Light the Night (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Be careful. It's slippery.
- Be careful.
- It's fine.
Are you sure?
- Hold this.
- Be careful.
- Listen, don't get me arrested.
- Right.
- You won't.
- If that happens,
- I'll let my mom call you.
- Don't be a coward, okay?
Okay, stop filming. Let's go.
I told you,
no one's here at this time. Listen.
The typhoon just left.
The whole mountain is ours.
There's no path at all.
How will we hike?
- When we see the view later
- It's fine.
How can there not be a path?
- Go down.
- Are you sure?
This way, right?
How can we hike this?
Be careful of the slope.
- My socks are wet! It's hard to walk.
- You scared me.
I thought something happened.
- It's too wet here.
- Is this really the right way?
I've been here many times.
It gets easier here.
It looks so slippery.
It's so beautiful here.
It's really nice here.
- Look.
- It looks pretty over there.
- That's right.
- Be careful!
You're a shutterbug.
You were so scared,
but you keep taking photos now.
Don't keep doing that.
You'd pester me for films
when you run out later.
I won't. I'll take Ping's.
Why don't you take photos?
We're already here.
Give me some food later.
- Hey.
- What's that?
You know, I bought something
really delicious yesterday.
Is it good?
- What?
- What the hell?
A hand
There's a hand.
- Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Wait!
- I told you not to come!
- Let's go.
- I told you not to come!
Since the typhoon is moving fast,
the main island of Taiwan
is already out of the storm.
- Today, the sun will be out in Taiwan.
- Glasses.
The temperature will rise
up to 30 degrees Celsius.
However, the Weather Bureau reminds us
that the southwesterly flow
- will arrive next Tuesday.
- Okay.
During that time,
we need to guard against heavy rains.
I'll ask one last time.
Where did you get this?
- What does it have to do with us?
- Did you see who took it?
- We have nothing to do with it.
- Yes.
Damn it.
- Yes.
- Handle it right.
Yes, no problem. Just one more.
- It's him!
- You're making a call?
- It's him for sure!
- Don't talk nonsense.
He held me up for so long, you know?
I have so many customers
in the cafe every day.
Even when people drop
gold bars at the cafe,
I'm so busy.
I won't have time to notice.
No rush.
I can continue after you fix it.
Do you want to go to my cafe?
It's so hot here.
I have an air conditioner.
Try to act up again.
Do you want a beating?
You have no proof.
Hit me if you can!
Try beating me up!
Come on.
Fuck you!
Fuck! You really think I won't?
Go ahead. I'll get a medical exam.
Let me teach you.
You need evidence in a case.
Come, on the table.
What are you doing?
What do you want? What are you doing?
- Don't be rash.
- You're not recording?
You don't even fix your broken table.
No, well
Tell them to change it.
We reported it already.
Give me his hand.
What are you doing?
Don't be rash!
I'm sorry.
Smell it. What does it smell like?
How was I supposed to know?
We're not recording.
Here, smell it carefully.
Can I be a state witness?
I'm asking you what it smells like,
not if you want
to become a state witness or not.
Coffee beans.
It smells like coffee beans!
I know, right?
Coffee beans?
Wen-cheng, how did you know
that he hid it at the cafe?
I didn't smell anything on it before.
Fuck! You tricked him?
Fuck! I led him into it.
Why couldn't he tell?
Do you really think he knows coffee?
Why are you still here?
I couldn't find you. I thought you left.
Where would we go?
A colleague reported
that an unidentified female corpse
was found on Mount Jinan's east side.
A group of Photography Club
students reported it.
The body seemed to be buried
from the landslide.
Has it been excavated?
We informed Mr. Ko. They started already.
Are we going now?
Order lunch.
The victim is a woman
who seems to be in her thirties.
She has no ID on her.
Any external injuries?
I don't see any.
But the body is covered in mud.
It's hard to check.
We'll have to wait for Mr. Ko
and the coroner to examine the scene.
Who's the club president?
Was anything behind?
The typhoon just left.
The scene is a mess.
All we know is that the body
was buried with this cloth.
And when we were digging, we found this.
We can't confirm
whether it's related to the victim or not.
Who discovered it?
JULY 6TH, 1988
It's almost seven o'clock.
Hana, you splashed it on me!
I'm sorry.
- Ah-chi, I'm sorry.
- Hsiao-hao.
Is this your first day at work?
You broke a glass before opening.
- Don't jinx me.
- I'm sorry.
How many times must you bump into me?
I'm so unlucky!
- It wasn't on purpose.
- You're even arguing?
I'm in a bad mood today, don't provoke me.
You lost a lot? How much is it this time?
No one will think you're dumb
if you don't speak!
My goodness.
Have you no manners? I'm still changing.
