Life Unexpected (2010) s02e09 Episode Script

Homecoming Crashed

Previously on the life unexpected.
*** ****** You seem to forget I'm your boss.
This is my son Sam.
Sam hasn't lived with me since he was 11.
His dad dropped him off at my doorstep yesterday.
Figuring out why you both chose to do what you did will allow the relationship to move forward.
Why did you agree to marry Ryan? I don't know.
Um Would you both consider a little time apart? It might give Cate the emotional space she needs.
You still owe me one.
I see you've met Mr.
You're a Teacher.
Lux, have you ever been tested for a learning disability? What? Because I think that you might have one.
If Cate and Baze find out that Eric and I were in a hotel last night.
Tash, he could lose his job.
You guys, we're serious.
I actually stayed at that hotel.
You messed up big time.
I really hope that it was worth it.
Yeah, me, too.
Good morning, Portland.
Now, for those of you just joining us, we are trying to get to the bottom of Kelly's issues.
I don't have any issues, Ryan.
You have issues.
Come on, Kelly.
You know what I'm talking about.
You were on your book tour.
For my current bestseller, you can't have it all.
In a different city, in a different hotel every weekend for the last two months.
And yet you still manage to not get laid.
Stop talking about my sex life.
Yeah, well, stop talking about my marriage.
What marriage? All right.
We'll be right back with more morning madness after this.
Is Ryan getting moodier? It's like he's turning into you.
You and Kelly.
You really seem to be getting along.
About as well as you and I.
Yeah, yeah.
How's Baze's? Aside from the fact that the place smells like burnt beer It's fine.
You know you didn't have to move in with him.
He owed me one.
In fact, he owed me 100.
And you wanted space, so yeah, well, you said you married me because your ex-girlfriend didn't want to marry you.
Okay, Cate, you're oversimplifying what I said.
I hate when you do that.
Look, at least I tried to give an honest answer.
Any chance you figured out why you married me? Yeah.
Better keep working on that.
Tomorrow night is homecoming.
Better "bee" there.
I see you found a legal way to graffiti the place.
T, I'm-I'm sorry.
Sorry enough to fess up to Cate about you and Minnesota? Look, I appreciate what you did covering for us.
I don't.
Because of your island vacation with Eric, I don't get to go to homecoming with Jones.
What? He asked me but Cate won't let me go 'cause I'm grounded.
All right, let me talk to her.
Maybe maybe I can promise her that if I go with you then you won't get into trouble.
As if you're the poster child for responsibility.
I will convince her.
Come on.
Okay, I want to make it up to you.
It's not like I have a date.
Yeah, the downside of dating.
Your parents are here.
As you know, Ms.
Jennings and I have been trying to figure out what's holding Lux back in school.
There's a condition called dysgraphia.
It's an inability to express thoughts in writing.
Well, I have that.
You know the term "buck naked"? I always write down "butt naked.
" Which isn't really wrong, because butts are naked.
Well, you can see how she struggles to complete sentences.
Thoughts get jumbled.
Words are illegible.
At a glance it just looks like poor penmanship, but it's actually a neurological disability.
Oh, so, what, she was born with this? Did one of us give it to her? Well, in looking at Lux's file, Mr.
Daniels noticed that her handwriting was perfect till seventh grade.
Well, I mean, the question is, what changed? You mean something caused this? Well, we can't exactly answer that.
Maybe a neuro-physiologist could.
The school has someone that they highly recommend.
And I called him, and he could give her an mri tomorrow.
You can't say the teachers at Westmonte don't care.
If possible, Lux should also start working with a dysgraphia specialist.
It's an added expense, but Yeah.
Whatever it takes.
Money's no problem.
Well, I have a list of contacts in the main office.
Why don't you come with me.
Stay here, okay? Thank you.
Gosh, this is so Typical.
While every other teenager in the world is getting ready for homecoming, I will be getting my head examined.
I spent most of my life in hospitals.
