Life Sentence (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

How Stella Got Her Groove

1 Previously on Life Sentence It really brought us togher You are the only man I have ever loved.
You got a married woman pregnant, Aiden.
It's time to deal with it.
I'm in.
Anything you need, Marlene.
I helped Lizzie get into a writer's retreat so she could finally focus.
You know I'm gonna kill you, right? Maybe I'm not ready to date.
- I'm Lauren.
- I'm Peter.
- Lauren? - Aiden? What are you doing here?! I live here with my father.
We got a lot of bills to pay.
And my savings aren't gonna last forever.
I'm just a sailor swimming backwards I'm just a fish out in the sea I'm just a preacher in the graveyard - Morning, babe.
- Morning.
Telling everyone but God to follow me There are some days when it seems like the sun is shining just for you, like in the movies and everything is perfectly in sync.
Today was one of those days.
This is for all those dreams I believed in I mean, I was still figuring out how to support myself without my parents' help.
You know, I've been thinking I want to get a better job.
Really? What do you have in mind? No idea.
I just think it's a little demeaning to have a 20-year-old as a boss.
I just want something that makes me feel independent and like I'm taking steps forward.
- Mm-hmm.
- And more money would be good.
Ooh, that sounds like a plan.
Not yet, but it will be.
I just needed a sign.
I'll be just fine Huh.
And I wasn't the only one trying to figure out my life.
Aiden was getting his first taste of what it felt like to be the third wheel.
Just trying to go anywhere else, 'cause this is awkward.
Lauren, this is my son, Aiden.
It is nice to meet you, Aiden.
Your dad speaks very highly of you.
Aiden, sit.
I'll get you some coffee.
This is for all those dreams I believed in This is a wild, wild world I appreciate your not telling him that we slept together once.
Hasn't come up.
Diego was trying to figure out how to take care of two kids while Lizzie was away.
I'll be just fine Thank you, Frank.
Sure you don't want me to babysit? [SIGHS] The last time you did that, Fiona ended up in the hospital.
- Well, that is not gonna happen.
- Ow! I won't let anyone tell me that I ain't fine And Wes was trying to make a living making furniture.
It was his dream.
And it was super sexy.
Oh, hey.
Sawdust all over me.
Oh, wow.
That chair is beautiful.
Seriously, you're so good at this.
I can't figure out how you haven't sold anything yet.
Maybe 'cause there's three handmade furniture shops on Main Street alone.
Well, I believe in you.
You will make it happen.
Speaking of making things happen, the coffee shop is opening a new location, and there's a manager position available.
- I'm gonna apply.
- That's great, babe.
I know.
And there's a significant raise.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] Oh, that makes you my sugar mama.
- Yeah, it does.
- Mm-hmm.
So, what do I need to apply for the manager position at the new location? Pretty much just one good arm and a high-school diploma.
I have both of those things.
I'm doing the interviews, so I can vouch for you.
I just need you to fill out a packet and get me a copy of your diploma.
- Thank you for being so supportive.
- No problem.
I love the thought of you not working here anymore.
You ruined a nice moment.
We had moved out of the old house, but I had some boxes I hadn't picked up yet.
Hey, little sis.
Whatcha doing here? I'm looking for my high-school diploma.
You know, I can't believe that, with everything I went through, I still found time to graduate.
Neither can I.
Why are you talking like that? What are you not telling me? I think this is a conversation you should have with Dad or Mom or anyone but me.
Aiden Have you ever really taken a good look at that thing? No.
Why? [BREATHES DEEPLY] "Honorary"? Oh, my God.
Are you saying that I didn't graduate from high school? No, you're saying that.
But I am not disagreeing with you.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] Don't worry about a thing You'll learn to live again I need another beer.
You want one? It's 10:00 a.
I know.
I can tell time.
I graduated.
God, I cannot believe that Mom and Dad lied to me about this, too.
It was Dad's idea.
This really sucks.
Yeah, I can't imagine what it'd feel like to find out that all my accomplishments were fake.
Actually, I can't imagine what it would feel like to have accomplishments.
What do you mean, they're all fake? Is there anything that they didn't lie to me about? - You are their biological daughter.
- Oh, my God.
Well So, I didn't really win the science fair? Stella, you kept a moldy potato as a pet.
[SIGHS] Well Well, what about this stupid pie-eating contest? - Oh, yeah.
