Life After Death with Tyler Henry (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

It Comes at a Price

1 You can smell the smoke.
Hey, guys.
- It's been a rough night and a rough day.
- Absolutely.
It's good to see you.
- It's just - Devastating.
Yeah, it is devastating.
It's just Uh, really aren't any words.
The fire, which started in the stairwell, caused severe heat and smoke damage to the Temple Room on the second floor.
Got the call at about 10:30 last night.
They were putting out hot spots this morning.
Oh, wow.
The fire department got here quickly.
We had about seven engines down here.
- Wow, it was big.
- It was big.
China Alley Preservation Society Board President, Arianne Wing, and her husband, Steve Banister, are grateful for firefighters' fast response and their focus on preserving property.
Thanks to a recent tour of the building, crews were intimately familiar with its layout and the precious items inside.
Hanford Fire Chief Steve Pendergrass says crews were conservative with their use of water while trying to contain the blaze.
It was really It was beautiful.
I hope that restoration attempts, you know, we can maybe get it back.
There have been many times where I have predicted an outcome without realizing it.
When I mention a medical issue or something to keep in mind, like a fire, I share those impressions because they often do have validity and end up happening in ways that I'm not conscious of at the moment that I'm relaying it.
I hope - Have a new incarnation.
- Yep.
Thank you.
This reading today is going to be interesting.
- I have about five people coming through.
- Wow.
But four of them are bringing through this younger one.
- It's a female.
- Really? There's something with this where it feels like the brain starts malfunctioning Aw.
And then I feel like I kind of lapse into unconsciousness.
Then I feel like I pass.
But it all would have been very fast.
There's something about this that feels kind of, like, freak accident or weird.
- Hi.
How's it going? I'm Tyler.
- Hi.
- I'm Delaney.
- Lovely to meet you.
- How are you? Wonderful to meet you.
- I'm Avonlea.
Nice to meet you.
I have so much coming through already.
I'm so sorry.
I'm like Oh, it's so nice to see you both.
Uh This is great.
What a beautiful house.
- Thank you.
- It's amazing.
I have a lot.
Hold on.
That never happens! - Already? - I have to clear my throat really quick.
Give me one sec.
Sorry, I'm gonna Goodness! Uh, that has never happened before.
What an awkward introduction.
No, you're fine.
I can't wait to talk to you.
Hold on one sec.
- You need some water? - All good.
- So sorry.
- Oh my God.
I might do a water, if that's okay.
If I can bother you.
- There's your water.
- Perfect.
Thank you.
Oh my goodness.
That's never happened before.
I have a lot that will come through physically when I'm going to do a reading.
Usually, it starts once the reading happens, but the second I met you, it started happening.
So it's still happening.
I have a bunch of people coming through.
Usually, people hear from one or two.
You have a whole bunch to touch on.
- So, um - Okay.
Before we start, did you bring objects for me today to hold on to? - If you don't mind whipping those out.
- Sure.
And we can give it a shot and see what comes in.
- And the guitar right there.
- I love it.
And the guitar.
Very cool.
Thank you, thank you.
I'm gonna scribble.
Hold on to this.
We'll see what comes through.
All good.
All right.
So I've got Hmm Hmm.
Five people are coming through who have passed.
The majority of these individuals, I can tell, are male.
They're very protective, very paternal, that kind of thing.
Basically, these people are all really good with their lives, and how they passed, but they're protecting this little this younger passing, is the way I would describe it, who I do feel passed away very young.
And there is a strong emphasis on that.
I'm gonna try to separate each person as they come across.
They're having me talk about "Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad" over and over again.
Sometimes, I'll get a father figure.
But this is somebody's dad, in the way this comes across.
- Is your dad passed? - Yes.
- Okay.
I have to highlight that.
- Yes.
- He's coming through with his father.
- Yes.
In some capacity.
They're like this.
- In the way this comes through.
- Oh my God.
Um, some people sometimes in life have tumultuous father-son relationships.
They're like, "No, we're peanut butter and jelly," when this is coming through.
So you need to know that they're coming in strongly together.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's very important.
Give me one sec.
I'm going to my chest with this, but this isn't as instantaneous as a heart attack.
Somebody would have had a build-up of fluid in the lungs, had a lung problem, feel I can't breathe clearly.