I I hate them.
I'll make a deal with you.
You go get that mri tomorrow, and tomorrow night, I'll make you a homecoming of our own.
Complete with spiked punch, bad music, the whole nine.
You'd really do that for me? Don't you get it by now, Lux? For you, I'd do anything.
So I was Oh! I was looking for your mom.
Sam, right? The guy who was yelling about bus sex outside of her condo, right? So does your, does your mom know that you're here? Are you kidding me? She's the reason I'm here.
She's afraid if I stay home, I'll burn the place down.
Hmm, that a valid concern.
Just happened to me, actually.
There was this bartender.
Her body was nuts.
The cashews I love cashews.
How's it going? Here.
I warmed your seat for you.
Where are you going? To get a soda, okay? Relax.
I'm not going to rob the vending machine.
Did you see these? The firm bought two tickets to this charity cocktail gala.
It's at Candice Carter's house.
She has more money than God.
"More money than God.
" I know who she is.
She's been waffling between Fenmore and Suntrust for months, and I've tried signing her, but she's a bitch billionaire with a thing against women.
So What does that mean? It means trash it.
There's no point in going.
Look, until I sort things out with Sam's boarding school, I'm stuck with him, and I can't leave him home alone that long.
Emma, he's 16 years old.
It's like a couple of hours.
It only takes him a couple of seconds to raid my medicine cabinet and snort all my dexatrim.
I learned that the hard way.
All right, look Here's the thing.
I told you about Lux's mri.
Well, there's going to be doctor bills and specialist people and I don't want to be the deadbeat dad who can't pay for any of it.
So if I help land this client, maybe I could share the bonus with you? Come on.
I can even find something to keep Sam occupied.
We'll go, we'll sign moneybags and I will have you home before Sam has a chance to snort anything.
Fine, fine.
Okay, this is interesting.
See there? That tiny spot? It's evidence that at some point that small part of the brain lost blood flow.
You suffered a stroke.
Kids don't have strokes.
Grandparents have strokes.
I see in Lux's files she was born with a heart defect.
Which she had repaired.
I think there's a chance this may be related.
Sometimes, after cardiac surgery, a blood clot can develop in the heart.
And if there's trauma, that clot could have broken off and traveled up to the brain, causing a stroke.
Lux, the pronounced change in your writing in junior high, makes me believe that this is when this happened.
Do you remember anything specific from that time? Besides government cheese and some minor shoplifting, no.
Did you play any sports where you may have been knocked in the chest? Do you recall any injuries? Uh, no, no, nothing.
You two don't remember anything? Perhaps a call from the school nurse? She was still in foster care, so, um Where were you living then? Um at sunnyvale.
And nothing happened? Just take a second and think.
I don't remember anything.
I'm sorry.
*** there's something that she's not saying.
Well, we can't press her, Cate.
No, I'm supposed to press her.
I'm her mom.
I'm supposed to know things and I don't.
Whatever happened, we can't change it.
So what matters now is that we figure this thing out and we're here to take care of it.
I know.
You're right.
I just don't know my kid, I don't know why I married my husband.
I feel like I've just suddenly woken up in someone else's life.
Here you go.
Um, so this is going to be covered, right, like by our insurance? You can try submitting it after you pay, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
I'm doing this.
No, Baze, I got it.
You can't afford it.
I'm on the verge of a huge bonus.
Put your card away.
I got it.
Cate, I'm her dad, okay? And that's what dads do they provide.
So you want to worry about the past, okay, and that's your thing, but I want to take care of what's happening right now.
It's just a lot to process, Lux.
You had a stroke in seventh grade, but now you're fine? Yes, the doctor said I'm fine, so it's fine.
You sure? Because that's really scary, Lux.
Okay, all right, let's focus on homecoming.
How high school is this dress? Well, since you're going to a high school dance, allegedly, I'd say it's a very fitting disguise.
Wow, Eric is going all out.
Thank you for letting us use your place, Tasha.