- Did I win that? Yeah, that is real.
But I think the medical marijuana should have counted as a performance-enhancing drug.
How am I supposed to start the next chapter of my life if I never even finished the last one? Oh, I'm gonna kill Dad.
Well, I definitely want to see that.
- Grandma! - Grandma! You didn't tell me they were stopping by.
- DIEGO: Grandma.
- I didn't know.
- Hey! - Hi! Uh, any chance you could watch these guys today? I got sales calls all afternoon, and Stella said she was gonna tag in later, but I'm kinda stuck.
Actually, we're on our way to a pottery class which, of course, plans can change.
We would love to watch them.
Oh, amazing.
Okay, I owe you one.
I'll be back as soon as I can, okay? - Just be good for Grandma.
- Bye.
Okay, come on, you little nuggets.
Let's go play.
How do two women make a baby? Oh, well, this should be fun.
You got a solid C.
I can't give you a higher grade, because you didn't earn it.
Why did you forge my high-school diploma? Uh, we'll talk about this later, okay? - [CLEARS THROAT] - Please tell me the truth.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
That would be an awesome title for my autobiography.
What's he doing here? He is enjoying the scenery and then hitching a ride to Marlene's.
Hey, ladies.
I didn't say "class dismissed.
" I'm trying to get a management position at the coffee shop, but I can't because my diploma's worthless.
Honey, I'm sorry we lied to you.
Let's just apply that across the board.
We wanted you to have as much of a normal life as you could.
I get it.
But from on now, please let me earn things on my own for real.
No more fake trophies for moldy potatoes, okay? Deal.
I would love to go to the sorority mixer.
I got to check on my baby mama real quick.
- How late is it going? - WOMAN: 2:00.
- I'm gonna try and make it.
- Mm-hmm.
This is Marlene's house? Is she rich? Apparently.
I had no idea.
We always do it at our house or the bathroom at the place she gets her nails done.
Oh, hey, if it's cool with you, I'm gonna keep this thing on in case her husband's still here.
Good luck.
[LAUGHS] So, he He's gone? Yeah, he just packed up his stuff and got out.
Whew! I'm surprised he'd walk away from all this.
I mean, you and all of this.
Yeah, well, he wants nothing to do with me.
Or this baby.
And it's my house.
I run a multi-level marketing skin care company.
- That's baller.
- Yeah.
I just have to live here all by myself.
You know if you are going to be lonely, I could maybe just move in with you.
If my baby's going to be living here, it makes sense for me to be close by.
You would do that for me? Absolutely.
I'm a giver.
Do you want to go for a swim? We have a pool? Stop it! [LAUGHS] [SIGHS] Ohh.
Hey, you.
- Hi.
- What's all this for? I'm studying for my GED.
GED? - I thought you graduated high school.
- So did I.
It's a whole thing.
- You okay? - No.
I mean, I knew I was way behind in life, but thanks to my dad, I'm even further behind than I thought.
If I want this manager position, I need my GED, like, yesterday.
Ugh! Why is trigonometry so hard? Well, you know, I'm pretty good with numbers.
Well, that makes one of us.
- You want to help me study? - Sure.
Okay, let's start with functions.
What are they? Well, in trigonometry, the function relates the angle of the triangle to Mm [DOOR CLOSES] WES: I know.
It's nice to "see you," as well.
Wes? I can't believe it's been eight months.
I don't believe you.
Okay, well, why don't you show me? That's it.
Show me everything.
Oh, that is bad.
All right, hold it there.
Just let me finish.
Oh! What the hell is going on in here?! Who the hell are you?! Who the bloody hell are you? I asked you first, sexy British lady! [SIGHS] Who are you? [ SCOFFS] My name is Linda.
Well, back off, Linda.
- This is my husband.
- All right, Stella, stop.
- You're spiraling.
- Am I? Because I think I'm having a perfectly normal reaction to you cyber-sexing some woman in the middle of the night.
No, no, no.
Linda's a wealth-management client of mine in London.
It's morning there.
Why would you think that we were cyber-sexing? - Because he's not wearing any pants.
- What?! I only dress up the part that's on camera.
- Sorry.
- Oh.
Do you just want to maybe call me back? Yes, thank you.
I will.
Thank you.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you But I rescued you from finance.
You said you hated that job.
Well, "hate's" a strong word.
And they say you don't miss something till it's gone.
