Line of Duty (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Oi! I'm a policeman! I've been up all night weighing up my career against helping you out.
No, Kate, that's not what I You bastard, sir! So you're going to take all of us down with you? Are you, sir? What was that about something going down the drain? You all right? That'll be your investigation.
Our focus shifts completely to the double murder on Greek Lane and the killing of Wesley Duke.
Tony, you know DI Buckells has taken over the Laverty disappearance? Yeah.
We're developing her money laundering as a lead.
If Gates had solved the triple murder, he could have shaken off these allegations.
Now, he's a dead man walking.
Why keep digging? He's here.
Do you want her body found with your dirty business all over her? Right, er, Aidan, Kelvin, I want you to focus on Jackie's links to organised crime.
Tina, Richie, we need to expand the search for the body, yeah? Whoever we can connect to that body is our prime suspect.
DI Buckells, a word please.
Richie? You lot were crap at the weekend.
You need a new centre-half, mate.
How's the, erm, money laundering investigation coming? Still early days, sir.
What do you know about financial irregularities? Enough.
It's a very specialised area, you know.
Nervous about something, sir? AC-12 have been trying to stick me for weeks, son.
If you think you can do better, be my guest.
You go after a fellow officer, you'll see how those lot feel about you.
My advice is to dump it on Fraud Squad.
Yeah? Phone.
Bent bastard.
What news? I told you to shut it down! Yeah, I am being watched.
I can't do that.
Nobody could do that! I've done the next best thing.
It's a complicated white-collar crime and the offender's missing presumed dead.
The CPS won't touch it with a bargepole.
They better not.
For your sake.
I've held up my side.
I want Jackie's body and the murder weapon disposed of now.
Och, away! Hey! Hey! Glad you could make it.
Sir, I want to call him.
I'm winding down the operation.
Sir, please! Hilton said he was willing to sideline Gates so long as we back off.
But that was before we lost Steve.
Assign another officer.
Haven't got the manpower, Kate.
I'm 10% down already on my budget to Counterterrorism.
Why throw good money after bad? Listen, we've got him for what we wanted originally professional conduct and general duties.
Laddering? We don't have him for perverting the course of justice, for complicity in murder and manslaughter.
Listen, his career's over.
Job done.
Right? I've spent months on this operation, sir.
I'm calling you in, Kate.
No way, sir.
I can nail him myself.
Yeah? You wanted a statement from me.
About the text message from Jackie Laverty's phone to DCI Gates' phone.
It's a dead end.
Any other leads? I know what you're up to, Fleming.
If DCI Gates wants any of this he can put a request in writing, via the Chief Super.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Yeah? DI Buckells might be looking into Jackie's money laundering.
I know.
Well, I'm worried it might connect to you, sir.
Well, it doesn't.
Arnott was the problem.
And now he's bottled it, I can get back to doing my job.
Well, that's great, sir.
Nige, Dot, back to Greek Lane.
Work to do.
I take it this means I'm forgiven, Kate? Not quite, sir.
I reckon you're still short by a box of Milk Tray.
Morning, sir.
The search team's completed operations.
Fleming, Nige? What was the final forensic report on the chemical residues? Traces of hydrogen peroxide in the kitchen, in areas consistent with household bleach.
What about those Arabic books we found? I'll chase up the translators, boss.
Thanks, Nige.
Steady, Nige.
So this is where you are.
Poor bastard's been in the morgue for weeks.
Three post mortems.
Wasn't your fault, Steve.
I should have done more to challenge the Fahrenheit order.
He'd still be alive.
Fleming's still out there, you know? She's not given up.
Yeah, well she can sit in judgement on Gates.
Who am I to? Well, that's a matter for your own conscience, Steve.
All I know is, because of you, Kate's been left high and dry.
Boss never bought me choccies.
Yeah, you look more like a flowers man, Dot.
How long have you been married, sir? Just over ten years.
And Jackie? Sorry.
No, it's just not going to sound very good.
I'm not going to sit in judgement, sir, if that's what you mean.