He didn't tell me his plan included pink balloons.
And crepe paper.
If Cate finds out, I'm gonna lose my apartment.
You know that, right? Don't worry.
I'm gonna go to the dance with you and Jones, and then I'll be back before they hand out the p thank you for checking.
I'll just, I'll call when she's back.
Oh, look at you guys! Lux, that dress is adorable.
It's totally high school.
I'm changing.
Here, try this one.
Yellow? Yes, yellow! Lux, you know, I was just trying to find your medical records from junior high school.
And, um, fern's out of town, so I called sunnyvale, but nothing.
Sunnyvale only keeps records from when you actually lived there.
I thought you were living at sunnyvale then.
I was.
I was thinking about me.
I'll get it.
What was that about? What? Oh, nothing.
Tasha For Lux's sake, if you know something I don't.
But, um, I can give you the address of someone who might.
Hi! How are you? Uh, hi.
Lux You remember Emma.
Well, this, um, this is her son Sam.
You have a son? Long story.
Sam, Lux.
It's a longer story.
But good news.
You have a date for homecoming.
What? Yeah.
Well, Cate told me you were going alone.
Well, now you don't have to.
Do you remember when you were the new kid on the block, how good it felt when all the other kids, they reached out to you? No, because they didn't.
It's a lot to ask, yeah.
I know no, Baze.
But listen, listen.
I need this, okay? He needs this.
Just think of it like it's a good deed.
You know, like when you donate your hair or you hang out with old people.
It makes you feel good inside, Lux.
Okay, you know what? You're gonna be there anyway, right? Hmm? So, what's the difference? Fine.
Fine, fine.
Thanks, thanks.
You're the best.
All right.
Okay, you have nothing to worry about because Lux is a super responsible kid, okay? Have fun, kids.
Well I guess we'll just Have to make the best out of this.
Mind if I peruse your mom's medicine cabinet? I can't believe you got me this.
Jones takes all the new girls to their first dance.
Oh, what a guy.
Hey, do you got any bud? Uh, no.
I don't do drugs, man.
Oh, wow.
I didn't think you could possibly be even lamer than you look.
I really hope Baze is paying you to babysit his ass.
Great smiles.
Oh, you look beautiful.
Uh, you know what, guys? Go ahead.
I'm just gonna make a quick phone call to someone.
I'll wait here for you.
Since you're my babysitter and all, you probably shouldn't let me out of your sight, right? Never mind.
Forget it.
There she is.
Her family's money comes from taking large equity stakes in oil explorate Bazile.
They made their fortune by taking risks, so don't be shy in taking some now.
Let's not bore her by talking fixed income.
All right, you got it.
Don't be boring.
Candy, lovely party.
Amy, right? Emma bradshaw.
And this is Nate Bazile.
How are you? Thank you for having us.
That is a cool piano.
I bet you've had a lot fun on that thing.
Excuse me? I meant playing it.
Well, I don't play.
I mean, I wish I did.
Because this guy that my assistant hired is boring my pants off.
Um, I used to have a piano.
It burned up when my bar burned down.
So I don't have one anymore.
Really? So, candy, it's, it's wonderful to see how invested you are in charity, how much you've given.
Are you any good? Well, my repertoire is not what you would call classy, but I mean, if you want I like "not classy.
" Eyes eyes baby, hmm eyes eyes baby, hmm eyes eyes baby hey, Eric, it's me.
Um, I need you to call me back as soon as you get this.
I'm so sorry, but I'm not gonna be able to make it tonight.
What, are you stalking me now? What's with all the secretive phone calls? Relax, cinderella.
Sorry I crashed your ball.
But the good news is I found a hook-up.
What? Minnesota? What does that mean? Is the whole state calling you? Hello.
Hey, um, sorry, I-I can't really talk, but I'm stuck at homecoming Who's that, your boyfriend? No one.
Yeah, yeah, can I just call you later? Okay, all right.
