Light the Night (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- Hello?
- Hello, Wen-cheng?
Pai Lung is dead.
Carry on.
I thought I should help since he is gone.
Mrs. Pai.
Your husband really will get us killed.
my husband is already dead.
What more do you want?
- What are you doing?
- What is this?
What do you mean?
Are you going
to tell me where the drugs are?
How would I know?
He usually delivers the goods.
I never asked him.
We have reason to believe
you are hiding drugs
in your husband's body.
- What?
- Pai Lung, sorry.
Wen-cheng, what are you saying? Wen-cheng!
Please, Wen-cheng!
The higher-ups found out he leaked intel.
They gave him fake drugs.
He died from using those drugs!
If I had used more,
I would have died with him.
Please, Wen-cheng.
Didn't he tell you
that it was at that club called Light?
This is the only lead we have!
Wen-cheng, please believe me! Please!
How may I help you?
I was just informed
to collect a lost item.
Please fill out this form.
The on-call staff should be back soon.
Here. Check it.
Why didn't you say
that you are a policeman?
Do you know that you assaulted an officer?
Who knew if you were with those people?
I needed to protect myself.
It was dark, and you weren't in uniform.
You were also acting sneaky.
Was I being sneaky?
Wen-cheng, you really were that day.
It is a good thing I know you.
- If you were a stranger
- You can go.
I would have been scared.
Were you born in 1952?
You look good for your age.
Can I have it back now, officer?
Are you memorizing my address?
Can I go?
Return it when you have time.
I know this place.
Do you work there?
Are you a Mamasan?
What was the other night about?
Was it a business dispute?
A thank you gift.
Don't you think
your apology is too insincere?
What apology?
Then what do you want?
Buying me a drink is within reason, right?
Mention my name at the club.
Won't I have to pay you
if I mention your name?
You're not dumb after all.
We just saw her recently.
How could it be her?
Where is Mr. Ko?
Thirty minutes ago, he said he was coming
from the scene of the last incident.
Wen-cheng, I think you should
take a look at something.
Is this place haunted?
My clothes were just here.
Now they are
- What?
- You have big boobs and a big ass.
You can't feel what you sit on, can you?
- Ms. Sue.
- Yes?
I found this in the bar area.
Didn't you stay after closing
to drink with Chiang Han yesterday?
I was wondering where it was. Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's like when I lose one of my socks.
I know it's a hassle.
- Welcome!
- Welcome!
Ms. Rose.
Ms. Rose!
I was wondering why you weren't here yet.
Has it been three months?
Has it been that long?
If I say so, then it is so.
One bottle for each month.
Three months means three bottles
with interest.
That equals four bottles.
No problem.
Four bottles it will be.
Hold the rest for now.
Bring another bottle of the same.
I like your straightforward attitude.
Sue, I will stay with Feng.
Feng, enjoy your drink.
Have you been drinking already?
Come on.
Have a seat.
How is our great screenwriter these days?
Do you like the ending?
It's great.
Thanks to him, we have high ratings.
I guess he is doing well these days.
The script is incredibly poignant.
Please continue to help him.
Drink to Ms. Rose.
What is Ms. Rose's relationship
with Chiang Han?
Do you understand?
Do you?
Love loses its beauty
when you speak of it.
Some things need not be spoken.
Show it with your actions.
No wonder you can't
write your cases properly.
Wan-jou has a love rival.
Wan-jou only admires Chiang Han.
In reality, Wan-jou and Mr. Fan are
I don't get it.
Anyway, talented people
will succeed wherever they go.
What is going on here?
His new play has hit record-high ratings.
Are you all jealous?
- No.
- Do you envy him?
Here. I wish you a successful show.
To a successful show! Yes!
To a successful show!
- Thank you.
- To a successful show!
The broadcasting company
is ready to sign a contract with him.
Chiang Han is really something.
Ya-ya, I want an advance
on my next month's pay.
Another advance?
You do the books. You decide.
Wages get paid out next week.
How about you wait a few more days?
I have a problem at home.
Who doesn't have problems at home?
I can help you once or twice.
I can't help you forever.
Nightclubs are not for charity.
What Ms. Rose meant was,
business hasn't been that good lately.
The shop across the road
still hasn't found a tenant
after half a month.
Please understand.
Just say you won't lend it.
Save the excuses.
She won't get money with that attitude.
Chiang Han came by last night.
He wanted me to give you this.
I wasn't sure
if I should do him this favor.
Does this mean he and I are even?
He wants to get rid of me so badly.
He borrowed money, didn't he?
Death can mean a new beginning.
I don't want a new beginning.
If anyone should die, it is him.
No matter who dies,
settle all debts for a clean slate
in the next life.
I'm not that noble.
I want him to owe me in this life
and the next.
He owes me even when he is in his grave!
Give him his money back. I won't take it.
What did I do wrong?
I always end up with bad men.
Let's spend this money.
Give it to me.
- Why should I?
- It is all yours.
- Why should I give it to you?
- I want it.
- Come.
- I will take it all off.
How generous!
- Strip!
- Of course.