" Come on, Kate, we're off duty.
It'd feel weird calling you Tony.
Why? Because you don't look like a Tony.
Well, only my mum gets to call me Anthony.
Look, you're right, we don't have to talk about difficult stuff.
No, it's all right, it's I knew her from years back.
I didn't realise.
Yeah, I was a DC.
She was the estate agent that showed me round my first flat.
You're kidding.
And when I moved in, I made this joke that now she knows my address, and, erm Afternoon, sir.
How are you? A couple of nights later, she knocked on my door.
Then, six months down the line, I'm doing the whole thing.
I bought a ring, I'm down on one knee in a restaurant like a mug.
Then she pissed off with a millionaire.
I spent a couple of years feeling sorry for myself, and then I met my Jools.
Mrs Gates? Yeah.
Then, out of the blue, Jackie's back in town, newly divorced.
What happened? It was like before.
It was like that night when I was alone in a bare flat and she came knocking.
And now she's dead, and it's probably because of me.
Don't torture yourself.
Look, I wanted to apologise.
I should never have used you to help flush out the rat in the squad.
But I was backed into a corner I was just pissed off at being manipulated, sir.
If you need my help, just ask.
As Buckells goes through Jackie's finances there's going to be a link to you, isn't there? No, there's not.
I could make it disappear.
How? Get to it before Buckells.
No, sorry, Kate.
I was missing the glamour.
And the operation's been missing a blunt instrument.
Gates hinted there was a financial connection from Jackie to him.
Well, I studied his personal finances, there was never anything.
No exotic holidays, no house in the country.
If she cut him in on the money laundering, God knows what he's spending it on.
Same as anyone - the thing he cares about most.
She had no time to think about it when it was happening, but now she wondered if she hadn't just been worried about the expedition losing its leader.
Holding him in her flippers, she found herself imaging what it would be like if Scott wasn't I'll get it! OK.
Nige! Come in.
Hi, Jools, how you doing? Good.
I'm not interrupting anything, am I? All right, mate? Is there something wrong? No, I was just passing by.
Wondered if you fancied coming down the Arms for a swift pint? I would love to, mate, but snowed under.
Well, that's why I thought you could do with a night off.
Any other night.
You're in the middle of a shit storm, Tone.
Why've you stopped talking to me? Of course I haven't.
You're my best mate.
Am I? Friday night.
You, Mel, me, Jools, we'll get a baby-sitter.
We'll have a balti.
I appreciate this, Nige.
Good night, Jools! Night-night! Night, Natalie, night, Chloe! Night-night! Good night, man.
What are the fees here, if you don't mind me asking? £3,500.
Per year? Per term.
For new pupils, we also require a deposit of £1,000 per pupil to secure a place, with the first term paid in advance.
And the Gates's had no trouble meeting the cost? There was nothing improper.
That's not what I asked.
You'll understand our parents' financial records are confidential.
I'll be back with a court order.
I'll have to inform the Head.
You don't tell anyone.
OK? You were right.
There's something.
I push from the outside, you push from the inside.
Welcome back, Steve.
Buckells isn't the problem.
Arnott's on the case again.
He was at your daughters' school.
Stop, sir! This is what he wants you to do.
I'm not having it! I'm not having it, Kate! As soon as I heard he was back I got worried.
I had uniform drive past your house and your daughters' school.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.
No, I It's my girls.
When they, erm, got into their school, I got slapped with a nine grand bill.
I was trying to get a loan to cover it, cos they were in danger of losing their places.
Jackie paid it without telling me.
She said it was a gift.
I should've said no.
I should My old man never did anything for his kids and I swore I was going to be different.
Well, I'll keep tabs on Arnott.
Whatever he finds, you'll know about it.
Thank you.
All right? Jackie Laverty paid the deposit and first-term advance fees for Gates' daughters at Edge Park Prep.
Gates opened up to you? How did you? You do your side, I'll do mine.
Well, once we've gone through the records, we'll have a financial trail leading from organized crime to Gates via Jackie.
