Lifeline (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

He Killed My Wife

- Previously on "LifeLine.
" - Haley! No! - Street name is Skinny.
You shoot him now, it's murder.
- I got over two-and-a-half million in cash in each of these, man.
You care to know the first thing I want to buy? It's my freedom, man.
- Conner Hooks, uh, hi, Jasmine.
If that's not your client, you know what floor I'm on.
- My name is Jack.
I have your memories, Norah.
Would you like them back? - Jack just said to meet here at this exact time.
He knows things about me.
- Did you just see that? - Yeah, did you? - Eventually we'll be phasing out the file system, but -- - Good morning.
- Good morning.
- What do you got for me? - Conner, this is Eli, our new agent.
Eli, Conner.
Eli will be shadowing you today.
This is his first job, make sure it's not his last.
- You the guy with the record training score? - Are you the guy who's never missed a save? - Yeah, I am.
Conner Hooks.
- Eli Gross.
- Let me know if you guys need a tape measure.
- Just try and keep up.
- Okay.
You ever get used to this? - Not so far.
- How are the job applications going? - Haven't heard anything yet.
- You apply here? - There's no openings.
- Well, there's gonna be next semester.
- Do you have inside information? - And some pull.
Get your application in.
- I will, thank you.
- Look, I'm leading, you observe.
Don't interact with anyone or anything unless I say so.
Clear? - Crystal.
- You are easy to work with, and you flatter me on a consistent basis.
That alone makes you the most qualified for the job.
Not to mention your grandfather -- - Okay, Jay, drop us.
This is not a drill.
Please proceed to the nearest exit.
Please remain calm.
Do not panic.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Gas might be flammable.
Damn it, Eli observe.
- Raven.
Your password is Raven, you understand? Get him out of here.
I'm gonna go save that guy.
- No, leave him, he's gone.
- No, I can still save him.
- He's not our client.
- Just get this kid out of here.
- No! If you want to keep your streak alive, you take our client.
Come on! - Just--fuck! Let's go.
- You ever pull a stunt like that again and you're done.
- A stunt like what? Following the rules to save our client? - You were reckless in that lab and you know it.
- I know that I valued our client's life over someone we don't know and weren't paid to save.
- We could have saved both of them.
- Maybe not.
That kid was in bad shape.
It would've taken me twice as long to pull him out of there by myself.
- Don't put in to jump with me again.
- Won't be a problem.
I've already told Nathan we're a bad fit.
And you're welcome.
- For what? - Keeping your save streak alive.
- If the particle nexus isolation is in forward motion, I don't understand why if the agent is in super -- no.
It can't be that simple, can it? - Yes? - Nathan? - Yes.
- I have been working on a presentation I would like to show you.
Um, I hope you can see the potential in it that I do.
Are you ready? - I am ready, go on.
- The -- the jump box can absolutely muster the power needed for reverse time travel.
I can engineer it.
It may take a while, but I can definitely do it.
This -- this -- this proves it.
- Yeah.
- What do you mean, no? You said it wasn't possible.
It is possible.
- It's not possible because I don't allow it.
Changing the past is a lot more complicated than changing the future.
- But what about all the failed saves? Every name on the board out there would be green.
- Look, the function of LifeLine is not to erase people's mistakes, it's to prevent them from happening in the first place.
- Yeah, but mistakes do happen, Nathan.
- Yes.
And those who make them must learn or else the whole world falls apart.
Look, I'm not interested in second chances, nor is LifeLine.
And no more talk about jumping back in time, are we clear? - Yeah.
Yeah, we're, uh, we're clear.
- Good.
- You're late.
- Scotch, neat.
- Poor form for a man asking a favor.
- What makes you think I'm asking for a favor? - That's the only time I ever see you anymore is when you want something.
At least since Haley died.
- I need you to put me in touch with the guy who helped you find the Johnson kid.
The one you said has eyes and ears everywhere? - Conner, you've been chasing this ghost for six years.
Maybe it's time to let it go.
