Life Unexpected (2010) s02e10 Episode Script

Thanks Ungiven

Previously on Life Unexpected.
Figuring out why you both chose what you did will allowed the relationship to go forward.
Will you both consider a little time apart? It might give Cate the emotional space she needs.
You still owe me one.
I see you've met Mr.
- You're - A teacher.
Minnesota? What does that mean? Is the whole state calling you? Hello.
Who's that? Your boyfriend? Did you go through my stuff? I went to Valerie's.
Tasha gave me the address.
What did Valerie tell you? You know, that you were violent with them, that you hit her husband Lux! I'm the violent one? That's what you told Cate? Get the hell off my property! Sam just moved here from Madison.
So you're from Wisconsin? I was at boarding school there.
We're practically neighbors.
I think I'm gonna like it here.
The finance industry doesn't have Thanksgiving.
We have the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.
So, when STF launches its IPO, we need to calculate the NPV.
I'll need a P&L statement.
You know, you're very sexy when you talk alphabet.
Emma, got a minute? Absolutely.
We were just Examining balance sheets for long term versus short term debts.
And, yes, I can get the cash flow statements for you before closing today.
Listen to you.
I knew you'd be a natural at this.
Chip off the old block, isn't he? No comment.
I need this evaluated by Friday morning.
I hope it doesn't affect your Thanksgiving plans.
You know me.
Work is my Thanksgiving plan.
Oh, uh, you sure you and Lux don't want to join your mom and me in Aruba? Thanks, dad, but something about snorkeling and turkey that seems gross.
Plus, I want to give Lux her first real Thanksgiving, you know? Too much food, too much family Remember how we used to toss a football around, the first person who dropped it they got stuck with the dishes? Made you a better football player.
And a lousy dishwasher.
But it was fun.
We'll bring Lux a souvenir.
Don't work too hard.
That was close.
If your dad knew we were dating No, you know.
Maybe he'd be cool with it.
We could be all over each other at the office parties.
We could do it on the copy machine.
You could come over for Thanksgiving.
- I already told you that's a bad idea.
- I know.
Because it's a family holiday, and my family happens to be your boss, who also happens to be going halfway around the world.
Does company policy mean anything to you? We could get fired for dating.
Right, right, but everyone who's coming over for Thanksgiving already knows we're dating and can't fire us.
Comforting thought.
Look, I know we have to be discreet at work, I get it, but I cannot keep my life in neat little boxes like you.
I'm more of a junk drawer type of guy, and I want all the people that I care about to be together.
And you're one of those people.
All right.
What should I bring? And by bring, I mean buy.
Baze is making a turkey the size of a toddler.
'Cause that image makes me hungry.
We'll eat a ton at Baze's, then go to Cate's.
She'll probably try to cook, mess it up, and then order chinnese.
Yeah, maybe I'll get a fortune cookie that says: "Hey, don't worry about that guy "you hit over the head with a shovel; - you're not totally screwed".
- We're not screwed.
I called and checked on trey.
He only spent one night in the hospital.
So I'm sure he's probably fine.
If he hasn't made trouble for us yet, I don't think it's going to.
Yeah, that's what they said about the pilgrims.
Bad stuff? That's all behind us.
Except for Cate sweet potato casserole.
Dont worry about it, What's a little hit and run between friends, rigth? Lux? You got a minute? Oh, your boyfriend's calling you.
Hey, I just want to want to give you a heads about Math invite's to go to Baze's in Thanksgiving - And you are actually coming? - What I could get out of it, Matk known I was gonna be alone and wouldn't let it go.
Really, cuz Math couln't apply pressure to a papercut.
ok, I admitted, I want to be there.
I like Thanksgiving, I like the food and I like the excuse to be with you.
Me too.
You know there's this crazy new invention called the door bell? You use it when you enter a house where you dont live.
Yeah, they also invented something called cellphone, but only works if you turn it on.
So, I need to swap dinner time with you - Uh, no.
- Why? Sorry, you got early dinner, and I got late dinner.
