Life Sentence (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Wes Side Story

1 STELLA: For the last eight years, I've been living with cancer.
I tried to live my life to the fullest.
I even went to Paris and married a guy I just met.
- After all, I am dying.
- You're not dying.
Chang said that I'm cured.
But you don't have kids yet, Stella.
Nobody would blame you if you decided that you weren't ready for a life-long commitment.
- Why are you here? - When I was sick, this was my room.
So the woman he shared a one-bedroom flat with in London for two years, Pippa Hollingsworth.
You did know about her, didn't you? Pippa? Who's Pippa, Wes? You made me feel like such an idiot.
This whole divorce thing's turning out to be a real drag.
Going through one myself.
- Lauren? - Aiden? I live here with my father, whose room you just came out of.
Have you seen my new oncologist? He's so hot.
- Dr.
William Grant.
- Stella Abbott, volunteer.
- How long have you been married? - Six months.
It's a shame I didn't meet you seven months ago.
Bah-da-da-da, da Don't be that way The last few weeks, my life had been moving so fast.
I wanted to slow it down.
I just wish you could feel Normally, my husband would be in here with me, but it just didn't seem like our schedules lined up anymore.
Show, never tell - [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] - But I know you too well He was up late every night, talking with clients, instead of coming to bed with me.
Was a promise Would you break it, if you're honest Tell the mirror When I woke up to go to work, he was just heading to sleep.
- We weren't connecting.
- I don't wanna be you Anymore There you go.
Clean up on table four.
Someone had an oatmeal problem.
What is an “oatmeal prob [GASPS] Oh, my God.
Are we sure that that's oatmeal? - Either way, it's a problem.
I didn't m - Hi.
- Hey.
- I-I-I didn't know that you - I was just, uh taking a detour on my way to the hospital.
- Is now a bad time? - What? Yes.
What [CHUCKLES] What's up? I just spoke to a colleague from Stanford, and it turns out that there's a new chemo trial coming up that your friend Sadie may be eligible for.
That's amazing.
I thought we could tell her together.
I'll furnish the facts.
You can keep me human.
I Uh I don't think that I can make it to the hospital.
- Stella, can I ask you one question? - Hmm? When I made that remark, you know, about wishing that I'd met you seven months ago, did I cross a line there? Because all I meant was No.
No, no.
No crossing.
No lines.
You shouldn't think twice about it, 'cause I sure haven't.
Uh, I have one last question.
Can I get a scone to go? - Oh, sure.
- Thanks.
So you've got a work-husband, too? Greedy much? No, that is a doctor friend.
And we have a patient in common.
I can't believe you've got two studs, and I'm sleeping with my pug.
- Please go away.
- Chill, dude.
It's okay to have chemistry with more than one person.
One is enough for me.
Okay, but if you decide to trade out the old model, can I test-drive Bachelor Number One? No, he's mine, and I am not giving him up.
Wes, can you hear me? Are you sleeping? - I can't fix the dishwasher.
- Are you working this weekend? No.
Why? We're going to Paris.
Don't worry about a thing You'll learn to live again Oh, oh, oh How are we doing this? - Doing what? - Um flying to France when we have $37 in our savings account.
We are bringing Paris here.
We'll draw a bubble around the weekend, and we'll stay home, and we'll cook that incredible meal we had the last night at the St.
[YAWNING] Stells, can I just wake up? And we will watch these sexy French movies.
We'll only take breaks to make love and eat cheese.
We will turn off our phones.
We will stay naked all day and drink good wine.
And I found that recipe for that beef bourguignon.
The restaurant's website said that the secret is to cook it the night before.
- Babe - [SIGHS] We need to get back to a place where it was just the two of us.
No distractions, no noise just you, me, and stinky cheese.
Please say “yes.
” Please.
How do we not have coffee? Or eggs? Or spoons? I'm good with just bed and no breakfast.
No, no, I want to make you something.
You stay here.
I'll be right back.
- But you have class.
- Only one.
Not till noon.
Will you be okay here without me? - Hm.
- [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] Oh! Sorry.