You missed wealth management? I missed being good at something, Stells.
You're good at wood.
Wood chairs.
Yeah, well, you're the only one who seems to think so.
Plus, I like knowing that I was helping take care of our little family.
I'm getting that manager job.
I know you are.
I do.
But until you do, I can help us get by.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right, thank you.
Hey, Pops.
What's with the box? Just some more stuff from the house.
Hey I know I said that we were all adults and things shouldn't be weird with Lauren here, but, uh they are.
They really are.
Your bedroom doesn't have a wall on it.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] So I think it might be best if you found somewhere else to live.
Found it.
And it has a pool.
So if you want to take a dip, feel free to come on over.
Over to where? Marlene's.
She also has a rain shower and a sauna.
And she's kinda cool.
I never really bothered to talk to her much, but I think she's going to be a good mom.
I guess I'm happy for you.
I'm gonna miss this place.
Take good care of it.
Word of warning The hot water never really gets past warm, and there's a small rodent problem.
The problem is small, or the rodents are small? You'll find out.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] See ya 'round, Pops.
You may now "bang in peace.
" [MICE SQUEAKING] Dude, I am so glad that you finally decided to come play kickball with me.
Yeah, man.
Tell me again, though What is kickball? Okay, basically, it's soccer mixed with baseball mixed with dodgeball mixed with beer.
Yeah, I don't know about this.
Oh, you're gonna love it.
Plus, I-I think it'll be good for you to work out some of that stress, you know? I'm not stressed.
- [SCREAMS] - Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Oh-oh-oh I'm gonna win for you like I know you want me to do Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh - Oh-oh-oh - Yeah! I'm gonna win for you like I know you want me to do Ohh! [COUGHING] Hey! Hey! La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, la-la-la STELLA: I hated that Wes had to go back to his old job.
But the good news was, I was feeling pretty confident about my GED.
Hello, Earth to barista.
I'd like a half caf, please.
I was just studying Wait.
Heidi Lynn Brennan? Stella Jane Abbott? From 9th grade? Aren't you supposed to be dead? I was.
But here I am.
Living the dream.
- Oh.
- [GLASS SHATTERING] Would you mind? So, you beat cancer, and now you work in a coffee shop.
Well, I don't just work here.
I'm the manager.
There's a dead rat by the Dumpster with your name on it.
Well, I will be.
I'm up for a promotion.
But what about you? What are you up to? I'm a particle physicist.
We're working on taking data from the highest energy collisions in the Large Hadron Collider to "rediscover" the Higgs boson.
Sub-particles are kind of my jam.
And I guess coffee grinds are yours.
I should get going.
It was nice seeing you.
Yeah! Really good seeing you, too.
Was it? Or was it soul-crushing? It was kind of that.
I can't believe the girl named Most Likely to Eat Paint is now a physicist.
That's a great story.
You know who'd love to hear all about that? That dead rat.
Also, I need your application by end of day tomorrow if you still want that gig.
Don't forget to list some references.
But I thought you were vouching for me.
It would have been easy to ask Dr.
Grant for a recommendation, but I was avoiding him for obvious reasons.
- How long you been married? - Six months.
It's a shame I didn't meet you seven months ago.
I figured my old oncologist was the perfect reference.
- Hey, stranger.
- Hey.
Have you seen Dr.
Chang? Uh, she's on vacation.
[SIGHS] Bummer.
I was hoping she could write a recommendation letter for this manager position at the coffee shop.
Do you need a recommendation for that? You wouldn't think so, but yes.
Also, I brought you something.
I don't think we have a pool here.
See, you put them on the rails of your bed so you don't bump up against the metal.
That's actually kinda cool.
Yeah, I don't like to show up empty-handed.
What's that? Oh, I'm trying to get my GED.
Wish I could help, but I haven't started high school yet.
Just make sure that you finish.
And get proof.
My family pretended that I graduated from high school just for the photo op.
It seems like people lie a lot when you're sick.
Like, you're probably gonna die anyway, so what's the point? Exactly.
But you know what the best way to get back at them is? - Don't die.
- [LAUGHS] Ugh.
I forgot how much I hate the food here.
It's the worst.
I used to tell them that it made me sicker than the chemo and demand that they bring me Chinese takeout.
- Really? - No.
But I thought it.
My inner monologue's pretty fierce.
I'll tell you what.
Tomorrow I will bring you something edible for dinner.
