Line of Duty (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

'Units en route.
Flat 56, Regal Court.
' 'Silver Command, copy.
' 'Bronze Command same, Southern 156?' Southern 156, copy.
'Forward units on foot.
' Southern 156, copy.
'I have Alpha team coming in low, Bravo team high.
' 'Southern 156, copy that.
' Bravo over looking, moving into position.
'Waiting on Gold.
Order imminent.
' Southern 156 standing by.
Bravo seconds away.
'Alpha, sit rep.
' We're in, going up.
Alpha in the building.
ETA less than a minute.
We need a decision.
Southern 156, still waiting on the order.
'Fifth floor.
' Southern 156, Bravo, are you visual? Negative.
Where's that bloody order? 'Southern 156, Gold has signed off on Health and Safety.
'We need you to complete the Risk Assessment.
We need that paperwork.
' It's done.
' Could you repeat Fahrenheit? 'Fahrenheit.
' What the hell, where's the? Just go, flat 56.
Flat 56.
He's armed.
All units, shots fired, shots fired.
Get down, don't move! Jesus Christ! There's no bomb, Col! There's no bloody bomb! With me, now! It's clear, Sarge.
Come on.
You got to the flat.
You shouted, "Armed police.
" You heard something going on inside, a struggle, a fight or something.
Southern 156 gave you the order to go in.
The suspect's there, he's acting aggressive.
You shout, "Surrender, armed police.
" I've got kids of my own, sir.
If I could do anything different I want those statements copper-plated by noon.
Got it? Yes, sir.
I take pride in the courage and professionalism of my counterterrorism officers.
To say any more risks prejudicing the inquest.
Thank you.
When Karim Ali came to this country, he told his wife that here it would be different.
The police don't break into houses and hurt innocent people.
He told her that in England the police are good men.
This is a complex and emotive case.
Following depositions from legal representatives, I grant a period of six weeks to gather all relevant evidence and statements.
This inquest is hereby adjourned.
All rise for Her Majesty's Coroner.
What the bloody hell is this? They misread the number on the door.
They mistook a baby sling for a bomb harness.
I ordered that you corroborate that the firearms squad observed threatening behaviour.
We watched the flat for two weeks, then got scrambled with an hour's notice.
The op was well planned and executed.
It was a runaway train.
Admit our mistake, apologise and get on with the job of finding the actual terrorists.
You're blaming your own.
It took guts for them to go in there thinking a suicide bomber was going to blow them to pieces.
Then write the same statement they did.
An innocent man was killed, sir, I won't lie.
You passed on the order.
Where were your reservations when it mattered? You're finished.
'You passed on the order.
' 'Where were your reservations when it mattered?' 'You're finished.
' Is it Steven or Steve? Steve.
Thanks for accepting the offer, Steve.
Welcome to Anticorruption.
As you can see, we've got a number of active investigations at present.
Why are there empty desks? You should look at this as a promotion, Steve.
If you want to get anywhere in the job these days, Anticorruption's a big tick on the old CV.
This will be good for me.
That's the ticket.
Your shooting have you any idea how many people have died as a direct result of police action in the last ten years, Steve? No, I don't.
Well, as with all firearms incidents it's gone upstairs to the IPCC.
But Karim Ali, the man who was accidentally killed, he's an illegal immigrant.
So is his missus.
It wasn't your fault, son.
A clean break.
Pastures new.
Come on.
I've a very special case for you.
' Hey, it's me.
I'm on my way.
I will be there in five minutes, I promise.
' Woah.
Better make that ten.
I brought my business trip forward to today.
I'm sorry about tonight.
No It's your night.
Only the most glamorous night of the year.
What are you going to do to make it up to me? Fancy a bacon bap? Next you'll be trying to get me on the back seat of your Ford Capri.
And those were the days, eh? God, I miss that car.
I'll call you if I get back before it's too late.
I think we could just dash back to yours before you have to go.
Tony Help! Help! Hey.
You OK, darling? You OK? Stay there! Is the baby OK? Yeah.
The police are coming.
They're already here.
On the house.
Thank you.
Officer of the year Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Gates.
Tony Gates returns the best crime figures in the Job.
No-one's that good.
