Life & Beth (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Kiss from a Rose

1 So we understand you're on a crusade about the radiation of food.
Uh, yeah, they have this new process running gamma rays through vegetables.
It kills off everything alive, every little microbe.
And then they assume it's okay for us to eat it.
Now, how would you like eating radioactive broccoli? Well, it's not radiated it's not Bye, Dad.
That was a perfectly good fruit roll-up.
Hi, Liz.
I really I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry.
For my mother.
Like, she was she did so much damage.
You know, she was so destructive.
I appreciate that.
I mean, our friendship was my whole world.
Me too.
I still miss you.
I don't know.
Tell me what-what happened after that? Wh-what has your life been? Um, let's see.
My dad came back.
And, um, we just sort of, like, lived inside, like, a simmering hostility.
That was fun for a few years.
And, uh, I don't know.
I have two kids.
I like one of them.
The other one's just kinda, like, a hole in the team.
And, uh, I have a husband, and he's I mean, I don't know, I have one.
I have a husband.
So your your dad, I mean, you forgave him? I mean it wasn't easy.
Like, my mom asked us to forgive him.
And, uh, then he came back and then I just, like, punished him for a really long time.
And then one day, I just tried to, like, focus on everything he was doing right instead of everything he did wrong.
And he actually did a lot of things right.
Like, he's, like, a weirdly good grandpa.
Oh, that's nice.
Wait, did you get married? No, no.
I I was engaged for like, an hour, but You would ha you would have hated this guy.
I mean, really.
Did he wear, like, layered necklaces? Oh, worse.
You remember Maximino? - Oh.
- He's like - Dis that's disgusting.
- Yeah, it was - Why would you bring that up right now? - No, it was like that.
- Oh.
- I'm seeing someone right now.
He's, like, a farmer.
I I don't think it's gonna work out, though.
It's like, everything is telling me it's not.
All the signs are already there.
Like, in the beginning, it should be easy, right? No.
God, like, no.
It's not easy, ever.
I mean, like, yeah, my husband was, like, an active nightmare the day I met him.
I mean, like, and I just sort of zoomed past, like, every red flag.
- Yeah.
- But, uh, I love him.
He's, like, my favorite person, but he's, like, infuriating.
- Yeah.
- Not okay.
I don't know, I've just spent, like, a lot of time on men and jobs and, uh, just things that I knew weren't right.
You know, so I'm, like, trying to I mean, the first time I met this guy, he was covered in blood.
He was covered in blood? It's I mean, I'm pretty sure it was animal blood.
- Like, I just have to hope.
- Okay.
I just don't really want those details, but Okay, well, that's actually sounds like my friend Katie's boyfriend.
Well, I should go.
Um can I, like, call you, or do we hang out sometime? I don't really know.
I mean, it's not realistic that you and I are gonna be friends.
No, I know.
I know you're right.
But can I give you some advice? Yeah.
Just let your old shit go.
Let it go.
Like, your mom wasn't the person she should have been for you.
My dad wasn't.
But you're gonna be 40.
Wait, wait, are you gonna be 40? - Yes.
- Oh, my God.
Your birthday wait, I still know your birthday.
It's September 20th.
April 19th.
I'm really glad I got to see you.
Me too.
Can I Hey, Liz, I wanted to ask if Hey, Coach.
Oh, God.
Ah, fuck you.
- No, no, no, you gotta breathe.
- Ooh! Breathe.
Just let it go, B.
Vickie's the shit.
She know what she doing.
Let her work.
This is a scar treatment.
You can feel it right here.
- The needle lit right up.
- Ooh.
Your MRI shows that you have ruptured discs in your lower back at L5 and S1.
And that's connected to this girdle vessel - that wraps around the waist - Girdle? And brings circulation all the way down the leg.
So all that pain in my back came from here.
Oh, God.
It's just ooh, it's a lot.
Yo, what's girl, what's going on? Are you okay? It's I think it's mostly the needles that are making me cry.
- It's not, like - Oh, okay.
But yeah, I just I saw Liz.
- I saw Liz today.
- You talked to her.
Was it was it good at least, or Yeah, it was so good to see her.
You know, we have so much love for each other.
But I don't know.
I just wish I gave my mom a better funeral.
- Oh, my God, Beth.
- No, I know.
but it's just Beth, you gotta you gotta let that go, okay? You know, you annoying everybody with that.
I didn't wanna say nothing.
But, like, even Grandpa Don's sick of your shit, and he's dead.
Get some more needles in there, girl.
You sure Mom's not home? I'm pretty sure It's the same.