How 'bout a burger? Done.
I'll even throw in a milkshake.
I'm lactose intolerant.
Good to know.
No cheese on the burger.
- Bye! - Bye.
Good game, man.
[SIGHS] So, no stress, huh? - Nope.
- Really? You can talk to me, man.
I hate my job.
Every second of it.
- Okay.
- [GROANS] There he is.
So, why are you even doing it? Because, man, taking care of Stella is my top priority.
So if that means I have to go back into finance, then that's what I've got to do.
Family first.
I respect that.
I mean, I've just been seeing one client.
She made a few calls on my behalf, and now this firm wants to offer me a full-time consulting gig.
- So, you gonna take it? - I don't know, 'cause if I do, it means I wouldn't have time to build furniture anymore.
It Maybe I'm just not the sort of guy who gets to follow his dream, you know? I mean, maybe I'm the sort of guy who gets to help someone else follow theirs.
That is something that I can relate to.
Thanks for this, man.
I'm telling you, being able to talk to someone about this kind of stuff I'm always here for you.
I'm not sure if the guys want you back on the kickball field, but any time you want to grab a beer I'm your guy, all right? - Appreciate that.
- Yeah.
A little piece of advice from someone who's been married - a little bit longer than you - Mm-hmm.
don't just talk to me about this stuff, all right? Talk to your wife, too.
Trust me.
What are you guys doing here? Uh, Marlene has an ultrasound appointment.
- Oh.
- Isn't he a doll for coming with me? Well, he is the father, so less of a "doll" and more of a "duh, he should be here.
" See? I'm killing it at this father thing.
I've even started designing the nursery.
You guys are getting pretty cozy.
Well, we are living together.
So that happened.
Yes, it did.
I don't want to be late, so I'm gonna go in.
Do you want to see the baby, Stella? We were thinking about you being the godmother.
And this is baby's first big moment! Wow.
Um How could I say no? You can't.
I'll see you in there.
[NO AUDIO] - Hey! - Ow! Don't you think it's a little soon to be shacking up with Marlene? A week ago, you were hiding from her.
Times have changed.
I'm a grown-up now, Stella.
Aiden, this is a huge step.
Don't do it for the wrong reasons.
I'm totally in control of the situation.
: There's the heart.
[KEYBOARD CLACKS] And there is the heartbeat.
AIDEN: That's our baby.
You want to get married? Oh, my God, Aiden! Oh, my God, Aiden.
- Yes! - Yeah? Yes! I can't believe it.
: I can.
Proposals happen in here more often than you'd think.
I hate to break this up, but I need a urine sample.
Bathroom's right this way.
I'll show you.
[DOOR OPENS] We should have a a barbecue at my place tomorrow so I can tell everyone the good news.
Is it good news? Or is it totally insane, Aiden? You barely know her.
You barely knew Wes.
That is not the same thing.
Wes is the love of my life.
I knew it from the minute that I met him.
You don't love her.
The minute I heard that heartbeat, Stell, it took my breath away.
Who knows? Maybe Marlene and I will fall in love, and maybe we won't.
But at least I'll be able to look my kid in the eye and say, "I tried.
" I have to admit, I'm conflicted.
On one hand, I think you're making a huge mistake, but on the other, I'm actually kind of proud of you.
So, you'll keep it secret till the barbecue? Oh, Dad's head is going to explode.
I know.
I'm counting on it.
Look at us, hmm? Getting our lives started me with my oops baby and you with your GED.
Yeah, we're just a couple of overachievers.
WOMAN: You may begin.
You have three hours to finish.
It had been a long time since I had to take a standardized test.
I actually used to be pretty good at them.
At least, I thought I was.
But maybe I wasn't.
I mean, my parents lied to me about everything, so maybe I was never really good at them at all.
I'm such a confident little idiot.
I thought I was such a genius.
But nope.
It was all a lie.
The only thing I knew for sure there was no way I could pass this test.
I'm sorry, I can't do this.
Hey! How'd it go? Not good.
So, the next time you should check to see if there's something to celebrate before spending money we don't have to celebrate me passing a test I couldn't even take.
What do you mean, you couldn't even take it? I froze.
I choked.
High-school math was hard enough when I was in high school, but eight years later, it is pretty much impossible.
It's not the end of the world, okay? You didn't even need that job.