Lauren, you remember my son.
How's it going? I was just running out to get some stuff for breakfast.
- Would you like to join us? - No, I'm good.
I had a bowl of cereal at Diego's and a waffle.
Maybe it was an English muffin.
I found it under the couch.
Lint is not a food group.
I'll get enough for three.
- Okay.
- All right, I'll see ya.
I still haven't told him about us.
About our history.
There's no reason to.
Yeah, but I feel like the longer I wait, the worse it's gonna get.
And if I just rip the band-aid off now Don't rip off anything.
He and I are finally in a good place.
You crush him, and it'll set him back to last week.
What was last week? He was living in a bathrobe, combing his hair with a towel.
He needs this.
Lauren, it's not like you and I We weren't It was one crazy, frisky night.
You're right.
It really wasn't all that memorable, was it? It was frisky.
Aiden, I really like your dad.
Me, too.
Go for it.
Let him live in the moment.
No, what I'm trying to say is, I think it might be more than a moment.
Seriously? Lauren, this is my father.
He eats fruit and wears slippers.
He quotes Benjamin Franklin.
He chokes up listening to The Carpenters.
I love that.
And he's just so bright.
Oh, I He's definitely not gonna want to know about us.
You're absolutely right.
I won't say anything if you won't say anything.
Grant left this for you.
WILLIAM: You know, I used to have really nice handwriting, but they throw you out of med school for that.
What's this? It's an invite to a fundraiser.
The guy leading the trial that I mentioned yesterday is the keynote speaker, so I bought two tickets, and I thought maybe you want to join me.
Y-You know I'm married, right? This is not a date, Stella.
This is 300 people with checkbooks and, maybe, some rubbery chicken.
I just thought that if you got to meet Dr.
Freedman in person, you might be able to put a charming face on Sadie's situation.
I would love to help.
When is this? Tomorrow night, actually.
I know it's last minute.
I can't.
I'm in a bubble.
- Excuse me? - I just mean, my husband and I We're doing this whole Paris thing-y all weekend, - So - Okay.
Um, I can see if I can get three tickets, you know? Dr.
Grant? They're still waiting on you in Radiology.
Thank you, Donna.
All right, I'll see ya.
I can't go! I can't go.
Don't scrape the entry wall.
The official closing is tomorrow.
I thought they bought all of our furniture.
I'm not giving them everything.
- This is an antique.
- Why is it so damn heavy? - It's Louis Quatorze.
- Is he still in it? No.
Okay, okay.
Just stop.
Put it down gently.
I'm gonna ask your father for help.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] - Allow me.
- Thank you.
Such a gentleman.
Who is that with your father? Who is that woman? I think she's delivering something.
He's kissing her.
He's always been a good tipper.
What if we flipped King Louie over and dragged him? Aiden, you don't have to protect my feelings.
I'm happy to see your father moving on.
I have, so why shouldn't he? I had all the ingredients for a perfect night in Paris a fresh baguette, stinky cheese, and an outfit that was definitely not safe for work.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] Nothing could burst our bubble.
IDA: Hi, honey.
Except my mom.
I'm curious.
Have you met this woman your father's dating? Your brother said he met her at a hotel bar.
You don't think she's a hooker, do you? What? No.
Why would you even go there? Aiden was very squirrelly when I asked him, and he wouldn't even look me in the eye.
- Mom - And your father is very naive.
Two vodka tonics could cost him a venereal disease.
Does this person have a name? I only heard about her a few days ago.
And Dad seems to be having a good time with her.
There is nothing fun about herpes.
Can we just talk about this later, please? Oh.
Where are you going? I'm gonna take a shower and crash.
I have got a better idea.
[SABRINA CLAUDIO'S “ORION'S BELT” PLAYS] This mess of emotions got his body questioning Mm.
What's gotten into you? Is this feeling all right? - [CELLPHONE RINGS] - [MUSIC STOPS] It's my mother.
Why is she calling my phone? Well, I hung up on her when she asked the name of my dad's hooker.