So that's why you're pissed off, huh? You were gonna ditch the dance to go sneak off with your boyfriend, but instead you got stuck here with me? Here, take a hit.
Maybe it'll help retract your claws.
You know what? Screw you and your stupid joint! Lux? Hi.
Can I help you? Yeah, I'm looking for some information on a child that you fostered a few years ago.
Whatever you want should be on file.
Caseworkers are supposed to go through the state.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm not a caseworker.
I'm Lux Cassidy's mom.
They don't know exactly what happened; what triggered the disability.
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to find out.
Uh, the doctor thinks it could've been from some sort of physical trauma.
A car accident? Anything that was jarring or violent.
Did you ask Lux about it? Yeah, I did, but, um, you know, she didn't want to talk about it.
Which made me worry even more.
In fact, she told me that she was living at sunnyvale in junior high.
But tasha her best friend told me that Lux was living here.
Oh, I see.
Did Lux tell you that Tasha was living here recently? That I was fostering her? That the two of them graffitied my house? What? No.
Lux said that the family that Tasha was living with changed their mind and they didn't want her.
And I'm sure if you ask Lux about her time here, she'd say the same thing, but my husband and I wanted Lux just as much as we wanted Tasha.
Lux She was like a daughter to me.
Yay! All right, we're done with this.
I can't believe that people actually tipped me.
Oh, come on.
You're worth it.
Your rendition of the wu tang clan was masterful.
It is a gift.
Um, you know what? I would like to give this to the charity.
That's amazing.
All hmm $17.
This is very generous.
Thank you.
Uh, well, you know, every dollar counts.
That is the original mantra of investing Which we should probably talk about, which is why I'm here we don't need to.
Look, I read that portfolio that Amy sent over.
It's very impressive.
And I would've signed with Fenmore a while ago, if her skinny ass hadn't kept trying to shove it down my throat.
See, I don't know what it is about her.
She just has this aggression, like she hates women.
All right, well, if you sign with Fenmore, you will also be signing with me.
And I can assure you, I don't hate women.
I'll come by the office on Monday.
All right.
That's it, we're leaving.
Uh wow.
We're leaving.
Thank you.
Thank you for saving my party.
My-my pleasure.
See you Monday.
Ah, she agreed to sign.
I don't care what she agreed to do.
Flying off solo, flirting, staring at fake boobs that is not how we do business! Whoa.
W-why not? It worked, didn't it, Amy? Okay, all right.
You're upset.
I see that.
But you didn't even want this client, all right? This was my idea.
And you know how much I need this bonus, for Lux.
Oh so all that inappropriateness, that was for Lux? 'Cause whoring yourself out really is a great way to parent.
All right.
It's better than shipping your kid off to a boarding school because you clearly don't know how to deal with him.
You know what, I would spend a little more time getting to know my kid before you start giving me advice on mine.
I just can't believe this.
I mean, this is all from when Lux lived here? This is my favorite.
It's from my birthday.
She doesn't even call me mom.
You know, Cate, there may be a reason why Lux never told you she was living here.
There was a violent incident.
It's just The one who was violent was Lux.
What? She was fine when she first came here.
And I was always trying to make up for the life she led before she got to me.
But it was like I could never do enough for her.
The harder I tried to connect to her, the more she lashed out at me.
What do you mean "lashed out"? She hit my husband.
She hurt him badly.
She told lie upon lie And, I mean, sounds like she still does.
There's nothing worse than not being able to trust the people that you love.
I'm-I'm sorry.
It wasn't me.
I-I wasn't the one who was smoking.
Thanks for the solidarity.
I only took his joint to put it out.
Go wait in the car.
I want to talk to Lux.
What?! You just gave a total pothead your car keys.
Who is this? Did you go through my stuff? I went to Valerie's.
Tasha gave me the address.
What? I know everything.
I know that Tasha lived there.
I know what you guys did to get her kicked out.
I know what happened when you were living there.