- You have to play.
- Come on
- Here.
- What more do you want?
Are you happy?
What is the score?
Honey, is this your first time here?
Which wine would you like?
Let me tell you a secret.
The 1972 wine is better.
I recommend it.
Whatever you say.
How did you know about this place?
Word spread in Tiaotong.
I have known for some time.
I just wasn't interested.
Does watching these men get humiliated
make you feel better?
- Cheers. Okay!
- Okay.
It is quite satisfying.
That is how the world is.
Men are nothing.
Only money won't betray us.
That's why
we should treat ourselves better.
No wonder she wants an advance.
Thank you.
Silly woman.
She has fallen for him.
It's sweet like you.
The hot water is next to the kettle.
There's no more.
My head aches.
Can you stop getting
so drunk all the time?
In our line of business,
isn't getting drunk a common thing?
What is common about it?
How old are you?
You can't even take care of yourself.
Here, eat some minced meat with that.
You bought it last time. It is quite good.
Wu Tzu-wei.
I'm your mom.
You sound like an old man.
How old are you?
I'm a guy.
You don't look after yourself,
so I have to.
By the way,
Uncle called yesterday
to remind you
that Grandpa's birthday is today.
When you try to forget,
the whole world comes to remind you.
Why don't I go with you this time?
Why would you go?
Don't you have exams?
Unity is strength.
Adults will handle their own problems.
Focus on studying.
Don't worry.
I won't be bullied.
Look at the time.
Is it just you?
Aren't you home early?
Happy birthday.
How can you be late for Dad's birthday?
I came all the way from the States.
It was convenient for you.
If you didn't have a business trip,
you wouldn't be here.
Two birds with one stone.
It's efficient. Understand?
Where is your son?
He has to study for midterms.
I told him to study at home.
Is half a bowl of rice enough?
It's fine. I already ate.
I'll just eat some of the dishes.
I think
that if people aren't filial,
no amount of education will help.
Like mother, like son.
At least I can count on my son
when I'm old.
Are you being sarcastic?
Ladies, listen to me.
Having kids care for you
in old age is an outdated concept.
I live in the US.
- Americans are
- Enough.
Please stop talking about the US.
What is so great about them?
They are amazing.
They have good technology,
benefits, and education.
Haven't you heard the saying,
"Come to NTU, go to the US"?
- That's the idea
- You have some nerve.
Would you be bragging now
if Mom and Dad hadn't spent their savings
to send you to school in the US?
- What bragging?
- Aren't you?
Are you two done arguing?
Just be quiet.
Dad's retirement money is running out.
Can you chip in
for the family's expenses?
Your parents gave birth
to you and raised you.
From the moment I was
kicked out of the house,
I haven't received a penny from them.
So what?
You are just like Lo Li-nung.
You two seem unconcerned
with what goes on at home
and leave me to take care of Mom and Dad.
Isn't that too selfish?
Then ask him for money.
Isn't he a tech upstart?
He must be richer than me.
Is that what you think?
He will be laid off soon.
I would have sent money to Mom
even if you hadn't asked.
There is something
I have to tell you.
A few days ago,
Wu Shao-chiang visited our parents.
Isn't he dead?
No, and he is doing just fine.
He was decked out in designer brands.
Good for him.
You're quite open-minded.
If I were you,
I would demand to have all his money.
You went to prison for him after all.
Mr. Nakamura, that's amazing!
Go ahead.
You really are good at golf.
I used to learn a little. It's a hobby.
Ms. Sue is a monster, isn't she?
She left the club
later than I did yesterday.
She had less than
four hours of sleep and can still play.
She is a monster.
Hana, you try.
Me too?
Just do what I taught you.
Mr. Nakamura,
are you trying to embarrass me?
- Thank you.
- It is too bad.
I won't get another chance
to spend so much time with you.
What do you mean?
The head office has decided
to transfer me back to Japan.
I see.
Congratulations on your promotion!
When are you going back to Japan?
After two or three months.
Isn't this too sudden?
I have to follow orders.
If Rose and the others find out,
they will be sad.
Make sure to come by Light
before you leave.
We will throw you a farewell party.
Thank you.
I will visit often
in the time I have left here.
It is your turn.
Mr. Nakamura, please teach me again.
Are you tired?
I have to admit I'm getting old.
You are not old.
Someone your age
is more attractive than younger men.
Your arms must be sore
after playing for so long.
I will give you a massage.
No, I don't want to trouble you.
It's no trouble.
Do you think I'm not good enough?
Look at you.
You have no one to take care of you.
I will worry about you
when you return to Japan.
I'm used to taking care of myself.
You shouldn't have to get used to that.
If you just say the word,
anyone would leave with you.
Your shoulders are so tight.
I have massage oil.
Let me help you relax.
I don't want to dirty your shirt.
I will take it off for you.
No, I don't want to trouble you.
- It is no trouble at all.
- This doesn't look good.
- No, it's okay.
- Here, smell this.
It smells really good.
- See?
- Ah-chi.
The front desk called a car for us.
We should return to the club.
Mr. Nakamura, we will be going now.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Let me get my bag.
