Light the Night (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

He Yu-en!
You're so slow.
Hurry up.
I thought we were going to rehearse.
Why are we here?
He Yu-en.
It's your birthday.
So we'll let you experience
the men's world.
The men's world.
- Why?
- I'm leaving if we're not rehearsing.
- No.
- Where are you going?
Mr. Kumoto, you're drunk.
- My hand.
- Yes.
Hsiao-hao, the towel.
Mr. Kumoto.
- Hana.
- You're drunk.
- Come on.
- My hand.
Mr. Lin, please wait a moment.
Mr. Kumoto, don't act this way.
My hand.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Kumo.
I'm Hana.
- Hana.
- Hana.
- His name is Kumoto.
- "Kumoto"?
- "Kumo" means spider.
- Spider.
I'm sorry.
I'm wrong again.
- Good evening.
- Aiko.
Here's your towel.
I'm finally here today.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
- Excuse me.
- We're customers.
- Cheers.
- Hsiao-hao.
Please come in.
- This way.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
Come on.
Here's the wine list.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
This isn't what we're looking for.
What should we do then?
- I'm leaving.
- The kind you're looking for
is past Nanjing East Road.
We don't do that here.
He's here.
Ms. Sue will entertain you.
Guys, is this your first time?
I'm the Mamasan here.
You can call me Sue.
- Sue.
- Hi, Sue.
What are your names?
His name is He Yu-en.
"Yu" as in seeking and asking.
"En" as in favored customer.
It's his birthday.
We brought him here
to turn him into a man.
It's your birthday?
- Yes.
- Happy birthday.
Thank you.
- Hsiao-hao.
- Yes.
- Bring the complimentary drinks.
- Okay.
Well, we don't know much about alcohol.
Can you make recommendations?
This isn't that kind of place.
- Come on.
- Since it's my birthday,
can't I decide?
By the door earlier
That was earlier.
We're inside now.
It would be rude to go out again.
The birthday boy decides.
His name is Yu-en.
What about the others?
Who are you hiding from?
No one.
Don't work here
if you're easily embarrassed.
I'm just here to take a break, okay?
Ms. Rose asked you
to take on the new guests.
You ran when you saw them.
You think no one saw that?
Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
What I recommended
is very smooth and reasonably priced.
What do you think? I'll do it.
It's good.
I think it's good.
As if. It's very expensive.
It's my treat.
Damn, He Yu-en.
Your face is really red.
No. Isn't it hot in here?
- Nonsense.
- It's not.
Hot? If you're feeling shy, just say so.
Ms. Sue.
I'll entertain them.
Enjoy your drinks.
Wang Ai-lien?
It's Aiko.
Journalism Department.
Yes, Wang Ai-lien.
We're classmates in Liberal Studies.
Are you on the verge
of failing for cutting classes?
It's not about me today, it's him.
He Yu-en, happy birthday.
A toast to you.
Thank you.
So you don't come to class often
because you work at a place like this?
Is it easy to earn a living here?
Do boys like you drink so coyly?
Then drink with us one by one.
The one who loses
will take off his clothes.
Take it off. Nice.
- Yes.
- Switch yours with mine.
It's only fair
since your glass is so small.
You must drink this much.
- Here.
- This is our policy here.
Your policy?
- I'm the policy.
- Okay.
Show some respect to your classmate, okay?
How could you force a girl to drink?
Wang Ai-lien.
Aiko, I'll drink it for you.
So cool.
- You're so cool.
- The birthday boy is the coolest!
- What a loving classmate.
- How manly.
My goodness.
Birthday boy, the song is here. Sing.
Sing the song.
- When did you request that?
- Just now.
- Come on.
- Sing it.
- I'm not familiar with it.
- Birthday
- You will know it.
- From A Better Tomorrow.
- Hurry up.
- Go.
- It's my roommate.
- Go.
- Hurry.
- Go up.
That gentle smile is giving me warmth
You give me happy energy
- Whispering that the long road is near
- That the long road is near
- Finally, it's becoming a sunny day
- Finally, it's becoming a sunny day
- Cheer jubilantly
- Cheer jubilantly
- Like a golden ray from the sun
- Like a golden ray from the sun
- I'll make you smile again
- I'll make you smile again
- We call softly
- We call softly
- Looking up at the sky together
- Looking up at the sky together
You're really not going to eat with us?
I don't want to be the third wheel.
Go ahead.
Why are you saying that?
Go ahead.
We'll get going.
What do you want to eat?
Rice vermicelli soup?
It's all right.
