Line of Duty (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

'Officer of the year, Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Gates.
' Flat 56.
Welcome to Anti Corruption.
This will be good.
Wasn't your fault, son.
Hit and run? Why us? We've got a big sign over our heads saying, "CID - dump your crap here".
I'm sick of CID.
I want to join TO-20, Sir.
I hit something.
What did you hit? A dog.
'You killed a man.
' Oh, my god! 'The finger amputations are clean.
'It was 10 minutes.
' 15 tops before the next turn clocked on.
It's big.
It's sexy.
Makes it mine, OK? 'We're going to get Gates with or without you, Steve.
' Looks like you've found your level, Arnott.
Nobody plays me! Didn't know AC 12 used undercover officers.
I wouldn't be risking it if I didn't believe Gates was a special case.
'Mr Patel was an accountant for Laverty Holdings.
' 'I thought maybe you were clean.
Looks like you're dirty after all.
' You take a shot at the king? Make sure you kill him, son.
Looks like there's still a turd on the driver's seat.
Best tell the boss he's here.
In a minute.
DS Arnott.
DCI Gates asked me to escort you into the building.
Tony Gates - best detective in the city.
You? You see someone getting results and you have to bring him down.
You're safe, then.
I never worked hard enough.
Tony Gates has.
He cares about solving crime.
You done? Haven't finished me smoke yet.
Shall we get a move on? Bollocks! Having a bit of a bad time.
All right, mate.
DCI Gates, I bear a signed action assigning me access to TO-20 files.
You're a bean counter.
How does that feel? Fingers were cut off while these lads were still alive.
Most likely with bolt-cutters and most likely to extract information.
Given the finger count, looks like they didn't have much to say.
They gave the murderer the finger.
Yeah, 20 times! Maybe it was a warning? Well, it worked on these two.
Known dealer Wesley Duke, seen ingressing and egressing the dwelling.
The house became the subject of a surveillance op.
We're assuming the offenders broke in via the window.
The 15-minute window between Deepak and Dot leaving and the next shift arriving.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that, Tone.
Very sorry, sir.
If we'd have stayed, we'd have gone over the hour.
They're all over us about overtime, boss.
So we make it up by nicking whoever did it, right? Cheers, Tone.
Well, all this makes Wesley Duke our principal lead.
Worth bringing him in? Oh, I've already had uniform pick him up.
Interview Room 1.
Sir, I hope it's OK, but I'm just going to go over our case load.
Knock yourself out.
I'll just be a minute, Nige.
Oh, don't mind me.
'Interview under caution' of Wesley Duke by Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Gates in the presence of Wesley's solicitor, Lis Burton.
You've both had the benefit of disclosure, so you're aware that we have evidence that Wesley was a frequent visitor of the house on Greek Lane.
Tell me what you were buying.
Hard food? White boy? No, I was just borrowing some DVDs.
I see.
So, you would take away some DVDs, come back the next night and what, borrow some more? That's correct.
Disclosure of evidence and four hours and this is the story you've cooked up? All right.
I would be very disappointed if you couldn't tell me the titles of some of those DVDs.
Iron Man 2.
Piranha 3D, except not in 3D.
Yeah, all right, Wesley.
Well done.
But what I really want to know is, those lads who were lending the DVDs, who were they and where were they getting their DVDs from? They were just some lads that was into DVDs, innit? Thing is, Wesley, those lads were brutally murdered and you are the only person that we can connect to that house.
And that makes you prime suspect.
Mr Duke had nothing to do with the murder and you know it.
Wesley, where were you between the hours of 11pm on Wednesday the 4th and 6am on Thursday the 5th? No comment.
No alibi offered at first interview.
My line of inquirys? They're going to hit you like a steamroller if you don't stop feeding me this pack of porkies.
My client strenuously denies the allegation.
You have no forensic evidence as per disclosure.
This is going to be a compensation claim for wrongful arrest.
Have him, Tone.
Interview terminated.
Thank you very much, Wesley.
You've been a great help.
