Lightfields (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Same year you were here.
It's a coincidence.
I found a letter from Eve.
For your sister.
Where did you get that? Viv.
Well, that's not hers.
I want to read it.
It's not yours to read.
"I hope you die.
" You hated her.
Look, this is for you.
"Say nothing.
Even if they torture you.
" I don't want you spreading rumours, ruining reputations.
It's natural to protect your daughter.
And stop her from seeing boys.
He has a temper, doesn't he? We've all got tempers.
Are you sure you wanna drive? Yes, I'm worried about this guy.
There's gonna be an accident.
You shopped me, didn't you? No! Liar! Hey, stop that.
What are you doing? If someone has caused the death, do you think the spirit can't rest in peace? I'm not just saying it wasn't me! It wasn't me! And it wasn't me.
Then who typed it? There's no answer.
Unless there's some kind of Some kind of What? Ghost? But, Mum, let's just think about what this means.
"Coming ready or not.
" It's like hide and seek, so I feel I feel like I'm hiding somewhere useless, she's stopped counting and she's coming.
Who is? Lucy.
No, she's not.
So let's just pretend this never happened.
Sit down.
I'll make you a nice cup of tea.
Are you not hungry? Now the harvest's in, you can have a bit of a rest.
I'll get it.
You can take Pip fishing.
I want to talk to them.
What about? To tell them the stranger who's living in their house hated their daughter.
And to show them the letter you wrote.
Harry, don't.
To see if they agree you could have set fire to the barn.
But I was trying to convince you that it wasn't an accident.
Because you wanted Dwight to be blamed.
You wanted to take revenge on him, as well as Lucy.
What's happening? Please Don't talk to them now.
Give me a chance.
Give us a clue, Pip.
Uh biggest mammal.
Five letters.
Elephant! Is "whale" five letters? Yes.
Well done.
Did them at school.
What did you do at school, Barry? Any counting? Spelling? Ha-ha-ha.
If you did have a fight, who would win? If who did? You and my dad.
Oh, that wasn't a fight, what you saw.
If, though, who would win? Well, let's look at it No, let's not.
He's taller, he's younger, but can I use my superpowers? No, because there isn't going to be a fight cos grown men don't fight, do they, Barry? No.
That's right.
What? You fan the flames.
No, I don't.
What flames? All of them.
Calling the police on Paul.
He called the social workers out on us.
And talking about who would win.
I was turning it into a joke, for Luke.
Yes, well, it isn't a joke, for Luke.
Happy? Hello? Is Nick there? Can I ask who's calling? Clare.
Just one second.
Hi, Nick? Yeah.
Hang on.
The pips are going.
I need to see you.
Coming ready or not! Don't go walking down Lovers' Lane With anyone else but me Anyone else but me Anyone else but me No, no, no Don't go walking down Lovers' Lane with anyone else but me Anyone else but me Hello.
Hello, Luke.
Did the tooth fairy lead you here? She's not really the tooth fairy.
Who is she? My guardian angel.
Luke, I don't think she's your guardian angel.
I think she's the opposite.
Luke, I think she's leading you into danger.
So, please, please don't follow her.
And if she comes again tell me.
Come on.
We'll go home.
Are you OK? What's happened? It's um hard to explain, but my mum's a bit Mm Mad.
Not as mad as mine.
She's had mental breakdowns a couple of times and been in hospital and everything.
And it's sort of either it's happening again, or it's something else.
What do you mean, "something else"? There's been things typed in the night, that she says she didn't do.
You think she's lying? No, not lying, but maybe she did it and forgot she was doing it.
I don't know.
Maybe you should stay awake.
See what she does.
That's a good idea.
Then you'll know.
See? Not just a pretty face.
"Mm," she says.
Hey! You didn't waste much time.
Um, I've got to go, anyway.
Run home to mummy.
Slag! Come on.
What are you trying to do to me? Scare me? Punish me? Why? What did I do to you? What are you doing? I er It's my fault.
Cos I had that letter.
No, it's not.
It's mine.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Paul.
How are you doing? Yeah, great.
