Lifeline (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Face to Face With Her Killer

- Previously on "LifeLine.
" - You were reckless in the lab.
- I valued our client's life over somebody we weren't paid to save.
- The jump box can absolutely muster the power needed for reverse time travel.
I can engineer it.
You said it wasn't possible.
- It's not possible because I don't allow it.
And no more talk about jumping back in time, are we clear? - The storage is level three clearance.
Nathan downgraded you.
That spiteful son of a bitch.
This will do just fine.
Let's make history.
Let me buy you a drink.
- I got a better idea.
We need to find the guy who killed my wife.
- We're not in the revenge business, Conner.
We save lives.
- If you're still there, I can't be here.
- You're very good at what you do, Jasmine, and loyal.
I'd like to offer you a promotion.
- You picked the right woman.
- I got over two-and-a-half million in cash in each of these, man.
Do you care to know the first thing I want to buy? It's my freedom, man.
- Can you find him for me, or not? - What are you gonna do when you find him? - Come on! - This doesn't have to end badly.
- These are not the type of guys you want to mess with.
Promise me you won't do anything alone? - The agent you've been tasked to detain arrives in one hour.
Be there.
- You picked the wrong person to rob, little girl.
- Ow! Babe, that's cold.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
- You're sure she didn't follow you here? You're positive? - Yes, I'm positive.
She did not follow me.
- How could you go out alone? - It's my life, okay? - Hello? - You failed me, Norah.
- Give me another chance.
- Give you another chance?! What are you, crazy?! - Shh! - Ah! - Look, I didn't think things through, okay? I didn't give it enough thought.
I didn't plan.
I won't fail you again.
Thank you.
Okay, so, he said I can try it again, but he doesn't want me doing it alone.
- He mentioned us? He knows my name? - I don't even know your name, Bleach.
He just said not alone.
- Norah, you don't know these spooks.
They could kill you.
Just think about it for a second.
- He said he'll give me $10,000.
- $10,000? - I'll split it.
You in? - 10 goddamn Gs.
- Do you have a minute? - Of course, have a seat.
What can I do for you? - Do you remember what you said the day you promoted me? - Yes, that you're very good at what you do.
- And loyal, you specifically said loyal.
- Is that still true given your personal situation? - My loyalty is to you and this company, now more than ever.
- Well, I appreciate you clearing that up.
You know, as always, your timing is impeccable.
You know, Jasmine, it's made me realize I've been spending far too much time managing this place and not enough time with the technology that I created.
Technology that needs to evolve and improve in order for LifeLine to continue to grow.
So I have decided to hire a president who can take over the day-to-day operations, allowing me to focus on developing the next generation of LifeLine.
Absolutely loyalty is a prerequisite for the position.
- What would a candidate need to do to prove absolute loyalty? - Tell me everything you know about Conner Hooks.
- Dammit! - I hope it's okay that I -- oh, my God.
What happened? - I found him.
- Who? - The son of a bitch who killed Haley.
- Jesus, Conner.
- I had my fingers on his fucking neck.
- Conner, listen to me.
Go to the police, let them handle this.
- The police don't give a shit about him.
They're the ones who let him get away in the first place.
- Here, let's sit you down.
Let me have a look at you.
You don't need this.
I'm gonna clean this up.
- He was right here.
Fuck, he was close and I had him and I -- I had him and he fucking got away.
- You're in no shape to do anything about it now.
Let's just get you out of these bloody clothes and see if rips and a cut is all the damage.
- You gonna stay? - Yeah.
- Are you gonna tell me what's going on or you gonna keep up with this bullshit? - What bullshit, baby? - You've been stomping around here not saying a word, Skinny.
And I know that whatever it is has something to do with whatever got at your face.
I haven't asked because I know you, and I know that you would tell me when you're good and ready, but you're taking too goddamn long, and now I'm asking.
- I mean, just -- there's just nothing to tell, baby.
Everything is fine.
Every -- everything is okay.
- I see.
So we're not in this together anymore? - Baby, come on, don't say that now.
- What, are you screwing some girl at the gym, and then her man walked in on you? He had it out with you? What -- what -- what's going on? - Keisha, I swear, the imagination on you sometimes -- - Don't you laugh at me, Skinny.
You've been lying to me, so I gotta fill in the blanks myself.
- Baby, holding back ain't the same as lying.
It is.
- It's gonna be okay.
- It's like I'm stuck back there.
That night just keeps playing over and over again in my head.
I -- I do not know how to get unstuck.
- You can't bring her back.
No matter how many times you play that night over, she's gone, and you can't change that.
Hey, look at me.
I'm right here in the present.
Just be here with me.
- Just tell me, Skinny.
Get it out and leave it behind, babe.
The moment we got Brandi in our lives, baby, your life was not yours to throw away.
- Remember that night I picked you up with the money? - Yes.
- That was Victor's money, and he was hurt.
I mean, he was hurt bad, Keisha.
I could've saved his life, baby.
I could've done something for him, you know? But instead -- instead, Keisha, you know what I did? I stole his stash, baby, and I -- I left him to bleed out.
I shot a woman that night.
She was a cop or something trying -- trying to take down Victor, and I killed her.
