Light the Night (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

We're done with the photos.
The body can be moved.
Call the undertakers to handle this.
The soil you dug out is mixed
with the soil from the landslide.
It's a mess.
- The scene is destroyed.
- Who would hate such a nice person?
It's muddy from the typhoon.
- That was damaging.
- They meet lots of people at work.
Do something about this bag next
so that the Forensic Science
All I can think about
is her working at the club.
So you two often used to drink
at the club where the deceased worked?
It wasn't often.
It was for an investigation.
An investigation?
It was the Pai Lung case.
I'm still looking into it.
We suspected
that the deal was made at their club.
That's why we purposely
built a relationship with them.
AUGUST 11TH, 1988
- That's amazing. Drink!
- Drink up.
- Cheers.
- One more.
It's a small vial, but very effective.
I used to inject myself.
Nothing has happened so far.
Don't buy it from me
if you don't believe me.
Do you have any on you?
How could I carry it around?
Get it from me tomorrow
before we start work.
Bring money.
I will.
What are you doing?
Who are you looking for?
I'm looking for you.
What do you want?
Do you want to go dancing sometime?
buy five bottles of wine first.
And I already have a lead.
If it's true,
there will be a deal tomorrow.
Li Chien-ta,
there is no fucking sign of anyone.
Isn't there anyone suspicious on your end?
Fuck it.
I'm going for cigarettes. Keep watch.
Or did they mean somewhere else?
What are you doing here?
I'm here to drink
with you.
You're here for drinks?
Why did you bring that big thing?
Recently, the higher-ups said
crime is on the rise in Tiaotong.
I'm patrolling the area.
Your shoes are really pretty.
- Do they look good?
- Yes.
Rose lent them to me.
My high heels just broke.
They really suit you.
No, they don't.
Rose's things are all so fancy.
They don't suit me.
That's not true.
You're so pretty.
Anything you wear is
just icing on the cake.
All right.
Come in from the front door.
Not from the back?
I will go first.
- Okay.
- Get ready. Two!
- You too. Two.
- No, that's two fingers. Two.
- Okay, now it's my turn.
- Wait.
- My turn, right?
- What's the penalty for losing?
- What's the penalty?
- If you lose
No days off for a month!
- What? I'm not the one playing.
- Okay, one, two.
How did I lose first?
So you have to drink?
Okay, I will drink.
No, don't. I will drink.
How about you dance with me as punishment?
Where would we go dancing?
Kiss. You haven't been there before.
You still remember?
- You're so pretty today
- Who says you can ask her out?
Every day,
you are either dancing or drinking.
Do the police have this much free time?
Police officers
also get to unwind after work.
In that case,
come by for a drink next weekend.
Are you buying us drinks?
You had a misunderstanding about our club.
We want to invite you over for some fun.
Our club has
three significant days every year.
One is Ms. Rose's birthday.
The second is Ms. Sue's birthday.
- The last is
- Your birthday, right?
It's the club's anniversary.
That's nice.
Li Chien-ta,
do you want to work here?
Thank you, Mamasans.
Are you really going dancing with him?
It feels good to be liked.
Since when did that word become so cheap?
Don't worry.
It's not like I haven't been hurt before.
Let me enjoy it just for one night.
Let me pretend.
He is a police officer after all.
- Don't get too crazy.
- Okay.
This can't be right.
Mr. Lai's wine was 1,000 dollars, not 600.
Then Rose said Hana would
split the bill for breaking a wineglass.
So that is another 250 dollars.
- And
- Is this enough?
Good night.
If you have any complaints about the club,
you can tell me directly.
Shall we have a chat?
I don't want any animosity in the club.
Let's clear the air.
What do you know?
What do you want to say?
Don't think I don't know what you did.
Are you that bothered by what I said?
Why do you care?
You did something
that you shouldn't have done, didn't you?
How can I help you?
Is Mr. Nakamura home?
I want to give
these sticky rice dumplings to him myself.
He is here, but it isn't a good time.
Besides, Ms. Sue from your club is inside.
Then how is this not a good time?
Su Ching-yi
I know Ms. Sue.
It's not even noon.
Could it be that Sue
has been here since last night?