Plus, to be honest, an extra $4 an hour wasn't gonna make much of a difference around here.
It wasn't just about the money, Wes.
It was about proving to myself that I could do something for myself, without everyone having to help me all the time.
I know, and you will, okay? [SIGHS] In the meantime, I have been offered a full-time consulting position.
Now, I know it's not what you wanted for me, but it means I can support us No, you can't.
You hate that world, and I won't let you go back to it.
You won't let me go back to it? Stella, look, my savings aren't going anymore, okay? They're gone.
They're done, so it's time for us to start living in the real world.
I'm trying to start living in the real world, but it's a little hard when you're trying to protect me from it.
I am not trying to protect you from it.
- Really? - Yes.
Then why did you give up on your dream to support me? And why did you lie to me about it? I will figure something out.
I survived cancer, Wes.
I can handle real life.
So, let's say that I quit my job and we lose the apartment.
How are you gonna handle that? Do you know what's worse than doing a job I don't love just to support us? It's knowing that you would resent me for doing that.
- What? I don't - [CELLPHONE CHIMES] [SIGHS] It's the real world calling.
I have to work.
[SIGHS] [ALARM BEEPING] Usually when Wes and I fight, we don't speak to each other the next day, so I thought I'd try something different.
Something that moved me now Were you up all night working? Yeah.
Look, I'm sorry.
I shot straight as an arrow I don't resent you, and I I appreciate what you're doing to support us.
Thank you.
And, Stells, I'm sorry I lied to you.
It's a habit I have to break.
[SIGHS] You still gonna walk me to work? Yeah.
Yeah, I could use a cup of coffee.
I've got my head in the clouds Oh, my love, love is beginning now Resolving things felt a lot better than leaving things unsaid.
But we weren't exactly back in sync.
Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh - Oh, oh-oh-oh - [SIGHS] Oh, my love, love is beginning We have found something worth living for I've got my head in the clouds Oh, my love, love is beginning Oh, my love, love is beginning now [DOOR CLOSES] I'm not gonna lie It was weird going to a family function at Marlene's McMansion.
It was also weird showing up alone.
- There she is! - Oh.
So, while Aiden played host Damn it! I went to go find Mom.
So, that's where my khakis went.
I wanted to look nice for today.
Well, you certainly do.
[LAUGHTER IN DISTANCE] Ahh! Look, I know you think this is about the house, and it was.
But now it's about our kid.
I wanna be here when she brings him or her home.
- I think it's important.
- Oh, it is important.
I'm sorry.
Did you just agree with me? Wow! This dad thing suits me.
I think I'm gonna be pretty darn good at it.
Before we had you all, I thought that, too.
The first part of being a good dad is just showing up.
And you're doing that.
- Wow.
- This is embarrassing.
We all wore our dad pants.
[LAUGHS] IDA: You don't have to feel guilty about Wes making sacrifices for you, Stell.
Marriage is a give and take.
It's like Lizzie and Diego.
She helped him when he was in college, and now he's supporting her, and he's not upset.
Yeah, maybe not at her, but he threatens to kill me every time he seems me.
I just wish it felt like Wes' sacrifice was worth it.
- Frank! - Come on, buddy! - Careful.
- Ah! I'm seriously gonna kill you.
- Frank! - Wow.
Stop it! [FRANK SCREAMS] - [UTENSIL CLINKING] - AIDEN: Attention, please! May I have everyone's attention? All right, you're all probably wondering why Marlene and I asked you here today.
Now, I know we've only known each other two months, - but given the circumstances - We're getting married! - Yeah! - [LAUGHS] Hey, everyone.
Sorry I'm late.
- Did I miss anything? - Mm.
You most certainly did.
So? What do you think, guys? We think, in life, it's always better to be optimistic.
- Mm.
- You really think so? We hope so.
- It is a beautiful ring.
- Oh, thank you.
So, did you really buy her that ring? No, she's keeping her old one.
It's super dope, right? Romantic.
Check it out my baby.
- Aiden, sweetie.
- Oh.
- So sweet.
- Marlene.
PETER: Stell Belle, I almost forgot.
I have something for you.
- What's this? - It's your high-school diploma.
I-I don't understand.
I spoke to your principal.
He owes me a favor 'cause I helped his son get into college.
Dad, I asked you not to do these things for me anymore.
Look, I know I'm terrible at math, but I'm figuring it out.
I'm going to figure it out.