Let's go.
Don't think I don't know what you did.
Can I come out first?
I'm sorry.
I don't care
what is going on between you two.
- Mr. Kase, here.
- Thank you, Ah-chi.
- Ah-chi is fine.
- Come, cheers.
- Welcome!
- Welcome!
It looks good.
The girls are all so pretty.
What is the meaning of this?
We received a tip.
There will be a drug deal here tonight.
Turn off the open sign.
Everyone present will be searched.
Is there a mistake?
That has never happened here before.
We will find out soon enough.
This is a police investigation.
- Please cooperate.
- What is going on?
- I'm sorry.
- Ladies, come over here.
- Sit down.
- Cooperate.
- Ladies, over here.
- Police business.
Please cooperate.
- Police business.
- Wait.
- What is this?
- Sit over there.
- Police business.
- Do officers just do what they want?
Ms. Lo, please do not
interfere with police business.
This is the search warrant.
- Police business. Please cooperate.
- Please cooperate.
don't worry.
- This is a safety check.
- Can you speak Mandarin?
- Please cooperate.
- Get up.
- How long will you be in Taiwan?
- Three days.
- Are you Japanese?
- Yes.
- Why did you come to Taiwan?
- Show me your ID card.
How can we do business if you do this?
It won't take long.
Be quiet and cooperate.
It won't affect your business.
Is that a threat?
It is a reminder.
We are not being uncooperative.
Can your officers please be gentler
to not scare our customers?
Asking nicely can go a long way.
Be gentle. Don't scare the customers.
Turn on all the lights.
Turn off the speakers. Thank you.
Are all your girls here?
Where is Yuri?
I think Yuri went
to the restroom just now.
- Ah-ta.
- Yes?
- The restroom.
- Okay.
Can you show us
your lounge room or changing room?
- Glasses, come.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
This is an inspection. Come out.
Hold on. I have my period.
You have ten seconds
to cover up before I break down the door.
Now you have five seconds.
Five, four,
- Wait!
- three, two
Have some respect for women.
A bar hostess still has dignity.
The police's intel isn't that reliable.
It's eye-opening for a civilian like me.
We have searched everyone.
Move out!
Come on, let's go.
- I'm so sorry for that scare!
- I'm sorry!
Drinks are on the house!
- Cheers!
- Drinks are on the house!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Are you going somewhere?
I'm not feeling well because of my period.
I have to go.
You should tell me earlier next time.
I saw you last night at Ciao.
Do you go to places like that too?
I'm just reminding you.
Don't get obsessed.
It is all fake.
You work at a bar.
You should know better.
Who knows what is real and what is fake?
You have disgraced
our entire police station.
You brought an entire team
and a search warrant
but found nothing.
If word gets out,
the police will be a joke.
I knew I shouldn't
have agreed to sign that warrant.
That bastard told me
drug deals happen at Light.
He got his goods there.
Do you trust a druggie?
He wouldn't lie to me.
Did he tell you who made the deal?
He doesn't know.
He doesn't know?
Either he fooled you
or you're not competent enough
to find the goods!
Both mean the same thing!
You're just stupid!
Write me a report.
Yes, sir.
What are you doing?
She won't take it?
Fine, whatever.
If you weren't going to get serious,
why did you
start things in the first place?
I'm serious in all of my relationships.
- You knew she had been hurt before.
- Who hasn't?
At least it proves we are still alive.
You are indeed a screenwriter.
Every line you say is part of a script.
But know this.
It won't work on every woman.
What about you?
What are you doing later?
- Ue Mr. Inoue?
- Yes, my name is Inoue.
All right.
- Welcome!
- Welcome!
Excuse me.
I'm here for three months.
- Three months?
- Yes.
- Have you tried soup dumplings yet?
- I have.
These are very delicious.
There is delicious food
in Maruyama Restaurant
He Yu-en.
What do you want?
This is a place of business.
Am I not allowed to come here?
You can't come just because you say so.
We pick our customers.
He Yu-en.
This is my workplace.
Open a bottle of wine for me.
- Stop it, He Yu-en.
- Aiko.
Go back to work. I will handle this.
Wang Ai-lien.
I'm a customer.
Open a bottle of wine for me.
It's expensive here.
It's not for kids.
Give me wine.
If he wants it, let him have it.
Don't get drunk and pass out here later.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Ms. Sue, welcome back.
Is this how you serve customers?
You're back.
Cheers! Thank you.
Which bottle would you like?
It's delicious.
He Yu-en.
Slow down.
Mr. Kima, I love your suspenders.
They look good on you.
That's enough.
That is too much.
Su Ching-yi.
Su Ching-yi!
I know what you are doing.
Su Ching-yi.
Stop pretending.
I know you like me.
I always knew.
It's not even about age.
You fell for someone else!
Do you think I'm a pushover?
I'm capable of anything.
I saw everything.
Don't give me that crap
about a big age difference
or that we aren't compatible.
You are just hooking up with someone else!
Su Ching-yi.
Su Ching-yi!
Subtitle translation by: Renee Luk
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