Does that ring any bells? That would probably be my grandfather.
- Okay.
- He had lung cancer.
Is there a Harold? - That's my grandfather.
- That's it? Is that him? Okay.
It's always creepy when that happens.
Um He didn't always do things for the betterment of his health.
Even when he was told, "Hey, maybe you should slow down.
" He's like, "No, I'm going to do my own thing.
" So - Does that make sense? Yeah.
- Well, he was a smoker.
I think when I was having some issues with breathing, it could relate to him because of how he passed.
- Gotcha.
- Just good to keep that in mind.
Um Okay.
Does your grandfather have a sister? Yes.
There's a reference of somebody being named after a stone, or I'm seeing my symbology that I usually attribute to a birthstone.
So did you have any Rubys, Opals, anybody in the family? - Aunt Opal.
- Okay.
That is my grandfather's sister.
- Gotcha.
Okay, amazing.
- Oh my God.
I feel like I have to highlight her.
- She would be passed, correct? Okay.
- Yes.
The one thing I want to mention No, I gotta go to this younger one.
I'm going to talk about this in the way this comes through.
Um This younger one seems very excited, is the only way I can describe it.
The interesting thing is, there's a conversation around somebody who has said, like, "If this person was here, they would have their driver's license or would be getting their driver's license.
" 'Cause there's a feeling of a conversation that's been had.
- And I have to say "she.
" - Yeah.
This feels like a female.
- I feel she knows about this.
- Yes.
- Has that conversation been had? - Yes.
So, she comes through, and I want you to know I have the chills.
However old she was when she passed, she's not stuck in that age.
- And I want you to know that - I want - You always used to say that.
- It's important you know that.
She gives this feeling of evolving, of growing even as a consciousness, even on the other side.
And the sense of being very much still connected to her family.
And she seems very, very active.
I almost feel like if she needed to be active in order to Kinda When she wasn't being active, pay attention.
It's the feeling, "Got this energy.
Gotta get it out.
" She played soccer.
I coached her team.
- Yeah.
- She was the best player on the team.
She outplayed a lot of her boy teammates.
I would believe it.
Yeah, a lot of energy there.
That's our daughter you're talking about.
- She was five and a half.
- Gotcha.
Aw! And she would be 15 now, getting her driver's license.
Man, man, man, man.
Our daughter Kensley was the most imaginative.
She was a great artist.
She loved to draw.
She was great at soccer.
Loved to play soccer.
Get it! Get it! Yay, Kensley! Whoo-hoo.
She loved to swim.
We loved to go to the beach, and we'd always find a pool to go swim at.
She's having me talk about all these other siblings, and she's putting this in a very positive way, a lot of joy.
I feel like she lives vicariously through her siblings.
- Yes.
- I can't say the amount of them.
It feels like a good amount.
- At least three, if not more.
- We have three living children.
- Oh, very cool.
Okay, amazing.
- Yeah.
It's interesting.
In her short life, I feel she had a lot of interests.
I feel like from her perspective - she lived a good life.
- She did.
When she comes through, and she's crediting it to her parents.
This is the biggest thing, is she says she acknowledges that she wishes she would have had more time.
But you made the time that she had amazing.
- Okay? - Yeah.
She feels like, even how she's remembered afterwards, she's like, "This is so much bigger than one life.
" And there's just a lot of gratitude around that.
- You okay? You're quiet.
- It's all good.
It's okay.
It's a lot to process, and I No worries.
So she is having me talk about her situation that may have led to her passing.
There's things we need to hit on 'cause it's very complex, is the only way I can describe it.
It's a lot more strange than lung cancer or liver failure.
There's stuff here.
She's giving me this feeling of this initial thing.
Right? So I'm seeing, basically, a straight line.
Then she's marking the line.
Any time they do that, it indicates, like, something started.
Something happened that kicked off a series of events that led to a passing.
She's not saying that she passed of the initial incident.
Something happened a little later on.
Possibly related to that incident.
Then passed of that, if I'm identifying this correctly.
There's feelings that she wants people to let go of regarding guilt about this initial incident that happened.
If someone feels like, "We should've been there to make sure that this incident didn't happen.
This injury didn't happen.
" I don't know what exactly this is, but there's this feeling of, "Why couldn't I have been there to stop this from happening?" But there's no way that anybody would have known that that one event would lead to a passing.