Or go home and eat
Eat me.
That's so lame.
Are you drunk?
It's you.
It's me.
Why do you smile like that?
Like what?
You smile
so prettily.
You make people feel reassured.
I see.
I like you.
I like you too.
You're really funny.
Wen-cheng, over here.
The killer must have started from here
to look for a place to bury a body.
He dragged her pretty far.
But it ended over there.
He must have noticed
the traces of dragging,
so he carried her on his back.
He carried her
on his back after dragging her that far.
He's strong.
What are you doing?
JULY 30TH, 1988
He Yu-en.
You're really heavy!
Wait a minute.
My goodness.
Stand properly.
Okay. We're almost there.
I'm so tired.
Su Ching-yi.
How could you do this?
How could you?
He Yu-en!
I put so much effort
into carrying you home.
Why do you keep calling Su Ching-yi?
She doesn't want you anymore.
Are you
Are you looking down on me?
He Yu-en, you're hurting me!
Do you think I'm a pushover?
Do you think I'm a pushover?
Let go of me. I can't breathe.
You think I won't kill you?
Do you think I won't?
I'll kill you.
He Yu-en.
How is he better than me?
What does he have that I don't?
Why would you rather
ruin someone else's relationship
than be with me?
You're so early.
I didn't sleep all night.
I'm starving. Eat out with me.
Is someone inside?
Where's the ashtray on the table?
It's dusty. I washed it.
Isn't that ashtray for me?
Did you start smoking again?
Why won't you be honest?
I know everything.
A repairman came
to fix the air conditioner last week.
I secretly asked him
to install surveillance cameras.
I didn't tell you because
you might say that I'm a spendthrift.
You still won't admit it?
Su Ching-yi,
how long have we been friends?
Stop acting in front of me, will you?
You were distraught yesterday,
so you smoked?
Because He Yu-en made a scene yesterday.
Can you stop letting him get to you?
I'm trying to get better myself.
I don't know how long it'll take,
but I'll be fine.
So can you.
He Yu-en is not worth it.
You took a day off yesterday,
but you really know everything.
I won't yell at Hsiao-hao
for reporting every trivial matter to you.
It's not a trivial matter.
I checked the repair bill last month.
I checked the shop's accounts too.
When did you install the cameras?
You don't know how to lie.
Don't let any guy defeat you.
You have me.
That's right. I have you.
Have you ever wondered
if time turned back,
and you're with Chiang Han instead of me?
What are you trying to say?
Then I'm the one with He Yu-en.
What would happen?
I don't think I can last a week
with He Yu-en.
I'm not as patient as you.
Forget it.
Let's not talk about men.
Did you return the money to Chiang Han?
He must have acted like
it doesn't matter, right?
No matter what happens,
he's always like that.
Who didn't want
to talk about men just now?
It won't fall.
Your birthday is coming up.
Do you want to hold an event this year?
I promised to buy it for you.
I didn't break my promise, did I?
Get in.
Tzu-wei, you're back?
Are you making curry rice?
You used to cook for me.
Lately, after school,
you do your homework at Liu Chih-chiang's.
It's my turn to make it for you.
It seems to be a failure.
How is that possible?
I spent all afternoon making it.
It smells good.
I have something to tell you.
Let me guess.
You didn't go to Chih-chiang's
to do homework.
You did something else.
How did you know?
Come on, who am I?
I'm your mom.
How can I not know?
Do you have a girlfriend?
It's Dad.
He came to see me.
He said he misses us.
He knows you don't want to see him,
so he came to me first.
And he won't let me tell you.
I asked him
why he never visited you
when you were in prison.
He said he met some bad guys.
I don't know if it's true.
But after meeting him a few times,
I think
How many times did you meet?
Three times, including today.
You've met him three times?
And you're only telling me now?
Because I already told Dad
not to pick me up again today.
I don't want you to be unhappy.
Are you happy
when you meet with him?
He said
that he wants to make up for his mistakes.
After hearing that,
I felt happy.
It's best not to meet again, as you said.
The adults will deal
with these things ourselves.
Hurry up and eat.
Zhongshan Police Station?
Ms. Lo Yu-nung, please come this way.
Please give me your ID.
I never thought
that we would be meeting like this.
It has been a while.
Please confirm
- if Wu Shao-chiang is your husband.
- No.
We're just not divorced yet.
So you're still legally married now?
Here's the thing, Ms. Lo.
Mr. Wu damaged his car
after getting drunk earlier.
He can just pay a fine.
But he can't pay it at the moment,
so I contacted you
to process his bail.
