on people who were human in life.
- Yeah.
- But this is very much a big thing.
- Very big.
- I just want you to know today.
It's important that that comes through.
- About the pet.
- Yeah.
Well, I will say with this little one, and I do have to bring up There's something here with this one where I feel like if they hadn't passed of what they passed of, there's something else, medically, that comes up for me.
A susceptibility that this animal would have had.
That could have transitioned it anyway.
We were aware, or we had this issue with him and his breathing.
We noticed that he would want to play, play, play, just normal, puppy behavior.
And we'd have to take toys away 'cause he'd get so worked up.
So out of breath.
- We'd isolate him without his toys.
- Right.
That was why we decided to, like, see what our options were, as far as getting that fixed for him.
- Sure.
- And he was in surgery - Right.
- when he passed.
- Yeah.
- And It seems like the secondary thing just came out of nowhere.
- Yeah.
- It's interesting.
Don't feel like they would've been able to live long with that initial thing anyway.
I feel like part of the message here is, like, despite how tragic that was, and horrific in the sense of the timing, this animal was already on the decline of its life.
And we were very aware of that.
And we kind of were just like, "What do we do?" - Yeah.
- And that validates that, for sure.
It's an interesting and sad thing.
We do things trying to help our animals but Nature sometimes, it just goes that direction, but I get very much a sense of peace.
This loss was very hard on me because I felt so attached to him, and he was like more of, like, a son than like a dog.
He was like my kid.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Tyler, this was amazing.
I am so glad we got to talk, and it's been a beautiful day.
It's been an experience of a lifetime.
I'm very grateful that you share this gift with everyone.
I wouldn't have missed it.
- Take care.
Lovely to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Nanci! Hey! Aw! I believe that anything with sentience has the ability to come through.
In readings, when I refer to animals that have passed, it's not that the dog is coming through barking necessarily, as much as the essence that once embodied that animal is continued.
So in readings, while I tend to connect to the souls or the essence of something that occupied a human body, sometimes the same will happen for things that occupied an animal body.
It's really not that different.
We are part of the animal kingdom.
I swear, I think pets get more separated, or more attached when they're separated.
- Yeah.
- Right.
And also when you spend a lot of time with them, like, one-on-one.
She's gotten a lot more attached to me while you were gone.
Has she been more well behaved? No.
Absolutely not.
Not surprised.
All right, missus.
Oh! You're big on the hugs.
She loves hugs.
We are, looks like only a couple minutes away from the Tea Room.
I used to do so many readings there.
- In the alley.
- You mentioned that before.
While in Hanford, I'm gonna meet with the owners of the tea shop where I used to do readings.
I promised Steve and Arianne a reading years ago, and unfortunately, went to LA before I got the chance to fulfill that promise.
So I'm back.
- Hi, Tyler! - Hey, Tyler! Last time I saw them, I was a teenager.
It's bizarre.
- We'll go look at the alley.
- China Alley.
- Amazing.
- Oh, I love it.
From the ages of 16 to 18, I was doing readings out of the L.
Sue Tea Room.
The Imperial Dynasty Cocktail Lounge.
- Oh wow.
- It's so beautiful.
So ornate.
I'd meet with upwards of eight clients a day there.
I was spending my full day in China Alley.
I would've never thought I'd be where I am today.
Going back, I, for a long time, thought I would spend my whole life there.
- Wanna see your favorite booth? - I'd love to.
- I would alternate between them.
- These were the booths? Here people started noticing me more.
I preferred the one in the alley.
People would come in, like, "I want a reading.
" Then I'd be like He would get so interrupted all the time because he was our local celebrity.
- You're sweet.
- Yes! I have this today.
What you'll see is me scribble.
It's just how I tune in.
We remember.
- Yeah! - Scribble, scribble.
People would walk in.
They'd be like, "What's he doing?" "Sketching people?" Then they'd cry, so they knew it wasn't that.
But, yes.
So I'm gonna scribble.
And we will see.
Just give me one sec.
There's a mother figure coming in.
Is your mom passed? Yeah.
I'm getting a lot of imagery around excitement.
The feeling of joy, but a feeling of compiling.
Like I'm compiling notes.
I think she saved things where we're like, "What in the world?" So let me describe this because I'm sure there's a lot of valuable documents, valuable stories, but you're gonna find stuff, like, "Ma'am, why do we have this from 40 years ago?" It's a newspaper.
- What was the significance - She just died two months ago.
- I'm sorry.
It was recently.
- It was a And I've been going through her stuff to She didn't have a computer, so everything's like that.
- Right.
I believe it.
- And, um I'm trying to decipher all of her things, and it's like, why was this important to you? Then there are some artifacts that I'm going to be donating to the Taoist Temple Museum.
- Amazing.
- Because they belong there.
Not in a box with Mom's stuff.
My mother was one of the leading preservationists and docents of China Alley.
She spent a lot of her hours working in the Temple Museum and giving tours.
She would give a tour to anyone that wanted to take a look.
- When we talk about the temple - Mm-hmm.
there's an aspect that comes through.
I'm trying to figure out if it's there.
But there's gonna be a need for what looks like, um Like a form of a remodeling situation, but it's only on one part.
Have we had inspectors look at the building? - Make sure we're good there? - We have a staircase in the garden that needs to be repaired, and it's kinda rotting.
Doing all those things.
- And her mom - That was one of her last things.
Was to make sure that gets taken care of.
Yeah, yeah.
It's also showing me avoiding anything fire-related.
It's weird.
Anything, like That's strange.
Seeing, like, "Avoid heat.
" I don't know what that is.
Um, do you know of any significant house fires or any situations, were there any stories about a big fire that would have destroyed anything? Not really.
Interesting, interesting.
I don't know what this is.
It keeps coming through.
Does it ring any bells? No, not offhand.
- I'll probably figure it out.
- Yeah.
- Think of it.
- No worries.
I have to tell you, being here, it's cathartic for me.
- It's special.
- Right.
We fit right back where we left off.
I know.
It's so surreal.
I can't thank you enough for your hospitality, but also you lent the opportunity for people to come in and have meaningful experiences.
It was our pleasure.
It was meant a lot for us as well.
I'm really, really thankful.
Unfortunately, the fire, which is believed to have started in the stairwell caused severe heat and smoke damage to the temple room on the second floor.
Wing, who recently lost her mother, collapsed when she was allowed back inside on Thursday morning.
I really fell to my knees in this crumpled heap.

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