Line of Duty (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Aargh! This is Gates.
SCREAMING What you wanted, it's happening, now you gotta give me Jackie's body.
What? And ruin our relationship? It isn't about me versus you any more.
I'm sorry.
I take pride in the courage and professionalism of my counterterrorism officers.
Admit our mistake, apologise, and get on with the job of finding the actual terrorists.
Pointing the finger at your own? Greek Lane's been under investigation as the scene of a double homicide.
The evidence points very strongly to these men being involved in a terrorist operation.
It was Tony, he was the one that gave the order.
Officer of the year - Is something going on between you? - No.
Chief Inspector Anthony Gates.
Two identical phones, don't bother saying there's an innocent explanation.
I'm AC-12, call IT now and get them to unlock this bloody computer! Now! Talk! HE SCREAMS IN PAIN What's wrong with these things? What d'you know about our business? Come on, I need this information.
Who have you told? I don't know anything.
Idiot! Get that finger in there.
Oh, these don't work! I ain't a bloody kid! Then we do him, like Tommy says.
SIREN APPROACHING The police, let's go! Go, go! Go! Hey, where you going? Come here.
Ah, you bust me leg! Get down.
And shut up! HE GROANS Argh! HE GASPS HE SPLUTTERS No Please.
Steve? I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Look, you should go.
It's OK, my cover's blown.
What? It doesn't matter, I lost Gates.
POLICE RADIOS IN BACKGROUND There's no sign of him here.
Look, I'll follow you to the hospital, all right? - Bastard! - Calm down, Ryan, you'll only hurt yourself.
Where's the water cannon when you need it? - Who nicked him? - DS Arnott said he did.
Who arrested you, Ryan? DC Fleming asked you a question, Ryan.
I ain't saying nothing without a solicitor! Jools? Jools, are you here? Jools! Jools! FAINT WHIMPERING WHIMPERING It's OK, boy.
It's OK.
Shhh, boy.
WHIMPERING It's OK, Sam, it's OK, big man.
DOG GASPS FOR AIR WHIMPER THEN SILENCE KEY IN DOOR DOOR OPENS - Oh, Tony? - Are the girls at school? - What are you doing here? - The girls, Jools.
- Yeah, of course they are.
- OK, I need you to pack a couple of bags, pick them up early and then take them to your mum's.
What's going on? Listen, I'll pack the bags myself if I have to, but we have to get going.
- Tony, talk to me! - They killed Sammy! Oh, my God.
It's a warning.
It's me they're after.
- Who are these people? - It doesn't matter who they are, I just need to know that you and the girls are safe, that's all I care about right now.
No, I'm not going anywhere without you.
Jools, you'll be safe at your mum's.
This is ridiculous, you're the police! - I'm calling 999.
- Hey! Listen! I am on my own.
No, you're not! This mess, it's mine.
It's not yours and it's not the girls'.
I just need you to do what I say.
- I'm calling Nigel.
- Don't.
There's not a bloke at the station - that won't stand by you.
- Jools, stop it! - Why are you behaving like this? - This is about Jackie, all right?, and the people that she was in business with.
What are you saying? That they killed Sammy? - Yeah.
- Well, what's it got to do with Jackie? They killed her, too.
- My God.
When? - A couple of weeks back.
Why didn't you say anything? Because I thought I'd I was trying to fix everything.
How? - What's going on? - It doesn't matter, all right?, they're criminals.
Now, I need you to pack those bags and I need you to pick up my girls.
Why are you shutting me out? Because I need to be able to handle this on my own.
I'm not going anywhere without you.
I was fucking her.
OK? I was fucking Jackie.
You all right? You're OK.
They operated on your hand.
They saved your finger.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
Hey, Steve.
Any sign of Gates? No.
The house is deserted.
DI Buckells' team have put a trace on his phone but it's switched off.
We'll take a statement when you're feeling a bit better.
Since Gates went AWOL just before it happened, we're assuming he was involved in some capacity.
Quite a set of charges, isn't it, for the Officer of the Year - conspiracy, kidnapping, GBH, - attempted murder.
- I'm not sure he was involved, sir.
We haven't got the evidence yet, you mean.
But we will get it.
Kate, we should debrief.
All right, Kate, I'll see you back at the office, yeah? - I'm glad you're feeling better, Steve.
- Thank you, sir.
What's that about? Well, now my cover's blown, it's a question of whether I'll stay on the case.