- So it's kind of a weird thing.
- We were playing Barbies in her room.
- Yeah? - And she went to go get something.
And then when she came back, she ran, and she fell.
- And broke her arm.
- Gotcha.
- In the way this comes across - You don't have guilt, do you? Hmm I mean, I always have a little bit.
I never knew that.
And she wants that to be let go.
She's giving me this feeling of, nobody could have known what that would lead to in the long run.
There's no accidents when messages come through.
I think you're meant to hear that today.
There's nothing that you could've done differently.
- Sometimes we feel that way, right? - Mm-hmm.
I think you've handled this beautifully, so Yeah.
It's all good.
It's okay.
She's basically bringing up, um, after that event.
Things happened very, kind of, quickly.
- Mm-hmm.
- So it's, it's a heavy thing here.
She's not wanting me to get too into it, which I appreciate.
She wants it to be happy and positive and fun.
But what I gather is, something happened after this initial incident that led to her passing.
She's giving me this feeling of Hmm I want it to be known that she wasn't in pain the moment she passed.
That's clear in the way this comes across.
She gives me this feeling of just going to sleep, is the only way to describe it.
I know that something's wrong, and I know that I can't get out of this situation, but then I feel like I go to sleep.
And then in this sleep, I feel like I transition, pass.
And it was very peaceful, when this comes through.
If anything, I think people might regret how they handled that period before she was, maybe? - After - Yeah.
After she broke her arm, it was The guilt may kinda be I carry a little bit of guilt because we took her to a clinic that said they specialized in broken bones.
Um Yeah.
You know, a lot of times I feel that if we had taken her to the hospital - Sure.
- she'd still be with us.
But in any case, we took her to this place, and in the process of setting her broken bone in her arm - Yeah.
- they injected her with lidocaine, and which is normally fine, but they gave her more than an adult dose.
They overdosed her with lidocaine.
And I was the only one in the room at this time.
They were X-raying her arm.
And she looked at me, and she said, "Daddy, I'm sleepy.
" I think that was the last thing I said to her.
Is, "It's okay.
You can go to sleep.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry you both had to go through all of you had to go through that.
That's Ugh Poor baby.
Is there a Luke in the family? That is our that's our nephew.
- Yeah.
- He and Kensley were very close.
They were four days apart.
Yep, 'cause it's important for her that I bring him up.
And she's putting a lot of love around him.
And I feel like he carries her with him.
It's interesting.
I just - You can see it still.
Just - Yeah.
- I don't think he was the same after that.
- No.
Even at five and a half.
But she wants to bring him up today as being important to her.
I hope there's a way you could relay that to him if he's open to it.
Because, that love.
She went out of her way to mention him.
- So that's huge.
- Oh! All right.
She comes through and it's weird.
She's showing me all this symbology of, like, a little bird.
She shows me a lot of little bird stuff.
- I have to mention it as being important.
- It's very important.
She loved birds.
She would chase 'em down the beach.
She would Anywhere there was a bird, she and I know that's nothing abnormal.
- But she loved birds.
- Yeah.
It's amazing how we feel her presence here.
Even though we moved from the house where she lived.
- She lives with us.
- Absolutely.
- And birds tap on our windows.
- Oh yeah.
They're everywhere.
There's nests everywhere.
New life.
I mean, it's crazy.
I love that.
Those little reminders.
They like those.
From what I've learned doing thousands of readings, little things really are big things.
- Yeah.
- It's a big takeaway.
There's so much love with this.
And I want you to know today, this connection with your daughter, it doesn't end when I leave.
- Yeah.
- She is in your heart and in your soul.
And you can talk out loud to her, and you can carry her with you through new experiences and memories.
She comes through, feels so much older than she was when she passed.
And the beauty of it is, is I do believe we all reunite someday.
We see these people again.
- These souls, these people.
- Mm-hmm.
And they wait for us, so.
They also encourage us to live a full life, to do what we can with the time that we have.
And sometimes deaths, you know, remind us of how precious and valuable life is.
And how quickly it can be taken, but you've all handled this in such a beautiful way.
I can't imagine how hard it's been.
You've been strong for your other kids.
You've honored her in a beautiful way.
- That's never gonna stop.
- Yeah.
She'll be here through every monumental thing.