- Your dad has a hooker? - Oh, just shut up and kiss me.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] Was she ringing me from the curb? [SIGHS] Coming! [SIGHS] Oh.
Um, can I help you? Sorry.
I'm actually uh I-I was hoping I might find Wes.
Uh if if he's here.
Yeah, was he expecting you? He wasn't.
I-I-I know this must look positively mental, me popping in like this, but I tried ringing.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Wes Hi.
Still kinda wondering who this is.
[SIGHS] Stella, this is Pippa.
And this is how I met the infamous ex-girlfriend.
Five minutes later, I was hosting an awkward, silent tea party.
So, why were you in San Francisco? Interviewing for a job.
Long story.
Get to the part where you decided to come to Oregon.
Well, honestly, I had this chat with Nigel.
He said you'd been in touch, and that your wife Stella.
Stella had a miraculous cure.
Wait, who's Nigel? He's a bloke from my old office.
- Oh.
- Go on.
He mentioned that you sent somewhat of an odd text recently.
I suspect he was concerned about you, uncertain if your wife Stella.
Stella may have had a relapse.
No relapse.
Cancer's gone.
I'm jolly good.
Go on.
Well, I was so close Well, you couldn't have sent an e-mail? To be honest, I was afraid you wouldn't answer it.
So I asked Nigel to ask Rupert if he could get your address.
And when he checked in with Imogene Can we just slow down? I-I-I've never heard of any of these people, and it kind of sounds like we're taking roll call at Hogwarts.
Tell you what, Pippa.
Why don't you fly back to Ladbroke Grove and assure everyone that I'm splendid? [CELLPHONE CHIMES] It's my mom.
I'm supposed to meet her.
I should probably go.
Yeah, it's okay.
I'm a bit knackered.
Not really much for company.
Sorry for blasting in like this.
Do you need a ride to your hotel or do you have a car? I took a taxi here.
But I'm afraid my mobile reception is dodgy.
Could I borrow yours? - I'll be back soon.
- Okay.
Suddenly our Paris bubble was feeling a bit crowded.
And I had a million questions.
IDA: Honey, you don't want to ask him that.
Why not? Why can't I know why it ended? Because you need to focus on beginnings, not endings.
You have a solid, loving marriage.
Don't dig into someone else's hamper.
Ooh! Look.
I think you have every right to ask.
Poppy, leave it alone.
Let's make stuffed peppers.
Which goes very nicely with the cheeses o God, this town is too small.
- Is that the hooker? - She's not a hooker.
Of course not.
She's wearing glasses.
Oh, jeez.
Why are you doing that? Wave? He's my dad.
What am I supposed to do? Look through him like he doesn't exist? That's what I do.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Lauren, this is my daughter, Stella.
- Hi.
- Hello.
My wife, Ida, - and her partner, Poppy.
- Pleasure.
I figured this intro would've caused a mushroom cloud.
But look no screaming, no name calling.
Just mutual toleration.
Okay, well - Bye.
- Bye.
She seems nice.
I'm glad for him.
He's not wearing socks.
POPPY: Is that a big deal? My dad wears socks to the beach.
No one's seen his ankles since like 1987.
Mom? You sure you're okay with this? Of course.
Just interesting, isn't it? I spent 30 years loosening his lid so a stranger could open the jar.
I thought you and Lauren were I dropped her off to get some rest before dinner.
I'm exhausted.
There's an energy drink in the fridge.
Forget drink.
I need a transfusion.
This woman has drained me.
That is a big overshare.
You came down on me real hard about my toenail fungus.
I think we could use a little reciprocity here.
Good word.
Sorry for sharing.
I'll get out of your way.
You're not in my way.
This is your home, too.
What do you think of her? Lauren.
Wh-Wh-Why do you care what I think? I'm in a brave new world here, Aiden.
The last time I dated, it was your mother.
Apps were appetizers.
Tinder was in the fireplace.
I'm a little out of practice.
Maybe that's what Lauren's into.
What did you two talk about when I was out? Did she say anything about me? Sh-She didn't.
I have to admit, that first night with her was a little anxiety-producing.