Do you want to carry on? I think you know the answer.
The men who were holding you got away, but the kid's in custody.
We won't be able to interview him until we've tracked down a responsible adult.
I heard you trashed Gates' office.
There was a freezer, in the place they held me.
Struck me as odd.
- We found traces of blood on the floor, around the freezer.
- Cheers.
There are traces of body fluids, seepage from before a body was frozen.
I don't think the seepage products will tell us much.
Tells us they moved it in a hurry.
Yeah, because they didn't clean up.
I'm surprised you've not been pulled out, DC Fleming.
I say Fleming.
Who knows? The chances are her body's in another freezer somewhere else.
It'll be Jackie all right.
They'll preserve the body as evidence against Gates.
He didn't kill her.
No? I'm not sure he's capable.
- I'll come with you.
- No.
I'm all right.
- Kate.
- Dot.
I've just come to get my stuff.
No hard feelings.
SPITS GASPS Deserved it, didn't she, eh? Her cover isn't the only thing she blew, you know? Ask Tony.
Which force are you really from? Who was your target then, eh? Just Gates? I can't discuss my brief.
You must be pretty pissed off though, eh, not getting the evidence you needed.
- I got plenty.
- Yeah? I don't see Tony Gates in custody.
Do you? The last time I saw Gates, he was talking with Morton.
If anyone's still loyal, it's him.
What? Leave Morton to me.
Here we go again.
Has Gates called you yet? He knows there'll be a trace on his phone.
He'll find a way.
When he calls, give him a message.
The subway between Borogrove Estate and Moss Heath Park.
tell him I'll be there, alone, at midnight.
You must think I'm thick as pig shit.
You don't know the situation between me and Gates, but he does.
What if I say, "screw you"? The only person you'd be screwing is your best mate.
Virtually all my detectives have been seconded to the operation.
You've responded decisively, sir.
You two know each other? What you doing here? Chief Inspector Osborne is contributing his expertise - to our counter terrorism operation.
- You believe this? The Greek Lane cell appeared exactly the same time as ours dropped off the radar.
We can't exclude a direct connection.
If you'll excuse us, DS Arnott.
I'm sorry about that, Philip.
Ah, DS Cottan, our Acting Deputy SIO.
CI Osborne.
- Cottan.
- Very pleased to meet you, sir.
- Morning.
- Hiya, I'm Ryan Pilkington's social worker.
Just a minute.
DC Fleming.
Will you come with me, please? Thanks.
TAPE MACHINE BUZZES BUZZING STOPS Interview under caution with Ryan Pilkington by Detective Constable Fleming in the presence of Ryan's solicitor.
- Louise Burton.
- Social worker.
- Jane Hargreaves.
Community Liaison Officer, Community Juvenile Liaison Officer and Community Policing Case File Officer, PC Bannerjee.
I know things aren't great for you at home, Ryan.
We've had to give up on your mum.
She won't come in.
She'd rather leave all this to your case workers.
How d'you feel about that? My parents split up when I was a kid.
You'll do anything to be out of the house.
You don't care what it gets you into.
You're right.
Our lives doesn't compare but I do want to help you, Ryan.
You're on a bad road and you need to get off it.
Tell me what you know about the men who were holding DS Arnott.
We know the same men were involved in a series of incidents.
Two men were killed in Greek Lane.
A drug dealer named Wesley Duke was hung from a lamp post.
And a woman named Jackie Laverty was snatched from her own home.
Four murders, Ryan.
- I need to know you had nothing to do with them.
- I didn't.
And I believe you, Ryan.
But you know about them, don't you? My client denies any knowledge of these offences.
But the person who ordered those murders - is someone you work for, though, isn't that right? - I dunno.
Don't lie to me, Ryan.
I can't help you if you do.
You were involved in holding and torturing DS Arnott.
You spoke to a man on the phone who was giving you the orders.
- Who's that man? - I dunno.
Well, does he have a name? - Ryan's answered the question, DC Fleming.
- Ryan.
- I don't know his name.
- Does he use the name "Tommy"? Dunno.
That's the name DS Arnott heard.
Let's call him Tommy.
What do you do for Tommy, Ryan? Don't do nothing.
For the tape, I'm showing Ryan a mobile phone, evidence number G67389.
- Is that your phone? - No.
Well, it was recovered from the location where you were holding DS Arnott.