Oh lost my business, lost my girlfriend.
Now I'm gonna lose my license.
You lost your business? I thought you sold it.
Yeah it's a bit technical.
Debts outweighing assets - all that.
Won't bore you with it.
But you don't have to worry about me, Lorn.
I'll bounce back.
Don't start celebrating just yet.
No, we're not.
We wouldn't want to see you in trouble.
No? All right.
That's good.
Cos I'm fine.
I'm perfectly competent of looking after Luke 24/7.
Hey! Hey, you ready for a fun day? Yeah? OK.
See you at six.
Grounded, is he? What? I told you to stay inside.
Oh Hello? Tom? Hello? Eve.
What are you doing? Tom, I'm so sorry.
I I don't usually trespass.
It's just that I I was looking through the window and and I saw the picture of Lightfields.
You couldn't resist? No.
So, have you found yourself, and your sister? She looks so young.
It's how I remember her.
Never seen her older.
So So, that must be Pip.
It is.
Where's Lucy? Gone.
Of course.
I've I've got a picture of her somewhere.
Took 'em myself.
With Mr Felwood's box Brownie.
He let me have them.
How did she die, Tom? Strange you don't remember.
I don't.
There was a fire.
She fell asleep in the hay barn and it burnt down.
That's awful.
How did it start? Damp hay fermenting.
It smoulders.
Well, that's what the police said.
You don't believe it? What I believe don't matter.
You think someone started it? If they did, I would say they suffered for it.
You may escape the law but there's judge and jury in your heart.
And you don't forget the wrongs you done.
It's them as lives on.
You can't come in here, lad.
Message for her.
Well, spit it out, then.
Please come back.
We can't go on like this.
What happened that night Don't.
We can't stay here.
I think we should leave.
If that's what you want.
I've got something to tell you.
I fell out with Lucy that day and I wrote her a horrid letter.
I didn't send it.
And now Harry has it and he thinks that I hated her and could have set fire to the barn.
And did you? You know she didn't.
She couldn't have.
You wouldn't do that.
It was an act of God.
An accident.
Wondered where you were.
I'm fine.
I went to see Tom.
Told me Lucy died in a fire.
Yeah, that's what Nick said.
Did he say how it started? No.
I don't think he knows.
Why can't I remember anything? Kids block stuff out.
I know there's things that I don't remember that I must have blocked out.
Like what? Like when you went to hospital.
I'm glad you don't remember that.
Dad said they made you better.
Yeah, well he thought it was a good solution at the time.
I don't blame him for what he did.
He must have been at his wits' end.
What did he do? He He had me sectioned.
But it was a long time ago, sweetheart.
Anyway tell me about Nick.
He's nice.
Kind is good.
And good-looking Ooh! Good-looking is really good.
There's a chance we might be moving on, Tom.
I'm sure a new tenant would be glad to have you stay and help him.
You've been good to me.
If only If only I'd known she was in the barn.
When I first saw it burning, when I was coming back from the pub, I ran to get you but if I'd just gone in, I could have got her out.
You couldn't have.
I would have done anything.
I know you would, Tom.
I know.
It's not your fault.
Mr Felwood.
I don't want to see him.
I'm going to the village.
I'll see you later.
Have you come about Eve's letter? No.
I was coming to see her.
My call-up papers have come.
The book's arrived.
Yeah, this is it.
What? It's dedicated to "My mother Vivien And to Lucy Felwood".
"Gone, like youth itself, too soon.
" That's a coincidence.
I'll email her via the publishers, tell her we've got that photo of her mum.
Tell her we're Felwoods, too.
And ask who Lucy was.
Don't you think it's weird that Pip claims to know nothing about her? Claims? Same surname.
Same village.
Same time.
Come on.
She dies at 17.
That's pretty memorable.
Now there's this Lightfields connection.
You think he's hiding something? Mm.
Oh, that's mad.
Excuse us, Miss.
We got ourselves a little lost.
We're looking for the bar The pub, I mean.
It's just down, round that corner.
Much obliged.
See We couldn't buy you a drink, could we? That's it for tonight.