What you mean? As a token of our gratitude for the information you've provided, I'll have you returned home in a marked police car.
He'll thank you warmly in front of the whole estate.
Then I'll get our community policing operations to make a blatant point of turning a blind eye to all of your activities.
He's just turned a ferret into a rat.
Whoa, whoa! My client is absolutely not a police informer.
So? Interview continued.
How long were they operating out of that house? Not long.
A month, tops.
And where were they from? Some Arabs or Muslims or something.
What were their names, Wesley? Ali Ahmed How am I supposed to know? Do you know where were they getting their supply? Of DVDs? They never said.
They had loads.
Good quality.
Not mixed up or nothing.
All right.
Now we're getting somewhere.
I need one more fact.
Anything, Wesley.
Help me to help you out here.
It came in some white sacks.
They! THEY came in some white sacks.
Can I go now? No.
Not with our paperwork.
Interview terminated.
You'll be fine.
This week they're only into burglaries.
Rita? Jackie Laverty.
Oh! All yours.
Has DCI Gates called you in? DCI Gates? He's, er, taken over your case.
If you come with me, I'll see if he's available.
Officer of the year.
Ms Laverty, isn't it? Would you like to come into my office, please.
I'd be happy to.
Thank you, Rita.
You're welcome, sir.
Can you leave the door open, please? Thank you.
Have a seat.
So I welcome this opportunity to bring you up to speed, Miss Laverty.
We're satisfied there was a break-in at your home that enabled the thieves to steal your vehicle.
It was subsequently involved in a fatal hit-and-run with a pedestrian.
We've looked at identifying the victim through Missing Persons.
There was an individual who appeared to match the deceased.
However, that is no longer an active line of enquiry.
Your case remains open and unsolved.
Just in case you think of contacting me again.
I hope that clarifies the situation, Ms Laverty.
I see.
Rita? Could you show Ms Laverty out, please? Steve? I just had a call from Kate.
I skimmed the hit-and-run file, sir.
It's a red herring.
Don't you think it's curious that the Officer of the Year should be involving himself in a hit-and-run incident? He knows we're on to him and he's deliberately taken on a low-profile case with virtually zero chance of clean-up.
What I do have, sir, is a pattern of laddering going back years.
Gates selects an open-and-shut case and bumps up additional charges.
He's clearing four crimes for every one that's actually committed.
Tony Gates, eh? He's your bent copper for the 21st century.
Steve, when I first came over here, there was ten bent coppers to every station - minimum.
We didn't put our house in order.
These new procedures, we brought them on ourselves.
And Gates is using this messed-up system to get to the top.
But why, Steve? Why is he doing it? What's in this for him, hm? Hiya.
Hi there, how you doing? The performance is just there on the left.
Medium latte? Thank you.
What's your name? Nadzia.
Hawaii Five-O.
Could I ask you some questions please, Nadzia? Should I ask for a lawyer first? Depends if you're a criminal or not.
I'm a very good person.
Then you'll be fine.
Surname? Wojcik.
Last week, a police officer was having breakfast here.
There was a mugging outside and he intervened.
I remember.
Does he regularly receive free meals? No, he never came in before.
Some officers make sure everyone knows they're in the job.
Fishing for special treatment.
They were quiet, no trouble.
He was with someone? Yes.
Another police officer? I don't know, but she didn't do anything to stop the mugging like he did.
A woman? Yes.
Young? Old? Attractive? You mean do I think she was his girlfriend? Was she? Is it a problem for policemen in this country to have girlfriends? It depends who the girl is.
She mustn't be a criminal? Exactly.
Or a witness? Do you remember the woman well enough to give me a description? Tall.
Dark hair.
So, your new boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's been on Facebook, calling you a slag? I want her done.
I've got loads I could be doing! Excuse me.
Control just picked up a silent alarm going off at Kingsgate Canalside.
I haven't even done her MG11 yet.
Audit'll be all over me.
Where's Reynolds? Off sick.
Peterson? On a course.
Well, this is a CS.
You'll have to take the new boy.
So, what's CS? Control Strategy Crime.