I have more people coming over and I bought monster turkey which is never be cook in time You know, I making a toon food too, and I can't cook any faster either.
You cooking? Cause Lux said you probably order Chinese That's great.
And I suppose you'll have a perfect dinner with Lux and I supposed to be stucked in the house while my mom drinks and my sister, who still thinks it's 2008, puts on "Single Ladies" and tries to teach us the dance.
That's great.
You bring Abby, you bring Laverne, and we can all have Thanksgiving at my place.
They can put a ring on it there.
Look, we both want to give Lux her first real Thanksgiving.
It's not fair to put her in the middle.
- Well, who else is going to be there? - Not Paige.
And Ryan will be having Thanksgiving with his mom, if that's what you're worried about.
Well, that's good.
That's good? Aren't you two supposed to be trying to work things out? Yeah, we're trying.
Yeah, it was supposed to be our first Thanksgiving together.
Guess what, bright side, it'll be our first Thanksgiving together.
What's the bright side? Wow, easy there, mood swing.
I don't think I've seen you this volatile since high school.
You can go now.
Are you okay? 'Cause you look a little pekid.
Out! Okay.
Hey, Cate, don't be late.
You and Mr.
Daniels look cute together, kind of like inmate and jail bait.
Whatever it is you think you know, you're wrong.
I think I know enough.
Did you know that I got an incomplete in English from last school and your boyfriend wants me to do a ton of make-up work over Thanksgiving.
Well, that sucks for you.
- Yeah, it would unless - Unless what? Unless you get him to give me a passing grade without me having to do any of the work.
Are you are you serious? Well, I can't talk Eric Mr.
Daniels, into doing that for you.
I think you can.
Unless you and Eric Mr.
Daniels want it to come out that you're dating.
Hey, I shouldn't even have to ask.
I covered for you with Cate, I took the blame for the crash, you owe me one.
Well, it says on the box that your-your home pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate, so, you know, even if it's say that I'm pregnant, you could be wrong, right? No, it's not a user error.
I know how to take a pregnancy test.
I have been accidentally pregnant before.
Oh, yeah? Well, how about you use a condom next time? Jerk.
Oh, Cate, you made something with more than three ingredients in it.
Mmm, honey, I don't know why you do this to yourself.
My Thanksgiving side dish is a jug of martinis.
Always a hit.
Yeah, okay, I just wanted to make something special for Lux.
I'm not going to let Baze steal the limelight with his giant bird.
I'm familiar with Baze's giant bird.
It's not all that.
Girls, please, it's a little early to hear about your sex lives.
- Breakfast wine? - Yes.
Uh, no, I am good.
Oh, my God, you're pregnant.
No, I'm not.
I knew your boobs looked big.
I thought that was just a really great bra! Hey, just because I don't want to have alcohol first thing in the morning does not mean that I'm pregnant.
You are both being ridiculous.
Oh, wow.
You cannot say anything to anyone.
Is it Ryan's? Of course it is Ryan's.
Then why can't we say anything? Because Ryan doesn't know yet.
- Cate! - It's not because I'm lying to him.
I'm just not 100% sure that I'm pregnant.
All I did was pee on a stick.
Four sticks.
You think you're going to blow up again? Remember last time? It was like your face expanding sideways.
Abby, shut up.
I don't want to talk about this again until I go to the doctor, I get the results and I am sure that it's true.
And if it is, then what? Look, I want Ryan to move home, but because of this.
Not when our entire marriage is a total mess.
And not telling him the truth, it's not even an issue.
Because Ryan is not going to be at Thanksgiving.
I can't look him in the eye and lie to him if I'm not going to see him.
Like anyone is going to look you in the eye with those ginormous boobs.
What many people don't know about the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, formally known as the Christmas parade, is that it originated in borrowed from the zoo.
What, are we going to get a test on this? No.
Probably feels weird having Thanksgiving with two of your teachers.
Today think of us as just a couple of guys.
Like uncles.
No, I think it's cool to have teachers as friends.