I have what you have too. Hurry, okay?
Chi Man-ju.
You bought the lottery yourself.
Control your emotions in losing.
Don't take your anger out on us.
Can you stop saying the word "lose"?
Are you done?
Get ready for work.
Ms. Sue isn't here yet.
Must I come here for you to let her go?
I'm not done talking to Ching-yi yet.
Can't you tell that she's not interested?
Let's go.
If you stop her from working,
will you support her?
- I can support
- As if!
You can't even afford this meal.
What can you give her?
I can give her everything I have.
That's so romantic.
If promises can be trusted,
we won't have to suffer anymore.
Let her go.
Let go.
I said, let go.
You eat first.
You must be hungry.
I'm fine.
As if.
He Yu-en ordered
your favorite surf and turf.
You didn't even touch it.
What's wrong with you?
How many times has this been?
Even a college student
can turn you this way.
Are you any different?
Will we be like this forever?
We don't love those who love us.
We fall
for those we shouldn't fall for.
That's you.
I won't do that.
He locks himself up
before draft submissions.
He must be thinking of the ending now.
That's why he didn't answer my calls.
After he hands it in today, he'll call me.
How should I write it?
I'm Chiang Han.
I'm not around
because I'm on my way to see you.
Just leave me a message.
Are you done writing?
Don't you know
that I've been looking for you?
Is it so hard to say
if you're alive or dead?
Are you free? Don't swear.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
- Mr. Nakamura, this way, please.
- Mr. Nakamura, this way.
Thank you for the food.
- Thank you for the food.
- Yes.
It's delicious.
Stop playing around.
It's delicious.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'm Chiang Han.
I'm not around
because I'm on my way to see you.
Just leave a message.
You'd better be on your way to see me.
Do you know what the past few days
have been like for me?
You never did this
when you had deadlines before.
What's going on? Can you tell me?
I fucking
Mr. Nakamura.
Is a score of 95 in golf
considered good?
I don't believe you.
Can you really play golf?
She can do a lot of things.
I can only do flower arrangements,
write Chinese calligraphy,
and play the piano.
And guzheng.
I've left Japan for so long already.
Do you think I should stay?
Of course, you must continue staying.
If you're bored in Taipei,
- you can come to me.
- Okay.
- With Aiko, we don't have to worry.
- Yes.
- Don't be sad.
- Okay.
- Hey, let's open a bottle of wine.
- Okay.
- Hsiao-hao
- Yes.
A bottle of red wine for Aiko.
Excuse me.
I'll say hi at another table.
Please hang in there.
I'll be right back.
Wait for me.
One moment, please.
- Here.
- Here. Cheers.
Next week,
let's go golfing.
- Okay.
- Golf?
Mr. Nakamura.
Can I go with you too?
Of course. You can join us.
- Yuri.
- Yes.
Mr. Nakamura.
I'll entertain the guests there.
I'll let Yuri join you for a drink.
Ah-chi is here to drink with you!
- Hi, how are you?
- Ah-chi.
Hi, how are you?
- It has been a while.
- It has been a while.
- How lively.
- Cheers.
It doesn't matter
if that lady doesn't come back.
- No. Yuri is more
- She's my type.
Isn't she cute?
A cute girl must
Wait, you can't do this.
What are you talking about?
Ms. Hana.
It's disrespectful to Ms. Hana.
Mr. Kase!
- You have very gentle hands.
- Yes.
It's still early.
Get more, one more bottle.
- More.
- That's enough.
It's getting late.
I'll have another drink with Yuri.
What about me?
Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for coming.
- Here's your bag.
Here's your bag.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Mr. Kase has wandering hands.
- It was so tiring.
- You seemed to be having fun.
- Ah-chi.
- Chi Man-ju!
- It doesn't look good to smoke here.
- Come out!
I'm so unlucky.
- You're right.
- Ah-chi, what's the matter?
- Where are you going?
- What's going on?
Where's Chi Man-ju?
Sorry, only members are allowed inside.
I'm sorry.
Wasn't she just here?
Tell her to come out!
Excuse me. How may I help you?
Move aside.
We have guests inside.
Can you lower your voice, please?
Why did you hit him?
Someone has been hit!
Someone has been hit!
Hsiao-hao, are you okay?
What's going on?
Call the police.
Chi Man-ju
signed two promissory notes with my boss.
One of them expired a month ago.
She's feigning ignorance?
- I'll trash your fucking shop!
- Zhongshan Police Station is next door.
Do you want to say hi first?
Chi Man-ju is busy.
I saw you last year with Mr. Tsai.
What's the matter?
You're acting up when Hinoki isn't around?
What is
your relationship with Hinoki?
After the Anti-Triad Movement,
I heard that Mr. Tsai has a new plan.