The same crew that killed Jackie Laverty carried out the Greek Lane murders.
Could Gates be involved with them, too? Well, we should target Cottan.
He was pulled off surveillance the night of the murders.
Well, isn't Cottan too tight with Gates to give him up? I overheard a row between Cottan and Morton about loyalty to Gates.
Cottan was wavering, Morton made a dig at Dot about ticking boxes.
Sounded like a sensitive subject.
Well, for appearances, we should bring in the whole squad, make the interviews focus on laddering.
Makes sense.
You going to leave me in the lurch again? I had a wobble.
No more wobbles? No more wobbles.
No comment, sir.
Oh, come on.
DCI Gates ladders offences, doesn't he, Morton? Hmm? I mean, that's how he's returned the best performance indicators in the last three years, right? No comment, sir.
On the night that Wesley Duke was murdered, DCI Gates failed to report for duty - where was he? No comment, sir.
Oh, come on, you're his mate! Don't tell me you didn't try and contact him? No comment, sir.
You'd just got yourself a triple murder.
I mean, you can't seriously defend Gates' conduct, can you, DC Morton? No comment, sir.
We've built a very damning case against him, Morton.
Then you won't need to turn me, sir.
When the bomb goes off there'll be a hell of a lot of collateral damage.
I've been a DC for 20 years.
I'll still be one when I retire.
Ambitious blokes, like you, get buffeted by every little wind of change.
Me? Just keep sailing on.
Interview terminated.
Go on, piss off! Thank you, sir.
Pissing off, sir.
Welcome back, DS Arnott.
That's one down.
I thought we had a deal, Ted.
No, we had a discussion, sir.
I had the whole thing planned.
Restructuring of Tactical Ops, TO-20 disbanded, Gates sidelined.
My email is sitting in the Chief Constable's inbox.
The charge against Gates, sir, that we discussed, is in respect of laddering.
I have to substantiate that allegation with some pretty hard evidence, otherwise Gates is at liberty to sue us for constructive dismissal.
I appear to have misunderstood.
Well, if that is my fault, I apologise, sir.
But I have to interview all of Gates' team to ascertain whether he was working alone.
Yes, of course! And was he? Well, I'm not at liberty to say as yet, sir.
I thought we were working together on this, Ted.
Yes, well, we are, sir, but I think we'd both be gratified to know Gates is a lone gunman, sir, and not the product of institutionalised malpractice sir.
Fleming? Sir, I thought you should know, we've all just been called in by AC-12, me, Dot and Nige.
What for? They're not saying, but they've pulled in copies of all recent cases, including the Greek Lane murders.
DC Fleming? Sorry, sir.
Fleming? Fleming?! What's your understanding of the term "laddering"? I'll be guided by you, sir.
Well, laddering is the amplification, indeed multiplication, of charges against the offender for the purpose of securing administrative detections.
In short, it's the buffing up of our figures to make it look like more crimes are being solved.
Does this ring any bells? You've got a nerve, sir.
DCI Gates is the best detective in this city.
Why don't you do everyone a favour and go after some proper criminals? That your statement, Fleming? It is, sir.
Interview terminated.
Off you go.
DS Cottan - is it all right if I call you Matthew? Fine by me, sir.
I know you also go by Dot.
Matthew it is.
Appearances can be deceptive, Matthew, can't they? I mean, you look at DCI Gates and very admirable individual.
Devoted family man.
Officer of the Year.
I mean, you admire him, don't you, Matthew? I respect him, sir.
I like the bloke a lot, yeah.
And does he respect you? I mean, does he like you? I don't really go round thinking like that, sir.
That's it.
Emotional security.
I look at you and that's what I see.
Yeah, a confident copper.
Someone who can handle himself.
But like I said, you know, appearances can be deceptive.
You're the last person I'd look at and think, "mental health issue".
Hear you like the horses.
I used to.
In 2009, you were given a final written warning for dereliction of duty.
Why was that, Dot? It's all in the file.
You couldn't go past a bookie's without dropping in.