You're a tough kid, Ryan.
Or at least you think you are.
Where did you get those injuries? If you carry on like this, the place you're going has 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds, and they're built like brick sheds.
How d'you think you'll fare against one of those lads? They knock your teeth out, Ryan.
They do that so you give a better blow job.
I don't think that's very helpful, DC Fleming.
It AIN'T my phone! But you recognise it, don't you? SOLICITOR WHISPERS No comment.
What d'you do for Tommy, Ryan? WHISPERING No comment.
Four murders, Ryan.
This is serious.
I know you're innocent.
You were just helping out with the phones, weren't you? WHISPERING Just did the phones.
- Did what exactly? - Nick phones for 'em.
For the lot of 'em.
They'd use 'em for a couple of days.
Then I'd get rid of 'em.
Right, so you needed unregistered phones, like this one.
That's it.
The phones.
My client has been very helpful.
Can we leave it there, please? Have you ever met Tommy? No, he does it all on the phones.
Did he ever ask you to do anything in relation to the woman I mentioned earlier, Jackie Laverty? Like what? Well, we're still looking for her body, Ryan.
- Where is it? - I dunno.
Are you sure, Ryan? Yeah.
We can protect you from Tommy.
- Yeah, right! - Where's the body, Ryan?! - DC Fleming, please.
- That's enough.
There's a police officer, Ryan.
Detective Chief Inspector Gates.
Do you know who I mean? Well, let's assume you do.
Did Tommy ever give you instructions regarding DCI Gates? Ryan! I'd give him a phone.
Tommy does all the talking.
- My client's already admitted - What did he say to Gates? - What did Gates say to him? - I can't remember.
Think carefully, please, Ryan.
Did Tommy and DCI Gates ever - discuss kidnapping DS Arnott? - I dunno.
Ryan's answered your questions, DC Fleming.
He's tired.
Are you tired, Ryan? Ryan? Please.
Think carefully.
Did DCI Gates help kidnap DS Arnott? No, he was the one who RESCUED him! DOOR OPENS Well, thank you, Ryan.
We'll leave it there for now.
I hope you're being looked after if there's anything you need, just let me know.
DS Arnott.
What the hell's going on here, Fleming? We got a responsible adult but you were busy.
You're off TO-20.
You were never bloody on it.
Right you are, sir.
Ryan, sorry, DOOR CLOSES I'm Detective Inspector Buckells.
Can I have a Big Mac now? Kate.
Wait! I knew something was going on! When were you going to tell me? I'm sorry.
What? And now you "owe" him? Gates played us.
All of us.
- And he's at it again.
- He saved my life! He put you in danger in the first place! He was backed into a corner.
Yeah, that we put him in, to crack the case! You're close to Gates and you don't understand him.
SHE SIGHS You know what, you're screwing up an operation I've spent months on Steve, undercover, worrying about my every move, bricking it in case I get caught, sleepless nights? Cheers, mate.
Thanks a fucking million! RINGING TONE Who else knows you're here? No one.
Now, where's Gates? Arggh! HE GASPS IN PAIN HE GROANS Pillock! GASPS FOR BREATH ENGINE STARTS Wh?! Aargh! Gates? What the hell's going on? I need to flush out any back-up, make them come running.
There's no back-up, it's just me.
Yeah? So, you're looking after your own, that's not in the Anticorruption Code, mate.
Well, it's mine.
HE GROANS I was never on the take.
And I was never in with criminals, that was all Jackie.
You pulled surveillance off Greek Lane so they could do the murder.
I never gave that order.
Anyone tells you different is lying.
All the dirty money Jackie funnelled, you never suspected a thing? Listen, I was an idiot.
And I never twigged who she was in with.
But it was them who did the murder, not me, and it's them I'm hiding from, not you.
Turn yourself in.
Give evidence against them.
We can protect you.
That's a bunch of crap and you know it.
I'm a dead man walking.
And so are you, son.
We need to get them before they get us.
For Jackie's murder, for the Greek Lane mob, and for Wesley Duke.
Because they're the real criminals, Arnott.
Not me.
What the hell am I supposed to do? Just back off.
You back off and you keep everybody else off of me until the job's done.
How do I know this isn't just another one of your games? This is my only chance of holding on to any of the things I give a toss about.
I'll give you Tommy, and then you let me go.