When's the last time you were here? I don't know, like, 2000 um what's-his-name was hosting "TRL.
" - Carson Daly.
- Carson Daly.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
Um, I saw Liz.
Oh, wow.
She's good.
She's the same.
They, uh they wound up, like, completely forgiving her dad.
And he came home and everybody really just moved on.
Um, yeah.
That's insane.
I'm hungry.
I'm always hungry.
Think it would be good for us to let go of it all too.
It's really harmful to keep it in.
I mean, I pulled all my hair out.
I know you did, babe.
I'm worried about you too.
You've spent so much energy hating her.
That's not good.
Yeah, like, I'm not happy that she died.
Like, I hated her, but I liked, you know, knowing she was there.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I got it.
I just I can't get over I just wish I had done more when she died.
The funeral you did was fine.
For Mom.
For Mom.
Yeah, but I want I need it to be fine for me.
You know, and you, for-for us, for for our loss.
You know, it's Yeah.
She's our mom.
It's not like you can do it over, so you need to move on.
Let's do it over.
What? The funeral.
- You want a do-over funeral? - Yeah.
I want to have a do-over funeral.
All right, I'll get the shovel.
I'm pretty ready for a new start.
How 'bout you? I guess so.
Part of that is me saying goodbye to John.
Oh, my God, you are so annoying.
Okay, um I'm just I'm finally listening to my instincts.
It's all right in front of me.
It's very clear to me.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to him today.
I'm not gonna be a passive passenger in the car of my life anymore.
What the fuck does that even mean? I don't I don't know what that meant, but you get it.
He-he already has too many red flags.
He has too many red flags? - He does? - Yeah.
You are a red planet.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No one likes you.
This is why.
Wow, that's not a kind thing to say.
Okay, well, just go if you're going.
Go break up with him right now? Go break up with him right now if you're so O-okay.
I okay.
Good luck.
- Okay.
Um, yeah.
- Yeah.
Will you save me some pasta? No.
John? Cesar, you seen John? He's not here.
You want me to help you look for him? No, no, no, it's fine.
Hi, Bruce.
John? Oh, sh-shit.
Oh, shit.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh, come on, you stupid fucking boat.
Ew! What are you? Ew, something touched me.
Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! Why didn't you tell me you were there? You looked so focused.
I didn't I didn't know what you were doing.
Here, take my shirt.
Your-your boat was thank you.
Your boat was drifting off the shore, so I went out and got it.
Yeah, it's it's safe now.
I t I tied it up.
Guess I know how to tie a knot.
Thank you.
I don't like that boat.
I don't like that boat either.
I mean, that's not my boat or anything.
What are you talking about? Yes, it is.
I just tied it up.
I just swam out there and I tied it up.
I mean, I think Skyler will really appreciate that, because that's Skyler's boat.
My boat's in the shed because of the weather.
Came to check on Skyler's boat.
Beth? Can I have my cardigan back? Yeah.
Can I have my shirt? It's a little buggy.
It's a little wet.
I came here to break up with you.
Yeah, but then I saw your boat out there, and I couldn't stand the idea of you coming here and seeing that it was gone.
Thank you.
If we're if we're gonna do this, like, I mean business with you.
I mean business with you.
Yeah? 'Cause I don't really know what to do when you're repeating yourself.
I We can figure it out.
- Really? - Yeah.
I-I know I don't always act the way I'm supposed to.
Like, I know when someone shows me a picture of their kid, I'm supposed to act like I'm looking at fireworks even if the kid is unattractive to me.
You're attracted to kids? No, not not romantically.
- Do you want kids? - Yes.
Cool, I'm just asking for a friend.
Can we go back to my house? There's something I want to show you.
Is this where I get murdered? No.
No, no.
- That's later.
- What? Okay.
Now just wait.
And there we go.
Right, and then you can also nine.
- You get nine? - I think there's up to 13.
- You happy? - I'm so happy.
Let's go back down 'cause I feel a little more comfortable Yeah, I think I'm too high up.
Five is good.
How long do you normally watch for? Just, like, four to six hours.
Good to meet you.
Oh, hi, Gerald, I'm Shlomo.
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Shlomo.
- We know.
We met you the other day.
Now, these are beautiful.
We got these today.
- Yeah.
What are these called? - They're heirloom tomatoes.
Heirloom, right.
'Cause they're old.
- Can we start? - 'Cause they're old.
- No, it's - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay, 'scuse me, thank you.
- Here we go.
Here we go.
- Your attention.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Attention.
So thank you, everybody, for coming.
Um, or to some of you for coming back, Rabbi.
Let's just no social media right now.
Okay, powering down.