Can I ignore him?
This car is registered to you.
If you don't pay the fine,
we can impound the car by law.
And if you have to pay taxes
in the future
How much? Let's get this done.
- Okay, 1,500.
- I need to get to work.
I really thought about
going to you, but I
Tzu-wei I
I saw Tzu-wei, he's very tall.
- I
- Don't look for Tzu-wei again.
When I dropped Tzu-wei off today,
the car hit a telephone pole.
But don't worry.
- I'll find time to
- Didn't you hear me?
I told you not to meet Tzu-wei again.
Sir, are you done?
Okay, here.
1,500 dollars. Please sign here.
Can we talk, Yu-nung?
We haven't seen each other
for so many years.
How dare you show up
so proudly like nothing happened?
Are you acting out
some kind of reunion scene?
Wu Shao-chiang, let me tell you.
You ruined my life before. That's fine.
But please get out of my life from now on.
I had my reasons, listen
Keep your lame excuses!
Ever since you disappeared
after making me go to prison,
you don't even deserve to apologize to me.
Yes. I made a mistake. You're right.
I'm sorry. I
I must pay back what I owe you.
Yu-nung, just
Just do it for Tzu-wei's sake, okay?
Ms. Rose.
Do you need help from the police?
All right.
I'll invite you and Tzu-wei
for dinner another day.
Your husband is very interesting.
He damaged his car after drinking
and even called the police himself.
Do the police have a lot of time?
You raided my shop.
Now, you're meddling in my affairs.
Last time, you told us
to mention your name
if we stop by your shop.
Does that still stand?
Wen-cheng, where did you say
you want to go to drink?
- Hsiao-hao.
- Yes.
Why do you keep losing?
- You finished the drinks.
- Last time,
we came because of pressure
from our superiors.
When we get off work,
we need a place to relax too.
Mr. Li.
- This isn't an illegal place.
- Let me pour it.
- Yes.
- No, I'll pour it myself.
- I'm the only one drinking.
- But in our circle,
- You only drank a bottle. That's it?
- many like to wander in gray areas.
That's a lot, okay?
Who knows if there's anything illegal
- going on?
- Let's play a drinking game.
- I'm done.
- You're the ones working hard.
- Aside from investigations,
- Let's play.
- No.
- you must face the deals under the table.
- It's not easy.
- Come on.
Win, and you can go.
- Well said.
- But I'm already off work.
- You
- No wonder those people like coming here.
- Okay, last round.
- Here.
Thank you.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for coming.
I'll see customers off first.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Paper.
Don't talk if you're bad at it.
- Enjoy your drink.
- Two hands
- You're promoting police duties.
- Ready, three.
You're scaring away our customers.
- Again.
- You're the one bad at talking.
Since we're here,
shouldn't your customers
feel more at ease?
Here I go.
- Ready, two
- Ready, one.
- Nice. Bottoms up.
- Wait.
- Did you do that on purpose?
- No.
- Today's an exception.
- Wait.
- Why? Because of your ex-husband?
- Drink with me.
Service is service,
but I'm not talking about this.
I think he did it on purpose.
- Again.
- How so?
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- He chose that kind of place.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- You couldn't refuse him.
- He can even say,
- Ready, three.
- "It has been a while."
- Two.
- One.
- "How are you?"
- Two.
- One.
- That makes sense.
- Zero.
- If I see him on the streets,
- Drink.
I wouldn't even look at him.
Okay, I'll drink with you.
Forget it.
You must face the things you do.
- Ready, zero.
- Ready, one, zero.
Everyone has a past.
Why do I keep losing?
Maybe I did a lot more in my past.
We don't smoke when we serve customers.
I'm a customer now?
- Only one hand now.
- One.
- Do you want to learn or not?
- I
I'm done playing.
I'll drink. I'll drink myself.
What about the college student?
No way.
I think the old one is more suspicious.
It's like she was competing
for food in the market.
Wasn't she with a Japanese guy?
Have you been watching?
I thought you were only chatting
with Ms. Rose all night.
Fuck you.
Do you think I'm like you,
who were just playing games?
That's part of the job, okay?
And I already have a lead.
- What are you doing?
- Come, look.
My locker door
has been broken for a long time.
Shouldn't it be fixed?
You already told me yesterday.
Please tell the boss.
It has been broken for so long. Fix it.
What if my money gets stolen?
You need money the most here, Ah-chi.
Just don't steal from others.
I'm trying to do everyone a favor.
Look at your locker.
It opens so easily.
Yuri's too.
Don't touch my locker, okay?