You got it? - Arnott? Have you got it?! - Yes! CAR DOOR OPENS - Er, Matthew.
- Sir.
CI Osborne's joined us on semi-permanent secondment.
I'd be grateful if you could be his point of contact.
I'd be very happy to, sir.
I've been impressed, Matthew, I wonder how do you feel about sitting the inspector's exam? I don't know what to say, sir.
No-one wants to step into dead man's shoes, but Tony Gates is finished.
I meant to ask, what brought you into the service, Matthew? Well, where I grew up, sir, there wasn't much respect for law and order.
You know, I could've fallen in with a bad crowd.
But instead, I made a few quid caddying at the local golf club.
I met a bloke there, sir, who opened my eyes.
Well, think of this as an opportunity to help young people like that.
- I want it, sir.
- Good man.
INSIDE BUILDING: The police are here, get out, quick! Go on, go! Go on, go! BOTTLES SMASH DOGS BARK Must've seen the vehicle.
Remind me to check outstanding warrants back at the station.
Is that your mum's boyfriend, Ryan? You better have fed him.
Right, let's get round to the chippy.
Just give me a minute, Kaz.
What now? Ryan, I er, I want you to know you can call me.
I ain't no grass.
Yeah, I know, it's just if there's stuff you want to talk about.
Or you want someone to buy you a burger.
That's all.
Promise? Right, I'll have a cod and chips.
See you there.
Simon, what? I know, this is the Bog, we never leave the vehicle.
Steve, fancy a cup of tea? CLEARS THROA Ha, shall I be mother? Thank you, sir.
You know the date came through for your inquest.
It's next week.
Yeah, suppose you could always argue that you're not fit to testify? Yeah? Kate? The news came through yesterday but I decided to let it wait.
There's no point ruining a good night's sleep.
- Did you sleep all right last night? - Good, thank you, sir.
Yeah, I know, you know, I mean with the arm and all that.
Just a quiet night in, sir.
Quiet night? You cheeky wee shite, ya! Kate, you have a word with him.
My doctor told me to watch me blood pressure.
The boss put an officer on your flat.
For your protection.
He saw you stumble in well after midnight.
I had a meeting with Gates.
Jesus Christ, Steve! You're meant to be my partner.
Well, you were never Gates's partner, then? - What the hell are you talking about? - If this is personal - "Personal"? - If something happened between you two - Like what? Nothing.
Forget it.
What d'you want to know? - I shouldn't have asked.
It's private.
- Yeah, it is.
Now that you and Gates are bosom buddies, you'll know what to do with that.
- A wire tap? - Yes, Steven, a wire tap.
What is it with you? You think you owe Gates? Why don't you ask yourself who you REALLY owe? BEEPING DOOR UNLOCKS INAUDIBLE Yeah, yeah, I would, yeah.
KNOCK ON DOOR Just a second, sorry.
You got a minute, sir? We're eager for an update.
The body fluids recovered from the freezer match the blood from Jackie Laverty's house.
I re-interviewed the ASBO Dodger, but he's never gonna grass where they moved the body.
Now we're looking at the phone data.
When do you make the tissue match? Oh, were you not on the distribution list? I do apologise.
Sorry, Alex, carry on.
So do we know how long the cell has been operating under cover as drug dealers? Yeah, well, we interviewed a known dealer, Wesley Duke, before he died.
He reckoned, a month, sir.
Jermaine Duke, brother of the deceased, says Wesley remarked on the reliability from the Greek Lane suppliers.
They were organised.
Not smackheads.
Fits with them having a supply line running directly from Northern Pakistan.
Oh, don't mind me.
A supply line running directly from Northern Pakistan? Makes a change from nicking chavs on Moss Heath.
You must be creaming yourselves.
This is a private meeting, Arnott.
I'll wait.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Right, you've got 30 seconds.
I'd like to explore the possibility the Greek Lane residents weren't terrorists.
Naturally, I'm open to all possibilities.
I've been conducting an in-depth operation against DCI Tony Gates.
And at no point in Gates's investigation did he ever develop a lead into a terror connection.
Not until he obtained evidence of the bomb-making activity.
Sir, it was household bleach and a chemistry book.
Those lads were making crack, not IEDs.
And Gates knows that.
He only dressed it up as a CT op when he realised we were about to crucify him.
Is that it? Thanks, Arnott, time's up.
Don't act like this hasn't happened before.
Our operation was botched.