Never know when you're going to need a favor or a better grade, hypothetically.
All right, I, uh, I put a candle in the bathroom to mitigate the smell of guys.
So light it, use it, love it.
Oh Hey, that's Paige's.
God, it's like picking up the droppings of a playboy bunny.
Who who ate all my fancy mixed nuts? Those are for Emma.
- Emma's coming? - Yeah, with Sam.
What? Hide your car keys.
Emma's nervous enough.
I want her to feel welcome.
So when Sam gets here, no teenage shenanigans.
Okay, that's her.
Get rid of this for me.
My girlfriend's here.
I brought garlic mashed potatoes.
That's cool.
Never too many spuds, right? Come on in, Sam.
Uh, so you guys remember Lux and Math.
And Tasha who ** to homecoming, and that's Mr.
How surprising.
And yet not.
Wh-what if Ryan had a stroke? Or won the lottery? Or got drafted and was sent to war next week? - You would want him to tell you.
- Will you stop? Ryan is not going to war.
Can we just pick up the pace, please, and get inside? I need a cocktail.
My buzz wore off waiting for Cate to change into a large sweater.
You were the one that told me I had to hide my boobs.
You shouldn't be hiding anything.
You should just tell Ryan.
Tell me what? Um um, that I made a sweet potato and veggie sausage casserole.
From scratch? Yeah.
What are you doing here? Paige.
She ran off to Costa Rica for some surfing, yoga, vegan thing, and she bailed on Thanksgiving with my mom.
So my parents, they just started arguing about who's going to get me, and I just decided, you know what, I'm not going to get caught up in the middle of their marital issues.
So you thought you'd come be caught up in ours.
I think it's so sad when parents split up.
Especially when they have kids.
Don't you think so, Cate? Look, it's okay that I'm here, isn't it? Yes, it's great.
You know, it's going to give us a chance to talk about Whatever.
And who knows, you know, maybe we can surprise Dr.
Rosner and we can work everything out today.
That's a nice sweatshirt.
So what is Eric/Mr.
Daniels really doing here? Mr.
Daniels is only here because Math invited him.
Math may have invited him, but that's not why he's here.
My guess is, you owe him another date for ditching him to commit a felony at homecoming.
Will you shut up about that? Will it get me an "A"? That's how it works.
Are you sure? Hey, Sam.
How's that extra credit work coming? Got any questions? No.
I'm, I'm good.
Lux is helping me.
I wouldn't have made mashed potatoes if someone had told me that Baze's new girlfriend was bringring mashed potatoes, or, you know, that he had a new girlfriend.
It's not a competition, Abby.
You could have told me that my ex was seeing someone else, Cate.
Your ex? Really? Oh, sorry.
I guess my feelings for Baze are insignificant.
This is exactly like the last time you got knocked up-- all about you.
Bet you wish you could have that drink now.
To baste or not to baste-- that is the question.
So, it's your call.
You're the one wearing the sexy apron.
Uh, well, I'm not sure about basting, but if the oven isn't hot enough, we can finish roasting the turkey under the heat of Cate's sister's glare.
You know, um, I think Abby is fine with you being here.
She just gets that look sometimes because she has a glass eye.
Really? Yeah.
But don't mention it.
She's very sensitive.
Everybody loves that you're here, Emma.
Especially me.
I have to admit, I kind of love being here, too.
I haven't done Thanksgiving in a long time, and being here doing the family thing is really good for Sam, so thank you for twisting my arm.
Company policy can suck it.
All right, so we gonna baste? Yeah.
Hi, Lux.
Hey, think fast.
Surprise! What are you doing here? Well, you said you wanted a family Thanksgiving.
Emma, what are you doing here? Uh, she just-- she just stopped by.
I brought a file.
For work.
'Cause, you know, we work together.
Oh, oh, yeah.
Uh, so wh-what happened to Aruba? Oh, we pushed the flight till tomorrow.
And with everything you said about this being Lux's your mother and I thought we should be here.
I'm sorry, we should have called, honey.