This week it's burglary - dwellings.
Next week we'll be told to ignore them.
He's bound to have legged it by now.
Yeah, but it's better give it the once-over, though.
For Christ's sake, Simon! Risk assessment first! Whoa, whoa! Come on, mate.
Look, don't be a pillock.
Get back! I'm warning you, get back! The pair of you! I'll do it! I'm warning you! He's on summat.
Just just stay calm, OK? Look, you don't need to do this! That is so many more forms to fill in.
You didn't break his jaw as well, did you, Kaz? Ha-ha! Be my guest, Sarge.
Lee, I'm Detective Sergeant Janson.
Lee! What d'you want? Your offence today took place in one of our control strategy hot spots.
Unfortunately for you, that means that when you're discharged we'll charge you with the full force of the law.
Oh, yeah, I'm having a brilliant day! What will help you enormously when it comes to sentencing, is if you agree for other offences to be taken into consideration.
Oh, nice one.
Yeah, I don't want prison.
I've got Benidorm booked.
There was a house burgled in Edge Park.
Yeah, I did that.
Lock-up garages in Moss Heath.
Yeah, that was me, yeah.
A hairdresser's in Moss Heath? Did that, yeah.
House burglary in Edge Park.
Burglary, another one in Moss Heath.
Moss Heath.
Hotel in Borough Grove.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Shop in Borough Grove.
Shop Borough Grove, yeah.
Outstanding work, Janson.
Right, thank you, sir.
The Crime Audit Office will be delighted.
I look forward to that automated e-mail! DC Fleming, interview room three, when you're ready.
Mr Butterfield, please don't get up.
I'm devastated by what's happened to you.
I know you're angry and upset.
And you're entirely within your rights to lodge a complaint.
Well, I'm the last bloke who'd want to say a bad word against the police.
I believe you, sir.
And I've got some good news.
We've arrested a burglar who confessed to robbing your property.
What, the one who attacked me? He didn't confess to that.
Oh, well, it'll be the one from before, the one who took my telly.
Well, I can certainly look into it for you, sir.
Yeah? Mr Butterfield, I can see that you don't want frontline officers tied to desks while your attacker's still out there.
You have no idea of the hours, days, of admin required to process a complaint.
Give us the chance to work for you instead.
Thank you.
Someone will be along to see you shortly.
Oh, hi, sir.
I am going to talk to uniform.
Put a priority on this bloke the next time he triple-9's.
Oh! Would you, sir? You're part of my team now, Kate.
Means I don't stand by and let you carry something like this on your own.
Oh, thank you, sir.
I see what the highest detection rate in the region buys you.
We'd better crack these murders or I'll be trading her in for a Reliant Robin.
Best job cars.
Best job phones and computers.
It must've been hard getting on this squad.
For a while it was touch and go whether I'd ever get out from behind a desk.
What happened, Nige, if you don't mind me asking? I took a bullet for one of the lads.
Really? You think about throwing in the towel, retiring.
Tony gave me back the motivation.
He's a good man.
You remember that.
Wesley referred to a large supply of drugs in little white sacks.
Whoever killed them appears to have stolen the stash.
Maybe it's just really well hidden and no-one's found it yet.
I never saw your motor outside? It's parked across the street, Nige.
Oh? Are you seeing what I'm seeing? I am, sir.
Sir? Nothing.
We'll find it.
Nige, get a search team in here.
What, now or Yeah, now, please.
Cheers, mate.
All right.
We'll need something sharp to get the rest of these up.
Well, we won't be able to use Nige then, will we, sir? Slow but sure sometimes wins the race, Kate.
Did you bring me into the squad for the same reason? I'm not following you.
Well, I'm more than just another tick off the diversity box.
Somebody said something they shouldn't? It doesn't matter what other people say.
It's what you say.
I say you're a good detective, which is rare seeing as no-one bothers training you lot any more.
But that's not the whole reason you appointed me, is it? You're a good detective.
Hilton's the one who cares about ticking boxes.
I care about cracking cases.
Me too, sir.