I mean, she -- she had a husband, baby, and I took him away.
I took away her home.
I took away her future.
I took away her memories, you know what I'm saying? And she ain't got nothing.
In fact, she's nowhere, and I got everything and -- and shit, Keisha, I don't deserve this shit, you know what I mean? I thought I could go and -- and, you know, just try to make it right, baby, just -- just take some of this guilt off.
I'm sorry.
- You said what you needed to say, all right? And I needed to know it.
But after tonight, don't ever ever say these words again.
Not ever.
Now you listen to me.
If there's someone out there, someone -- someone who wants to hurt her or anything like that, you better tell me right now you're gonna do whatever it takes -- whatever it takes to protect her, right? Tell me.
- Yes, baby.
- Hello? - Listen close.
This is the last time you're ever gonna hear my voice.
- Why, you can't live with yourself? - I'm leaving the country.
I'm going and I'm never coming back.
- You think running's gonna make a difference? 'Cause I -- I -- I will not forgive, and I cannot forget either.
- Okay.
Well, that's on you because you had your shot.
Now I'm in the wind.
- So you're just calling to let me know that you're disappearing? - I am calling to try and find a way and let you live.
- You think you have that kind of power? - Yeah, I think I do.
So I'm asking you, flat out, can you find a way to let it go? - Safe travels.
- It's done.
- We good? - Yeah, baby.
We good.
- Where's Jay? - He said something about needing to do some maintenance? - Jay? Jay? There's no one else here.
You are not pretty, but you are my baby and I love you.
Come on, you hunk of junk.
Yeah, okay.
All right.
Here we go.
Oh! I can see where power cables are simply inadequate.
There's too much resistance.
That's -- that what that was.
How's it look? - Looks good.
Let's do this.
- Okay, you're jumping in five, four, three, two, one.
- Wait, there's -- - Cold hands, warm heart, right? - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Maybe? Maybe? - No, no, no.
- They're always cold.
- Totally.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
Look, wow.
This ink is healing up nicely.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
- It looks good.
Hey, you think Maddie and Bleach are ever gonna hook up? - No.
I mean, she hates him so much, she's either gonna have to screw him or kill him.
- God! You are quite the romantic, huh? - Hey, you watch, all right? - Okay.
- Hate is gonna bring them together.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
And he will have no idea what to do with it when he finally gets it.
- It's kinda like those greyhounds at the race track, you know? Okay, so every now and then, a dog will catch that stuffed rabbit that they all chase, right? - Right.
- And then once he catches it, they gotta shoot the dog.
- They do not.
- Fuck yeah, they do.
- I've -- I've seen it myself.
- No.
- Okay.
The dog freaks out, right? It freaks out because it finally catches this thing it's been chasing, and then when it realizes it's not real, it won't chase it again.
So they gotta -- they gotta shoot the dog.
- Wow, hmm.
So are you saying that we're gonna have to put down Bleach? - No, Maddie will take care of that.
- Oh, Jack.
10:43 P.
, Pendragon Tower, top floor.
I won't let you down.
- Okay then.
- You don't have to go.
- Are you sure you wanna do this? - Yes.
- Well then I'm going too.
- Dennis? Pick up! I know you're there.
- Hey, you okay? - Yeah.
I -- I just don't like elevators.
- Get out of your chair and pick up the goddamn phone.
Okay, fine.
- Stove.
- I'm going out with the girls, and I need you to feed yourself.
There's meatloaf in the fridge.
Clean up after yourself.
No smoking.
- My man's here in 20 seconds.
- Time to bag us a mystery man.
- Okay, get ready.
Gotta be him.
- What if it's not? - Gotta be.
- Grab his hands! - Hey man! We're not gonna hurt you, man.
- Get him guys.
- Oh shit! - Get off of me! Somebody's gonna die! - Don't threaten me, motherfucker.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Okay, we need to go.
We need to go right now.
- Wait! - Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Dude, I haven't got my ass kicked like that in a long time.
- God damn this hurts.
Thanks for the gig, Norah, really.
- Guys, what did we do? - Things got out of hand.
- Out of hand? Someone died.
- We don't know that.
- Yes, we do! He said someone was gonna die, and -- and then there was an explosion and a burning body.
- We didn't kill anyone, Norah, okay? Hey, we got our ass kicked, that's it.
- Plus, I got the fucker's gun.
- Oh, nice, dude.
- Stop it, Bleach.
- Put it down.
- Oh! Holy shit! Are you kidding me? - Is that real? - Oh, my God.
Great work, enjoy.
I think I will.
Our talents have finally been recognized.
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, get homie on the horn again, okay? Like, let -- let's get more of these jobs, right? - No! What is wrong with you two? Someone died because of us.
- Don't say that.
I didn't kill anybody.
None of us killed anybody.
- Norah, where are you going? - Voiceover: Next, on "LifeLine.
" - What's going on, Jay? - Those are the people that you wanted me to stop, the people who were saving lives? - There was no indication of failure.
- It was so awful, and I just -- I -- I feel like I'm going crazy.
- You have cost LifeLine yet another client.
- You're really gonna go meet that creep by yourself? - What, did you kill him? - They're playing God for a profit.