Mom, are you kidding? I love surprises.
This wouldn't be Thanksgiving without my mom's famous Something from a store.
Stop it.
- Hey, Math, hi.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Good seeing you, too.
Math, will you warm this up, please? Sure.
Cocktail/appetizer, anyone? Let me show you where the drinks are.
We're saving the box of wine for dinner.
Oh, good.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea that they were going to show up.
Sam and I should go.
No, no, no.
I think that would look worse.
And besides, I really want you to be here.
And I really want to keep my job.
Hey, look, I covered, okay? Now we'll just cover.
You think no one here is going to mention that we're dating? Your mom brought mashed potatoes.
Okay, you know what, don't worry.
I am on this.
And by the way, as far as my dad is concerned, Emma and I are not dating.
What the hell are you doing in here?! Relax.
It's not like I'm going to find anything more interesting than what I already know.
This is cool.
Can I have it? Why would? Why would I give you anything? You talked to your boyfriend about upping my grade yet? No, I've been too busy playing hostess to a psychopath.
Who, me? Yeah.
I'm not the one stealing cars, assaulting old dudes and sleeping with my teacher.
I'm not sleeping with anyone.
That's too bad.
What do you see in an English teacher anyway? Thought you would be into someone more badass.
Like who? Oh, who, like you? What's wrong with me? Don't get me started.
We'll be here till Christmas of next year.
Lux, Sam, great.
Two big problems.
One, there is a lot of mashed potato action happening.
I need someone to run to the store and grab some food that isn't white.
Anything to get me out of here.
But take Sam.
Uh, why? Emma and I are not supposed to be dating at work, so I need to cover with my dad.
I want to say that you invited Emma and Sam to dinner because you guys are dating.
What?! Help a brother out.
Oh, don't worry, your secret's safe with us.
Um, hey, thank you for helping me earlier with my dad.
And if he asks, Emma and I are not dating.
Who's Emma? Even better.
Um, Dr.
Rosner, it is Cate Cassidy again.
I know it's Thanksgiving, but Ryan and I, we need to work things out, like, today.
I kind of got some news and, um I'm not really sure what to do.
Can you call me back? Holidays are meant to bring people together.
So, let's talk about what's really keeping you two apart.
The lies, the infidelity, the lies Abby.
Can you stop? Yeah, we, uh, we appreciate your concern No, we don't.
Cate and I just, you know It's going to take some time.
How much time? Three months? Six months? Nine months? Mom needs your help.
Why? All the wine is twist-off or in a box.
What's going on? Nothing.
That was a fun trip to the grocery store.
You can actually talk, you know.
You don't have to just ignore me.
Just because Baze is making us pretend to date doesn't mean that we actually are.
Is this because of the blackmail? Oh, it's not helping.
You know, Lux, I'm really not a bad guy.
I'd be willing to forget all about you and Eric/Mr.
For a kiss.
Forget it.
Come on.
We're dating, right? Wha Oh, you're afraid you'll like it.
No, I'm not going to kiss you to cover up something that's not even true.
That would be a good point.
If I didn't have this.
From one badass to another, never leave valuable stuff in a room that doesn't have a door.
You know, maybe for Christmas, you should ask for a shower curtain with a lock.
Give me that.
In exchange for? In exchange for nothing.
Okay, look, we We we took that at some school thing.
Big deal.
I'm sure your parents would think it was a big deal.
Or, uh the school board.
Or the police.
But our mouths stay closed.
And I hate you.
Whatever you say, cinderella.
Let's just get this over with.
I'm ready when you are.
Not bad.
Not worth the picture.
Hey, what the hell are you doing? What are you doing talking to Ryan? I was just trying to help.
Okay, well, can you stop? Face it, Cate.
You're the one in the wrong.
It's classic, really, therapy 101.
You constantly deny the men in your life the chance to be there for you.
You did it with Baze, and now you're doing it with Ryan.
You know what you constantly do? You make my life worse by getting involved with the men that impregnate me.