And you're trying to cover it up.
The only person not telling the truth is you.
You're out on a limb, Arnott.
Not a great place to be when the inquest opens next week.
No wonder you're desperate.
You asked me to lie, sir, to go along with it.
At least have the common decency to admit that.
I did no such thing.
I got shafted because of you! Because I won't cover up our blokes busting into the wrong flat, shooting an innocent person.
See you at the inquest.
This isn't going to work.
I can't use this on Gates.
- Steve.
You're off the case.
Just - Wait! There's a bigger crime here.
Gates believes he can bring in a high-value offender within organised crime.
- What? He told you that? - He's desperate.
He believes it's his only chance to save his career, his reputation, his family.
Look, DI Buckells' team's been checking phone records, right? I can feed the information to Gates.
He has a relationship with this people.
They'll want to meet, if only to kill him.
Gates can pick up an unregistered phone so he can make contact without being traced by Buckells now I Whoah, whoah! Hang on a second.
What are you saying? You're going to cut this guy loose? After all this, the only way I'm going to sanction an operation like this, son, is if you can promise me that you're going to deliver Gates right into the palm of my hand.
This is the call history from Ryan's phone.
It goes back only a couple of days, from when the handset was stolen.
Now, there's a pattern of incoming calls, always from different numbers.
Having lost Ryan, there's a big chance right now Tommy doesn't know which of his numbers is secure.
All the numbers are currently inactive.
Hastings is on standby to move as soon as one joins the network.
So are we.
You're not coming in.
I can't be seen out here on the doorstep.
Hey, please, Jools.
I'm doing everything to make us good again.
I promise you, I'm doing everything.
But work are calling me back in.
Are my girls in there? I don't want you upsetting them.
Just an hour.
Just so it's like we're a family again.
Just an hour, please? Please.
What's the time, Mr Wolf? Three o'clock.
What's the time, Mr Wolf? Ten o'clock.
What's the time, Mr Wolf? Dinner time! PHONE RINGS DC Fleming.
One of the numbers from Ryan's phone just got activated.
They're triangulating now.
Yeah, good, off you go, both of you, go on.
Yes, standing by.
Positions, everybody, come on.
BOTH: What's the time, Mister Wolf? MOBILE PHONE RINGS PHONE BEEPS Yeah? It's on.
Gates? Received.
Guys? - I'm going to have to go.
- Why? I have got to go back to work.
Have they got the triangulation yet? They've got a signal in the Kingsgate, heading west towards Edge Park.
It's got to be Tommy.
En route.
We've got a signal in Kingsgate.
Heading west towards Edge Park.
This is Gates.
I'm a minute away.
What are we? - Two.
- What? I don't trust him, OK? I don't bloody trust him! Tommy's travelling very fast.
Now going west on Kingsgate Road.
Kingsgate Road, west.
He's already jumped to the next cell.
He's going like the clappers.
God knows how, but he must be on to us.
Bastard! Tracking Tommy, 9301 He's just taken a left, Edge Park Road, southbound.
Drop him.
This is our op.
Drop him and he's gone.
So's Tommy.
Left turn.
Edge Park Road.
The target's just turned west again.
He's leading us round the bloody houses! We're now southbound on Edge Park Road.
Target is now heading west.
Look for a right turn ahead.
Tracking Gates.
93016, macro cell He's stationary.
About 200 yards from the turn.
He's gone off road.
200 yards from the turn.
He's reached wherever he's going.
Or he's dumped the phone.
MAN: Cutting it fine, Tom! - Sorry.
Just move it.
Can you get me a trolley handle? And a Kit-Kat? Or a Mars bar, or something? Yeah You cheeky bugger! Gates, report.
Where are you, what's happening? Gates! Gates! After the hammering you took last week, we thought you'd be a no-show.
Ha ha.
I'll win my money back.
Oh, right, thank you.
Good on you.
HE WHISTLES What's your problem, mate? It's all right, we're fine.
Let's go out onto the tee.
What? That's for my kids' dog.
Back off! Now.
Let's go.
Right turn, coming up.
Move! Move! Now visual, in pursuit.
Look, where are you taking me? D'you want to know the longest anyone's ever managed to hold me in a police station? I'm not arresting you.
I didn't kill Jackie Laverty.
The only evidence they'll find on her is from you, you and your dirty business, plus the knife with your prints all over it.