- Every graduation, every wedding.
- Yeah.
And up until when you're old, and someday you'll meet again.
We're all just walking each other home in life.
- Thank you for letting me connect today.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- This was amazing.
- Thank you.
- Could I show you something? - I'd love it.
- Okay.
Oh yeah? - We have to be quiet.
- There's a nest out here.
- Oh.
It's a mourning dove.
A lot of people don't know, but "mourning" is not like "Good morning.
" - It's "mourning" like death.
- Grief.
There it is right there, and they don't even care.
We'll just stand right there.
Two years in a row.
- Yeah.
- I mean, that's a sign.
Well, thank you again.
This has been so amazing.
- I know.
- Have a good one.
I feel a lot of sense of peace, especially knowing that she's with my dad.
Your dad's protecting.
- I loved how they all came in together.
- Yeah.
- Like a big family.
- Yeah.
Yeah, so I just know Kensley's good.
She's heard us talk about as if she were here, and we would be getting her a license.
We have said that so many times.
I can't believe he said that.
We are 48 hours out until the live show.
And I know you've been saying all day that stuff has been coming through.
Yeah, it's been really overwhelming.
You had a vision earlier that struck you so hard.
You like A chest, like, sternum popped.
Made a noise.
They're just, like, little brief strikes of lightning.
I want to encourage you, but pace yourself and be careful.
- 'Cause you - Yeah.
This is your first show after your lung collapse.
- You almost died last time.
- I just miss it so much.
- You really almost died.
- I know.
In early 2020, I was set to do one of my live shows.
Before the event, I was laying in bed, getting mentally ready for all of what I was about to do on stage, when suddenly I felt a chest pain.
So I called in Heather and my mom.
I needed to go to the hospital.
When I got there, I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung.
This lung had fully collapsed and was resting on my heart.
And within moments, I needed medical intervention, or I would have died.
I spent months in the hospital recovering and recouping from this traumatic experience.
I mean, for me, it was scary to see you go through that.
- I can't imagine what it was like for you.
- Yeah.
It does come at a price and a cost.
I hope I live a really long lifetime.
I feel old, though, that's the thing.
Like, on the inside.
And readings make me feel older.
And because of that I'm kind of like, I can't envision myself as like uh seventy year old because I'm already so tired.
The bags under my eyes, they didn't get there on accident.
I was born with these babies.
- They're from a culmination of visions - Yeah.
Ethereal experiences, and seeing things that you can't un-see.
I feel like that ages a person on some level.
I've assured my producers and family I feel confident hitting the stage again to do readings.
But there's no guarantee as to how that will affect my physical health.
- So.
- That makes me sad.
Oh, don't be sad.
I don't know what I'd do without you, so I'm not planning on going anywhere.
The point being is we just don't understand anything about it, really, so who knows how it'll affect my body.
This all looks the same.
This was blue, back in the day.
Those are where most of the classes were.
This way was the auditorium - The library.
- There's a lady.
First day of school, my mom forgot to pick me up.
- So I stayed there.
- How did she forget? I don't know.
I still hold it against her.
- I was an only child.
For some reason - She had so much going on.
It happens.
Going back to my elementary school is really surreal in the sense that it's the one place where I felt normal in life.
It was the place that I was at before my life changed forever.
Getting inundated with impressions and visions and discussions about people who've passed.
- Hi! How are you, Mrs.
Weisgerber? - How are you? It's good to see you.
When Tyler started coming here to Pioneer Elementary, I was the librarian.
And Tyler was a standout.
He just radiated happiness.
Tyler just had that ability to make you feel good.
Last time you saw him, how tall was he? - Was he - Oh, probably about like that.
You kind of came into your ability around ten.
I started stepping into it.
Did you know that he had that gift? When you were - No.
- I kept it quiet in the beginning.
I didn't understand what was happening.
I had odd moments where I would get impressions from people even before ten, but I didn't attribute that to an ability, more like an intuition.
When I was there, at least in the beginning, it was a place where I was a kid, like any other.
I was treated like any other.
Simultaneously, that's where things started getting complicated.
My grandmother died when I was in fourth grade.
By fifth grade, I was really in a rough place emotionally because of these constant moments of knowingness that were confusing and overwhelming.
At ten years old, you don't know your identity or who you are, let alone this whole other realm of existence.