So our mom had a few requests for her funeral.
Uh, you need me to sing "Kiss from a Rose"? No.
Please, please.
We have it covered.
DJ? What's up, Three Trees? DJ Trev in the funer-izzay.
RIP, Jane.
she's in a better place.
Rest in peace.
Bring the fire.
Feel the explosion.
Welcome to Club Trev.
- That was cool.
- That guy's awesome.
He's good.
Very good, right? - Good work.
- It's good.
Happy to have you.
Um, anyway it's weird that we, uh we put so much thought into every other aspect of life, but when it comes to death, uh, we forget to make a plan, so we're doing it over so that Beth will shut up about it.
Okay, so - Shoot.
- You got it.
You got it.
So our mom loved us Excuse me.
As best she could.
And, um, she wanted to be a really good mom.
And, um and sometimes she was.
Yeah, yeah.
That's really good.
That's really good.
Um, okay, well, let's hear from Jane's family.
- John, you wanna - Yeah.
Oh, yeah, well, Beth told me to wear a you're supposed to wear a suit when someone passes away.
So I am, and No, just pass her the mic.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, sorry.
Yeah, no, I actually just wanted to tell everyone about the menu.
It's braised lamb from the Heinzerling farm with baby carrots and fennel from our garden here, and an heirloom tomato salad, and the bread is from Amagansett, which we're gonna pass around.
So enjoy.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
You look so good.
And, of course, wine from Three Trees.
Okay, I'm going.
Um Okay.
Uh So our-our mom, Jane Jones She could be ornery and mean, in a way that women aren't really supposed to be.
She was funny.
She could make you laugh with just, like, one little expression.
And she was beautiful.
So beautiful.
She, uh she made our meals and-and and put our Band-Aids on us.
She picked us up from practice.
We had fun.
We had a lot of fun, too-too much fun, probably, too much of the time.
But, uh, she lived in her own idea of reality.
She lived in her daydreams.
And that's how she survived.
That's how she got by.
And and I loved her.
Always, I loved her.
Her warmth, her smell, her skin, and I miss her.
Um, and I actually had the honor of going to Maya's grandfather's homegoing service.
And what that is No, no, no, no, no.
Mm-mm, don't.
That's for Black people let us have that, okay? Keep doing your white shit.
Oh, right.
Okay, got it.
All right.
People aren't perfect, and parents are people.
And, you know, I just knew her as my mom, but she wasn't just my mom.
She was a woman and a little girl before that, you know, with her own heartbreaks and and school dances and her own parents.
Are you almost done? Are you serious? I'm scared the food will get cold.
Well, is it okay to eat during this? I think that will solve both problems.
Okay, no I'm-I'm this is for me.
Okay? I'm finishing this.
I'm let me you know, I want to get through this, okay? Maybe we should vote on it.
What we don't have to vote.
Put your hand down.
Put it down.
I would have been done by now if you'd just let me finish.
It's really, it was just another, like, second.
Okay? This is the point, okay? This is what I wanted to say.
I was just gonna say that no one loves you like your mom, and no one hurts you like your mom.
And, uh and finally, I-I realized what I wanted to say to her.
After all of this, I just want to say I love you.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Mom.
- Yes.
- Thank you, Mom.
- There's your girl.
Beth's starting to understand that her mother's complex life may have reflected the difficult relationship a lot of daughters have with their mother.
And just the intrinsic challenges that a woman faces in the world.
Now, can we eat? Yes, eat, eat.
- Oh, hi.
- Good night.
I'm gonna split.
Is that okay? - Of course it's okay.
- Okay.
So this is Kylie, and it's new.
Hey, Kylie and it's new.
That's I said that's okay, right? - Yeah, it's it's new.
- Yeah.
Okay, Annie, I'm not mad at you.
Okay, thank you.
I love you and I want to be closer to you.
I know.
I have something for you, 'cause I know you work hard.
- Was is this? - You don't have to share it.
It's up to you.
I really love you.
- Bye, bitch.
- I love you.
I love you.
What is this shit? - Oh, shit.
- Oh.
I'm 'bout to get fucked up Wanna get fucked up, fucked up? I'm 'bout to get fucked up, wanna get fucked up? Fucked up I'm 'bout to get fucked up, wanna get fucked up? Fucked up I'm 'bout to get fucked up, wanna get fucked up? Fucked up The only laws I obey The ones I'm makin' for myself So why you make me play On the rules of something else? Self-control is not Something I'm working on Ready? - It's my serve, right? - Yes.
Let's go.
Four serving four.
You were there for it.
There for it.
It's so easy.

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