All-nighters at the casino.
Up to your eyes in debt.
Your missus walked out.
You had a breakdown.
Yeah, well, I was an addict.
What do they say? Once an addict, always an addict? No, not everyone says that.
DCI Gates doesn't.
He scraped you off the bottom of the barrel and put you on his squad.
All that overtime, you soon worked off those debts.
That's right, yeah.
Yeah, well there's one debt you'll never work off.
To Gates.
And he knows it.
And that's why he counted on you, Matthew, to abandon the surveillance operation in Greek Lane.
Anything you say in here, Matthew, will be treated with the strictest confidence.
DS Raser says anything, it's his career, I can assure you.
We only want the truth.
You were supposed to be watching the house.
Instead of waiting for the next turn, you took an early swerve.
Come on now, Matthew.
Hmm? That's when the murders took place.
Look, we got a call saying the next turn was on their way.
We'd had notices about unnecessary overtime.
So we decided to go.
Oh, WE decided, WE decided.
Who decided, Matthew? Huh? Did you decide, Matthew? A breach of procedure that resulted in the untimely deaths of these two young men? What? Or did Gates order you to go, knowing whatever happened you'd stick by him? There's two yellow notices against your card already, son.
One more strike and you're out.
No job.
No pension.
You owe Gates for giving you a second chance.
But you don't owe him your future.
The red notice is only the start, son.
I'll go for the criminal conviction, you know I will.
You don't owe him a cover-up for a double murder.
It was Tony.
He was the one that gave the order.
Interview terminated.
Thank you, Matthew.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
It all fits.
The gang that committed the Greek Lane murders was laundering money via Jackie, money that was paying for Gates' daughters' education.
He facilitated the hit to protect his income.
I think we've got the bastard! I'll see you in the pub for a pint.
Well, do yourself a favour, mate.
What's the story? They're going after us for laddering.
They're coming after me, you mean.
We're in this together, mate.
The laddering could be a smokescreen.
You'd know, would you? There's something else they have on me.
What? It doesn't matter.
She knows about it? Nige.
Everyone knows she's been stuck for a complaint, but AC-12 don't seem to give a toss.
What's all that about? With all due modesty, they've got bigger fish to fry.
Their case against you started with the free breakfast at the cafe.
Who wrote up the arrest report? Yeah, that's right.
It was me.
We all know the complaint came from the muggers.
Do we? Yes.
Cut it out! Cut it out! Do you not see, Christ, they're into me for everything.
The laddering, the breakfast, Jackie, fucking everything! Who are those bastards to come after you, boss? They've forgot what the job used to be.
All the crap you took at Hendon.
Jesus, Nige, what the hell did you tell them? Boss Mate, what do you think? No comment to everything.
Kate? I told them where to stick it.
Dot? No comment.
You know me, Tone.
Nige, I'm sorry.
It's just, I've got to think.
It's late.
Go home.
Go home! Boss? All of you.
We're not open.
What do you want? Remember me? I'm here to search the premises.
The lift stunk, blood.
Yeah, of your farts, cuz.
No, that's your mum.
Every time I do her, she gives me a kebab.
Freezing our nuts off out there, waste man.
Sorry, Ryan.
You don't mind us popping in, do you, Terry? No.
Home away from home, this is.
Have you got a problem? I said, have you got a problem? Soz, mate.
Couldn't remember where the bog was, innit? I'm only messing about.
Get off! He's looking at my tits.
I wasn't! Oi, look what the council give him! Wish I was spasticated.
Hey, Sammy, how are you? Hiya.
The way you sounded on the phone, I didn't know what state to expect you in.
This trouble at work, Jools.
It's pretty serious.
How serious? There was a woman.
Jackie, and she offered to help with the girls' schooling.
What? What woman? She's just somebody I met at work.
She's a businesswoman.
Why would she want to do that? She Was there something going on between you? No.
Tony? I would never do that.
You know that.
She just let on she could pull strings to get the girls into their school.
But that all worked out fine.