You know what I get the feeling that she hasn't been with anyone else since she and her husband split up.
Dad, look, if you thinking that you and Lauren are gonna be a thing, I What is that? Lauren got it for me from the Farmers Market.
She said it would “straighten out my chi”" How's my chi looking? Huh? - Am I embarrassing you? - Nah.
- I don't embarrass easily.
- Figured that.
You wouldn't be wearing those shorts.
Pippa must have called for a London cabbie.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Didn't expect you to Yeah, neither did we.
Um, after you left, we got talking about Pippa's brother and our co-workers.
And then we devolved into Brexit.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
But now I am definitely leaving.
It was lovely to meet you, Stella.
Yeah, lovely to meet you, too.
Okay, well, give Nigel and everyone my best.
I will, indeed.
I hope you really heard me.
I don't know how else to say I'm sorry.
What is she sorry for? [SIGHS] For not showing up to our wedding.
You invited Pippa to our wedding? [SIGHS] No, Stella.
I was supposed to marry her.
You had a wedding with Pippa? And she didn't show up? [STAMMERS] So, what? Sh-She just left you at the altar? How did you forget to mention this? I didn't forget.
And please Please do not tell me it was to “protect” me.
So when was this other wedding to Pippa? Five days before I met you.
So instead of your honeymoon, you just went to Paris? Paris was my honeymoon.
I went by myself to figure out what I wanted.
- Once I found you, I knew.
- No.
No, you cannot do that.
Th-That was my movie.
I was alone.
You were traveling with a ghost named Pippa.
Yes, Pippa and I had planned to honeymoon in Paris, and yes, I went there in spite of her more than anything.
But once I got there, I was a mess.
I needed answers.
I couldn't live with the silence.
I-I called her.
I left her multiple messages.
While you were with me? Before we met.
Stella, I didn't tell you because I couldn't even say it to myself, much less out loud, to you.
It was humiliating.
Pippa never returned any of my calls, so finally, I gave up, and I threw my phone into the Seine.
I was bloody close to tossing myself in, as well.
But I wouldn't give her that satisfaction.
So I pulled myself together, and I decided to leave Paris.
But unfortunately, without my damn phone, I couldn't find my way back to the hotel.
I was lost.
So I had to buy a map.
And while I was standing there, it occurred to me that if I fled, Pippa would be ruining a city for me that I've always loved.
And I wouldn't give her that either.
So I grabbed my map, I And I bumped into you.
And after that, everything changed.
Stella, you're the one who's always saying the universe steps in to deliver people just when we need them most.
That's what happened.
Have you really moved on? - What? - If you're still upset, it means that you still have feelings.
I'm upset because she landed on our doorstep.
I am, too! [SIGHS] But if she hadn't, would you have told me this? I never thought I'd have to.
Yeah, you just thought we'd have a six-month honeymoon and then I'd be dead.
[SIGHS] Stells, I'm sorry.
Can you just help me put these things away, please? Oh, wow.
- Sorry.
- Something wrong? No, no.
There's just this great band playing at The Ark.
I went to undergrad with the lead singer.
You might know them.
Not if they recorded after the Bush Administration.
- The first one.
- [LAUGHS] Seriously, though, they're so special.
- You want to go? - Yeah.
When? Tonight.
- Tonight? - Mm-hmm.
Uh I've still got five exams to grade.
I sort of thought we were in for the night.
You've got plenty of time.
They're not gonna go on before midnight.
Can we catch them over the weekend? Not unless you want to go to Japan.
They're gonna leave tomorrow.
But you would make a very cute groupie.
I'd make a sleepy groupie.
I thought I kept you awake.
Believe me, you do.
But after I get through these, I'm gonna be comatose.
Well I have something that might keep you up.
My mother once told me that the first thing you fight about in a relationship is the thing you will always fight about.
How many other “sins of omission” are coming my way? And why was I working so hard to recapture Paris when what happened there may have happened in my mind and not his? We need to talk.
Do you want to come in? I want to know why you left him.
Why you'd book a church, invite 80 people, buy a gown, and not show up.