My lock is intact. Don't break it.
Who is it?
It's for me.
Is it a man or woman?
It's not for you anyway.
What brings you here?
Does it sound fake
if I say that I miss you?
I won't beat around the bush then.
The goods.
You're just here for the goods?
- Pai-he.
- I flushed them away.
You know how fucked up I am
because of them.
A bunch of police raided us suddenly.
I almost got caught, you know?
You're not even concerned.
You just ask where the goods are.
I thought that after revealing
such a big secret to you,
we don't need courtesies.
It seems like I'm the only one
who thinks that way.
Who says you can go?
I don't want to burden you anymore.
I don't want you to feel in danger.
Isn't this how it is in a relationship?
Even if you argue,
you will make up after it's over.
You can't just leave like this.
Don't you know that?
Maybe it's because I work at Ciao.
I've been trained
to deal with people in a certain way.
I must always smile no matter what.
Everything must be fine with me.
But I can't
deal with you that way.
Let's not fight, okay?
I'll face this with you.
You're up?
You must be hungry after sleeping all day.
I brought a packed meal.
Get up and eat.
You were really drunk.
Do you remember what happened yesterday?
How could I forget?
You were telling the truth then?
What did I say yesterday?
What does he have that I don't?
Why would you rather
ruin someone else's relationship
than be with me?
How is Chiang Han better than me?
I don't know what I'm doing either.
I just embarrass myself like an idiot,
making her look down on me more.
I'm just mad.
I'm mad at myself for being so useless.
Who says that you're useless?
Not at all, okay?
You dare to face your true feelings.
I think you're very brave.
Thank you for yesterday.
If not for you, I
You don't need to thank me.
Seeing you like that,
anyone would want to help you.
Except her.
Did I really strangle you yesterday?
Yes, you almost killed me.
Are you okay now?
Take care of your head first.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
No matter what I said yesterday,
can you keep it a secret?
Why are you here?
Your cufflink is loose.
It caught on something earlier.
Take it off, I'll sew it back on.
Lo Yu-nung came by?
Did the press conference today go well?
You have to see her every day.
Is your balance of mind affected?
What is regarded as "balanced"?
Did I ask a stupid question?
After the press conference,
my boss came to me and said
that he hoped
to preserve the aesthetic of my work,
but he wants to make it more sensational.
He asked if I could make a balance.
So I asked him,
"What is regarded as 'balanced'?"
He just wants me to behave
and revise it as he says.
Balance, my foot.
Did I leave a short-sleeved shirt here?
Every time I come here,
the bedsheets are changed.
I've never seen the same one.
That's because you sweat a lot.
You sweat a lot too.
What brings you here?
What do you think?
Does it look good?
It's nice. Is it new?
Yes, this is for you.
It's the same design.
- Yu-nung.
- Yes?
- Su Ching-yi!
- Yes?
Your flowers are on the floor.
I'll do it, Yu-nung.
I'll do it.
I'll get a rag.
- I got it.
- Let me do it.
Try the shoes on.
What's that sound?
I'll go and take a look.
What happened?
The window wasn't closed.
I see.
I'll find you something
to wear with your shoes.
Try them on to see if they fit first.
Does the size fit you?
Have a look at this.
- It's perfect.
- It's just right.
It's decided then.
This is the pair for you.
What's decided?
For my birthday this year,
everyone in the shop
will wear the same red shoes.
Then customers will play a guessing game.
Here, put it on. Try if they match.
Hey, whose is this? Lend it to me.
Don't scare me.
How petty.
A cockroach!
- What the heck?
- Catch it!
- No!
- Catch it!
Didn't you lure out the cockroach?
Is it that hard to keep
the work environment clean?
What's wrong?
There was a cockroach just now.
I just reminded them
to keep the place clean.
Is it dead?
But we must catch it.
We won't spare any of them.
Let's maintain
a clean working environment.
We must find it
since we're going to hold an event soon.
That's right. Your birthday is coming up.
Same as always.
I think we'll have a lot of customers
this year too.
We still play games with customers again.
we have a theme.
I hope everyone will cooperate.
What is it?
It's the red heels that I'm wearing now.
I hope
that everyone can wear
the same red high heels that night.
Sir, from my point of view,
this is definitely not a simple case.
Mr. Ko is here.
- Hello, Mr. Ko.
- Hello, Mr. Ko.
Mr. Ko,
Wen-cheng seems to know the victim.
Wen-cheng, the shoe.
This is the corpse's dumpsite.
Subtitle translation by: Coleen Chua
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