- I don't need any advice.
- Finding your ghost isn't gonna bring Haley back.
- Well, it might help me sleep better.
- And it might get you killed.
Revenge is a funny thing, kid.
I've never found the old saying to be true.
Revenge is seldom sweet.
- Just help me find the guy.
I won't ask for anymore favors,okay? - Hmm.
Hey, Jasmine, I need to get into the parts storage, but my -- my keycard won't work.
- Oh, the magnetic strip is probably dead.
- Well, is there any way you could check? - Yeah.
You and Conner are close, right? - As close as anyone could be to Conner? - Has he seen anyone since his wife died? - You might like dated? - Yeah.
Does he have anyone? - Look, there's heartbreak down that road.
- What road? - Relationships are hard for Conner.
- Because of her? - Because -- because time moves differently for him.
He can experience a year in a matter of weeks.
For him, it's only been six months since he was married.
- That's odd.
- What? - The storage is level three clearance, but you're a two.
- No.
Something must be wrong.
I'm -- I'm a level four.
- Not anymore.
Nathan downgraded you.
- That spiteful son of a bitch.
Thank you.
- Jay, what's going on? - You saw a guy teleporting into an alley? - Jack says the next step is to just distract them after they appear, right? Like, delay them just for five minutes, not let them go anywhere.
- Delay them from what? - I don't know.
- Okay.
There is no such thing as teleporting, Norah.
This is crazy.
Are you sure you weren't high? - Yes.
- Tom, I saw it too.
- If Mad Dog says it happened, then it happened.
- Okay.
Ew, do not ever call me that again, do you understand? - Look, I just need your help, okay? Just help me stop one of these teleporters.
- Are you kidding me? This is crazy, all right? Even if there was such thing as teleporting, which there is not -- - Tom, I saw it! It was real.
- Wait, trick mirrors.
They could do all kinds of shit with mirrors.
- What kind of shit can they do with mirrors? - I don't know, all kinds of shit.
- You're not even listening to me.
- Norah, whoever these guys are, okay, however they're doing it, these are not the type of guys you want to mess with.
- Yeah.
They could be government spies.
- This Jack guy -- - Mm-hmm.
- Could be setting you up, okay? These guys could be dangerous.
So please promise me you won't do anything alone? - Okay.
Yes, sure.
- Good.
- That your report on the rookie? - Yeah.
What an ass.
- Isn't that part of the job description? - What are you doing here so late? - I was gonna ask you the same thing.
Let me buy you a drink.
- I -- you know what? I got a better idea.
- Wine? - Yeah.
From the Scottish region.
- Oh.
So, like, no one else is there in the office and the guy looks at me and he goes, are you person that saved my son? And I can't tell him what we do, so I just go, yes, it was me.
And he hugs me, and for a day I was a hero.
Gosh, it's just gotta be such a rush to be saving people all the time.
- I didn't save the one that mattered.
- That wasn't your fault.
- Who knows.
I went there to save her, and I distracted her for a tiny moment.
I distracted her and she died.
That caused her LifeLine to go red.
I went to that garage and I distracted her, and she died.
I went to the that garage, I distracted her, and on and on, it does not stop.
- Do you ever go easy on yourself? - Aw, sorry, this place is a mess.
I didn't really think I was gonna -- This couch is kinda small.
- How's your bed? - It's bigger.
- I'd like to see it.
- Big day.
- Yeah.
- I wonder what Nathan's been up to.
He revoked Jay's level four access.
- He's scared, worried he knows too much or something.
- You want breakfast? - No.
Let's just grab a bagel on the way to work or something.
Let's stay in bed a little longer.
- That's my man.
- Hello? - You in or not? - How do I know you're telling the truth? - You don't.
The agent you've been tasked to detain arrives in one hour.
Be there.
- And what if I'm not? - You'll never hear from me again, which would be such a shame.
We're just getting to know each other, and there's so much more for you to learn.
- Shit.
- What are you doing? - Uh, hey.