What's his secret, Steve? He'll be after your job next, Derek.
Or yours, sir! Oh, I don't think so.
I think I've reached my level, sir.
Any higher and I'll actually have to read those Home Office e-mails, eh? Would you excuse me, please? Sir.
Hey, hey, hey, calm down.
What's going on? Tony, thank God.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry I've ruined your night, I'm really sorry Hey, hey.
No, no, we are going to be calm and clear-headed and then maybe I'll be able to help you.
As soon as we agreed the deal, someone cracked open a bottle of champagne.
OK, how much did you have? We went on to a wine bar Oh, Christ, Jackie.
I've been a bloody idiot.
Just tell me what happened? I hit something.
What? The road was dark, I don't know, I thought it was a sign or a bollard or something Jackie, what did you hit? A dog.
Aa dog? Yeah.
You'll be fine.
People round here, they report everything.
What if someone saw my car? I'm known.
You're overreacting, that's all.
I was drinking all night the bar staff, they saw what I was putting away.
Where's your car? Tony.
I've already got a conviction for drink driving.
One more and I go to prison.
Where's your car? I called you.
And you didn't answer Jackie! I reported it stolen.
It's an 80-grand motor with an immobiliser, Jackie.
They'd need the keys.
Where are the keys? I'm sorry, I I panicked.
Where are the keys?! I don't know Here.
What are you going to do? Thank you.
Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
That's OK.
How'd it go? It was brilliant.
I'm so proud of you.
Mr Butterfield.
I'm Detective Constable Kate Fleming, Central CID.
Pleased to meet you.
First let me say how bad I feel for what's happened to you.
It must have been a very frightening experience.
How are you feeling? Well, I I just want something done.
It'd really help us empathise with your experience, sir, if we heard it firsthand.
What? Well, I came in today because I thought you'd you'd made some progress.
I'm sorry, Mr Butterfield, but unless we have hard physical evidence that leads to an offender, it's very difficult Well, I've been burgled three times this year already.
Every time, it's someone new, who's been given the file and who wants to "empathise" all over again.
Mr Butterfield, just wait.
If you can just take my number, you can call me day or night.
Let's see what we can do to get them this time.
Thank you.
DC Kate Fleming to see you, sir.
Thank you.
You wanted to see me, sir? Er, there's a crime number, DCI Gates' double-arrest outside a cafe in Kingsgate.
Yeah, I processed the arrests, sir.
Robbery, assault with weapon with intent to rob, possession of prohibited weapon, resisting arrest, all times-two.
Yes, sir.
Two offenders, but only one knife.
You see my point, Kate? They didn't both use a knife.
There was an opportunity here with one of the offenders to miss out the knife altogether.
Well, I took the view they were both involved, sir.
Divisional commanders are on notice to reduce knife crime.
They say Hillside Lane have already achieved 5%.
Do you want me to re-crime it, sir? It's not my policy to intercede in individual offences.
Now, CID has an unacceptable detection rate.
Your case this morning is a prime example.
Multiple domestic burglaries? We pursue two out of three reported crimes.
We down-process anything that won't quickly lead to an offender.
Are you ordering me to put it on the back-burner? You're not the new girl any more, Kate.
Thank you, sir.
Officer of the Year isn't good enough for the boss.
He's after the middleweight title.
I heard they gave you more than a free breakfast.
Steady there, son.
Ta, Deepak.
Down here, mate.
Right, cheers, mate.
Right, ABH.
Alcoholic IP Uh-huh! Oh, can't remember a thing about the offender except he might've been called Pete.
No other witnesses.
Er, car-jacking.
CCTV showing registration plates, reliable witnesses.
That's aggravated vehicle-taking, going equipped to steal, causing danger to other road users, criminal damage, affray and putting people in fear of violence.
Full house, boss.
Nice one.
Er, yeah.
DOA found early this morning by dog-walker, side of the road.
Bound to be a hit-and-run.
Turf it to Traffic, boss? Yeah.
Where was the body found? Er Edge Park.
Back road off Millionaires' Row.
Twist it.
Is that it? Yeah, for now.
There was a Range Rover abandoned in a lay-by about half a mile down the road.
The owner reported it stolen last night.