Harmony is very important
in his way of doing things.
You guys should keep a low profile.
Don't drag him down.
We have a small circle.
We'll still see each other around.
How about this?
When you come here,
I can entertain you.
Give my regards to Mr. Tsai too.
She's right.
We need to prioritize harmony.
The Tiaotong area isn't peaceful.
After you girls
get off work,
be careful.
Let's go.
You don't have to look at me like that.
I'll get some money soon.
I'll take care of it.
Hsiao-hao took a punch for you.
And you didn't even apologize?
It was just one punch. He should be fine.
Why don't you stop working after today?
Although you're a Mamasan too,
before Sue took over the shop,
I was already working here.
I have seniority
over both of you after all.
Sue also promised Ms. Chiung Fang
- that no matter what
- Sue's the boss.
But I'm in charge here.
I'm not young anymore.
And I don't have any skills.
I owe a huge debt too.
If you don't want me here too,
it's like you're forcing me to die!
I promise.
I won't let them
come to make trouble again.
I'll take care of it.
I won't cause you any trouble.
Don't tell me to leave.
You said that yourself.
It can't happen again.
Be careful on your way home.
I suggest that you use the back alley too.
Those guys won't let you off easily.
Don't be nervous.
We didn't see you today.
That's right. What's the rush?
Anybody there?
My nose. It's broken!
Wait! Don't.
I'm Chiang Han.
I'm not around
If she gets the word out, she'll be a hit.
You're the leader of Team Three,
but you got beaten up by a Tiaotong girl.
Wen-cheng is a gentleman.
He doesn't hit women.
What a nag.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen
It's confirmed, 19. Take a look.
Ya-ya, check it with Sue.
Then you can order it.
Ms. Rose, would you like to see
last week's accounts?
I don't want to see them now.
- Hsiao-hao.
- Yes.
No ice.
You're drinking already?
Why don't you go and see him?
I don't know where he lives.
You've been together for so long,
and you don't know where he lives?
He always takes me home.
I'm not so low-down
as to bring him home, am I?
Then find him at the broadcasting station.
Why should I act like a loan shark?
He probably owes you a lot, doesn't he?
I'll find him there.
I'll teach him a lesson for bullying you.
It's not like I haven't been in jail.
I'm not scared.
Don't talk so loudly.
Why speak this nonsense?
We need some revisions.
- Okay.
- Take a look first.
Then if you have any questions
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Nine o'clock, episode forty.
You're never late indeed.
Let me introduce you.
This is our great writer.
He's already writing your next project.
You're Chiang Han?
You look familiar.
You were my high school classmate.
I was your high school teacher.
Why does a great writer look so young?
Stop the act.
How long will you keep it up?
I'm still here.
I'm finally meeting the scriptwriter.
Hello, I'm Hsiao Wan-jou.
Thank you for writing a terrific drama.
I'll leave the next one to you too.
Your acting is good.
Do you have a minute
to talk about the new character?
Of course.
That's why the breakup was inevitable.
Since you have cancer,
of course you don't want to hold him back.
Don't worry.
When the viewers find out,
they'll sympathize with you.
Are you busy later?
I have time for lunch.
Come on, let's eat.
Let's go.
Come on, over here.
Are you surprised?
- How did you know my
- If I didn't follow you,
I guess I'll never
find out where you live.
Aren't you going to invite me up?
So this is your house.
Are you done inspecting it?
I've only been here a minute.
Are you kicking me out already?
I saw how happy
you chatted with that actress.
You had lunch together.
You talked happily for almost four hours.
You had coffee
and your favorite cheesecake.
And then she went to pay.
You both left
with big smiles on your faces.
I saw everything.
So what?
You guys were like us
when we first started.
I also thought we had a lot to talk about.
How did we end up like this?
You're not even going
to lend me a lighter?
What's wrong with you?
What exactly is wrong with you?
What do you mean?
No calls for a whole week.
You told me not to disturb you
as you needed to write the ending.
You handed it in already.
What other reasons do you have?
I don't love you anymore.
Is it hard to understand?
What do you mean?
Love, hate, like, and dislike.
Don't these things happen every day?
It happens a lot in your shop.
That's not acting. That's my life.
Not those lousy dramas you write.
What do you want me to say?
I'm in love with someone else!
Those lousy dramas are my life.
What are you doing?
The lousy dramas you used to despise
made you famous, rich,
and popular with women.
Is that your dream?
Do you want me to apologize?
I'll pay you back what I owe.
- Mom.
- You're back.
How was it?
Was camping fun?
Camping with friends is always the same.
It was fine.
Sit in the living room first.
I'll clean your room later.
It's okay. I can do it myself.
Get some rest.