I need copies of all the original documentation relating to a hit-and-run, crime number G89635.
Just get a photo.
Do you think AC-12 have targets too? Cos that tosser's only going to hit someone else's.
Oh! Good day at the office, DCI Gates? One call and you're on a harassment charge.
Yeah, I could do the same for your goons.
If you want to talk to me, Arnott, call me into AC-12, we'll do it in front of my federation rep.
Why bother when I'm only after a minor detail? The reason you took over a hit-and-run.
I mean, it's hardly officer of the year material.
It may harm your defence, if you do not mention when questioned I expect you know the rest.
I received information that the incident in question was connected to one of my team's ongoing investigations.
That information was wrong.
You haven't bounced it back to Traffic yet? Hey! I am the senior investigating officer on a double murder.
That is proper policing, son.
Maybe you remember it? I'll wait for those documents, thank you.
He could feel his grandfather's spirit reaching out across the years, urging him to take the first big step.
Scott took a deep breath and then he said for all to hear, "I'm ready.
" OK, bedtime, please.
Can't we have another story? No, no, I'll be reading all night.
Just one No, darling, it's time for bed.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Yep? Can I have a drink? You've brushed your teeth so only water.
I don't like water.
Go to sleep, please.
Good night, guys.
I'm sorry about going along with the banter today.
I don't give a toss.
What pisses me off is going to Hastings behind my back.
Every piece of information I feed you risks blowing my cover.
Well, I did get into the hit-and-run, in my own way.
The vehicle was reported stolen by Jackie Laverty, a property developer.
She came to the station.
They talked.
Something felt odd.
During Breakfastgate, Gates was with a woman in the cafe, described as tall, slim, dark hair.
You think she's his girlfriend? Well, she doesn't appear in his statement.
She isn't named as a witness.
Suppose Jackie Laverty is Gates' bit on the side.
She goes to him, damsel in distress And needs him to make sure no-one challenges her alibi.
Minimum, that's perverting the course of justice.
Anything on the victim? No, no ID yet.
I'm going to start working on it.
And getting everything on her.
See you.
Is everything OK? Yeah.
She just had a bad dream.
But she's off now.
I'm so proud of you today, well done, sweetheart.
Do you want a cup of tea? Yeah.
Just, give me five.
'I didn't think you'd pick up.
'I had a message all prepared.
'I was I was going to say how sorry I was about coming to the station.
'I had to see you, Tony.
' That bloke, the one that jumped out in front of your car on the dark country lane, he just happened to be your bloody accountant, did he? For Christ's sake, Jackie! 'Let me explain, please.
' Yeah.
What do you take me for? 'Having you back in my life after all these years 'Now I'm losing you all over again.
'You're all I think about.
'I'm thinking about you now, Tony.
'I'm thinking about what I let you do to me.
'Are you thinking about what I let you do? 'You know I'd do anything you ask.
Nothing's off limits for you and me, Tony.
'I know what we do is wrong.
'I wish you were here, inside me right now.
'Nothing else compares.
'I'd die if we ever had to stop.
'Oh, I wish you were here now, Tony.
' I am.
I was giving Gurjit a lift home.
I started telling him about my plans to expand and that he wasn't in those plans.
He flipped.
I thought he was going to attack me.
I-I panicked, Tony.
I-I never meant to hurt him.
Why would I? Tony, please.
This is why I came to see you.
No-one else would believe me.
Only you.
Only my love.
I'm being investigated.
Because of me? Maybe.
No-one knows, do they? No.
Not even your wife.
Tony, the last thing I want is for this to hurt you or your family.
I understand if I can never see you again.
Woah! Welcome to the Borogrove Estate.
Why aren't these kids in school? Where have you been the last 20 years? What, we've surrendered the streets? For once, we're on 'em.
Try and enjoy it, mate.
You want a coffee, coffin dodger? Show your face.
Stupid old wanker.
Fuck off! Oh! That's disgusting! Go on, Ryan.
Do it! You said I could call and you'd send someone round straightaway.
Agh! Jesus.