Signs at the property suggest they put a rod through the window to fish up the keys.
Witnesses? CCTV? Not a dicky-bird, sir.
Just this woman walking her dog.
What about the DOA? No ID on his body.
Any reason for the interest, sir? We just got a tip-off that it might be connected to one of our investigations.
What's wrong? What is it? You didn't kill a dog, Jackie.
You killed a man.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You just go to the police.
You tell 'em exactly what you told me.
No, Tony, I can't Oh, yes, you bloody can.
Jackie, a man is dead, and that is a big problem but trying to cover it up is an even bigger one.
Do you understand me? Jackie, have you got it? Yes, yes! OK, so you tell the fewest lies possible.
You say that you panicked but now you want to come clean.
You got it? Jackie, have you got it? OK.
Don't call me, and don't bottle it.
I've put the case where I can keep an eye on it.
So, yeah, should be good Hang on, just give me a second, Steve, all right? Hello, yeah.
You all right? DS Arnott.
Can I help you? Er, we're here to see DCI Gates Kate.
Erm, have you been posted? You could say that.
Well, welcome to the Alamo.
Thank you very much.
They said they were getting this fixed.
Sorry about that, Steve.
No problem.
Are you with AC-12? Yeah.
Sir? AC-12 are in the building.
Hastings and some snot-nosed DS.
Has a complaint been made against one of my squad? I'm afraid it's you personally, Tony.
Any idea why? No, none at all, sir.
They'll call you in.
Thank you, sir.
Can I get someone to bring you a tea or coffee, sir? No, thank you, I'm fine.
DCI Gates.
Superintendent Hastings.
Like the battle.
I know who you are, sir.
And this is DS Steve Arnott.
Pleased to meet you, sir.
I recognise and respect the importance of your mission and I'm very happy to help you in any way I can.
Well, now, that's very reassuring.
Can I call you Tony? Whatever you feel most comfortable with, sir.
Maybe I should call you Officer of the Year, eh? Shall we make a start? Yes, please.
AC-12 interview.
Present - Superintendent Hastings, DS Arnott and DCI Gates.
Detective Chief Inspector Gates, we have received an allegation that you received a gratuity in respect of one free breakfast from the Sunflower Cafe in St Anne's Place, in the Kingsgate.
Now, whilst receiving a gratuity is not in itself a breach, failure to declare a said gratuity is a breach of the police officer's code of conduct as laid down by the Home Office guidelines.
And so therefore I am serving you with the yellow notice.
And that's it? Yes, that's it.
In which case, erm, I decline to make any written or oral statement but I acknowledge the receipt of the yellow notice and I inform the investigating officer that I will respond within the regulation ten working days.
Interview terminated.
This is coming from the muggers, isn't it? Those toe-rags know every trick in the book.
Er, well, we have to go through the motions, Tony, you know.
It's not your fault, sir.
He's an arrogant so-and-so, isn't he? I mean, a player like Gates knows it's against rules and regulations not to declare a gratuity so what does it say about him that he doesn't even bother his arse to fill in the form? Well, with respect, what's a free breakfast got to do with investigating Gates' crime figures? Sooner or later he's going to know we're on to him.
This way, he thinks it's just a storm in a teacup.
Or should that be a coffee cup? I'll give him laughing all over his face at us.
His guard's down.
That's how we're going to get him, Steve.
There's another possibility.
Yeah? Gates' figures are for real.
Oh, I see what you're getting at.
You think he's Bob Beamon and I think he's, what, Ben Johnson? I mean, admittedly an athlete does come along once in a while who breaks the world record by a mile.
And sometimes he's genuinely superhuman but I will lay you odds all day long that more often than not, that guy is a cheat.
Sir DCI Gates appears to be an exemplary officer.
Appears to be.
My point exactly.
Hit-and-run? Why us? Because we've got a big sign over our heads saying, "CID, dump your crap here"? We've got ten unsolved burglaries stinking up our figures.
Give the hit-and-run to the civvy.
She's had the training.
Anyway, I'm out of here.
Gates' has been given a written warning about his team's gender balance.
I'm a shoe-in.
If you would just like to take a seat, please, Ms Laverty.
There we are.
Sorry about that.