Now, let me tuck you in.
Now, you remember if you see her again you come and tell me.
Good lad.
I've got a secret.
What? I went 100 miles an hour today.
It's all right if you're a good driver, like my dad.
Night, Grandad.
Night, Luke.
Dwight Lawson? Sure we know him, crazy son of You see him pick a fight with big Mike? Like he wants to be punished.
Like he wants to be annihilated.
Why? Well, some guys, 1520 missions in, the stress gets to them.
You go numb.
Or you want to die.
Or both.
I don't know about Dwight, though.
Got a lot to live for - a wife and kid.
What? He's married with children? Oops.
Pretend I never said that.
Did he tell you about Lucy Felwood? The girl who died.
Of course he wouldn't.
Thanks for the drink.
I'm off to bed.
I'm sorry everything's got so upsetting.
Are you all right? She's here.
Where? In my room.
I think she wants me to go with her.
Luke you stay here.
Your hand's shaking.
Did you see her? What's going on? It's all right.
Luke had a bad dream.
Oh, poor you.
Come on, let's get you back into bed.
Nice and cosy.
Think lovely thoughts.
We'll leave the door open, darling.
What did he mean, "Did you see her?" Who did he see? What are you hiding from us, Pip? Have you forgotten Lucy? School will start again soon.
You promise you'll work hard? I think of her all the time.
All the time.
Don't worry.
We're strong.
We're the men.
We're the men.
We carry on.
If anything should happen to me promise you'll look after your mother.
Got your message.
Lucky I'm here today.
Mission delayed.
Target's clouded over.
You You can't drop bombs through clouds? Well, sure you can.
If you don't care where they land.
How's your wife? OK, I guess.
And how many children do you have? A couple.
You could have shown me pictures.
Yeah? Is that what you wanted to see when you were dancing with me? What about Lucy? You tell her you're married? Yeah.
It came up.
Before or after? After.
Did she threaten to tell your wife? Is that why you killed her? How was she gonna tell my wife? Come on.
Face it.
You've got the wrong guy.
You gotta let this go.
I'm guilty.
Of cheating.
Not murder.
Swear that on your children's lives.
And I heard Luke say, "Did you see her?" Her? A ghost.
It's possible.
It's no wonder Luke's having bad dreams at the moment.
He's unsettled by what's happening with his dad.
We're all unsettled by that.
I am.
You are.
And Dad's recovering from his heart thing, back here in his childhood home.
We're all a bit disturbed.
So let's not talk about ghosts.
Cup of tea.
Sorry about Cindy.
She's a bit of a loony.
Like my mum? No, I wasn't It's all right.
So, how is she? She do any more of that typing last night? No.
That's good.
It's not haunted.
Say it after me.
Ghosts Ghosts do not exist.
Do not exist.
I er I made you a tape.
What's on it? You'll see.
Mostly Bay City Rollers.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
They're good.
Yeah? You think so? You're so gullible.
Shut up! Ow.
That didn't hurt.
It did.
How are you? I need to ask you a question.
Did I have anything to do with that fire? Me and Pip? No.
I did, didn't I? Look, leave it, Vivien, please.
I need to know.
You're innocent.
You were only a child.
Little Miss Vivien.
Why isn't she allowed a gravestone? She will have one.
They need to carve it.
And the earth needs to settle.
You picked her some flowers.
I did.
All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small You two can help shell 'em and you can take some to your mother, Vivien.
Eve, can you help us with these? Yes.
Of course.
I'm going out for Are you all right? Fine.
I'm gonna shoot a rabbit.
Pip could go with you.
Suit yourself.
If anything happens to him we have to look after her.
He told me to.
I have to tell you what happened last night.
I thought it was you who had done the typing, sleepwalking or something, so I I sprinkled flour in front of your door and this morning there was a message written in it.
What did it say? Remember me.
I set fire to the barn.
You remember? No, I've blocked it out because it was such a terrible thing.
It's been tangled up inside of me and I think that what's at the root of all my breakdowns is is the trauma of it and the buried guilt.
You d You don't know that for sure.