Mr. Nakamura used to be my client.
I don't care that you slept with him,
but then you stole him from me.
You were still dating
that college student at the time.
Isn't that disgusting?
- So you're getting revenge?
- Yes.
I want to kill you.
Do you know how to kill someone?
If someone who wants to kill
doesn't even know how to hold a knife,
putting force at the wrong point
might make them
accidentally hurt themselves.
If you are saying that as a warning,
then come at me.
But if you are saying this
to make up with me,
I can tell you this right now.
It won't work.
What about this box of tobacco?
You really know nothing
about your employees.
How are you a Mamasan?
I don't smoke tobacco.
I can afford my own cigarettes.
I don't need your handouts.
Yes, I just got off work.
Yes, I do.
I got some money today.
Give me some more time for the rest. I
Next month?
I'm begging you. Don't do this.
Give me more time. I will pay it all back.
What is all the noise about?
It's the middle of the night!
Ms. Chi, thank you for your company.
You made me feel at home
when I first arrived in Taiwan.
I hope we get to know each other.
How dare you come here?
I don't think
I have ever visited you at school.
I'm the one waiting for you
most of the time.
I waited where you couldn't see me.
You probably never noticed
or realized it, right?
That is because
you took it for granted.
I don't blame you.
What would you blame me for?
You were cast aside
and couldn't get me back.
So you did all you could to make a fuss,
cause a scene,
and curse me.
You put all your energy into that.
That is what you are doing right now.
This is what you are doing to me.
But these are
all useless.
Can we stop?
While you are hurting me,
you are also hurting yourself.
Don't tell me that again.
Saying this stuff
is what actually is useless.
The student that plays the guitar,
please come and sign in.
Submit your report while you're up here.
What is the matter?
Did you not do it?
Then be prepared to retake the class.
We have shown you
the structures
of the upper and middle levels.
Now we are
Sir, here is the report.
- Here, serve the order.
- Okay.
Sorry, we ran out of eggs,
but we added extras to that plate.
- Give her the one with the egg.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Please enjoy.
How did you know
that I didn't do the report?
Do you think you could do it?
I also know you like fried eggs.
What? Aren't you going to eat it?
Su Ching-yi came to see me earlier.
It's none of my business
if you want to keep badgering her.
But she doesn't want you.
You will just make a fool of yourself.
Whatever. We're classmates.
I can let you cry on my shoulder.
Thank you.
What for?
I'm thanking you for the report.
Actually, that's not all
you should thank me for.
I know why Su Ching-yi came to see you.
Chiang Han,
your pack of cigarettes is so cool.
It's important to stand out, Hsiao-hao.
Make people remember you on sight.
There is only one seller
in Taiwan that imports this.
Why did you do that?
To warn her, of course.
I want her to know
that she can't just do whatever she wants.
You're not me. What do you know?
I didn't ask for your help.
Why are you meddling?
Are you stupid?
Don't you understand
that it's easier to hate than to forgive?
Doesn't it feel good to see her like this?
- It doesn't.
- That's because you haven't tried.
Don't you want to get better soon?
Being crueler to her
is the same as treating yourself better.
She's happy now.
What about you?
Ms. Lo, is Mr. Wu arriving soon?
I don't know.
Mr. Ting has another meeting.
We have allowed you
to wait here for over two hours.
We have to ask you to wait outside now
or schedule another session.
Are you Ms. Lo Yu-nung?
Where is Wu Shao-chiang?
I am Mr. Wu's secretary.
He said you would
probably be coming by to see him.
So where is he now?
He had to go on a business trip
to Hong Kong.
I'm sorry that I had
a last-minute business trip.
But even without this business trip,
I didn't plan on going to the law firm.
I bet you're really angry right now.
I'm sorry.
I won't divorce you.
I can't change what I have done.
I will use the rest of my life
to make it up to you and Tzu-wei.
Wait for me.
Mr. Chiang,
I was waving at you from outside.
You just ignored me.
You're so absorbed in your work.
I'm writing your heartbreak scene.
Is it the opening scene
for the new prime-time drama?
Will I want to cry
but the tears won't come out?