Trying to conjure some memories here.
Do you have any? This, I totally remember.
This was a place I think, in hindsight, where I was able to just be a kid.
- So.
- Yeah.
It's been an amazing journey.
Especially to get to come back.
As I'm walking around the school, I'm taking in the memories and all that it brings back, but I'm distracted by the impressions coming through in the back of my mind.
I'm excited to talk today.
I know this is a surreal experience, sitting in front of my former librarian.
- I know! - I'm excited.
I have my notebook.
- And I meditate - Oh, so we're gonna We're gonna do a reading.
- Oh, I did not know that.
- Are you open to it? - We don't have to.
- Um No, no, that's okay.
I just didn't - Yeah.
- I didn't know.
- I thought we'd yak about old stuff.
- Oh, I know.
I figured it wouldn't hurt.
- It's your call.
If you're comfortable - I'm cool.
I never have control over who comes through, as much as I have to go with the strongest communicator, so And we will see what comes in.
So I've got that.
I remember you had a daughter.
Maddie? - Maddie.
- I remember her.
- Do you have any other kids? - My son, Lee.
You have a son.
Very cool.
Oh, did he? Very interesting.
So like that.
I wanna talk about them and careers.
When we talk about your daughter, it's interesting 'cause there's gonna They're acknowledging a lot of change, a lot of shifts for her.
It's when I connect with her energy, I feel like she's going to be put in a place of a lot of responsibility, and there's gonna be basically a decision to be made of whether to, "Do I take on this big task? Or, "Am I ready for it?" I have this feeling of, "Yes.
Move forward.
You're good.
" - "You're more capable than you know.
" - Yeah.
That seems to be pertinent to her.
- She's gone through Change.
- A lot of change.
- Gotcha.
- You nailed that, big time.
I really suspect the picking up of slack of other people.
- Wearing different hats, not expecting to.
- All the time.
She does that a lot.
She gets frustrated, but she does it anyway.
That's the thing.
Hard worker.
I feel the response is gonna be positive.
I feel she's on the right track.
Is anybody involved in law enforcement? - Yes.
- Who would that be? - My son.
- That would be your son.
He's gonna go through a change with that also.
- This is interesting.
How old would he be? - He's 29.
Uh, okay.
They're bringing me to uh, four years ago.
So, let me see here.
I don't know why.
Twenty Let's see, four years ago if 29 Let's see - He got married.
- Oh, did he? Very interesting.
They are bringing up a little bit of susceptibility to some fertility stuff, some conversations around that.
It's all good.
That will work out in due time, so Good.
They did finally have their first baby.
- Amazing.
- She's only about not quite two months.
- Sadie.
- Congrats.
- They did have problems getting Yep.
- Yeah.
Some stuff.
- But it happens.
- But, hey.
In due time, things happen how they're supposed to.
I feel positive around that.
Um This is a weird image, but good, worth keeping in mind.
Um Something about a flying pig.
It's a pig with wings.
This was like, "I have to bring that up.
" My husband's phrase was always, "When pigs fly.
" Okay, and so we went into this like, some store, and they had a flying pig on a string.
It was zinging around, and Maddie was like, "Look!" That's funny.
So "When pigs fly" has some relevance.
- As far as funny memories.
So sweet.
- Oh yeah, big time.
That's funny.
And that would be that.
Oh, okay.
And I do feel like I have to handle him.
Uh, where are we going? Let's see.
So when we talk about It's tricky, separating your mom's and dad's sides.
I have to say, I don't get departed feelings from your mom or dad.
- They're still alive? - Yes.
That's awesome.
I feel like we're gonna go a generation up.
I do have to ask, is there a female connection? Lot of female energy, but then I have to highlight "J.
" So a female "J" name.
Are there any female "Js" in your family that you can think of? - Both grandmothers.
- Okay.
Is there a Julie at all? - Julia.
- Julia.
Okay, gotcha.
Now, would one of them be passed? - Both of them.
- Julia is passed away? - Definitely.
- I have to highlight that.
But I also have some contemporaries.
I have a couple females coming through that I have to bring up that are passed.
They do strike me as older, but there's two things I need to talk about.
Both are brain-related.
It's not a mental health thing.
This is more physiologically something that would've been wrong cognitively, the ability to perceive surroundings.