I don't want you to struggle because of my mistake.
Let me protect you from that.
Um, this is not gonna go well for you.
Dad, I just I want to start my life on my own terms.
I don't want to start it out on a lie.
Speaking of lies Aiden showed me Marlene's sonogram.
He said he's known her for two months, but look at the gestational age in the corner.
This isn't Aiden's baby.
See? You are good at math.
[MARLENE LAUGHING] Well, this is awkward.
Definitely one of the weirdest family dinners we've ever had.
Can't believe it's not my baby.
Maybe it's for the best.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
WES: So, this is terrible timing but I have a little work emergency.
- Bye, babe.
- Bye.
So, we, uh, still making those burgers? I didn't think so.
Honey, do you need us to stick around? No, I think this is a me problem.
Bye, Mom.
I am not taking that diploma.
You are so stubborn.
I wonder who I get that from.
Sweetie, if you hadn't gotten sick, you would have earned all those credits.
But you did get sick.
So I'm just trying to help you make up for lost time.
I have to learn how to succeed or fail on my own, Dad.
And it's not always gonna be pretty, but that's the only way I'm gonna find out what I'm good at, or who I am.
- You're my little girl.
- Not anymore.
You have to let me go, Dad.
- No.
- What? No.
You'll always be my little girl.
You can't expect me to stop being your father.
And I'm always gonna try to help you any way I can.
Well I'm not always gonna like it.
And I'm pretty sure you'll let me hear about it when you don't.
[SIGHS] Okay, give me the damn envelope.
- Why? - You gonna destroy it? Maybe.
Just keep walking.
Pretend you don't hear.
- Uh-huh.
- Uh, Ida.
There's this, uh, with a doctors' association, and is there any chance you could watch the kids for a couple hours? Three, tops.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't an emergency, but Of course.
I'm always happy to help.
Oh, you're a lifesaver.
- Yeah.
- Amazing.
Can Grandpa come? Please? Pretty please? Do you have any plans? Just drinking alone and moping in the dark.
But I can move that to tomorrow.
[LAUGHS] POPPY: I'll wait for you at home? [LAUGHS] Do we ever get to stop being parents? Nope.
You're a parent for life.
It's like being on the Supreme Court.
Some days, I glance in the mirror, and I swear I look as old as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
That's ridiculous.
You're thriving.
Thank you for that.
And thank you for doing this with me.
You think these two will drive their parents as crazy as ours drove us? Oh, God, I hope so.
That's justice.
Instead of destroying my diploma, I decided I'd put it to good use.
Okay, here is my application and my diploma, which is totally real, but between us, it's not totally real, but it doesn't even matter.
I was just a few credits short.
And I know that I can do this job, but even more than that, I need this job to move forward in life so that my husband's sacrifice means something.
The job's already been filled.
Really? Yeah.
And it's too bad.
I was really looking forward to never seeing you again.
You know, most people find me pretty likable.
Everybody does.
And you don't even have to try.
It's infuriating.
I used to try, and still nobody liked me.
So I gave them a reason not to.
Took my power back.
- I like you.
- No, you don't.
No, I don't.
You're super mean.
You know, it takes time to figure out what you want to do in life.
And there's really nothing wrong with working here until you do.
I didn't know it wasn't yours.
I swear, I'm not a bad person.
I know you're not a bad person.
You're a great person, Marlene.
If you weren't, I wouldn't have proposed to you.
About that.
Are we Yeah, of course not.
I just don't know how I'm gonna do this alone, and I really like your family, and I don't want to be as as bad a mother as mine was.
Hey, you're gonna be a great mother.
Thank you.
For saying that.
I guess I have to tell my ex about the baby.
Look, just 'cause we're not together doesn't mean I'm not gonna be around when the baby's born.
I can help out.
[LAUGHS] You're not gonna do that.
Be honest with me.
I'm probably not gonna do that.
To finally find your way inside Hey, could you just stay and talk for a while? I could really use someone to talk to.
- [SIGHS] - Don't cry.
[LAUGHS] You're gonna be okay.
[AS TONY MONTANA] Say hello to my little friend! Boom! [GRUNTS] Okay! Ugh! Okay.
- Okay! - FRANK: Yay! What you guys doing? [NORMAL VOICE] Playing "Scarface," waiting for Diego to get here.
Mom and Dad were exhausted, so I said I'd take over, give 'em a break.