How's it going? Well, apparently, Cate's still mad that I slept with Baze.
I mean, if she's going to yell at every woman who sleeps with Baze, why not go after, you know, Ryan's sister or that Emma chick? What? Nate is dating Emma? Oh.
That's why she's here.
Oh, crap.
You were the one I wasn't supposed to tell about Emma.
What the hell is going on? Um, what the hell is going on with what? With you and Emma.
Are you two seeing each other? What? No.
But okay, but hear me out.
I know that there is a no-dating policy at your company, and I am not asking for special treatment, but Emma and I have been dating for a while, and it hasn't affected our work.
In fact, if anything, my work has gotten better, and you even said so yourself.
End it, Nate.
Dad, wait.
Do do you remember how hung up I was on Cate and how I never thought Like, I really thought I'd never get over it? I did because of Emma.
End it now.
I don't want to.
God, you you don't stop to think before you jump into bed with anyone, do you? There's the girl who burned down your bar, Cate, her sister, now your boss, my employee.
I thought you'd changed, Nate.
I thought you were getting your life together, making good choices grown-up choices, and you just throw it away.
I'm not throwing anything away.
Emma she's made me a better man.
I don't care what she's made you.
You break up with Emma, or you're fired.
Sam? Sam! Seriously! Give it back! What? Wait.
What, for that kiss? Admit it-- it was weak.
You don't want to mess with me, okay? People that do-- they end up in the hospital.
Hey, what's going on? What's wrong? Nothing.
Lux, come on.
You've been acting weird since homecoming.
What's going on? Sam.
He knows about us.
What? He suspected at homecoming, and then he tried to get me to make you give him an "A" on all his makeup work, so I-I-I called his bluff, but then, today, he showed up, and he found that picture of us from the wedding.
You said that you got rid of that.
I I was going to.
And so now this kid who's known since homecoming has a picture of us and you weren't going to say anything? Well, I was going to try to fix it.
Lux, it's bad enough that Tasha knows.
I have to I have to quit my job.
I have to move to another state.
I could get arrested, Lux.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Listen, you shouldn't have to deal with this, all right? I should go.
I shouldn't have been here in the first place.
No, no.
If you go, it's going to make us look more guilty and And give him more ammunition.
Hey, you guys are missing the bullwinkle balloon.
And it's dinnertime.
Well, I don't know about anybody else, but I am starving.
And these potatoes, they They all look so delicious.
Oh, uh, that orange is stuffing.
I made it from scratch.
Does anyone want meat? Dad, would you like to tell everyone if they want meat or not? You want to dictate what kind they can have? White, dark, thigh, breast? Nate? Nate, honey, are you okay? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause you're carving that turkey like it's the shining.
Do we have any bread to go with the Potatoes and marshmallows? Uh, yeah, 'cause I don't think there's enough starch at the table.
Oh, I think Cate has some buns in the oven.
Seriously, if you guys need more rolls, Lux and I could do another grocery run-- since we're dating.
Somebody pass the stuffing.
Oh! The one that's not Cate's.
Unless, of course, you want to offer an opinion about this, too.
If you're going to make bad choices, I'm going to tell you.
Could someone please pass those baby peas? Ryan, you should help yourself first, 'cause I know how much you wanted baby Mom, stop! Cate, what's going on with you? Nothing is going on.
It is our first Thanksgiving with Lux and Tasha, and we are all together, and I would just really like to enjoy it.
We're trying, Cate.
Stop freaking out.
Okay, I'm not freaking out.
I just want to have a really nice Thanksgiving, and no one has touched the stuffing that I had made.
Nothing's going the way that I would like it to.
You are the one that is freaking me out! Uh, Cate? Cate? I'm pregnant.
I mean, how is it that I can find the absolute worst way to do everything? It wasn't the worst.
I spit on Thanksgiving, Ryan.
It was Lux's first Thanksgiving with us.
I could have abandoned her at a soup kitchen, and it would have been less gross.
Look, um - I'm moving back home.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
This is exactly why I didn't want to tell you.