You should probably come in.
It makes no sense.
He made this appointment.
Peter knew the closing was today.
Abbott's been a little distracted lately.
Don't say it like that.
No worries.
I'm in no rush.
Aiden? What are you doing? Taking a shower.
Here? Th-This house is sold.
Th-The Nortons have practically moved in already.
- They're doing new landscaping.
- Not in the shower.
Well, you have the guesthouse.
He has the guesthouse.
It's a little crowded.
Why? Are they in there? He and Lauren? - Who's Lauren? - My husband's hooker.
She's not, Mom.
She's a nice person.
A nice person doesn't kick someone out of their house.
She didn't kick me out.
Well, why is she bathing there and not you? Oh, my God.
Is she homeless? Hardly.
Her bathroom is awesome.
Her shower has got three nozzles.
- That seems excessive.
- Why would you know that? I gotta go.
You've slept with her, haven't you? Fine! Yes.
Yes! Once! But you can't tell Dad.
He doesn't know, so can you please, please not say anything? Quick.
Give me something to sign.
Wes did nothing wrong, Stella.
It was all me.
- Pippa, I came here to get the truth.
- That is the truth.
Wes and I had known each other since secondary school.
Our families, our friends, everyone just assumed this would be the next step.
Then why wasn't it? Because I realized I was doing it to fulfill their expectations, and not my own.
Wes is a good man.
That was the worst part knowing I was going to hurt the most honorable person I've ever met.
I knew he would stay with it, even if I knew I couldn't.
So Why are you here now? It might look selfish and maybe it is but I can't move on until I'm certain he's forgiven me.
I'm sure he has.
I'm not.
And even if he has, I I feel like I've lost my best friend.
Look, there's no reason that we can't all be friends.
We can't all be married to him, at least not in Oregon, but friendship is perfectly legal.
Did I really just say that? It's not crazy, is it? Besides, if my still-married parents could date other people and be civil with each other, why not follow their example? - Where the hell have you been? - Out.
Well, we were expecting you an hour ago.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to reach level three or I wouldn't get my pachinko coins.
You were at a casino? It's what you do when the clubs close.
You two went clubbing? Would anyone like to sign these? I have a lovely pen.
Ooh, that is lovely.
May I? Peter, what's going on with you? He will be fine once we have breakfast.
- After this, pancakes.
- You'll get your pancakes.
Are you moving this paper? Oh my God, he's having a stroke.
Peter, do you smell toast? What is he on? He's on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.
And, maybe, a little bourbon.
Drugs? Y- You're on drugs? Oh, please.
Half of my son's third grade class takes it.
And two more.
He can't eat soup if he's taken an antihistamine! He'd drown! Why are you attacking me? I did not hold a gun to his head.
Look, if you have such an issue with it, ask your son.
I bought them from him months ago.
Was this before or after you slept with him in your shower? What? And initial here and here.
Thanks, Mom.
Pass the wine, would you? - Oh, it requires a whole bottle? - Yup.
Would you do me a favor and open those cans of tomato paste? - We're ready for the next stage.
- Are we? I can do that.
I'm done chopping.
Great, thanks.
Can you grab the onions from the freezer? Why do they have to be frozen? Something about enzymes.
Don't ask me.
My mother explained it to me in the car and I had to pull on my earlobes to stay awake.
[CELLPHONE CHIMES] - Stells? - Yep? Need your help.
- Yeah? - [WHISPERING] What are we doing? We're looking for onions in the freezer.
- No.
Why is she here? - [WHISPERING] I invited her.
Oh, okay.
One more question.
- Why? - I felt bad.
She's sitting in a hotel room alone in a strange city.
while you're married to someone else.
- Well, that was her choice.
- She misses your friendship.
- I don't need any more friends.
- You need to forgive her.
[NORMAL VOICE] Here they are! So why this recipe? You must've had other fabulous meals in Paris.
Um Well, we ate this on our last night.
And honestly, I thought it might be our last meal together.
Just tell your mum that you ate a bad snail.
You need another week in Paris to cough it up.