You are Jacqueline Laverty, date of birth 23rd of November 1967? Yeah.
Right person.
That's a good start.
We don't have your occupation listed.
I run my own business.
Laverty Holdings.
You could just put down "self-employed".
I'm sorry, are you one of the detectives looking into the theft of my car? I carry out some forms of police work but I'm not a police officer.
You reported your car stolen at 10.
06pm, the night before it was found abandoned? I got back from a business trip around 9.
00 and I later remembered I'd left something in the car.
When I went to get the keys, they were gone and they'd broken part of the window in my front door.
They hooked the keys from the hall table.
You didn't hear anything? I was in a back room, with music playing.
What the hell are you playing at? The woman seemed so convinced.
She made it impossible to change the story.
You don't change, do you? You're just always looking after number one.
No, no, no, Tony, no.
I'll fix this.
I will.
I'll find a way.
Yeah, like you did today? I'll take the blame.
I'll go to prison if that's what you want.
Not so bad.
This'll cheer you up.
Maybe this wasn't the best place to come.
Not at all, not at all.
Young fellow like yourself.
New in town.
You get yourself a girlfriend, eh? Hm.
I haven't put my big un-PC foot in it, have I? No, no, I'm straight.
Two pints of larger, please.
Good evening.
Daddy! Daddy! Whoa! Hey! Wow! That's a great welcome.
I got an A in piano today.
Do you want to hear? Sweetheart, Dad's just walked in the door.
I really don't mind.
DS Arnott.
Even in AC we have first names.
We seem to have got off on the wrong foot.
Oh, maybe we should get to know each other better, then, over a pizza and a glass of Rioja.
Look Tony Gates is the best detective in this city.
He saved a mum from being mugged at knifepoint and you lot have stuck him for forgetting to fill in the right bloody form.
I mean, maybe there's more to you but so far that's all I've seen.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, wait.
Sir, listen.
I can have a harassment charge thrown down just like that, son.
A minute of your time.
Some of us have proper work to do.
Look, I can't believe you're stuck on for this.
Hastings gives a toss about you having a free egg and bacon.
I don't.
I just want to make the yellow notice go away so we can both get on with investigating real crime.
Hastings has got you playing mind games, son.
A few weeks ago I was running counter-terror ops.
I'm a proper copper and I know another when I see one.
And you think you can make Hastings back off? I can certainly try, sir.
Off the record.
Well, that won't be easy, mate, cos the man's a zealot.
Don't I bloody know it! Why didn't you log the gratuity, sir? I forgot.
Yeah, I know it was a crap excuse.
But it's the truth.
Rita, isn't it? Sir? I'm DCI Gates.
I know who you are, sir! There's, erm, a hit and run, Rita Oh, yes, sir.
I'm still trying to match the victim to the missing persons report.
Well, it might connect to something that my team are looking into.
So if you get anywhere, you'll come straight to me, won't you? No-one else? Oh, yes, sir.
You're a star, Rita.
Come in.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
Not a problem.
I thought you should know I've been looking back over the arrest reports over the last couple of days.
I've noticed an upsurge in Class A detections on the Bog.
Thanks for the tip.
It's Fleming, isn't it? Yeah.
It's good work.
I want to join TO-20 sir.
Anyone with any sense would steer clear right now.
AC-12? You'll piss all over them, sir.
I'm sick of CID, sir.
We get all the crap that no-one else wants.
I'm better than that.
I want to be on the squad.
Join the queue.
Well, check out my CV.
I've got five years.
I've been kicked, punched, spat on, pissed on but, my social life aside Every week it's a new initiative or a new audit.
I want to work for a unit that actually fights crime.
The big part of the job description is surveillance.
Well, men are gonna notice you.
What, and women don't notice you? Come for a drink this week.
It's not a date.
You're breaking my heart, sir.
It'll just be a good way for you to get to know the lads a bit.
And? And then we'll see.
OK, thanks.
What the bloody hell was that? Nothing.
I'm next in line for a squad.
Yeah, if you say so, Leah.
I'm one-quarter Romany.
The very man.
So what can you tell me about Tony Gates? Uh Er, nothing? Oh, come on, Steve.
What can I say? I'm disappointed.
Sir, I'm committed to Anticorruption 100% That's what I need to know, son.