- We think of dementia, Alzheimer's.
- Alzheimer's.
That hits me as being potentially relevant.
I also have somebody I suspect had a stroke.
There's something that's interesting.
They're two different things.
Who passed away of the Alzheimer's-related situation? - My aunt Adeline.
- Okay, gotcha.
Now, the way this comes through, she's having me bring up not being alone.
She's acknowledging a contemporary.
Do you know if she had any siblings? A sister that also passed away? I have to highlight the two of them.
- She was the one that had the stroke.
- I see.
- We covered some ground! - Yes, you did.
I would have never imagined I'd be with my former librarian.
- Doing a reading.
- Right? There's something about tripping out your teacher.
I'm just I'm still stunned.
- I'm still like, "Wow.
" - Yes.
I was flabbergasted because he knew so many things.
Just, he nailed it.
He nailed it.
It was incredible.
- I'm sorry that was cool.
- I know! It's funny.
I do live audiences in front of thousands.
- I'll pick someone.
- Random.
They'll be like, "I have nobody.
" - Like, "Yes, you do.
" - Yeah.
Just goes to show, their love for us, it transcends our own expectations.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
We are so fancy, what can I say? I love these flowers I picked up.
Aren't those gorgeous? I'm gonna give you some napkins - Let me help.
- Here we go.
- I'll give you those.
- How does this work? - Any way you want.
- Do I look like I've done this? Let's see It's however you want.
- Okay.
- Okay? As long as it fits in the hole.
I haven't seen Peter and Felicia in a while, so I'm really excited.
We're having lunch with Peter and Felicia.
I'm excited to see them.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
Oh my goodness! - Hello! - Oh, look who it is! - Yay! - Hi! - You guys - A vision in green.
- No crying.
- I would've been here ten minutes ago.
- But she's slow.
- How's it going? No crying.
- How are you? - Hey, Tyler.
- Good.
- Happy day.
We're so excited to see you.
We put together this little somethin' somethin'.
I hope you like it.
- We've got quiche.
- Beautiful.
- Yeah, sit down.
- Oh, Theresa.
- Yeah? - I'm still Black.
I don't care for quiche too much.
- Okay.
I'll go - I appreciate it, though.
Okay, I'll make you anything you want.
- You didn't make this.
- From scratch.
Try that one.
- It has bacon.
You'll like it.
- Tries to feed everyone.
- Can't help it.
- She's a good cook.
- She is.
- Oh, thank you.
You guys, we've got a lot to talk about.
I just wanna tell you.
This whole journey, it's been tough for all of us.
This is just the new beginning.
I love you so much.
And if not for you encouraging me, Tyler, to do the DNA testing, I would have never known all the things I know now.
All these years, Stella has had this power over me.
She doesn't have that anymore.
I'm not letting her control my life anymore.
I'm not.
Wouldn't you want to confront her and I've come to the conclusion that it's not gonna make any difference.
It's never gonna make any difference.
You've confronted the past.
- You've gotten to the truth, that's all.
- Yeah.
I never thought it would be Tyler that would've been the one to help me to find out who I am, to move on from all the things that happened to me in my life, and to help me feel whole again.
Going forward, the only part of my past I'm gonna allow is you and Felicia in my life.
That's it.
So I wanted to share this with you guys.
- My family tree, which is special.
- Oh my God.
And it shows my Italian family, and it shows their names.
But down here, it shows my brother and sisters as Felicia and Peter.
'Cause you'll always be my family, no matter what.
That'll never change.
We're always brother and sisters.
I'm always gonna love you guys.
And I appreciate all that you did to help me and to protect me.
I remember a lot of things.
I want to thank you for all you went through.
It was a lot.
Seeing my name on Theresa's family tree felt great, but I told Theresa I'm always gonna be her number one brother.
So that position, that's occupied.
So her other brother, I will meet him.
You know, I'll love him and everything, but hey, he's just gotta know his lane.
My takeaway from this today is really in a bigger sense that family is the love that we've Shared.
It goes to show that it's not about blood.
- Move forward.
- It's about love, the bond.
You will always be my aunt and uncle.
I'm so thankful to be able to share this story.
Through this journey, my mom and I have been able to demystify the enigma, the monster, that is Stella.
Now we can live our lives knowing who we are, where we come from, and how big our family really is.