I can feel it.
And maybe Pip knew what I had done.
And maybe Pip helped me do it.
And now she wants her revenge.
Coming ready or not.
Let's go, Mum.
Let's go home.
Let's just get in the car and drive back to London.
Run away? Yeah.
I feel like I've been running all my life.
I have to stay and face this.
Kill or cure.
Mr Felwood! Mr Felwood! Stop! Don't.
Go away! Think about your wife.
Think about your son.
All I can think of is Lucy.
Every second of the day.
Then think about her.
She wouldn't want you to do this.
Yes, she would.
After what I did to her.
What did you do? What happened? I wish I'd never gone in.
Go away.
What have you done? No.
How could you? Daddy, I No.
I'm 17.
I'm not some little girl.
Don't come home.
What do you mean? I don't want to see you ever again.
Oh, Daddy, I am sorry.
Daddy Please.
You're not my daughter.
My last words to her.
You would have forgiven her.
Do you forgive her now? Now it's too late for me to forgive.
For me to to be forgiven.
I'm so sorry, Lucy.
I wish I wish you could hear me.
My precious daughter.
My only one.
Please Don't tell Martha.
I'm sorry.
Let's not fight.
You been drinking, Paul? One or two, Baz.
One or two.
Losing my license next week, mate.
Sheep as a lamb.
Sacked my solicitor, by the way.
He was just getting so negative.
I just want to see Luke.
He's on his way to bed.
Five minutes.
Paul, that's not the way it works, mate.
You just can't just drop in Just this once.
Tomorrow night, he's gonna be thinking, "Is Dad coming again?" He's already unsettled, with all the aggravation, and he's waking up at nights.
Five fucking minutes.
Is that too much to ask? Yeah.
Luke! Shut up.
Paul, please, please! Please.
Just go home.
You're pissed.
This is true.
I'll be back.
Cos I'm gonna get him.
Whatever it takes.
You should eat something.
I'm not hungry.
You know, just because I'm staying, you don't have to.
I'm all right.
You must be scared.
I've got you to protect me.
Um Can you stay in my room tonight? Who's this? The tooth fairy.
Why is she on fire? Someone's burning her.
Who? I don't know.
Well, you drew it.
But I don't know why.
It's all right.
You don't need to know.
No, you've got nothing to be sorry for.
May I borrow this? Good night.
Night, Mum.
Is the light bothering you? No.
Night, sweetheart.
Dad Don't wake up.
It's all right.
It was my fault.
My fault that Lucy died.
If it hadn't have been for If it hadn't been I know you took a message for her.
I don't care.
Not just about the message.
No, I'm gonna say this once and for all.
Your sister's gone.
And I never want to speak of her or that night ever again.
Go to sleep, Pip.
Not a problem at all.
All right, then.
See you tomorrow.
Someone booked in for tomorrow.
Are you all right, Pip? What's the matter? I had a sister.
What? Lucy.
I should have told you.
When we left here, we didn't mention her to anyone.
I never told your mother and then it was too late to tell you.
Never too late.
What happened? She died here.
She fell asleep in the hay barn and it caught fire.
Luke's tooth fairy is her? Oh, tooth fairies don't exist.
But Lucy does.
What are you saying? Luke saw your sister's ghost? Oh, bloody hell! If social workers hear you talking like this, we'll lose him.
We don't want to.
That's why I'm telling you.
How would we lose him? I don't know! What does she want? This is crazy.
What does she want? We can't let him out of our sight.
You're going to die.
You're going to die.
You're going to die.
Oh, for goodness' sake.
Don't worry.
It's Cindy.
That stupid girl from the village.
Stupid girls.
Get lost! You're not scaring us.
It's OK.
Back to bed.
It's time.
Paul's taken him.
He wouldn't.
He would Maybe it's not Paul.
Mr Felwood.
I wanted to speak with you, sir, about your daughter.
People die.
Daughters die.
They don't come back.
Lucy! Some secrets you can never tell,.
Do you have a secret like that? She's behind you.
Leave him alone! What does she want from you? She wants revenge.