Woah, where you get those trainers, blud? Get lost, rude boy.
Woah, Wesley.
Have some blud clart respect! Woah, woah, woah, chill, man.
Tom wants to speak to you.
'Arsehole!' Yo, Tommy.
'Dealing with them Arabs.
' Yo, Tom, I'd never disrespect you.
'Them Arabs lost their fingers! You give the kid your score.
'If it doesn't get to me by tonight, you'll go the same way they did.
' Wanker! I phoned them.
They'll have the lot of you! Your house smells better now it don't smell of piss, you old bastard.
Hey! Enough! Enough! Oi, get off him.
Get back.
Calm down.
Oi, calm down.
He fucking whacked me.
He got what was coming.
I want him done for whacking me and for fucking swearing and that.
I never assaulted him.
I just walloped him, that's all.
You stupid old bastard.
Shut up, you! Mr Butterfield, I'm very sorry, but I've no choice but under guidelines stipulated in the Public Order Act, I must arrest you for assault.
Turn your pockets out.
Kaz, really?! Oi! Get back to the vehicle! What the hell are you playing at, Simon? This is the Bog.
We don't ever leave the vehicle.
Early! Idiot! Are you the proprietor of this hairdressing business, sir? Manager.
Not chief stylist? What do you want? I'm following up on a burglary that occurred some weeks ago.
I understand these premises are owned by Laverty Holdings.
Do you know Ms Laverty? She's the owner? Blonde, big lady.
That's her.
Anything else? No.
So what's the twat been up to? Deepak? I'm a little bit nervous about spying, sir, on AC.
Of course you are.
And that's why I really appreciate you doing this for me.
Cos we're all in this together.
Not exactly, sir.
You mean he's my problem and mine alone? I mean Cos we're a team, Deepak, and that should mean something to you.
Of course it does, sir.
Cos if you want out, son, there's plenty in line.
He was checking out a hairdresser's on the Bog, sir.
It's a burglary TIC.
That's it? Yeah.
Is something wrong, sir? No, it's all good.
Cheers, mate.
These units are available right now, yes? Absolutely, yes.
We've got the cash flow for immediate uptake for 15 per cent off the asking price.
15? Mark, could you find out what that gentleman in the suit wants? You already have four units at a discounted price Can I help you, mate? Yes, but don't you think that gives me a bit more leverage for some understanding? Excuse me.
Could you just give me a moment, please? Mark, it's OK.
It's all right.
Ms Laverty? Yes.
Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott.
You're here to declare an interest in commercial units? How can I help you? You must be doing well for yourself, given the economic climate.
We've made shrewd investments.
60 billion quid.
Excuse me? Estimated annual revenue from white-collar crime.
20 times the cost of conventional robbery.
Am I being accused of something? A month ago, your hairdressing business in Moss Heath was burgled.
We only own those premises.
The business operating there is an independent commercial entity.
Well, when I questioned him earlier today, the manager of the salon indicated there was a direct business relationship with you personally.
He didn't seem to know you from Adam.
Why should he know me? That's true, you have dozens of these places, don't you? And today you appear to be taking an interest in market units? Maybe you'd like to discuss this somewhere less public? I'm very happy to cooperate with your investigation, but as this is a commercially sensitive area, I'd prefer my solicitor was present to verify all the small details.
Are you familiar with the term "captive business"? Services paid for in cash with no paper trail or ID.
Earnings from illegal activities can be hidden through the books of salons, market stalls etc.
All the money goes to the bank and bingo, it's clean.
I'm in the middle of a meeting Laundered money finds its way back to criminal interests while the launderer takes his cut, or hers.
Like I said, I'm happy to cooperate.
As you were when your stolen vehicle was used in a hit-and-run.
The officer in charge of that case, Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates.
D'you know him? I met him briefly at the police station.
That's the extent of your relationship? See, I have a witness to your breakfast in Kingsgate the morning before your car was stolen.
Ms Laverty, you'll attend Anticorruption Unit 12, located at this address, with your solicitor at 9am tomorrow to be interviewed under police caution by myself and my superior, Superintendent Hastings.