And what did Valerie tell you? That you pushed them away.
You know, that you were violent with them, that you hit her husband, that you were lying constantly.
All of this time, you have said that nobody wanted you, that you were all alone.
And I went over there, and I saw cards and pictures and letters.
Valerie I mean, she-she wanted you.
She loved you, Lux.
And you believed her? You only knew her for, what, like, two seconds? I'm not saying that I believe her, I am just saying that I don't know what to believe.
Because every time I turn around, you are lying to me.
I just want to know the truth.
You know, whatever it is, if you could just tell me.
Well, it seems like you've already got the truth from Valerie.
This is insane, right? Homecoming court? I feel like we're in a John Hughes film, in a very, very good way.
You look cute in a tiara.
Come on.
Hey, Lux, look, it's homecoming court.
Can you believe it? Lux.
Lux, wait.
You told Cate.
You told her about Valerie.
Lux, Cate was worried about you.
Okay? And I'm worried about you.
And she knew that you were hiding something.
And you are, right? That's why you didn't want me living there.
She told Cate that it was me.
That I was the one who hurt them, which is total crap, okay? They hurt me.
Valerie knows exactly what happened.
Lux, wait! Wait.
Talk to me, please! Get out of the car.
What? No.
Get out of the damn car! I'm not getting out of the car till your mom takes me home.
You know you can't drive, right? Whoa, you don't, you don't have a license? Where the hell are we? You need to take me home.
Wait here.
I'm not waiting in the car.
You wanted to stay in the car, so stay in the stupid car! Why are we here, Lux? What are you doing? Lux.
I'm the violent one? That's what you told Cate? Lux I can't even believe you.
I finally have a real mom, and what do you do? You-you sabotage it! God, you haven't screwed me enough already? You have to screw me over again? You should go.
This is the reason it didn't work out.
Oh, I'm the reason? I'm the problem? Yeah, I hit your stupid-ass husband, but what about what he did to me? I didn't just push myself down a flight of stairs! I didn't just punch myself in the chest! I think you're confused and you're troubled, just like you were when you lived here.
What the hell?! You think you can just show up here and yell at my wife? Trey This isn't about you.
Get off my property.
Get the hell off my property.
Get away from her! Stay away from me.
Stay away from my family! You hear me? Lux, run.
Trey? Trey? The car, Lux start the car, start the car.
Okay, I will, I will! What the hell was that?! We're fine.
Just go.
No, we're not.
You just hit a guy with a shovel! Sam, shut up! Somebody! Let me out of the car.
Let me out of the car! Sam, shut up! Lux, I'm sorry.
What was I supposed to do? I don't know! Not hit him over the head with a shovel! I mean, he was moving, right? I know he was moving.
He was fine.
Lux, he wouldn't let you go.
He was hurting you.
Yeah, no what if they call the cops or what if you get sent back to juvie, Tasha?! Back to juvie? You've been in juvie? This-this is crazy.
Sam! Look, Sam, I will let you out of the car! Just stop! Just hold on! Lux, Lux! Hey, you.
Ryan, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I just whoa, wait, wait.
Lux, hold on.
Just calm-calm down.
I don't know where we are.
Can you just get me, please? Yeah.
No, look okay, look, no, just stay there.
No, as long as you're okay.
All right, look, I'm on my way.
You know, I didn't even want to be here! This is seriously screwed up, Lux, you know that?! Lux I'm sorry.
Lux, I don't know what happened, okay? But whatever those people did to you, whatever I did, I am so sorry.
No one can know what happened tonight, t.
Okay, I promise.
Yeah, just hurry, okay? Thanks.
Um, okay, so that was Ryan.
Lux called him, and, um, they're on their way over, but Um, apparently, she crashed my car.
Oh, I cannot believe this.
I guess I'll be bumming rides from you for a little while now no, I understand.
What happened to your kid being the responsible one and that Sam would be safe with her? Um, I thought that he would be.