If I spend one more day here, my mother will have gendarmes circling the hotel.
- I promise you.
- All right, fine.
Then I'll just change my reservation and follow you back to the States.
I just invited myself, didn't I? - Too brash? Big turn-off? - No.
I just I never told you the real reason why I came here.
That's all right.
I never told you either.
But we're here now.
Doesn't really matter, does it? It might.
Wes, you can't come home with me, unless you have a thing for hospital rooms.
STELLA: And then, I took the plunge.
I made it clear my prognosis was bleak.
Five, six months, tops.
But to my surprise, he didn't look away, He just stayed.
That must've been the night I saw you.
You were there? In Paris? - I-I thought you said - Yes.
Well, when I tried to reach Wes, I couldn't.
I tried calling him.
I tossed my phone in the river.
So I flew to Paris and went to the restaurant where we'd made the reservation weeks in advance, and when I walked in, I saw you together.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] That was weird, huh? I mean, what if you'd been sitting in my seat at the restaurant, and you'd seen Pippa? Then I would've seen Pippa.
What if you hadn't tossed your phone? Why are you asking so many “what ifs”? Because we might not be standing here right now.
Yeah, but I did all those things, and we are standing here, so what's the point? Wes, you decided what to tell me and what to keep to yourself.
And so did you.
You didn't tell me you were sick until that dinner.
Why would I? I went to Paris to escape that.
I-I wanted to know what it felt like to meet someone and not that be the first thing they saw when they looked at me.
All right, and how would you have perceived me if I'd have just told you I'd been ditched at the altar? I'm sorry, but if I'd have shared all this you, then you would have thought you were some kind of rebound and this wasn't real.
I'm thinking that now because I was the rebound! All right, maybe you were! But that doesn't mean that this isn't real! I saw your face when she told you - that she came to Paris.
- That's called “shock.
” No, this looked a lot more like regret.
Wes, I made it past my expiration date, and I know that you told me you were gonna love me forever.
But now I know that there is someone else you may have said those exact same things to, as well, so what's really real? How long has this been going on? I think it happened once.
Possibly in her shower.
I'm not talking about Aiden and Lauren.
I'm talking about his “job.
” Oh, that.
I knew he sold weed years ago.
But I certainly didn't know about pills.
If you knew about the weed, why didn't you say something then? I had a daughter who was fighting for her life.
I wasn't looking in that direction.
Fair enough.
But we can't ignore this anymore.
Talk to him.
But be upset about the drugs, not Lauren.
I think he didn't tell you for the same reason he didn't tell me He was trying to protect you.
When did our kids start protecting us? Probably when I started drinking vodka in a bush and you started sleeping with the same woman as your son.
[SIGHS] I didn't want to sleep at home, so I decided to go crash at the place where I'd always done my best thinking.
[COLD WAR KIDS AND BISHOP BRIGGS' “LOVE ON THE BRAIN” PLAYS] Oh, and, babe, I'm fist-fighting with fire Just to get close to you Can't we burn something, baby? And I'll run for miles just to get a taste Must be love on the brain That's got me cursing my name Cursing my name No matter what I do I'm no good without you And I can't get enough Must be love on the - [DOOR OPENS] - Brain What are you doing here? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at a fundraiser.
You're supposed to be in a Paris bubble.
Yeah, well, we had an unexpected guest, and the bubble kind of burst.
I had an unexpected patient whose stitches kind of burst.
You win.
Did you get my text? I did.
Why didn't you answer? I couldn't.
I was busy entertaining my husband's fiancée.
Is that why you're, uh, you're here instead of there? It's complicated.
Anyway, I'm I'm just impressed that you did it.
- Did what? - Got married.
At such a young age, it's a big leap of faith.
I know I could've never done it.
Why not? I spent most of my 20s with my nose in books and my hands in a cadaver.
I got friends my age that have kids starting middle school now, and I'm still busy paying back student loans.
Just feel like I kind of missed out on a lot.
I'm sorry.
That was That was completely insensitive, implying that that I missed out on a lot when you spent seven years in and out of treatment.