Family is what you make it.
We're goin' in? I love you.
You're the best gift I could see today.
- Okay? - We're bound together.
How was Nancy this morning? She's good.
She knew that we were leaving.
- Aw.
- So she kept biting my hand.
- Aw.
- Trying to keep me.
- You look good.
- Thank you.
I have cold waters, and we can always stop for Starbucks.
We have plenty of time.
As I'm headed to my first show since my lung collapse, I'm getting inundated with messages from loved ones on the other side for people who are attending the show.
And because of that, I really can't focus on anything else.
I swear, Tyler, it is so weird to be going to a live show.
It has been so long.
It's gonna be weird to see all those faces.
I know.
It's so strange.
It's gonna be a year and a half.
Oh my God.
Then the way you ended the last one.
- And then all hell broke loose.
- Yep.
Almost a month in the hospital.
I don't wanna do that again.
Can we not do that again? Yeah.
- I can get that.
- It's gonna go on this part.
Oh, it is? Okay, gotcha.
- That's yours.
- Ready? - Ready.
- Everyone got it? Yep.
As always, the anxiety part is getting through this lobby.
When Tyler goes to a live show, and when we get to the hotel, he's very sedate, very isolated.
I'll be right back.
He doesn't wanna be around other people.
He doesn't want any stimulation.
In fact, when we do room service, I receive the food because he doesn't want to interact with any other person's feelings, emotions, anything.
We don't talk about unpleasant things in front of him before a show.
We don't discuss anything difficult because we just want to have him be peaceful.
Everything's starting to come through.
It's very kind of cloudy, mentally, physically.
It's, it's very different.
So I'm ready to get this over with.
I don't know.
I have a lot of emotions there, I guess.
I just don't know exactly what they are.
Excitement, joy.
Maybe a little bit of fear, but I don't know what I'm afraid of.
I've done over 50 shows.
I just think the nature of going out and being vulnerable It is painful, physically.
It's taxing, emotionally.
I worked myself into such a state, which I'm in, that makes it very difficult to express things outwardly until I start scribbling.
And then it all comes out.
And I just have to do what I'm put here to do, get on a stage tomorrow, and knock it out.
And then then I can be a human being again when I'm done.
Oh, drum rolls.
- Hi! How's it going? - Ready to go? Absolutely.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- How's it going? - I'm gonna be escorting you.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
All right.
See you Before a show, there's a lot of anxiety.
There's a lot at stake.
It's more than entertainment.
People who are desperate for any connection to their loved ones.
People who have traveled thousands of miles just to be in the room.
Through one person's reading, many can find a sense of closure.
It's a big order to serve because I have no control over the messages.
I can't force it to happen.
I have to trust that my guides and those on the other side will show up.
- How are you? Jittery? - A lot coming through.
- A lot coming through already? - Yep.
It's been a year and a half.
I wonder - A lot of build-up.
- I was about to say.
That probably adds more nerves to it.
- You'll do great.
I love you.
- I love you.
Remember to stand up straight.
Okay? You want your ears even with your shoulders.
- Okay.
You know, stack some books.
- I know, I'm the worst slouch.
I'm the biggest slouch ever, but remember, stand up straight.
I think he's nervous 'cause he hasn't done a live show in about a year and a half.
The whole idea of getting on the stage in front of thousands of people, I think it's a lot.
Are you nervous? I am always nervous.
Right now, I have a lot of anxiety.
Standing on that stage could be a risk to my life, but I have to do it.
It's my life calling.
You ready? I sure am.
Let me grab this.
- Get your stuff.
- Yep.
- All right.
- All right.
Time to go.
Let's do this.
- We're going to chill here.
- Okay.
Sounds good.
- I'll catch my breath.
I am excited.
- Yeah.
Deep breaths.
How's your lung feeling? Eh When I'm anxious, it's more restricted.
- That makes sense.
- It's actually a little tough.
My purpose here on Earth is to deliver messages.
I'm here to help.
I'm here to heal.
I'm here for them.
It's who I am at whatever cost.
It's such special work.
Thank you for everything.
It's the big moment.
We'll see what happens.
I'm like Hold it together.
Ladies and gentlemen, Tyler Henry! Well, hello, everybody! Hello! How's everyone doing? Ah.
It feels so good to finally be back.

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