This-this isn't, this isn't like Lux.
I don't know.
Maybe it is.
I just feel like there is a lot about her that we don't know, Baze.
Good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't know between us.
Ryan, thank you.
Wait, where's Tasha? I took her home.
She's okay.
Your car is definitely not.
It's okay.
I don't really care about my car.
I just I care about what is going on between us.
Hey let go of me! What is going on? You want to know what's going on? Here's what's going on.
You can't figure out why everything is so screwed up with you and Ryan, so you're putting all your neurotic, psychotic attention on me, and-and I don't want it.
Look, I just want to understand what is going on, because I want to help you.
There's nothing to understand, Cate.
Yes, there is.
I mean, you're You're just becoming this kid that, that lies and steals my car, you're cheating, I just feel like I don't even know or trust you anymore.
I haven't become this kid, Cate.
Isn't that what you want to hear? That I was already like this when, when you got me, that-that this isn't your fault? Lux didn't steal the car.
I-I did.
What? She's just trying to protect me, you know? I'm the one who took it.
I was already in trouble, and I wanted to get out of there, and Lux and Tasha tried to stop me, but When I wouldn't, they got in.
I'm sorry I crashed your car, but you can lay off Lux, all right? I'm sure my mom will confirm it.
The only screwup here is me.
How's Lux? Honestly, I I don't know.
Well, she'll talk to you, Cate.
The answers that you need, they'll, they'll come.
I know.
I know, now, why I married you.
I mean, yeah, I loved you.
I wanted to be with you, but I wasn't really looking to get married.
You know, I didn't need that to be with you.
And I-I remember sitting here, in this booth, the day after Lux found me.
You asked me to marry you.
I didn't think that I could do it on my own.
I just, I didn't think that I could take care of her.
I knew that I couldn't rely on Baze, so I relied on you.
I did then, and I I still do.
I mean, Ryan, I mean you are the one that she called last night.
She didn't call me or Baze.
You know, that means something.
We both need you.
I mean, I need you.
Look, I will always be there for Lux.
But I don't want that to be the reason why you and I stay married.
We are going to find our own reasons.
You know, we we are going to find our way back.
We're going to figure this out, right? Yeah, we'll figure it out.
You alone? I dropped Sam off at school.
Oh, don't worry, not boarding school.
I didn't ship him off again.
Um I was way out of line the other night.
There's so much I missed with Lux.
There was so much I wasn't there for, that I kind of I don't know, I overreacted.
Trying to make up for it.
So everything I said to you, I should have been yelling at myself.
If we're being completely honest, I was jealous okay? Of, um, me and candy? No.
That was just incredibly annoying.
I'm jealous at how easy everything seems for you.
I mean, whether it's you waltzing into a room and signing a client, or Becoming a parent overnight, and having a relationship with your kid that I would kill to have with mine.
I don't I don't know how to make my kid like me.
And it's a horrible thing to admit, but I I don't know how to like my kid.
You know that you are not alone in this, Emma.
And I know there's some good in there.
In Sam.
Well, seriously, I will give you all of Candy's if you could just help me find it.
You know, okay, fine.
Fine, yeah.
Sorry I didn't make it the other night.
It's okay, I don't care about that.
I care about the mri.
What did the doctor say? Oh, uh, nothing just a bunch of technical, m but it's fine.
And I start with the specialist tutor guy next week, so Third one's the charm, right? Cinderella! Um what-what are you doing here? My mom enrolled me.
Oh! Um This is Mr.
Daniels, one of our English teachers.
I figured I'd see you today.
Found this online this morning.
Local news.
Oh, what's that? Oh, um nothing, I Sam just moved here from Madison, and I was telling him that Portland is much safer, so I guess he was just pointing out that you're never as safe as you think you are.
So you're from, uh, Wisconsin? I was at boarding school there.
We're practically neighbors.
I gotta go.
Hey, welcome to Westmonte, Sam.
I think I'm gonna like it here.