Why don't you guys go inside, put on a movie? Something R-rated and real bloody.
- Yes! - Kidding.
- Go on.
- TOGETHER: Aw! You okay? I would have been a good dad.
I know.
It was just nice feeling like I had a purpose for a second.
Like maybe my life was finally beginning.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I got this amazing second chance, and I can't even get a job managing a coffee shop.
Do you want to manage a coffee shop? No, but I want to be able to.
You know, I told Dad that I wanted him to let me fail on my own, but now that I know what it feels like, - I think that I was wrong.
- Oh, come on.
You don't want to go back to winning fake trophies for moldy potatoes? Mm.
Yeah, you're right.
I don't.
You know, there's a difference between failing and being a failure.
You're only a failure if you give up.
Is that what you tell yourself? Every single day.
[BOTH LAUGH] I just wish I had a dream.
Something to go after.
I mean, the last time I even let myself think about my dream, I was 15, and I wanted to marry Prince Harry.
That is a handsome ginger.
He's like the Mario Lopez of gingers.
The man has held up.
- He's so hot.
- [LAUGHS] You don't need some big dream, Stell.
You just need something that matters to you.
Which reminds me I have a sorority mixer later tonight.
- Would you like to join me? - [CELLPHONE CHIMES] I think I will pass.
I have somewhere to be.
That's when I realized even though it wasn't technically a job since I didn't get paid a cent, I was already doing something that matters.
- [SIGHS] I'm late.
- Yeah, I know.
- I'm sorry.
- Whatever.
How is it? - So good.
- Whew! Okay, I was, like, really worried that I'd get it all the way here, and you'd be, like, not hungry or too tired or super mad at me It's fine.
I forgive you.
Want some company? Sure.
- Eating alone kind of sucks.
- Yeah.
I know.
My family used to visit me all the time when I was sick, but some nights, the timing just didn't work out.
I used to hate eating alone, but now it actually sounds kind of nice.
The real world is noisy.
Can I ask you something? Anything.
Of course.
How did you get through the hard times? Like, how did you believe you were gonna make it? [SIGHS] I didn't always believe that.
But I had people in my life that did.
And so do you.
It's kind of nice to talk to someone who's been through it.
Thank you for coming to pick me up.
Yeah, of course.
Is everything okay? Oh, yeah.
I just wanted you to see that you're not just making rich people richer.
And because of you, I can be there for Sadie when her aunt can't be, and I can teach Allison there seven different ways to tie a headscarf, and I can hold Marla's hand when she does chemo and remind her that the universe doesn't make us face anything that we're not strong enough to handle.
[ALEXANDER CARDINALE'S "MADE FOR YOU" PLAYING] Never did believe I'm sorry that I didn't recognize what your sacrifice meant sooner.
I am so happy that I can help you do this, and it is okay for us to lean on each other.
Took a train downtown Speaking of leaning on each other, does that closet over there look familiar to you? Is that where we had make-up sex after Dr.
Chang's party? It is, indeed.
And, you know, it's always empty.
Come on.
And just like that, the sun was shining again just for me.
Oh, oh CREEPY JANITOR: What the hell?! Not empty.
Sorry, Creepy Janitor.
Darling, I was made for you [COUGHS] And, sure, some days were still a grind, but I didn't care Hmm.
- Nice work, Abbott.
- Thank you.
Becky, grab the mop.
The bathroom's flooded.
because I was moving forward we all were.
A whole chapter? That's amazing.
Ah Okay, hold on.
Hey, who wants to talk to Mommy? Come here.
- Me! Me! - Me! Hey, one at a time! Come here! And sometimes a step forward can feel like a step back.
I know I'm gonna regret this, but, uh, you want to live here with me? Really? You'd do that? Thanks, Dad.
It means a lot.
You already moved your stuff in, didn't you? Yeah, I did.
But it's not.
- Oh, oh, oh - [MOUSE SQUEAKS] Oh, oh Hi.
What are you doing up? - I thought you could use some company.
- Oh.
You want a spanking? I do, but I'm on a call.
Oh! Hey, Linda.
Hello, Stella.
You're very saucy.
Linda, you mind if I call you back? Of course.
Okay, I'm ready.
But just because you're moving forward it doesn't mean you should forget where you came from.
Been searching high and low [LAUGHTER] The one thing that is true Darling, I was made for you Oh, I was made for you