Just going out for a walk.
- Will you get some beer? - Yeah.
I'll bring you back some beer.
See you later.
- Hi.
Do you mind if I ask you a question? - You picked the wrong person to rob, little girl.
- I don't want your money.
- The guy's name is Reginald Blake.
He used to go by the street name Skinny.
He was a low-level enforcer for some Russian, and then he disappeared six years ago.
- So what's it to you? - He killed my wife.
- Murder.
It's a messy business.
And expensive.
- I don't care about money.
- Yeah.
See, that's why it's expensive.
Look, um, I've been doing this kind of thing a while now, and you're finding this guy, you know, it's not gonna bring you any closure.
- I don't need your fucking advice.
- Okay so, uh, what are you gonna do when you find him? - Kill him.
- Well, unfortunately, uh, that won't bring much comfort either.
- Can you find him for me or not? - Yeah, I can find him.
- Will you? - I'll be in touch.
- Come on in, Harry.
- Boy, I had, uh, one doozy of a conversation this afternoon.
- About getting my I.
fixed, I hope.
- Nope.
- Well, Harry, um, if it's not about my I.
, I don't really give a damn who you've been talking to, man.
- I think you might.
The guy's name is Conner Hooks.
- Who the hell is Conner Hooks, man? - The guy's whose wife you shot and killed six years ago.
- He's looking for you.
- Does he know you know me? - No.
Pure coincidence.
- What the fuck we gonna do, Harry? - There's nothing to do.
I mean, he doesn't even know you're still in town.
You could be in Antarctica for all he knows.
He -- he's at a dead end.
We just keep him there.
- Until I run into him at a gas station or a restaurant.
- No.
It hasn't happened in six years, right? Besides, uh, he actually might not even recognize you if you did.
- He'd know me.
- All right, just- keep your eyes focused forward, all right? You're not gonna get anywhere looking back.
- It's hard not to look back when you hear footsteps behind you, Harry.
- This will do just fine.
Let's make history.
- Wow.
- Nathan buried Haley's murder investigation.
I'm just been digging it up ever since.
- You find anything? - A lot of dead ends.
- But six years of dead ends.
That's a long time.
- Yeah.
- I didn't realize you're still so in love with her.
- Sorry.
I didn't mean -- - I'm sorry, Conner.
If you're still there, I can't be here.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Your jump window opens in a half an hour.
- Great.
- You'll be jumping with Eli.
- Whoa, whoa.
That's a mistake.
- Nathan's orders.
- But you told him that we're not jumping together again.
- He said I'm a rookie and I don't get to decide who I partner with.
- Great.
I'll tell him.
- Or you could just let me take it myself.
- No, uh -- - We both know I don't need another observation jump.
- Yes.
But if anything goes wrong, then that's on -- I gotta take this, hold on.
That was quick.
- Yeah.
Well, um, I'm, uh, you know, good at what I do.
- What do you got? - No.
Uh, not on the phone.
Can you be at Corky's in an hour? - One hour.
Will you tell Nathan I had an emergency? - I don't want to lie for you.
- It's not a lie.
- I was just about to leave.
- You caught me at a bad time.
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you got? - Uh, you know what, let me go tap the kidney first.
I had like a pot of coffee waiting on you.
- I hear you're looking for me.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
I was just protecting my boss that night.
I didn't want to hurt anybody.
I got a wife.
I got a kid.
This doesn't have to end badly.
I -- I could barely see who I was shooting at.
- Her name was Haley.
- Go, go, go, go! - Jesus H.
Fucking Christ.
Never ever should have let you do this.
- I needed to know.
- Next on "LifeLine.
" - He said he'll give me $10,000.
- What would a candidate need to do to prove absolute loyalty.
- Are you gonna tell me what's going on, or are you gonna keep up with this bullshit? - 10:43 P.
Pendragon Tower, top floor.
- Are you gonna stay? - This is the last time you're ever gonna hear my voice.
- And I appreciate you clearing it up.
- Safe travels.