Come on.
One of our team has made a breakthrough.
What's going on, sir? All will be revealed, Steve, all will be revealed.
Alice, what a pleasant surprise.
I'll have to be on my toes today.
You've always been a lovely mover, sir.
Tony, make yourself at home.
I was surprised to be called back so quickly, sir.
I hope it's good news.
AC-12 interview with DCI Gates, Police Federation representation DCI Alice Prior.
I've been authorised to notify you that we have grounds to widen our investigation into DCI Gates' performance of professional duties.
Widen the investigation? What? We have grounds under Professional Duties and General Conduct.
Specifically in the practice of laddering.
Which is the amplification, indeed, the multiplication of charges against an offender I know what laddering is, sir.
That's right, Tony.
You do.
Here's the yellow notice.
You've got the regulation ten days.
DCI Gates strenuously denies any wrongdoing.
Nevertheless he offers the investigation his full cooperation.
Thank you.
That's much appreciated.
I'd like to determine the conditions of Tony's suspension.
Oh, no, we're not asking for a suspension at this time.
We don't think he's a threat to his fellow officers or indeed the public in general.
Now, why should the citizens of this country be denied his selfless service? Interview terminated.
That's very generous of you, sir.
Looks like you've found your level, Arnott.
Tony, let's not descend to Nobody plays me.
You never detected the laddering because you didn't even look.
I recruited you because you took a moral stand against your colleagues, despite the personal cost.
You're a born AC-12 officer.
Why don't you start acting like one? You've dropped me into an ongoing investigation.
Now, you could test me or you could actually brief me.
Tony Gates cherry-picks the crimes that are easy to solve, then he dumps the rest.
Then he invents a whole series of additional charges that never make it to the courtroom but boost his clean-up rates.
That's how Tony Gates got where he is.
He had to be twice as good to get to there.
What? So what are you saying? To be corrupt he's got to be twice as bad? No, sir, victimisation of a black officer Oh, now, hang on a second.
Don't you talk to me about victimisation.
What are you saying? Let me tell you something, son.
Me and my best mate, we went through basic training together, OK.
First year out, they sent us on this particular job.
The two Catholics, are you with me? We go straight over a pipe bomb.
I end up in intensive care, him they bury.
The Log Book goes missing, nobody says a word.
Don't you talk to me about victimisation.
Nobody's blacker than me, son! Kate! Hi, all right? Like the look of the recruitment policy.
Hey, nothing sexist.
Oh? I'm off, then, good night.
It's just HR will be down on me like a ton of bricks.
Big appointment for me, boys.
DC Morton.
Yeah, all right? DS Matt Cottan.
All right.
Dot Dot.
Oh, OK.
So Tone says you want to be in with the in-crowd.
The in-crowd? Where? Very good.
I just want to work for the best, sir.
Oh, we're off duty now, Kate.
You can call me Tina.
Call him Tina.
And last And definitely least You met Deepak.
I'm sorry, Kate, I didn't know whether you wanted a half or a pint, so I just got you two halves.
When you send a boy to do a man's job.
This is it.
Thanks, Deepak.
You're welcome.
Oh, and I've got something for you here, boss, as well.
There you go! How about that? - Now, that is stuck on! Drink to that.
- Cheers! Thanks.
Come with me.
We're gonna get Gates with or without you, Steve.
So you can either help us, or be just another prick who lost his bottle.
It's your choice, son.
I didn't know AC-12 used undercover officers.
Hence the term.
You're the one that gave us the information about the laddering.
I'm on the inside at last, Steve.
All this just to bring down Gates? Instead of spending all this time and money policing the police, it'd make more sense to assign us to cases that aren't being investigated.
TO-20's been nicknamed the Big Sexy Crime Unit.
Gates has been awarded the highest budget three years running.
His squad has the best kit in the station.
Meanwhile victims of crime miss out on justice because he only tackles cases that score points.
Who doesn't? It's the system.
I wouldn't be risking what I'm risking if I didn't believe Gates was a special case.
I thought Anticorruption was about getting blokes on the take, the ones in the pockets of the criminals.
You took a stand and it put you out on your own.
You're not on your own any more.
Unless you want to be.