She paid the first set of fees.
What? Listen, no listen, the girls would've lost their places, and I couldn't have that.
We didn't have the money, so, she offered.
I still don't get why would she want to do that.
To get me in her pocket.
Is this why that anti-corruption officer was round here? Yeah.
You said you could fix it.
I've tried.
I've There's got to be something.
Quickly, everyone, gather round.
The Chief Constable has ordered me to take personal charge of the operation as Senior Investigating Officer.
Owing to his familiarity with the investigation, Deputy SIO will be DCI Gates.
DCI Gates? Thank you, sir.
Greek Lane's been under investigation as the scene of a double homicide.
The IP's were two IC6 males in their 20s.
There were Arabic books found at the scene.
They've been translated.
They were chemistry manuals.
Forensics also found evidence of hydrogen peroxide use at the scene, and that's a well-recognised chemical constituent of IEDs.
Look, the evidence points very strongly to these men being involved in a terrorist operation.
Now, at this point, we have no clear understanding of why these men were murdered or who by.
But their involvement in terrorist planning raises the possibility that they were killed for their silence, and the wider terror group, of which these men formed a part, poses a threat to the public.
So the objectives of our investigation are to work with counterterrorism officers and the Security Services to uncover the infrastructure that supported this cell and to prevent the remaining elements from executing their plan.
I want all inspectors and sergeants to attend an operational overview in the Briefing Room with me.
That's it, sir.
Thank you, DCI Gates.
Thank you, everybody.
This is bollocks and you know it.
You screwed up the op, you killed an innocent man and now the real terrorists are at large.
I'm just tidying up your mess, son.
If you're too emotionally involved, remove yourself.
Sir - sir, do you have a minute? DS Arnott.
Erm sir, do you mind if we talk through here? Er, coffee, tea? Ted? Steve? Yes, sir, that'll be great.
Coffee for three, please, Sheila.
Gates is playing you.
Those lads were using chemistry to make crack, not bombs, and bleach to scrub their sink.
They were selling drugs to finance terrorist activity, a recognised AQ modus operandi.
AQ? Al-Qaeda, Jesus Christ.
You're loving this.
And if you get a promotion out of it A little decorum, please, DS Arnott.
Terrorism is the single greatest challenge in modern policing.
Not to take this seriously could be catastrophic.
Who for? You? Steve! Sir - we have reason to believe, sir, that DCI Gates suspended a surveillance operation, thereby facilitating the double homicide at Greek Lane.
I'd like to hear the tape of Gates' call.
He didn't make it through Despatch, sir.
We've got a witness.
So it's his word against Gates'? Look, we have concrete evidence of an improper financial relationship between DCI Gates and Jackie Laverty.
When he brought me the evidence against the terrorist cell, DCI Gates was at pains to point out the sensitivity of his position regarding your investigation.
He declared that Ms Laverty had made a one-off payment to secure his daughters' places at Edge Park Prep School, a payment that was made without his consent or knowledge, and that the money was paid back.
I have authorised all available resources, and DCI Gates, with his intimate knowledge of the case history, is essential to the success of this operation.
At least we have the laddering.
Come on, that's a drop in the ocean.
We've been round the houses, Steve.
Round the houses and down the bloody drains.
So you're throwing in the towel.
That's rich.
Look, Hilton blows with the wind.
I thought you were better than that.
Listen, I would've thought that if anybody understood that counterterrorism can get you off, it would've been you.
What's that supposed to mean? You were involved in an operation where an innocent man got killed and you're running round, free as a bird.
All because our senior officers would rather see ten innocents die than let one terrorist succeed.
So why'd you recruit me then? Lately, I've been asking myself the same bloody question.
Go on, my son.
Go on.
You bent bastard.
Yeah? There's a copper poking his nose into one of Jackie's old salons.
What copper? Some DS Arnott.
You were meant to have this sorted, you bent bastard.
Hey it it was sorted.
I I've got to shut the place down and clear it out by tonight.
D'you know how many of these I've got? Every place he knows about, I've got to close.