Or do I act relieved
but actually hate the other person?
I can act out both.
I'm disturbing you, aren't I?
I thought we would
talk about the characters over coffee,
but you have already started writing.
All right. I don't want you to hate me.
I'm going shopping.
I don't hate you.
I just don't like surprises.
Don't do this again.
You are on time.
Am I too early?
That woman just now
- is the female lead of this drama.
- I know.
Aside from writing scripts,
you have to deal
with female celebrities too.
It's hard on you.
You don't mind?
I deal with many men every day.
Do you mind?
I'm almost done.
Why don't we watch a movie later?
What if you're late for work?
It will be okay.
Hold on.
All done.
She tried to kill someone before.
"Due to long-term abuse
from her boyfriend when he was drunk,
she stabbed her boyfriend
in anger and attempted murder."
She doesn't seem like the type.
Didn't you two go dancing?
What have we got?
No, we ended up not going.
No? Then where did you go?
I nearly arrested her.
What are you doing?
I don't smell any alcohol.
- We're going dancing. How
- Li Shu-hua.
I was coming to see you.
It has been a long day of work.
Since I have some free time,
do you have any goods?
What goods? I don't.
- I told you yesterday that I wanted five.
- I don't have that many.
Police business.
Where are the goods?
What's this?
- This is
- I told you not to come!
What's wrong with you?
How was I supposed to know?
- I asked you what this is.
- Birth control!
A date?
What date?
Why pretend if it's an investigation?
Birth control?
Birth control?
I know the drug.
It is indeed an injection.
My friend used it and told me.
She said each shot is effective
against pregnancy for three months.
Why did she need five vials?
I already asked.
That woman works in Wanhua District.
She's a prostitute.
So what now?
What do we do?
I'm just going drinking with Hana.
I only got the chance
after a day of begging.
Mr. Li, we have no leads now.
How do you have time to drink?
That's not it.
I should apologize for my mistake.
Damn you!
Get out!
Do you want to join me?
Walking out into the world for the future
Leaving my hometown to explore the world
- Hsiao-hao, Table 3 doesn't have fruit.
- Okay, right away.
Table 1 doesn't have drinks yet?
- Welcome.
- No, I'm working on it.
- This way, please.
- Clear this.
This way, please.
- Aiko, the counter.
- Okay.
- Hana, that table wants to drink with you.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
- Hana!
- Yes?
- Where are our fruits?
- What will you drink?
I'm sorry. Please wait a moment.
Just a second.
Hana, I'm here.
I'm busy.
- Ya-ya, stay with him.
- Okay.
Hana, Table 1 asked for you.
- Then
- I will take that.
- Okay.
- I will do it.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Sit here.
Are you Hua-hua?
I'm Hana.
Li Shu-hua.
Fuck, Kuo-piao. She really is Hua-hua.
I'm not kidding.
You're popular now.
It took so long to get you here.
What's up with that?
No, Kuo-piao.
It's really busy today.
Let's have a drink first.
Let's drink.
Drink faster.
I thought I wouldn't be able to find you.
You still smell so nice.
I'm getting so excited.
Do you still charge the same amount?
Listen, young man.
She used to work on our street.
She was the cheapest
and had the best rack.
It's pretty big.
Do you want some fruit?
Let me cut some up.
Where are you going?
I waited a long time for you.
I'm not going.
Are you free after work?
We can get a room and catch up.
See your old friend, okay?
Kuo-piao, we don't do that here.
What do you mean?
I used to spend so much money on you.
Tell me what you haven't done before.
If a girl says no
She means yes. Just look at her face.
Do you remember
the game that we used to play?
I would lick ice cubes all over your body.
My hand slipped. It fell in!
My hand slipped.
- It fell in. I will get it out for you.
- Kuo-piao!
My hand slipped.
- Sorry, my hand slipped.
- Fuck! What are you doing?
Hana, get a towel.
- Okay.
- Fuck.
Where are you going?
You want to make this hard?
Why did you hit her?
- Bitch, what do you want?
- What's it to you?
What's going on?
- Who are you?
- What? Do you want to attack an officer?
- A police officer!
- Amazing!
Not bad. You have the police on your side.
how is she in bed?