Nothing has changed between us.
You know, having a baby doesn't change the fact that our marriage is a complete mess, that You went to Julia, that I went to Baze.
We are not even living in the same space.
Having a baby changes everything.
was for someone to stand in front of you and be an accountable guy.
Now, that's what I'm doing.
I'm not 16 anymore.
And I don't want you back if we are going to keep having the same stupid fights about the same stupid things.
And I don't want you back because you want a baby.
I want you back because you want me.
Your dad knows, doesn't he? Yeah, he knows.
I guess I guess Abby told him-- accidentally, supposedly.
He, uh He threatened to fire me if I don't break up with you.
I can't believe him.
Hey, you warned me, company policy.
I guess that matters more to my dad than me.
I told you I should have gone.
I'm I'm going to get Sam.
Emma no.
Nate yes.
I know how hard you've worked to be seen as that guy, the one who can carve the turkey and host Thanksgiving and provide for your daughter and hold down a real job.
And I know how badly you want to prove that you are that guy to your dad.
And if my being here, or You being with me puts that all at risk, then maybe he's right.
I shouldn't be here, and We shouldn't be together.
Is this what normal people Thanksgiving is like? Because I'm starting to get nostalgic for that time we made an entire dinner out of canned goods and used shoe as a football.
I think I have to tell Cate the truth, Tash.
About me and Eric.
Are you crazy? No, you don't.
Sam knows.
He's been blackmailing me.
He threatened to call the cops.
What? He found this picture of me and Eric when we went and crashed that wedding.
I know I made a mistake, but None of this is Eric's fault.
I don't, I don't want him to get into trouble.
So don't tell Cate.
No, Cate being mad I can handle, but If Sam calls the cops? There's no case if Cate and Baze don't press charges, and all I have to do is, is tell Cate that-that I wasn't a victim, that we haven't slept together, that he didn't even know how old I was.
What about me? Well, yeah, you covered for us, Tash, but Come on, this is bigger than Cate finding out that you lied.
Not to me, Lux.
You keep telling me everything's going to be okay.
You asked me to protect you, and I did.
So I'm in this, too, okay? If secrets start coming out, Sam knows more than one.
What if-- what if he tells Cate what I did to Trey? You might be willing to lose everything, Lux, but I'm not.
You can't eat that whole casserole.
That's just sad.
It's the one good thing that came out of today, and no one even gave it a chance.
You told you husband he's going to be a father, and he actually wants to be one.
I'd say that's a good thing.
No, he wants to be a good guy and do the right thing.
There is a big difference.
What do you expect, Cate? What do you want him to do? If he walked away, if he didn't come back, would that make you feel better? I want Ryan to come back, I just I'm like a plastic container.
Cheap and disposable? No.
He wants what's inside, he doesn't want me.
I know this is messy, and it's not how you wanted to happend.
But let's look on the bright side, what you wanted is happening.
You wanted Ryan back home, you said so yourself.
No, we were supposed to fix things first.
But maybe his coming home will be what fixes things, not the other way around.
I mean, do you really think that that could happen? Cate.
This is edible.
That proves it.
Anything can happen.
Emma? Wait.
You're not leaving.
He is.
What happened? What is going on between you two? I'm just trying to stop your son from screwing up his life.
The only screwup is believing things between us had changed.
You're never going to think that I know better than you, or that I can make the right choice, but I can.
If you are making me choose between you and Emma, then I choose her.
We're leaving.
Oh, Jack, wait Let's go.
You made the wrong choice.
I'll call you.
I have a doctor's appointment on Monday.
I-I can meet you there.
Or we could go together.
From home.
Cate? Can I talk to you for a sec? Is everything okay? Not really.
Cate? The police are here.
They want to talk to you.
We have a warrant.
For who? Uh, Cate, I can, I can explain.
Natasha Siviac.
For assault.
We're going to take you down to the station now.
I didn't call, I swear.
Our records show that you and Ryan Thomas are her legal guardians? Mm-hmm.
We're going to need you to come with us.