- Have you eaten?
- Not yet.
My mom made a mess. I'm cleaning.
I bought your favorite eel rice.
Thank you, Godmother.
Where's your mom?
In her room.
Has Tzu-wei eaten?
What about you?
Aren't you going to eat?
I even thought about dying.
How can I have an appetite?
Dying is good.
It would be best if we can really die.
The one who died
is immortalized.
Because you can't get him back anymore.
The dead are sealed in memories.
And memories
become nicer with time.
It pokes you once in a while,
and you can't help but miss him.
Su Ching-yi.
How could you say these things
without batting an eyelash?
Didn't Chiang Han also speak nonsense
to make you so into him?
Do you really want me to die?
How can I bear for that to happen?
You and I
have been through so much.
We won't die.
Even if someone has to die,
it shouldn't be us.
Am I right?
He wasn't like this before.
A person is different
when he's in love and when he's not.
Do I have to teach you that?
I can't accept it.
Okay. I get it.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
- My surname is Chiang.
- Mr. Chiang.
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm Nakata.
- Nakata, I'm Lucy.
- Lucy.
- How much
- Hi.
- Do I love you?
- Thank you for coming.
- My feelings are real
- I'll get jealous.
- My love is true
- I'll feel jealous.
- The moon represents my heart
- You're so cute.
Drink with us, Chiang Han.
- You asked
- Okay.
- How deeply I love you
- Okay, cheers.
How much do I love you?
My feelings remain the same
My love doesn't change
The moon represents my heart
Driver, please turn the music off.
The special number is 29.
That's all the lottery numbers this time.
Did you hit the jackpot today?
Did you win money?
You left Mr. Nakamura by himself.
I got it.
Mr. Nakamura.
Open it.
Whose name is on that liquor
that Nakamura opened?
Mr. Nakamura.
Please wait a moment.
Let's drink together.
I'm sorry, Aiko.
Can you get me a glass?
Thank you very much.
You're so mean, Mr. Nakamura.
You didn't wait for me.
- Here.
- Cheers.
This is really smooth.
Because it was aged in Sherry casks.
It has a richer fruity flavor,
so it's very mellow.
Fruity liquors are everywhere.
But their flavors are so different.
The reason this wine is so smooth
is that it's been aged for 30 years.
You're both right.
And Mr. Nakamura, you have good taste.
You know how to choose vintage ones.
Choosing drinks
is the same as choosing girls.
Mr. Nakamura.
Some wines aren't just smooth.
They have some aftertaste.
Age and fruitiness don't matter
for this kind of liquor.
It relies on its reputation
and rare production.
I'll buy this one then.
For my beloved Sue's sake.
Mr. Nakamura opened a bottle of Clovis!
Thank you, Mr. Nakamura.
For the 80,000 dollars commission,
both of you can split it.
Why should I?
Why do I have to split it
with someone who pulls tricks
to steal others' sales?
Ms. Sue.
I was the one who made
Mr. Nakamura open the first bottle.
Ah-chi said she was going
to the toilet and didn't return.
- Right.
- Is anyone asking you?
Hana can testify.
What? This is none of my business.
- Don't drag me into it.
- Sue.
I sat next to Mr. Nakamura all right.
Okay, forget it. I'll just do a good deed.
Give it to her.
She has a lot of debt.
This way, thugs won't come
and make trouble again.
My goodness, wait. Explain yourself.
What do you mean?
Don't you want it all?
I'm giving it to you.
Thank you, I'll take it all then.
You don't think I won't take it?
How thick-skinned.
It's not like I can't get customers
to open a liquor.
Arguing here is a waste of my time.
I'm going home.
Ms. Sue.
What's the matter?
Chiang Han is here.
I'll help you give the money to Yu-nung.
Thank you.
Am I a terrible person?
You can be honest with me.
You are.
If there's a choice,
who wouldn't want to be a good guy?
But there are some things
that you can't control.
I really loved her.
Believe me.
I really loved Lo Yu-nung.
Very, very much.
She has such vitality
that I'd never seen before.
Very wild.
Very captivating. No one can control her.
I don't know why you're telling me this.
Should I put in a good word for you?
There's no need.
It's all right.
I just want to chat with you.
You know I'm obsessed
with strong emotions.
That's most obvious when you're in love.
You know what?
It's like a snake
is tightly coiled around you.
It's so strong that you can't breathe.
What are you doing?
You're drunk. I'll call you a taxi.
There's no need.
Don't bother.
Let me finish this bottle.
What are you doing? My goodness.
Su Ching-yi.
Do you like being called Su Ching-yi
or Sue?
Is there a difference?
I met Su Ching-yi before I met Sue.
I met Rose after I met Sue.
Am I right?
You know her?
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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