Do you know how much that's going to cost? You should've done what you were bloody told.
He's anti-corruption.
That means he's after me, not you.
All I have to do He's all over my business! All right! D'you think he'll turn a blind eye, you stupid twat? If it's one bloke, he can be fixed.
Hey Hey, could we? Could we maybe take a breath? With him gone, you'll be free to do what I tell you.
We'll say when and where.
Your job is to get him there.
I can't I'm out.
All right? Gates Hey! And you, you little shit.
I see you again, I'm going to arrest you.
Are you fucking mental? Tommy's got your bird.
Your business all up her.
Your prints are on the knife.
You're fucked, waste man.
Any luck with the baby-sitter? Friday night curry with the girls? I'm sorry, Nige.
Yeah? Sir, everyone's ready in the briefing room.
I Put it back a couple of hours, please.
Boss! Yeah.
'I am giving you one last chance, 'ya bent bastard.
' Hello.
'You came to the salon.
' How did you get this number? 'I know about the money.
I can give you the information you want.
' Yeah? Well, how do I know this isn't a load of crap? 'There was a woman, Jackie.
'She got her throat slashed in the hall of her house.
'There was a policeman with her.
He's in on all of it.
'Only information.
'No police station, no police.
'No-one but you.
' Where? Yeah? Great.
We'll come right now.
We've got Wesley's stepbrother in Interview Room One.
What? Well, shouldn't we wait for the boss to get back? No.
Kate? Yeah, I'll be right there.
Mr Boyle? It's the police.
You called us, sir.
Can we come in, Terry? Yes.
Come in.
You said there'd been a break-in? Yes.
I called 999 and they said they wrote it all down.
Well, how'd they get in? I let them in.
Er, what did they take, Terry? Crisps.
Fi fizzy drinks.
They stole them? No, I gave them to them.
Well, what did they look like? Just a moment, please.
I'm very sorry, but that's the secret signal that we've got a very, very serious emergency to go to.
If they come back, get their names and contact the station.
Thanks for your call.
That's not a crime, for Christ's sake.
It's a social problem.
Wesley was receiving a supply from two men who resided at Greek Lane.
No comment.
Look, we're not trying to pin anything on Wesley we're trying to find out who killed him.
Did he ever say there was anything unusual about these two blokes? Sorry, Nige, I'm busting.
I'll be back in a minute.
Look, those lads that were found dead in that flat, did they have any other mates? Arabs, maybe? Pakistanis? That you? 'What's happening?' I've seen how Jackie's business laundered drug money.
'500 quid for a bunch of bananas.
'I'm on my way to meet an informant to Gates being in on it.
' Wait.
Gates has gone AWOL.
I saw him setting something up with Morton.
I don't know what it was but Look, I need to move right now, Kate.
No more wobbles.
Two identical phones.
Don't bother saying there's an innocent explanation.
Where's Gates? What's he up to? Tony's shut me out.
Because of you.
D'you have any idea how that's felt? I couldn't give a shit.
Argh! DC Fleming, are you all right? Don't worry about me - get him! I wouldn't.
This is pointless, Gates.
It isn't about me versus you any more.
The people that Jackie was involved with, they're all over me.
Then get in the car.
Turn yourself in.
I wish it was that simple.
I'm sorry.
For Christ's sake, what are you playing at?! Bloody hell! Fleming? I'm AC-12.
Call IT now and get them to unlock this bloody computer.
Now! 'You were poking your nose into my business.
'This is how it's going to work 'you tell my lads what you know.
I'll be listening.
' I can't.
Speak up, you div.
I don't What? Argh! This is Gates.
Look, it's happening.
What you wanted, it's happening.
Now you've got to give me Jackie's body.
'What, and ruin our relationship?' Just give Give it! Give it! Open his hand out! Get me that fucking finger! Who knows about our business? More police? Phone.
Who knows about our business? Who? Who knows? What's wrong with these things? You bastards! You big bastard, what you got to say now? I'm arresting you for grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment.

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