- Fuck you!
- Please leave.
You are never welcome here again.
Fine by me. But remember this.
If I'm not welcome here,
we will meet again somewhere else.
Leave already! Go!
My suit is expensive. Don't touch me.
Hua-hua, I will miss you!
Stop pushing me.
Go inside and rest.
We're sorry about that.
We're sorry about that.
I'm going to bed. Good night, Ms. Li.
- Good night.
- Leave it here. I will clean it.
Good night.
Isn't my life shitty?
That's why people
keep treating me like this.
Don't you dare say that again.
You did nothing wrong.
They are the sick ones.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I'm fine.
Are you still up?
We used to sleep next to each other.
The room was so small though.
The dresser was over there.
The window was over there.
The toilet was over there.
The toilet was over there.
You're thinking about the prison cell.
That's weird. I was there longer than you.
I should remember it more clearly.
Why are we reminiscing
about our time in prison?
That guy today
was my client when I was a prostitute.
It's strange.
I ran away from that so long ago.
But there is no escaping it.
If I had just killed
that person back then,
I would still be in there, wouldn't I?
Why are you bringing that up?
You have been here for some time.
Everything is fine, isn't it?
You still have me. It will be okay.
I have you.
Just like how you have Ms. Sue, right?
All right.
Thank you.
For what?
It's important to take care of each other.
It's like me and Sue.
If someone has your back,
then no matter what happens,
you won't be afraid.
I'm glad that I have you.
Don't worry.
Get some sleep. You will be fine.
Lo Yu-nung!
Don't look back!
Don't say goodbye!
Hurry up.
Do you not want to leave?
Lo Yu-nung!
Don't look back!
Don't say goodbye!
Are you sure this is okay?
Didn't we agree on it?
You will own 20%.
I will own the other 80%.
But we will both
be owners.
- Watch your step.
- Okay.
Lift it higher on your right side.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
- Watch your head.
- It's heavy.
Is it okay to order so much alcohol?
If the club makes a profit,
we will split it.
If not, I will take responsibility.
Have some fruit.
From now on, this will be
Ms. Rose and Ms. Sue's club.
This way, please.
- Excuse me.
- Hana!
That sounds lovely.
It sounds good?
This is Aiko.
- Aiko.
- Aiko.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Were you working on this
instead of helping me take out the trash?
- Your gift.
- Okay.
Let me guess what color it is.
- Yellow?
- I gave you that before.
Black is so classy.
It's mysterious,
versatile, elegant, and mature.
That is a lot of adjectives.
Do you have more?
You started this in high school.
That handkerchief was
the ugliest and coarsest of all.
I have kept
every single one.
This one is from last year.
How many have I given you?
Around 16 or 17, right?
You're right.
You're old.
You're old!
You're still nine months older than me!
The birthday girl is so mean!
The birthday girl should
Are you giving this color this year?
This is mulberry silk.
I had a friend bring it back from abroad.
It feels amazing.
Thank you, Ms. Rose!
What birthday girl gives out gifts?
Are you deducting it from our wages?
I don't want it then.
Of course not.
These are my gifts to all of you.
Is this to make up for yesterday?
Yesterday, we were packed to the brim.
We were swamped without Ms. Sue.
I know what happened last night.
Good work, everyone.
But that Kuo-piao
who came to the club yesterday
asked how much Hana was charging.
Is Hana breaking the rules?
- Privately accepting customers
- Don't make assumptions.
Doesn't the club prohibit that?
Enough, all of you.
- So what is the present?
- Here you go.
Thank you.
Does everyone get the same thing?
It's the same as what you lent me!
Don't touch my stuff.
Now that you have all received gifts,
please stop talking.
Get ready quickly.
We are fully booked today.
- Okay.
- Hey, everyone!
Here are the photos
of our golf outing with Mr. Nakamura.
Have they been printed? Let me see.
I will keep them for now.
You should get ready. You too.
You all should.
Ms. Rose, the photo studio owner
wishes you a happy birthday.
Thank you.
You should be the one getting ready.
Go on.
- I will go and get changed.
- Okay.
Subtitle translation by: Renee Luk
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