If you do not have a solicitor, one will be appointed for you.
I'm not arresting you at this time, but if you fail to attend, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
Do you understand, Ms Laverty? What's going on? Let's talk outside.
The coroner's set the date to reopen the inquest in the Karim Ali shooting.
You're going to be asked to testify.
Only to be expected.
But the firearms officers are revisiting their statements.
They're saying you sent them to the wrong flat.
I'm fighting your corner, but this can't not affect your position here, Steve.
I thought we were going over the Greek Lane files again, sir? We'll do it tomorrow.
Yeah, well, what about the duty super? Did you get her to sign off on the extra forensics? You're a lying bitch.
Arnott's onto you.
I don't know how.
The hairdressers, Jackie.
The flea-pit over at Moss Heath.
You might as well have hung up a sign saying, "Launder your drug money here.
" You stupid bloody bitch.
Please, listen to me.
The accountant found out about it, didn't he? Tony No, he saw the dirty money going through the books and he decided to talk.
So you lured him out to the country and then you ran the poor bugger over, didn't you? Tony I'm not some 25-year-old that's wet behind the ears.
That was the sap that fell for all your lies.
They weren't lies.
I loved Andrew.
You loved his money, Jackie.
Look, I know that I've hurt you.
But haven't I made it up to you? Jacqueline Laverty, I'm arresting you for manslaughter.
No, Tony that may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned You're hurting me!! Something that you later rely on in court.
Don't do this, please.
May be used in evidence against you.
No, no, no.
No, please don't do this! Please don't do this.
No, please don't do this.
This is happening, Jackie, OK? Please don't do this, please don't Come on.
I never told you.
He questioned me today.
DS Arnott.
He's putting it all together, but it's you he's after, Tony, not me.
I was on a dark lane in fear of my life.
I'll be acquitted, I'll be free, but you, you'll go to prison.
What's that like, Tony, for a policeman? On the special wing, with all the psychos and the paedophiles.
It's never going to happen.
Your wife will know about us.
Your daughters.
What will they think of their daddy? Don't talk about my kids.
It's not your future or mine - it's theirs.
Tony Poor baby.
I can fix this.
We'll fix it.
Leave it to me.
'DS Arnott, please leave a number and a message 'and I'll call you back.
' Steve, it's me.
Something's happened.
Gates went off in a weird mood earlier.
No-one knows where he is.
I can't track him down without raising suspicions.
Call me when you get this, Steve.
That's the wanker.
He's the one who wouldn't give over his score.
Oi! Wanker! Right, let's clear the area.
Home now, girls.
These kids shouldn't be looking at this.
They should be in bed.
Jesus, it's a school night.
Keely? What? You never came in for that follow-up interview.
Ain't bothered 'bout that slag any more.
You're dropping the charges? Hey, result.
Result my arse.
It's a six-page form to convert it to a non-crime crime number.
Home, now! He must've made one hell of a racket.
Any of you lot see anything? No.
Piss off Yeah, thought not.
Well, we know who killed him.
The same outfit that killed the two dealers.
Have you called Tony? Left a message on his mobile.
I'll call him at home.
We don't want to go waking his missus now, do we? Are you kidding? No, I'm not.
Right, let's just break these lot up.
They're more likely to talk on the QT.
Jonesy, give us a hand.
Come on, everyone, that's about enough for one night.
This is the most entertainment we have.
Don't do that.
Oh, for Christ's sake, Steve, where are you? I think Dot and Morton are covering for Gates.
He's got to be at Jackie Laverty's right now.
Get over there.
I'm sorry.
I, I can't do this.
You're a witness.
I'm sorry.
This is for the best, Tony.
We get to keep seeing each other.
Maybe you shouldn't have any more.
It'll be morning soon.
Let's go back upstairs.
Did you hear the security gate? You should see who it is.
Keep them busy.
I'm going to head out the back.
Oh no, no, Tony, Tony! Oi! I'm a police Oh no, no, please.

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