Kate's been tracking arrests on the Bog.
Over the last month there's been a three-fold increase in the supply and demand of Class A narcotics.
I've talked to the Fifth Floor.
We've been given the go-ahead for a surveillance op.
We start DCI Gates.
DS Arnott, can I help you? My car That your doing? You shat on the boss.
Maybe someone just returned the compliment.
I want to talk to you alone.
Fire away.
I thought maybe you were clean.
Looks like you're dirty, after all.
You take a shot at the king, make sure you kill him, son.
"Fire away.
" That's priceless, boss.
That's MasterCard.
Which one of you muppets did it? I'm Spartacus.
No, I'm Spartacus.
Our old friend Wesley Duke, with a big fat rucksack full of crack cocaine.
Now, when you was all tucked up in your warm beds last night You were tucked up with Dot.
He's only jealous.
Dot and me traced the source to this address in Greek Lane.
Now, Wesley's been small-time, but this appears to be a new, large-scale supply he's tapped into.
Next stage would be to pick Wesley up and turn him.
And what if he blabs? We don't want to alert the Greek Lane mob that we're watching them.
That's a good point.
Let's keep up the surveillance for now, Nige.
See who else comes and goes from this address.
Well done, matey.
Erm, let it roll.
Yeah? I'm going to talk to the Fifth Floor, get them to formally approve your transfer to TO-20.
Thanks, sir.
I won't let you down.
Any news? No, nothing.
They're not suspicious? It's been filed as an unexplained hit-and-run.
That's good, isn't it? I shouldn't I shouldn't be here.
But you are.
I have it on good authority that it was Gates, himself, who soiled your car.
Deepak OK Cheers, mate.
Next turn's on the way, Dot.
They're pulling us off for the night.
Pulling us off? Ah, best thing I got at Hillside Lane was a pint after work.
Right, come on.
Shall we wait for the next turn at least? Come on, you've had the memo about overtime, Deepak.
They'll be here in ten minutes.
Make a move.
Excuse me, please.
Thank you.
Morning, sir.
Let's get the pond life moved much further away and they'll soon go back to watching Jeremy Kyle.
Yes, sir.
See all these kids, get them back in school, unless they're being excluded.
Can you move back, please.
Christ's sake, Dot.
How many times, mate? It was ten minutes, 15 tops before the next turn clocked on.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't in this job.
Morning, boss.
Tone, I don't know what to say, mate Later, Dot, all right? From the blood spatter, both men were alive when the fingers were amputated.
Looks like whoever killed them wanted to know something and didn't find out.
The finger amputations are clean.
Each one done with a single stroke.
Most likely bolt-cutter.
Dot, I want you to go through the files back at the station, see if there's a similar MO here or at any other force's case history.
Right, OK.
Nigel, I want entry control front and back, all the dabs in the downstairs rooms and, if there's a bathroom upstairs, there too.
And when forensics have got all their samples, I want you to go through everything.
Let's find out who these two boys were, please.
Aye-aye, skipper.
Fleming, you do the door-to-door.
You see what I've bloody got to deal with.
We're trying to get a job done here and some pen pusher bans overtime.
There were 15 minutes for someone to break in.
The lads in there are the new kids on the block.
And someone doesn't want them muscling in on their territory.
You not tempted to dump this one on CID, sir? No chance.
It's big.
It's sexy.
And that makes it mine.
What goes around comes around.
Mr Butterfield, I'm so sorry.
This time I was home when they broke in.
Just give me a minute.
He's going to make a complaint! Sir, with respect, you told me to put the case on the back-burner.
I told you to prioritise.
This missing persons report came through from County CID.
Mr Gurjit Patel.
Reported missing the day after the hit and run.
Mr Patel was an accountant for Laverty Holdings.
Laverty Holdings is owned by Jacqueline Laverty, the woman whose vehicle was reported stolen.
He was her accountant when Thank you, Rita.
My squad is going to be taking over this case from now on.
And you can leave it to me to tell County that we've got an ID.
This is a very sensitive case, Rita, so I'm going to need to shoot those files over to my computer.
May I? Yes, sir of course.
Thank you.
Erm, milk, no sugar would be nice.
Yes, right.
You're a star.

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