You win.
[LAUGHS] I should go.
Let you take a nap and get on with whatever.
Yeah, I gotta open up the coffee shop.
Open it? You mean close it? Yeah, that, too.
So much for this being my “safe” place.
How many people can there be in one marriage? May I come in? If I could just go back 10 years And see you're doing fine, my dear Don't let them tell you [KNOCKS ON DOOR] You're in love, and in time, you'll see - Daddy? - Hey.
What're you doing here? I was taking a long walk.
And I hear that sleep is overrated.
Why're you here so early? I wasn't supposed to be.
But I asked Finley for a double shift.
Why? [SIGHING] Oh.
It's a long story.
Did you sleep here last night? Tossed and turned.
Mostly tossed.
Is everything okay with you and Wes? [SIGHS] Not really.
[INHALES SHAKILY] [EXHALES SHARPLY] But I guess you can't complain that your husband's a mystery if you got married to him after knowing him for 10 minutes.
Honey he'll always be a mystery.
You can never know everything about a person, even if you share the same bed.
I was married to your mother for 30 years.
But I stopped asking questions.
And the day you stop the marriage is over.
You gotta keep asking, even if you're scared of the answers.
[SIGHS] [VOICE BREAKING] I'm just trying to find my way back to the guy that I met in Paris.
And maybe he doesn't exist.
Maybe he never did.
Maybe you have to stop worrying about who he was and focus on who he is.
You don't scare easily, Stell Belle.
I still see the fearless 3-year-old, running around naked in our garden, chasing dragonflies with your plastic blue teapot.
Wait, why was I naked? Every time we put clothes on you, you tore them off.
I guess you thought they slowed you down.
If I could just go back 10 years And see you're doing fine, my dear Sorry if I woke you.
You didn't.
I'm still on London time.
Does Stella know you're here? Uh no.
No, she left shortly after you last night.
I haven't heard from her since.
It's the first night that we've been apart for six months.
- I hope it wasn't something I said.
- It was.
Wes, I told you, I only came to I know why you came.
I forgive you.
[INHALES DEEPLY] [CHUCKLES] In fact, I want to thank you.
It's because of you I turned left instead of right.
That's how I met Stella.
Can I tell you why I really went to Paris? It doesn't matter now.
I mean, maybe before but not now.
It's too late.
Well, I guess you won't be pleased to hear that I got the job in San Francisco.
You have to leave.
[VOICE BREAKING] Seeing you again, just being in the same room with you, it it made me think about old times, good times.
And I thought it would be brilliant if we can still be in each others' lives.
And if there was ever a chance There isn't.
And it doesn't matter where you are, Pippa.
I'm in love with someone else.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] Good morning.
Yeah? Aiden, you never cease to surprise me.
Dad, look, I didn't know how to tell you about me and Lauren.
I was referring to the eggs.
Didn't realize you knew how to turn on the stove.
Do you want some? I can give you the part that's not charred.
I'll hold off, thanks.
- Are you going out later with - Lauren? No.
I think we're done.
Can I just say that I think that that's a really good move? I like her and everything, but I think you can do better.
And you can do better than selling ADHD meds to desperate soccer moms.
Here we go.
We should have had this conversation a long time ago.
Dad, I know it's not a career choice.
I just kind of fell into it.
Fall into something else.
It's not like I haven't thought about doing other things.
[SIGHS] What do you think about me being an EMT? I like driving fast.
I mean, I don't technically have a valid license, but Dad Dad? You called me again, and I'm tempted to bend All the rules that I made for myself And I know that I will Is this the day that you'll ask me to stay? All the curfews I'll breaks All the tears that I gave just for you How is it? It's good.
You want a bowl? Sure.
There's plenty of it.
And I wanted to Pippa's gone.
She left early.
Did you have something to do with that? I did.
I'm not sticking this out to fulfill a promise, Stella.
This is not out of duty.
This is real.
And I want to be here.
With you.
I wanna be here with you too.
You called me again, and we're tempted to bend All the rules that we made for ourselves And we know that we will