When I was with her, she was still alive.
I wouldn't know.
I wasn't there.
No but your boys were, weren't they? And did they make her suffer? Did they have their fun with her? You've got a dirty mind.
My boys are professionals.
Probably under orders not to tamper with the evidence.
What orders would those be? Listen, you used her to get to me, didn't you? It's an interesting story, eh? Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to either confirm or deny.
Oh, Christ.
ENGINE ROARS Listen, she was my girlfriend and I cared about her.
I just want to know what you did to her.
Spare yourself.
Your life's miserable enough already.
Oh, you bloody didn't.
You did Greek Lane and you did Wesley Duke.
My squad is starting to put it together right now.
And every piece of evidence, every piece is starting to point towards you.
What evidence? Well, there's me for a start.
A copper inside is bad and bad enough.
But you'll be a copper that grassed.
That's why I want to stay out.
I want that more than anything.
What is this evidence you're talking about? Oh, we're going to get to that.
First, I want to make things straight between me and you.
Well, there has to be something in it for me.
The kid.
He's young enough to turn.
No one's daft enough to grass on me.
Anticorruption can't make a case against me without informants.
What with that DS you gave us? You mean Arnott? I've fixed him.
I fixed him my way.
I couldn't be a part of killing him, but all the rest is fine.
Listen, I can still be of use to you.
- You're dreaming.
- Am I? I dressed up Greek Lane as something else.
And I'm gonna make Wesley Duke's murder look like a tear-up between some low-level dealers.
So if Jackie's body's never found, then there's no case to answer.
For either of us.
He's played us again! I'm calling in back-up.
- Let's get the pair of them while we can.
- No.
- Steve! - Wait.
The only problem is the fingers.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Drop the act.
The amputated fingers are the only link between Wesley Duke and Greek Lane.
It was clumsy and ignorant.
You said your boys are professionals.
That means it was your bloody stupid idea.
They got carried away.
Bloody idiots.
Come on, Gates, nail the bastard.
So I make Wesley Duke's murder look like a copycat.
But there's no forensics, so they are gonna need a confession.
Your boys screwed up, make one of them cop for it.
Triple murder hanging round your neck.
And I need a decision.
I know the toe rag that'll take the fall.
- He's gonna need to know chapter and verse.
- He will.
Tommy, I am risking my neck for you here, I'm gonna need more than that, mate.
He was there.
He did it.
I can't carry this off if he's a nut job.
He'd better be able to take orders.
- He will if I give 'em.
- Hey stop pissing me around.
I need a simple answer, to a simple question and we're running out of time.
For fuck's sake! He killed him, on my orders.
Good enough for you?! Yes! Good, so what d'you want in return? I want Jackie's body up in smoke.
Problem is, she's my leverage.
How about this as Plan A? You do as you're told and if you ever choose to not play ball, my boys unload Jackie's body and you go down for her murder.
Now, turn this thing around, there's a good lad.
I can still make the second tee.
I said, turn it around! You bent bastard.
Yeah, you heard me.
You bent bastard.
CAR HORNS BEEP What's happening? What are they doing? Gates.
There's no way out for him.
You're under arrest for the double murder at Greek Lane.
For the murder of Wesley Duke.
For the murder of Jacqueline Laverty and you do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
And anything that you do say may be given in evidence.
Back-up's seconds away.
Just go.
Run where? It's over.
We got him.
My wife and my girls get nothing unless this is in the line of duty.
That's what you owe me.
This and nothing else.
Do you understand? It's for my family.
I was never bent.
You know that, don't ya? Gates! Gates! BRAKES SKID SIRENS APPROACH POLICE RADIO CHATTER As you were.
How'd it happen? DCI Gates was running through traffic to apprehend the suspect.
Line of duty, sir.
I should inform his wife.
Thank you, sir.
Well done, you two.
Well done.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, do you mind if I get a minute with him? Just a couple of things that might help us with the Greek Lane op, non-evidential, obviously.
Yeah, no problem.
I hear you won't be calling me Sir for much longer.
Congratulations, Dot.
DS Cottan.
Do you mind if I use the back of your van for a minute? This way please, sir.
I hope you've got some good advice on how to play this hole.
Well, the top brass think the Greek Lane lads were involved with Al-Qaeda.
So you just play along with it, in return for immunity.
Best caddy I've ever had, son.
I owe you a pint, Sir.
I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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